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Signature Maker Info Instruments Comments Location References
R. 1 Holland, 1602, NIM Mariner's Astrolabe, 1602 (NMM-56) = AMST. NMM is the Census of Mariner's Astrolabes. Mörzer Bruyns 3; A. Stimson 3; RSW.
R. 2 MIM Barrel Measure, wood and ivory, 64 inches = Salem Maritime Nat'l Site. rule now in two pieces RSW.
R.C. England, 18th Century, MIM Dividers, iron = Bovet Coll. = NMM. RSW.
R.D. Germany, 1838, MIM Evans 1.
R.D.H.A.E. Germany?, 1765, MIM Table Sundial, stone, 1765 = NUR. Zinner 1.
R.E. 1 Germany, MIM Astrolabe = DEU. mastermark in shield. D. Bachman 1.
R.E. 2 England, fl.1770-1805, MIM Sundials, vertical = the Church and a house on Thomas Street North in Monkwearmouth. schoolmaster; parish clerk. Boldon. Gatty.
R.F. 1 Germany, 1590, marked on a stone perpetual calendar by M. Joh. Helsbeccius in the HAK museum. RSW.
R.F. 2 France, c.1620, MIM Astronomical Compendium = Evans Coll. = OXF; Diptych Sundial, octagonal, ivory = Soth. 7/7/78 = Soth. 12/15/55-160. initials and punchmark on base of diptych, punchmark is an inverted V with a little circle above it; both instruments have paper or leather lining on 1b and 2a; Soth. has a blue lining on 1b with a list of latitudes in gold, and with a slide to set string at proper latitude. Dieppe ? Evans 1; RSW.
R.F. 3 England, 1630, initials marked on a quadrant by John Chatfield, 1630. RSW.
R.F. 4 France, 1633, MIM Diptych Sundial, ivory, 1633 = Vivielle Coll. has a nocturnal on the cover; possibly R.F. 2. Dieppe ? Madex; RSW.
R.G. 1 marked on the compass cards in Elias Allen's sundials, surely Ralph Greatorix; marked on paper compass card of horizontal sundial, WHI-1191, probably Ralph Greatorex; other marks on WHI sundial are "H." (4) and "C.P." (2). Bryden 16; RSW.
R.G. 2 MIM Sundial in ivory sphere = Soth. 3/11/63. RSW.
R.H. 1612, instrument maker ? Evans 1.
R.K. Denmark, marked on 1772 compass card signed "Rasmus Koch." Copenhagen. RSW.
R.L. see Richard LeKeux. Brewington 1.
R.L.S.P., PRES. see Pres. R.L.S.P. RSW.
R.M. 1 England, 1631, MIM Astrolabe, 1631 = BM. ICA-312. another astrolabe at KEN, 1631, signed "Richard Melbourne", which see. Price 1 & 3; Ward 4; ICA 2; Taylor 1(167); Clay and Court; Evans 1.
R.M. 2 England, 18th Century, MIM Garden Sundial = Nat'l Museum of Wales. initials added later. Wales. Peate.
R.P. 1708, MIM Horary Quadrant, crude, 1708 = OXF. RSW.
R.S. 1 England, fl.1631-34, MIM Astrolabe Quadrant, 1631 = Koller 11/17/75; Quadrants = BM (1632), OXF (1634). Evans 1; Michel 3; Dewhirst; Taylor 1(174); Clay and Court; Price 3; Ward 4.
R.S. 2 England, 1654, MIM Table Sundial, lead, 1654 = London Museum. RSW.
R.S. 3 Germany?, 18th Century, MIM Diptych Sundials, wood = NOR (2), UTR marked "Autor"; the dials in the NOR shows a frock coated figure and a hand; the UTR dial was exhibited in the Delft sundial exhibition of 1984. de Rijk; RSW.
R.S. 4 Germany, 18th Century, MIM Miner's Compass = Koller 11/17/75. RSW.
R.S. 5 Robert Smith ?; Richard Saunders ? or the father of Henry Sutton ? Taylor 1(174); RSW.
R.T. England?, 1531, MIM Pair of Dividers, 1531 = Soth. 4/18/88. RSW.
R.V.K. owner!; the initials are on a circumferentor by D. Metz at the TIM, 1987. RSW.
R.W. 1 England, 1617, MIM Sundial, sandstone, 1617 = The Washington House, Little Brington, Northhampton. might be Robert Washington. Earle.
R.W. 2 MIM Garden Sundial = ADL-W150. ADL; RSW.
R.W. 3 England, c.1840, MIM punched in middle of ivory scale on unsigned octant at PMS. RSW.
R.Z. Germany, c.1581, marked on 1b of ADL-M258, c.1581. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
RAALINI, C. England, c.1825, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Jared Coffin House, Nantucket, Mass., X (2), Soth.-PB pre 1980 and Soth. 12/14/89. Preston. Goodison 1; RSW.
RABALIO, PETER Italy; England, fl.1760-89 d.1791, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Barometer, multiple tube = X; Stick Barometer = X; Barometer = Soth. 3/7/75. the wheel barometer is signed "P. Rabalio Birmingham"; most are signed simply "Rabalio"; also a thermometer maker. at the Sign of the Barometer, 18 Edgbaston Street, Birmingham; at the Sign of the Dolphin, Coventry; at the Sign of the Golden Lion, in Hamston Gate, Leicester; at Mrs. Dowee's in High Street, near the College-Gate, Worcester; all before 1789. Goodison 1; Bryden 9; RSW.
RABELON, ISAAC England, 1719, PHIM Barometer, 1719 = KEN. Daumas 1.
RABONE England, c.1900, MIM Folding Rule = P.C. marked "Warranted Boxwood"; "made in England." RSW.
RABONE AND MASON England, fl.1834-37, PHIM barometer makers; firm later became known as "John Rabone." 61 St. Pauls Square, Birmingham. Taylor 2(1972); Goodison 1.
RABONE, ELIZABETH England, c.1808, MIM rule maker. Water Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
RABONE, EPHRAIM England, c.1818, MIM rule maker. Water Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
RABONE, JOHN England, fl.1829-60, PHIM Double Folding Rule, wood = La Rochelle 7/16/83. barometer maker; probably a partner in Rabone and Mason; worked alone in 1829 and 1839-58; took his son into the firm, 1858-60. Ludgate Hill (1829); 61 St. Pauls Square (1839-60); both in Birmingham. Goodison 1; Bryden 9; Taylor 2(1972); RSW.
RABONE, JOHN, AND SON England, fl.1858-60, MIM the Rabone firm was established in 1784; makers of boxwood and ivory rules; trade catalogue at OXF. Hockley Abbey Works, Birmingham. RSW.
RABONE, JOHN, AND SONS England, c.1860, MIM Bubble Level = P.C.; Folding Rule, wood = DRE; Rope Gauge, boxwood and brass = Soth.-WS 12/13/83; some of the instruments are signed "J. Rabone and Sons." Birmingham. Taylor 2(1942); G.L'E. Turner 24; RSW.
RABONE, T. England, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, Soth.-S 1/10/90. London. Goodison 1; RSW.
RABONE, THOMAS England, fl.1829-60, MIM PHIM barometer maker. 8 Court Water Street (1824); 12 Court, Broad Street (1835); Hockley Hill (1847); 172 Hockley Hill (1849-54); Frederick Street; 63 Great Hampton Street (1858); 61 Great Hampton Street (1860); all in Birmingham. Taylor 2(1972); Goodison 1.
RABUS, JACOB Germany, c.1556, MIM Horary Quadrants = NUR (1556), STU. the quadrant in the NUR is dedicated to Ottheinrich von de Pfalz, it is marked on the back "OHPC"; the quadrant in the STU is dedicated to Herzog Wolfgang von Bayern. Memmingen. Zinner 1.
RABY, EDWARD England, c.1834, OIM Great Brook Street, Birmingham. Taylor 2(1976).
RAD, CHRISTOPHER Germany, c.1683, MIM Orrery, 1683, was owned by Chr. Treffler in 1683, now lost. Celestial Globe = HAK. goldsmith; the globe at HAK, 54 cm. in diameter, is signed "RAD" at the south pole. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 3; Stevenson.
RADEMACHER England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Eccles. Goodison 1.
RADFORD England, OIM T.C. over against the East End of the New Church in the Strand, London. Crawforth 1.
RADFORD, JOHN England, fl.1668-95, OIM optician. at the Golden Spectacles without Temple Bar (1668); St. Clement Danes (1695); both in London. Clay and Court; Daumas 1.
RADSMA, TJEERD JACOBS Holland, c.1686-1790, MIM he made eight clocks with planetariums. Harlingen. Rooseboom 1.
RADULF Belgium, c.1025, MIM made a different form of astrolabe c.1025; Magister of Liège. Liège. Zinner 1.
RAETOR, JOHN England, c.1801, MIM OIM PHIM 49 Cheapside, Deritend, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
RAFFLE France, MIM Protractor = P.C.(1968). Rafflé. Paris. RSW.
RAGGETT, JAMES England, c.1830, OIM 21 London Street, Reading. Taylor 2(1977).
RAHNE, PETER Germany, c.1740, MIM Sectors = STU, THO. "Peter Rahne Fecit: zu Berlin." Berlin. Hambly 2; RSW.
RAHTJEN, G. Germany, NIM Octant, ebony and ivory = P.C.(1979). Bremen. RSW.
RAIDEL, HANS FRIEDRICH Germany, c.1627, MIM SIM Surveying Instrument, incomplete, 1627 = AUG; Horary Quadrant, 1627 = AUG. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Price 2; RSW.
RAILLE, H. see Evin and H. Raille. USNM.
RAIMONDUS, PETRUS Italy, 1375, MIM Astrolabe, 1375 = A.C. Baldwin Coll. = BOS. Cumae. Exhibition of 1876, London; Thorndike; RSW.
RAINER FRISIUS see Gemma Frisius. Zinner 1.
RAINGO FRERES France, c.1820, MIM Orrery Clock = D.(1976). Raingo Frères; clock makers. Paris. RSW.
RAINGO, Z. Belgium; France, c.1824, MIM Orrery Clocks = TIM (1987)(2); Royal Collction, Madrid, Windsor Castle (1824), P.C., Sloan Museum, BMR, Soth. 1/16/62 and 7/12/63, P-B 10/12/64; Planetarium = CNAM. Tournai; Paris. Pippa; Horological Journal, 1960; RSW; etc.
RAITTENAU, AEGIDIUS EBERHARD VON Germany, 1605-75, MIM Celestial Globe, 1546 = Harburg Sammlung Hohenlohe; Sundial, triangular, 1666 = KRE; Azimuth Sundial, 1668 = KRE; Logarithmic Machine, 1670 = KRE. made other instruments, dated between 1645 and 1669, whose location is not known; author; Benedictine monk; "Mechaniker, Mathematiker und Architekt"; the globe is signed "Rabus 1546." Kremsmünster. Zinner 1.
RAMAGE Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Barometer = D.(1968). probably John Ramage 1 or 2. Aberdeen. Goodison 1; RSW.
RAMAGE AND CO. Scotland, fl.1837-38, OIM PHIM might have made barometers; see Smith and Ramage; see John Ramage 1 & 2. 41 St. Nicholas Street (1837); 6 St. Nicholas Lane (1838); both in Aberdeen. Goodison 1.
RAMAGE, CHARLES Scotland, fl.1845-60, NIM OIM PHIM partner in Smith and Ramage; see John Ramage 1 and 2; see Ramage and Co. 45 Regents Quay, Aberdeen. Goodison 1.
RAMAGE, JOHN 1 Scotland, fl.1806-35, OIM PHIM Telescope, single draw = Christie-SK 11/27/86. made large teescopes; probably was also a barometer maker. 85 Broad Street (1824-29); 39 Union Street (1831-35); both in Aberdeen. Taylor 2(1202); Goodison 1; RSW.
RAMAGE, JOHN 2 Scotland, fl.1835-36, OIM PHIM might have made barometers; possibly the son of John Ramage 1; see Ramage and Co.; see Smith and Ramage. 39 Union Street (1835); 104 Union Street (1836); both in Aberdeen. Goodison 1.
RAMAS, P. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. probably P. Ramos, which see. Goodison 1.
RAMIRES, FRANCISCO Spain?, 1853, MIM Universal Equatorial Sundial, 1853 = Soth. 5/29/61. RSW.
RAMME, EDWARD England, c.1634, MIM apprenticed to John Blighton 1 in the Grocers' Company, June 24, 1626; free in the Company Aug. 5, 1634. London. J. Brown 1.
RAMMINGER, JAKOB Germany, 1594, MIM Miner's Compass, 1594 = BM; Pedometer = Soth.-PB pre-1980. the compass is marked "alias Scriba"; the pedometer is signed "Jac. Ram. D. Scriba"; Ramminger invented this type of pedometer. Stuttgart. Zinner 1; Price 3; Ward 4; RSW.
RAMOS, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see P. Ramas. 281 Holborn, London. Goodison 1; RSW.
RAMPAART, VAN see Petrus ab Aggere. Zinner 1; Michel 3.
RAMPOLDI AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 4/28/88. Huntingdon. Goodison 1; RSW.
RAMPOLDI, J. England, fl.1851-53, PHIM barometer maker. 22 Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Goodison 1.
RAMSBECK Austria, c.1772, MIM OIM see Schreibelmayer und Ramsbeck. Vienna. Daumas 1.
RAMSDEN, JESSE England, 1735-1800, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM one of the most famous mechanics of his time; developed one of the first dividing engines ever built; made many of the most important astronomical and surveying instruments used in England and on the continent; by 1789 he had made over 1000 sextants; his instruments are to be found in many of the principal museums. apprenticed to J. Burton, MIM, in 1758; started business in 1762; married Sarah Dollond; invented the opthalmometer; made improvements in electrostatic machines & precision balances; some of the optics for his instruments were made by his brothers-in-law Peter and John Dollond 2; made F.R.S. in 1768. 199 Piccadilly, opposite Sackville Street, London. Taylor 2(526); DNB; DSB; Maddison 1; Bryden 11; E. Hall; RSW; Goodison 1; USNM; J.A. Bennett 2; A.J. Turner 10; Coffeen 27.
RAMSEY, HENRY T. England, NIM Octant, case = HAM. Lowgate, Hull. RSW.
RAND, J. England, c.1799, OIM patented a micrometrical stadimeter as a 'military and naval telescope'; author. London. Moskowitz 104; Taylor 2(1029); Dewhirst.
RANDALL, JOHN England, fl.1689-1707, MIM apprenticed to William Howe in the Grocer' Company on Sept. 1671; free of the Company on Dec. 2, 1689; took apprentices. Great Minories, London (1693). J. Brown 1.
RANDALL, RICHARD England, c.1799, apprenticed to George Mills in the Joiners' Company, Feb. 5, 1799. Crawforth 7.
RANDALL, WILLIAM England, c.1700, apprenticed to his father, John Randall, in the Grocers' Company on Sept. 10, 1700. J. Brown 1.
RANDOLL see Randall. J. Brown 1.
RANDOLPH, T.F. USA, c.1860, MIM SIM Surveying Compass, case = Chillicothe Museum, Ohio. 67 West 6th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. USNM.
RANDOLPH, T.F., AND BRO. USA, c.1867, MIM PHIM SIM Surveying Compass = Transylvania College. 67 West 6th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. USNM.
RANNOY, P. GELASIUS VISCHER Germany, 1712, MIM Sundial, stone, 1712 = DEU. Price 2.
RANSLEY, W. England, MIM NIM Set of nine Rules, ivory = Phillips 4/20/83; Parallel Rules, wood = NMM. 4 Westminster Bridge Road; Stansgate; both in London. NMM 2; Wynter and Turner; RSW.
RAPKIN England, see Pastorelli and Rapkin. RSW.
RAPOSA see A. Goys; see Joa~o de Goes. Stimson 3; Guedes.
RASPAIL France, c.1770, OIM made micrscopes. Dewhirst; Clay and Court.
RASPON, RAPHAEL Italy, c.1600, MIM Compass, large, shadow square = POB. MADEX.
RASTRELLI, AUGUSTINO Italy, 1719, MIM Reduction Compass, 1719 = FLO-1257. Florence. Michel 3.
RATCLIFF, BENJAMIN England, fl.1743-59, MIM Sundial, 1743 = St. Mary's Church, Welshpool. father of Owen Ratcliff; clockmaker. Welshpool. Peate.
RATCLIFF, OWEN England, fl.1776-80, MIM Sundial = Castle Caereinion, Montgomeryshire. son of Benjamin Ratcliff; clockmaker. Welshpool. Peate.
RATH, H. Germany, c.1867, MIM Mining Gradient Level, 1867 = Christie 12/18/74. Munich. RSW.
RATH, PETER Germany, c.1840, MIM PHIM Compass, in case = DEU; Thermometer = DEU; Barometer = DEU. Munich. Middleton 1; RSW.
RATHBONE, AARON England, 1572-1618, designed a reducing ruler; author. Yorkshire. Taylor 1(91).
RATTENBURY, WILLIAM GEORGE England, c.1816, MIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1976). apprenticed to James Ripley in the Grocers' Company, Oct. 3, 1816. Stratton. j. Brown 2; RSW.
RATTKNECHT, CHRISTOPH Austria, c.1739, MIM Graphometer, 1739 = SAL. Salzburg. Zinner 1; Michel 3.
RATTKNECHT, JOHANN-CHRISTOPH Austria, c.1670, MIM Sundial = X. Salzburg. Michel 3.
RATUS, CARL AUG., BAADEN FR. LIBE Germany, 1766, MIM Equatorial Sundial, 1766 = Soth. 5/12/75. RSW.
RAVILIUS, ALEX Italy, 1542, MIM Skaphe, ivory and brass, 1537 = OXFB; Armillary Sphere, 1542 = ADL-M2. the armillary is also marked "Io. Thomae Manfredo", probably the owner. Engelmann 1; Michel 3; Yonge; ADL; RSW.
RAVIZZA, AMICINO Italy, 1799, MIM corrected a sundial made by Cocart. Cremona. Evans 1.
RAWBENGEL, HANS Germany, 1487, MIM made sundials, 1487. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
RAXTOR, JOHN England, c.1818, MIM SIM John Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
RAY England, MIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. possibly Daniel Ray, c.1790 or William Ray, c.1820, both came from Battle and were watchmakers. Battle. Goodison 1; Baillie 1.
RAY AND CO. England, NIM Sextant = Phillips 2/14/79. Liverpool. RSW.
RAY, J., AND CO. England, NIM Sextant with case = D.(1976). Liverpool. RSW.
RAY, J.W., AND CO. England, Sextants = Christie-SK 2/9/84, D.(1968). may be same as J. Ray and Co., and possibly Ray and Co. Liverpool. RSW.
RAYNER, MICHAEL England, c.1717, MIM apprenticed to to John Patrick 1 in the Joiners' Company on Oct. 22, 1706; free in the Company Jan. 7, 1717. Crawforth 7.
RAYNOLD Germany, MIM Alidade = Drouot 4/26/67. Berlin. RSW.
RAYSON, WILLIAM England, 1683, MIM Quadrant, 1683 = Soth. 7/7/55; Horary Quadrant, Sutton-type, 1683 = WHI. may be only one instrument. Leicester. Bryden 16; RSW.
READ, J. England, PHIM Set of Money Balances = Soth. 11/13/64. St. Ann's Lane, Nr. Aldersgate, London. RSW.
READ, JOHN 1 England, fl.1582-1610, MIM worked in wood; made Blagrave's staff in 1590 and Arthur Hopton's staff in 1610; made alidades, squares, compasses, etc; partner of John Thompson 1, and succeeded by him. Hosier Lane, London. Taylor 1(68); Daumas 1; Michel 3; Dewhirst; A.J. Turner 10.
READ, JOHN 2 England, fl.1650, MIM presumably son or nephew of John Read 1; Taylor thought he was partner and successor of Anthony Thompson 1 of Hosier Lane, but Edward Fage could have been the successor. Hosier Lane, Smithfield, London. Taylor 1(243).
READ, JOHN 3 England, 1688, MIM Sundial, bronze, 1688 = Soth. 12/13/71 = WHI. Bishop Stortford. Bryden 16; RSW.
READ, SAMUEL England, fl.1742-78, PHIM balance maker; chosen to make étalons of weights in 1742 for comparison by the Royal Society and the French Academy; partner of Charles De Grave and succeeded by him in 1780. London. Taylor 2(398); Daumas 1; G.L'E. Turner 24.
READE variant spelling for Read. A.J. Turner 10.
READE, GEORGE England, c.1762, apprenticed to Richard Rust of the Grocers' Company on June 1, 1762. J. Brown 1.
READING, THOMAS Ireland, fl.1752-68, MIM surveyer; apprenticed to Gabriel Stokes. Georges Lane, near Stephens Street, Dublin. Bryden 9.
REALINI, C. England, c.1825, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Jared Coffin House, Nantucket, Mass., X (2), Soth.-PB pre-1980, Soth. 12/14/89 and 12/14/95. Preston. RSW.
REALINI, L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X (2). Newcastle. Goodison 1.
REARDON, JOHN England, c.1838, OIM 42 Gaston Street, Clerkenwell, London. Taylor 2(2217).
REAUMUR, RENE ANTOINE FERCHAULT DE France, 1683-1757, Réné Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur; designed a thermometer scale, with 0° as freezing and 80° as boiling; physicist. La Bermondiere. USNM; G.L'E. Turner 24; Daumas 1.
REBALLIO EN ZOON Holland, c.1800, PHIM Hydrometer and Thermometer = USNM. Rotterdam. USNM.
REBALLIO, A. Holland, c.1790, OIM PHIM Instrument = LEY; Telescope = Christie-SK 4/14/89. Rotterdam. Daumas 1; RSW.
REBEIRO, IOZE GABRIEL Spain, c.1790, marked on an English octant; probably the owner. Versailles 4/17/83.
RECH, WOLFF Germany, c.1649, MIM sandglass maker. Nürnberg. Lunardi.
RECHBERGER, WILHELM Germany, c.1611, wrote about the astrolabe. Augsburg? Zinner 1.
RECHTER, JAN 1 Holland, fl.1730-1801, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Planetarium = LEY; Solar Microscope = KEN; Artillery Inclinometers = ADL-M143, Soth. 10/28/63, LEY. Delft. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Dewhirst; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
RECHTER, JAN 2 Holland, 1777-1801, MIM son of Jan Rechter 1. Delft. Rooseboom 1.
RECORDE, ROBERT England, c.1556, published drawings of portable and standing quadrants. Gunther 2.
REDDING, ROSIER England, c.1769, apprenticed to Robert Taylor 2 of the Grocers' Company on July 4, 1769. J. Brown 1.
REDMOND Universal Ring Sundial = P.C. (1976). English forgery, probably by Williams; marked "Dublin." Brieux.
REED, JAMES USA, 1792-1878, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compasses = Alliance Historical Society, Ohio, U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., Michigan Historical Society, Lansing. the Alliance, Ohio instrument is marked "Washington, Pa.", the others "Pittsburgh Pa."; by 1850 the firm was "James Reed and Co."; the later instruments may be by "James Reed and Co." Washington, Pa. (1792-1847); Pittsburgh, Pa. (1847-78). Smart 1; RSW.
REED, JAMES, AND CO. USA, fl.1847-78, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = Michigan Historical Society, Lansing, Michigan. see James Reed. Pittsburgh, Pa. Smart 1; Multhauf 1; RSW.
REED, THOMAS, AND CO. England, NIM T.C. Sunderland. Crawforth 1.
REEDER, R. USA, c.1847, took out a patent on a mariner's compass, 1847. Cincinnati, Ohio. UANM.
REENS, H.A. Holland, 19th Century, OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie, April 1978; Telescope = Auction, Dordrecht, June 1975. Rotterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
REES, JOHN England, c.1823, apprenticed to James Hamer in the Joiners' Company, Oct. 8, 1823. Crawforth 7.
REEVES AND SONS England, 19th Century, MIM Drawing Instrument Set = Christie-SK 7/24/86; Sector, ivory = Gersaint, La Rochelle 7/20/96. see William Reeves and Co. London. RSW.
REEVES, JOHN England, fl.1679-1710, OIM member of the Turners' Company; son of Richard Reeves 1; the objective lens at KEN may be by John rather than Richard Reeves 1, which see; John is probably the Reeves, Jr. mentioned by Pepys. London. Taylor 1(412); Daumas 1; Evans 1; Court and von Rohr; Latham and Matthews; Robischon 1; Clay and Court.
REEVES, RICHARD 1 England, fl.1641-89, OIM Telescope = KEN. member of the Turners' Company; made microscopes and lenses for telescopes; worked for Hooke; made a spyglass, a microscope and a scotoscope for Samuel Pepys, 1661-64; made very long telescopes; perspective glass maker to the King; made James Gregory's prototype reflecting telescope. against the Foot and Leg, Long Acre, London. Taylor 1(199); Latham and Williams; Dewhirst; Henry King 1; L. Bell; Court and von Rohr 3(I); Robischon 1; Daumas 1; A.D.C. Simson.
REEVES, RICHARD 1 AND JOHN COX England, c.1664, OIM telescope makers. London. Henry King 1.
REEVES, RICHARD 2 England, c.1666, OIM telescope maker; son of Richard Reeves 1? or is he the same man? London. A.J. Turner 10.
REEVES, W. England, c.1840, PHIM Syke's Hydrometer = P.C. (1989). adjusted by H.R. Loftus in 1943; see William Reeves and Co. London, possibly 69 EASTCHEAP. RSW. WEBDB.
REEVES, WILLIAM USA, 1785, NIM Hadley's Quadrant, 1785 = VNN. "Reeves, Thomaston, Me." is written in the case. Thomaston, Me. RSW.
REEVES, WILLIAM, AND CO. England, c.1850, MIM Double Slide Rule = D.(1989). see Reeves and Sons. London. Moskowitz 132.
REGHTER, DAVID Holland, fl.1780-97, PHIM Middelburg. Rooseboom 1.
REGIOMONTANUS, JOHANNES Germany, 1436-76, MIM Johannes Müller; astronomer, author, published a calendar and ephemerides; designed various astronomical instruments; Zinner attributed a ring sundial, ADL-M307, to Regiomontanus; see Johannes. Königsberg. Zinner 1; Maddison 1 & 2; Michel 3; J.A. Bennett 2; DSB; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
REGNARD FRERES France, MIM Clepsydra = CNAM. Regnard frères. Sens. Con. Nat'l 1; RSW.
REGNAULT, HENRI VICTOR France, 1810-78, devised a hygrometer similar to Daniell's. G.L'E. Turner 24.
REGNIER France, c.1800, MIM Meridian Sundial = CNAM. Régnier. Senaur. RSW.
REGNIER, EDWARD France, c.1800, PHIM Dynamometers = USNM, Soth. 10/17/60. à Beau Grenelle, Banlieu de Paris. USNM; RSW.
REHE, SAMUEL England, fl.1770-92, MIM PHIM Stick Barometer = Sir John Soane Museum, London. the barometer is signed "S. Rehe London"; the scale has both French and English inches; worked for John Troughton 2 in 1778; made a copy of Ramsden's dividing engine. Shoe Lane, London. Taylor 2(757); Goodison 1; Bedini 8; Daumas 1; USNM.
REICHENBACH UND FRAUENHOFER Germany, c.1810, MIM OIM Telescope = DRE. Munich. RSW.
REICHENBACH UND UTZSCHNEIDER Germany, fl.1804-15, MIM OIM Meridian Transit = NOR; Meridian, 1815 = Capodimonte Obs., Naples. Georg von Reichenbach and Joseph von Utzschneider. Pipping 1; RSW.
REICHENBACH, GEORG VON Germany, 1772-1826, MIM OIM Altazimuth Instrument, 1814 = Naples Observatory; Dividing Engines, = DEU (1804), SWE (1832); Altazimuth Telescope = PRA; Sextant = DEU; Repeating Theodolite, 1810 = DEU. worked with Joseph Liebherr, 1802-14; joined by Utzschneider in 1804; went with Ertel in 1814. Mannheim. Zinner 1; Daumas 1; Pipping 1; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
REICHENBACH, UTZSCHNEIDER UND LIEBHERR Germany, c.1804, MIM OIM SIM Georg von Reichenbach, Joseph von Utzschneider and Joseph Liebherr. Munich. J.A. Bennett 2.
REICHER, GEORG Germany, c.1674, MIM made sundials. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
REICHERT, JOHANN Germany, fl.1761-68, PHIM Nest of Weights = Drouot Richelieu 4/28/88. RSW.
REICHLE, MELCHIOR Germany, fl.1568-69, MIM Astronomical Compendium, 1568 = BM; Cruciform Sundial, 1569 = BM Zinner 1; Price 3; Ward 4.
REICHMANN, JOSEPH: FRAN: ANT: DE Germany, c. 1773, the name is marked on an armillary sphere made by Eiler Christian Hogh, ADL-M9; surely the owner. Engelmann 1; Yonge; Habacher; ADL; RSW.
REID Scotland, c.1815, MIM patented a trigonometer. Aberdeen. RSW.
REID, ADAM England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Woolwich. Goodison 1.
REID, ALEXANDER Scotland, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie 12/8/76. barometer signed "Alex Reid." 66 Nicholson Street, Edinburgh. RSW.
REID, JOHN England, c.1590, MIM John Blagrave referred to him as an able maker. Darius 3.
REIFF, GOTTFRIED Germany, c.1750, MIM Pillar Sundials, wood = MERC = WHI, Soth. 4/18/88. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Hamilton 2; Bryden 16; RSW.
REIFFEL, C., AND N. THORN USA, c.1848, MIM patented a new form of dividers in 1848. New York, N.Y. USNM.
REIGER, P.J. Germany, MIM Sector = Evans Coll. Augsburg. Evans 1.
REIGNE France, 18th Century, NIM Octant, wood with silver trim = ROU-79. Marseille. Daumas 1; RSW.
REIMANN, I. Germany, c.1850, MIM showed at the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. Berlin, Prussia. G.L'E. Turner 24.
REINE, R. England, fl.1673-80, OIM made optical glass. Lime Street, between Leadenhall and Fenchurch Streets, London. Taylor 1(367); Evans 1.
REINELT, PAUL Germany, MIM Pair of Globes = Stiftsbibliothek, Braunau in Böhmen. Zinner 1.
REINERUS GEMMA same as Gemma Frisius, which see. Baillie 1.
REINHOLD, ERASMUS 1 Germany, 1511-55, astronomer; author. Wittenberg. Michel 3.
REINHOLD, ERASMUS 2 Germany, c.1576, MIM Tycho Brahe used a large wooden quadrant made by Erasmus Reinhold (2), in 1576. Saalfeld and Wittenberg. Michel 2 & 3.
REINHOLD, JOHANNES Germany, fl.1588-92, MIM Celestial Globe, with sundials on base, 1588 = CNAM; Terrestrial Globe, 1588 = NMM; Astrolabe, 1591 = HAY. clockmaker; worked with Georg Roll; see Roll und Reinhold. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Aked; Cons. Nat'l 1; NMM 2; RSW.
REINMANN Germany, MIM Diptych Sundial, ivory = BASH. punchmark is a moon. Price 2.
REINMANN, BENEDIKTUS Germany, fl.1564-75, MIM Master in 1564; made ivory diptych sundials; sometimes spelled "Reymann." Nürnberg. Michel 3; Gouk 1.
REINMANN, GEORG 1 Germany, fl.1527-42, MIM Diptych Sundial, wood, 1531 = X; Diptych Sundials, ivory = WHI (1536). not in Bryden 16. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Gunther 2; Evans 1; Lunardi; Gouk 1.
REINMANN, GEORG 2 Germany, fl.1551-71, MIM Diptych Sundial, ivory, 1551 = Wien Mobiliendepot; Diptych Sundial, wood, 1555 = NUR. Master in 1555; Gouk dated him "1555-71." Nürnberg. Gouk 1; RSW.
REINMANN, GEORG 3 Germany, fl.1575-85, MIM made sundials. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
REINMANN, HANS 1 Germany, 1547-71, MIM Master in 1565; made sundials. Nürnberg. Michel 3; Gouk 1.
REINMANN, HANS 2 Germany, d.1627, MIM father of Hans Reinmann 3; made sundials. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
REINMANN, HANS 3 Germany, d.1628, MIM son of Hans Reinmann 2; made sundials. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
REINMANN, HIERONYMUS Germany, fl.1554-69, MIM Diptych Sundials, ivory = MUN (1554), OXF (1558), NMM (1562), Beauvais Museum (1563), Koller 11/17/75 (1563), (1573), (1561 partial), Sammlung W. Lüdge, Einbeck (1565), NMM (1566), ADL-DPW28 (1569), Huelsmann Coll. (1558). became Master of the Compassmakers' Guild in 1556. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Gunther 2; NMM 2; Gouk 1; Syndram; ADL; RSW.
REINMANN, JORG see Georg Reinmann. Zinner 1.
REINMANN, PAULUS Germany, 1557-1609, MIM made many ivory diptych sundials from 1575 to 1609; examples may be seen at ADL, NYM, NMM, UANM, OXF, DEU, KES, HAM, NOR, WHI, HAK, etc.; Horizontal Sundial, 1591 = Drouot 4/7/87; Artillery Levels = DRE (lost), Soth. 3/10/87 (1600). Reinmann's master mark was a crown; M. Lesel used a crown as his master mark from 1609 to 1629. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Morpurgo 2; Lunardi; Brieux 1; Chandler and Vincent; USNM; Hamilton 2; Spitzer Cat.; Bryden 16; Gouk 1; ADL; RSW.
REINTHALER, CHRIST. FRIED. ERNST Germany, 1783, OIM Solar Microscope, 1783 = DRE. Leipzig. Dewhirst; Clay and Court; RSW.
REIS, JOSE MARIA DOS Brazil, fl.1837-73, MIM made the azimuth instrument invented by Emmanuel Liais; won medals at Exhibitions between 1861 and 1871 including first prize in the Great Exhibition of 1862 in London. Rua do Hospico, 67,69 & 71, Rio de Janeiro. RSW.
REISCH, LEONHARD Germany, c.1701, MIM Celestial Globe, 1701 = Wien Schottenstift. clockmaker; author; the globe is signed "Leonhardus Reisch Algojus." Oberdorf. Zinner 1.
REISSIG Germany, c.1803, MIM OIM instrument maker to the court at Kassel. Kassel. Ashbrook.
REITA, ANTHONY MARIA VON SCHYRLE DE Germany, 1597-1660, invented a new telescope eyepiece; author. Dewhirst; Clay and Court.
REITER, M. see Prof. Bohme and M. Reiter. RSW.
REITZEL, C.A. England?, c.1850, MIM Celestial Globe = Soth. 4/18/88. ten-inch N. Anderson globe constructed by Reitzel. RSW.
RELTING, A. c.1760, MIM Diptych Sundial, wood = Evans Coll. Evans 1.
RENARD 1 see Renaud. Pipping 1.
RENARD 2 France, c.1750, MIM SIM Graphometer = Koller, May, 1972. Paris. RSW.
RENARD, N. France, 18th Century, MIM Universal Ring Sundial, silver = MERC; Universal Ring Sundial, gilt-brass = P-B 1/22/54. Montauban. Michel 3; Hamilton 1; RSW.
RENAUD France; Germany, 1790, PHIM Thermometer, 1790 = GEM. Strasbourg; Berlin. Pipping 1; A.J. Turner 10.
RENAUD, J. France, c.1700, MIM Surveying Instrument = PMM. Daumas thought it was a mariner's astrolabe, but it had been incorrectly restored. Marseilles. Daumas 1; A. Stimson 3; RSW.
RENCH, E. England, c.1840, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1976). Grey Inn Terrace, London. RSW.
RENNISON England, 19th Century, NIM Quadrant = SUN. Station Road, Barry Docks, Sunderland. RSW.
RENNISON AND SON England, 19th Century, NIM Octant = D.(1973). North Shields. RSW.
RENNOLDSON England, c.1800, MIM Drawing Instrument Set, incomplete = Sotheby's 5/11/94. either J.A. or Isaac Rennoldson; T.C. RSW.
RENNOLDSON, ISAAC England, fl.1822-46, MIM OIM succeeded J. Rennoldson, who could have been his father or uncle, in 1822. 5 Cambridge Place, Hackney Road, London. Taylor 2(1682).
RENNOLDSON, J. England, fl.1817-22, MIM Sector, ivory = Cooke's Shop, CMY; Universal Ring Sundial = Soth. 3/9/64. succeeded by Isaac Rennoldson, which see. 23 Camden Row, Bethnal Green Road, London. Taylor 2(1413); RSW.
RENSBERG, NICOLAUS Germany, 1568, MIM Astronomical Compendium, 1568 = WUP. the base of the compendium was curved to fit a cannon; a compass was in a Bavarian collection in 1599; mathematician; clockmaker; alternative spelling was "Rensberger." Coburg. Zinner 1; Evans 1; Basserman-Jordan 1; RSW.
RENWICK, JAMES England, fl.1844-47, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 2 Booths Place, Turnmill Street, London. Goodison 1.
REOHAN, THOMAS misreading for Keohan. Taylor 2(2218).
REPETTO, M.E., Y CA. Argentina, c.1850, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. Pulborough 3/1/83. dealers for Negretti and Zambra; barometer marked "Introductones." Buenos Aires. RSW.
REPSOLD, A., UND SOHNE Germany, 1867, MIM OIM Adolf Repsold and two of his sons. Hamburg. J.A. Bennett 2.
REPSOLD, ADOLF Germany, 1806-71, MIM OIM worked with his brother, Georg; they succeeded their father, Johann Georg Repsold in 1830; the name was changed to A. & G. Repsold; the firm became A. Repsold und Söhne in 1867. Hamburg. J.A. Bennett 2.
REPSOLD, ADOLF UND GEORG Germany, fl.1830-67, MIM OIM Heliometer, 1849 = KEN; Telescopes, 1853 = Madrid Observatory. succeeded their father, Johann Georg Repsold in 1830; makers of very fine, large instruments. Hamburg. Pipping 1; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
REPSOLD, GEORG Germany, 1804-85, MIM OIM worked with his brother, Adolf; they succeeded their father, Johann Georg Repsold, in 1830; the firm was then known as A. & G. Repsold; Georg retired in 1867. Hamburg. J.A. Bennett 2.
REPSOLD, JOHANN GEORG Germany, 1771-1830, MIM OIM established his firm in 1802; made precision astronomical instruments; succeeded by his sons, Adolf and Georg Repsold in 1830. Hamburg. Daumas 1; Pipping 1; Pannekoek; J.A. Bennett 2.
RESCOW, JOHN England, c.1710, MIM Liverpool. Taylor 2(108); Bryden 9.
RESEL, FRANZ Austria, 1759, MIM Table Sundial, 1759 = Linz Museum Depot Hohenfurth; Graphometer = D.(1931); Compass Sundial = MERC-100 = Soth. 12/12/55; Pocket Sundial = BM. compass sundial signed "Fr. Resel Fecit Vienne." Vienna. Zinner 1; Hamilton 1; Price 3; Ward 4; RSW.
RESI, HANS name marked on mining compass signed "H.G." (6) at GRA. Zinner 1; Michel 3.
RESLER, ANTON VON Germany, 18th Century, MIM Augsburg-type Sundials = MERC, OXF (2), NOR, Soth. 12/16/63, Munich Auction, 1965. the dial at NOR is signed "Antony Resler." Augsburg. Zinner 1; Hamilton 1; Evans 1; Bobinger 2; RSW.
RESTELL England, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Phillips 1/30/84. Croyden. RSW.
RETTING, E. Germany, MIM Diptych Sundial, wood = OXF. Zinner 1.
REVERE, PAUL USA, 1735-1818, MIM Gunner's Calipers = Bostonian Society, Mass., Paul Revere Memorial Association, Boston, Mass.; Compass Card, 1786 = Yale U. Art Gallery; Balance, weights and case = Paul Revere Memorial Association. silversmith; Revere did the engraving for the paper compass roses for Benjamin Warren's surveying compasses. Boston, Mass. Bedini 8; Price 2; The World of Franklin and Jefferson Exhibition Cat.; Revere Cat.
REW, ROBERT England, fl.1755-65, OIM described as one of the workmen of John Dollond 1. London. Taylor 2(528); Daumas 1.
REYBORNE, J., AND SONS England, MIM Rule, folding, ivory = Christie-Geneva 11/20/79. RSW.
REYMANN see Reinman. Michel 3.
REYNERUS, GEMMA see Gemma Frisius. A.J. Turner 10.
REYNOLDS England, c.1850, MIM SIM Level and Inclinometer = D.(1994). probably J.A. Reynolds of J.A. Reynolds and Co. Birmingham. Garcelon 33.
REYNOLDS AND CO. 1 England, c.1840, NIM Pelorus = Marine Museum, Horten, Norway; Nautical Instrument = AMST. Tower Hill, London. Mörzer Bruyns 1; RSW.
REYNOLDS AND CO. 2 England, MIM Surveyor's Level = Soth.-West Sussex 10/18/83. see J.A. Reynolds and Co. Birmingham. RSW.
REYNOLDS AND WIGGINS England, c.1840, NIM PHIM Sympiesometer = Soth. 12/17/87. William Reynolds and Frederick Wiggins. 82 Minories, London. Taylor 2(2273); RSW.
REYNOLDS, G. USA, c.1950, MIM Astrolabe, c.1950 = Pugsley Sale. chief engineer of Winchester Arms Co.; he made many reproductions of instruments for Mr. Edwin Pugsley, the C.E.O. of Winchester Arms Co. New Haven, Conn. Pugsley Sale; RSW.
REYNOLDS, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. St. Austell. Goodison 1.
REYNOLDS, J.A., AND CO. England, MIM Rolling Rule = Christie-SK 7/24/86; Surveying Level = Christie-SK 2/8/79. see Reynolds and Co. 2. Birmingham. RSW.
REYNOLDS, JOHN England, fl.1582-1636, MIM SIM made wooden plane tables, etc; probably a master gunner. Barking Churchyard (All Hallows Church), Tower Street; near Tower Hill; The Tower; all in London. Taylor 1(69); Michel 3; Gunther 4.
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH England, c.1691, MIM apprenticed to Richard Whitehead of the Clockmakers' Company on Sept. 20, 1683; free of the Company, April 6, 1691. J. Brown 3.
REYNOLDS, THOMAS England, c.1719, MIM apprenticed to James Swetman 1 in the Grocers' Company on Mar. 5, 1712; free of the Company, June 23, 1719. J. Brown 1.
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM England, fl.1827-80, MIM merged with John Lilley and Son(s) in 1880, as Lilley and Reynolds Ltd. London. Brewington 1.
REYNOLDSON England, c.1800, MIM OIM Mathematical Instrument Set = X.; Pantograph = Christie 4/3/85. St. John's Lane, West Smithfield, London. Taylor 2(1203); Clay and Court; Dewhirst; Daumas 1; RSW.
REYNOLDSON, THOS. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 7 Queen Street, Hull. Goodison 1.
RHODES, MANOAH England, c.1841, Barometer = X. the barometer is signed "M. Rhodes Bradford"; he was listed as a jeweler; probably a dealer in barometers. 138 Westgate, Bradford. Goodison 1; Baillie 1.
RIBALDI, A. Ireland, PHIM Barometer = D.(1955). Limerick. RSW.
RIBALDI, J. Ireland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = X. Limerick. Goodison 1.
RIBOLDI, JOSEPH Ireland, 1824, PHIM carver and gilder; may be the same as J. Ribaldi, which see. 122 George's Street, Limerick. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
RIBOLDI, L. Ireland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Phillips 5/8/85. Limerick. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
RIBON France, PHIM Balance, small = Chateau de Barbie, Albi. "Balancier." à l'Rue Couronné Cour St. Martin N. 8, Paris? RSW.
RIBOUT France, MIM Architect's Scales = WHI. RSW.
RIBRIGHT AND SON England, fl.1778-82, OIM George Ribright and his son, Thomas Ribright 2. London. Taylor 2(529)(758); Goodison 1; RSW.
RIBRIGHT, GEORGE England, 1730-90, MIM OIM Sets of Drawing Instruments = Christie-SK 4/17/86, DeLuca 8/1/87 (silver). son of Thomas Ribright 1; apprenticed in 1744; admitted as a foreign Brother to the Spectaclemakers' Company on Oct. 3, 1751; took apprentices; took his son Thomas Ribright 2 as partner to become Ribright and Son, in 1788. 40 the Poultry, London (1764 1790). Taylor 2(529); Clay and Court; Court and von Rohr 3(150); RSW.
RIBRIGHT, THOMAS 1 England, 1712-72, MIM OIM Case of Instruments with Persective Glass = KBV; Microscope, Culpeper-type = Soth. 3/25/86. apprenticed to Thomas Sterrop 2 in the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1726; free in the Company, 1734; Master in the Company, 1758-60; took apprentices; "Optician to his Royal Highness, George, Prince of Wales"; T.C.; patented an etui with a telescope in the middle. at the Golden Spectacles, the Poultry, London. Taylor 2(299); Clay and Court; Court and von Rohr 3; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1 & 7; Evans 1; Delehar 6.
RIBRIGHT, THOMAS 2 England, fl.1768-1810, OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = P.C. the barometer is signed "T. Ribright"; apprenticed to his father, George Ribright of the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1768; free of the Company in 1775; partner with his father as Ribright and Son, 1778-82; on his own, 1783-95. 40 Poultry, London. Taylor 2(758); Goodison 1; Court and von Rohr 3.
RICCIOLI Ireland, c.1661, MIM Rule = BRP. Price 2.
RICE, THOMAS England, fl.1640-60, MIM gunner at the Tower; made many sundials. The Tower, London. Taylor 1(1960; Evans 1; Gatty.
RICH, JAMES England, 1771, NIM Backstaff, wood, 1771 = D.(1973). Wynter and Turner.
RICH, MOSES England, NIM Octant = Woodman Institute, New Hampshire. London. USNM.
RICHARD OF WALLINGFORD England, born c.1292-1335, MIM Abbott of St. Albans; member of the "Merton School"; instrument maker and astronomer; among his inventions are the rectangulus and the albion (1326); made an astronomical clock, c. 1320. Oxford; Wallingford. Gunther 2; North 4; Michel 3 & 5; Needham 1.
RICHARD, C.A. USA, fl.1845-60, PHIM barometer maker. High Street, next door south of Mrs. Robinson's City House, Columbus, Ohio. E.D. Beckman.
RICHARDS, DAVID England, c.1834, OIM also made chronometers. 27 Church Street, Birmingham. Taylor 2(1978).
RICHARDS, ESTHER England, fl.1801-08, MIM rule maker. 94 Lichfield Street (1801); 95 Lichfield Street (1808); both in Birmingham. Bryden 9.
RICHARDS, JOHN 1 England, c.1802, apprenticed to Charles Fairbone 1 of the Grocers' Company on Oct. 2, 1800; turned over to Charles Fairbone 2 of the Grocers' Company on Feb. 8, 1802; may be the same as John Richards 2. J. Brown 1; RSW.
RICHARDS, JOHN 2 England, c.1818, MIM rule maker; may be the same as John Richards 1. Lichfield Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9; RSW.
RICHARDS, WILLIAM England, fl.1787-97, MIM rule maker; worked in boxwood and ivory. 14 Lichfield Street (1787); Lichfield Street (1797); both in Birmingham. Bryden 9.
RICHARDSON, GEORGE England, fl.1807-30, MIM NIM OIM Octant = AMST; Telescope = Christie-SK 7/10/80; Sextant = Cohasset Historical Society, Mass. apprenticed in 1784; T.C., "late foreman to Mr. Chas. Lincoln", "Real Manufacturer." 18 Leadenhall Street (1807); 7 St. Catherines Street, near the Tower (1808-17); 12 Upper East Smithfield (1821); 38 Windham Street, New Road, Marylebone (1826); all in London. Taylor 2(1205); Mörzer Bruyns 1; Crawforth 1; USNM; RSW.
RICHARDSON, JOHN 1 England, fl.1797-1819, OIM held a patent on a machine to polish glasses in 1797; became Richardson and Sons by 1819. 26 Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields (1808); 1 Drury Lane (1810); 22 Little Queen Street, Holborne (1814); all in London. Taylor 2(1031).
RICHARDSON, JOHN 2 England, fl.1801-27, OIM apprenticed to his father Winstanley Richardson in the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1794; free in the Company, Jan. 15, 1801. 16 Somerset Street, Aldgate, London (1801-27). Taylor 2(1206); Court and von Rohr 3(230).
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH USA, PHIM Gold balances (3) in case = Soth. 1/22/25. Philadelphia, Pa. RSW.
RICHARDSON, MATTHEW England, fl.1737-52, OIM probably father of Winstanley Richardson; apprenticed to Edward Scarlett 1 of the Spectaclemakers' Company on June 10, 1730, free of the Company Dec. 27, 1737; T.C.; "Optician to his Majesty." at Sir Isaac Newton's Head and Golden Spectacles against York Buildings, in ye Strand, London. Taylor 2(400); Court and von Rohr 3(131); Calvert 2; Clay and Court; Crawforth 1.
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM Ireland, fl.1784-86, OIM optician. 4 East Cole Alley, Dublin. Bryden 9; Morrison-Low and Burnett.
RICHARDSON, WINSTANLEY England, fl.1771-1807, OIM apprenticed to Thomas Lincoln of the Spectaclemakers' Company on Oct. 4, 1753; free of the Company, Sept. 30, 1773; took his son, John Richardson 2 as an apprentice. Irongate, London (1807). Court and von Rohr 3(165).
RICHBOURG France, MIM Universal Sundial = Soth. 5/29/61. Paris. RSW.
RICHER France, son of Jean-François Richer. Daumas 1.
RICHER, JEAN-FRANCOIS France, 1743-1820, MIM NIM SIM Tellurium = BMR; Graphometers = P.C. (1987) (1807) (2), A-P 3/15/76 (1807), D.(1985), Versailles 11/20/83, Soth. 4/29/77; Magnetic Compass, 1807 = Picard, Drouot Richelieu, 12/11/91; Transit Circles = P.C., Ineichen 10/20/75; Sextant = Historical Society of Delaware; Y-Level = Franklin Institute Philadelphia, Pa.; Marine Compass = VNN; Terrestrial Globe = P.C.; Slide Rules = P.C.(1987), D.(1993). Jean-François Richer; all his instruments are signed simply "Richer à Paris"; scale on Mossy barometer of 1789 is marked "Divisé par Richer"; the tellurium was marked "invented by Abbé Grenet." L' Hermite, Paris. Daumas 1; USNM; Moskowitz 103; Coffeen 10 and 43; Darius 4; RSW.
RICHER, MAISON France, OIM Telescopic Level = Versailles 4/17/83. the level is signed "Maison Richer L'Hermite Le Jars successeurs à Paris." L'Hermite, Paris. RSW.
RICHLOT Germany, MIM Mining Set = HAK. RSW.
RICHTER, E.O., AND CO. England, MIM Draftsman's Kit = Weschler 5/22/76. RSW; WEBDB.
RICHTER, JOHANNES see Praetorius. Michel 3.
RICKARDS, JOSEPH England, apprenticed to William Elliot 1 in the Joiners' Company on April 30, 1816. Crawforth 7.
RICKETT, W. England, c.1786, OIM Horary Quadrant = KEN. Taylor 2(885); Daumas 1.
RIDEL France, NIM Marine Compass = Historical Society of Old Newbury, Mass. Nantes. USNM.
RIDER, JOB Ireland, fl.1805-09, partner of Henry Gardner, 1805-09; watch and clock maker. Belfast. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
RIDER, WILLIAM England, fl.1832-34, MIM NIM OIM PHIM advertised sextants. 22 Ashton Street, Poplar, Borough, London. Taylor 2(1684); O'Mara.
RIDLEY, MARK England, 1560-1624, MIM author; sundial maker. Cambridge. Taylor 1(56).
RIEBENHAUSEN Germany, 17th Century, MIM SIM Circumferentor = Munich Geodätisches Institut. Zinner 1.
RIEDIG, M.C.G. Germany, 1820-22, MIM Celestial Globe, 1822 = DRE; Terrestrial Globe, 1820 = DRE. Leipzig. RSW.
RIEDIGER, ADAM Switzerland, c.1735, MIM Table Sundial, 1735 = STU; Celestial Globe = Bern Stadtbibliothek. Berne. Zinner 1.
RIEFLER, CLEMENS Germany, fl.1841-76, MIM Ellipsograph = Christie 12/8/76. made precision clocks and drawing insruments. Nesselwang; Munich, Bavaria. G.L'E. Turner 24; RSW; WEBDB.
RIEGE, GEORG Germany, c.1699, MIM Diptych Sundials, ivory, = Drecker = ADL-DPW23 (1699), D.(1972). the master mark is a three-leaf clover. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Price 2; Gouk 1; ADL; RSW.
RIENKS, SYDS JOHANNES Z. Holland, 1770-1845, OIM Telescopes = AMST (1824), LEY (1825), BRO (1825), Eisinga's House, Franekar (1830); Microscopes = TEY (1825), KEN (1826), etc. worked with Argen Roelofs; worked alone by 1826. Ferwerderadeel; Leiden. Mörzer Bruyns 1 and 2; G.L'E. Turner 24; Daumas 1; Insley 1; Dewhirst 1; Clay and Court; Rooseboom 1; RSW.
RIEPENHAUSEN, J.C. MIM Analemmatic Sundial = MLL. RSW.
RIESEN, A.B. marked on a surveying instrument signed "C.T.F. Anno 1589 M.S." at DRE; it is "M.S." (5). RSW.
RIESS, PROF. Germany, 1840, MIM Chronoscope, 1840 = WUP. Stuttgart. RSW.
RIGAUD, DE SAINT France, c.1610, designed the capuchin sundial. Cousins.
RIGG, CUTHBERT 1708, Instrument, 1708 = University of Miss. owner? Price 2.
RIGGS AND BROTHER USA, c.1845, NIM Marine Compasses = MYS, D.(1970); Sextants = MYS, D.(1970). company founded in 1818 by William H.C. Riggs; the firm was also a retailer of navigating instruments; the Philadelphia Maritime Museum has a sextant made by Heather but bearing their name. 310 Market Street, Philadelphia Pa. USNM; Moskowitz 101; RSW.
RIGGS AND BROTHERS USA, c.1840, NIM Pelorus, 1840 = Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Il.; Sextant = D.(1972). see William H.C. Riggs. Philadelphia, Pa. USNM; Moskowitz 104; RSW.
RIGGS AND CO. USA, c.1825, NIM Marine Compass = D.(1972). Philadelphia, Pa. Moskowitz 103.
RIGGS, WILLIAM H.C. USA, fl.1818-36, NIM Box Compass, 1836 = Atwater Kent Museum, Philadelphia, Pa. maker and retailer of nautical instruments; established an observatory in 1820. Philadelphia, Pa. USNM; Moskowitz 104; RSW.
RIJSMA, A. Holland, MIM Orrery = Phillips 5/20/75. Steijnmoller. RSW.
RIKER, J.L. AND D.J. USA, c.1847, MIM PHIM made an orrery and other astronomical instruments; prize winning magnetic apparatus shown at the American Institute Fair, Oct. 1847. 78 Suffolk Street, New York, N.Y. USNM.
RILEY AND STEVENS USA, PHIM Stick Barometer = VNN. New Orleans, La. RSW.
RIMMINGTON 1 England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer with Thermometer = Soth. 5/1/86. Lubenham. RSW.
RIMMINGTON 2 England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 5/15/96. Bradford. RSW.
RIMONDI, CHARLES England, fl.1841-66, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X (3). watch and clockmaker; jeweler; made? and sold barometers; the wheel barometers are signed "C. Rimondi." 1 Union Street (1837); 8 Waterhouse Street (1850-66); both in Halifax. Goodison 1; Loomes.
RINALDINI Italy, 17th Century, MIM Quadrant = Geographical Institute, Florence. RSW.
RING Germany, c.1800, MIM OIM Universal Equatorial Sundial = WHI. microscope maker. Berlin. Bryden 16; Clay and Court; Dewhirst.
RINGELBERGH, JOACHIM STERCK VAN Antwerp, fl.1499-1536, MIM he was reported to have made a ring sundial. Ringelberg. Zinner 1. WEBDB.
RINSEN, ANTHONY Hollandfl.1748-65, MIM PHIM Daumas listed him as English. Leiden. Daumas 1; Rooseboom 1.
RINSEN, J. VAN Holland, c.1750, PHIM made air pumps. Leiden. Rooseboom 1.
RIPARMENTI France, c.1820, PHIM Marine Barometer = D.(1983). Bordeaux. Wynter; RSW.
RIPLEY AND SON England, fl.1800-07, MIM NIM Quintant = X.; Octants = X, VNN, Christie 4/3/85, Christie-SK 2/8/79, Fall River Historical Society, Mass.; Hadley Quadrant = P.C. Thomas Ripley 1 and his son James Ripley; the octant offered by Christie-SK was misread as "Ripley and Sons." 364 Hermitage Bridge Road, Wapping (1797); 335 High Street, Wapping (1805); both in London. Taylor 2(760 & 1208); J. Brown 1; Clay and Court; RSW.
RIPLEY, JAMES England, fl.1796-1828, MIM NIM apprenticed to his father, Thomas Ripley 1, in the Grocers' Company, June 6, 1782; free in the Company April 7, 1796; partner with his father 1800-07; worked alone 1807-22; took apprentices after 1800. 15 Warkworth Terrace, Commercial Road, Limehouse; 364 Hermitage Bridge Road, Wapping (1800-05); 352 High Street, Wapping (1805-22); 335 Hermitage Bridge Road, Wapping (1828); all in London. Taylor 2(760 & 1208); J. Brown 1 & 2.
RIPLEY, THOMAS (1), AND CO. England, c.1790, MIM NIM may be Thomas (1) and his son, James Ripley. 364, near Hemitige Bridge, below the Tower, London. Clay and Court.
RIPLEY, THOMAS 1 England, fl.1763-1807, MIM NIM OIM Hadley Quadrants = PEA (1773), OMM (1775 & 1779), STK (1782), FRK (1770), Soth, 3/25/86; Octants = USNM, Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia, Pa.; Telescope, four-draw = Christie-SK 11/15/79. apprenticed to John Gilbert 2 in the Grocers' Company on Dec. 5, 1755; free in the Company, April 12, 1763; took apprentices, including his son James Ripley; James was his partner from 1800 to 1807. Baker's Building, New Broad Street (1763 & 1770); at the Globe Quadrant and Sectacles, near Hermitage Bridge below the Tower, Wapping (1765); 364 Hermitage Bridge, below the Tower (1773; all in london. Taylor 2(760); J. Brown 1; Crawforth 1 & 7; Multhauf 1; USNM; D.J. Warner 10; RSW.
RIPLEY, THOMAS 2 England, c.1778, apprenticed to Thomas Ripley 1, his father, in the Grocers' Company on Sept. 10, 1778. J. Brown 1.
RIPLEY, THOMAS 3 England, pre-1813, MIM Hakney. RSW.
RIPLEY, THOMAS BRAND England, c.1805, apprenticed to James Ripley of the Grocers' Company in 1805; grandson of Thomas Ripley 1. J. Brown 1.
RIQUET France, MIM Wall Sundial = Cie. du Canal du Midi, Toulouse. see Maison Riguet. Boursier.
RIQUET, MAISON France, MIM Wall Sundial = house at Echirolles (Haute Garonne). see Riquet. Boursier.
RISE, WILLIAM England, c.1806, apprenticed to John Symons of the Grocer's Company, July 3, 1806; turned over to John Lee, April 15, 1810. London. J. Brown 2.
RISSO, JOHN 1 Scotland, c.1783, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. Saltmarket, Glasgow. Bryden 3 & 10; Goodison 1.
RISSO, JOHN 2 England, c.1805, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Lotherton Hall; Stick Barometer = Temple Newsham; both in Leeds. Leeds. Goodison 1; RSW.
RITCHIE, ANDREW ELIOT USA, 1878-1935, MIM NIM PHIM SIM succeeded his father, Andrew Montgomery Ritchie, as head of the firm "Edward S. Ritchie and Sons", 1916-35. Brookline, Mass. (1878-1935). Smart 1.
RITCHIE, ANDREW MONTGOMERY USA, 1849-1916, MIM NIM PHIM SIM joined his father, Edward S. Ritchie and his brothers, Thomas Pope and John Ritchie in Edward S. Ritchie and Sons, 1872-1916; his son Andrew Eliot Ritchie succeeded him. New Bedford (1849); Boston (1850-86); Brookline (1886-1916); all in Mass. Smart 1.
RITCHIE, E.S., AND SONS USA, fl.1886-1953, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Edward S. Ritchie and Sons changed its name to E.S. Ritchie and Sons in 1886. Boston, Mass. Smart 1.
RITCHIE, EDWARD S., AND SON USA, fl.1866-67, MIM NIM PHIM Edward Samuel Ritchie and his son, Thomas Pope Ritchie. Boston, Mass. Smart 1.
RITCHIE, EDWARD S., AND SONS USA, fl.1867-1937, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Electrical machine = Searsport Historical Society, Me.; Liquid Compass = D.(19720. Edward S. Ritchie and his sons, Thomas Pope and John Ritchie, 1867-72; after 1872 the youngest son, Andrew Montgomery Ritchie joined the firm; in 1886 the firm became E.S. Ritchie and Sons; Andrew's son, Andrew Eliot Ritchie ran the firm from 1916-35; T.S. and J.D. Negus bought the company in 1937 and sold it to the Sherman Brothers in 1953, they moved to Pembroke, Mass. at that time. Boston (1867-86); Brookline (1886-1953); Pembroke (1953); all in Mass. Smart 1; Moskowitz 104; RSW.
RITCHIE, EDWARD SAMUEL USA, 1814-95, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Marine Liquid Compasses = LOS, D.(1972), Maine Historical Society, Augusta, USNM. worked with Ashur C. Palmer as Palmer and Ritchie, hardware, 1839-42; in business for himself, 1842-50, as a ship's chandler; from 1850-54 he worked with Nathan B. Chamberlain as Chamberlain and Ritchie, PHIMs; worked alone, 1854-62; then took John Kehew as partner as E.S. Ritchie and Co. until 1864; by 1866 the firm was E.S. Ritchie and Son, which see; E.S. Ritchie developed a liquid compass, adopted by the U.S. Navy. Boston (1839-42), (1850-86); New Bedford (1842-49), Brookline 1886-95; all in Mass. Smart 1; J.A. Bennett 2; Bedini 8; USNM; Moskowitz 103; RSW.
RITCHIE, JOHN USA, 1844-1902, MIM NIM PHIM SIM middle son of Edward S. Ritchie; joined his father and brother, Thomas Pope Ritchie, as Edward S. Ritchie and Sons in 1867. New Bedford (1844-49); Boston (1849-86); Brookline (1886-1902); all in Mass. Smart 1.
RITCHIE, THOMAS POPE USA, 1842-1914, MIM NIM PHIM SIM worked with his father as Edward S. Ritchie and Son, 1866-67; his brother, John, joined them in 1867; in 1872 another brother, Andrew Montgomery Ritchie, entered the firm of E.S. Ritchie and Sons. New Bedford (1842-50); Boston (1850-86); Brookline (1886-1914); all in Mass. Smart 1.
RITCHINGHAM England, c.1790, NIM OIM Sextant = NMM-S.35. London. Taylor 2(1033); NMM 2; RSW.
RITTENHOUSE USA, c.1780, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = USNM could be David or Benjamin Rittenhouse. Philadelphia, Pa. USNM.
RITTENHOUSE AND COMPY. USA, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = New Salem Park Museum, Il. Smart thought this instrument was made by David Rittenhouse, c.1782, basing his opinion on the simplicity of the compass face; Forman felt it was made by Benjamin Rittenhouse and his son, David Rittenhouse 2. Worcester Township, Pa. Smart 1; B.R. Forman.
RITTENHOUSE AND EVANS USA, fl.1798-1801, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compasses = Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia, USNM. Benjamin Rittenhouse and Benjamin Evans, his newphew and former apprentice. Worcester Township, Pa. Bedini 8; Smart 1; Coffeen A; USNM; B.R. Forman; RSW.
RITTENHOUSE AND POTTS USA, fl.1796-98, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compasses = D.(1982), D.(1996), APS, P.C., Winterthur Museum, Del. Benjamin Rittenhouse and William Lukens Potts. Worcester Township, Pa. Multhhauf 1; Bedini 8; Smart 1; Coffeen A and 55; USNM; B.R. Forman; RSW.
RITTENHOUSE, BENJAMIN USA, 1740-1825, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compasses = Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Atwater Kent Museum and the Franklin Institute (1786) of Philadelphia Pa., Buffalo Historical Society, N.Y., USNM, P.C. (1790), ADL-A26 (1790), Valley Forge Historical Society Pa. (1790), GUR, Ohio State Museum, Columbus (1787), Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn Mich, D., Michigan Museum of Surveying, Lansing, etc. brother of David Rittenhouse 1; clock and instrument maker; his dated works range from 1786 to 1792; bankrupt in 1801; see Rittenhouse and Evans. Norriton, Pa.; Philadelphia, Pa. (1807-25) Multhauf 1; Bedini 1 & 8; Smart 1; Coffeen 14, 21 and 26; USNM; B.R. Forman; Leiserowitz; ADL; RSW.
RITTENHOUSE, BENJAMIN AND J. THOMAS USA, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = D.(1978). Antiques, June, 1978.
RITTENHOUSE, DAVID 1 USA, 1732-96, MIM OIM SIM Orreries = University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, N.J.; Astronomical Clocks = USNM, APS; Zenith Telescope = USNM; Surveyor's Compasses = USNM, New York State Library, Albany, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Germantown Historical Society both in Philadelphia, Pa., Historical Society of Montgomery County, Norristown, Pa., GUR; etc. astronomer, clockmaker; F.R.S.; A.P.S.; built the first American observatory; brother of Benjamin Rittenhouse; the first two surveyor's compasses listed were made for George Washington. Norriton Township, Pa. (1732-70); Philadelphia Pa. (1770-96). Multhauf 1; Smart 1; Bedini 1 & 8; USNM; Rice; B.R. Forman; RSW.
RITTENHOUSE, DAVID 2 USA, c.1800, MIM SIM probably the son of Benjamin Rittenhouse; see Rittenhouse and Compy. Worcester Township, Pa. B.R. Forman.
RITTER, FRANZ Germany, fl.1609-40, MIM Astrolabe, wood, 1613 (ICA-611) = Lüneburg Museum; Astrolabes = MAA (ICA-465), DEU (ICA-619). author; wrote on the astrolabe; ICA-288 is a plate from Ritter's book on the astrolabe reproduced by Gunther in "Astrolabes of the World." Nürnburg. Zinner 1; Evans 1; Gunther 1; Price 1; ICA-2; RSW.
RITTLER, EUSTACH Germany, 1826, MIM Beam Compass, 1826 = AUG. RSW.
RITTSON, J. England, c.1820, PHIM Stick Barometers = K. & C. 12/3//75, D.(1977). the barometer offered by the dealer is of padouk wood and was signed "Rittson." RSW.
RIVA Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X (2). could be A. (1), C., J., or M. Riva, which see. Glasgow. Goodison 1.
RIVA AND BEARELLI England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie 1/26/90. may be F. Riva, which see. Reading. RSW.
RIVA, A. 1 Scotland, c.1823, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see Riva; carver, gilder. 70 East High Street, Glasgow. Goodison 1.
RIVA, A. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Marlborough. Goodison 1.
RIVA, C. Scotland, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Glasgow. Goodison 1.
RIVA, F. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see Riva and Bearelli. Reading. Goodison 1; RSW.
RIVA, FERDINANDO England, fl.1830-34, OIM PHIM barometer maker. 7 Watson Walk, Sheffield. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1979).
RIVA, G. AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
RIVA, GIOVANNI Italyc.1750, MIM SIM Magnetic Compasses for plane tables = P.C., P.C. (1987); Compass box, 1750 = BM. Venice. Price 3; RSW.
RIVA, J. Scotland, OIM Refracting Telescope = FRK, P.C. RSW.
RIVA, J. AND M. Scotland, fl.1825-60, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, D.(1976). J. and Michael Riva; probably dealers in barometers. 70 High Street (1825); 143 High Street (1826-50); 147 High Street (1850-57); 63 John Street (1857-60); all in Glasgow. Goodison 1; RSW.
RIVA, MICHAEL Scotland, c.1827, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 2/28/80. see J. and M. Riva; the barometers are signed "M. Riva Glasgow." 143 High Street, Glasgow. Goodison 1; RSW.
RIVA, P. Scotland, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Phillips 12/12/89. Edinburgh. Goodison 1; RSW.
RIVA, P., AND CO. Scotland, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Edinburgh. Goodison 1.
RIVA, S. MIM Compass = ROM RSW.
RIVARD France, c.1750, author; wrote on sundials. RSW.
RIVERS, JOHN England, fl.1822-35, MIM barometer maker. Wind Street (1822); Goat Street (1830); High Street (1835); all in Swansea. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1980).
RIVIERO, DIEGO Spain, c.1523, MIM made astrolabes, etc. Seville. Michel 3.
RIVINGTON, JAMES USA, c.1778, advertised Peter Dollond's telescopes for sale, May, 1778. New York, N.Y. USNM.
RIVOLTA 1 Scotland, c.1844, PHIM see Lilly and Rivolta 1; probably Stephen Lilly. Bell 2.
RIVOLTA 2 England, c.1820, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1987). RSW.
RIVOLTA AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
RIVOLTA, A. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X (3). might be A. (2), Alex or Anthony Rivolta as no town is given. Goodison 1.
RIVOLTA, A. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X (3), Soth. 7/21/83; Wheel Barometer, Thermometer and Hydrometer = Soth.-C 5/16/85. may be A. Rivolta 1. Chester. Goodison 1; RSW.
RIVOLTA, ALEX England, fl.1817-19, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 5/14/87. signed "A. Rivolta 32 Brook Street." 11 Brook Street (1817-18); 32 Brook Street (1819); both in Holborn, London. Goodison 1; RSW.
RIVOLTA, ANTHONY England, fl.1822-61, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 1/27/89. also made thermometers and looking glasses; see A. Rivolta 1; the barometer is signed "A. Rivolta" 1 plus address. 32 Brook Street, Holborn (1822-45); 21 Lower Calthorpe Street; both in London. Goodison 1; RSW..
RIVOLTA, D. 1 PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. may be the same as D. Rivolta 2, which see. Goodison 1.
RIVOLTA, D. 2 Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = RSM. Edinburgh. Goodison 1.
RIVOLTA, F. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Macclesfield. Goodison 1.
RIVOLTA, F. 2 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Reading. Goodison 1.
RIVOLTA, F., AND CO. England, c.1775, PHIM Wheel Barometer = 1975 Auction Cat. F. Rivolta (1) and Co. Macclesfield. RSW.
RIVOLTA, J., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. might be F. Rivolta and Co. Macclesfield. Goodison 1; RSW.
RIVOLTA, L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
RIVOTTA England, see Marzoratti and Rivotta; F. Rivolta 2 ? Bell 2.
RIX, J. England, fl.1750-60, MIM Cometarium = USNM; Slide Rules = P.C., D.(1982); Slide Rule, 1758 = X. watch and clockmaker; slide rule signed "Rix maker 1758" and marked "For the excise." in Shrewsbury Court, in White Cross Street, near Cripplegate, London. Taylor 2(530); A.J. Turner 10; Clay and Court; Coffeen F; RSW.
RIX, WILLIAM England, c.1740, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Cooke 1; made slide rules. at the Mariner and Globe, facing the lower End of the Old Jewry, London. Darius 2.
RIZAUD France, instrument maker. Paris. Evans 1.
RIZZI, A. England, PHIM T.C. on the back of a wheel barometer. RSW.
RIZZO, DOMENICO Italy, 17th Century, MIM Boxed Magnetic Compass = ADL-M224. the name is on the lid of the box, together with the figure of a man; might well be the name of the owner. Michel 3; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
ROACH AND WARNER USA, fl.1837-42, MIM PHIM SIM Surveyor's Compasses = ADL-A118, P.C. John Roach and Henry Warner; they were partners from 1837 to 1842. 293 Broadway, New York, N.Y. Smart 1; USNM; ADL; RSW.
ROACH, JOHN Ireland; USA, 1813-91, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Surveyor's Compasses = Mackay School of Mines, Reno, Nev., Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, P.C.; Y-Level = USNM. worked alone in New York from 1833 to 1837 and again from 1843 to 1861; worked with Warner as Roach and Warner from 1837 to 1842; worked with Joseph Charles Sala from 1861 to 1891 when Sala succeeded him. Cork (1813-33); 116 White (1833-35); 3 Wall Street (1836-37); 293 Broadway (1837-42); 72 Nassau (1842-43); the last five all in New York, N.Y; 720 California Stret (1855-90); 429 Montgomery Street (1891); last two in San Francisco, Cal. Smart 1; USNM; RSW.
ROACH, L. USA, c.1850, PHIM Barometer = Nat'l Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C. New York, N.Y. USNM.
ROBB, WILLIAM Scotland, fl.1776-1816, PHIM Angle Barometers = X (2), D.(1963) (2). one of the X barometers is also marked "David Milne, Carnbegg" and was possibly made by B. Knie; Robb is listed as a clockmaker. Montrose. Goodison 1 & 5; RSW.
ROBBINS, J. AND C. England, 19th Century, OIM Microscope = Phillips 10/26/83. 9 Bartholomew Close, London. RSW.
ROBELOU, ISAAC England, c.1719, PHIM Stick Barometer, 1719 = KEN. London. Goodison 1; McConnell 1.
ROBEQUI, JOSEPH MARIE France, c.1775, invented a plotting protractor which was made by Jules Borromei in 1775, ADL-M98. Daumas 1; Michel 3; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
ROBERT France, c.1840, PHIM Barometer = Versailles 11/20/83. signed "Robert opticien" with address. passage Saint-Pierre, N. 4, Versailles. RSW.
ROBERT DE VAUGONDY France, fl.1645-50, MIM Planetarium, 1650 = ROU-61. author of book published in 1645; surely related to Gilles and Didier Robert de Vaugondy, which see. Paris. RSW.
ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, DIDIER France, 1723-86, MIM son of Gilles Robert de Vaugondy and worked with him; made armillary spheres and globes. Paris. Yonge; Michel 3.
ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, GILLES France, 1688-1766, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1750 = CNAM; Pair of Globes = VNN. father of Didier Robert de Vaugondy who worked with him in producing maps, globes and atlases; grandson of Nicolas Sanson; the VNN terrestrial globe was corrected by Delamarche in 1787. Paris. Yonge; Michel 3; RSW.
ROBERT OF CHESTER England, c.1140, MIM Chester. Gunther 3.
ROBERT, HENRI 1 France, 17th Century, MIM Diptych Sundial, ivory = ROU-103. Marseilles. Michel 3; RSW.
ROBERT, HENRI 2 see MM. de Peyronny et Henri Robert. ADL; RSW.
ROBERT, HENRY France, 1833, MIM Astronomical Demonstration Device = D.(1985); Horizontal Sundial = Wray-102; Pillar Sundials in cardboard tubes with the equation of time scales = ADL-N27, TIM, WHI(FIT), CHF, BM, NMM, CNAM, WUP, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Mich., D.(1997), Soth. 12/12/55, Gersaint, La Rochelle 7/20/96; etc. "Horloger de la Marine, Breveté S.G.D.G"; D. pillar dial signed "Horloger de la Reine"; pupil of Breguet; advertisement in La Gazette de France (1833) (Price Coll.); Gersaint is for 46°; pillar dials sold for 5 francs au Palais Royal, No. 164 au p/er (anci/ne maison Laresche); Rue du Coq St. Honoré, No. 8; both in Paris. Bryden 16; Michel 3; USNM; MADEX; Dewhirst; NMM 2; Coffeen 56; ADL; RSW.
ROBERT, JONA FRANCIS Holland, fl.1783-86, made the ecliptic circle for the orrery by Eeckhout. Middleburg. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
ROBERT, MASTER France, 1377, MIM sundial maker; made an almanac for the Duke of Burgundy in 1377. Dijon. A.J. Turner 10.
ROBERT, THEODORE England, NIM Sextant = D.(1976). 34 Strand Street, Liverpool. RSW.
ROBERTS 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Stonehouse. Goodison 1.
ROBERTS 2 England, NIM see Simpson and Roberts. 34 Strand Street, Liverpool. RSW.
ROBERTS, EDWARD 1 England, fl.1742-85, MIM Slide Rules = P.C. (1754), (1755), Christie 12/14/89 (pre-1758). apprenticed to Thomas Cooke 1 in the Joiners' Company on April 3, 1733; free in the Company, April 6, 1742; took apprentices; Christie slide rule carries owner's name and date, "Edward Dawson. Mansfield. 1758." Old Jewry (1749-57); Dove Court, Old Jewry (1778-82); both in London. Crawforth 7; Delehar 2; RSW.
ROBERTS, EDWARD 2 England, fl.1785-96, MIM Slide Rule, Everard-type, wood, 1791 = X; Slide Rule, three slides, wood = ADL-N37, Christie-SK 6/2/83; Gauging Slide Rule, Verie-type, wood = X; Slide Rule, four slides, wood = D.(1991). apprenticed to his father, Edward Roberts 1, in the Joiners' Company on July 19, 1763; free of the Company, May 3, 1785. (at his father's) 3 Dove Court, Old Jewry (1785); Grocer's Alley; both in London. Taylor 2(1034); Crawforth 7; Bryden 9; Clay and Court; Darius 2; Delehar 9; Gemmary III; ADL; RSW.
ROBERTS, GEORGE England, c.1765, apprenticed to his father, Edward Roberts 1, in the Joiners' Company on Oct. 29, 1765. Crawforth 7.
ROBERTS, HENRY England, c.1834, OIM 48 Inge Street, Birmingham. Taylor 2(1981).
ROBERTS, JONATHAN England, fl.1681-1727, MIM apprenticed to Joseph Howe in the Broderers' Company; free of the Company, Feb. 3, 1681; took apprentices. at a Cookes against ye Red Cross in East Smithfield (1681); Fleet Street (1700); both in London. Crawforth 7; J. Brown 1.
ROBERTS, RICHARD England, 18th Century, PHIM balance maker. Bartholomew Lane, near the Royal Exchange, London. Taylor 2(1036).
ROBERTS, SAMUEL England, fl.1755-1800, MIM Sundials = Churchyards at Llonbrynmair, Llanfair Caereimion, and Manafan, Mont. Llanfair Caereinion. Peate.
ROBERTS, THOMAS England, pre-1864, OIM Telescope = D.(1989). 3 Strand Street, Liverpool. Rinaldi 23.
ROBERTS, WILLIAM 1 England, fl.1700-21, MIM apprenticed to Jonathan Roberts in the Broderers' Ccompany on July 2, 1688; free in the Company, Feb. 3, 1700; took apprentices. London. Crawforth 7.
ROBERTS, WILLIAM 2 England, c.1773, apprenticed to Edward Roberts 1 (his grandfather?) in the Joiners' Company on Sept. 7, 1773. Crawforth 7.
ROBERTS, WILLIAM 3 England, fl.1822-41, MIM made rules of boxwood and ivory. 21 West Bar, Sheffield. Taylor 2(1686); Crawforth 6.
ROBERTSON, DR. England, pre-1830, patented an improvement for the marine barometer; an example is in the VNN. London. RSW.
ROBERTSON, JOHN England, 1712-76, MIM Table Sundial = Versailles 4/17/83. invented an improved slide rule; F.R.S.; author of book on mathematical instruments, London, 1775. Christ's Hospial, London (1748); Portsmouth Naval Academy (1755-66). Taylor 2(300).
ROBERTSON, R. NIM Octant = Brown University, Providence, R.I. USNM.
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM Scotland, fl.1730-60, OIM Compound Microscopes = Clerk of Penicuik family (2), RMS, WHI, Earl of Bute (1783). the Earl of Bute's microscope was signed "Gul. R. fecit." Edinburgh. Bryden 4.
ROBERVAL see Gilles Personne. RSW.
ROBIJN, JACOB Holland, 1679, NIM partner with Johannes van Keulen 1 in 1679; is he the same person as Jacobus Robijn? Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
ROBIJN, JACOBUS Holland, c.1649-1701, NIM made cross-staves, 1688; succeeded by Joachim Hasebroek Nieuwebrugsteeg, Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
ROBILOU, ISAAC England, 1719, PHIM Stick Barometer, 1719 = X. London. Tyler.
ROBIN, ROBERT France, 1742-1809, MIM PHIM Meridian Sundial, 1789 = CNAM; Wheel Barometer, with clock = Chelsea Fair. "Horloger du Roy." au Galleries du Louvre, Paris. Ithaca; RSW.
ROBINS, JOH. England, c.1700, MIM Compass Sundial = D.(1989) = ADL-A289. "I.R." (2) (which see) is punched into the hour scale. Coffeen 25; ADL; RSW.
ROBINSON England, c.1850, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth.-S 4/24/87. see Robinson Bros. 53 Bishopsgate Street, London. RSW.
ROBINSON AND BARROW England, fl.1842-45, PHIM Thomas Charles Robinson and Henry Barrow; Barrow bought Robinson's business in 1842, after Robinson's death. 38 Devonshire Street, Portland Place (1842); 26 Oxendon Street, Haymarket (1843); both in London. Chaldecott 3; RGO.
ROBINSON BROS. England, c.1850, OIM PHIM Telescope = Soth.-N.Y. 2/23/79. see Robinson. 53 Bishopsgate Street, London and Market Square, Shrewbury. RSW.
ROBINSON, B.C. England, c.1854, MIM T.C.; made chronometers. Middlesborough. Crawforth 1.
ROBINSON, BURNHAM AND CO. USA, c.1831, MIM watchmakers. Danvers, Mass. Smart 1.
ROBINSON, DANIEL England, 19th Century, PHIM Money Balance = Versailles 4/17/83; Wheel Barometer = Phillips-Leeds 12/16/87. Bradford. RSW.
ROBINSON, H. England, c.1860, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth.-S 1/25/89. South Shields. RSW.
ROBINSON, HENRY England, c.1733, MIM apprenticed to Richard Hutchinson 2 of the Clockmakers' Company on March 3, 1724; free in the Company, June 4, 1733. J. Brown 3.
ROBINSON, JAMES Ireland, fl.1845-84, OIM optician; philosophical artist; firm was called James Robinson and Sons from 1885 to 1910. Museum of Curiosities, 41 Grafton Street (1845); Polytechnic Museum and Gallery of Curiosities, 65 Grafton Street (1846-55); Poltechnic Museum and Photographic Gallery (1856-84); all in Dublin. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
ROBINSON, JAMES, AND SONS Ireland, fl.1885-1910, OIM Dublin. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
ROBINSON, JOHN 1 England, c.1743, MIM see (Thomas) Crosby and (John) Robinson (1); they split up in 1743; T.C. Dock Hed, Redriff (1743); London. Crawforth 1.
ROBINSON, JOHN 2 England, c.1761, MIM apprenticed to Henry Craford in the Grocers' Company on Oct. 4, 1753; free in the Company, Mar. 3, 1761. at Mr. Craford's, Ratcliff Highway, London. J. Brown 1.
ROBINSON, JOHN 3 Ireland, fl.1791-95, MIM 4 Drogheda Street (1791-92); 21 Hawkin's Street (1794-95); all in Dublin. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
ROBINSON, L. England, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = Naval Training Center Historical Museum, Cal. Liverpool. USNM.
ROBINSON, THOMAS CHARLES England, 1792-1841, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Mountain Barometer = X; Dip Circle = RGO; Balances = WHI, RSM, Cambridge University Mining Dept.; Theodolite, miniature = Yorkshire Museum, York; Universal Instrument, 1857 = BRO. developed a type of beam balance; made rock crystal prisms; Henry Barrow bought the business in 1842 and continued it as Robinson and Barrow. 38 Devonshire Street, Portland Place, London. Taylor 2(1687); Goodison 1; USNM; Bryden 8; G.L'E. Turner 24; Stock 1; Dewhirst; Darius 4.
ROBINSON, THOMAS ROMNEY England, 1792-1882, Rev. Dr. Robinson; invented the windmill-type anemometer in 1846. G.L'E. Turner 24.
ROBOTHAN, WALTER England, T.C.; sold instruments. at the Red M and Dagger in Pope's Head Alley against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, London. Crawforth 1.
ROCCHETTI, PAOLO Italy; England, fl.1840-77; d.1897, MIM PHIM SIM Compass, 1857 = Padua University. showed in the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. Padua (Austria) (1851); London (1851); Florence (1861). G.L'E. Turner 24; Brenni 1.
ROCHEL, HANS T. misreading for Troschel. Pugsley Sale.
ROCHET see Rochette, Gaspard. RSW.
ROCHETTE France, c.1820, PHIM Barometer = Nouveau Drouot 5/20/88. Rochette Jeune ? Quais de l'Horloge, No. 81, Paris. RSW.
ROCHETTE JEUNE France, c.1820, MIM SIM Graphometers = P.C. (1979), P.C. (1987), Libert and Castor 4/28/82; Clinometer = D.(1973); Surveying Instrument = P.C. (1987); Miner's Compass = P.C. (1987). probably the son of Gaspard Rochette. au Griffon, Quai de l'Horloge, Paris. Wynter and Turner; Wynter; RSW.
ROCHETTE, GASPARD France, 1754-1805, MIM OIM SIM Surveyor's Circle = D.(1973); Telescopes = P.C., D.(1967; Sectors = P.C., Drouot 11/7/75; Rule = P.C.; Square, folding (metric scale) = Christie 4/3/85; Graphometer = Drouot Richelieu 4/28/88. probably the father of Rochette jeune; graphometer is signed "Rochet"; see Rochette père. Quay du Nord (1794); Quay de l'Horloge du Palais N.60; 49 Quay de l'Horloge (1805); all in Paris. Daumas 1; USNM; Wynter; Maddison 1; RSW.
ROCHETTE, PERE France, OIM Telescope = Versailles 11/19/78. Rochette père; may be Gaspard Rochette. Paris. RSW.
ROCHON France, c.1790, MIM OIM developed a micrometer for telescopes. A.J. Turner 10.
RODELLA, GIOVANNI BATTISTA Italy, 1749-1834, MIM PHIM SIM Telescopic Level = ADL-M191; Alidade = NMM; Compass, 1814 = Padua University. clockmaker; appointed mechanician to the Specola di Padova, 1794-1802; the ADL instrument is marked "Regio Machinista Padua." Venice; Padua (1794). Michel 3; NMM 1; Engelmann 1; Brenni 1; ADL; RSW.
RODELLA, GIUSEPPE Italy, fl.1595-1620, instrument maker. Padua. Evans 1.
RODGERSON, W. England, NIM PHIM Marine Barometer = X. T.C.; manufacturer of nautical instruments; printer. 10 St. James Street, Liverpool. Goodison 1; RSW.
RODGERSON, WILLIAM England, fl.1835-90, MIM OIM Chathan Buildings, Liverpool. Taylor 2(2222); Crawforth 6.
RODRIGAS Spain, OIM Telescope = Observatory, Madrid. Madrid. RSW.
RODRIGUEZ, FULGENCIO Spain, fl.1805-06, NIM Sextant, 1805 = MAN-I 121; Sextant = MAN-I 25; Sextant, 1806 = Christie-SK 10/23/87. Ferrol. Garcia Franco 1; RSW.
ROE 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer, with watch = Soth.-S 9/18/86. the watch movement is signed "Wm. Sharpe, London." Midhurst. RSW.
ROE 2 England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 6/27/88. Godalming. RSW.
ROE, JOSEPH ADOLPHUS England, fl.1855-60, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. the barometer is signed "J. Roe Ipswich"; watch and clockmaker. Tacket Street, Ipswich. Goodison 1
ROELOFS AND RIENKS Holland, c.1825, MIM OIM microscope and telescope makers; Arjen Roelofs and Syds Johannes Z. Rienks. Friesland. Dewhirst.
ROELOFS, ALBERT Holland, 1745-1809, OIM brother of Pieter and Arjen Roelofs. Hijum. Rooseboom 1.
ROELOFS, ARJEN Holland, 1754-1828, MIM OIM PHIM brother of Albert and Pieter Roelofs; worked with Syd Johannes Z. Rienks as Roelofs and Rienks, 1825; made microscopes and barometers, also made a cometarium and a jovilabium. Hijum. Rooseboom 1.
ROELOFS, PIETER Holland, 1742-1801, MIM OIM brother of Albert and Arjen Roelofs. Hijum. Rooseboom 1.
ROEMER, OLAUS Denmark; France, 1644-1710, MIM OIM PHIM astronomer; built one of the first transit telescopes; constructed planispheres, a saturnilabium, a jovilabium (1673), while in Paris; produced standard thermometers (1702); Copenhagen; Paris (c.1679); Copenhagen. Cohen 2; North 2; G.L'E. Turner 24; A.J. Turner 10; Drekker; RSW.
ROGER, MARK England, c.1814, developed a new slide rule for compounding interest. G.L'E. Turner 24.
ROGERS, J. England, fl.1755-1828, OIM wrote on telescopes. Taylor 2(532).
ROGERS, MARK England, fl.1716-37, MIM apprenticed to John Crooke 1 in the Joiners' Company on May 7, 1706; free in the Company Aug.7, 1716; took apprentices. Long Walk, London.(1737). Crawforth 7.
ROGERSON AND CO. England, NIM Octant = OMM. 11 South Lombard Street, Liverpool. RSW.
ROGET, PETER MARK England, 1779-1869, physician and scholar; invented the log-log scale for the slide rule in 1815; F.R.S. in 1815; published the Thesaurus in 1852. Manchester (1798-1810); London. DNB; Delehar 9; A.J. Turner 10.
ROHDE, F., ET FILS Russia, c.1850, MIM OIM Gunner's Square = P.C. "opticiens et mecaniciens." St. Petersburg. RSW.
ROHLEIN, CHRISTOFF Germany, 1680, MIM Astronomical Compendium, 1680 = P.C. Christoff Röhlein. Dresden. Pippa.
ROHR, NIELS see Niels Rohr Bangs. RSW.
ROIAS, JUAN DE Belgium; France, c.1550, pupil of Gemma Frisius; invented a new projection for the astrolabe; author of "Commentarium in Astrolabium", Lutetia, 1550. Louvain; Paris (1550). Michel 2 & 3; Maddison 1 & 7; Gunther 1; Perry.
ROLANDS, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
ROLAS VAN VRIES, J. Holland, 1642, MIM Astrolabe, 1642 = X. Amsterdam. Michel 2.
ROLFE, SAMUEL England, c.1700?, MIM Compass Sundials = OXF, ADL-W237, Christie 12/18/74 = Christie 4/9/75. the compass sundial ADL-W237 is marked "S.R." (1) at the east point of the compass rose; "1742" scratched on bottom of hour scale; see Samuel Rolt. London. Taylor 1(448); Gunther 2; Michel 3; Evans 1; ADL; RSW.
ROLL, GEORG Germany, fl.1560-92, MIM Celestial Globe with clockwork, 1588 = VIE. made clockwork globes with Johannes Reinhold; worked for Rudolph II; see the entry for Georg Roll und Johannes Reinhold. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Michel 3.
ROLL, GEORG, UND JOHANNES REINHOLD Germany, fl.1584-86, MIM Celestial Globes with clockwork = VAA (1584), DRE (1586), Naples Observatory (1586), GEL; Astronomical Clocks = VAA (1576), VIE (1584). worked for Rudolph II. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Grimaldi; RSW.
ROLOSON, WILLIAM England, c.1698, as an apprentice, turned over to Joseph Wells in the Joiners' Company from William Dixon in 1690; turned over to Michael Savage in 1696 or later; both members of the Joiners' Company; free of the Company, 1698. Crawforth 7.
ROLT, SAMUEL England, c.1714, MIM apprenticed to John Johnson 3 of the Grocers' Company on June 19, 1714; probably Samuel Rolfe, which see. J. Brown 1; ADL; RSW.
ROM:KAY:MAY: Austria, 1709, MIM Inclinometer, 1709 = VIT. Salzburg. Kirnbauer 1.
ROMANS, BERNARD USA, fl.1720-84, made improvements to the marine compass, 1733; geographer and cartographer. Bedini 8.
ROMLEY, CHRISTOPHER England, c.1750, founder; T.C. at the Sign of the Three Bells in Horse-Shoe Alley, Middle Moorfields, London. Crawforth 1.
RON, ANDREAS Germany, 1572, MIM Astronomical Clock, 1572 = X. Augsburg. Neumann 1.
RONCHATE, BAPTIS England, PHIM Double Barometer = OXF. probably Giovanni Battista Ronchetti, which see. Goodison 1 and 5.
RONCHETI England, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 10/22/87. signed "Roncheti fecit." RSW.
RONCHETI AND GATTY England, c.1790, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, D.(1965), D.(1990). might have been Bapt. Roncheti or J.M. Ronketti and James Gatty; the dealer's barometer was signed "Ronchetti and Gatty." London. Goodison 1.
RONCHETI, BAPT. England, c.1780, PHIM Stick Barometers = X (4), Soth. 1/19/73, Daggett House, Edgartown, Mass.; Double Barometer = D.(1971); Wheel Barometers = Soth.-Bearne 4/4/78, Soth. 10/22/87. probably Giovanni Battista Ronchetti, which see; one barometer signed "B. Roncheti Manchester"; another "Bap. Roncheti, 15 High Street, Manchester"; two are signed "Bapt. Ronchetti"; Soth. 10/22/87 is signed "Bapt. Roncheti Fecit." 15 High Street, Manchester. Goodison 1; RSW.
RONCHETI, BAPT., AND CO. England, PHIM Angle Barometer = Gloucester Museum; Stick Barometers = X (2). probably Giovanni Battista Ronchetti. Goodison 1.
RONCHETI, T. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Bristol. Goodison 1.
RONCHETTI 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. could be either Edmund or Thomas Ronchetti. Exeter. Goodison 1.
RONCHETTI 2 England, c.1780, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 4/22/88; Stick Barometer = D.(1965). could be by J. (1 or 2), John B., or Joshua Ronchetti 1; Goodison favored the latter for the X wheel barometer. 43 Market Street, Manchester. Goodison 1; RSW.
RONCHETTI 3 see P. Martinelli, Ronchetti and Co. Goodison 1.
RONCHETTI AND SON England, fl.1836-39, PHIM may be John Ronchetti and Son; succeeded by Joseph Somalvico 2 in J. Somalvico and Co. 2 Hatton Garden, London. Goodison 1.
RONCHETTI, BAPST., LOMAS AND CO. England, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 6/4/92. surely Baptiste Roncheti, which see. Manchester. RSW.
RONCHETTI, CHARLES JOSHUA see Joshua Ronchetti 1. Goodison 1.
RONCHETTI, EDMUND England, PHIM barometer maker. Waterbeer Street, Exeter. Goodison 1.
RONCHETTI, J. 1 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = RSM. optician; probably Joshua Ronchetti 1 or 2. Manchester. Goodison 1.
RONCHETTI, J. 2 England, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Phillips 12/17/89. J. Ronchetti 1 and 2 may be the same man. Victoria Street, Manchester. Goodison 1; RSW.
RONCHETTI, JOHN Italy; England, fl.1836-38, PHIM barometer maker. 25 Hatton Garden, London. Taylor 2(2223); Goodison 1.
RONCHETTI, JOHN B. AND JOSHUA (2) England, fl.1841-51, OIM PHIM John Baptist Ronchetti and his brother, Joshua Ronchetti 2; sons of Joshua Ronchetti 1; they were succeeded by their brother-in-law, Joseph L. Casartelli in 1851. 43 Market Street, Manchester. Goodison 1.
RONCHETTI, JOHN BAPTIST England, 1812-80, OIM PHIM son of Joshua Ronchetti 1; he worked with his brother, Joshua Ronchetti 2 from 1841 to 1851; hydrometer and thermometer makers; they were succeeded by Joseph L. Casartelli who married their sister. 9 Cambridge Street, Golden Square; 43 Market Street; both in Manchester. Goodison 1; USNM.
RONCHETTI, JOSHUA 1 Italy; England, fl.1817-41, MIM OIM PHIM Mathematical Instrument Set = Soth. 10/28/63; Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = VCW; Azimuth Compass = P.C. (1982). full name was Charles Joshua Ronchetti; son of Giovanni Battista Ronchetti; father of John Baptist and Joshua (2) Ronchetti. 29 Balloon Street (1817); St. Anns Passage (1829); Cateaton Street (1830); 43 Market Street (1832-41); all in Manchester. Taylor 2(1689); Goodison 1; RSW.
RONCHETTI, JOSHUA 2 England, fl.1841-51, OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 7/21/87. son of (Charles) Joshua Ronchetti 1; worked with his brother John Baptist Ronchetti, 1841 to 1851. 43 Market Street, Manchester. Goodison 1; RSW.
RONCHETTI, THOMAS England, fl.1822-56, PHIM optician; barometer maker. New Bridge Street (1822); 4 Mount Pleasant, Black Boy Road (1830); Black Boy Road (1850-56); all in Exeter. Goodison 1.
RONCHETY, I. AND M. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. probably John Merry Ronketti Goodison 1.
RONCI England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
RONCORONE, FRA. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
RONDELET France, 1789, instrument maker at PBN. Evans 1?; RSW.
RONDINI, JEAN England, c.1815, OIM held a patent on dioptric telescopes. London. Dewhirst.
RONKETTI England, c.1825, PHIM Stick Barometer = D.(1977). Manchester. RSW.
RONKETTI AND CO. England, PHIM see John Merry Ronketti. Goodison 1.
RONKETTI, B. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see Bapt. Roncheti. Manchester. Goodison 1.
RONKETTI, J. AND M. England, c.1815, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X.; Stick Barometer = Soth. 7/16/76. misreading for John Merry Ronketti. 6 Peter Street, Bloomsbury, London. Goodison 1; RSW.
RONKETTI, J.G.H. England, fl.1845-46, PHIM Stick Barometer = X; Wheel Barometer = D.(1975). the stick barometer is signed "I.G.H. Ronketti, 15 Museum Street, Bloomsbury"; see John Ronketti 1 at that address. 102 St. Martins Lane (1845); 116 Great Russell Street (1845); 19 Leather Lane (1846); 15 Museum Street; all in London. Goodison 1; RSW.
RONKETTI, JOHN 1 England, fl.1823-44, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker; see J.G.H. Ronketti; became a partner with Henry Negretti, c.1840. 15 Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London. Taylor 2(2224); Goodison 1; Middleton 1.
RONKETTI, JOHN 2 USA, c.1850, PHIM may be related to Joshua Ronchetti 1 or 2 of Manchester; see John George Ronketti. New York, N.Y. D.J. Warner 5.
RONKETTI, JOHN GEORGE England; USA, fl.1820-53, MIM NIM PHIM may be John Ronketti 2, which see; New York business directory for 1852-53 showed him as an instrument maker. 8 Back Hill, Hatton Garden (1822); Leather Lane; both in London; New York, N.Y. (1852-53). Taylor 2(1690a); Goodison 1; USNM; Middleton 1.
RONKETTI, JOHN MERRY Italy; England, fl.1790-1819, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Longleat House, X, Soth. 11/20/70 and 6/6/75; Stick Barometer = Soth. 7/6/73. 180 Holborn (1790-97); 6 Peter Street, Bloomsbury (1800-19); both in London. Goodison 1; RSW.
RONKETTI, JOSEPH 1 England, fl.1820-22, PHIM barometer maker. 8 Back Hill, Hatton Garden, London. Taylor 2(1690).
RONKETTI, JOSEPH 2 England, fl.1854-60, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 31 Northampton Road, London. Goodison 1.
RONKITTE, J.M. see John Merry Ronketti. Goodison 1.
RONLEY, JOHN England, MIM OIM Micrometer = WHI. moving-wire eyepiece micrometer. J,A. Bennett 2.
RONN, W. VON, UND F.A. HUHN Germany, c.1827, NIM W. von Rönn und F.A. Hühn. Schück.
RONQUETTI France, c.1780, PHIM Barometer on clock = Soth. 10/26/73; Barometers = Soth.-Wilkinson and Hodge 6/22/23 and 7/20/23. Paris. RSW.
ROOKE, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X (2). Goodison 1.
ROOKER, JAMES EDWARD England, fl. approx. 1850s small pocket telescope=PC 54 Newington Causeway WEBDB
ROOKER, JOHN A. England, fl.1810-46, MIM Slide Rule, 1810 = Evans Coll.; Pocket Calendar = Evans Coll.; Pantograph = Soth. 2/7/72. the instruments are signed "John Rooker"; apprenticed to James Martin in the Grocers' Company on Sept. 4, 1794; free in the Company, 1810; divided the log-log slide rules, invented by Peter Mark Roget and sold by Francis West. 27 Bridgewater Street, Somers Town; 49 Guildford Place, Kennington Cross; 1 Little Queen Street; 26 East Street, Lamb's Conduit Street; all in London. Taylor 2(1418); J. Brown 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Delehar 9.
ROORISTER, C.V. Germany, c.1843, invented a computing scale made by Ertel und Sohn. Munich. Brieux 2.
ROOSE, THOMAS England, c.1828, MIM 16 north Side, Old Dock, Liverpool. Taylor 2(1691).
ROOSEBOOM, JAN Holland, c.1809, MIM OIM SIM made telescopes and surveying instruments. Buiksloot. Rooseboom 1.
ROOSENBOOM, JN. Holland, c.1825, NIM Zak Sextant = AMST. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 1.
ROOTS, EDWARD England, c.1728, MIM apprenticed to Benjamin Macy of the Clockmakers' Company on Dec. 20, 1728. J. Brown 3.
ROPER, ABRAHAM Ireland, fl.1787-93, MIM listed as Abraham Rosser, 1787-88. 8 Bedford Row, Dublin (1787-93). Morrison-Low and Burnett; Bryden 9.
RORDORF Italy, c.1825, PHIM Stick Barometer = Phillips 7/20/83. "Toledo N.286 à Naples." Naples. RSW.
ROSA, FELIX France, Félix Rosa; worked for Vaucanson, which see. Daumas 1.
ROSAI, F. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
ROSAPINI, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Ticehurst. Goodison 1.
ROSATTE, J. England, PHIM this name appears on a printed paper barometer scale. Leeds. Goodison 1.
ROSCOE, ROBERT England, fl.1696-1730, MIM Liverpool. Bryden 9.
ROSE, DANIEL England, MIM Sundials = Shutts near Ashopton Hall and Derwent Churchyard, Derwent. Derbyshire. Gatty.
ROSE, JOHN England, c.1688, apprenticed to John Toogood in the Joiners' Company on Dec. 11, 1688. Crawforth 7.
ROSELL, JOSE Spain, c.1850, MIM NIM Octant = MAN-I128; Alidade with compass and case = Gersaint 7/20/96. "Gran establecimiento de instrumentos de Jose Sosee." Plaza de Palacionumero 13, Barcelona. Garcia Franco 1.
ROSEN, CARL Norway, NIM Magnetic Compass = NOR. Fahlun. RSW.
ROSENBERG, JOHAN PETTER Sweden, fl.1764-77, MIM instrument maker; apprenticed to Daniel Ekström, took over his shop; maker to the Academy, 1764-77. Stockholm. Pipping 1.
ROSENBERG, PETTER Sweden, c.1730, instrument maker to the Corps of Engineers. Stockholm. Pipping 1.
ROSENFALDT, HANS Sweden, 1567, MIM Hans Rosenfäldt made a silver astrolabe for Erik XIV, King of Sweden, for 1,200 marks. RSW.
ROSENTALL, I. England, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. Pulborough 3/1/83. Burton-on-Trent. RSW.
ROSENTHAL, GOTTFRIED ERICH Germany, c.1782, PHIM made an improvement for a portable barometer. Stuttgart. Middleton 1.
ROSENTHAL, J.C. Germany, 1717, MIM Table Sundial, 1717 = EMA; Sundial, 1717 = Soth. 5/11/23. may be the same sundial. Zinner 1; RSW.
ROSLIN, EUSTACHIUS Germany, c.1537, Röslin wrote an explanation of the astrolabe in 1537. Frankfort. Zinner 1.
ROSS England, c.1820, see Lewis and Ross. London. Taylor 2(1624).
ROSS AND CO. England, c.1859, OIM Thomas Ross who succeeded his father, Andrew Ross, c.1859. London. RSW.
ROSS, ANDREW England, 1798-1859, OIM PHIM Microscope, presentation set = D.(1989). apprenticed to John Corless in the Joiners' Company on July 20, 1813; optician; produced over four thousand microscopes; also made telescopes, stick and wheel barometers, and Wilson-type rain gauges; see Andrew Ross and Co. (1837-41). 15 St. John's Square (1830); 33 Regent Street, Piccadilly (1837); 21 Featherstone Buildings (1840-47); 2 Featherstone buildings (1848-56); all (exept for Regent Street) in Clerkenwell, London. Taylor 2(1983); Goodison 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Morrison-Low 1; Moskowitz 132; Tesseract; Coffeen; Crawforth 7; RSW.
ROSS, ANDREW, AND CO. England, fl.1837-41, OIM Microscope (1839) = Soth. 7/7/78; Binoculars = D.(1984). Andrew Ross and J.S. Lister; they developed a objective lens. 33 Regent Street, Piccadilly, London. Taylor 2(1983); G.L'E. Turner 24; Coffeen H; RSW.
ROSS, THOMAS England, c.1859, OIM succeeded his father, Andrew Ross, as Ross and Co. London. RSW.
ROSS, WILLIAM England, fl.1731-65, MIM Rossisphere = P. & S. 2/28/1896 = OXF. author; invented a type of ring sundial in 1733 called a "Rossisphere"; used a pseudonym "N.A." (New Astronomer), which see. sondon. Taylor 2(222 & 301); Evans 1.
ROSSELL, JOSE Spain, MIM NIM Sextant = BAR (2); Artificial Horizon = BAR; Octant = BAR. José Rossell; T.C. Plaza de Palacia N. 15, Barcelona. RSW.
ROSSER, ABRAHAM see Abraham Roper. Bryden 9; Morrison-Low and Burnett..
ROSSI, DE Italy, 1695, MIM Set of Gores for a Celestial Globe, 1695 = NMM-Caird. could be Dominico or Jacobus de Rossi. NMM 1; Yonge; RSW.
ROSSI, DOMINICO DE Germany; Italy, 1647-1719, MIM Pairs of Globes, 1695 = Hispanic Society of America, N.Y., UCLA. he altered Matthäus Greutter's 1638 globes and re-issued them. Mailand; Rome. Yonge.
ROSSI, G. England, c.1780, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X (5), D.(1978), Soth. 5/14/87, Ilbert Coll., Christie-SK 11/17/86. four of the barometers are signed "G. Rossi Norwich"; the barometer offered by Soth. also has a thermometer. Exchange Street, Norwich. Goodison 1; RSW.
ROSSI, GIUSEPPE DE Italy, c.1615, printed pair of globe gores by Joducus Hondius in 1615. Rome. Yonge.
ROSSI, JACOBUS DE Italy, 1695, MIM Celestial Globe, 1695 = NYM. "----ex chalcographia Dominico Rubeis preo Jacobus de Rubeis an. 1695"; Yonge thought he was the same person as Dominico de Rossi Rome. Yonge.
ROSSI, JOSEF DE Italy, 1615, issued globe gores, 1615; "Josef de Rubeis Mediolanensis." Mediolanus. Yonge.
ROSSI, JOSEPH F. Sweden, PHIM Stick Barometer = NOR; Wheel Barometer = NOR. the stick barometer is signed "I. Rossi." Stockholm. RSW.
ROSSI, P. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
ROSSITER England, c.1815, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Phillips 10/26/83. signed on the bubble level. Bridgwater. RSW.
ROSSITER, GEORGE England, c.1773, apprenticed to John Blake in the Joiners' Company, Jan. 5, 1773. Crawforth 7.
ROSTAND, ED. France, MIM Wall Sundial = Villa Ar-Naga, Cambo, B. Pyr. Cambo, Basse Pyrennées. Boursier.
ROSTRIGA Spain, c.1780, MIM PHIM Sector, wood = MAA; Vacuum Pump, double acting = ISI. the pump may be signed "Rostriaga." Madrid. RSW.
ROTH France, c.1825, MIM Adding Machine = X. "Roth Bte." (breveté); see Dr. Roth and M. Wertheimber. RSW.
ROTH, DR., AND M. WERTHEIMBER France, c.1845, invented an automaton calculator. Daumas 1; Practical Mechanic and Engineer's Magazine, Vol.14, pp.129-31.
ROTHKNECHT, JOH. CHRISTOPH Austria, c.1720, MIM Universal Ring Sundial = OXF. Salzburg. Gunther 2; Evans 1; RSW.
ROTHWELL England, c.1850, MIM OIM PHIM Microscope, Culpeper-type = Soth.2/25/86; Stick Barometer = X; Barometer = P.C.; Goniometer, stellar = Phillips 11/16/88. Manchester. Goodison 1; RSW.
ROTZ, JEAN France; England, fl.1540-80, MIM made an elaborate compass of variation for Henry VII; developed an armillary ring sundial with sights, mounted over a compass and called by him a "differential quadrant"; his father might have been a Scot. Dieppe; London; Dieppe. Taylor 1(15); A.J. Turner 10.
ROUCKLEIFFE, JOHN England, c.1722, apprenticed to Charles Crick 2 of the Grocers' Company on Aug. 29, 1722. J. Brown 1.
ROUGETTE France, MIM Miner's Compass with Level = USNM. see Rouquette. Nimes. USNM.
ROUQUETTE France, c.1820, MIM SIM Graphometer = P.C. see Rougette. Nimes. USNM; RSW.
ROUSSE, JACQUES France, 1691, MIM Vertical Sundial, slate, 1691 = Church, Coutures. Coutures. Gatty.
ROUSSEAU France, c.1777, MIM Cannon Sundials = P.C., Christie 6/7/72, Ineichen 10/25/75; Sundials in Watch Cases = WRAY, MERC, HAY, Lempertz 6/14/76, McVitty Coll.; Magnetic Sundial = TIM. applied for a patent for a cannon sundial in 1777; most of his work is marked "inv. fec."; collection of material is at Chenonceaux. Price 2; Hamilton 1 & 2; RSW.
ROUSSELLE France, 1741, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial, 1741 = NYM. Paris. RSW.
ROUSSELLE, L. France, c.1850, NIM Sextant, small = D.(1975); Marine Compass = MYS. "Opticien"; the sextant case has the trade card of Negus Co. Le Havre. RSW.
ROUSSELOT, F. France, 1771, MIM SIM Graphometer, 1771 = P.B. 10/9/43; Protractor with arms = P.C.; Drawing Instrument Set = ADL-N36. Paris. Culver 2; Brophy; ADL; RSW.
ROUSSEVILLE France, pre-1701, MIM made a dialling instrument. Portaluppi.
ROUTLEDGE, ADAM England, fl.1828-34, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. signed "Routledge Carlisle." 32 English Street, Carlisle Goodison 1.
ROUTLEDGE, J. England, fl.1805-32, engineer; invented a type of slide rule for engineers in 1810. Leeds. Taylor 2(1211); Moskowitz.
ROUX France, c.1703, MIM Universal Ring Sundial, silver, 1703 = D.(1976). Tourraine. RSW.
ROUX, JACQUES France, c.1690, MIM NIM SIM Circumferentor = Chadenet Sale. Toulon. RSW
ROUX, JOSEPH France, 1725-93, NIM Hadley's Quadrant = VNN; Mariner's Compass = Drouot Richelieu 4/28/88. sur le port à Marseilles. R. Malley; RSW.
ROUX, JOSEPH, FILS, AINE ET COMP. France, c.1760, NIM Hadley's Quadrant = PEA. Joseph Roux, Fils, Aîné et Comp. Le Port vers St. Jean, Marseilles. RSW.
ROUY, CH. France, 1817, invented an orrery in 1817, made by Bour. Paris. RSW.
ROVERELLI, ALOYS Italy, c.1770, MIM see Antoine Quinquernal and Roverelli. Florence. Michel 3.
ROVERENUS, SEXTUS Italy, MIM Sector = VEN. Occulta. Price 2.
ROWE, ROBERT England, fl.1703-25, invented a fluid quadrant. Taylor 2(110).
ROWELL, JOHN England, fl.1733-34, MIM Sundials, stained glass = Arbury Hall, Warwick (1733), Purley Hall, Berks (1734). Daniels 1.
ROWLAND, DAVID England, fl.1814-33, MIM NIM made sextants; patented improvements for sextant and quadrant circles; "an ingenious mechanic." 4 Cats Street, John Street, Edgeware Road; 68 Crawford Street (1833); both in London. Taylor 2(1420).
ROWLAND, JOHN England, 1724, free of the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1724. Crawforth 7.
ROWLAND, RICHARD England, fl.1792-1819, MIM NIM Magnetic Compass, in wood box, with Sundial in cover = PAM; Marine Compass = Old Gaol Museum, York, Me; Horizontal Sundial = Christie 4/3/85. patented improvements in compasses, wheels and binnacles in 1812; made an improved sand glass in 1819; succeeded by Thomas and Edward Rowland. Quay (1793-94); 50 Broad Quay (1807-19); both in Bristol. Taylor 2(1421); Crawforth 6; Bryden 9; USNM; RSW.
ROWLAND, THOMAS AND EDWARD England, fl.1825-30, MIM OIM PHIM Stick Barometer = X. succeeded Richard Rowland at this address. 50 Broad Quay, Bristol. Taylor 2(1693); Goodison 1; Bryden 9.
ROWLEY England, c.1850, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 10/19/87. optician. Brighton. RSW.
ROWLEY, JAMES England, fl.1721-88, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Woods of the Clockmakers' Company on Dec. 6, 1714; turned over to James Drury of the same Company; free in the Company Feb. 5, 1721; took apprentices. London. J. Brown 3.
ROWLEY, JOHN England, fl.1691-1728, MIM NIM SIM made many, beautiful instruments, including mechanical equatorial sundials, orreries, sectors, heliochronometers, etc., dating from 1690 to 1716; examples are to be found at DEU, NMM, WHI, ADL, OXF, TIM, KEN, MAA, etc. apprenticed to Joseph Howe in the Broderers' Company on Oct. 20, 1682; free in the Company on Feb. 26, 1691; took apprentices; Master of Mechanics to George I; succeeded John Worgan; succeeded by Thomas Wright 1. Threadneedle Street, behind the Exchange (1691); Johnson's Court, Fleet Street (1710); under the Dial at St. Dunstans Church (1714-15); all in London. Taylor 1(507) & 2(111); J. Brown 1; Crawforth 7; Taylor and Wilson; Maddison 1; Gunther 2; ADL; RSW; Michel 3; Bryden 11 and 16; J.A. Bennett 2; Gingerich 2; A.J. Turner 10; Wynter.
ROWLEY, T. AND SON England, OIM Telescopes, four-draw = Christie-SK 3/31/83, Versailles 11/20/83. probably Thomas Rowley and Son. Brighton. RSW.
ROWLEY, T., AND SONS England, OIM PHIM Telescope = K. and C. 9/20/71; Wheel Barometer = K. and C. 7/13/73. probably Thomas Rowley. Brighton. RSW.
ROWLEY, THOMAS England, OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = K. and C. 7/13/73; Microscope, No. 198 = Soth. 12/15/78. Brighton. RSW.
ROYER, ABRAHAM see A.R. 2. Hamilton 1 and 2.
RUBEIS see de Rossi. Yonge.
RUBERGALL, THOMAS England, fl.1802-54, MIM OIM PHIM made many instruments including stick and wheel barometers, telescopes, sundials, etc; examples are at WHI, NOR, USNM, etc. optician to George III; optician to H.R.H. Duke of Clarence (1789-1830); optician to the Queen. 27 Piccadilly; Princes Street, Soho (1802); 27 Coventry Street 1805-23; 24 Coventry Street (1826-54); all in London. Taylor 2(1423); Goodison 1; J.A. Bennett 2; Moskowitz; Dewhirst; RSW.
RUBEUS, THEODOSIUS Italy, 1587, MIM Sundial, 1587 = POB. Rome. Michel 3.
RUCKERT, THOMAS Germany; Czechoslovakia, fl. 1575-90, MIM Pedometers = DRE (1575), PRA (1581), BM (1590). may have invented the pedometer. Dresden (1575-81); Prague (1581-90). Zinner 1; Michel 3; Price 3; Ward 4; RSW.
RUDOLPH Germany, c.1747, MIM OIM mechanical and optical instrument maker to Count Hans Löser. Reinharz. Chaldecott 4.
RUDOLPH, J.G. Germany, 17th Century, OIM Telescope = ADL-M446 signed on objective lens. Dresden. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
RUELLE France, 1771, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1771 = ADL-M269. "gravé par Ruelle." Michel 3; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
RUFFO, ANDRE Spain, 1648, NIM Mariner's Astrolabe, 1648 = P.C. (NMM-64) also marked "Mel Aluresonovo", probably the owner; NMM is the National Maritime Museum Registry of Maritime Astrolabes. Stimson 3.
RUFVEN, I. misreading for John Ruthven, which see. RSW.
RUGENDAS Germany, MIM this is a family of sundial and clockmakers; see Nikolaus Rugendas 1, 2 and 3; their work was of the highest quality and it is difficult to differentiate between them except for the few dated instruments; examples may be seen at ADL, NMM, OXF, SAL, PAR, STU, BM, NYM, THO, LOS, AUG, DEU, UTR, HAM, WHI, etc. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 2; Michel 3; Hamilton 1; USNM, deRijk; Gunther 2; Price 3; Ward 4; Bryden 16; ADL; RSW.
RUGENDAS, NIKOLAUS 1 Germany, 1585-1658, MIM made sundials and clocks; Michel thought that Nikolaus Rugendas 1 developed the Augsburg-type sundial and its variant which has a cam to automatically set the latitude. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 2; Michel 3.
RUGENDAS, NIKOLAUS 2 Germany, 1619-94, MIM Calendar Clock, 1661 = Residenz, Munich. apprenticed to his father, Nikolaus Rugendas 1; father of Nikolaus Rugendas 3; sundial and clock maker. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 2; Michel 3.
RUGENDAS, NIKOLAUS 3 Germany, 1665-1745, MIM Sundial = LAW-307; Augsburg-type Sundials = ADL-W47, ADL-A96; Universal Ring Sundial = ADL-DPW44. son of Nikolaus Rugendas 2; sundial and clock maker; his work dates from 1690 to 1745. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 2; Michel 3; Syndram; ADL; RSW.
RUGGLES, STEVEN P. USA?, 1837, MIM Terrestrial Globe (for the blind), 1837 = Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, Mass. Yonge.
RUGHI, GAETANO Italy, fl.1820-30, PHIM made equipment for Leonardo Nobili's electro-magnetic experiments. Regio Emilia. Brenni 1.
RUHER, HANS CAROL Germany, post-1674, MIM Rüher; made sundials after 1674. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
RUHMKORFF, HEINRICH DANIEL Germany; France, 1803-77, PHIM Electro-Medical Induction Apparatus = TEY; Eddy Current Machine = Pavia University. "Mechanicien"; succeeded by J. Carpentier. 15 Rue des Maçons Sorbonne, Paris (1840). G.L'E. Turner 24.
RUMBALL, SAMUEL England, c.1838, MIM PHIM 5 Crane Court, St. Peter's Hill, London. Taylor 2(2226).
RUMPF, PHILLIPP Germany, fl.1822-27, PHIM Balance = DRE; Heliotropes, 1822, 1827 = X; Barometer, Fortin-type, 1823 = DEU. Göttingen. Middleton 1; USNM; RSW.
RUPERT, PRINCE England, 1663, MIM invented a mechanical tracing device. Latham and Matthews, Vol.7
RUPP AND GREGG USA, 1844-53, MIM Michael Rupp and William Theodore Gregg 1. New York N.Y. Moskowitz 122.
RUPP, MICHAEL France; USA, 1818-99, MIM NIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = P.C. partner with William T. Gregg as Gregg and Rupp (1844-53); worked alone 1853-99; T.C. France (1818-29); came to USA in 1829; New York N.Y. (1844-99). Smart 1; USNM; RSW.
RUPP, MICHAEL, AND CO. USA, 1853-99, MIM Sextant = D.(1965). T.C.; chronometer maker. 39 South Street, Corner Old Slip, New York, N.Y. Moskowitz 122; RSW.
RUSHMER England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Soth.-S 9/18/86, 7/23/87. Yarmouth. RSW.
RUSHTON, WILLIAM England, fl.1801-38, MIM OIM 8 Whittal Street (1801-08); 10 Whittal Street (1818); both in Birmingham. Taylor 2(1695); Bryden 9.
RUSPINUS, CAREL Holland, c.1760, PHIM Barometers = LEY, OMM; Thermometer, mercury, 1760 = Exposition, Leiden, 1927. op de Gr. unmonise shigs Amsterdam. Daumas 1; USNM; RSW.
RUSSELL, ALEXANDER, AND CO. Scotland, 1834, MIM Sundial, 1834 = Kirkaldy Museum. "Kirkaldy Foundry." 43 High Street, Kirkaldy. Stevens and Aked.
RUSSELL, DANIEL England, owner of a quadrant by Owens, Liverpool. RSW.
RUSSELL, HENRY England, c.1827, PHIM made Taylor-type rain gauges Kings Square, Goswell Street, London. Taylor 2(1696).
RUSSELL, JAMES England, c.1840, MIM advertised a planetarium. RSW.
RUSSELL, JOHN 1 England, 1745-1806, MIM Selenographias = Burghley House, Soth. (1791), Phillips 2/22/77, KEN (1797), KEN. artist; amateur astronomer and mathematician; R.A.; patented the Selenographia, or moon globe, in 1796. Newman Street, London. Taylor 2(763); Dewhirst; A.J. Turner 10; Country Life, 3/16/78; Millburn 8; RSW.
RUSSELL, JOHN 2 Scotland, c.1745-1817, PHIM Stick Barometers = P.C., X (3); Wheel Barometers = VAA, SPI-Anderson 3/25/27, Buckingham Palace (2), National Galleries of Scotland; Wheel Barometers, Royal = Christie 12/6/78, RSM, etc. "Watchmaker to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales" pre-1811; "Watchmaker to H.R.H. the Prince Regent", 1811-17; invented the 'Royal Wheel' type of barometer; made at least 23 barometers; the RSM barometer is marked "inv. et fecit." oppposite the top of Kirk Wynd, Falkirk. Goodison 1; RSW.
RUSSELL, WILLIAM USA, c.1809, patented an improved marine compass in 1809. New Bedford, Mass. Bedini 8; USNM.
RUST see Spencer Browning and Rust. RSW.
RUST AND EYRE England, c.1770, MIM OIM Azimuth Compass = NMM. Richard Rust and R. Eyre were partners, as R. Eyre and R. Rust, until 1785; Rust issued a Trade Card to say that he was on his own as of that date. The Minories, London. J.A. Bennett 2; NMM 2.
RUST, EBENEZER 1 England; Holland; England, fl.1771-1800, MIM apprenticed to his uncle, Richard Rust, in the Grocers' Company; free in the Company on Sept 4, 1777; took apprentices; partner with William Spencer 2 and Samuel Browning 2 in Spencer, Browning and Rust 1, 1784-1800. at Mr. Spencer's, 26 Wapping Street (1777), London; Amsterdam (1779-82); at Mr. Spencer's 327 Wapping Street (1782); Green Churchyard, St. Catherine's (1782); both in London; Eaton Ford, Beds. (1784); Eaton Socon, Beds.(1792); Wapping (1795); St. George's in the East (1798); both in London. J. Brown 1.
RUST, EBENEZER 2 Holland; Englandfl.1809-38, MIM apprenticed to his father, Ebenezer Rust 1, in the Grocers' Company on Sept. 3, 1795; free in the Company, June 1, 1809; a partner in Spencer, Browning and Rust 2 with William and Richard Browning, from 1819-38; optician. Amsterdam (1782); 66 Wapping; Bun Street; both in London. J. Brown 1 & 2.
RUST, JOSEPH 1 England, fl.1785-1801, member of the Grocers' Company; took over his nephew, Joseph Rust 2, as an apprentice from his brother, Richard Rust, in 1785. London. J. Brown 1.
RUST, JOSEPH 2 England, fl.1786-93, MIM apprenticed to his father, Richard Rust, in the Grocers' Company on Sept. 4, 1777; turned over to Joseph Rust 1, his uncle, in the Company, 1785; free in the Company on Mar. 2, 1786; took apprentices; bankrupt in 1789. St. Catherine's (1788); 15 Free School Street, Southwark (1793); both in London. J. Brown 1.
RUST, JOSEPH 3 England, fl.1809, MIM apprenticed to his father, Ebenezer Rust 1, in the Grocers' Company on Dec. 6, 1798; free in the Company, Dec. 7, 1809. J. Brown 1.
RUST, JOSEPH 4 England, fl.1811-16, NIM T.C.; worked with Thomas Jones 2 in Jones and Rust (1811-13), which see. 28 Pool Lane, Liverpool (1816). Brewington 1; RSW.
RUST, MRS. MARTHA England, 1801, MIM widow of Ebenezer Rust 1; took Joseph Fox as an apprentice in the Grocers' Company Feb. 5, 1801. King Street, Sampson's Gardens, London. J. Brown 2.
RUST, RICHARD England, fl.1752-85, MIM NIM SIM Sextant = TRE; Quadrant, 1758 = Soth. 7/8/54; Octants = ADL-A52 (1770), D.(1974), etc; Universal Ring Sundial = Soth.-N.Y. 2/23/79; Circumferentor = P.C. (1987); Mining Theodolite = HAK; Backstaff = Christie-SK 4/17/86; etc. apprenticed to John Parminter 1 in the Grocers' Company, 1744; free of the Company, 1752; took apprentices; T.C.; partner with John Adams 3, c.1760; invented and made an artificial horizon. at Mr. Thos. Rust's at the Anchor and Bells in the Minories (1752); the Minories (1753); at the corner of St. Catherine Stair, near the Tower of London; St. Catherine's High Street (1781); all in London. Taylor 2(403); J. Brown 1; Crawforth 1; Calvert 2; Gunther 2; Michel 3; C.N. Robinson; Wynter 1; Clay and Court; ADL; RSW.
RUTHVEN, JOHN Scotland, fl.1819-40, PHIM Kaleidoscope = Soth. 6/23/87 = 10/3/88. T.C.; Soth. 6/23/87 was misread as "I. Rufven", the other listed as "I. Rufve." Edinburgh. Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; RSW.
RUTSCHMANN, JOSEPH Austria, c.1792, MIM made an astronomical clock with Pater David Cajetano, Capuc., who was Sebastian Rutschmann. Michel 3; Zinner 1.
RUTSCHMANN, SEBASTIAN Austria, c.1790, known as Pater David Cajetano, Capuc, which see. Michel 3; Zinner 1.
RUTT, RICHARD England; USA, 1799-1859, MIM NIM OIM made or sold nautical compasses; worked with his son, as R. Rutt and Son, 1842; worked alone, 1845-59. England (1799-1830+); 10 Thames Street, Feld's Point, Baltimore, Md. (1842-59). Smart 1; Warner 12.
RUTT, RICHARD, AND SON USA, 1842, MIM NIM OIM T.C. 10 Thames Street, Feld's Point, Baltimore, Md. Smart 1; Moskowitz 101.
RUTTY, THOMAS England, c.1838, MIM OIM apprenticed to Thomas Lefever in the Merchant Taylors' Company; free in the Company, 1838. 39 Hackney Road, London. Taylor 2(2227); Crawforth 7.
RUTZIUS, JOHANN PETRUS Germany, c.1700, MIM Equatorial Sundial = OXF. Friedberg. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Evans 1.
RUVOLO, FRANC. Italy?, 1687, MIM Terrestrial Globe, ivory, 1687 = Chicago Historical Society. signed "Franc. Ruvolo Fecit. Joseph Baranca Sculpsit Octob. 1687." Yonge.
RUXTON, THOMAS Ireland, c.1817, MIM 64 Aungier Street, Dublin. Taylor 2(1424a).
RYBURN, ARTHUR USA?, 1772, NIM Hadley's Quadrant, 1772 = Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. on loan to a historic house in Salem. RSW.
RYCK, ABRAHAM DE Holland, c.1660, MIM Leiden. Rooseboom 1.
RYDBECK, ANDREAS 1729, MIM Perpetual Calendar with Lunar Volvelle, 1729 = NOR. RSW.
RYDER, J. USA, 1854, MIM Inclinable Sundial, 1854 = D.(1965). Newark, Ohio. RSW.
RYHINER, CHARLES USA, fl.1838-39, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis. 26 Chestnut Street, St. Louis, Mo. Smart 1.
RYLAND, THOMAS England, fl.1801-08, OIM optician. Great Charles Street (1801); Mary Ann Street (1808); both in Birmingham. Bryden 9.
RYLEY, GEORGE England, c.1680, a Lorimer; took Jeoffrey Stagnes as an apprentice, then turned him over to Simon Chapman of the Clockmakers' Company. London. J. Brown 3.
RYTER, A. misreading of Augustine Ryther. Zinner 1.
RYTHER, AUGUSTINE England, fl.1582-95, MIM SIM Theodolite, 1590 = FLO; Equatorial Sundial = FLO; Universal Sundial, 1588 = Soth, 10/22/85 = KEN. member of the Grocers' Company by 1582; took Charles Whitwell as an apprentice in the Grocers' Company in 1582; engraved maps; the instruments at FLO were brought to Florence in 1608 by Sir Robert Dudley. a little from Leadenhall next to the Signe of the Tower, London (1590). Taylor 1(47a); J. Brown 1 & 3; Michel 3; Zinner 1; RSW.

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