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Signature Maker Info Instruments Comments Location References
BROWNING 1 England, c.1780-1830, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Spectroscopes = OXF. probably John Browning 1; see Spencer, Browning and Rust; see Spencer, Browning and Co; see Browning and Rust. London. Taylor 2(805); Brewington 1.
BROWNING 2 USA, c.1825, MIM NIM SIM Surveying Compasses, wood = Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Mich., P.C.; Octant = De Young Museum, San Francisco. P.C. and octant signed "Baltimore"; other instrument signed "Boston"; probably Samuel Browning 1. Boston, Mass.; Baltimore, Md. Smart 1; USNM; DATM.
BROWNING 3 USA, c.1803, MIM OIM see Newell and Browning. Merchants' Row, Boston, Mass.(1803). Smart 1.
BROWNING AND RUST England, c.1835, NIM Octant = OMM; Sextant = PMS. London. USNM; RSW.
BROWNING AND SON USA, fl.1816-41, MIM SIM Surveying Compasses = GUR, Old Sturbridge Village, Mass. Samuel (1) and Samuel S. Browning, father and son. 67 Broad Street, Boston, Mass. Smart 1; USNM; DATM; RSW.
BROWNING, GEORGE England?, 1782, NIM Octant, mahogany, 1782 = Soth. 12/19/66-16. RSW.
BROWNING, JOHN 1 England, fl.1782-1838, MIM OIM PHIM Microscope = D.(1972); apprenticed to Richard Rust of the Grocers' Company on March 1, 1768; free of the Company, July 4, 1782; brother of Samuel Browning 1; according to the addresses John Browning appears not to have been involved in any firm; Taylor's addresses were different. 49 Virginia Street (1782); Pennington Street, Ratcliffe Highway (1793); Prince's Square, Ratcliffe Highway (1797); 25 Prince's Square (1800); 17 Wellclose Place, New Road, St. George in the East (1803); all in London. Taylor 2(805); Moskowitz 104; Coffeen B; USNM; J. Brown 1; RSW.
BROWNING, JOHN 2 England, fl.1803-, MIM apprenticed to his father, Samuel Browning 1, of the Grocers' Company on Sept.3, 1795; free of the Company, May 5, 1803. J. Brown 1.
BROWNING, JOHN 3 England, fl.1860-72, OIM PHIM Spectroscope, hand = D.(1991). T.C.; "Optical and Physical Instrument Maker to Her Majesty's Goverment, The Royal Observatory, Kew Observatory, etc."; probably was the successor to Spencer, Browning and Co., c.1860. 111 Minories E. (1860-72) and 63 Strand (1872); 6 Vine Street, E.C.(factory); all in London. Calvert 2; Moskowitz 4; Chaldecott 3; RGO; Gemmary III.
BROWNING, RICHARD England, c.1818, MIM admitted to the Grocers' Company by Patrimony on Dec. 3, 1818; son of Samuel Browning 1; partner in the firm of Spencer, Browning and Rust 2 with his brother, William and with Ebenezer Rust 2 from 1819 until 1840 when the name of the firm changed to Spencer, Browning and Co. 66 Wapping (1818-39); 111 Minories (1839); also at 6 Vine Street (1848); all in London. J. Brown 1.
BROWNING, SAMUEL 1 USA, 1778-1864, MIM NIM see Browning 2; clockmaker; partner with Joseph Newell, as Newell and Browning, 1803; T.C. engraved by Thomas Wightman. 4 Dock Square (1805); 35 Broad Street (1809); 77 Broad Street (1816-25); 282 Washington (1829-41); all are in Boston, Mass.; Baltimore, Md. Smart 1; USNM; Warner 12.
BROWNING, SAMUEL 2 England, fl.1782-1819, MIM NIM Octant = VNN. brother of John Browning 1; apprenticed to Richard Rust of the Grocers' Company on Feb. 5, 1767; free of the Company, July 4, 1782; partner in Spencer, Browning and Rust 1 with Ebenezer Rust 1 and William Spencer 2. 327 Wapping Street, London (1782-83); Eaton Socon, Beds. (1786-92); Wapping, London (1795-1819). J. Brown 1; RSW.
BROWNING, SAMUEL 3 England, c.1792, apprenticed to Samuel Browning 2, his father, in the Grocers' Company on June 7, 1792. J. Brown 1.
BROWNING, SAMUEL S. USA, c.1803-35, MIM OIM son of Samuel Browning 1. Boston, Mass. Smart 1.
BROWNING, WILLIAM England, fl.1819-40, MIM brother of Richard Browning; Spencer, Browning and Rust 2 was run by Ebenezer Rust 2 and William and Richard Browning, 1819-40, a continuation of the original firm. London. J. Brown 1.
NEWELL AND BROWNING USA, c.1803, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Mich. probably Joseph Newell and Samuel Browning 1. Merchants Row, Boston, Mass. (1803). Smart 1.
SPENCER AND BROWNING England, fl.1781-84, MIM NIM Octants = Atwater Kent Museum, Philadelphia, Pa., Phillips-NE 7/19/93. William Spencer 2 and Samuel Browning 2; turned into Spencer, Browning and Rust 1 in 1784 when Ebenezer Rust 1 joined the partners; Spencer married Browning's sister. 327 Wapping High Stret, London. J. Brown 1; ATG 7/10/93; RSW.
SPENCER, BROWNING England, c.1850, NIM Octant = MAN-I126; Quadrants = PMS, Maritime Museum of British Columbia; Barometer = PMS; Compass = PMS. surely a misreading for Spencer, Browning and Co. or for Spencer and Browning. London. Garcia 1; USNM.
SPENCER, BROWNING AND CO. England, fl.1840-62, MIM NIM OIM PHIM made octants, quadrants, sextants, compasses, telescopes; a spectroscope at TEY; examples are numerous and may be found at OMM, MYS, MSI, AMST, VNN, Longleat, Wiltshire, Wadsworth Atheneum, Woodman Institute, Maine Historical Society, etc. after Ebenezer Rust 2 died in 1838, Spencer, Browning and Rust became Spencer, Browning and Co. by 1840 (Rinaldi gives this date as 1843); Charles Taber and Co., New Bedford, Mass. were the American agents; T.C. stated that the instruments were genuine if "SBR" was stamped on the scales. 111 Minories (1840); also 6 Vine Street, America Square (1848); both in London. J. Brown 2; Mörzer Bruyns 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Goodison 1; USNM; Coffeen 9; Rinaldi 23; RSW.
SPENCER, BROWNING AND LIGHT England, c.1860, OIM Telescope = Westerly Public Library, R.I. London. USNM.
SPENCER, BROWNING AND RICH England, 19th Century, NIM Sextant = USNM. misreading of Spencer, Browning and Rust? London. USNM.
SPENCER, BROWNING AND RUST 1 England, fl.1784-1819, MIM NIM OIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums including Octant, 1791 =NMM; Quadrant, 1801 = D.(1983). William Spencer 2, Samuel Browning 2 and Ebenezer Rust 1; the firm divided ivory scales signed "SBR" for other nautical instrument makers; T.C. 327 Wapping High Street (1784-91);123 Wapping (1791); 66 Wapping (1797); all in London. J. Brown 1; Crawforth 1 & 7; USNM; Taylor 2(894); Calvert 2; Mörzer Bruyns 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; RSW.
SPENCER, BROWNING AND RUST 2 England, fl.1819-40, MIM NIM OIM made mostly nautical instruments including: Octant, 1820 = Little Compton R.I.; Octant, 1825 = Seamans Institute, New York, N.Y. William and Richard Browning and Ebenezer Rust 2; after the death of Ebenezer Rust 2 in 1838, the firm changed the name to Spencer, Browning and Co. in 1840; it is difficult to tell the difference between the instruments made by Spencer, Browning and Rust 1 and those made by Spencer, Browning and Rust 2. 66 Wapping, London. J. Brown 1; USNM.

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