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Signature Maker Info Instruments Comments Location References Suggest Correction
U.P. Austria, 1600, MIM Horary Quadrant, 1600 = Melk Stift. for lat. 48°. Zinner 1. suggest correction
U.S. Germany, fl.1582-87, MIM Diptych Sundial, 1582 = D.(1976); String-gnomon Sundial, 1587 = Koller 11/17/75; Horizontal Sundial, 1586 = Lempertz 6/14/76; Astronomical Compendium = DRE (lost). Ulrich Schniep ? Brieux 3; RSW. suggest correction
U.W.W. England, c.1900, MIM Rolling Parallel Rule = D.(1972). Birmingham. Moskowitz 104. suggest correction
UL. KL. see Ulrich Klieber 3. Zinner 1. suggest correction
ULMER, J.C., CO. USA, MIM SIM Wye Level = GUR. Cleveland, Ohio. USNM. suggest correction
ULPIUS, EUPHRONSYNUS Italy, 1542, MIM Terrestrial Globe, copper, 1542 = New York Historical Society. artist and engraver; D.J. Price thought he was Volpaia; Maccagni and Yonge said that his name was also known as Vulpius or Volpaia; possible that he could be Euphrosynus Vulparia? Rome; Venice. Price 2 (1964); Maccagni 1; Yonge; RSW. suggest correction
UMFREVILLE, C.H. England?, 19th Century, NIM Sextant = Phillips 2/2/84. RSW. suggest correction
UNDERHILL, JOHN England, MIM Magnetic Compass = Christie-SK 10/6/83. Wolverhampton. RSW. suggest correction
UNDERHILL, T. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. might be Thomas Underhill, which see. 4 Old Mill Gate, Manchester. Goodison 1. suggest correction
UNDERHILL, THOMAS England, c.1841, MIM PHIM 70 Bridge Street, Deansgate, Manchester. Goodison 1. suggest correction
UNSELD, JOHANN MARTIN Germany, 1685- 1765, MIM Protractors = ADL-M110, STU, OXF; Sectors = ULM, Bautzan Stadtmuseum. the sector in the Bautzen Stadtmuseum was made in Augsburg; all the other instruments listed were made in ULM. Ulm; Augsburg. Zinner 1; Engelmann 1; Michel 3; ADL; RSW. suggest correction
UPPIFRAN, SEDD Sweden, MIM Gauge = STK. Sedd Uppifrän. RSW. suggest correction
UPSON NUT CO. USA, c.1860, MIM Rule, wood = D.(1976). Philip E. Stanley; RSW. suggest correction
UPTON, NATHANIEL England, c.1675, MIM apprenticed by turnover to John Nash 1 of the Clockmakers' Company on Jan. 18, 1675 for eight years. London. J. Brown 3. suggest correction
URBINAS see Balthassar Lancaeus. RSW. suggest correction
URE, WILLIAM Scotland, fl.1812-22, MIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. the barometer is signed "W. Ure, Glasgow"; also see William Ure and Son. 15 Deanside Lane (1812-18); 40 Stockwell (1819-22); both in Glasgow. Goodison 1. suggest correction
URE, WILLIAM, AND SON Scotland, fl.1822-40, MIM PHIM 40 Stockwell (1822-23); 85 Candleriggs (1824-25); 40 Candleriggs (1826-29); 120 Brunswick Street (1830-35); 109 Candleriggs (1831-35); 3 Brunswick Court (1837-40); all in Glasgow. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(2266). suggest correction
URIENT, JAKOB Germany, 1724, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1724 = Linz Staatsgymnasium; Universal Ring Sundial = Linz Staatsgymnasium. Jesuit. Zinner 1. suggest correction
URINGS, JOHN 1 England, fl.1709-38, MIM apprenticed to Grace Wells in the Joiners' Company, May 28, 1702; free of the Company on Oct. 4, 1709; took apprentices; father of John Urings 2 and Robert Oulton Urings; author. East Smithfield, London. Crawforth 7. suggest correction
URINGS, JOHN 2 England, fl.1738-72, MIM NIM OIM Backstaves = D.(1983)(1751), Abroath Museum (1752); Hadley's Quadrants = PEA (2), NMM, D.(1989), FRK = Soth. 3/25/86; Octant, 1763 = KRO; Microscope = LEY; Telescope, Gregorian = LEY; Sundial, round = Soth. 12/16/63 # 127. son of John Urings 1; brother of Robert Oulton Urings; free of the Joiners' Company by Patrimony on reports of Francis Taylor and Charles Crick on Aug. 1, 1738; took over an apprentice from Barbara Gilbert, widow of John Gilbert 1, in the Grocers' Company, Feb. 5, 1752; ship chandler; author St. Catherines (1738); Minories; at ye Hermitage (1751); 174 Fenchurch; at ye Hermitage, Catterns (St. Catherine) (1757-72); all in London. Taylor 2(315); Crawforth 7; NMM 2; Moskowitz 120; Wynter; Brewington 1; Clay and Court; Daumas 1; J. Brown 1; RSW. suggest correction
URINGS, ROBERT England, c.1766, MIM possibly Robert Oulton Urings. Liverpool (1766). Crawforth 7. suggest correction
URINGS, ROBERT OULTON England, fl.1738-1810, MIM apprenticed to his father, John Urings 1, or to his brother, John Urings 2, in the Joiners' Company; listed as a mathematical instrument maker in 1750; possibly Robert Urings of Liverpool (1766). London ?; Liverpool ? Crawforth 7. suggest correction
USSLAUB, DAVID Germany, MIM Magnetic Declination Instrument = FLO. possible alternate spelling is Utzlaub. Michel 3. suggest correction
USTONSON, JOHN England, OIM apprenticed to Onesimus Ustonson, a fishing-tackle maker, in the Merchant Taylors' Company. London. Crawforth 7. suggest correction
USTONSON, ONESIMUS England, a fishing-tackle maker in the Merchant Taylors' Company, he took John Ustonson (OIM) as an apprentice. London. Crawforth 7. suggest correction
UTZSCHNEIDER UND FRAUENHOFER Germany; Austriafl.1824-26, MIM OIM Telescopes = DRE, Madrid Observatory, Versailles 4/17/83, Soth. 4/24/1845; etc.; Universal Instrument = WHI. Joseph von Utzscheider and Joseph von Frauenhofer. Munich; Benediktbeuren. J.A. Bennett 2; G.L'E. Turner 24; USNM; Bryden 9; RSW. suggest correction
UTZSCHNEIDER UND LIEBHERR Germany, 1814-24, MIM OIM SIM Joseph von Utzschneider and Joseph Liebherr. Munich. G.L'E. Turner 24; J.A. Bennett 2. suggest correction
UTZSCHNEIDER, JOSEPH VON Germany, 1763-1840, MIM OIM SIM partner in Reichenbach, Utzschneider und Liebherr, 1807-14; Utzschneider und Liebherr, 1814-24; Utzschneider und Frauen- hofer, 1824-26; resigned from the original Munich Institute in 1814; firm became Merz, Utzschneider and Frauenhofer from 1826 to 1839. Munich; Benediktbeuren. G.L'E. Turner 24; J.A. Bennett 2. suggest correction
UTZSCHNEIDER, REICHENBACH & FRAUENHOFER Germany, fl.1809-14, MIM OIM SIM Joseph von Utzschneider, Georg von Reichenbach and Joseph von Frauenhofer. Benediktbeuern. J.A. Bennett 2. suggest correction
UTZSCHNEIDER, REICHENBACH UND LIEBHERR Germany, fl.1806-09, MIM OIM SIM Joseph von Utzschneider, Georg von Reichenbach and Joseph Liebherr. Munich. J.A. Bennett 2; G.L'E. Turner 24; Repsold. suggest correction

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