Calendar Staff & Board of Advisors

Michael J. Crowe

Associate Editors
David R. Dyck       James J. Kevin

Research Assistants
Keith A. Abney
Gina M. Bacigalupi
Diana H. Barnes
Marvin P. Bolt
Anne-Marie Clavelli
Matthew F. Dowd
Ryan D. Dye
Darin Hayton
Kathryn E. Hibey
Rebecca L. Lubas
Susan E. Petti
Barbara M. Turpin
Jameson M. Wetmore

Computer Consultant
A. Edward Manier, Jr.

Advisory Board
Professor David S. Evans, University of Texas
Dr. Simon Schaffer, University of Cambridge
Professor Reese V. Jenkins, Rutgers, The State University
Professor Gregory A. Good, West Virginia University
Professor Brian Warner, University of Cape Town
Mr. John Herschel-Shorland, Diss, Norfolk, England
Professor Phillip R. Sloan, University of Notre Dame

The research for this Calendar was funded in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DIR 8921705. The University of Notre Dame, including its Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, also provided extensive funding.

Additional letters, information, and corrections provided by the following individuals (2009)

Marvin Bolt
Matt Considine
Michael J. Crowe
Richard DesJardins
Owen Gingerich
Steve Hubbard
Jamie and Michael Kassler
Donald Kerr
Robert Michaelson
Andrew Murray
John Pullen
James Secord
Garry Tee
Christina Turner
Brian Warner


The main funding for this Calendar came from the National Science Foundation as Grant DIR 8921705, awarded in 1990 during the tenure of Dr. Ronald Overmann as Program Director for History and Philosophy of Science. An earlier National Science Foundation Grant (SES 85-21314), awarded in 1986, funded the research out of which this project arose.

The University of Notre Dame also provided extensive support for this project. For example, it funded two half-semester leaves of absence for the Editor, provided research space and computers to the staff, and in numerous other ways contributed to this project. At three crucial points in the process, Notre Dame's Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts provided grants that were vital to this project. Most recently, it provided a subvention to help with the publication costs for this large volume. Special thanks are thus due to Robert P. Burke and Associate Dean Jennifer L. Warlick of the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts. In addition, Notre Dame's Graduate Program in History and Philosophy of Science provided funding for two graduate students to assist during the final stages of the project. Help also came in various ways from the Editor's department, the Program of Liberal Studies, including its chairpersons, Professors Phillip R. Sloan, Stephen M. Fallon, and F. Clark Power. Among the other Notre Dame persons who contributed significantly to this project, special mention should be made of Roger B. Skurski, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Letters.

The very large contribution to this project made by David R. Dyck, Professor of History at the University of Winnipeg, now retired, was due partly to his great generosity and also to the very supportive leave-of- absence policy of his university. Without his involvement in the project, it is doubtful that it could have been brought to completion.

Librarians at institutions too numerous to mention were vital in securing the materials on which this Calendar is based. Special mention should be made of the librarians of the University of Notre Dame, of the Royal Society, of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas, of the Royal Astronomical Society, of the University Library at Cambridge, and of the Royal Greenwich Observatory Archive, which is now located at Cambridge.

We express warm thanks to Margaret M. Jasiewicz for having typed the Royal Society summaries used in this volume and contributed in other important ways.

Special thanks are due to John Herschel-Shorland, great great grandson of John Herschel, who generously made available to us various Herschel family letters that are not in the public domain.

The project has benefitted very significantly from the members of the project Advisory Board. The persons who have served in the role are: Professor David S. Evans, Department of Astronomy, University of Texas; Professor Gregory A. Good, Program in History of Science and Technology, West Virginia University; Mr. John Herschel-Shorland, Crossingford Lodge, Diss, Norfolk, England; Professor Reese V. Jenkins, Department of History, Rutgers, The State University; Dr. Simon Schaffer, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge; Professor Phillip R. Sloan, Program of Liberal Studies, University of Notre Dame; and Professor Brian Warner, Department of Astronomy, University of Cape Town.

In concluding these acknowledgments, the editors wish to express their very great appreciation to all the members of the team who helped prepare the materials included in this volume. The names of these persons appear on the first page of this volume as recognition of the invaluable contribution each made to it.