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Signature Maker Info Instruments Comments Location References
G. Portugal, 1605, NIM Mariner's Astrolabe, 1605 (NMM-59) = Christie-NY 6/14/88 = Museu de Marinha, Lisbon. National Maritime Museum Registry of Mariner's Astrolabes; from the Atocha wreck. A. Stimson 3.
G. AND R.G. Scotland, c.1817, MIM wrote on thermometers and hygrometers; mathematical instrument makers ? Kinross? Taylor 2(1337a).
G.A. Gualterus Arsenius, which see; instruments sometimes signed "G.A. nepos Gemmae Frisi." Engelmann 1; Van Ortroy 2; ADL; RSW.
G.A.I.G. See H.G.A.V.
G.A.R.E. Holland?, 1569, MIM Astrolabe, 1569 = AMST. the astrolabe is also marked "P.C." Holland, Belgium or Germany. Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2.
G.A.Z.N. Germany marked on stone sundial signed "Gottfried Abbas." N.M. Fränkel Coll. Cat, 1913.
G.B. 1 England on nocturnals = Great Bear. RSW.
G.B. 2 England, c.1775, NIM Backstaff = Christie-SK 7/2/81-174. "G.B. Royal Guardian", with Prince of Wales plumes; belonged to Nevil Maskylene. RSW.
G.B.H.L. England?, NIM Nocturnal, wood = GMM. "G.B." may stand for Great Bear. RSW.
G.C. c.1820, MIM Sundial, pocket = AMST. Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2.
G.C.A. GermanyMIM Universal Ring Sundial = LIN-100. Zinner 1.
G.C.K. Germany, 1768, MIM Horizontal Sundial, stone, 1768 = AUG. RSW.
G.C.M. ItalyMIM SIM initials on surveying instrument made by Gio. Riva at VEN. RSW.
G.C.S. Germanyc.1550, MIM Dividers with screw, iron = P.C. screw runs through both arms; engraved with the arms of Augsburg. Augsburg. RSW.
G.D. England, OIM Eyepieces (3) for Refractor Telescope. George Dollond (?). Moskowitz 102.
G.D.L.G. 1771, MIM Vertical Sundial, stone, 1771 = Nouveau Drouot 5/20/88 = Chayette 12/20/88. direct south facing sundial. RSW.
G.E. USA, 1779-99, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1779 = USNM; Horizontal Sundials, pewter, 1779 = Earle Coll., P.C.; Horizontal Sundial, pewter = Mercer Museum, Pa; Sundial Mold, stone, 1779 = D.(1985). George Ellicott (?); USNM dial is for 40°. Bucks County, Pa. Earle; Coffeen 10; RSW.
G.E.R. D. ET L. Germany, 1691, MIM Astrolabe, wood and paper, 1691 = RAV (ICA-624). Zinner 1; Price 1; ICA 2.
G.F. USA, c.1800, NIM Marine Compass in gimbals = P.C. (1970). wooden box. Guthman 1.
G.G. 1 Holland, 1677, PHIM Beam Balance, 1677 = LEY. Crommelin 1.
G.G. 2 marked on Dutch, silver perpetual calendar dated 1750, WHI-1776 (FIT); with coat of arms, surely owner. Bryden 16.
G.G.B. 1612, MIM Tide Dial = NOR. RSW.
G.G.C. France., 17th Century, MIM Quadrant = ADL-M181. cutout monogram in center; may be owner. Engelmann 1; Michel 3; ADL; RSW.
G.G.F. Germany, MIM Diptych Sundial, ivory = Drecker Coll. F. appears under G.G.; may be Fecit. RSW; Evans 1.
G.G.Z. Germany?, fl.1707-15, MIM Sundial, 1707 = LIN; Sundial = KEN; Ring Sundial, 1715 = PAK-128. Beevers; RSW.
G.H. 1 c.1530, MIM Skaphe = BMR. Lunardi.
G.H. 2 England?, 1665, MIM Horary Quadrant, 1665 = Soth. 5/11/23 = BM. amateur work; may be George Hooper. Taylor 1(291); Price 3; Ward 4.
G.H. 3 Belgium?, 1767, MIM SIM Theodolite and Surveying Instruments in box, 1767 = Soth. 4/22/65. Flanders? RSW.
G.H.M.A.D. Germany, 1601, MIM Diptych Sundial, 1601 = P.C. RSW.
G.H.V.K. Holland, fl.1780-1801, MIM NIM Gerard Hulst van Keulen, which see. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2; RSW.
G.H.W. Germany, 1730, MIM Table Sundial, stone, 1730 = Drecker Coll. Eichstätt. Zinner 1; RSW.
G.J. England, MIM Nocturnal, boxwood = P. and S. 3/20/1896. George Johnson? London. RSW.
G.K.B. Germany, 1587, MIM Nocturnal, 1587 = OXF. Georg Kostenbader? Josten 1; Liège; Price 2; Michel 1.
G.K.V. Germany?, c.1600, MIM Pillar Sundial with watch in base and Instruments inside, silver and parcel-gilt = Sneyd Coll. = Keele Hall Sale, pre-July, 1928 = Soth. 7/26/28 = WEBS. signed on watch cock; tooled leather case; "London" also on watch cock, in later hand. Davis; RSW.
G.L. 1 Germany, 1592, MIM Horizontal Sundial, string-gnomon, 1592 = NUR-WI 257. Zinner 1; RSW.
G.L. 2 England?OIM Microscope, Lindsay-type = Soth. 12/15/78. marked "215" RSW.
G.M. 1 England, "G.M. 60" marked on a calculating scale signed "M. Burleigh", also marked "M.B."; the instrument is ADL-N41. ADL; RSW.
G.M. 2 Belgium, fl.1681-83, MIM SIM Military Circumferentor = OXF. Guillaume Meuris of Brussels, which see. Brussels. Josten 1; RSW.
G.M. 3 19th Century, MIM Drawing Instrument = Soth. 3/5/81 case signed G. Mure. RSW.
G.M.F.C. 1743, "G. Maru fecit Caboga", on an armillary sphere at LOS. Thielmann; RSW.
G.M.G. 1774, MIM Gauging Rod, 1774 = NYC. RSW; DES.
G.M.M.K. Germany, MIM Rule = NYC. has scales for various cities. Drechsler 2.
G.O.T.E. MIM Rule with various scales = VEN. RSW.
G.R. 1 Germany, 1544, MIM Ring Sundial, 1544 = MUN. Zinner 1.
G.R. 2 England, 1641, MIM Garden Sundial, 1641 = P.C. also marked "W.H." Minster, Kent. Strand Magazine, 1893, pp. 308-18.
G.S. 1 1633, MIM Cube Sundial, 1633 = PRZ. RSW.
G.S. 2 Germany, 1645, MIM Cruciform Sundial, 1645 = Meran Museum. Zinner 1.
G.S. 3 Germany, c.1730, PHIM Nest of Weights = Koller 11/17/75. mastermark is mermaid; probably Georg Scherb. RSW.
G.S.G. Germany, c.1730, PHIM Nest of Weights = Koller 11/17/75. mastermark is mermaid. Nürnberg. RSW.
G.S.P. 1643, MIM SIM Protractor with rules pivoting at mid-point, 1643 = D.(1976); Graphometer with Sundial on back, 1643 = D.(1971). RSW.
G.V. 1 1652, MIM Vertical Sundial, 1652 = USNM. might be C.V. RSW.
G.V. 2 MIM SIM Miner's Compass, wood and ivory = Evans Coll. Evans 1.
G.V.F. "Girolamo Vulparia fecit"; see Hieronymous Vulparia. RSW.
G.V.K. Holland, c.1678-1726, NIM Cross-staff, 1724 = UTR. see Gerard van Keulen. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bryuns 2.
G.W. 1 1591, MIM Artillery Level, 1591 = DRE. RSW.
G.W. 2 c.1790, NIM Hadley's Quadrant = PEA-M2536. Brewington 1.
G.W. 3 England, 1826, MIM Garden Sundial, 1826 = P.C. Smeeth. Strand Magazine, 1893, pp. 308-18.
G.W. 4 England, c.1835, NIM marked on ivory scale of octant signed "Bassnet Liverpool", at PMS. RSW.
G.W.G.J.M.H. Germany, c.1560, MIM SIM Miner's Compass, wood and ivory = ADL-M170. Engelmann 1; Michel 3; ADL; RSW.
G.Z. Germany, fl.1619-20, MIM Gunner's Level, 1619 = BM; Military Architect's Instrument, 1620 = USNM. surely Georg Zorn. Augsburg. Price 2 and 3; Ward 4; USNM; RSW.
G.Z.F. Italy, c.1840, see Giovanni Francesco Zarbula; see Z.J.F. and Z.G.F. Piedmont. Gatty.
GA----, J. England, NIM Octant = GEL. Wapping, London. RSW.
GABALIO England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, P.C. 3 Long Lane; 20 Cross Street, Hatton Garden; both in London. Goodison 1; RSW.
GABORY England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X; Wheel Barometer = X. may be two makers. 123 Holborn; 125 Holborn; both in London. Goodison 1.
GABOURG, F. England, fl.1784-97, OIM PHIM Microscope = OXF (RMS). may be F.G. 2; also barometer maker. 125 High Holborn, London. Taylor 2(837); Clay and Court; Bell 2.
GADIN France, c.1850, OIM optician. 53, Quai de l'Horloge, Paris. Nachet.
GAENLANSINGE, PER JAEN Holland, 17th Century, PHIM Balances = KRA. Amsterdam. RSW.
GAETANO, P., DI SIVA P. CAPUCCINO Italy, 18th Century, MIM Pillar Sundial, wood = NMM-D.188. NMM 2.
GAFTL 1748, MIM Measure, 1748 = Roussel-92. RSW.
GAFURIO, G. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Phillips 2/14/79. Chester. RSW.
GAGETTA England, PHIM barometer maker. Manchester. Bell 2.
GAGGIA see B. Tagliabue, Gaggia and Co. Goodison 1.
GAGGINI ET MOISETTE France, MIM SIM Surveying Instruments = CNAM. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
GAGNA, F., Y CIA. Mexico, c.1855, MIM OIM SIM Surveyor's Level = D.(1972). "Opticos." 2a de St. Francisco N.I. (Mexico City). Moskowitz 105.
GAGO, P. England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-PB pre-1980. RSW.
GAIFFE, A. France, c.1825?-1880?, MIM PHIM Dividing Engine = Musée Lorraine, Nancy; Electrical Instrument = D.(1975); Electromedical Apparatus = D.(1984); Induction Coil = USNM. induction coil signed :Appareil d'Induction Volta Faradique Brevetè S.G.D.G. A. Gaiffe à Paris." 40, rue St. André des Arts, Paris. Michel 14; Coffeen G; Warner 13; RSW.
GAIGNON, NICOLAS France, 17th Century, MIM Sundial, cast iron = Prin Coll. MADEX.
GAILSDORFER, HANS Germany, 1538, MIM compass maker; Master in 1538. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
GAILSTORFER, HANS Germany, c.1674, MIM Hans Gailstörfer, compass maker. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
GAILSTORFER, JACOB Germany, c.1674, MIM Jacob Gailstörfer, compass maker. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
GAINSBOROUGH, HUMPHREY England, 1718-76, MIM Sundial in base of clock = X. Henley-on-Thames. Beeson.
GAITSKILL, JOHN England, fl.1793-1823, NIM Hadley's Quadrants = MYS (1793), ADL-A53 (1823), Whaling Museum, Nantucket, Mass., Maine Historical Soc., Portland, Stadt Museum, Aberna, Denmark, P.C.(1969); Quadrants = Marine Historical Assoc.,Conn., P.C.(1974); Octant, ebony and ivory, 1793 = Soth. 2/28/80. the octant was made for William Sanford Brown; many instruments are signed "J. Gaitskill"; ADL made for George James in 1823. 332 Wapping; 329 Wapping; both in London. Price 2; USNM; ADL; RSW.
GALANDIUS, FRANCESCUS France, MIM Astrolabe, wood and paper, brass alidade = Soth. 2/26/62. RSW.
GALBY, PETER AND CHARLES England, fl.1832-46, PHIM barometer makers. 50 Exmouth Street, Spitalfields; Philosophical Institute, 9 Turnmill Street, Clerkenwell, London. Taylor 2(1857); Dewhirst.
GALE, JAMES USA, b.c.1791-1871; fl.1815-24, MIM NIM Gauges, wood, 15" and 48" (1818) = Salem Maritime National Historic Site; Tell-Tale Compass = PEA. Neptune and Water Streets, Salem, Mass. (1815-pre-1824); Haverhill, Mass. (1824-71). Brewington 1; Moskowitz 102; RSW; USNM.
GALE, JOSEPH England, c.1830, PHIM barometer maker. 46 Knight Street, Manchester. Taylor 2(1857a); Goodison 1.
GALEOTTI, A. Italy, c.1780, MIM Drawing Instruments = P.C. RSW.
GALETI, ANTHONY England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = D.(1972), X. possibly Anthony Galletti. Goodison 1; RSW.
GALETTI, ANTHONY England, fl.1830-50, MIM OIM Telescope = Christie-SK 8/20/87. sometimes spelled "Gallatti." 80 Castle Street, Liverpool. Taylor 2(1858); Bell 2; RSW.
GALGEMAYR, GEORG Germany, c.1626, MIM designed various types of dividers; author. RSW.
GALI, J England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Lincoln. Goodison 1.
GALILEI, GALILEO Italy, 1564-1642, MIM OIM PHIM Telescopes = FLO. astronomer; mathematician; invented a military sector; first used the telescope for astronomical observations. Pisa; Florence; Arcetri. DSB; Crommelin 1; Garvan; Michel 1; Bonelli; S. Drake: 51 10; etc.
GALIMBERTI, J. England, PHIM barometer maker. Bugle Street, Southampton. Bell 2.
GALINDEZ, MARTIN Spain, d.1627, MIM made sundials for the convent at Paular. Gatty.
GALL AND LEMBKE USA, OIM Telescopes = Christie 5/26/76, 12/8/76 New York, N.Y. RSW.
GALL, JOHN Scotland, c.1837, MIM PHIM made hydrometers and saccharometers. 48 London Street, Edinburgh. Taylor 2(2132).
GALLA, JULES-CESAR LA France, c.1625, OIM microscope maker? Nachet.
GALLAND France, c.1810, OIM made a new type of lens for microscopes. Paris. Nachet.
GALLAND, PETRUS Italy, 17th Century, MIM Sector = ADL-M89q. "sub signo Pulcrae Virtutis in via Coronaria Roma." Engelmann 1; Daumas 1; Michel 3; USNM; ADL; RSW.
GALLEE England, PHIM barometer maker. Bell 2.
GALLENHAMP, A. England, PHIM Balance = K. and C. 5/23/73. London. RSW.
GALLETTI, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see Galetti. Goodison 1.
GALLETTI, ANTHONI Italy Scotland, fl.1798-1858, MIM OIM PHIM Marine Barometer = Soth. 5/15/70; Philosophical Bubbles = D.(1985); Telescopes = RSM (2). carver and gilder; barometer maker; T.C. foot of Cannon Street, Edinburgh (1798); 21 Nelson Street (1805-28); and 10 Nelson Street (1826-28); 24/25 Argyll Arcade (1828-43); 24 Argyll Arcade (1843-50); all in Glasgow. Bryden 3; Bell 2; Clarke et al; RSW.
GALLETTI, JOHN Scotland, b.c.1821-94, MIM OIM PHIM Telescope = FRK = RSM; Philosophical Bubbles = OXF, KEN. carver and gilder; claimed firm started in 1789. 24 Argyle Arcade, Glasgow (1851-94). Bryden 3; Bell 2; Clarke et al.
GALLEY Scotland, PHIM barometer maker. Glasgow. Bell 2.
GALLEY, P. may be Gally. Goodison 1.
GALLI, CHARLES Scotland, fl.1821-26, PHIM Maker of Wheel Barometers ; picture merchant. Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. Bell 2.
GALLI, JOHANNES Italy, c.1630, MIM Sector = NMM-CI/S.10; Skaphe = NMM-D.359. Barbarini Coll.; made precision instruments. NMM 2; Michel 3; RSW; Morpurgo 1.
GALLI, MARCO Italy, 1694, MIM designed a hodometer; author. Parma. Morpurgo 1.
GALLO, G. Germany, c.1800, MIM Floating Sundial, ivory = THO; Floating Sundial = DNM. Frankfort. RSW.
GALLOIN France, 1801, MIM Garden Sundial, slate, 1801 = D.(1972). latitude of Paris. Roux Devilas, Cat 73.
GALLON France, c.1680, OIM "Opticien"; thought of using a glass ball as the eyepiece in a telescope. Paris. Daumas 1.
GALLONDE France, fl.1740-48, PHIM Assay Balance = Rovelle (pre-1780); Thermometer = SPI-2865; Astronomical Regulator = CNAM. Paris. Daumas 1; Grimaldi(968); Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
GALLOW, G. Germany, PHIM Stick Barometer = K. and C. 7/13/73. Frankfort. RSW.
GALLUCCIA, GIOVANN Italy, Cube Sundial, 1609 = ADL-A24. fake. ADL; RSW.
GALLUCIO, GIOVANNI PAOLO Italy, 1564-98, MIM Ring Sundial, 1564 = Goldschmied Coll. = NMM-Caird (fake); Universal Equatorial Sundial, paper, 1572 = NMM-D.232; Astrological Volvelle, paper, 1595 = WHI. author; also signed "Joan Paulus Gallucio" or "Galluccio." Salo; Venice. NMM 2; Daumas 1; Michel 2 and 3; Weil 2(19); Bedini 8; A.J. Turner 10.
GALLY 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. may be John Gally. Exeter. Goodison 1.
GALLY 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Manchester. Goodison 1.
GALLY, ANDREW AND GEORGE England, c.1850, PHIM barometer makers. St. George Street, Smithfield, London. Bell 2.
GALLY, B. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 7/21/87. RSW.
GALLY, C. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
GALLY, DOMENICO England, c.1800, PHIM barometer maker. London. Bell 2.
GALLY, G. Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Glasgow. Goodison 1.
GALLY, GEORGE England, c.1800, PHIM see Andrew and George Gally. London. Bell 2.
GALLY, JOHN England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Exeter. Goodison 1.
GALLY, P. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = X. Cambridge. Goodison 1.
GALLY, P. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Peter Gally? Leeds. Goodison 1.
GALLY, P. 3 England, c.1810, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 12/10/81; Wheel Barometer = Phillips 2/15/89. might be P. Gally 1 or 2. RSW.
GALLY, P. 4 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth.-S 9/18/86. Cranbrook. RSW.
GALLY, P., AND CO. 1 England, fl.1809-60, PHIM Peter or Paul Gally; barometer makers. Strand, London. Bell 2.
GALLY, P., AND CO. 2 England, c.1820, PHIM Stick Barometer = Christie-SK 6/30/89. is "Fetchet" misreading for "fecit"?; see P. Gally and Co. 1. Fetchet? RSW.
GALLY, PAUL AND PETER England, fl.1809-61, PHIM made barometers and thermometers. 8 Turnmill Street, Clerkenwell (1809-11); 9 Turnmill Street, Clerkenwell (1815-25); 50 Exmouth Street, Spitalfields (1826-48); 68 Hatton Garden (1849-61); 3 Upper Nth. Place, Grey's Inn Road (1852-54); all in London. Goodison 1.
GALLY, PAUL AND PETER, AND CO. England, fl.1817-50, PHIM barometer makers. London. Bell 2.
GALLY, PETER 1 England, PHIM see Paul and Peter Gally and Co. Bell 2.
GALLY, PETER 2 England, fl.1837-60, PHIM barometer maker? 89 Kirkgate (1837-60); 97 Kirkgate (1841); both in Leeds. Goodison 1.
GALMAIR, JOSEPH Germany, 1727-90, MIM Celestial Globe, 1749 = DEU; Celestial Globe with clockwork = Fugger Museum, Augsburg. made pedometer winding watch. Trabant; Munich. Maurice 1; Baillie 1; RSW.
GALOIS, I. France, 1548, MIM Astrolabe, 1548 = P. and S. 4/21/1898 = Hoffman Coll. = USNM (ICA-204). P. and S. say "T. Galois"; tympan for 48° = Orleans. Gunther 1; Michel 2 and 3; Evans 1; Price 1; ICA 2; RSW.
GALOIS, L'ABBE France, fl.1766-84, MIM l'Abbé Galois; made a meridian sundial. Paris. Baillie 1.
GALVANI, ANDREA Italy, pre-1823, MIM invented an odograph which received a gold medal at the Industrial Exposition in Venice in 1823. Pordenone. Morpurgo 1; Boffito.
GAMAGE, BENJAMIN England, fl.1823-26?, MIM Hydrometer with Proof Rule = WHI. made Dicas' hydrometer; also appears as Gammage; son-in-law of and successor to J. Dicas; wrote a leaflet on hydrometers; T.C. 17 (or 11) Clarence Street, Liverpool; 17 Beaumont Street, Windsor. Taylor 2(1565); Calvert 2; Bryden 9.
GAMAGE, PHILIP England, c.1694, MIM apprenticed to Peter Collins of the Clockmakers' Company on July 2, 1694. J. Brown 3.
GAMBEY France, c.1840, MIM Altitude and Azimuth Instrument = Baily Sale 4/25/1845; Borda Circles = MYS and AMST. surely Henri-Prudence Gambey; the MYS instrument is marked "No. 12"; the Baily instrument was misread as "Gambay." Paris. Mörzer Bruyns 1; Preuss and Treworgy; Chaldecott 3; RGO; RSW.
GAMBEY, HENRI-PRUDENCE France, 1787-1847, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Sextants = SPI-2774, USNM, CNAM, Dipping Circle = Magnetic Observatory, Dublin; Borda Circles = USNM, Maritime Museum, Horten, Norway (No.123); Heliostat = USNM; Magnetometer = USNM; Dividing Engines = CNAM; Theodolites = CNAM, BRO; Artificial Horizon = CNAM; Rules = CNAM; Balance, small = Gersaint 7/20/96. Georges Oberhauser worked with him, 1815; Académie des Sciences, 1837. St. Denis, Paris. Daumas 1; Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; USNM; Taylor 2(2133); DSB; J.A. Bennett 2; Darius 4; RSW.
GANDOLA, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 12 Little Saffron Hill, London. Goodison 1.
GANDOLFI, V. France, fl.1795-1822, PHIM Weights = CNAM; Weight = Drouot Richelieu 4/28/88. quai de la Monnaie; 11, du quai Conti; both in Paris. Destombes 4; Cons. Nat'l 1; RSW.
GANGUZZA, GIROLAMO Italy, MIM Polyhedral Sundial = Villa Giulia, Palermo. Gatty.
GANSER, GEORG, DER JUNGERE Austria, MIM Instrument = TIM. Vienna. RSW.
GANTHONY, RICHARD England, fl.1794-1828, PHIM Wheel Barometers = P-B 12/3/48, X. X is signed "Ganthony London." London. RSW.
GANTLETT, R. England, 19th Century, PHIM Stick Barometer with Thermometer = Soth.-Bearne 4/4/78. Calne. RSW.
GAPP, C.S. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
GARAT France, c.1855, PHIM Balance = CNAM. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
GARDAM England; USA, c.1860, SIM Miner's Dial = D.(1994). probably W. Gardam; see W. Gardam and Son. Leeds. Garcelon 33.
GARDAM, W., AND SON USA, c.1880, MIM Miner's Compass = D.(1991). see Gardam. 96 John Street, New York. Gemmary III.
GARDE, ABRAHAM DE LA France, fl.1588-1621, MIM Sundials in the back covers of watches = Soth. 5/27/54, 12/9/68, and Christie 5/6/69. son of Jacques de la Garde. Paris (1591 and 1621); Blois (1600). Britten; RSW.
GARDE, JACQUES DE LA France, fl.1551-65, MIM Armillary Clock = BM. may have made terestrial globe in Weil 2(29) and in Soth. 10/17/60 sale. Blois. Weil 2(29); Price 3; RSW.
GARDEN England, fl.1812-16, PHIM see Accum and Garden. London. RSW.
GARDEN, ALEXANDER England, c.1800, PHIM partner of Fredrick Accum; made and sold chemical and philosophical apparatus. Old Compton Street, Soho, London. G. L'E. Turner 24; Clarke et al.
GARDENER 1 Scotland, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometer = D.(1965). may be Gardner 5. Glasgow. RSW.
GARDENER 2 see Gardner; see Gardiner. RSW.
GARDENER AND CO. variant spelling for Gardner and Co. Morrison-Low 1.
GARDENERS variant spelling for Gardners. Morrison-Low 1.
GARDINER 1 Scotland, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometers = D.(1975), Soth.-S 10/19/89 (satinwood and ivory). Glasgow. RSW.
GARDINER 2 variant spelling for Gardner. Morrison-Low 1.
GARDINER, HENRY L. Ireland, fl.1807-19, MIM also made clocks and watches. Fennell.
GARDINER, JAMES England, see James Gardner. J. Brown 1.
GARDINER, PATRICK see Patrick Gardner. Bell 2.
GARDNER 1 Scotland, c.1770, NIM Octants = NMM, PEA; Hadley's Quadrant = Mercer Museum, Pa. Glasgow. Taylor 2(1860); Brewington 1; NMM 2; RSW.
GARDNER 2 USA, fl.1823-50, MIM Pair of Globes = Winterthur Museum, Del.; Celestial Globe, 1823 = D.(1972); Terrestrial Globe, 1823 = ESS. "Gardners's Twelve-Inch Globe", published by Cummings, Hilliard and Co., Boston, Mass.; James W. Gardner, which see. Boston, Mass. Yonge; Moskowitz 104.
GARDNER 3 Scotland, 1830, OIM Microscope = Cranbrook Institute of Science, Mich. Science, Mich. Glasgow. USNM; RSW.
GARDNER 4 Scotland, pre-1840, NIM Quadrant =X. used on whaler "Progress" in 1840. Glasgow. USNM; RSW.
GARDNER 5 Scotland, PHIM Stick Barometer and Thermometer = X; Stick Barometer = Soth. 10/22/87. probably Gardner and Co. Glasgow. Goodison 1; RSW.
GARDNER 6 Ireland, MIM NIM OIM Hadley's Quadrant = D.(1973). T.C. shows telescopes, quadrants, compasses; watch and clock- maker. 57 High Street, Belfast. RSW.
GARDNER 7 see McGregor and Gardner. Taylor 2(1934).
GARDNER AND CO. 1 Scotland, fl.1837-83, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Telescopes = FRK (4) = RSM, Christie-SK 4/14/89, D.(1972); Surveyor's Compasses = D.(1971 and 1982); Stick Barometers = X, Christie 4/28/82; Surveyor's Levels, = WHI, D.(1972)(1850); Miner's Dials = Soth. 4/7/82, FRK = RSM; Levels = WHI, FRK = RSM; Plotting Protractor = FRK = RSM; Microscope = FRK = RSM; Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 1/27/89. succeeded M. Gardner and Co.; Christie stick barometer is signed "Gardener and Co"; T.C., "established 1765." 44 Glassford Street (1837-38); 21 Buchanan Street, seventh shop from Argyle Street (1839-60); 53 Buchanan Street (1860-83); 53 Vincent Street (1883); all in Glasgow. Bryden 3; Frank; Goodison 1; Moskowitz 102; J.A. Bennett 2; Clarke et al; RSW.
GARDNER AND CO. 2 Scotland, fl.1891-1920, firm run by Thomas Rankine Gardner 2 after the breakup of Gardner and Lyle. 53 St. Vincent Street (1891-99); 36 and 40 West Mile (or Nile) Street 1899-1920; both in Glasgow. Clarke et al.; WEBDB
GARDNER AND LAURIE Scotland, fl.1792-98, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Octant = FRK = RSM. John Gardner 1 and James Laurie. Corner of Bell's Wynd (1792), Glasgow. Bryden 3; Clarke et al.
GARDNER AND LYLE Scotland, fl.1883-91, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Thomas Rankine Gardner 2 and James Lyle. Glasgow. Clarke et al.
GARDNER AND NEILL Ireland, fl.1809-18, NIM OIM Microscope, Martin-type = Soth. 5/20/74; Octant = Natural Philosophy Coll., Glasgow. Belfast. Morrison-Low and Burnett; RSW.
GARDNER OF GLASGOW Scotland, to 1921, MIM Taylor 2(592).
GARDNER'S Scotland, post-1818, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = Soth. 4/22/65. signed "Gardner's Successors to J. and J. Gardner"; may be misreading for Gardners. 43 Bell Street, Glasgow. RSW.
GARDNER, HENRY Ireland, fl.1809-35, MIM OIM succeeded Job Rider in 1809; worked with R. Neill, 1809-18; watch and clock maker. 27 High Street (1809); 65 High Street (1819-20); 57 High Street (1824-35); all in Belfast. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
GARDNER, J. AND J. Scotland, fl.1799-1818, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Stick Barometers = D.(1973), X(2), D.(1975), Phillips 12/12/89, Christie-SK 9/11/86; Circumferentor = RSM; Hadley's Quadrant = OMM. opticians; John Gardner 1 and John Gardner 2, his son, founded firm; became Gardner, Jamieson and Co. in 1820. Bell Street (1799-1801); 43 Bell Street (1803-18); both in Glasgow. Goodison 1; Bryden 3; Clarke et al; RSW.
GARDNER, J. AND S. misreading for J. and J. Gardner. Phillips 12/12/89.
GARDNER, JAMES England, fl.1791-1830, MIM PHIM Instruments = NMM, KEN. apprenticed to Samuel Browning 1 of the Grocers' Company on Sept. 4, 1783; free of the Company, Jan. 6, 1791; also appears as Gardiner; probably succeeded by William Gardner 1. Meeting House Alley; 5 Somerset Place, Whitechapel; Princes Place, Cannon Street, New Road, St. George-in-the-East (1803); Wellclose Lane (1807); all in London. J. Brown 1 and 2; Taylor 2(1859).
GARDNER, JAMES P. USA, 1846, MIM awarded a diploma at Fair of American Institute, Oct. 1846 for a sundial; W.A. Platt was his agent. Columbus, Ohio. USNM.
GARDNER, JAMES W. USA, fl.1825-30, MIM designed celestial and terrestrial globes; see Gardner 2. Boston, Mass. Yonge.
GARDNER, JAMIESON AND CO. see Gardners, Jamieson and Co. Clarke et al.
GARDNER, JOHN 1 Scotland, 1734-1822, MIM OIM PHIM Coin Balance = Soth. 6/16/75. journeyman for James Watts, 1769; land surveyor; founded firm of J. and J. Gardner, which see; made an "improved Bradford static balance". Crawford's Land, Bell's Wynd, Glasgow (1773-90). Bryden 3; Goodison 1; Clarke et al.
GARDNER, JOHN 2 Scotland, 1765-1818, MIM OIM PHIM son of John Gardner 1; partner with him as J. and J. Gardner, 1799-1818. Glasgow. Clarke et al.
GARDNER, JOHN 3 Scotland, fl.1820-28, MIM Sundial, 1821 = Pitcon, Dalry. listed in directories as "John Gardner Younger" with J. and J. Gardner; may have made the above sundial. Ayton Court, Glasgow. Bryden 3; Clarke et al.
GARDNER, JOHN 4 Scotland, fl.1787-1823, MIM designed celestial globes; first appeared in the 1787 directory. Glasgow. Moskowitz 102.
GARDNER, M. AND C. surely misreading for M. Gardner and Co. Taylor 2(1860).
GARDNER, M., AND CO. Scotland, c.1821, MIM OIM PHIM John Gardner 1 and Margaret Rankine Gardner; succeeded Gardners, Jamieson and Co.,1821; became M. Gardner and Sons, 1822-37; then Gardner and Co., 1833-83; made barometers. 43 Bell Street (1823-25); 92 Bell Street (1826-32); 44 Glassford Street (1832-37); all in Glasgow. Bryden 3; Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1860); Clarke et al.
GARDNER, M., AND SONS Scotland, fl.1822-37), MIM OIM PHIM Margaret Rankine Gardner, Thomas Rankine Gardner 1 and William Gardner 2; made barometers; succeeded M. Gardner and Co. and were succeeded by Gardner and Co., which see. 43 Bell Street (1824-25); 92 Bell Street (1826-32); both in Glasgow. Bryden 3; Goodison 1; Clarke et al.
GARDNER, MARGARET RANKINE Scotland, fl.1819-49, MIM OIM PHIM widow of John Gardner 2; in firm of Gardners, Jamieson and Co., 1819-21 and in M. Gardner and Sons, 1822-37. Glasgow. Clarke et al.
GARDNER, PATRICK Scotland, c.1812, MIM apprenticed, 1779; free of the Clockmakers' Company, 1812; watch and clockmaker. Perth (pre-1800); Edinburgh (1800-1812). Bell 2; T. Smith; Clarke et al.
GARDNER, ROBERT Scotland; England, fl.1850-92, MIM PHIM member of the family "Gardner of Glasgow" (not mentioned by Clarke et al); chronometer maker to the Admiralty and to the Council of State for India and also to the Italian Goverment; grandfather of Malcolm Gardner the late bookseller. Glasgow (-1885); Lloyd's Square, London (1892). USNM; Clarke et al.
GARDNER, T. AND T. Scotland, c.1830, MIM Sighting Compass = P.C.(1987). misreading for T.R. Gardner? Glasgow. RSW.
GARDNER, THOMAS RANKINE 1 Scotland, c.1805-84, MIM OIM PHIM Clinometer = RSM. grand-son of John Gardner 1; son of John (2) and Margaret Rankine Gardner; partner first in M. Gardner and Sons and then in Gardner and Co. 1; "Optician to the Queen." Glasgow. Clarke et al; RSW.
GARDNER, THOMAS RANKINE 2 Scotland, fl.1883-1920, MIM OIM PHIM great-grandson of John Gardner 1; grandson of John Gardner 2 and Margaret Rankine Gardner; son of Thomas Rankine Gardner 1; in Gardner and Co. 1 before 1883; partner with James Lyle as Gardner and Lyle, 1883-91; firm then became Gardner and Co. 2. 53 St. Vincent Street (1883-99); 36 and 40 West Mile (or Nile) Road (1899-1920); both in Glasgow. Clarke et al.; WEBDB
GARDNER, WILLIAM 1 England, c.1814, MIM apprenticed to James Gardner of the Grocers' Company on Oct. 6, 1814. J. Brown 2.
GARDNER, WILLIAM 2 Scotland, 1809-75, MIM OIM PHIM Sector, ivory = Chevau-Légers 2/28/82; Clinometer = RSM. grandson of John Gardner 1; son of Margaret Rankine and John Gardner (2); partner in M. Gardner and Sons and later, in Gardner and Co.; worked independently, 1846 on; sector signed "W. Gardner." 3 Royal Bank Place (1846-55); 56 Gordon Street (1856-61); 134 Buchanan Street (1862-64); all in Glasgow. Bryden 3; Morrison-Low; RSW.
GARDNERS Scotland, c.1822, OIM PHIM Stick Barometer = X. opticians; succeeded Gardners, Jamieson and Co.; succeeded by M. Gardner and Co.; barometer signed "Gardeners". 43 Bell Street, Glasgow. Goodison 1; Clarke et al; RSW.
GARDNERS AND CO. Scotland, 19th Century, MIM SIM name on trade card in theodolite case; Gardner and Co. 1 or 2. Glasgow. Soth. 12/18/80.
GARDNERS, JAMIESON AND CO. Scotland, fl.1819-21, MIM OIM PHIM probably John Gardner 1, Margaret Rankine Gardner and Robert Jamieson, which see; succeeded J. and J. Gardner, and became M. Gardner and Co. in 1821. 43 Bell Street, Glasgow (1820-22). Bryden 3; Goodison 1; Clarke et al.
GAREZONI see Garzoni. Bell 2.
GARGORY 1 England, c.1820, MIM Protractor = D.(1975). different hand from that of James Gargory of Birmingham. London. RSW.
GARGORY 2 England, c.1850, MIM SIM Compass, folding sights = Christies 11/11/70; Theodolite = Soth. 12/15/78. surely James Gargory. Bull Street, Birmingham. RSW.
GARGORY, JAMES England, fl.1835-56, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Protractors = Christie-SK 7/10/80/, D.(1975), D.(1985), Birmingham Museum of Science and Industry; Instrument = KEN; Miner's Dials = X, Soth.-Chester 6/26/85; Sector, ivory = D.(1977); Surveyor's Compasses = Soth. 12/13/65, Soth.-B. 4/7/82; Wheel Barometers = X; Stick Barometer = Capes Dunn 10/21/97; Surveyor's Level = DeLuca 8/1/87; Mining Compass = P.C.(1987). signed "James or J. Gargory." 41 Bull Street (1835); 5 Bull Street (1850-56); both in Birmingham; also in Wolverhampton. Taylor 2(1861); Goodison 2; Giordano 1; Bryden 9; RSW; Coffeen 10; ATG 10/18/97.
GARNER, WILLIAM England, fl.1732-37, NIM Davis Quadrants = PMM (1732), NMM S.119 (1734), NMM S161 (1737) (on loan to the American Museum, Bath). apprenticed to John Henshaw of the Clockmakers' Company on June 18, 1713; quadrants made for George Ramsey, Oliver Thompson and Thomas White respectively. Taylor 2(261); NMM 2; J. Brown 3; Daumas 1; RSW.
GARNIER, PAUL, SR. France, c.1830, MIM clockmaker; finished a planetarium by Raingo. Paris. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
GAROF, P. Scotland, c.1775, PHIM Stick Barometer = Phillips 5/7/93. Edinburgh. ATG 5/1/93.
GAROUSTE, DE LA France, 17th Century, OIM constructed burning glasses. Spargo 1.
GARRARD, JOHN England, c.1811, a cooper; son of Thomas Garrard 1; free of the Grocers' Company by Patrimony on April 4, 1811. J. Brown 1.
GARRARD, SAMUEL England, c.1803, apprenticed to his father, Thomas Garrard 1, of the Grocers' Company on June 2, 1803; by then Thomas Garrard 1 was listed as wine and brandy merchant at old address. J. Brown 1.
GARRARD, THOMAS 1 England, fl.1781-pre-1811, MIM apprenticed to Richard Rust of the Grocers' Company in 1770; free of the Company, 1781; took apprentices; by 1803 was listed as a wine and brandy merchant at same address. Old Gravel Lane, Ratcliffe Highway (1781); 174 Ratcliffe Highway (1795); both in London. J. Brown 1.
GARRARD, THOMAS 2 England, fl.1801-, MIM apprenticed to his father, Thomas Garrard 1, of the Grocers' Company on Feb. 5, 1795; free of the Company, Oct. 1, 1801. Ratcliffe Highway, London. J. Brown 1.
GARRARD, WILLIAM England, fl.1781-1808, MIM T.C.; invented and patented an altimeter; author; successor to J. Bettesworth with the same London address. The Naval Academy, Ormond House, Paridise Row, Chelsea, London; Newington, Surrey. Taylor 2(838); NMM 2.
GARRETT see Booth, Garrett and Blair USNM.
GARTH England, NIM Sextant = MAN-124. probably Richard Garth. London. Garcia Franco 1.
GARTH, RICHARD England, fl.1800-17, MIM NIM Mathematical Instrument = KEN. 376 Rotherhithe Wall (1800); Rotherhithe Street (1817); both in London. Taylor 2(1129).
GARTNER, ANDREAS Germany, 1654-1727, MIM PHIM Double Burning Glass = DRE; Illuminated Mirror = DRE. also made clocks; author. Dresden. Grötzch 2; Drechsler 2; Zinner 1; RSW.
GARUGHI see Carugi. Bell 2.
GARY France, c.1792, MIM NIM Protractor = Musée Carnavalet; Sectors = P. and S. 4/3/1894, WRAY; Graphometer = MAS; Butterfield-type Sundials = STR, BM; Instrument Set = Soth. 11/30/59; Compass = P-B 9/24/38; Dividers = D.(1975). Paris. Daumas 1; Michel 3; Evans 1; Price 3; Ward 4; RSW.
GARZONI England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 5/18/89. Canterbury. Bell 2; RSW.
GARZONUS, F.C.M. Italy, 1697, MIM Skaphe Dial, 1697 = Evans Coll. also marked "Carm F. Taurini." Turin. Evans 1.
GASCOIGNE, RICHARD England, c.1710, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Feilder of the Clockmakers' Company on June 5, 1710. J. Brown 3.
GASCOIGNE, WILLIAM England, 1612-38, OIM invented a micrometer for telescopes in 1638; may have been the first to put telescopic sights on a quadrant. Middleton, Yorkshire; London. Taylor 1(176); DNB; Wynter and Turner; Nachet; Dewhirst; Daumas 1; Goldschmidt 70.
GASKIN, GEORGE AUGUSTUS SAMUEL England, c.1802, MIM OIM his father was an optician; apprenticed to James Clarke 1 of the Grocers' Company, May 6, 1802; made speculum metal mirrors. London. J. Brown 1; Clarke et al.
GASKIN, JOHN England, b.1785, MIM assisted by Charles Graham; he was also a weaver. Penrith. Bryden 9.
GASPAR A MIRICA see Gaspar van der Heyden. A.J. Turner 10.
GASPARD France, 1753, MIM Table Sundial, 1753 = Musée Lorrain, Nancy; Mechanical Equatorial Sundials = D.(1985?), TIM. signed "Gaspard Tourner du Roy à Lunéville"; mechanical sundials almost identical to those of Gaspard Hommer, which see. rue de Viller, Lunéville. Michel 3 and 14; RSW; Coffeen 55.
GASPART, JOSE Portugal, c.1700, MIM Equatorial Sundial = Evans Coll. Lisbon. Evans 1; USNM.
GASTEIGER, HANS Germany, 1562, MIM Astrolabe clock, 1562 = Coll. Pringsheim, Munich. Gunther-327; reproduction at OXF. Munich. Gunther 1; Michel 2; Baillie 1; Neumann 1.
GASTI, GIOVANNI Italy, 16th Century, MIM Sundial = Drecker-210. Florence. RSW.
GATH, T. England, c.1850, PHIM Barometer = Soth. 7/3/70; Stick Barometer = Christie-SK 6/24/88. Small Street, Bristol. RSW.
GATINI see Copini, Gatini. Goodison 1.
GATLIN England, pre-1714, PHIM Barometer = D.(1968). RSW.
GATTELIE(R) see Gratellie.
GATTEY, FRANCOIS France, fl. 1798-1822, MIM François Gattey; invented a printed card slide rule in 1798 and called it "Cadran Logarithmique"; changed name to "Arithmographe" in 1810. Delehar 9.
GATTEY, HENRY England; USA, fl.1797-1827, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Quadrant = MYS. T.C. in W. and S. Jones orrery at VCW; another T.C. is in French and English; artist; quadrant signed "H. Gattey." 274 Water Street (1797-98); 207 North Water Street near Beek'n Slip (1814-27); both in New York, N.Y. USNM; Bedini 8; D.J. Warner 10; Yonge; RSW.
GATTI, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Phillips 2/22/77. Reading. RSW.
GATTI, CHARLES England, fl.1817-22, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X. spelled Gattie in directories; also Gatty. 89 Leather Lane, Holborn, London. Goodison 1; Bell 2.
GATTI, T. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 53 Gray's Inn Lane, London. Goodison 1.
GATTY 1 England, PHIM Barometer = Soth. 7/31/70. London. RSW.
GATTY 2 see Bapt. Ronchetti and James Gatty. RSW.
GATTY 3 see Gatti. RSW.
GATTY AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
GATTY AND READING England, c.1780, PHIM Stick Barometer = Christie 4/19/78. probably a misreading for Gatty at Reading. RSW.
GATTY, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Fish Lane, London. Goodison 1.
GATTY, ANDREW Ireland, fl.1796-1824, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 18 Fishamble Street (1796-98); Smock Alley (1799, 1815-17, 1819); 34 Fishamble Street (1821-22); 7 Smock Alley (1823-24); all in Dublin. Bryden 9; Morrison-Low and Burnett.
GATTY, ANTHONY England, c.1780, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, VNN; Wheel Barometer = Soth. 7/16/76. sometimes signed "A. Gatty". Royal Oak, Fisher Row, Reading. Goodison 1; Bell 2; RSW.
GATTY, ANTHONY, AND CO. England, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometers = Phillips 9/10/86, Christie-SK 10/20/89. also made thermometers. Royal Oak, Fishers Row, Reading. Bell 2; RSW.
GATTY, B. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Reading. Goodison 1.
GATTY, D. 1 England, c.1820, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 7/21/87. barometer signed "Gatty Lewis." Lewis. Goodison 1; RSW.
GATTY, D. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Reading. Goodison 1.
GATTY, DOMCO England, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, Christie 1/26/90. probably Dominico Gatty. London. Goodison 1; RSW.
GATTY, DOMINIC, AND CO. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Bourne Auction, Mass. 2/11/81. London. Maine Digest, May 1981.
GATTY, DOMINICO England, c.1826, PHIM barometer maker. 111 Broad Street, Reading. Goodison 1.
GATTY, J., AND MALORIDA England, PHIM barometer makers; probably James Gatty. Holborn, London. Bell 2.
GATTY, JAMES England, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometers = K. and C. 9/20/71, Soth. 12/17/87, Christie-SK 9/23/88, City of Gloucester Museum, X; Wheel Barometers = D.(1973), Soth. 6/27/88, P.C., Stock Exchange, London; Double Barometers = P.C., City of Gloucester Museum, Goodison. Soth. 6/27/88 has address of "237 High Holborn"; see Ronchetti and Gatty. 130 High Holborn, London. Goodison 1 and 5; Bell 2; RSW.
GATTY, JOHN England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Manchester. Goodison 1.
GATTY, JOSEPH 1 Italy; USA, fl.1794-1800, PHIM Maximum-minimum Thermometer = Mt. Vernon, Va. bulbs missing; made barometers and philosophical instruments as well. 39 Pearl Street, New York City (1794); 79 South Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa. (1796-1800). Bedini 1 and 8; Middleton 1; Gillingham 1; USNM; Bell 2; D.J. Warner 5.
GATTY, JOSEPH 2 Ireland, fl.1801-14, PHIM Stick Barometer = D.(1981). printed paper dial face; also made thermometers. 1 Smock Alley (1801-07); 25 Fishamble Street (1808); 1 Smock Alley (1809-14); all in Dublin. Bryden 9; Morrison-Low and Burnett; RSW.
GATTY, JOSH England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
GATWARD, J. England, MIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. T.C.; sundial, clock and watch maker. Saffron Walden. Goodison 1; Crawforth 1.
GAUDIN, MARK-ANTOINE-AUGUSTE France, fl.1804-45, OIM Microscope = NAC. designed a microscope with rock crystal lenses; Pipping says that c.1870 is closer. Paris. Pipping 1; Nachet; RSW.
GAUDRON France, 1674, PHIM Barometer = KAS. made air pumps; clockmaker. Faubourg Saint-Germain, rue Mazarine, Paris. Daumas 1; Estreicher 1; Middleton 1.
GAUPP AND CO. China, PHIM Aneroid Barometer = D.(1984). Hong Kong. Moskowitz 126.
GAUSS, KARL FRIEDRICH Germany, 1777-1855, invented a heliotrope and a bifilar magnetometer; author, mathematician and astronomer. Gottingen. DSB.
GAUTRAU France, fl.1780-1820, NIM PHIM Marine Barometer = NMM-MT/BM.1; Compass = X. Rochefort. NMM 2; A.J.Turner X.
GAVARD, ADRIEN France, c.1840, MIM Heliographs = CNAM; Pantograph = D; Drafting Machine = D.(1987). "Eseur du Dépôt général de la Guerre"; drafting machine marked "Par Brevet d'Iven"; patented a "perspectographe", a perspective machine. 6 rue Ventadour; Quai des Orfèvres, 70; both in Paris. USNM; Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; Coffeen 15; Delehar 7.
GAY, THOMAS 1 England, fl.1676-90, OIM son of Richard Gay; apprenticed to Joseph Howe in the Spectaclemakers' Company; free of the Company, 1676; took one apprentice. Golden Spectacles, near Sun Tavern, behind Royal Exchange, London. J. Brown 1; Robischon.
GAY, THOMAS 2 England, fl.1690-1733, OIM PHIM Barometer = X. apprenticed to Thomas Gay 1 in the Spectaclemakes' Company; free of the Company in 1690; took Matthew Loft and William Eastland 1 as apprentices; Master of the Company, 1718-20. Archimedes and Spectacles, near Sun Tavern, Royal Exchange, London. Taylor 1(327), 2(43); J. Brown 1; Goodison 1; Evans 1; Clay and Court; Court and von Rohr 3(37); Robischon.
GAY-LUSSAC, JOSEPH LOUIS France, 1778-1850, PHIM scientist, worked on the thermal expansion of gases, devised a new form of barometer. Middleton 1 and 4; G. L'E. Turner 24.
GAYDE France, c.1750, OIM Telescope = X. optician to the king. Paris. Daumas 1.
GAZULUS, JOHANNES Dalmatia, 1462, MIM Ragusa. Ameisenowa.
GEARING, FRANCIS England, c.1751, apprenticed to John Farmer 2 in the Joiners' Company onOct. 15, 1751; probably related to Richard Gearing, which see. Crawforth 7.
GEARING, RICHARD England, fl.1730-70, MIM nephew and successor to John Farmer 2; T.C.; "Rule Maker"; worked in brass, ivory and boxwood; used the same trade card pattern as Fisher Combes. The Quadrant, without Newgate, facing the Old Bailey; at No. 2 Horse-shoe Court, Cook Lane, West Smithfield (after 1764); both in London. Taylor 2(179); Clay and Court; Crawforth 1.
GEARY, FRANCIS Ireland, fl.1805-12, OIM instrument maker; optician. Paul Street, Cork. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
GEBE see Hans Göbe. Zinner 1.
GEBHARD, HANS Germany, 1568, MIM Sundial on finger ring = LIE. surely not the same as Johann Gebhard. Zinner 1; RSW.
GEBHARD, HEINRICH Germany, 1602-61, MIM Astrolabe Clock = STU. Strassburg. Himmerlein 2.
GEBHARD, JOHANNE Germany, fl.1538-68, MIM Diptych Sundials, ivory, = ADL-DPW21 (1546), HAK (1547), D. (1548), UTO (1550) 11/2/76, WHI (FIT) (1556), PRA (1557), EMA (1557), FIN (1557) = Soth. 7/23/62, OXF (1561), THO, ADL-T54, Ethnological Museum, Lisbon. punchmark is a six-pointed star, sometimes between "H.G."; see "H.G." (2); Lisbon instrument is upper half only; he was burger in 1538. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Michel 1 and 3; Bryden 16; Evans 1; Tomlinson 1; Gouk 1; Coffeen 46; ADL; RSW.
GEBHARDT, JOHAN c.1900, Inclinable Sundial = ADL-T4. modern work. Tomlinson 1; ADL; RSW.
GEBHART, HANS see Johann Gebhard.
GEBLER, JOH. CHRIST. c.1750, MIM Rule = MLL; Trigonometria Anarithmetica = DRE. RSW.
GEDDA, PETER NICLAS VON Sweden, 1737-1814, MIM physicist; skilled amateur instrument maker. Pipping 1.
GEERTS, DION Belgium, c.1700, MIM Universal Equatorial Sundial = CZJ; Universal Equatorial Sundial in book-form = MERC-139 = McVitty Coll.; Universal Ring Sundial = Libert et Castor Auction, 4/28/82. Brussels. Hamilton 1 and 2; RSW.
GEHLER see Gebler.
GEISER, DAVIDE Italy, c.1840, PHIM Thrmometer, bimetallic = U. of Pavia Museum. Milan. Brenni 1.
GEISLER, J.G. Germany, 1798, MIM Globe on clock, 1798 = Feill Coll. Sale, 1955. RSW.
GEISSLER Germany, c.1840, PHIM Barometer = FLO. Bonn. Middleton 1.
GEISSLER, W. Holland, fl.1846-50, PHIM Psychrometer, 1846 = RIJ; Hydrometers = Auctions, 1906 & 1910. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2.
GELB, JOHAN WOLFGANG Germany, 1599-1632+, MIM SIM Artillery Alidade with Inclinometer = Soth. 2/26/62 = USNM. accepted into the Guild of Smiths as a small clockmaker in 1625; last child born in 1632; instrument signed "Johan Wolf Gelb me fecit Ulm." Ulm. Bedini 4; Price 2; RSW.
GELDER, BEERT JOHANNES Holland, d.1828, MIM OIM PHIM made sundials, microscopes, telescopes, barometers, thermometers, and clocks; father of Rinse Beerts Gelder. Hallum; Beetgum. Rooseboom 1.
GELDER, RINSE BEERTS Holland, 1794-1857, MIM OIM Compass, pocket = Frisian Marine Museum, Leeuwarden. son of Beerts Johannes Gelder; made telescopes; clockmaker. Beetgum; Menaldum. Rooseboom 1; Mörzer Bruyns 2.
GELIN, E. France, 1603, MIM Sundial, slate, 1603 = P.C.(1964). Vallo (Vallon?). Ant. Hor. Soc. Exhib., 1964.
GELLIBRAND, HENRY England, 1597-1636, MIM Wall Sundial = Library, Trinity College, Oxford. author; designed instruments; wrote on magnetic deviation. London; Oxford; London. Taylor 1(138); Evans 1; DNB; DSB.
GEMINI, THOMAS Belgium; England, fl.1542-62, MIM Astrolabes = BMR (1552, ICA-450), OXF (1559, ICA-575), FLO (ICA-489), P.C. (ICA-3111), BMR (ICA-3112). family name was"Thomas Lambrit"; member of the Stationers' Company; may have worked in Gemma Frisius' workshop; ICA-450 may be one that is now in the Brussals Observatory in Uccle (1988). Lixhe; Flanders; London. Zinner 1; Taylor 1(2); Michel 1, 2, 6, 8, and 10; Gunther 1 and 5; Rooseboom 1; Maddison 1; DNB; DSB; Price 1; ICA 2; J. Brown 3; A.J. Turner 10; Darius 4; RSW.
GEMINUS, ANTHONIO Italy; Switzerland, 1589, MIM Sundial and Nocturnal, 1589 = OXF. Rome; Geneva. Evans 1; Morpurgo 1; Baillie 1.
GEMMA FRISIUS, RAINER Belgium, 1508-55, MIM Celestial Globes, 1537 = Zerbst Schlossmuseum, NMM. doctor; mathematician; teacher at the U. of Louvain; uncle of the Arsenius brothers; invented the radio astronomico; Zerbst globe signed "Faciebant Gemma Frisius medicus ac mathematicus, Gaspar a Myrica et Gerardus Mercator Rupelmundanus anno a partu virg 1537". name means "Gemma from Friesland"; pupil of Apianus. Louvain. Zinner 1; Van Ortroy 2; Maddison 1 and 2; Michel 2 and 3; DSB; Baillie 1; Taylor 4; NMM 2; De Smet 1 & 2; A.J. Turner 10.
GEMMA, CORNELIUS 1 Belgium, 1535-79, MIM Astrolabe, 1574 = HAK. son of Gemma Frisius; astronomer and mathematician; author. Louvain. Eckardt 1; Van Ortroy 2; Michel 3; Gunther 1; RSW.
GEMMA, CORNELIUS 2 Spain, 1630, MIM Astrolabe, wood, 1630 = MAS (ICA-472). Madrid. Garcia Franco 2; ICA 2; RSW.
GENAILLE France, c.1850, MIM Perpetual Calendar = CNAM. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
GENERAL, JACQUES misreading for Jacques Senecal. Mörzer Bruyns 1.
GENERINI, FRANCESCO Italy, 1593-1663, MIM OIM applied the telescope to mathematical instruments, c.1630; made a planisphere in 1645. Florence. Michel 3; Morpurgo 1.
GENNERT AND HOLZKE USA, c.1850, MIM SIM Wye Level = D.(1994). probably William Frederick Holske, which see. New York. Garcelon 33.
GENT, THOMAS England, c.1739, MIM apprenticed to John Tracy of the Grocers' Company on Oct. 10, 1739. London. J. Brown 1.
GEORGE 1 France, c.1750, MIM OIM Spy-Glasses = HAK, CNAM; Universal Ring Sundial = CNAM; Microscope = P.C.; Butterfield-type Sundials = NMM-D.120, P.and S. 2/28/1896 and 5/19/1896, Soth. 12/12/55, LIE, etc.; Sector = ADL-W125; Horizontal Sundial for 50°57' = Gersaint, La Rochelle 7/23/94; Equatorial Sundial = Soth. 12/12/55. "opticien de l'Academie Royale des Sciences." Quai de Conti; ci-devant rue Dauphine présentment Quay de Conty; both in Paris. Daumas 1; Gunther 2; Michel 1, 3 and 9; Hamilton 2; Evans 1; Tardy 3; ADL; RSW.
GEORGE 2 see Patton and George.
GEORGE FILS France, c.1800, OIM Microscopes = CNAM, Bernard Coll. probably the son of George 1. rue Dauphine, Paris. Daumas 1.
GEORGE, C. England, c.1834, MIM Dip Circle = NMM-DC.1. Falmouth. NMM 2.
GEORGE, RICHARD England, c.1709, MIM member of the Clockmakers' Company; took Bulmer Francis as an apprentice on Jan. 26, 1709; Francis was later turned over to Richard Hutchinson of the Company. J. Brown 3.
GEORGE, W. England, post-1834, NIM Dip Needle = KEN. introduced by R.V. Fox, 1834. RSW.
GEORGES France, pre-1770, OIM PHIM Microscope = Doucet Coll.; Telescopes = Bourlamaque Sale, 1770, CNAM; Balance = CNAM. is he George 1? sundial maker. Paris. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; Nachet.
GERARD France, c.1730, MIM Horizontal Sundial = D.(1976); Vertical Sundial = Koller 11/17/75. inscription on vertical dial reads "Inventé par Julien Le Roy de la Société des Arts. Fait par Gérard, Horloger à Sarrelouis". Sarrelouis. RSW.
GERARD, WILLIAM England, c.1850, NIM Sextants = PMS, P.C. T.C.; patented composite A.R.G. (PMS). Newtons Head, 36 South Castle Street, Liverpool. NMM; RSW.
GERBERT D'AURILLAC France, c. 930-1003, Pope Sylvester II; mathematician and astronomer; made several armillary spheres and an "oralogium", either a sundial or an astrolabe. Aurillac; Reims; Rome. Maddison 2; Michel 2; DSB.
GERBST Russia, c.1850, OIM Transit Instruments = Harvard Observatory, Swedish General Staff, etc. technician at Pulkova Observatory; made instruments there. Pulkova. Novoshanova.
GERECHT, MICHAEL Germany, fl.1574-80, MIM engraved calendars; examples at VIE etc. Zinner 1.
GERET France, c.1825, PHIM Stick Barometer = Chevau-Légers, 2/28/82-199 "opticien". Maçon. RSW.
GERHARDUS 1715, MIM Celestial Globe, 1715 = Stedkils Museum, Leyden. Grimaldi (809).
GERLACH, G. Poland, c.1816, MIM SIM Circumferentor; Surveyor's Compass; Calculating Machine; Rules; Drawing Instruments; Alidades; etc. all in the Technical Museum, Warsaw. Warsaw. Novokshanova; RSW.
GERLETTI Scotland, PHIM Barometers = X(2) and Soth. 12/10/81. Dominick or John Gerletti? Glasgow. Goodison 1; RSW.
GERLETTI, CHARLES Scotland, fl.1828-48, PHIM Barometer = D.(1972); Wheel Barometers = Soth. 2/4/77 = FRK = RSM, etc; Wheel Barometers = Soth. 12/5/85, etc. looking-glass manufacturer, dealer. 156 (1828-32), 153 (1833) and 145 (1834-39) Saltmarket; 10 Candlerigg Street (1840-48); all in Glasgow. John Bell; Clarke et al.
GERLETTI, DOMINICK Scotland, fl.1849-58, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-G 6/3/87. barometer maker; optician. 10 Candlerigg Street (1849-55); 24 Glassford Street (1855-57); 44 Trongate (1857-58); all in Glasgow. Goodison 1; Clarke et al; RSW.
GERLETTI, JOHN Scotland, fl.1853-58, PHIM perhaps son of Charles Gerletti; barometer maker. 95 Candlerigg Street (1853-54); 55 St. Enoch's Wynd (1854-58); both in Glasgow. Goodison 1; Clarke et al.
GERONIMO, B. England, PHIM Barometer = D.(1972). Bristol. John Bell.
GERONIMO, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
GERRARD England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Eldred 7/26/73. Liverpool RSW.
GERRARD ET CIE. France, PHIM Vacuum Pump = Christie 12/18/74. Paris. RSW.
GERRARD, ALEXANDER Scotland, 1855, MIM exhibited in the Paris Exposition of 1855. Aberdeen. Clarke et al.
GERRARD, W. England, NIM Octant = PMS; Sextants = MYS. "Patent Composite" stamped on ivory scale of octant; sometimes signed just "Gerrard." 35 South East Street, Liverpool. RSW.
GERRITSEN, CLAES Holland, c.1600, MIM NIM supplied compasses, sounding-lines and loadstones to van Neck's expedition. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
GERSON see Levi ben Gerson. Goldstein 1; DSB.
GERSTEN MIM Calculating Machine = DAR. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
GERVAIS France?, c.1780, MIM Armillary Sphere, Ptolemaic, cardboard = VCW. RSW.
GERVAISE France, fl.1730-50, MIM Garden Sundial, slate, 1733 = LIE. also made octagonal moondials. Ardennes. Michel 3 and 9.
GERVAISE, FELIX France, 1660, MIM added a string-gnomon sundial, silver, in 1660, to ADL-DPW18, an ivory diptych sundial by Jacques Senecal. ADL; RSW.
GESSLER, JOSEPH LEONHARDT Germany, 1752, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundial, 1752 = P.C. Wittistingen. RSW.
GESSNER, ABRAHAM Switzerland, 1521-1636, MIM SIM Globe Chalices, silver-gilt = BASH(1571), ZUS(1600), VIE, NOR; Drake's Cup, 1571 = City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth; Armillary Sphere = VIE. Zinner 1; Michel 3; RSW.
GESTRA, J., AND SCHENA England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Newport. Goodison 1.
GEWITSEN, AREIAN Holland, MIM Diptych Sundial = DRE-1926-5. Zinner 1.
GHETALDI, MARINO Dalmatia; Italy1566-1626, PHIM Burning Mirror, speculum metal = NMM-Barbarini Coll. mathematician. Ragusa (1566-?); Rome (?-1603); Ragusa (1603-26). NMM 2; DSB.
GIACOMINI, ANTONIO Italy, c.1820, NIM Quadrant = Garzolini Coll., Trieste. Belluno. Morpurgo 1.
GIAMIN, ANTONIUS Italy, fl.1591-99, MIM SIM Astrolabes = WHI (1592)(ICA-542), MERC-5 (1592) = P.C., ZUR (1599)(ICA-570); Radio Latino, 1591 = ADL-M117; Surveying Instrument = MUN; Pillar Sundial =DEU; Nocturnals, 1592 = ADL-M331, ROT, UTR, van Alfen Coll; Nocturnals = NMM (1596), van Alfen Coll. (1595). some of the nocturnals are very dubious; ADL-M331 is identical to a nocturnal by Gigli Mariotti at LOS. Rome. Engelmann 1; Michel 2 and 3; Price 1 and 5; ICA 2; Van Cittert; Morpurgo 1; Nachet; NMM 2; Hollands Glorie; Hamilton 1; ADL; RSW.
GIAMIN, IOANNIS France; Italy, c.1550, MIM Quadrans Vetus, iron = FLO. Bordeaux; Rome. Bonelli 1 and 5; Michel 2 and 3; Hahn; RSW.
GIAMINI, ANTON see Antonius Giamin. Michel 3.
GIANNA, L. England, c.1816, OIM PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2); Barometer = Henry Ford Museum, Mich. optician; often used Salop in place of Shrewsbury. Market Place, Shrewsbury. Goodison 1; RSW.
GIANNEL Italy, MIM Armillary Sphere = Ambrosiana Library, Milan. Bonelli 4.
GIANNOL, L. England, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometer = D.(1975). surely L. Gianna. Shrewsbury. RSW.
GIANO, C. England, PHIM barometer maker. Leather Lane, London. Bell 2.
GIBB, ISAAC England, c.1835, apprenticed to William Green 2 in the Joiners' Company, March 3, 1835. Crawforth 7.
GIBBS, BROS. USA, c.1850, PHIM Dynamometer = Illinois State Museum, Springfield. Canton, Ohio. USNM.
GIBBS, JAMES England, c.1789, apprenticed to Charles Card in the Joiners' Company on April 21, 1789. Crawforth 7.
GIBBS, ROBERT England, c.1731, MIM apprenticed to John Bellinger 2 of the Clockmakers' Company on April 15, 1731. J. Brown 3.
GIBBS, THOMAS England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = = X. Goodison 1.
GIBON France, c.1795, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1977). rue Richelieu, Paris. RSW.
GIBSON England, NIM Sextant = AND-11/13/24. North Shields. Clarke et al; RSW.
GIBSON, JOHN Scotland, d.1795, MIM OIM Solar Microscope = Soth. 11/15/71. microscope signed "Gibson Kelso"; sold telescopes to the Duke of Roxburgh, etc.; watch and clockmaker. Kelso. RSW.Taylor 2(973); Dewhirst; Bryden 3; T. Smith; Clarke et al.
GIBSON, LAWRENCE England, 1724, OIM free of the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1724. Crawforth 7.
GIERDELI, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 7 Brooks Market, (London?). Goodison 1.
GIESSING, JOHANN FRIEDRICH Germany, PHIM a turner; worked with Winckler to improve the electrical machine. Leipzig. Hackmann; A.J. Turner 10.
GIESTRA, I. England, PHIM barometer maker. Bell 2.
GIFFORD, A.G. New Zealand, NIM Sextant = FRK. Wellington. Frank; RSW.
GIFFORD, JAMES Scotland, 1679, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1679 = Lennoxlove, E. Lothian. thought to be carved by Gifford. West Linton. Somerville.
GIGLI, MARIOTTI Italy, 1591, MIM Nocturnal, 1591 = LOS. very similar to ADL-M331. Rome. ADL; RSW.
GILARDI, J. England, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth.-S 7/23/87, Christie-SK 5/15/96. possibly Gilardoni; X and Christie signed "Gilardi Bristol." Bristol. Goodison 1; RSW.
GILARDI, JOSEPH Italy, 1755, OIM Microscope Mounting = NAC. Milan. Nachet; RSW.
GILARDONI, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(3), 1975 Sales Cat., Bearne's 1/24/90. Bristol. Goodison 1; RSW.
GILARDONI, B. England, c.1816?, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2). Fore Street(?), Exeter. Goodison 1.
GILBERT 1 England, MIM NIM OIM PHIM instruments signed "Gilbert, London" were made by John Gilbert 1 or his descendants; they are difficult to distinguish except by style and/or date. Tower Hill; Ludgate Street; both in London. Moskowitz 103; Grötzsch 2; Taylor 2(178); Goodison 1; Coffeen C; RSW.
GILBERT 2 England, c.1813, MIM Protractor = P.C.; Gunner's Calipers = Evans Coll. mastermark is a heart with "EIC" inside and "4" above. Evans 1; RSW.
GILBERT 3 France, MIM OIM Butterfield-type Sundials = Christie 6/7/72 and 5/15/73; Microscope = CZJ. Paris. RSW.
GILBERT AND CO. England, fl.1794-1817, NIM OIM Octant = FIN; Hadley's Quadrant = VNN; Telescopes = D.(1974), D.(1986), X, Soth. 12/13/65, Soth.-B. 12/21/76, Phillips 2/15/89, NMM-O.201/63-22, Dukes County Historical Soc., Edgartown, Mass.; Microscope = Soth. 10/22/76; Solar Microscope = Soth. 3/25/86. William Gilbert 2 and one or more of his sons; Crawforth finds no record of this listing in the directories; Phillips telescope marked "Improved Sea Telescope"; T.C. reads "Improved Achromatic Sea Telescopes Made by Gilbert, Wright and Hooke. Opticians" plus address. 148 Leadenhall Street, London. Bell 2; Clay and Court; NMM 2; Moskowitz 109; Crawforth 6; Coffeen 12; RSW.
GILBERT AND GILKERSON England, fl.1793-1819, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Slide Rule, boxwood = Christie 5/26/76; Rule, boxwood, 1800 = OXF; Globe, 1806 = OXF; Stick Barometer = X; Octant = Christie 3/29/60; Telescopes = D.(1972), D.(1989), Christie -S.K. 2/8/79; Mining Dial = P.C.(1987); etc. William Gilbert 2 and James Gilkerson; later William Dormer Gilbert with Gikerson. Succeeded Gregory, Gilbert and Wright. 8 Postern Row, Tower Hill, London. Brown; Taylor 2(974); Goodison 1; Dewhirst ; Clay and Court ; Bell 2; Moskowitz 112; J. Brown 1; RSW.
GILBERT AND SON England, c.1810, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Octant = NMM-S.218; Telescope = MYS. William Gilbert 2 and William Dormer Gilbert. 148 Leadenhall Street, Navigation Warehouse, London. Taylor 2(839 & 1339); NMM 2; Moskowitz 111; RSW.
GILBERT AND SONS England, fl.1806-18, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Sector = P.C.; Universal Ring Sun Dials = Christie 4/3/74, Soth. 11/9/59; Hadley's Quadrant = Tait 11/22/1843; Pantograph = P.C.; Telescopes = MYS, D.(1976), Phillips 9/10/86; Stick Barometer = VNN. William Gilbert 2 and his sons, William Dormer Gilbert and Thomas Gilbert. 148 Leadenhall Street, London. J. Brown 1; Rinaldi Cat.; Bell 2; NMM 2; RSW.
GILBERT AND WRIGHT England, fl.1790-92, 1802-05, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Sextants = NMM-S.36 (1791), MYS, P-B 9/25/69, Gersaint, La Rochelle 7/20/96; Octant = MYS; Instrument = KEN; Telescopes = Soth. 10/15/73, DRE, CZO, D.(1974),(1978); Pantograph = Christie -SK 7/10/80; Dry Compass = NMM-C.11; Prospect Glass = D.(1978). first John Gilbert 2 and later William Gilbert 2 working with George Wright 2; sextants are marked "King's Patent"; sold Wright's new improved celestial globes. 148 Leadenhall Street, Navigation Warehouse, London. J. Brown 1; Price 2; Taylor 2(839); USNM; NMM 2; Moskowitz 109; Coffeen E; RSW.
GILBERT, BARBARA England, c.1752, widow of John Gilbert 1; turned over his apprentice, John Bartlett, to John Urings 2 of the Joiners' Company; turned over apprentice Joseph Hill to John Gilbert 2 in the Grocers' Company; both on March 18, 1752. J. Brown 1.
GILBERT, CHARLES England, c.1810, MIM apprenticed to his father, William Gilbert 2, in the Grocers' Company on May 5, 1803; turned over to James Savage of the Coachmakers' Company on June 2, 1803; free of the Grocers' Company on Sept. 5, 1810. London. J. Brown 1.
GILBERT, ED. England, 1778, NIM Octant, 1778 = MYS. made for Will Tillock, April 28, 1778. Tower Hill, London. USNM; RSW.
GILBERT, HENRY ROBERT England, c.1798, MIM apprenticed to his father, William Gilbert 2, of the Grocers' Company, 1798; did not finish. Tower Hill, London. J. Brown 1.
GILBERT, J. can be John Gilbert 1 or 2.
GILBERT, JOHN 1 England, fl.1717-52, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Backstaves = OXF (1745), NMM, KEN (1730); Sundial = NMM; Telescope = D.(1971). apprenticed to John Johnson 3 in the Grocers' Company, 1709 free of the Company in 1717; took apprentices; made Biester's "portatis" instrument; undated instruments could have been made by John Gilbert 1 or 2. Little Tower Hill (1717); Postern Row, Tower Hill (1718-52); both in London. J. Brown 1; Taylor 2(178); Brewington 1; Goodison 1; NMM 2; USNM; Moskowitz 102; Crawforth 7; RSW.
GILBERT, JOHN 2 England, 1744-91, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Backstaves = NMM (1755), Atwater Kent Museun, Philadelphia, Pa. (1770), P.C.(1774); Octants = PEA (1758, 1763, 1779), Soth. 12/3/76 (1764), NMM (1777), North Carolina State Archives (1759); Sextant, 1767 = Soth. 6/27/57); Telescopes = D.(1973) (1769), D.(1976); Cuff-type Microscope = OXF; etc. son of John Gilbert 1 of the Grocers'Company; apprenticed to him Oct. 4, 1737; free of the Grocers' Company Feb. 28, 1744; T.C.; see Gilbert and Wright. at the Mariner, Paternoster Road, Tower Hill (1763); 23 St. Paul's Churchyard, Ludgate Street (1776); 8 Postern Row, Tower Hill (1781); all in London. J. Brown 1; Taylor 2(595); Goodison 1; Bell 2; Moskowitz 112; NMM 2; Calvert 2; Brewington; USNM; Dewhirst; Crawforth 1; Court and von Rohr 3; OXF Exib. 1947; Clay and Court; RSW.
GILBERT, JOHN 3 England, fl.1771-91, MIM NIM OIM PHIM apprenticed to his father John Gilbert 2 of the Grocers' Company, April 3, 1764; free of the Company April 9, 1771; brother of William Gilbert 2. Tower Hill, London (1771). J. Brown 1.
GILBERT, M. AND T. England, NIM Sextant = Soth. 1/27/75. surely W. and T. Gilbert. London. RSW.
GILBERT, THOMAS England, fl.1809-31, MIM NIM OIM PHIM apprenticed to his father, William Gilbert 2, of the Grocers' Company in 1801; free of the Company in 1809; see W. and T. Gilbert; the "W" is William Dormer Gilbert, his brother; T.C. ; Leadenhall Street, London (1809). J. Brown 1 & 2; Taylor 2(839 & 1339); Bell 2; Crawforth 1.
GILBERT, W. AND J. misreading for W. and T. Gilbert. RSW.
GILBERT, W. AND S. England, c.1817, NIM Log = NMM-Lg.28. W. and T. Gilbert? London. NMM 2.
GILBERT, W. AND T. England, fl.1819-28, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Compass and Rule, silver case, 1826 = OXF; Vernier Protractor, 1827 = D.; Compasses = NMM (1838), NMM (7); Log Glasses = NMM; Telescopes = NMM, Soth. 5/12/75, Christie 4/14/89; Microscope = Soth. 3/19/73; Surveyor's Cross = D.(1977); Stick Barometer = Phillips 12/12/89; Sextant = Christie 12/16/69. William Dormer Gilbert and his brother, Thomas, sons of William Gilbert 2; "Mathematical Instrument Makers and Opticians to the Hon. East India Compy"; also made kaleidoscopes; went bankrupt in 1828. 148 Leadenhall Street, Navigation Warehouse, London. J. Brown 1; Taylor 2(839); Clay and Court; Moskowitz 111; Bell 2; NMM 2; Calvert 2; Dewhirst; Evans 1; Coffeen D; Crawforth 1; McConnell 4; RSW.
GILBERT, WILLIAM 1 England, 1540-1603, wrote the pioneering work on magnetism; designed a dip-needle; worked with Blundeville, Briggs and Edward Wright on the problems of navigation; physician. Colchester; Wingfield House, St. Peter's Hill, London (1596-97); Royal College of Physicians, London. Taylor 1(31); Dawson Cat.; DNB; DSB.
GILBERT, WILLIAM 2 England, fl.1776-1813, MIM NIM OIM PHIM apprenticed to his father, John Gilbert 2, July 4, 1769; turned over to Peter Dollond July 18, 1769; free of the Grocers' Conpany Aug. 1, 1776; admitted to the Spectaclemakers' Company Dec. 1, 1801 by Redemption; Master of the Spectaclemakers' Company 1807-09; see Gilbert and Wright, Gilbert and Son, Gilbert and Sons, Gilbert and Gilkerson, Gilbert and Co. Tower Hill (1776); Leadehall Street (1795-1803); both in London. J. Brown 1; Taylor 2(595); Brewington 1; Clay and Court; Moskowitz 109; Robischon.
GILBERT, WILLIAM DORMER England, fl.1802-33, MIM NIM OIM PHIM apprenticed to his father, William Gilbert 2 of the Grocers' Company on Nov. 5, 1795; free of the Grocers' Company Dec. 2, 1802; free of the Spectaclemakers' Company Oct. 6, 1813; succeeded his father Oct. 6, 1813; worked with his brother, Thomas as W. and T. Gilbert from 1819-31; worked alone 1832-33. 148 Leadenhall Street, London. J. Brown 1; Court and von Rohr 3(237).
GILBERT, WRIGHT AND HOOKE England, fl.1794-1805, MIM OIM Telescopes = D.(1975), D.(1979); Magnetic Compass = Christie-SK 9/11/86; Sextant = OXF. the "Gilbert" is first, John Gilbert 2, later, William Gilbert 2; the Wright is George Wright 2; sextant marked "King's Patent." 148 Leadenhall Street, Navigation Warehouse, London. Taylor 2(839); Moskowitz 109; G.L'E. Turner 24; RSW.
GILDING, STEPHEN England, c.1675, apprenticed to Walter Henshaw in the Weavers' Company, June 28, 1675 for eight years. Crawforth 7.
GILES, EDWARD USA, fl.1839-50, MIM SIM see Blyndenburgh and Giles. Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1; Coffeen E.
GILES, JAMES England, fl.1740-80, MIM Orrery, = USNM; Sundial = Milton Church. Gravesend. Taylor 2(354a); USNM 2; Bedini 6; Price 2.
GILKERSON England, c.1800, MIM Drawing Set, case = Christie-SK 4/17/86. Tower Hill, London. RSW.
GILKERSON AND CO. England, fl.1809-27, MIM NIM OIM SIM Sextants = DPW, NMM-S.261; Equatorial Sundial = Soth. 4/22/65; Octant = HAR; Circumferentor = D.(1978); Surveyor's Compass = ADL-W188. 8 Postern Row, Tower Hill; 148 Leadenhall Street, The Navigation Warehouse; both in London. Taylor 2(1130); NMM 2; Moskowitz 117; ADL; RSW.
GILKERSON AND MACALL England, c.1770, MIM Mathematical Instrument Set = X. Tower Hill, London. Taylor 2(716); Clay and Court; Dewhirst.
GILKISON, W.P. ScotlandPHIM sympiesometer maker Cathcart Street, Glasgow. Bell 2.
GILL, JONATHAN England, fl. 1707-16, MIM Oughtred-type Sundial, 1716 = D.(1983) = ADL-W96. apprenticed in 1700; free of the Clockmakers' Company in 1707; sundial is signed "Jn° Gill." London. Coffeen D; Wynter and Turner; J. Brown 1; ADL; RSW.
GILL, SAMUEL England, PHIM barometer maker. Rye. Bell 2.
GILL, THOMAS England, fl.1817-18, PHIM Hydrometer Slide Rule, ivory = Soth. 10/17/60. signed "T. Gill"; patented a type of hydrometer with John Ashton. 42 Greek Street, Soho, London. Taylor 2(1341); RSW.
GILLADON, ANDREAS Switzerland?, 1690, MIM Pillar Sundial, 1690 = Chur Museum. Evans 1.
GILLARDONI, A. see Gilardony Bell 2.
GILLES, MATTHIAS England, 1708, NIM Nocturnal, fruitwood, 1708 = Soth. 6/21/76. RSW.
GILLESPIE, JOHN England?, MIM Calendar, round, wood = Soth. 10/17/60. 10, Abbey Hill. RSW.
GILLMAN England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Eastbourne. Goodison 1.
GILLY France, 1777, MIM he reworked the sundial of Cadenet. Tardy 3.
GILMAN AND JOSLIN misreading for Gilman Joslin. Rinaldi 3; RSW.
GILMAN, BENJAMIN CLARK USA, 1763-1835, MIM NIM Compass Cards, paper = NHH, P.C.; Pedometer = Bristol Coll. clockmaker. Exeter, New Hampshire. Bedini 1; Smart 1; Spinney.
GILMORE England, NIM Nocturnal, boxwood = Pugsley Sale. as listed in catalogue; instrument sold was unsigned. RSW.
GILMORE, JOSEPH England, fl.1718-26, NIM invented a perpetual log, the "Navivum", and one other navigating instrument. Bath. Taylor 2(44); Bedini 8.
GILMUR, BRYAN USA, c.1790, MIM also made clocks. Philadelphia, Pa. Bedini 1.
GILPIN England, 1816, MIM Celestial Globe, 1816 = ANM. London. Namur Exhib. Cat.
GILPIN, B. England, OIM Modified-Cuff Microscope = Wellcome Coll. Newcastle. Bryden 9.
GILRUTH BROS. Scotland, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 1/25/89. Dundee. RSW.
GILTRAY, J.W. Holland, 1851-1929, MIM NIM OIM worked with A.P. Kipp; partner in the firm of P.J. Kipp en Zonen. Delft. Mörzer Bruyns 1 and 2.
GINOT-DESROIS, MLLE. France, fl.1824-26, MIM Planispheres, paper = GEP, MAS, TIM (1826); Astronomical and Perpetual Calendar = Nouveau Drouot 5/20/88. may be "Desrolis"; calendar marked "dedié à Charles X par Mlle. Ginot-Desrois", and was engraved by Choixegue. Chez Bachelier Libraire pour les matématiques, Quai des Augustins, 55, Paris. RSW.
GIOBBIO 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Phillips 9/10/86. Devizes; Trowbridge. Goodison 1; Bell 2; RSW.
GIOBBIO 2 England, PHIM barometer maker. Lampeter, Cardigan. Bell 2.
GIOBBIO AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 10/19/89. Devizes. RSW.
GIOBBIO, B. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
GIOBBIO, G.B. EnglandPHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Burnley. Goodison 1.
GIOBBIO, G.B., AND CO. England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie 4/28/82. see Giobbio and Co. Devizes. RSW.
GIOBBIO, GOSVE Wales, PHIM barometer maker. Llandovery, Carmarthan. Bell 2.
GIOIA, FLAVIO Italy, 13th Century, NIM thought by Neapolitans to have invented the magnetic compass. Naples. Magazine of Science, London, 1891; Tooley; USNM.
GIORDANI, D.G. Italy, c.1590, MIM Astronomical Compendium, paper = Count Lamberti Coll., Rome. Venice. Chapuis.
GIORDANI, VITALE Italy, b.1633 d.1711, MIM Armillary Sphere = Biblioteca Lancisiana, Rome. Rome. Michel 3.
GIRACCIA, T. England, PHIM barometer maker. Lewes. Bell 2.
GIRAR, MARC France, MIM Sundial in lid of watch = J.P. Morgan Coll. Blois. RSW.
GIRARD France, 19th entury, MIM SIM Graphometer = Drouot 4/7/87. Paris. RSW.
GIRARD ET BARRERE France, 19th Century, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 27.5 cm. = Christie-SK 4/17/86. Girard et Barrère. Paris. RSW.
GIRARD FRERES France, c.1810, OIM PHIM Girard Frères; made achromatic lenses. Daumas 1.
GIRARD, A. USA, 1849, MIM invented an altitude recorder and a sun transit instrument. Mobile, Ala. USNM.
GIRARD, BARRERE ET THOMAS France, c.1850, MIM Globe, terrestrial = Gersaint, La Rochelle 7/20/96. Girard, Barrère et Thomas; see Girard et Barrère. RSW.
GIRARD, E., ET A. BOITTE France, 19th Century, MIM Globe, terrestrial = Gersaint, La Rochelle 7/20/96. "éditeurs." 22 rue Cassette, Paris. RSW.
GIRAUD, BENOIT France, fl.1744-1780, PHIM Thermometer on clock, 1774 = X. Rue des Orties (1774); Pl. Saint-Suplice (1780); both in Paris. Tardy 3.
GIRAUDON France, NIM Magnetic Compass = Drouot 3/9/70. rue de la Paix, Paris. RSW.
GIREARO, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 32 Ely, London. Goodison 1.
GIRGENSOHN, T. Russia, c.1845, PHIM Stick Barometer = Pulkowa Obs. (1845). St. Petersburg. Middleton 1.
GIRL, MARTIN surely Martin Gizl. Taylor 2(597); Daumas 1.
GIRLONI, D. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
GIROD, JEAN GASPARD Switzerland, c.1620, MIM Sundial in base of skull watch = O-F. signed "I.G. Girod"; watchmaker. Coppet; Geneva. Monreal; Baillie 1; Soth. 5/11/23; RSW.
GIRONIMO England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. possibly Laurence Gironimo. London. Goodison 1.
GIRONIMO, B. 1 England, PHIM barometer maker. Bristol. Bell 2.
GIRONIMO, B. 2 England, fl.1817-44, PHIM barometer maker. Leather Lane, London. Bell 2.
GIRONIMO, LAURENCE England, fl.1845-54, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker; succeeded by Felix Gugeri. 93 Leather Lane, London. Goodison 1.
GISCARA, JEREMIAH England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see Giscard, misreading ? Goodison 1; RSW.
GISCARD England, c.1790, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 9/18/86. see Jeremiah Giscara, this might be a misreading. Downham. RSW.
GITTENS, W. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X; Angle Barometer = X. 113 Salop, Shrewsbury. Goodison 1.
GIUDICE, A. AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2). Stroud Water. Goodison 1.
GIUSANI, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
GIUSANI, P. AND SONS England, c.1835, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Cock Street, Wolverhampton (1835); Bilston. Goodison 1.
GIUSANI, S. England, PHIM barometer maker. Cock Street, Wolverhampton. Bell 2.
GIUSTI, GIOVANNI BATTISTA Italy, fl.1558-65, MIM Quadrant, 1558 = FLO; Sundials = FLO (2). also signed "Ioannes Baptista Iusti." Florence. Bonelli 5; Michel 3; Evans 1; Settle 2.
GIZL, MARTIN Austria, 1769, MIM OIM SIM Theodolite, 1769 = BM; Horizontal Sundial, string gnomon, = Soth. 11/16/87. also spelled Cizl. Salzburg. Zinner 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Evans 1; RSW.
GLADSTONE, J. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
GLAISHER, JAMES England, 1809-1903, PHIM pioneer meteorologist; developed a wet-dry bulb thermometer in 1847. London. G.L'E. Turner 24.
GLASER, A. Poland, 1588, MIM designed a sundial for the Town Hall in 1588. Danzig. Zinner 1.
GLAZEBROOK England, c.1822, MIM invented a slide rule. Taylor 2(1568).
GLAZIER, JAMES Ireland, fl.1796-99, MIM 59 Townsend Street, Dublin. Bryden 9; Morrison-Low and Burnett.
GLEAVE, J., AND SON England, MIM Rule, folding, wood = D.(1984). initial might be G. Oldham Street, Manchester. RSW.
GLEICHEN, VAN Germany, c.1770, OIM developed a form of compound microscope. A.J. Turner 10.
GLOBBIO AND CO. misreading for Giobbio and Co. RSW.
GLOCKSBERGER, JOHANN Czechoslovakia, c.1600, MIM Ring Sundial = Drecker Coll. Prague. Zinner 1; Evans 1.
GLOVER, FREDERICK ROBERT AUGUSTUS England, c.1839, MIM patented "Glover's Sector", marked "Patent No.1." Charlton. Taylor 2(2135); Coffeen 14.
GLOVER, HENRY England; USA, fl.1842-70, NIM OIM T.C.; apprenticed to Parkinson and Frodsham; made chronometers. London; 33 John Street, (1842-43); 29 Louis Street (1843-44); 192 Broadway (1845); 119 Broadway (1846); 5 Wall Street (1847); 115 Wall Street (1848); 119 Wall Street (1850-53); 58 South Street (1853); 154 South Street (1854); 107 South Street (1860-62); 104 South Street (1864); 20 Burling Slip (1866); 222 Water Street (1868-70); all in New York, N.Y. Brewington 1; Moskowitz 103; RSW.
GLUCK Mexico, MIM Universal Equatorial Sundial = ADL-T64. "optico". Mexico City. Tomlinson 1; ADL; RSW.
GLUCKSTEIN England, c.1850, PHIM barometer maker. London. Bell 2.
GLYD, JAMES England, 1752, MIM Ring Sundial, 1752 = OXF. London. Baillie 1.
GLYN, RICHARD surely Richard Glynne. Clay and Court; Daumas 1.
GLYNNE, RICHARD England, 1681-1755 fl.1705-25, MIM Universal Ring Sundials over Compasses, silver = TIM, Chatsworth; Universal Ring Sundials = OXF, KEN, WHI, CZJ; Inclinable Sundials, silver = TIM, Chatsworth; Armillary Sphere = WHI; Drawing Instrument Sets = WHI, OXF, Halls 11/15/95; Orreries = OXF, NMM-P.13, Nat'l Museum, Beiping. apprenticed to Henry Wynne in the Clockmakers' Company, 1696; free of the Company, 1705; son-in-law of Philip Lea; in partnership with Anne Lea, his mother-in-law, c. 1712-25; published globes; T.C.; sometimes signed "Glyn." Cheapside (1712-16); Sign of the Hercules and Atlas, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street (1720-25); both in London. Taylor 1(500) and 2(45); Price 3; Ward 4; Chaldecott 1; RSW; Calvert 2; Michel 3; ATG 12/9/95; Gingerich 1; Tyacke 1; J. Brown 3; Bryden 16; Daumas 1; NMM 2; Sivin 1; A.J. Turner 10.
GLYNNE, RICHARD, AND HENRY WYNNE England, fl.1710-21, MIM Hercules and Atlas, Fleet Street, opposite Salisbury Court, London. Clay and Court.
GLYNNE, ROBERT misreading for Richard Glynne. ATG 12/8/95.
GNUTTI, GIUSEPPE Italy, c.1761, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundial = BRP. might be Grutti. Price 2; Bonelli 1; RSW.
GOAT, R. misreading for R. Gout. Soth., Wilkinson and Hodge 7/20/23.
GOATER England, fl.1776-77, NIM Hadley's Quadrants = D. Phillips 11/16/88 (1776); Octants = SPI-2775 (1777), WHI, AMST. John or Henry Goater. 141 Wapping, London Taylor 2(599); Daumas 1; Wynter and Turner; Mörzer Bruyns 1; RSW.
GOATER, E. England, NIM Octant = WHI. 141 Wapping, London. RSW.
GOATER, HENRY England, fl.1777-92, MIM NIM OIM Octants = WHI, AMST, NMM. son or nephew of John Goater. 144 (141) Wapping; New Gravel Lane, Wapping Wall; both in London. Taylor 2(717); Wynter and Turner; NMM 2; Mörzer Bruyns 1.
GOATER, I. see John Goater.
GOATER, J.B. England, NIM Octant = University of Mississippi. London. Price 2.
GOATER, JOHN England, c.1760, NIM Backstaffs = D., P.C.(1971), AMST; Hadley's Quadrant = MYS; Octants = Maine Historical Soc., Portland, P.C.(1969), AMST, NMM-S.144 (1769). all except NMM octant are signed I. or J. Goater; one instument has the mark of an anchor and also signed "late Clerty." 141 Wapping; near Union Stairs in Wapping; Execution Dock, Wapping; all in London. Taylor 2(599); Wynter and Turner; Mörzer Bruyns 1; NMM 2; RSW.
GOATER, ROBERT England, fl.1769-97, MIM NIM Mariner's Compass = NMM-C.214. signed "R.Goater." 146 Wapping, London Taylor 2(599); NMM 2.
GOBBI 1 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X; Wheel Barometer = X. Giobbio? Liverpool. Goodison 1.
GOBBI 2 England, PHIM see Macki and Gobbi; barometer makers. Swaffham. Bell 2.
GOBBI AND CETTEA England, fl.1848-50, PHIM barometer makers. Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham. Bell 2.
GOBBI, LAWRENCE England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = K. and C. 12/15/72. signed "L. Gobbi"; also known as Lorenzo Gobbi; carver, gilder. Stanley Street, Liverpool. Bell 2.
GOBBI, P. England, c.1860, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 12/13/88. Soth. barometer signed "Gobbi Stroud", spirit level signed "P. Gobbi Stroud." Stroud. Goodison 1; RSW.
GOBBI, P., AND SON England, c.1860, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Stroud. Goodison 1; RSW.
GOBBY England, c.1790, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Chelsea Fair (1973). Hull. RSW.
GOBBY, D. England, c.1775, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 5/17/74. Leather Lane, London. RSW.
GOBE, HANS Austria ; Germanyfl.1558-74, MIM Gun Sight, 1568 = DRE. see H.G. 4. Innsbruck; Dreden. Zinner 1; Grötzsch 2; Michel 2 and 3; Drechsler 2; Baillie 1; RSW.
GODALLES France, 1686, MIM Sector, ivory, 1686 = Christie 10/7/82 = D.(1983) = ADL-W162. "Par le D.M.N. Godalles, Sainct Malo." Saint-Malo. ADL; RSW.
GODDARD England, fl.1838-40, OIM invented a polariscope. Gallery of Practical Science, Adelaide Street, London. Taylor 2(2136).
GODDARD, JAMES T. England, fl.1850-57, OIM Achromatic Astronomical Telescope = X. 35 Goswell Street (1851); Jesse Cottage, Whitton, near Hounslow (1857); both in London. USNM; Chaldecott 3; RGO.
GODDART see Steel and Goddart. RSW.
GODELAR France, c.1780, MIM OIM Protractors = D.(1971), P.C.(1968); Sector = DPW; Folding Rule = P.C. Paris. Nachet; RSW.
GODELARD FILS France, MIM Sector, silver = P.C.(1973). Paris. RSW.
GODFREY, JOHN England, fl.1818-37, OIM Cross Street (1818); 93 Coleshill, Horton (1837); both in Birmingham. Taylor 2(1863).
GODFREY, THOMAS 1 USA, 1704-49, NIM Sextant = Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pa.; "Improved" Backstaff, 1730 = Joshua Fisher (c.1731). glazier; invented a reflecting quadrant in 1730; in 1734 the Royal Society recognized both Thomas Godfrey (1) and James Hadley as independent inventors of the instrument. Philadelphia, Pa. Bedini 1 & 8; Gillingham 1; DSB; Price 2; Taylor 2(262); Cecil King; A.J. Turner 10; D.J. Warner 10.
GODFREY, THOMAS 2 England, PHIM barometer maker. Stony Stratford. Bell 2.
GODIN, LOUIS France, 1704-60, MIM Rule, 1735 = POB. Trois Siècle.
GODINEAU France, 1730-1800, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial = P.C.(1969). La Rochelle. RSW.
GODINEZ, MIGUEL Spain, 18th Century, MIM Counting Machine = X. Valencia. Nachet.
GODWIN, S. England, 1802, MIM Astrolabe, 1802 = OXF (ICA-316). Gunther 1; Price 1; ICA 2.
GODWYN, JOHN England, fl.1597-1600, MIM said by Hopton to be the inventor of the circumferentor; designed an alidade; see John Goodwin. London. Taylor 1(98).
GOERNER, JACOBUS Czechoslovakia, 1794, PHIM Static Electrical Machine, 1794 = PRA. "Mechanicus." Prague. Czech. Inventory.
GOERNER, JOSEPH Czechoslovakia, 1775, OIM Microscope, 1775 = U. of Charles, Prague. Prague. Czech. Inventory.
GOERTNER Germany, c.1680, PHIM made burning mirrors. Dresden. Nachet.
GOES 1 Franciscus de Goes; see Gois 2. A. Stimson 3; Destombes 5.
GOES 2 see A. Goys. A. Stimson 3; Destombes 5.
GOES, FRANCISCO DE Portugal, c.1587, MIM NIM made sundials, sandglasses, astrolabes and compass needles; also spelled Goys. Lisbon. A. Stimson 3.
GOES, JOAO DE Portugalc.1648, MIM NIM son of A. Goys (Agostinho de Goes Raposa); excused from military service in 1648, because he was a NIM. Lisbon. A. Stimson 3; Guedes.
GOESTER, GYSBERT Holland, 1739-, MIM Square = UTP. ivory-turner and instrument maker. Delft. Rooseboom 1; Mörzer Bruyns 2.
GOETZ, STEPHAN VON Austria, see Götz. Vienna. RSW.
GOEZ, JOH. WILH. Germany18th Century, MIM Ludwigsburg. Evans 1.
GOFF, WILLIAM USA, 1782, NIM Octant, 1782 = D.(1957). Georgetown, South Carolina. RSW.
GOGERTY, ROBERT England, fl.1847-56, MIM OIM PHIM Marine Barometer = X; Microscope = CZO. microscope is signed "Gogerty 244 Fleet Street." 32 King Street (1847); 72 Fleet Street; 244 Fleet Street; all in London. Goodison 1; O'Mara; Bell 2; RSW.
GOGILLA France, MIM Folding Rule = P.C.; Mathematical Instrument Set = D.(1966). Paris. Brieux 2; RSW.
GOHIN France, c.1800, OIM PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 10/3/88. signed "L'Ing. Gohin opticien Breveté." 19, rue Neuve-Saint-Eustache; Rue Her. St. Eustache 24; both in Paris. Nachet; RSW.
GOIS 1 Portugal, 1595, MIM NIM SIM Diptych Sundials, ivory, 1595 = P.C., D.(1976). first dial also signed "Lusitanus"; second has a polychrome compass, with an extra mark "P.E."; there may be only one instrument. Lisbon. RSW.
GOIS 2 Portugal, fl.1608-32, NIM Mariner's Astrolabes = FLO (1608)(NMM-9), Museu Naval e Oceanographico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1624) (NMM-49), Museo da las Casas Reales, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (1632) (NMM-42). Francisco de Goes; received his license as an instrument maker in 1587; he made sundials, sand glasses, compass needles, etc; NMM is National Maritime Museum Registry of Mariner's Astrolabe. Lisbon. Waters 1; Stimson 3; Destombes 5; Guedes.
GOLDBACKER, MAX Germany; USA1813-71;, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass = P.C. optician. Oettinger, Bavaria (1813-49); New York, N.Y. (1849-71). Smart 1.
GOLIUNIN Russia, MIM Terrestrial Globe and Sundial = GEL. RSW.
GONDOLA, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 12 Little Saffron Hill, London. Goodison 1.
GONDOLFI France, c.1800, PHIM Balances = CNAM. also made weights. Daumas 1; Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
GONICHON, JEAN-BAPTISTE-CHARLES France, fl.1733-63, OIM Reflecting Telescope = P.C.(1962). associated with the optician, Claude Paris, his brother-in-law, in 1733; later worked alone; in 1763 his widow, Marie-Michelle Paris Gonichon, took up the brevet of her brother, Claude Paris, of "marchand miroitier privilégié suivant la Cour." rue des Postes, Paris. Daumas 1; Brieux 2; Nachet; Augarde; RSW.
GONICHON, MARIE-MICHELLE PARIS France, c.1763, MIM widow of Jean-Baptiste-Charles Gonichon; sister of Claude Paris; received his title, "marchand miroitier privilégié suivant la Cour", in 1763. Paris. Augarde.
GONNELLA, TITO Italy, 1794-1851+, MIM Calculating Machine = FLO. showed in the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. Florence. Brenni 1.
GOOBBI, J., AND CO. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Giobbi? Goodison 1.
GOOD, JOHN England, fl.1731-36, MIM NIM Universal Ring Sundial, 1731 = Wray Coll. (not in Wray Sale, Soth. 11/30/59); Hadley's Quadrant = OMM. mathematician; author; book was published in London; two men? Hull. Gillingham 6; A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
GOODALL, GEORGE 1 England, fl.1790-1807, MIM Sundial inside watch cover = OXF (Minn Coll.). Tadcaster. Bell 2; Baillie 1; RSW.
GOODALL, GEORGE 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
GOODALL, LODELL England, OIM Telescope, three-draw = Christie-SK 4/18/85. London. RSW.
GOODDAY, B. England, fl.1723-25, NIM designed a new navigating instrument; author. Knight's Coffee-house, Essex Street, near St. Clement's Church, Strand, London. Taylor 2(179).
GOODMAN England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Pontypridd. Goodison 1.
GOODMAN, THOMAS England, fl.1669-78, OIM member of the Spectaclemakers' Company; took apprentices; Master of the Company, 1677-78). St. Bartholomews, West Smithfield, London (1671-78). Court and von Rohr 3(17); Crawforth 6.
GOODWIN, JOHN England, fl.1580-1616, MIM Sectors = R.T. Gunther Coll., NMM-CI/S.9, D.(1986). the instrument, "D.(1986)", is signed "John Goodwin SW"; see also John Godwyn as there may be confusion. Taylor 1(98); Evans 1; Dewhirst; NMM 2; Coffeen 14.
GOODWIN, MICHAEL, AND SON England, c.1850, PHIM barometer makers. High Street, Sunderland. Bell 2.
GOORHAM, ISAAC Sweden?, 1763, NIM Backstaff, 1763 = P.C.(1972). in a Swedish collection. RSW.
GOOTS, A. Holland, NIM Cross-staff = HAK. vanes lost. RSW.
GORDON, ANDREAS Scotland, c.1745, PHIM monk; might have introduced the cylinder in the electrical machine. A.J. Turner 10.
GORDON, GEORGE 1 England, fl.1719-26, MIM author. at Mr. Graeme's House, The Green House, opposite the Three Pigeons, Butcherhall Lane, Newgate Street, London. Taylor 2(47).
GORDON, GEORGE 2 England, c.1754, MIM apprenticed to Tycho Wing, a mathematical instrument maker of the Grocers' Company, Oct. 24, 1754. London. J. Brown 1.
GORDON, GILBERT England, 1687, NIM Nocturnal, boxwood, 1687 = NAC = D.(1976) = P.C. first name is illegible in dealer's catalogue; owner? Nachet; Brieux 3, 1976; RSW.
GORDON, ROBERT Scotland, 1580-1661, cartographer; surveyer; owned the Fusoris astrolabe now in the RSM; two of the tympans were re-engraved for use in Edinburgh and Straloch in 1597. Straloch, Aberdeenshire. Darius 3; Poulle 1.
GORHAM, JOTHAM ODIORNE 17th Century, MIM SIM Graphometer = Eldred 7/26/73. RSW.
GORI Italy, 1779, MIM divided a quadrant; may be Felice Gori. Florence. Daumas 1.
GORI, FELICE Italy, c.1809, MIM Sundial = FLO. brother of Galgano Gori; both worked for Giuseppe Pigri; sundial signed "Felice Gori inv. e fece in Firenze"; also marked "A.L." (3); mechanician; see Gori. Florence. Bonelli 9.
GORI, GALGANO Italy, 1846, MIM PHIM Barometer, siphon-type, 1846 = FLO. brother of Felice Gori, which see; both worked for Giuseppe Pigri; also made micrometers and thermometers; mechanician. Florence. Middleton 1; Bonelli 9.
GORING, DR. EDWIN England, fl.1819-41, developed idea of using precious stones for microscope lenses. Nachet.
GORLAND England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. London Wall, London. Goodison 1.
GORNER, J. Bohemia, 1776, OIM Microscope = PRA. Narodni Museum Exhibit at KEN, Aug. 1968. RSW.
GORSE, NATHANIEL see Nathaniel Gosse.
GOSS, JOHN England, c.1812, MIM designed a calculating machine. Bryden 5.
GOSSE, NATHANIEL England, fl.1620-31, MIM made Gunter's rules and other wooden instruments; spelled variously as Gos, Goss, and Gorse. Ratcliffe, London. Bryden 9; Taylor 1(141); Evans 1; Clay and Court; Dewhirst.
GOSSELIN France, c.1665-80, MIM Octant = Roussel Sale = MADEX-280 (Coll. Jules Strauss); Mural Quadrant = X. an "arquebusier"; instruments are also signed "divisé par Sevin à Paris"; Gosselin made instruments for the Paris Observatory and the Academy of Sciences; Daumas says that some instruments are at the NMM but there is no entry in the Inventory. Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet; Wolf; NMM 2; Augarde.
GOSSET France, c.1800, OIM optician and lens maker. Paris. Nachet.
GOTANDE Italy, 1778, MIM Hodometer, 1778 = MMT. Rome. RSW.
GOTZ, JOH. WILH. Germany, 18th Century, MIM Instrument = DAR. signed "Götz"; Evans says "Goez." Ludwigsburg. Maddison 7; Evans 1; RSW.
GOTZ, STEFAN VON, UND SOHNE Austria, c.1850, MIM Zappeck-type Sundials = D.(1982) = ADL-W50, PRZ, D.(1987), Pugsley Sale; Horizontal Sundial = MERC-28. the first sundial signed "St. v. Götz und Sohne", the second, "Götz und Sohne", the third, "Stefan von Götz und Sohne. Vienna. Coffeen A and 16; Maddison 7; Hamilton 1; ADL; RSW.
GOTZ, STEPHAN VON Austria, MIM Zappeck-type Sundial = PRZ. signed "Götz." Vienna. Maddison 7.
GOUCHON, CHARLES France, c.1700, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial = NMM-D.201. Beurelle. NMM 2.
GOUFFE France, c.1788, MIM Gouffé was "breveté ingénieur du Roi, 1788". Paris. Daumas 1.
GOUGH see Walter Gough.
GOUGH AND GEE England, c.1815, PHIM Angle Barometer = Christie 4/5/95. 21 Saddle Row, London. RSW.
GOUGH, T.J. Water Clock, falsely dated 1673 = Museum of Science, Buffalo, N.Y. modern work; probably made by Pearson Page Ltd. of Birmingham; marked "Exeter." RSW.
GOUGH, WALTER England, fl.1799-1810, MIM OIM PHIM Garden Sundials = The Hall, Weston, Buckland House (1793); Air Pump = AUI; Stick Barometer = Phillips 2/14/79. T.C.; last two instruments signed "Gough" and "Real Electrical Machine and Air Pump Maker"; 1793 sundial belonged to William Cowper. 21 Middle Row; 23 Middle Row; both in Holborn, London. Goodison 1; Gatty; Crawforth 1; RSW.
GOUGH, WILLIAM England, fl.1808-10, OIM 23 Middle Row, Holborn, London. Taylor 2(1134).
GOUICHON France, c.1790, OIM Telescopes = P.C., Versailles 11/19/78. Rue des Postes, Paris. RSW.
GOULD AND PORTER England, fl.1800-25, MIM OIM Charles Gould and Porter; succeeded Cary. London. Clay and Court; Dewhirst.
GOULD, CHARLES England, fl.1800-39, MIM OIM Microscope = Soth. 12/17/62. T.C.; microscope is signed "Gould's Improved Pocket Compound Microscope"; author; succeeded William Cary in 1825, perhaps as Gould and Porter. 272 Strand, London. Taylor 2(1135); Clay and Court; Dewhirst; Calvert 2; Nachet; RSW.
GOULD, CHESTER England; USA; England, fl.1794-1803, NIM patented a log in 1800, an improvment in 1801, and a nautical time piece in 1803, all in London; Bedini thinks Gould was still in Rome, N.Y. in 1813. 47 Walnut Street (1794); Sign of the Quadrant, 70 South Front Street (1796-98); both in Philadelphia Pa.; Rome, N.Y.(1800); "late of Rome N.Y., now of Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell, London merchant"(1801). Brewington 1; Bedini 8.
GOULD, HENRY England, 1859-?, MIM NIM succeeded John and George Cary in 1859. 181 Strand, London. Taylor 2(1290).
GOULD, HORACE USA, 1801, NIM offered a recording log for approval to the Boston Marine Soc. Boston, Mass. Brewington 1.
GOULD, JOHN England; USA, fl.1794-97, MIM NIM OIM succeeded by Thomas Whitney; Smart says 47 Walnut Street (1794). 47 Water Street(1794); at the Sign of the Quadrant, 70 South Front Street (1796); 46 South Fifth Street (1797); all in Philadelphia Pa. Bedini 1; Smart 1; Gillingham 1; USNM; D.J. Warner 10.
GOULD, WILLIAM 1 USA, d.1797, MIM Smart felt that this might be an erronious entry due to a mistake in a newspaper story in 1797. Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1.
GOULD, WILLIAM 2 England, c.1808, MIM apprenticed to William Parson of the Grocers' Company, Jan 1, 1801, for 7 years. London. J. Brown 2.
GOULIER, COLONEL France, 1818-91, MIM hydrographic surveyor; designed several instruments. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
GOUMERT France, PHIM Barometer = Christie 2/10/72. Chalon. RSW.
GOURDIN, E. "E. Gourdin Paris 1671" marked on a modern mariner's astrolabe sold at Christie 5/5/83. A. Stimson 3.
GOURDIN, PIERRE France, fl.1775-1800, MIM SIM Graphometers = USNM (1775), KRA (1779), CNAM (1785), P.C. (1790), Libert et Castor Auction 4/28/82 (1786), etc; Surveying Instruments = FIN = D(1778), Paris 1900 Exhib.(1792), P.C. and Christie's 4/3/85; Surveyor's Cross, 1786 = P.C.; Alidade, 1787 = CNAM; Sectors = D.(1785)(2), OXF and Drouot 3/9/70 (both 1792) ; Ellipsograph, 1780 = CNAM; Protractor, 1778 = P.C.; Pantograph, 1784 = P.C.(1987); Rule = ADL-A268; Level, 1785 = Gersaint, La Rochelle 7/20/96. twice rejected as "Ingénieur du Roi"; in 1794 he was chosen to value mathematical instruments seized during the Revolution; member of "Corporation des fondeurs." au Quart de Cercle, Quai de l'horloge, Ile de la Cité, Paris. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; USNM; Daumas 1 and 6; Augarde; Wynter and Turner; Estreicher 1; Coffeen 12 and 55; ADL; RSW.
GOURDON, L. Switzerland, c.1790, MIM OIM SIM Thermometer, horizontal = GEM; Theodolite = Christie-SK 9/29/88. the thermometer is from the de Saussure Coll. Geneva. A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
GOUT, RALPH England, fl.1770-1815, MIM Pedometers = Aubert (1806), BM (1781), Marryat College, Guildhall Museum, KEN, FIT, WHI, Fränkel Coll., OXF., TIM = Christie 4/14/88, and various sales. patented a pedometer, 1799. 6 Norman Street; Old Street; Binlin Court; all in London. Taylor 2(719); De
GOUTERY France, MIM Sector = P. and S. 4/3/1894. Paris. Evans 1; RSW.
GOVAERDT, H. 1607, MIM Artillery Level, 1607 = LOS. RSW.
GOVERNA see Oratio Governa Pietro.
GOWAN, G. England, 1753, MIM Gunner's Sector, wood, 1753 = Kenney Coll. = Soth. 4/22/65. Taylor 2(482); Exibition-Maps; RSW.
GOWER, CAPTAIN England, NIM invented and patented a log. Taylor 2(1137).
GOWLAND England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 2/28/80. Enfield. RSW.
GOWLAND, C. England, fl.1811-16, PHIM Marine Barometer = X. probably Clement Gowland, clockmaker on High Street. Sunderland. Goodison 1.
GOWLAND, GEORGE England, pre-1871, NIM OIM Octants = RJK and Phillips 5/14/74; Sextants = Exhib. "1000 Years of Navigation", Brussels 1979, Dr. Livingstone; Artificial Horizon = STK. also signed "Gowland" or "G. Gowland." 76 South Castle Street, Liverpool. Bryden 9; Brewington 1; USNM; RSW.
GOWLAND, JAMES England, c.1830, PHIM Marine Barometer = VNN. London. RSW.
GOY AND CO. England, pre-1840, NIM OIM Hadley's Quadrant with vernier = NMM-S.17. T.C. 36 Leadenhall Street, London. Taylor 2(2138); NMM 2.
GOYON FILS France, c.1850, PHIM Stick Barometer = Chevau-Légers, 2/28/82. 16 Rue Pila, Paris. RSW.
GOYS, A. Portugal, fl.1630-58, MIM NIM Mariner's Astrolabes = P.C. (1648) (NMM-25), Museu Naval e Oceanographico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 16??) (NMM-38), Museu de Marinha, Lisbon (NMM-39). Agostinho de Goes Raposo; known to have died before 1676; received his license as an instrument maker in 1630; could make sundials, sand glasses, etc; NMM is National Maritime Museum Registry of Mariner's Astrolabes. Lisbon. A. Stimson 3; Destombes 5; Guedes.
GOZZI Italy, 1722, OIM Microscope, 1772 = Russborough House, Blessington, Ireland. Parma. Silverman.
GRAECIUS Italy, 1591, see F. Hieronomi Brassi. Florence? Rome? Destombes; RSW.
GRAEVIUS, BARTHOLOMEW Belgium, c.1531, printer and bookseller; sold globes. Louvain. A.J. Turner 10.
GRAF, HANS Germany, fl.1563-76, MIM Miner's Compass, wood and ivory, 1564 = ADL-M169; Miner's Compass, 1576 = Michel Coll.; Sundial, wood and ivory, 1563 = BM. Gundhalbing. Engelmann 1; Michel 3 & 24; Price 3; Ward 4; ADL; RSW.
GRAF, L. Germany, c.1700, MIM Sundials = GRA, Christie 2/16/71 = 12/21/71. spelled Gräf. Frankfort-am-Main. Zinner 1.
GRAF, STEPHANUS Germany, 1628, MIM Graphometer, 1628 = Kaiserslautren Landesgewerbeanstalt. Heidelburg. Zinner 1.
GRAFF, CAROLUS Germany, Graff engraved some instruments for Michael Kauffer, which see. Augsburg. Zinner 1; RSW.
GRAFSI AND FONTANA misreading for Grassi and Fontana. Soth.-Torquay 11/26/81.
GRAFTON, HENRY England, fl.1842-60, PHIM made barometers, thermometers, and other philosophical instruments. 80 Chancery Lane (1842-47); 36 Holborn Hill (1849-53); 7-8 Rolls Buildings (1856-60); all in London. Goodison 1; O'Mara; Bell 2.
GRAHAM 1 c.1737, MIM Rule = CNAM. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
GRAHAM 2 England, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometer and clock = Soth. 6/27/88. No. 4181. London. RSW.
GRAHAM AND FORSTER England, NIM Sextant = Christie 10/31/67. Liverool. RSW.
GRAHAM AND PARKS England, NIM T.C. in Möller sextant box at American Museum, Bath. Southside Custom House, Liverpool. RSW.
GRAHAM, CHARLES England, c.1850, MIM assisted John Gaskin. Penrith. Bryden 9.
GRAHAM, GEORGE England, 1673-1751, MIM PHIM Mural Quadrant = NMM; Equatorial Sector = NMM; Tellurium = ADL-A156; Wheel Barometers = KEN, VCW, Christie 7/4/1843, Macclesfield Library Sale, 1765; Standard Yard = KEN; etc. clockmaker; apprenticed to Henry Aske of the Clockmakers' Company on July 2, 1688; free of the Company in Sept.1695; Master of the Company in 1722; partner of Thomas Tompion c. 1696-1713; married Tompion's niece in 1704; credited with the invention of the orrery; see Tompion and Graham; F.R.S. Dial and Three Crowns, Water Lane, Fleet Street; Dial and one Crown, Fleet Street, opposite the Bolt and Tun (after 1720); both in London. Taylor 1(483); DNB; DSB; Bryden 2; Baillie 1; Goodison 1; NMM 2; Hellman; Symonds; Michel 3; Maddison 1; Britten; USNM; Bedini 8; J. Brown 3; F. S. Taylor; J.A. Bennett 2; ADL; RSW.
GRAHAM, GEORGE, AND JONATHAN SISSON England, 1752, MIM Mural Quadrant, iron, 1752 = NMM. eight-foot radius. London NMM 2.
GRAHAM, HARRIET England, fl.1832-33, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 25 Baldwins Gardens, London. Goodison 1; Bell 2.
GRAHAM, MALCOLM USA, 1832-89, MIM SIM worked first for Young, Smith and Co.; one of the partners in Schuyler, Hartley and Graham, 1854-80; firm became Hartley and Graham, 1880-1900. 4 Maiden Lane (-1854); 13 Maiden Lane (1854); 19 Maiden Lane 1863; all in New York, N.Y. Smart 1.
GRANDJEAN DE FOUCHY, MR. see Fouchy Engelmann 1; Fox 1; Daumas 1; RSW.
GRANGER, THOMAS England, 1710, NIM Nocturnal, 1710 = NMM. not in NMM 2 Inventory. Taylor 1(558).
GRANT England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
GRANT AND CROSSMAN USA, 1858-61, MIM Burt's Solar Campasses = P.C., Michigan Museum of Surveying, Lansing. Michigan Museum signed "W.A. Burt Inventor / Detroit, Mich. / No. 6 / University of Michigan / Grant and Crossman / Makers." Detroit, Mich. USNM; Leiserowitz.
GRANT, ALEXANDER England, fl.1807-22, MIM made a spiral fitting for Gower's patent log; Gower called him a "mechanist." 2 Winckworth Buildings, City Road, London. Taylor 2(1137); Dewhirst.
GRANT, HENRY England, fl.1844-60, PHIM Sympiesometer = Soth. 12/13/88. barometer maker. Castle Street, Cardiff. Bell 2; RSW.
GRANT, JAMES England, c.1837, MIM NIM OIM sold maps and charts besides instruments. 40 Queen Street, Hull. Taylor 2(2139).
GRANT, JOHN England, fl.1781-1810, PHIM clockmaker; barometer and thermometer maker. 75 Fleet Street, London. Goodison 1.
GRANT, WILLIAM CICERO USA, 1815-83, MIM worked for Burt and Bailey, 1853-56; partner with Charles Crosman as Grant and Crosman, 1858-61; Jefferson Avenue between Bates and Randolph, Detroit, Mich. Smart 1.
GRAS, L. Germany, Sundials = Drouot 6/16/65. see Lorenz Grässl. RSW.
GRASI see Grassi; and Bulla, Grassi and Fontana.
GRASSELLI, JOSE Spain, MIM Cannon Sundial = MAN. signed "José Grasselli"; for latitude 40°24'57". Madrid. RSW.
GRASSI England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 2/28/80. see Grassi and Fontana. Exeter. RSW.
GRASSI AND FONTANA England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 11/26/81; Barometer = Vermont Hist. Soc., Montpelier. see also "Bulla, Grassi and Fontani." Bartholomew Street West; 134 Fore Street; both in Exeter. Goodison 1; Bell 2; USNM.
GRASSI, J.B. BERGNA AND JOHN ORIGONY England, c.1835, PHIM barometer makers. 34 Dean Street, Newcastle. Taylor 2(1869); Goodison 1; Bell 2.
GRASSL, LORENZ Germany, c.1740-1805, MIM Grässl made a great many Augsburg-type sundials varying greatly in quality; all parts of the dials bear a serial number indicating an assembly line operation; instruction sheets were printed in German, French and Spanish; examples of his work may be found in most museums and collections. Augsburg. Zinner 1 and 6; Bobinger 2; Baillie; Michel 1; Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; Moskowitz 104; Price 3; Ward 4; Bryden 16; ADL; Coffeen 27; RSW.
GRATAS, E. France, MIM Sundial = Coll. G. Champagne. Tardy 3.
GRATELLIE France, c.1695, MIM OIM Binocular Microscope, 1695 = Bonnier de la Mosson Coll.; Pair of large Globes with stands, 1695 = PBN; Universal Equatorial Sundial = MERC. the globes he constructed were engraved by Coronelli; his signature also appears as "Gatellier" or "Gatellié." Paris. Daumas 1; Gersaint; Michel 3; Nachet; Hamilton 1; RSW.
GRATELOUP, JEAN-BAPTISTE France, 1735-1817, OIM devised a new method of joining achromatic lenses. Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
GRATTE, HENRICUS England, c.1690, MIM Astrolabe Clock with Calendar = X. London. Baillie 1.
GRAVATT, WILLIAM England, c.1830, MIM SIM developed the "Dumpy" level. G.L'E. Turner 24.
GRAVES, GEORGE B. USA, 1792-1873, MIM SIM Surveyor's Vernier Compass = GUR. succeeded to Goldsmith Chandlee's business. Winchester, Va. Smart 1; Bedini 8.
GRAVET France, c.1851, MIM SIM Mirror Level = CNAM. successor to Lenoir; made Mannheim-type slide rules; succeeded by Tavenier. 14 rue Cassette, Paris. Daumas 1; Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; Delehar 2.
GRAVET-LENOIR France, c.1830, MIM Slide Rule = DPW. Paris. RSW.
GRAVET-TAVENIER France, MIM Sector = P.B. 10/28/63. Tavenier succeeded Gravet. Paris. RSW.
GRAY 1 England, c.1820, PHIM barometer maker. St. Neots. Bell 2.
GRAY 2 England, NIM Octant, wood and ivory = Larvik Marine Museum, Norway. possibly John Gray 2. London. RSW.
GRAY 3 see the following, Jones, Gray and Keen, Gray and Lessell, De Mory, Gray and W.D. Alder. Brewington 1; Bell 2; RSW.
GRAY 4 Ireland, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 12/13/88. Belfast. RSW.
GRAY AND KEEN England, fl.1847-51, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Octant = MYS; Sympiesometer = Phillips 2/22/77. barometer makers; John Gray (probably 3 or 4) and Robert Keen. 25-26 Strand Street, Liverpool. Taylor 2(1138); Bryden 9; Bell 2; Brewington 1; Chaldecott 3; RGO; RSW.
GRAY AND LESSELL England, NIM Card on Tell-Tale Compass = PEA. Brewington says "Lissett." Liverpool. Bryden 9; Brewington 1.
GRAY AND LISSETT misreading by Brewington for Gray and Lessell. Bryden 9.
GRAY AND MACKAY England, c.1822, invented a new type of saccharometer, c.1822. 25 Old Burlington Street, London. Chaldecott 3; RGO.
GRAY, BENJAMIN AND WILLIAM England, fl.1835-40, PHIM barometer makers. Cheapside, Leicester. Bell 2.
GRAY, DEMORY USA, NIM Gray, De Mory; T.C. in sextant case in Antiquarian House, Plymouth, Mass. New York, N.Y. RSW.
GRAY, JOHN 1 Scotland, 1757, MIM SIM land surveyor; designed surveying instruments. Greenock. Taylor 2(264); Bryden 3.
GRAY, JOHN 2 England, fl.1828-38, MIM OIM PHIM proposed a small light for a sextant scale. 41 Nightingale Lane (1828); 4 Upper East Smithfield (1836); both in London. Taylor 2(1871); O'Mara.
GRAY, JOHN 3 England, c.1709, apprenticed to John Urings 1 in the Joiners' Company on Oct. 11, 1709. Crawforth 7.
GRAY, JOHN 4 England, fl.1805-54, MIM PHIM barometer maker; victualler; see Gray and Lessels or Gray and Keen. 10 East Side, Dry Dock (1807-10 and 1813-20); 11 East Side, Dry Dock (1821); 25 and 26 Strand Street; all in Liverpool. Taylor 2(1138); Bryden 9; Brewington 1; Dewhirst; Bell 2.
GRAY, ROBERT England, 1709, MIM Gunter's Quadrant, 1709 = BM. Ilbert Coll; Bryden thinks he might be from Edinburgh. Price 3; Ward 4; Bryden 3; RSW.
GRAY, STEPHEN England, fl.1694-1701 d.1736, MIM OIM PHIM Garden Sundial, 1695 = X; Microscope = KEN. also signed "Grey"; designed and made sundials and microscopes; made electrical machines; FRS. Canterbury; Charter House, London. Daumas 1; Dewhirst; Evans 1; Goodison 1; Clay and Court; Bell 2; Nachet; Taylor 1(484); Bradbury.
GRAY, WILLIAM England, fl.1840-50, PHIM barometer maker; see Benjamin and William Gray. Cheapside, Leicester. Bell 2.
GRAYDON, LT. COL. GEORGE England, fl.1820-39, NIM Celestial Compasses = NMM, KEN. patented various navigating instruments; author. Sloane Street,Chelsea, London; Bath; Austin Friars, London. Taylor 2(1570).
GRAYDON, THOMAS England, 1768, NIM Compass, 1768 = NMM. not in inventory RSW.
GRAYSON, JOHN USA, c. 1797, dealer in telescopes and mathematical instruments. at the Sign of the Spectacles, New York City. Bedini 8.
GRAZZINI, FERDINANDO Italy, fl.1744-47, MIM Protractor, 1747 = ADL-M108; Surveying Transit, 1744 = Soth. 10/23/61; Surveyor's Compass, 1747 = Pym Sale. Engelmann 1; Michel 3; ADL; RSW.
GREATOREX, RALPH England, 1625-1712, MIM PHIM Ring Sundial = Wisbech; Weather Glass, 1663 = Samuel Pepys; Air Pump, 1658 = Robert Boyle; Universal Ring Sundial = OXF. apprenticed to Thomas Dawson of the Clockmakers' Company; turned over to Elias Allen of the Clockmakers' Company on March 9, 1639, free of the Company on Nov. 25, 1653; probably the "R.G." 1 on compass cards; T.C. at the sign of Adam and Eve, south side of the Strand; Temple Bar; both in London. Taylor 1(218); Holbrook; DNB; Clay and Court; Bell 2; Crawforth 1; J. Brown 1; Latham and Matthews; Robischon; A.J. Turner 10.
GREAVE, DAVID England, c.1804, MIM apprenticed to George (Huggins) Dollond 1 of the Grocers' Company on July 5, 1804. J. Brown 2.
GREAVES, JOHN, AND SON England, PHIM Balance, steel = Pym Sale. RSW.
GREAVES, THOMAS England, fl.1777-1818, OIM optician. 40 Old Hinckleys (1777); Hill Street (1818); both in Birmingham. Bryden 9.
GREBAUVAL, PIERRE France, c.1650, MIM Sundials in watches = FIN-140, Soth. 12/1/78, Clutton and Daniels. "Grébauval" or "Grébauvel"; the watches listed may be one and the same item. Rouen. Clutton and Daniels; RSW.
GREBNER, HANNS Austria, 1576, MIM SIM Shadow-square with Alidade, 1576 = Figdor Coll. Zinner equates this man with Hans Grebner; see also H.G. 6. Sterczing. Zinner 1.
GREBNER, HANS Germany, c.1650, MIM Artillery Quadrant = WHI. see Greber. Pope; Daumas 1.
GREBOULT see Gueroult. RSW.
GRECCIUS France, 1591, MIM Bonelli.
GRECHI, C.A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Shaftsbury. Goodison 1.
GREEN England, c.1820?, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Grantham. Goodison 1.
GREEN, GEORGE England, c.1787, MIM apprenticed, to James Martin, a mathematical instrument maker in the Grocer's Company, on May 3, 1787. London. J. Brown 1.
GREEN, J. AND W. USA, c.1833, OIM PHIM opticians; James Green 2. 41 South Street, Baltimore, Md. Smart 1.
GREEN, JAMES 1 England, fl.1722-c.42, MIM apprenticed to John Stiles of the Clockmakers' Company on April 12, 1722; shown as "finisher" in Quarterage list c. 1742. Horse Shoe Alley, Moorfields, London. J. Brown 3.
GREEN, JAMES 2 England; USA., 1808-96, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Surveyor's Compass = Infantry and Cavalry School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas (1891); Barometer = USNM; Aneroid Barometer = USNM. emigrated from London in 1833; succeeded in Baltimore by F.W. and R. King in 1851; dealt in European instruments. London (1817-23); 72 Baltimore Street (1835-36); 15 Liberty Street (1840-41); 53 South Street (1842); all in Baltimore Md.; New York, N.Y. (1849-96); 175 Grand Street, New York, N.Y. (1868). Smart 1; USNM; Middleton 1 and 4; D.J. Warner 6 and 10; RSW.
GREEN, JOHN England?, 1751, PHIM Barometer, 1751 = X. Dewhirst.
GREEN, SAMUEL, AND SON England, MIM made pocket compasses and sundials. 7 Helmet Street, London. USNM.
GREEN, WILLIAM 1 England, fl.1778-90, OIM designed an improved telescope; F.R.S. South Moulton Street, Hanover Square; 93 High Street, Marylebone; both in London.. Taylor 2(722).
GREEN, WILLIAM 2 England, fl.1818-56, MIM apprenticed to Michael Dancer in the Joiners' Company on June 21, 1808; first noted in 1818; took apprentices. Bartholomew Terrace, City Road (1828); 54 Rahere Street; 14 Fountain Place, City Road (1832-41); City Road (1842-56); all in London. Taylor 2(1872); O'Mara; Crawforth 7.
GREEN, WILLIAM 3 England, c.1836, apprenticed to his father, William Green 2, in the Joiners' Company on Feb. 2, 1836. Crawforth 7.
GREEN, WILLIAM 4 Scotland, 1844-48, MIM OIM PHIM 5 Franklin Street (1844-45); 87 London Street (1846-48); both in Glasgow. Bryden 3; Clarke et al.
GREENALL, WILLIAM WEBB England, c.1822, PHIM 31 Old Compton Street, London. Taylor 2(1571); Dewhirst.
GREENE 1 see Pizzala and Greene.
GREENE 2 England, PHIM see Kendall-Greene. Bell 2.
GREENER AND CHIESA England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-K. and C. 7/21/81. Liverpool. RSW.
GREENLEAF, STEPHEN USA, 1704-95, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compasses = P.C., New Hamshire Hist. Soc., Concord. P.C. signed "Greenleaf", the other "S. Greenleaf"; made nautical compasses. Queen Street, Boston, Mass. Bedini 1; Smart; USNM; Warner 12; RSW.
GREENOUGH AND CO. England, c.1850, NIM Sextant = D.(1975). London. RSW.
GREENOUGH, NORMAN CUMMINGS USA, 1820-66, NIM made nautical instruments, chronometers, and watches. Newburyport, Mass. USNM.
GREENOUGH, THOMAS 1 USA, 1710-85, MIM NIM SIM Backstaffs = X (1760), P.C. (1749), PEA (1740) (1765, incomplete), Connecticut Hist. Soc. (1745, 1755), Harvard College Observatory (1740), ADL-W207 (1753), VNN (1763); Surveyor's Compasses, wood = P.C., Philadelphia Maritime Museum, Bucks County Historical Society, Ohio State U., Old Sturbridge Village, Western Reserve Hist. Soc., South Natick Hist. Soc., Wakefield Plantation, Va., D.(1974 and 1984), ADL-W154 & W156, Ohio Historical Society, D.(1996). may have been trained by Joseph Halsey; D.(1984) has two compass cards, earlier one shows a lighthouse, later one shows a man with a Davis quadrant. near the Draw-Bridge, Boston, N. England. Brewington 1; Bedini 1 & 8; Smart 1; USNM; Moskowitz 108; Price 2; D.J. Warner 8 and 12; Coffeen 55; DATM; ADL; RSW.
GREENOUGH, THOMAS 2 USA, 1738-75, MIM NIM son of Thomas Greenough 1. Boston. Smart 1.
GREENOUGH, WILLIAM USA, c.1785, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass, wood = X. succeeded his father, Thomas Greenough 1, in 1785. Boston, Mass. Bedini 1.
GREENWOOD, CLARKE USA, 1764-1810, MIM NIM Dry Card Compass = MYS. born in Boston, Mass.; son of Isaac Greenwood 2; succeeded his brother, John, in 1788; succeeded by his brother, Isaac Greenwood 3 in 1810; Rollinson engraved the compass cards. 199 Water Street (1789); 126 Front Street (1797-98); 127 Front Street (1800-01 and 1805); 126 Front Street (1807-09); all in New York, N.Y. Smart 1; USNM; Warner 12; RSW.
GREENWOOD, ISAAC 1 USA, 1702-45, father of Isaac Greenwood 2; teacher of natural philosophy at Harvard College; lectured on the orrery in 1734. Boston, Mass. C. Evans (3776); Bedini 1 and 14.
GREENWOOD, ISAAC 2 USA, 1730-1803, MIM Gunner's Quadrant = P.C. oldest son of Isaac Greenwood 1; he was also an ivory turner and dentist; the quadrant might have been made by his son Isaac Greenwood 3. next door to Dr. John Clark's at the North End, Boston, Mass. Bedini 1, 6, 8 & 14; Smart 1; USNM.
GREENWOOD, ISAAC 3 USA, 1758-1829, MIM NIM OIM SIM Hadley's Quadrants = MYS (1793), X; Gauging Rod, wood, 1819 = D.(1982); Gunner's Quadrant = Winterthur Museum, Wilmington, Del; Surveyor's Compasses = D.(1985), P.C.; Octants = MYS (1793), P.C. son of Isaac Greenwood 2; took over his brother Clarke's business at his death in 1810; see Isaac Greenwood 2 for other possible instruments; T.C., akes and imports all kinds of Mathematical Instruments"; dentist. Boston, Mass. (1781-83); New York, N.Y. (1783); Charleston, S. Carolina; Boston, Mass.; Providence, R.I. (1787-90); Newport, R.I.; Providence, R.I.; Norfolk. Conn.; Providence, R.I.; 126 Front Street (1810-1819); 130 Front Street (1819-29); last two in New York, N.Y. Smart 1; Coffeen 27; Bedini 8, 14; D.J Warner 8 and 10; RSW.
GREENWOOD, JOHN USA, 1760-1819, MIM son of Isaac Greenwood 2; born in Boston; succeeded J. Quincy in 1786; succeeded by his brother, Clarke Greenwood, in 1788; ivory turner; later became a dentist; made George Washington's false teeth. 199 Water Street, New York, N.Y. (1786-88). Smart 1; Bedini 1 and 14.
GREENWOOD, THOMAS England, c.1840, MIM OIM optician. 10 Fetter Lane, London. O'Mara.
GREENWOOD, TIMOTHY England, fl.1836-38, OIM 20 Little Saffron Hill, London. Taylor 2(2140); O'Mara.
GREGG AND RUPP USA, fl.1844-53, MIM William Theodore Gregg 1 and Michael Rupp. New York, N.Y. Smart 1.
GREGG, WILLIAM THEODORE 1 Ireland; USA, 1818-1897, MIM NIM SIM Surveyor's Compasses = P.C. (2). born in Ireland; worked with Michael Rupp from 1844 to 1853, as Gregg and Rupp; worked with his son, W.T. Gregg 2, as Gregg and Son (1873-87); son continued under the same name until 1891. Ireland (1818-41); 13 Doyers Street (1841); 318 Broadway, corner of Pearl Street (1843); 110 Wall Street (1844-87); all in New York, N.Y.; Norwich, N.Y.(pre-1857-62); Brooklyn and New York, N.Y. (1866-87). Smart 1; USNM.
GREGG, WILLIAM THEODORE 2 USA, 1850-1916, MIM worked with his father, William Theodore Gregg 1 from 1873 until 1887. 110 Wall Street, New York, N.Y. Smart 1.
GREGO, A. England, c.1817, OIM PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth.- K. and C. 4/20/82; Telescope = Soth. 10/16/72. 27 Leather Lane, Holborn, London. Goodison 1; RSW.
GREGOIRE, J. France, MIM SIM Circumferentor = LEY; Geometric Quadrant = LEY. quadrant is signed "I. Gregoire." Blois. Daumas 1; RSW.
GREGORY England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Gloucester. Goodison 1.
GREGORY AND LAWRENCE England, c.1836, MIM 19 Great Sutton Street, Goswell Street, London. O'Mara.
GREGORY AND SON England, fl.1776-83, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Hadley's Quadrants = Maritime Museum, Hull, Soth. 3/10/87; Stick Barometer = X. Henry Gregory and son; became Gregory and Wright in 1783; T.C. 148 (Leadenhall Street), near the India House (London). Goodison 1; Moskowitz 112; Crawforth 1.
GREGORY AND WRIGHT England, fl.1783-89, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Drawing Instrument = Christie 4/3/74; Hadley's Quadrant = NMM-S.179; Universal Microscope = X; Spyglasses = Soth. 7/24/72, NMM-O.131/44; Telescope, one-draw = Phillips 7/28/82. Henry Gregory and George Wright 2; Millburn thinks he was Gabriel Wright; see Gregory, Gilbert and Wright; successors to Benjamin Martin; T.C.; telescope signed "Gregory and Wright's Improved Telescope." 148 Leadenhall Street, Navigation Warehouse, near the East India House, London. Taylor 2(842a); Daumas; Clay and Court; Calvert 2; NMM 2; Nachet; Goodison 1; Bell 2; Moskowitz 112; Millburn 11; RSW.
GREGORY WRIGHT misreading for Gregory and Wright. RSW.
GREGORY, DAVID Scotland ; England, 1661-1708, author; astronomer; gave the first suggestion of the achromatic telescope, 1695. Edinburgh (1683-91); Oxford (1691-1708). USNM; DNB; DSB; Dawsons 174.
GREGORY, GILBERT AND WRIGHT England, 1789-92, MIM OIM Henry Gregory, John Gilbert 2 and George Wright 2. 148 Leadenhall Street, near the East India House, Navigation Warehouse, London. Taylor 2(839 and 909); Goodison 1; Moskowitz 112.
GREGORY, HENRY England, fl.1750-92, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Telescopes = RSM, P.C.; Sextant = STT; Divider-Sextant = ADL-DPW37; Compass Card = NMM; Backstaves = HAM, HAA, FRK, PYM; Hadley's Quadrants = COR, Soth. 6/1/88; Stick Barometers = Hist. Soc. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Soth. 7/19/88; Gunner's Calipers = KEN; Reduction Compass = AMST; Mathematical Instrument Set = NOR; Pelorus = USNM; etc. T.C.; later became Gregory and Son; the backstaff in the FRK was made for Jean Gremon; the ADL divider-sextant was made by G. F. Brander and sold by Gregory. The Azimuth Compass, near ye East India House, Leadenhall Street (1761); Francis Court, Clerkenwell; both in London. Calvert 2; Taylor 2(484); Macintyre; Brachner 1; O'Mara; BEK Exhibit, Nov.1979; Jürgen Meyer; Moskowitz 112; Mörzer Bruyns 1; Brachner; Crawforth 1; USNM; Courtenvaux; ADL; RSW.
GREGORY, J. England, PHIM Macclesfield. Bell 2.
GREGORY, JAMES Scotland; Italy, 1638-75, invented the "Gregorian" reflecting telescope in 1661. Aberdeen; Padua; St. Andrews; Edinburgh. Taylor 1(282); DNB; DSB; Nachet; Wynter and Turner; Dewhirst; USNM; Morrison-Low 1.
GREGORY, R. England, MIM T.C. in the case of a Troughton and Simms pantograph. Christie-SK 7/10/80.
GREGORY, SAMUEL Ireland, fl.1761-62, PHIM barometer maker. Sycamore Alley, Dublin. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
GREGORY, THOMAS 1 England, c.1830, OIM 3 Quay Street, Manchester. Taylor 2(1873).
GREGORY, THOMAS 2 England, c.1850, OIM PHIM Bull Street; Suffolk Street; both in Birmingham. Bell 2.
GREGORY, W. England, 19th Century, OIM Telescope = Phillips 10/5/76. Strand, London. RSW.
GREGORY, WILLIAM 1 England, c.1817, MIM 30 New Street Square, Shoe Lane, London. Taylor 2(1343); Dewhirst.
GREGORY, WILLIAM 2 England, c.1830, MIM made mathematical rules. 8 Berry Street, Clerkenwell, London. Taylor 2(1874).
GREIFF, G. Germany, 1689, MIM Gunner's Level, 1689 = Michel Coll. Michel ; RSW.
GREINER, JOHANN GEORG, JUN. Germany, 1788-1860, PHIM Alcoholmeter, 1849 = D.(1971); Barometers, siphon-type = DEU (2), UTR (1834). business taken over by Fuess. Berlin. Van Cittert; Middleton 1; Moskowitz 102.
GREISL, L. see Grassl.
GRENET, ABBE France, c.1790, l'Abbé Grenet; invented a tellurium and a terrestrial globe, both made by Richer. Daumas 1; Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; MADEX.
GREPPIN ET BILLIAUX France, 1782, PHIM Electrical Machine, 1782 = P.C. Paris. A.J. Turner 10.
GRESEL, HANS Germany, c.1543, MIM compass maker. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
GRESEL, LINHART Germany, fl.1531-47, MIM Diptych Sundial, 1531 = KEN. one of the guardians of Hans Müller's children. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; RSW.
GREUTER, MATTHIAS France; Italy1556-1638, MIM Celestial Globes, 1636 = IPA (2), D.(1982), D.(1989); Terrestrial Globe, 1632 = IPA. made fine terrestrial and celestial globes, dated from 1632 to 1638; examples may be seen at VAA, CCT, VAT, NMM, KEN, FLO, ROM, GEP, Biblioteca Comunale, Ancona, Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Ky., IPA, etc.; the IPA and D.(1989) globes are the original 1636 issue; the D.(1982) globe is a much later reissue of the 1636 state by Dominico de Rossi. Strasbourg; Lyon; Avignon; Rome (1632-36). Zinner 1; Price 2; Michel 3; Grimaldi (730); Bonelli 4; NMM 2; USNM; Stevenson; Yonge; Coffeen A; Arkway; Schmidt 1.
GREVENBERG, CASPAR Germany, fl.174?-60, PHIM Money Balances = Lempertz, 6/14/76, Nouveau Drouot 5/20/88 (174?). father of Johann and Jacob Grevenberg Cologne. Kisch; Coffeen III; RSW.
GREVENBERG, JACOB Germany, fl.1762, PHIM son of Caspar Grevenberg; brother of Johan Grevenberg. Cologne. Coffeen III; Kisch.
GREVENBERG, JOHANN Germany, c.1762, PHIM Coin Balance = D. T.C.; son of Caspar Grevenberg. Cologne. Coffeen III; Kisch.
GREY, STEPHEN see Stephen Gray.
GREY, T. England, 1691, MIM Gunner's Calipers, 1691 = X. "Arch. Aeliana", 4th. ser., vol. 8, 1931; USNM.
GRIBELIN France, 1589-1671, MIM Sundials in lid of pocket watches = KEN, OXF, SPI-2733. Simon (1) or Abraham Gribelin. Blois. Baillie 1; Maddison and Turner; Wynter and Turner; RSW.
GRIBELIN, ABRAHAM France, 1589-1671, MIM probably the son of Simon Gribelin; watchmaker; some watches had sundials in lid. Blois. Baillie 1; Michel 2; Gunther 2; Evans 1.
GRIBELIN, SIMON 1 France, fl.1588-1633+, MIM probably the father of Abraham Gribelin; made sundials and astronomical watches. Blois. Baillie 1; Michel 2; Evans 1; Gunther 2; RSW.
GRIBELIN, SIMON 2 England, fl.1686-1733, MIM from Huguenot family; member of the Clockmakers' Company 1686-1733; wrote book on ornaments for jewelers and clockmakers; may have made perpetual calendars. London. RSW.
GRIBNER, LUDWIG Germany, c.1484, MIM compass maker. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
GRICE, THOMAS 1705, MIM Sundial, 1705 = Christie 7/12/67. RSW.
GRICE, WILLIAM HAWKS England, fl.1815-25, MIM OIM spyglass, brass and ivory = WHI; Hodometer = X. succeeded William Fraser; appointed the mechanician and optician to their Majesties and the Royal Family. 3 New Bond Street, London. Taylor 2(1344); Dewhirst.
GRIENDEL, JOHAN FRANZ Germany, c.1687, OIM made telescopes and microscopes; author. Aachen; may have also lived in Nürnberg. Offenbacher Cat.29, 1977; Daumas 1; Nachet.
GRIER, W. HAWKES misreading for William Hawks Grice. Soth. 3/25/86.
GRIEUX, D. France, c.1775, MIM Graphometer = Spitzer Sale-2900 = Anderson-Spitzer Sale-14. Paris. Michel 3; Daumas 1; Nachet; RSW.
GRIFFIN 1 England, c.1800, PHIM Air Pump = D.(1976). London. Brieux 3.
GRIFFIN 2 England, c.1850, NIM Sextant = D.(1973). possibly John Joseph Griffin. London. Moskowitz 106; O'Mara.
GRIFFIN AND HYAMS England, fl.1835-45, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 5/1/86. barometer makers; silversmiths. Cornhill, London. Bell 2.
GRIFFIN, BRYAN USA, fl.1793-1803, MIM 81 South Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1.
GRIFFIN, JOHN JOSEPH Scotland; England, fl.pre-1848-50+, PHIM son of Richard Griffin; chemical instrument maker; author. Glasgow; London (1848). Bryden 3.
GRIFFIN, JOHN JOSEPH, AND CO. England, c.1850, PHIM chemical apparatus may be see in the Chemical Museum, London. London. RSW.
GRIFFIN, RICHARD, AND CO. Scotland, fl.1820-61, PHIM philosophical and chemical instrument makers; Richard was the father of John Joseph Griffin. 75 Hutchinson Street (1820-32); 64 Hutchinson Street (1833-37); 115 Buchanan Street (1838); 24 Canon Street (1839-43); 40 Buchanan Street (1844-55); 39 and 41 West Nile Street (1855-61); all in Glasgow. Bryden 3; Clarke et al; RSW.
GRIFFITH AND BOWLES USA, c.1770, MIM Nathaniel Griffith was an instrument maker; Samuel (or Thomas) Bowles was a watchmaker. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Bedini 1.
GRIFFITH, A. England, MIM Instrument = WHI. Taylor 2(1139).
GRIFFITH, EDWARD England, c.1809, OIM Birmingham. Taylor 2(1139).
GRIFFITH, GEORGE England, c.1708, MIM apprenticed first to William Howe, of the Grocers' Company on August 13, 1700; turned over to Mary Griffith, Broderer on April 13, 1703; free of the Grocers' Company Oct. 12, 1708; his father was a member of the Broderers' Company. East Smithfield, London (1708). J. Brown 1.
GRIFFITH, JAMES England, c.1667, MIM member of the Broderers' Company; admitted as a Brother into the Clockmakers' Company on Feb. 24, 1667; may have been the father of George Griffith. London. Taylor 1(310); Clay and Court; Baillie 1; J. Brown 1 & 3.
GRIFFITH, MARY England, c. 1703, MIM Broderer; George Griffith turned over to her as apprentice from William Howe of the Grocers' Company on April 13, 1703; her husband was probably James Griffith of the Broderers' Company. London. J. Brown 1.
GRIFFITH, NATHANIEL USA, c.1770, MIM worked with Samuel or Thomas Bowles as Griffith and Bowles. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Bedini 1.
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM England, MIM T.C. No. 4 Dolphin-court, Ludgate Hill, London. Crawforth 1.
GRIFFITHS, J.J., AND SONS England, c.1850, PHIM Wimshurst Machine = Soth.-B. 4/7/82. RSW.
GRIFFON England, c.1800, PHIM Air Pump = D.(1976). London. Brieux 3.
GRIFFON, AU France, 18th Century, Folding Rule, ivory and silver = ADL-M132a. this is an address only. au Griffon, 19 de l'Horloge, Paris. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
GRIGBY, GEORGE England, 1807, MIM SIM designed a combined sighting and computing surveying instument; author. London. Moskowitz 104.
GRIGGI, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Liverpool. Goodison 1.
GRIGNION, HENRY England, c.1806, MIM apprenticed to George (Huggins) Dollond 1 of the Grocers' Company on March 6, 1806. London. J. Brown 2.
GRILL, JOHANN Germany, 1798, MIM Rule, 1798 = THO. RSW.
GRILLET, RENE France; Holland, c.1673-81, MIM PHIM SIM Calculating Machine, 1678 = CNAM; Hygrometer, 1681 = X; Graphometers = SPI-2768 (9), P.C., Drouot 4/26/67; Drawing Instrument Set = NMM-DI/ST.18; Sector = P.C.(1969); Protractor, Sector and Square = D.(1971); Set Square, with plumb-bob = Soth. 2/25/86. "Sieur Grillet Maistre Horlogeur"; mechanician; author; spelled also René Grilliet. au Cloistre S. Jean de Latran. (1673),Quai de l'Horloge, No. 49, both in Paris; Amsterdam (1681). Daumas 1; Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; Weil 19; Baillie 1; NMM 2; Nachet; Coffeen II; Spitzer 1 and 2; RSW.
GRILLIET, RENE see René Grillet. Daumas 1.
GRIMALDI, DOMINIC England, fl.1814-16, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Soth. 2/25/86, Christie 12/6/78. usualy signed "D. Grimaldi" or "Grimaldi"; the Soth. instrument was signed "D. Grimoldi, London." 82 Leather Lane,London. Taylor 2(1345); Dewhirst; Bell 2; RSW.
GRIMALDI, HENRY England, fl.1839-60, OIM PHIM made barometers and thermometers. 16 Brook Street (1839-42); 4 Charles Street (1844); 24 Greville Street (1843-47); 31 Brook Street (1850-60); Hatton Garden; all in London. Taylor 2(1345); Goodison 1.
GRIMES, EDWARD England, fl. 1640-51, MIM apprenticed by turnover to Elias Allen of the Clockmakers' Company on March 15, 1640; had a dispute with him in 1651. London? J. Brown 3.
GRIMOLDI 1 Italy; Holland, c.1840, MIM PHIM instrument and barometer maker. Amsterdam. Bell 2.
GRIMOLDI 2 variant spelling for Grimaldi. Goodison 1.
GRIMOLDI, H., AND CO. England, c.1850, PHIM Stick Barometer = Christie-SK 1/22/87; Marine Barometer = D.(1997). surely Henry Grimaldi; D. signed "Grimoldi and Co." Brook Street, Holborn, London. Bell 2; ATG 5/24/97.
GRIMSHAW, JAMES England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie Feb. 1991. London. RSW.
GRIMSHAW, JOHN England, fl.1810-29?, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. signed "Grimshaw." Liverpool. RSW.
GRIMSTEAD, VALENTINE England, T.C.; sold mathematical instruments. Delete this part of the comment, please. at the Black Swan in St. Paul's Churchyard, London. Crawforth 1.
GRINDEL, CARLO Italy, 1800 -1855, MIM PHIM Dipping Needle = Institute of Geophysics, Academy of Sciences, Prague; Transit, 1827 = U. of Pavia Museum. he had the title "Macchinista" at the Brera Observatory. Milan. Brenni 1; Czech. Inventory.
GRINDEL, FRANCESCO Italy, 1816-59, MIM PHIM son of Carlo Grindel; succeeded him as "Macchinista" at the Brera Observatory; made precision insruments. Milan. Brenni 1.
GRINDL, JOH. FRANSISCA c.1687, OIM Clay and Court.
GRINGALLETUS, JANUS Germany, fl.1617-20, MIM Pillar Sundial, wood, 1617 = STU. Strassburg. Zinner 1; RSW.
GRINKEN, JEREMIAH England, fl.1675-85, MIM A.J. Turner 1 and 2.
GRINKEN, ROBERT England, c.1625, MIM Astronomical Compendium = Soth. 11/27/72. RSW.
GRINOD, JOHN England, fl.1766-67, MIM Wolstenholme's Square, Liverpool. Bryden 9.
GRITTO, BARTOLOMEO Italy, c.1600, MIM SIM Measuring Instrument = SPI; Plane Table Compass = HAK. Padua. Baillie 1; Morpurgo 1; Rohde; Nachet; Brenni 1; RSW.
GRIVOLAT, L. France, MIM Solar Clock = X. Paris. USNM.
GROCE misreading or variant of Croce. RSW.
GROCE, A. England, c.1817, PHIM barometer maker; possibly a variant of A. Croce. Leather Lane, London. Bell 2.
GROENENDAAL, H. VAN Holland, c.1809, PHIM made an electrical machine in Amsterdam in 1809. Utrecht and Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1.
GROENENDAAL, H.K. Holland; France, 1730, PHIM Air Pump, 1730 = UTR. Paris. Daumas 1.
GROENENDAAL, HENDRIK Holland, fl.1781-90, MIM had schooling in Utrecht. Rooseboom 1; Mörzer Bruyns 2.
GROENENDAAL, JOHANNES VAN Holland, fl.1672-1702, NIM also a sail-maker; the underside of a compass card in a crown compass by Pieter de Velder, is marked "Johannes van Groenendaal tot Rotterdam." Rotterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2.
GROGER AND CO. England, NIM T.C.; also signed "late Thompson." 36 Wapping High Street, London. Soth. 3/23/70.
GROGER, J. England, NIM Miniature Sextant, wood = Soth. 3/11/77. Wapping, London. RSW.
GRONER Czechoslovakia, 1734, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundial, 1734 = Huelsmann Coll. same as A. Groner? Prague. Syndram.
GRONER, A. Czechoslovakia, 17th Century, MIM Astronomical Ring = ROU-134 = MADEX-210. MADEX has it spelled "Gronner." Prague. Zinner 1; Nachet.
GRONNING, BERENDT Holland, 1777, MIM Perpetual Calendar, 1777 = LAW. RSW.
GROOM, JAMES England, c.1711, apprenticed to William Roberts 1 on May 1, 1711 in the Broderers' Company. Crawforth 7.
GROOTE, A.W. Holland, c.1850, PHIM Lactometer = Auction, 1906. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
GROSSE see Croce. Bell 2.
GROSSLIN France, c.1671, MIM made some of the first large instruments for the Paris Observatory. Paris. J.A. Bennett 2.
GROSSO Italy, PHIM barometer maker; glass blower; Holland? Daumas 1.
GROU, PETER FENS Scandanavia?, 1665, MIM Gunner's Quadrant and Calipers, 1675 = Christie 12/8/76. Frederichs Ohrl. RSW.
GROVE AND BARKER England, post-1848, MIM Francis Barker and Son's T.C. said they were "Late Grove and Barker." London. Chaldecott 3; RGO.
GROVER, GEORGE USA?, 1783, NIM Hadley's Quadrant, 1783 = MYS. RSW.
GRUBB, THOMAS Ireland, 1800-1878, MIM OIM Equatorial Refracting Telescopes = Makree, Dunsink, Vienna; Reflecting Telescope = Melbourne, Australia; Telescope Mounting = NMM; etc. optician; mechanic; constructed the Armagh 15-inch reflector in 1835; assisted by his son, Howard; F.R.S. 1 Upper Charlemont Street (1838-54), Dublin; 14 Leinster Terrace (1855-58); 15 Leinster Square (1856-63); 14 Leinster Road (1864-78); last three in Rathmines. DNB; DSB; NMM 2; Taylor 2(1143); USNM; Morrison-Low and Burnett.
GRUBER, HANS Germany, fl.1552-97, MIM Sundials on the side or bottom panels of table clocks = STU (1665), Soth. 6/19/72 (1568) = TIM, Drouot 2/16/49; Diptych Sundial = OXF; Equatorium, 1579 = Kenney Sale; Artillery Level = DRE (1569). clockmaker; mastermark is crossed shovels; also signed "Hanns" or "Johannes." Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Drechsler 2; Michel 3; Josten; Gouk 1; RSW.
GRUBER, SEBASTIAN Germany, 1581, MIM Instrument, 1581 = Lord Ilchester. Nürnberg. Evans.
GRUBER, T. Czechoslovakia, c.1790, PHIM Barometer = PRA. Czeck. Inv.
GRUMMERT c.1725, OIM made mirrors for optical instruments. Nachet.
GRUNDY England, fl.1828-45, PHIM see Fox and Grundy; barometer makers. St. Anne's Square, Manchester. Bell 2.
GRUNDY, JOHN C. England, fl.1830-41, PHIM barometer maker; also sold looking-glasses. 4 Exchange Street, Manchester. Taylor 2(1875); Goodison 1; Bell 2.
GRUNOW, JULIUS Germany; USA, fl.1849-92, OIM Microscope = D.(1989). came from Germany in 1849; joined by his brother, William Grunow, 1852-74; worked alone, 1874-92. Berlin (-1849); New Haven, Conn. (1849-60); New York, N.Y. (1860-92). Padgitt; Purtle; Moskowitz 132; D.J. Warner 9.
GRUNOW, WILLIAM Germany; USA, fl.1852-74, OIM came from Germany in 1852; worked with his brother, Julius Grunow, 1852-74, when he retired; they produced microscopes. Berlin (-1852); New Haven, Conn. (1852-64); New York, N.Y. (1864-74). Padgitt; Purtle; Moskowitz 132; D.J. Warner 9; Poggendorff.
GRUNSKLEE, P. JAN Czechoslovakia, fl.1695-97, MIM Celestial and Terrestrial Globes = Olomouc Museum. Czech. Inv.
GRUSELL, ERIK MIM Rule = GMM. Furudals Bruk. RSW.
GRUSL, L. for Grüsl or Grüsle see Lorenz Grassl
GRUWER, HANS Germany, 1569, MIM misreading for Hans Gruber? Zinner 1; Drechsler 2.
GUADAGNI, P.C. Italy, fl.1753-57, MIM Table Sundials = NMM (1753), NMM (1757), Soth. 3/17/38 (1753); Vertical Dials, 1753 = Portaluppi Coll. = MPP, WHI (861). WHI modern work and signed "P.C. Guadagni fece", also arked "Meridiana fatta nella Specola J.R. Universta Pisana"; some of the the other sundials are dubious also. Pisa. NMM 2; Portaluppi; Bryden 16.
GUADALAX, DON DIEGO DE "por Don Diego de Guadalax en Mexico" marked on a silver pocket sundial, 1632; sold at the Pugsley sale. RSW.
GUALTHER, PIBO see Pybe Wouters. Zinner 1; Price 1; Michel 3; Baillie 1; ICA 2; Rooseboom 1.
GUANELLA, A. England, c.1835, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 6/3/83, Soth-Bill. 4/21/93. the Soth. instrument (1983) is signed "Guanella Bristol." Bristol. Goodison 1; RSW.
GUANERIO variant of Guarnerio Bell 2.
GUANZIROLI, GIUSEPPE England, fl.1834-60, PHIM barometer maker; see Battistessa, Molteni and Guanziroli; see Zerboni, Battistessa, Molteni and Guanziroli; worked alone after 1852. 106 Hatton Garden, London. Goodison 1; Bell 2.
GUANZIROLI, GIUSEPPE AND LUIGI England, fl.1845-52, PHIM barometer makers. 106 Hatton Garden, London. Goodison 1.
GUARNERIO, ANGELO England, fl.1839-50, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. jeweler and silversmith. Sheep Market, St. Ives. Goodison 1; Bell 2.
GUARNERIO, PETER England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. High Street, Huntington. Goodison 1; Bell 2.
GUASTAFERRI, FABRITIO Italy, c.1663, MIM OIM PHIM "Fabritio" is probably "Maker"; made armillary spheres, telescopes, levels, water pumps, etc. Rome. Offenbacher 22, 1970.
GUDER Germany, 1532, MIM Astrolabe "Orpheus" Clock, 1532 = Georgi Coll. Bavaria. Coole and Neumann.
GUDGEON, JNR. England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Abbey Gate, Street, Bury St. Edmunds. Goodison 1.
GUDGEONE variant of Gudgeon. Bell 2.
GUEBOULT see Gueroult. Josten.
GUELDRE, A. DE 1626, MIM Vertical Dial, slate, 1626 = Coll. Vivielle (1936). arms of Edward the Great. Michel 1 and 3; MADEX.
GUENAL France, c.1850, MIM Uranograph = CNAM. a Uranograph was a type of orrery introduced into England in 1859. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; Chaldecott 3; RGO.
GUENTER Poland, 1658, MIM Astronomical Sextant, large, = Hevelius' observatory (missing). Danzig. Ashbrook.
GUERARD, JACQUES France, c.1660, MIM Bloud-type Sundial, ivory = Soth. 12/16/63, WHI; Bloud-type Sundials = P.C. and HAY. Dieppe. Vivielle 2; Michel 3; Bryden 16; RSW.
GUERICKE, OTTO VON Germany, 1602-86, PHIM Magdeburg Hemispheres, 1657 = X; Friction Electrical Machine, 1660 = X. Bürgermeister of Magdeburg; physicist, and amateur instrument maker; invented the air pump; made a water barometer, c.1654. Magdeburg. Daumas 1; DSB; G.L'E. Turner 24; Middleton 1.
GUERIN, LOUIS France, c.1850, MIM Cannon Sundial, miniature = Phillips 11/16/88. "Opticien." Alger. RSW.
GUERNE France, fl.1665-80, MIM OIM "arquebusier"; involved in making instruments for the Paris Observatory and the Academy. Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet; Augarde.
GUEROULT France, 17th Century, MIM Pillar Sundial, ivory = Michel Coll. = OXF-B39. Dieppe. Michel 1 and 3; Josten.
GUEVAVE, DON JOANNES DE 1752, OIM Microscope, 1752 = X. Don Joannès de Guevave. Nachet.
GUGERI 1 England, PHIM barometer maker; see Zanfrini and Gugeri; see Belotti and Gugeri. Blandford. Goodison 1.
GUGERI 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer =X. possibly Andrew or Dominic Gugeri. Goodison 1.
GUGERI AND BELOTTI England, fl.1829-43, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2), PAK, D.(1981). also made thermometers; Andrew Gugeri and Belotti; also spelled Bellotti; see also Belotti and Gugeri. 15 Union Court, Holborn Hill; 16 Charles Street, Hatton Garden; both in London. Taylor 2(2142 and 2142a); Goodison 1; RSW.
GUGERI AND CARUGHI England, fl.1844-45, PHIM Andrew Gugeri and Paul Carughi; barometer and thermometer makers. 16 Charles Street, Hatton Garden, London. Goodison 1.
GUGERI AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. possibly Gugeri and Belotti. Goodison 1.
GUGERI, ANDREW England, fl.1829-59, PHIM barometer and thermometer makers; see Belotti and Andrew Gugeri. 15 Upper Union Court, Holborn (1829); Charles Street, Hatton Garden (1830-59); both in London. Goodison 1; Bell 2.
GUGERI, D., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 5/14/87. the barometer is signed "D. Gugieri and Co.", a mis-spelling. RSW.
GUGERI, DOMINIC England, fl.1835-42, PHIM Barometer = P-B 4/20/68; Wheel Barometers = X(5), Soth.-S 7/23/87. watch and clock maker. South End (1830s); Market Place (1842); both in Boston. Goodison 1; Baillie; Bell 2; Antique Researchers, 1985; RSW.
GUGERI, FELIX England, fl. 1854-59, PHIM barometer maker. 93 Leather Lane, London. Goodison 1.
GUGERI, J. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Boston. Goodison 1.
GUGERT, D. misreading for D. Gugeri. Soth.-S 7/23/87.
GUGGIARI, CHARLES 1 England, fl.1828, PHIM supplied a barometer case to A. Alberti. Church Street, Sheffield. Goodison 1.
GUGGIARI, CHARLES 2 England, c.1848, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 4/28/88. 25 Digbeth, Birmingham. Goodison 1; RSW.
GUGGIARI, D., AND ANZIANI England, fl.1832-60, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 11/27/86. carvers, gilders and looking-glass makers. Pelham Street, Nottingham. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(2142); Bell 2; RSW.
GUGGIARI, DOMINIC England, fl.1835-41, PHIM barometer maker; see D. Guggiari and Anziani. Pelham Street, Nottingham. Goodison 1; Bell 2; RSW.
GUGIRE, D., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. probably a mis-spelling for "D. Gugeri." Goodison 1.
GUIBOUT France, fl.1745-65, MIM SIM Measure, 1746 = CNAM; Graphometer with telescopic sights, 1753 = P.C.; Globe,Celestial, 1753 = Musée Lorain, Nancy; Sundials = MADEX (1765), Auction, Paris 3/21/79; Sector = Soth. 10/28/86; Butterfield-type Sundials = P.C. (1969). Paris. Daumas 1; Bedos de Celles; MADEX; Michel 1 & 3; Nachet; RSW.
GUIDI, P. LETO Italy, 1711-77, OIM Telescope = FLO. Bonelli 1.
GUIDOBALDI Italy, 1570, designed a form of proportional compass, made by Simone Baroccio. A.J. Turner 10.
GUIDOTTI, S., FIRMO Italy, MIM Armillary Sphere = Lamberti Coll. Morpurgo 1.
GUILLEMIN ET DELLEMONT France, pre-1840, MIM Terrestrial Globe, in relief = Versailles 4/17/83. after an invention by Thury. RSW.
GUILLEMUS DE SANCTO CLODOALDO France, fl.1292-96, MIM invented the "Directorium." Paris. Michel 3.
GUILLERMIN France, MIM made an astronomical clock. Nachet.
GUINAND France, 1827, OIM succeeded by his grandson, Charles Feil. Paris. USNM.
GUIOT, C. France, MIM Capuchin Sundial, printed paper, paper case = Drouot 4/7/87. Chez Baradelle, Quay de l'horloge du Palais à l;enseigne de l'Observatoire, Paris. RSW.
GUISANI, P., AND SONS England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 1/27/88. surely Peter Guisani, which see. Wolverhampton and Bilston. Bell 2; RSW.
GUISANI, PETER England, fl.1847-49, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 11/27/86. barometer maker; carver and gilder; sometimes "Guizani." Market Place, High Green; 42 Cork Street; both in Wolverhampton. Bell 2; RSW.
GUITTIENNE, J. France, c.1700, MIM Sector with Protractor = D.(1987). signed "J. Guittienne Sculpsit"; also marked "A.D.A. Stein." RSW.
GUIZONNIER France, c.1813, MIM made sundials. Bordeaux. Tardy 3.
GULDBRANDSEN, JOH Norway, c.1850, NIM Azimuth Compass = OMM; Marine Compass = Christie-SK 11/27/86. Christiania. RSW.
GULLANDER, NILS Sweden, fl.1775-95, MIM inventor and instrument maker at the University of Lund. Stockholm; Lund (1775-93). Pipping 1.
GULWEIN, J.G. misreading for "J. G. Gutwein." Zinner 1.
GUM: NOR:, MIC: Germany, 1617, MIM Polyhedral Sundial, silver, = ADL-M324; Polyhedral Sundial, wood, 1617 = Prin Coll. = P.C. (1958) = TIM. an identical sundial in silver was in the Roussel Sale, No. 228, but apparently not signed; the design is after Oronce Fine. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Michel 1 and 3; Brieux 3; Hamilton 2; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
GUNDLACH, ERNST Germany, c.1850, OIM Microscope = D.(1976); Objective = D.(1976). microscope signed "Ernst Gundlach, Berlin / C.Baker agent London." Berlin. Moskowitz 112.
GUNNOR, MIC. see Mic. Gumnor
GUNTER, EDMUND England, 1581-1626, Professor of Astronomy at Gresham College, London; invented a new form of cross-staff, a horary quadrant, surveying chain. the logarithmic rule (1607); author. London. Taylor 1(106); DNB; DSB; Gunther 1 and 2; Evans 1; Maddison ?; Wynter and Turner: G.L'E. Turner 24.
GUNTER, WOLFGANG Germany, c.1658, MIM OIM Hevilius wrote that Günter made his instruments. Michel 3.
GUNTHER, C. Germany, 18th Century, MIM Sector with sights = PRA. possibly G.A. Günther. RSW.
GUNTHER, G.A. Germany, 1741, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass, 1741 = Cranbrook Institute of Science, Detroit. may be C. Günther. USNM.
GURDON NIM Hadley's Quadrant = Pugsley Sale. might be Gurdon Waterman. RSW.
GURLEY, EPHRAIM USA, fl.1811-29, MIM SIM worked for Julius Hanks (1811-13); see Hanks and Gurley; see Starbucks and Gurley; father of William and L.E. Gurley. Madison, Conn.(pre-1811); Gibbonsville, N.Y. (1811-18); southeast corner of Fifth and Grand Streets, Troy, N.Y. (1818-29). Smart 1.
GURLEY, LEWIS EPHRAIM USA, 1826-97, MIM SIM brother of William Gurley; apprenticed to Jonas H. Phelps, 1844-45; see Phelps and Gurleys; see W. and L.E. Gurley. Troy N.Y. Smart 1; Moskowitz 110.
GURLEY, W. AND L.E. USA, 1852-present, MIM SIM wide range of surveying instruments that may be seen in many museums; the major collection is in the Gurley Museum, Troy, New York. William and Lewis Ephraim Gurley, brothers. Fifth and Fulton Streets, Troy, New York. Smart 1; USNM; Zervas; Moskowitz 116; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
GURLEY, WILLIAM USA, 1821-87, MIM SIM Dip Needle = D.(1969). worked for Oscar Hanks, 1839-45; see Phelps and Gurley; see W. and L.E. Gurley; son of Ephraim Gurley. Fifth and Fulton, Troy, New York. Smart 1; Moskowitz 110; RSW.
GURNEY England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Russell Baldwin and Bright 5/5/93. Bristol. ATG 4/24/93.
GURNEY, GOLDSWORTHY England, c.1823, PHIM invented an oxygen-hydrogen blowpipe for which he recieved a gold medal from the Society of Arts in 1823. G. L'E. Turner 24.
GUSANI, P., AND SONS misreading for P. Guisani and Sons. RSW.
GUSSEFELD, FRANZ LUDWIG Germany, 1744-1808, MIM Terrestrial Globe = New York Public Library. "Güssefeld." Nürnberg. Yonge.
GUSTINGER, RUDOLPH Austria, 1757, MIM Horizontal Table Sundial, 1757 = Koller 11/17/75 = D.(1976). Vienna. RSW.
GUTIERREZ, SANCHO Spain, 1516-80, NIM the mariner's astrolabe, dated 1563 at CNAM (NMM-24), was suggested by Destombes to be by Gutierrez. Destombes 3; A. Stimson 3; ICA 2.
GUTKAES, JOH. CHRIST. FRIEDRICH Germany, c.1830, MIM Astronomical Clock = DRE. Dresden. Grötzsch 2.
GUTLE, KONRAD Germany, c.1797, MIM Table Sundial = Drecker Coll. = P.C. signed "Gütle, mechan:." Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Evans 1; Lunardi; RSW.
GUTSCHOVIUS, GERARD Belgium, OIM Gérard Gutschovius helped to develop the hyperbolic lens. Nachet.
GUTTELIE France, fl.1692-1704, MIM Coronelli Globes = PBN. Guttelié. Paris. Pognon.
GUTTERIDGE, DOWNING AND SON England, c.1827, MIM Slide Rules with four slides, boxwood, = Soth. 12/21/76, D.(1977). one is also signed "James Galbraith, Dumbarton, 6 March, 1827." Moskowitz 114; RSW.
GUTWEIN, J.G. Germany, 17th Century, engraved sundial at BM, made by Johann Paul Kraus, which see. Zinner 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Cousins.
GUY, WILLIAM England, c.1661, MIM apprenticed to John Blighton 1, a mathematical instrument maker in the Grocers' Company, on Dec. 5, 1661. London. J. Brown 1.
GUYET France, pre-1793, OIM Optical Machine = Earl of Bute Sale 2/5/1793. RSW.
GUYMARD, P.I. France?, 1740, MIM Universal Ring Sundial, 1740 = NMM-D.108. NMM 2; MADEX; Nachet.
GUYTON DE MORREAU France, fl.1784-1814, PHIM developed a platinum pyrometer, a money scale and other physical instruments. Daumas 1; Chaldecott 2.
GYLDENSTOLKE Sweden, c.1800, see Sauter and Gyldenstolke. Stockholm. Fox 1 and 2; RSW.
GYLES, HENRY England, fl.1670-1702, MIM Stained-glass Sundials = Oxford University College, Nun Appleton Hall (1670), Tong Hall. Daniels 1.

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