This website is based on information presented in the following book:

Michael J. Crowe (editor), David R. Dyck and James J. Kevin (associate editors), Calendar of the Correspondence of Sir John Herschel (Cambridge, England: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1998), viii + 828 pp.

The preparation of this Calendar, which was funded by the National Science Foundation, took ten years. It was accomplished by a team of seventeen professors, visiting scholars, graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and staff working at the University of Notre Dame. See staff list and acknowledgements »

Dr. Marvin Bolt and Steven Lucy, working at the Webster Institute of the Adler Planetarium converted the data to a form usable on the web in May 2009. This website also includes many of the same support documents (Introduction, Bibliographies, etc.) as the published volume, and most have not been updated.

Author's Note: Both published books and electronic databases have many strengths, but in some cases they are different strengths. For example, the published Calendar includes a 60,000 item index, which in some cases will provide information not readily accessible in the electronic version of the Calendar. The quick searchability of the electronic version is, of course, its major strength.