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Signature Maker Info Instruments Comments Location References
AGNELO, MICHIEL Italy, c.1545, MIM invented an ellipsograph in 1545. Arrighi.
ANGELI, MICHAELIS Italy, 1812, MIM Horizontal Sundial, paper, wood, 1812 = P.C. "Michaelis Angeli a Nero Capuccini"; a Capuchin. Nero. Price 2.
ASINUS, MICHAEL France, 1602, MIM Astrolabe, paper tympans, 1602 = CLU-7024 = Renaissance Museum, Ecouen. ICA-215; Bonelli shows variant dates. Caen. Bonelli 1; Gunther 1; Price 1; ICA 2; Michel 2 and 3; Nachet.
ASNE, MICHAEL L' see Michael Asinus. Michel 3.
BERGANER, MICHAEL Austria, misreading for Michael Bergauer. MADEX-64.
BERGAUER, JOHANN MICHAEL Austria, fl.1716-35, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundials = BM-OA/384, NUR, INN, Beyer Coll., Diözesan Museum, Brixen, etc. Ward thinks c.1690. Innsbruck; Vienna. Zinner 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Baillie 1; W. Eckhardt 3.
BERGAUER, MICHAEL Austria; Germany, c.1671, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundials = BMR, NMM, BM, OXF, INN (1671), NUR, HEI, USNM, PRA, etc. some made in Innsbruck, others in Augsburg; probably invented this type of sundial. Innsbruck; Augsburg. Josten; Zinner 1; Michel 1; Dewhirst; Price 3; Ward 4; Bobinger 2; Chandler and Vincent.
BERTINI, MICHELE Italy, c.1780, MIM Universal Equatorial Sundial, 1780 = WHI. Bryden 16; Price 2.
BOURBON, MICHAEL France, fl.1735-53, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial, 1735 = MERC-45 = OXFB-209; Sundial, silver, 1753 = Soth. 5/10/54-134. 1753 dial may be Butterfield-type. Paris. Maddison 5; Michel 3; Hamilton 1; F.J.B. Watson; RSW.
BROADBELT, MICHAEL England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Knaresborough. Goodison 1.
BUMEL, MICHAEL Germany, fl.1613-33, MIM SIM Surveying Instrument, 1613 = STU; Plane Table with Alidade and Sundial, 1625 = FLO-150; Pedometer, 1626 = NUR-WI1320; Graphometer, 1633 = STU-12870; Horary Quadrant = SLM. see M.B. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Bonelli 1; Michel 3; Price 2.
BUTTERFIELD, MICHAEL England; France, 1635-1724, MIM OIM SIM Butterfield made a wide range of well made instruments. an Englishman who spent his working life in Paris, from before 1665 to his death in 1724; master and juror (1702-04) in the "Corporation des fondeurs"; "Ingénieur du Roi"; best known as the developer of the Butterfield-type sundial; many copies and forgeries of his work exist. England (1635-pre-1665); Aux Armes d'Angleterre, Faubourg Saint-Germain, rue Neuve-des-Fossés (1678); Quai des Morfundus, Ile de la Cité (1691); both in Paris. Daumas 1; Taylor 1(369) and 2(22); Coffeen A; Mörzer Bruyns 1; USNM; Michel 1; Dewhirst; Price 3; Ward 4; Belgian Inventory; Hamilton 2; Wynter 1; Stewart; Moskowitz 110; Lister; Engelmann 1; J.A. Bennett 2; Bryden 16; Bonelli; A.J. Turner 10; Rinaldi 23; Syndram; Augarde; ADL; RSW.
CADOT, MICHEL France, fl.1730-53, MIM SIM made many Butterfield-type sundials (including one dated 1742 in the Huelsmann Coll and another, 1740, in Soth. 12/12/55) and mathematical instruments, including sectors, theodolites and rules; examples may be seen in many museums including the ADL, BM, OXF, etc.; Sector, 1733 and Folding Square, 1733 = HAR apprenticed to Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas Delure in the "Corporation des fondeurs, 1718; Master n the Corporation; son-in-law of Henry Macquart, 1720; see Macquart and Cadot. Quay de l'Horloge, Ile de la Cité (1730); à l'Astrolabe (1734); both in Paris. Daumas 1; Hamilton 1 and 2; Michel 1 and 3; Nachet; Dewhirst; Gunther 2; Körber 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Engelmann 1; Syndram; Augarde; Giordano X; ADL; RSW.
CAPELLA, MICHAEL England, c.1854, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. signed "M. Capella" with address. 53 Edgbaston Street, Birmingham. Goodison 1.
CAUCIGH, R.P. MICHAEL Austria, 1726, invented a type of celestial globe, 1726, made by J. Beckher. Linz. Zinner 1; Globus Dec., 1956.
CHASPAR, MICHAEL Germany, 1530-82, MIM Lunar Volvelle and Calendar, 1570 = VIE-762. also marked "M.C." Augsburg. Zinner 1 and 4; Evans 1; Michel 3; Bobinger 2.
COIGNIET, MICHAEL Belgium, fl.1572-1618, MIM SIM Astrolabes = BEK (1572), MAN (1598), LEY (1601), MNN (1618); Armillary Sphere, 1591 = ADL-M5; Circumferentors = Drouot 4/7/87, Ecouen-Cl.12016 (1600), P.C. (1602), ADL-M149 (1606), CNAM (1606), BMR; Graphometer, 1606 = CNAM; Nocturnal = OXF; Table Sundial, 1604 = POTS; Compass = P.C.; Polyhedral Sundial = Christie-SK 1986. MAN astrolabe is ICA-467, LEY is ICA-533, MNN is ICA-464, BEK is ICA-564; author and instrument designer; improved the cross-staff. Anvers (Antwerp). Price 1; ICA 2; Gunther 1; Garcia Franco 2; Michel 3; Daumas 6; Engelmann 1; Veltman; A.J. Turner 10; ADL; RSW.
CONNETTE, MICHEL France, c.1626, invented a pantometer; author. Paris. Wheatland 2.
DANCER, MICHAEL England, fl.1776-1810, MIM apprenticed to Robert Tangate 1 in the Joiners' Company on Dec. 2, 1766; free in the Company, Sept. 3, 1776; took apprentices. Bride Lane (1776); Bangor ourt, Shoe Lane, Holborn (1781); New Street Square (1788); Blewitt's Buildings, Fetter Lane (1793); Rosomond Street, Clerkenwell (1796-1800); Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell (1801); 55 Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell (1810); all in london. Taylor 2(947); Dewhirst; Daumas 1; Clay and Court; Crawforth 7.
DAVY, MICHAEL England, c.1674, MIM made gauges. Evans 1.
DOWLING, MICHAEL USA, 1790-1853, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = P.C. 158 Market Street, Newark, New Jersey. Smart 1.
DUNN, MICHAEL 1813, MIM Evans 1.
FARADAY, MICHAEL England, 1791-1867, invented the electro-magnetic generator. G.L'E. Turner 24; DSB.
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL Ireland, c.1820, MIM Sullivan's Quay, Cork. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
FOLETTI, MICHAEL England, fl.1844-60, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 88 Curtain Road (1844-46); 4-5 Bateman's Row (1847-49); 64 Banner Street (1851-52); 89 Old Street (1853-60); all in London. Goodison 1.
FUNCK, JOH. MICHAEL Germany, 1725, MIM Diptych Sundial, cardboard, 1725 = BAU. Erfurt. Zinner 1.
GERECHT, MICHAEL Germany, fl.1574-80, MIM engraved calendars; examples at VIE etc. Zinner 1.
GONICHON, MARIE-MICHELLE PARIS France, c.1763, MIM widow of Jean-Baptiste-Charles Gonichon; sister of Claude Paris; received his title, "marchand miroitier privilégié suivant la Cour", in 1763. Paris. Augarde.
GOODWIN, MICHAEL, AND SON England, c.1850, PHIM barometer makers. High Street, Sunderland. Bell 2.
HAGER, JOHANN MICHAEL Germany, 1684-1765, MIM Horizontal Sundial with cam, 1705 = BM; Horizontal Sundials = OXF; Nocturnal = Drouot 2/18/60. the dial at the BM is signed "I.M. Hager"; the nocturnal is signed "J.M. Hager." Frankfort and Braunschweig. Zinner 1; Buchler; Price 3; Ward 4; RSW.
HAGER, MICHAEL TOBIAS Germany, 1639-1694, MIM Astronomical Compendia = LIE, MUN, LOU, NUR; Pedometer, 1690 = BM; Table Sundials = Koller 11/17/75, OXF, BS-WB; Sundial, 1681 = Arnstadt Rathaus. "Mechanikus." Arnstadt; Wolfenbüttel. Zinner 1; Gunther 2; Evans 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Michel 3; Hamilton 1; Belgian Inventory; Wynter and Turner; Buchler; RSW.
HARRIS, MICHAEL England, c.1800, MIM mechanician to Edgerton Smith 1. Liverpool. Taylor 2(1148); Bryden 9; Goodison 1.
KASPAR, MICHAEL see Michael Chasper.
KAUFFER, MICHAEL Germany, c.1655-1730, MIM Astrolabe, 1681 = STU (ICA-571); Calendar, 1685 = STU; Quadrant, 1685 = STU; Astronomical Table = STU. Kauffer "sculpsit" and Carolus Graff "delineavit" the instruments. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 2; Himmerlein 1; Price 1; ICA 2;
KEEGAN, MICHAEL England, c.1840, MIM OIM 2 Phoenix Street, Soho, London. O'Mara.
L'ASNE, MICHEL see Michael Asinus. Nachet; RSW.
LASACHER, JOHANN MICHAEL Germany, MIM Horizontal Sundial = PRA. Zinner 1.
LASSERE, MICHEL Michel Lasséré; see Père Chérubin. Nachet.
LESEL, MICHAEL Germany, b.1591 fl.1612-29, MIM Diptych Sundials, ivory = NMM-D.299 (1612), STU (1613), Breslau Schles. Museum für Kunstgewerbe (1624), OXF (1629), Konstanz Rosgarten Museum (1629), GRA (1629), BM (1629), LOS, Pannett Park Museum, Whitby, ADL-N22, etc. his mother was first married to Caspar Karner, and then to Albrecht Lösel, which see; mastermark is a crown. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Baillie 1; Thielmann; NMM 2; USNM; Price 3; Ward 4; Michel 3; Gouk 1; ADL; RSW.
LOAM, MICHAEL England, OIM Microscope = Christie 3/29/60. Hampton, Middlesex. RSW.
LYONS, MICHAEL Ireland, 1844, MIM Moon Dial, slate, 1844 = Dublin Civic Museum. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
MAESTLIN, MICHAEL Germany, 1579, MIM built a fourteen-foot cross-staffin 1579; author. A.J. Turner 10.
MAGGI AND CO., MICH England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Christie-SK 6/24/88. London. RSW.
MARLAND, MICHAEL see Michael Marlow 2. Taylor 1(142); RSW.
MARLOW, MICHAEL 1 England, fl.1620-50, MIM Compass Card, engraved = Gardener Sale. father of Michael Marlow 2; compass maker. King Edward's Stairs, Wapping, midway between the two Gravel Lanes, London. Taylor 1(142); Evans 1; Dewhirst; Clay and Court.
MARLOW, MICHAEL 2 England, fl.1682-95, MIM son of Michael Marlow 1; apprenticed to John Seller 1 in the Merchant Taylors' Company on Mar. 28, 1666; free of the Company, Dec. 17, 1673; compass maker. Wapping, London. Taylor 1(142); Crawforth 8.
MICHAEL, LEWIS USA, c.1830, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = D. (1992). "Made By Lewis Michael . SOMERSET PA."; clockmaker; bubble level at south point. Somerset, Pa. RSW.
MICHALON France, 18th Century, MIM Compass, spherical = SPI-2826. Paris. Michel 3.
MICHAULT France, c.1730, MIM Butterfield-type Sundials = D.(1972), Soth.-NY 6/8/87; Augsburg-type Sundial = P.C. (1981); Garden Sundial = OXF-B203. à la Flotte d'Angleterre, rue St. Denis, vis-à-vis celle de la Chanverrerie près St. Magloire, Paris. Maddison 5; Roux Devilas 73; RSW.
MICHEL France, fl.1764-94, MIM in 1764 Michel was authorized by the Académie des Sciences to make mechanical devices in metal; first worked for Lennel Veuve; in 1794 he was attached to the Section of Mechanics of the Commission temporaire des Arts. Paris. Daumas 1.
MICHEL, JOHAN JOST Holland, fl.1763-72, MIM made metal instruments. The Hague. Rooseboom 1.
MICHELL, LEWIS USA, MIM SIM Surveying Instrument, open sights = P.C. patterned after a Rittenhouse instrument. Price 2.
MICHL, ANT. JOHANN MIM Sundial, octagonal = FIN-214. RSW.
MOLARBY, MICHAEL England, PHIM barometer maker. Builth. Bell 2.
MOSHAMMER, JOHANN MICHAEL Germany, 1731, PHIM Pyrometer, 1731 = DEU. Regensberg. Daumas 1.
OLIVE, MICHAEL England, fl.1849-56, MIM NIM chronometer, watch and clock maker. Church Street, 26 Arwenack Street, Falmouth. H.M. Brown.
PIGUER, MICHAEL see Michael Piquer. RSW.
PIQUER, F. MICHAEL Spain; France; Belgium, 1542, MIM Astrolabe, 1542 = D.; Astrolabe = NMM. the dealer's astrolabe is signed "Opus F. Mich. Piquer / Hisp. Parisiis MDXLII / Ant. Charreton XII Lugd. 1542"; Charreton may have been the owner in Lyon; the astrolabe at the NMM has Louvain as its source, ICA-433, ex-Barbarini Coll; see M.P. 1. Catalonia; Paris (1542); Louvain. Price 1; NMM 2; ICA 2; Michel 3; Gunther 1; Brieux 2; GHP.
PIQUIER, D. MICHAEL see F. Michael Piquer. RSW.
RAYNER, MICHAEL England, c.1717, MIM apprenticed to to John Patrick 1 in the Joiners' Company on Oct. 22, 1706; free in the Company Jan. 7, 1717. Crawforth 7.
RIVA, MICHAEL Scotland, c.1827, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 2/28/80. see J. and M. Riva; the barometers are signed "M. Riva Glasgow." 143 High Street, Glasgow. Goodison 1; RSW.
RUPP, MICHAEL France; USA, 1818-99, MIM NIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = P.C. partner with William T. Gregg as Gregg and Rupp (1844-53); worked alone 1853-99; T.C. France (1818-29); came to USA in 1829; New York N.Y. (1844-99). Smart 1; USNM; RSW.
RUPP, MICHAEL, AND CO. USA, 1853-99, MIM Sextant = D.(1965). T.C.; chronometer maker. 39 South Street, Corner Old Slip, New York, N.Y. Moskowitz 122; RSW.
SAVAGE, MICHAEL England, fl.1696-98, MIM apprenticed in the Joiners' Company in 1688; free in the Company, 1696; took apprentices. London. Crawforth 7.
SCHEFFELT, MICHAEL Germany, 1652-1739, MIM Sector with full bow, 1694 = ULM; Sectors = HAK (1700), EMA (1705), ULM (1710 & 1716)), KRE (1717), ROU (1730), NAC (1730), SAL (1739); Circumferentor, 1705 = HAK; Graphometers = NUR (1708), ULM (1719); Pantometrum = ULM. the pantometrum is marked "a P. Schott"; author; Zinner's dates for Scheffelt do not agree with the dated instruments. Ulm. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Daumas 1; RSW.
SCHELTNER, MICHAEL Germany, fl.1534-38, MIM made sundials. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
SHEFFEL, MICHAEL mis-spelling of Michael Scheffelt. Daumas 1.
SIEBER, MICHAEL Germany, 1744, MIM Equatorial Table Sundials, 1744 = PRA, PAM; Horizontal Sundial = PRA. signed "Pater Michael Sieber OSP fecit." Zinner 1; Astron. Inst.; RSW.
SNEEBERGER, MICHAEL Czechoslovakia, c.1600, MIM associated with Jost Bürgi. Prague. Michel 3.
STEINER, JEAN MICHEL Switzerland, c.1760, OIM PHIM clockmaker; made barometers, thermometers and physical apparatus; optician. Zurich. Daumas 1.
VERNIER, MICHAEL France, c.1700, MIM Horizontal Sundial = OXF. Paris. Michel 3; Nachet.
VOGLER, JOHANN MICHAEL Germany, 1719, MIM Equatorial Sundial = NMM; Astronomical Clock, 1719 = DEU; Sundial, gilt brass = Amsterdam Sale, 1933. "Uhr- und Kompassmacher." Ellingen. Zinner 1 (Nachträge); Michel 3; Evans 1; RSW.
ZEZEL, MICHAEL 1628, MIM Evans 1.
ZINGG, MICHAEL Switzerland., 1599-1676, MIM Astrolabe Clock, 1648 = X. Glarus. Zinner 1.

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