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Signature Maker Info Instruments Comments Location References
BAILLE AINE ET NEVEU France, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Bretaudiere et Raynaud, Chalon-sur-Saône 6/23/79. Baille Aîné et Neveu. RSW.
BALBRECK FILS AINE France, MIM PHIM Orographe Schrader = CNAM. Balbreck fils aîné; surveying instrument to draw elevation and location of mountains. Paris. Delehar 8.
BANCE AINE France, MIM Diptych Sundial, wood = Soth. 10/21/74. Bance Aîné. Paris. RSW.
BARADELLE L'AINE France, 1752-94, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Graphometer, 1782 = Versailles 5/6/79; Cam-type Sundial in gold watch case = D.(1985); Spherical Level = Libert et Castor 4/28/82; Equatorial Sundial, gold = NMM; Pair of Globes, wood = Schuhmann Sale-96; Surveying Cross = ADL-W193; Mining Instrument Set = P.C.; Instument Set (1788) = P.C. Baradelle L'aîné; Jean-Louis-Jacques Baradelle, fl.1774-94; Augarde thought him Nicolas-Alexandre Baradelle, c.1761; made nine nautical and mathematical instruments for Courtanvaux. Rue Dauphine, Paris. Courtanvaux; Daumas 1; NMM 2; Philips; A.J. Turner 10; ADL; Augarde; RSW.
BARADELLE LAINE France, MIM Astronomical Ring = Drouot 4/7/87; Sundial = TIM (1987). misinscribed; should read "Baradelle L'aîné." Paris. RSW.
BASTIEN L'AINE France, 1842, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1842 = BOM 3/28/06-556. Bastien L'aîné. Rue St André des Arts, 60, Paris. RSW.
BILLAUX L'AINE France, c.1787, PHIM made physical apparatus; also spelled Billeau and Billiaux; Billaux l'Aîné. Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
CASTLEMAINE, EARL OF England, see Roger Palmer, Earl of Castlemaine. Bryden 11; Gunther 3; Taylor 1(402, 406).
CHARLET AINE France, c.1850, NIM Octant = MYS. Charlet aîné; "Opticien." Le Havre. Preuss and Treworgy.
CHEVALIER AINE France, c.1830, PHIM Dark Mirror = Nouveau Drouot 5/20/88. Chevalier aîné; "Ingénieur Opticien"; Vincent-Jacques-Louis Chevalier, which see; see also "Vt. Chevalier l'aîné." No. 69 Quai de l'Horloge au miscroscope achromatique, Paris. RSW.
CHEVALIER L'AINE PERE ET FILS, VINCENT France, c.1830, MIM Drawing Set = D.(1997). Vincent Chevalier l'aîné père et fils; son was Charles-Louis Chevalier; T.C. Au Microscope Achromatique, No. 69 Quai de l'Horloge à Paris. Coffeen 56.
CHEVALIER L'AINE, VINCENT France, 1770-1841, Beam Compass Set = D.(1997). Vincent Chevalier l'aîné; see Vincent-Jacques-Louis Chevalier; sometimes signed "Vt. Chevalier l'aîné" or "Vinc't Chevalier l'aîné." Paris. Moskowitz 119; Coffeen 58.
DEFORGES L'AINE France, 1744, MIM Polyhedral Sundial, marble, 1744 = ADL-M328. "Deforges l'aîné fecit." tools, stars, comet, etc, carved in relief and colored, on the sides; owned by Heilbronner. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
DELVEDEZ AINE France, c.1810, NIM Holland Circle = P.C. Delvedez Aîné. Clermont. Brieux 1; Wheatland 3.
FASTRE AINE France, 1849, PHIM Barometer, Fortin-type = CNAM. Fastré aîné. Quai des grands Augustins 63, Paris. Middleton 1.
FONTAINE, DE England, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 1/25/89. RSW.
FONTAINEMOREAU, PIERRE ARMAND Scotland, c.1844, Le Comte de Fontainemoreau; he invented a new type of barometer. Skinner's Place, Sise Lane, Edinburgh? Practical Mechanic and Engineer's Magazine, Vol.IV, p.56.
GEMMA FRISIUS, RAINER Belgium, 1508-55, MIM Celestial Globes, 1537 = Zerbst Schlossmuseum, NMM. doctor; mathematician; teacher at the U. of Louvain; uncle of the Arsenius brothers; invented the radio astronomico; Zerbst globe signed "Faciebant Gemma Frisius medicus ac mathematicus, Gaspar a Myrica et Gerardus Mercator Rupelmundanus anno a partu virg 1537". name means "Gemma from Friesland"; pupil of Apianus. Louvain. Zinner 1; Van Ortroy 2; Maddison 1 and 2; Michel 2 and 3; DSB; Baillie 1; Taylor 4; NMM 2; De Smet 1 & 2; A.J. Turner 10.
LAFONTAINE France, 19th Century, MIM Cannon Sundial, miniature = D.(1988). 18 Galerie Monpensier, Palais Royal, Paris. RSW.
MARKDAINEL, JOHN England, c.1718, apprenticed to John Urings 1 in the Joiners' Company, Nov. 11, 1718. Crawforth 7.
MARTIGNONI L'AINE France, c.1840, PHIM Stick Barometer = Drouot Richelieu 4/28/88. Martignoni l'aîné. Mans. RSW.
MENARD, GUILLAUME, L'AINE France, fl.1663-91, OIM Guillaume Ménard l'aîné; made microscopes and telescopes; worked with Philippe-Claude Le Bas as Le Bas et Ménard; worked with Chapotot to make the binocular telescope for Chérubin. Quay de l'Horloge-du-Palais, à l'enseigne du Bon Pasteur, Paris. Daumas 1.
MITAINE France, c.1855, MIM Equatorial Sundial = Versailles 4/17/83. signed "l'Ingénieur Mitaine Opticien fabricant." Place Vendome No 2, Paris. RSW.
PAINE, CHRISTOPHER England, c.1590, MIM SIM instrument maker; plane tables. Hosier Lane, Smithfield, London. Taylor 1(85); Evans 1.
PAINE, JOHN England, c.1689, apprenticed to William Howe of the Grocers' Company on Aug. 5, 1689. J. Brown 1.
POCHAINE, JOHN England, c.1810, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 10/16/86 signed "J. Pochaine Warranted"; may be the same as Pochine. Dean Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Goodison 1; RSW.
RAINER FRISIUS see Gemma Frisius. Zinner 1.
ROUX, JOSEPH, FILS, AINE ET COMP. France, c.1760, NIM Hadley's Quadrant = PEA. Joseph Roux, Fils, Aîné et Comp. Le Port vers St. Jean, Marseilles. RSW.
SAUTOUT L'AINE France, c.1720, MIM Sundials, Butterfield-type = Soth. 2/1/79 (silver), Soth. 12/12/55; Sundials = Evans Coll., Soth. 10/22/56, FIN-58; Sector = X. Sautout l'aîné. Paris. Michel 3; Evans 1; RSW.
SAUVAGE, L.J., FILS AINE Belgium, c.1850, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = USNM; Compass = van Alfen Coll. the compass in the USNM is signed "L.J. Sauvage fils" and "Aîné à Liège." Liège. USNM; Hollands Glorie; RSW.
SCHELNSTAINER, FRITZ Germany, c.1487, MIM made sundials, 1487. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
SEBELIN L'AINE France, MIM Sebelin l'aîné; first name might be Josue; sundial maker; is he the same as or related to Jean Sibelin? RSW.
SHUTTLEWORTH, HENRY RAINES England, c.1732-97, MIM OIM Microscopes = Stevens' Auction Rooms 6/14/1782, Soth.3/25/86; Garden Sundial = P.C.(1987); Spyglass = D.(1985). father of Henry Shuttleworth; apprenticed to John Cuff in the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1747; free of the Company in 1754; Master of the Company, 1782-87; took apprentices; see Shuttleworth. at Sir Isaac Newton and Two Pairs of Golden Spectacles; The Old Mathematical Shop near the West End of St. Paul's (1791) (otherwise 23 Ludgate Street); both in London. Taylor 2(537); Court and von Rohr 3(153); A.J. Turner 10; Robischon; Coffeen 9; Clay and Court; Goodison 1; Crawforth 1; RSW.
STAYNES/STAINES/STANES/STAGNES, JEOFFREY England, c.1680, apprenticed to George Ryley in the Lorimers' Company; turned over to Simon Chapman of the Clockmakers' Company. J. Brown 3, Loomes.

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