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Signature Maker Info Instruments Comments Location References
E. Germany, C.1700, MIM Compass Sundial, bone and brass = D.(1991). signed on the brass chapter ring. Coffeen 35.
E.A. 1 Germany, 1580, MIM Gun Sight, 1580 = DRE-546. Drechsler 2.
E.A. 2 MIM Vertical Sundial, silver = LOS. in the shape of a cross; pin missing; also marked "Crux Victoria" and "SCT II ODA RKI". RSW.
E.A.M. Germany, 1718, MIM Ring Sundial, 1718 = Gymnasium, Linz. Zinner 1.
E.B. * N.L. 1732, MIM NIM Cross-staff, 1732 = Mystic Seaport, Conn. marked on one side only. RSW.
E.B. 1 England, 1625, MIM Sector, 1625 = BM-1880/8/20-17. Taylor 1(150); Price 3; Ward 4.
E.B. 2 MIM Cube Sundial, stone = NOR. RSW.
E.B. AND R. France, c.1849, PHIM Aneroid Barometer = PEA. E. Burdon and Richards. Paris. Brewington 1.
E.C. England, 1701, MIM OIM Compass Sundial, ivory, 1701 = D.(1984); Compass Sundial, brass, 1701 = ADL-W255; Microscopes = D.(pre-1950), Soth. 10/3/88. compass papers printed " E.C. fecit 1701"; surely Edmund Culpeper 1; Soth. microscope has shagreen case. Moskowitz 130; Clay and Court; Weil 2(2); ADL; RSW.
E.E. England, c.1560, MIM Ring Sundial = Evans Coll. = OXF. probably Epiphanius Evesham; seal has pineapple and "A.P." Earle; RSW.
E.F. England, MIM Napier's Bones, wood = OXF. perhaps Edward Fage. RSW.
E.F.H. England, 1735, MIM Analemmatic Sundial, 1735 = Soth. 10/27/69. RSW.
E.H. 1 France, 1659, MIM Astrolabe, 1659, steel = NMM-Caird. Michel 3; MADEX.
E.H. 2 see Erasmus Habermel.
E.I. England, MIM Gunter's Quadrant = P.C. lunar volvelle and calendar. RSW.
E.I.C. England, MIM Gunter's Scale = ADL-W146. East India Company; marked "4 E.I.C."; see Chrichton 2. ADL; RSW.
E.J. OIM Spyglass, miniature = FRK. Frank.
E.L.B. PHIM Spring Balance = Soth. 7/29/69. RSW.
E.M.G. OIM Telescope = Ships of the Sea Museum, Savannah, Ga. owner? RSW.
E.M.P. Germany, 1630, MIM Table Sundial, 1630 = INN. Zinner 1.
E.P. England, pre-1800, NIM Octant = MYS. the scale on the octant is signed " E.P." with an anchor; this probably is Edward Parker. London. RSW.
E.P.G. "Elevati Poli Gradus." RSW.
E.R.L. MIM Gunner's Quadrant = SKO; Instrument = SKO. Price 2; RSW.
E.V.Z. Germany, 1568, MIM Artillery Rule, 1568 = DRE. may be same as E.Z. Drechsler 2; RSW.
E.Z. Germany, 1568, MIM Erhard Zimmermann; see E.V.Z. Drechsler 2; RSW.
EADE, JONATHAN England, 18th Century, MIM NIM Ship's Compasses = NMM-C145, Soth. 10/17/60; Slide Rule, ivory and silver = P.C. (Christie 5/5/70). member of the Merchant Taylors' Company; took apprentices. Wapping, London. NMM; Crawforth 8; RSW.
EADE, WILTON AND ALLEN England, 18th Century, NIM Ship's Compass = Soth. 10/17/60. Jonathan Eade, William Wilton 1 and Nathaniel Allen. London. RSW.
EAGLAND, JOSEPH England, fl.1856-59, PHIM barometer maker. 3 Wellington Row, Bethnal Green, London. Goodison 1.
EAMES England, 19th Century, OIM T.C. in the lid of a microscope box reads "By Eames Optician." RSW.
EAMES, JAMES USA, c.1835, MIM SIM Theodolite = Cyr Auction, May, 1997. patented a wooden theodolite, Feb, 11, 1835; signed "Eames Improved Patent Compass, Newry, Me." Newry, Maine. USNM; Coffeen B; MAD June 1997.
EARLE, CHRISTOPHER England, MIM Magnetic Compass = Evans Coll. Gunther 2.
EARNSHAW, THOMAS England, 1749-1824, MIM Astronomical Clock = Skinner and Dyke, 2/5/1793-204. the catalogue of the Earl of Bute's Coll. lists him as "L. Earnshaw"; watch and clockmaker noted for his chronometers. 119 High Holborn (1791-1806; Chenies Street, Bedford Square; both in London. Taylor 2(705); J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
EASLING see Johann Ernst Essling. Evans 1; P. & S. 4/3/1894; RSW.
EAST INDIA COMPANY England, Horizontal Sundial = CNAM. oriental; see E.I.C.; see Chrichton 2. RSW.
EASTLAND AND CO. England, OIM Compound Microscope = UTR. see William Eastland 2. Taylor 2(166 & 349).
EASTLAND, WILLIAM 1 England, 1704-68, OIM apprenticed to Thomas Gay 2 of the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1718; turned over to Thomas Lincoln in the Company in 1726; free of the Company in 1726; Assistant in the Company in 1737; father of William Eastland 2. Clerkenwell, London (1764). Taylor 2(166); Court and von Rohr 3(102); Robischon.
EASTLAND, WILLIAM 2 England, c.1747-80, OIM apprenticed to his father, William Eastland 1, c.1761, in the Spectaclemakers' Company; turned over to Henry R. Shuttleworth in the same Company in 1762; free of the Company, c.1768; Robischon thought he was free in 1773; some of his microscopes are signed "Eastland and Co." London. Taylor 2(349); Court and von Rohr 3(182); Robischon.
EASTLANDT Holland, c.1785, OIM telescope maker. The Hague. Rooseboom 1.
EASTMOND England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie 4/28/89. Redhill. RSW.
EASTON, EDWARD England, c.1708, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Feilder of the Clockmakers' Company on March 3, 1701; free of the Company, April 5, 1708. J. Brown 3.
EASTON, JAMES England, 1731, MIM SIM Backstaff, 1731 = DNM. made for Francis Harrison. RSW.
EATON England, PHIM see Bordessa and Eaton; also see Novati, Bordessa and Eaton. Goodison 1.
EATON, A.K. USA, c.1854, OIM in partnership with Charle A. Spencer for a few years c.1854. Canastoga, N.Y. USNM.
EATON, JOHN England, c.1658, MIM apprenticed to Walter Hayes of the Grocers' Company on July 2, 1651; free of the Company on July 7, 1658. London. J. Brown 1.
EBERBACH AND SON CO. INC. USA, c.1843, PHIM made physical, chemical and physiological apparatus. Ann Arbor Mich. USNM.
EBERHARD, J.G. Germany, 18th Century, MIM Augsburg-type Sundial = D. Zinner 1.
EBERHARD, J.P. Germany, c.1700, MIM Equatorial Sundial = DEU. this may be a misreading for J.G. Eberhard. RSW.
EBERHARD, P. AEGID Germany, 1688, MIM Azimuth Sundial, 1688 = KRM. Raittenau. Rabenalt.
EBERHART, PHILLIPP Switzerland, c.1602, MIM designed a surveying instrument with Leonhart Zubler. Zurich. Dawson 216, 1971.
EBERSPERGER, JOH. GEORG Germany, c.1729-1755, MIM SIM Circumferentor = Bernhard Canzler in 1750; Graphometer, 1729 = NUR-WI 252; Compass, 1737 = NUR-WI 697; Quadrant, steel with wooden tripod, 1739 = NUR-WI 207; Quadrant, 1751 = NUR-WI 584; Graphometer, 1755 = DEU-2893; Rule = ADL-M133; Alidade with Compass = NUR-WI 1268. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Engelmann 1; Michel 3; Evans 1; RSW.
EBLE c.1850, NIM Sextant, primitive = UTR. Ellwangen RSW.
EBMER, SEBALD Germany, b.1580-d.1613, MIM amateur mathematician & instrument maker; a friend of F. Ritter. Nürnberg. Michel 3.
EBSWORTH, GEORGE RICHARD England, c.1827, OIM optician. 54 Fleet Street, London. Taylor 2(1320); O'Mara.
EBSWORTH, RICHARD England, fl.1815-29, MIM OIM PHIM Tellurians, miniature = HAY, ADL-W51, D.(1983); Drawing Instrument Set = Christie 5/6/69; Telescope, refracting = X; Telescope, reflecting = X; Microscope = Soth. 12/8/69; Astronomical Quadrant, miniature = D.(1983); Floating Sundial = Soth.-S 1/26/88. T.C.; the telescopes and the microscope are signed "Ebsworth." 68 Fleet Street and 41 Fleet Street, both in London. Taylor 2(1320); Dewhirst; Clay and Court; Goodison 1; Coffeen; ADL; RSW.
ECCLES, D. England, Water Clock, dated 1697 from the town of Salisbury = Hindley Shop, CMY. modern work by Pearson Page of Birmingham. RSW.
ECCLESTON England, c.1750, OIM made Newtonian telescopes. London. Taylor 2(473a); Dewhirst; Daumas 1; Clay and Court.
ECHEVERRIA Spain, MIM Squadra Mobile = P.C. (1976). Bilbao. RSW.
ECHO AND BARGOS Spain, 18th Century, MIM Armillary Sundial = P. & S. 4/21/1898. RSW.
ECKERT Germany, c.1850, MIM Nürnberg. USNM.
ECKHARDT, A. GEORGE Holland; England, fl.1770-99, MIM Dividers = Auction, 1799; Parallel Rules = Auction, 1799; Graphometer, mahogany = Auction, 1799. A. George Eckhardt, junr. invented a rolling parallel rule in 1770 which was made by Dollond; held fifteen patents; F.R.S. Taylor 2(706); Mörzer Bruyns 2; Millburn 8.
ECKHARDT, DR. CHRISTIAN LEONHARD PHILIPP Germany, 1784-1866, MIM Globes = X. Tooley.
ECKHARDT, H.E. England, see A. George Eckhardt. Soth. 7/27/64.
ECKLING, JOHANN M. Austria, c.1820, MIM NIM Sextant = NMM-S.115; Sextant and an unidentified Instrument = MOS; Goniometer = P.C.(1979). Vienna. Novokshanova-Soklovskaja; Maistrov 4; RSW.
EDELMANN Germany, MIM Wiedemann-type Galvanometer = WHI. Price 12.
EDEN, ALFRED England, c.1830, OIM Achromatic Microscope = WHI. pupil of Pritchard. 6 Langham Place, Regent Street, London. Taylor 2(1838); Clay and Court; Whipple 1.
EDEN, WILLIAM England, fl.1818-27, OIM apprenticed, c.1811, in the Spectaclemakers' Company; free of the Company in 1818; pupil of Andrew Pritchard 1, 1818-27; optician. 30 Castle Street, Holborn, London. Taylor 2(1321); Court and von Rohr 3(243).
EDGECUMBE England, PHIM Wheel Barometer =X. Plymouth. Goodison 1.
EDGEWORTH, HENRY England, 1779, NIM Octant, 1779 = NMM-Caird; Octant = Drouot 3/9/70; Compass = D; Wooden Magnetic Compass = P.C. 51 on the Key, Bristol. Taylor 2(707); Bryden 9; RSW.
EDGINGTON England, fl.1810-13, OIM apprenticed in the Spectaclemakers' Company, 1803; free of the Company, 1810. 7 Charterhouse Lane, London. Taylor 2(828); Court and Rohr 3(236).
EDKINS, JAMES 1 England, c.1721, apprenticed to Mark Rogers in the Joiners' Company, Jan. 9, 1721. Crawforth 7.
EDKINS, JAMES 2 England, c.1820, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Kensington, London. Goodison 1.
EDKINS, SAMUEL SABINE England, c.1838, MIM Terrestrial Globes = Melun 4/24/83, Bearnes 11/12/86. signed "S.S. Edkins", son-in-law of, and successor to, William Bardin. 16 Salisbury Square, London. Taylor 2(2117); Hamilton 2; RSW.
EDWARDS AND HUNTER England, PHIM Marine Barometer = Gloucester Museum. Cornhill, London. Goodison 1.
EDWARDS AND KILBINGTON England, c.1789, NIM compass makers. Wapping, London. Taylor 2(831).
EDWARDS, FREDERICK England, fl.1838, MIM 2 Hackney Road, London. Taylor 2(2118).
EDWARDS, JOHN 1 England, fl.1781-1803, MIM OIM made mariner's compasses and position instruments; made improvements on reflecting telescopes. Ludlow and Bristol. Taylor 2(830).
EDWARDS, JOHN 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. may be the same as John Edwards 1. Menai Bridge. Goodison 1.
EDWARDS, JOSEPH England, fl.1767-77, MIM rule maker; had James Dingley as an apprentice. Bull Street (1767); 46 Worcester Street (1770-77); both in Birmingham. Bryden 9.
EDWARDS, M. Scotland, MIM OIM Pantograph = FRK = RSM. 209 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Frank; Clarke et al.
EDWARDS, MATTHEW England; USA, c.1850, MIM "skilled instrument maker"; author. Boston, Mass. D.J. Warner 6.
EDWARDS, THOMAS England, fl.1667-92, MIM designed astrolabes, double horizontal dial with analemma; author. Oxford. Taylor 1(315); Gunther 2; Dawsons 204.
EDWARDS, WILLIAM England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 5/1/86. "Warranted." Bishops Castle. RSW.
EECKHOUT, JOSEPH VAN DEN Holland, fl.1782-87, MIM Grand Orrery = Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg. Middelburg. Rooseboom 1; Mörzer Bruyns 2; Michel 3.
EEDT, CORNELIUS VAN DEN Holland, 1586, MIM Universal Equatorial Sundial, round, 1586 = BM (ex-SPI 2799). compass markings are in English and Italian. Zinner 1; Rooseboom 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Nachet; BM-1895; Ernst; Michel 3.
EEKSTROOM, JOHANNES Holland, 1750, NIM Backstaff = Dundee City Museum and Art Gallery. marked "opt Schip de Swarte." Adelaar. RSW.
EFLING Germany, 18th Century, MIM SIM Graphometer = DEU-16613. Berlin. Zinner 1.
EGER, G.K. Holland, c.1840, MIM Quadrant = Auction, 1906. Utrecht. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
EGGERICH, JOH. Holland, c.1660, MIM Sector = DRE (lost). Leyden. RSW.
EGGERICH, JOHANNES Germany, c.1725, MIM Calculating Instrument = GEL; Drawing Instruments = HAK. see Johann Eggerich Frers; drawing instruments signed "Johannes Eggrich". Berlin. Maistrov 2; RSW.
EGGERT AND SON USA, fl.1848-50, NIM PHIM Marine Barometer = D.(1971); Dry Card Compass = Mystic Seaport, Conn. chronometer makers; Dominick Eggert and Son. 239 Pearl Street, New York, N.Y. Brewington 1; Moskowitz 103; RSW.
EGGERT'S, D., SONS USA, c.1850, NIM Chronometer = New York, N.Y. RSW.
EGGERT, CHARLES USA, fl.1850-51, NIM associated with John and Dominick Eggert. New York, N.Y. Brewington; Moskowitz 103.
EGGERT, D., AND SON USA, fl.1850-59, MIM PHIM Quadrant, ebony and ivory = D.1976). "S.B. and C." stamped on the inside of the mirror housing. New York, N.Y. Moskowitz, Special Cat. 1.
EGGERT, DOMINICK USA, fl.1834-51, MIM PHIM watch, chronometer and barometer maker. 239 Pearl Street, New York, N.Y.(1841-42). Brewington; Moskowitz 103.
EGGERT, JOHN USA, fl.1850-51, NIM associated with Charles and Dominick Eggert. New York, N.Y. Brewington; Moskowitz 103.
EGIDI, DOMENICO Italy, MIM Horary Quadrant, marble = X. Ancona. Morpurgo 1.
EGRET, MARTIN France, 1713, MIM Sundial, pottery, 1713 = Evans Coll. Evans 1.
EHLING, LEOPOLD England, 1847, MIM 151 St.George Street, London. O'Mara.
EHRARD Germany, OIM constructed burning glasses; succeeded Hoesen. Dresden. Spargo 1.
EHREN, FRIED HALB Germany, 1762, maybe town, Ehrenfriedhal; marked on wooden diptych sundials, WHI-773 and one from DPW Coll., both dated 1762; WHI marked "EHREN/FRIED/HAL." Whipple 1; Bryden 16; RSW.
EHRENBERG see Ney and Ehrenberg. Kosobutsky.
EICHEL, JOHANN CHRISTOPH Germany, 18th Century, MIM Dividers with pen points = AUG. RSW.
EICHENS, WILLIAM Germany; France, 1818-1884, MIM OIM naturalized Frenchman; associate of Marc Secretan; established his own shop in 1866. Paris. Paris 1900; Daumas 1.
EICHMANN see Dryander.
EICHNER, L.C. USA, 1900-1967 ?MIM NIM OIM PHIM engineer; made reproductions of many historic instruments, all signed and dated by him. 437 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey. RSW.
EICKERT, JOHAN Germany, c.1588, MIM Astronomical Clock, 1588 = SPI = VIE. signed also "I.E."; see I.E. 1. Zinner 1.
EIGHERT, W. England, c.1800, PHIM Marine Barometer = West of England Auctions 12/31/90. Cardiff. RSW.
EIMMART, GEORG CHRISTOPH 1 Germany, 1638-1705, MIM OIM PHIM Celestial Globes, 1705 = VNL, NMM, ROM, P.C.; Planetarium, 1680 = NUR.; Terrestrial Globe, 1705 = VNL, NMM, P.C. etc. apprenticed to J. von Sandrart, an engraver; made a wide range of instruments including sundials, armillary spheres, telescopes, and other astronomical items; had J. Ludtring as an assistant. Regensburg (1638-60); Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Bonelli 4; Stevenson; Globus, Nov. 54 and June 62.
EIMMART, GEORG CHRISTOPH 2 Germany, c.1680, MIM Armillary Sphere = NUR. called "der Junger." Nürnberg. Lunardi.
EINDE, C.K. Holland, MIM Vertical Sundial = P.C. Hollands Glorie.
EISINGA, EISE Holland, 1774-1818, MIM Planetarium built into the ceiling of Eisinga's house in Franeker; Wall Sundial, 1801 & Demonstration Planetarium, 1818 = Eisinga's house; Vertical Sundial, stone, 1801 = 'tCoopmanshus, Franeker. Franeker. Zinner 1; Rooseboom 1; RSW.
EISINGA, JELTE STEPHANUS Holland, 1789-1812, MIM astronomical clock maker; brother of Eise Eisinga. Dronrijp Rooseboom 1.
EISLAND perhaps the same as Eastlandt. Rooseboom 1.
EISLAND, W., AND CORPA Holland, c.1790, OIM Microscope = P.C. (1798). Rooseboom 1.
EIVILLIM (?), WILLIAM England, c.1632, MIM apprenticed to John Blighton 1 of the Grocer's Company on April 10, 1632. London. J. Brown 1.
EJSER France, MIM Rule = Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Strasbourg. Strasbourg. RSW.
EKLING same as Eckling. Maistrov 4.
EKSTROM, DANIEL Sweden, 1711-55, MIM NIM Equatorial Sundial = SWE; Hadley's Quadrant = SWE Ekstrôm was apprenticed to Peter Rosenberg in 1727; he was sent to Englnd and France to study instrument-making in 1740. Stockholm. Pipping 1; Arvet; RSW.
ELCKNER SENIOR Germany, c.1780, MIM PHIM SIM Balance = DRE; Graphometer = P.C.(1987). RSW.
ELDRED, JOSEPH E. USA, 1831, MIM SIM patented a surveying level with plumb 8/25/1831. Rochester, N.Y. USNM.
ELEKES, FERENC Hungary; Austriac.1835, MIM globe maker. Vienna. Globus June, 1963.
ELEKES, FRANZ V. fl.1825-44, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1831 = P.C. Globus Nov., 1954 and Dec., 1956.
ELEY, HODSON England, fl.1856-60, PHIM Wheel Barometer, = X. clock and watch maker; the barometer is signed "H. Eley." Wide Bargate, Boston. Goodison 1.
ELFIMOV, P.A. Russia, fl.1841-42, MIM published globes. Chenakal 3.
ELFORD, JAMES M. USA, fl.1816-39, NIM Mariner's Compass = Huntington Historical Society, N.Y. at the Sign of the Quadrant, 119 East Bay, Charleton, S.C. Bowditch; USNM; Bedini 8; D.J. Warner 10.
ELFORD, JAMES M., AND SON USA, c.1835, NIM Crown Compass = Philadelphia Maritime Museum, P.A. Charleston, S.C. RSW.
ELIAS, P. Holland, 1804-78, designed a galvanometer which was made by W.M. Logeman of Haarlem and which is now in Teyler's Museum; lawyer and amateur scientist. G.L'E. Turner 7 & 24.
ELIOT, THOMAS England, c.1686, free in the Joiners' Company, c.1686; reported on John Patrick 1 on July 6, 1686. London. Crawforth 7.
ELIOT, WILLIAM see William Elliott. Taylor 2(1548).
ELKINGTON, GEORGE R. England, 1801-65, OIM 44 St. Paul's Square, Birmingham; 11 Berners Street, London (1836). Taylor 2(1547); O'Mara.
ELKINGTON, J. England, fl.1808-18, OIM St. Paul's Square, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
ELKNER 18th Century, MIM Rapporteur = Drouot 11/14/68. RSW.
ELLA, WILLIAM England, 1711, MIM Astronomical Quadrant, 1711 = Soth. 7/26/65. RSW.
ELLDING, THOMAS England, 1733, NIM Backstaff, 1733 = Musée Lombard, Geneva. RSW.
ELLICOTT England, pre-1794, MIM Pyrometer, Thermometer = Christie 12/12/1794. probably John Ellicott 2. RSW.
ELLICOTT, A., AND B. RITTENHOUSE USA, c.1770, MIM Surveyor's Compass = USNM. Andrew Ellicott and Benjamin Rittenhouse. USNM.
ELLICOTT, ANDREW USA, 1754-1820, MIM SIM Transit, 1789 = USNM; Telescopic Quadrant = USNM; Surveying Compass, 1790 = State Historical Society of Wisconsin; etc. noted American surveyor, fl.1774-1789; he was responsible for the mapping of Washington, D.C.; clockmaker. 16 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. and Ellicott Mills, Md. Bedini 1, 8 and 17; Smart 1; Gillingham 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; USNM.
ELLICOTT, BENJAMIN USA, 1765-1827, MIM SIM Transit and Level = Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. brother of Andrew Ellicott; surveyor. Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1; USNM.
ELLICOTT, JOHN 1 England, fl.1696-1733, MIM admitted to the Clockmakers' Company in 1696; succeeded by his son, John Ellicott 2. Bodmin; London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(167).
ELLICOTT, JOHN 2 England, 1706-72, MIM PHIM Pyrometer, 1736 = X; Astronomical Clock = X; Wheel Barometers in clocks = P.C. and VAA; Wheel Barometer, 1740 = P.C.; Variation Compass = Skinner and Dyke Auction, May 14-16, 1791. succeeded his father, John Ellicott 1 in 1733; took his son as a partner in 1769; clockmaker to George III; invented a compensated pendulum; author; he was made an F.R.S. in 1738. 17 Sweetings Alley, Royal Exchange, London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(167); RSW.
ELLICOTT, JOSEPH USA, 1732-80, MIM Orrery in tall-case clock, 1769 = P.C. mill builder; father of Andrew Ellicott. Buckingham, Bucks County, Pa. and Ellicott's Lower Mills, Baltimore, Md.(1774). Baillie 1; Britten 1; Mones and Jones.
ELLINETT, THOMAS England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. T. C. inside the door of the John Ellicott 2 clock with barometer at the VAA; barometer signed "Ellinett." Boston and Charing Cross, Norwich. Goodison 1.
ELLIOT BROS. misreading for Elliott Bros.
ELLIOT, JOHN England, fl.1846-48, PHIM barometer and philosophical instrument maker. 14 Stacy Street, Soho, London. Goodison 1.
ELLIOTT 1 England, c.1850, MIM Wheatstone's Heliochronometers = KEN, WHI. 30 Strand, London. Bryden 16; G.L'E. Turner 24; Dewhirst; Whipple 1; Ward 3.
ELLIOTT 2 England, c.1840, OIM sold instruments to Mrs. Janet Taylor. Stepney, London. Taylor 2(1325).
ELLIOTT 3 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. may be William Edward Elliott. Goodison 1.
ELLIOTT AND SON 1 England, PHIM Barometer = Gunston Hall, Lorton, Va. Ashford. USNM.
ELLIOTT AND SON 2 England, c.1880, PHIM Stick Barometer = Phillips 7/20/83. Leeds. RSW.
ELLIOTT AND SONS England, fl.1840-55, MIM NIM OIM Pocket Sextant = DPW; Microscope = FRK; Architect's Rule, boxwood = ADL-W122. William Elliott 2 and Sons, also known as Elliott Sons. 50 and 56 Strand, London. Frank; DPW 3; Coffeen A; Moskowitz 104; ADL; RSW.
ELLIOTT BROTHERS England, 1840-now, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums. sons of William Elliott, they took over Watkins and Hill in 1857; T.C.; opticians to the Admiralty; sometimes signed "Elliott Bros." 56 Strand (1840-58) and 5 Charing Cross (1856-58); 30 Strand (1858-60); 449 Strand; 101 St. Martin's Lane (c.1861); all in London. Taylor 2(2121); Calvert 2; Price 12; Fitzgerald; Moskowitz 104; Coffeen G; G.L'E. Turner 24; Chaldecott 3 and 4; RGO; RSW; J.A. Bennett 2.
ELLIOTT SONS England, see William Elliott and Sons. RSW.
ELLIOTT, CLARK USA, 1732-93, MIM NIM SIM Backstaves = Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pa. (1764), Cranbrook Institute (1753), P.C. (4) (1761, 1762, 1765, 1768), MYS (1765), New London County Historical Society (1780), Wadsworth Athenaeum (1761); Octant, 1765, for Mr. Asa Waterman = MYS; Surveyor's Compass = X. apprenticed to Thomas Greenough 1 in Boston to 1767; made 403 backstaffs; compiled almanacs. Boston, Mass.; New London, Conn. Price 2; USNM; Smart; Bedini 1 and 8; D.J. Warner 8; RSW.
ELLIOTT, T. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 20 Haberdashers Walk, Hoxton. Goodison 1.
ELLIOTT, W. England, fl.1815-18, MIM Ivory Rule = Ships of the Sea Museum, Savannah, Georgia; Set of Drawing Instruments = Soth. 5/21/73; Architect's Rules = ADL-W120 (boxwood), ADL-W211 (ivory), ADL-N42 (ivory). the drawing instrument set is marked "Elliott." 20 Wilderness Road, Goswell Street, Clerkenwell, London. Taylor 2(1324); Price 12; ADL; RSW.
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM (2), AND SONS England, pre-1849, MIM Architect's Rule, boxwood = ADL-W121; Drawing Instrument Sets = Christie-SK 4/17/86, Phillips 12/12/89. the rule at the Adler is signed "W. Elliott and Sons." 56 Strand, London. ADL; RSW.
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM 1 England, fl.1795-1835, MIM freed by patrimony in the Joiners' Company on the report by Charles Snart and William Medland in 1795; took apprentices. 51 Artichoke Lane (1800); 19 Jane Street, Commercial Road; 3 Wright's Row, Pell Street, Ratcliff Highway (1830); all in London. Crawforth 7.
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM 2 England, fl. 1821-53, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Circumferentor = Kenny; Surveying Compass = Soth. 4/22/65; Dynamometer, Pantograph, Drawing Instrument Sets = KEN, Christie-SK 4/17/86; Equatorial Sundial = Soth. 11/22/65; Box Sextant = Brussels 1979. 21 Great Newport Street (1821-25); 277 High Holborn (1825-33); 268 High Holborn (1834); all in London. Taylor 2(1325 & 1548); Clay and Court; Exhibition-Maps; KEN; Moskowitz 104; RSW; Crawforth 7.
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM EDWARD England, fl.1825-72, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Clinometer = VNN; Sextant, ebony, ivory = D.(1981). 19 Upper Smithfield (1832); 36 Foxes Lane, Lower Shadwell (1836-40); 139 Shadwell High (1847-72); all in London. Taylor 2(1549); O'Mara; RSW.
ELLIOTTI, VINC. Italy, 1733, MIM Azimuth Sundial, 1733 = ROM. RSW.
ELLIS, HENRY England, fl.1748-49, NIM devised an artificial horizon. Taylor 2(254).
ELLIS, JOHN England, c.1755, improved the pocket aquatic microscope which was made by P. and J. Dollond; modified the Cuff-type microscope; F.R.S. Wynter and Turner; Moskowitz; Soth. 4/29/77; RSW.
ELLISON England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
ELLISON, F. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie 6/8/72; Wheel Barometer = X. the barometer at the unknown location is signed "Ellison." Norwich. Goodison 1; RSW.
ELLISON, T. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 4 Little Bath Street, London. Goodison 1.
ELMER, THEOBALD England, c.1685, apprenticed to Joseph Wells in the Joiners' Company, April 3, 1677; free in the Company, Mar. 2, 1685. Crawforth 7.
ELMER, W. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
ELMES, JOSEPH England, c.1673, MIM apprenticed by turnover to William Elmes of the Clockmakers' Company on July 7, 1673. London. J. Brown 3.
ELMES, WILLIAM England, fl. pre-1668-82, MIM Ring Sundial, 1667 = X; Ring Sundials = NMM, LAW; Astrolabe = NMM. rulemaker; member of the Woodmongers' Company; one of 19 instrument makers admitted as a Brother to the Clockmakers' Company on Feb. 24, 1668; took apprentices. Moorfields, London. Taylor 1(316); J. Brown 1 & 3; Clay and Court ; Dewhirst; Baillie 1; Michel 3; NMM 2.
ELMSDEN, EDMUND England, c.1764, OIM Telescope = OXF. Lynn, Norfolk. Taylor 2(585).
ELSGREN, J. Sweden, MIM Diptych Sundial = NOR. Ganef ? RSW.
ELTON England, 1817, MIM Orrery, transparent, miniature, 1817 = OXF; Orrery, transparent = D.(1985). Princes Street, Cavendish Square, London. Taylor 2(1326); G.L'E. Turner 24; Coffeen 11.
ELTON, ANDREW England?, MIM Gunner's Calipers = D. (1994) could be owner. Coffeen X (1994).
ELTON, JOHN England, fl.1728-32, NIM designed a new quadrant for which he received a patent in 1728; devised a new artificial horizon in 1732. Taylor 2(255); Gunther 2; Bedini 8; Millburn 8; RSW.
ELTON, THOMAS England, 1819, MIM Astrarium, 1819 = Soth. 11/27/72. RSW.
ELVIUS, JOHAN Sweden, c.1775, MIM studied instrument-making in London. Stockholm. Pipping 1.
ELVIUS, PETRO Sweden, fl.1695-1708, MIM Horary Quadrant, wood and paper, 1695 = NOR; Horary Quadrant, 1708, wood and paper = SWE. a mathematics professor who invented this particular form of instrument; author. Uppsala. RSW.
EMANUEL France, 1666-1738, author who published several papers on instruments and on the calendar; may be the same as C. Emanuel. Toulouse. Michel 3; RSW.
EMANUEL, C. France, c.1727, MIM Planisphere = Spitzer-2839 = ADL-M464. may be the same as "Emanuel"; Michel thought the name was Emmanuel. Paris. Michel 3; Nachet; Ernst; ADL; RSW.
EMANUEL, E. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Peterborough. Goodison 1.
EMANUEL, E. AND B. England, PHIM Marine Barometer = X. probably Ezekiel and Emanuel Emanuel. Portsmouth. Goodison 1.
EMANUEL, EZEKIEL AND EMANUEL England, c.1850, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Ivory Sector = NMM; Quintant = NMM; Tide Gauge = AMST; Spy Glass = Soth. 10/31/66; Barometer = DeLuca 10/24/87; Telescope, German silver = P.C. (1975) = PMS Auction June, 1989 = P.C.; Marine Barometer = Christie's 2/19/97. "Goldsmiths and Jewellers to Her Majesty"; barometer makers; mostly signed "E. and E. Emanuel"; PMS marked "By appointment to Her Majesty","No. 5169" and "R.G." 3 Common Hard; 3 The Hard; both in Portsea; Portsmouth. Taylor 2(1550 & 1550a); Goodison 1; Mörzer Bruyns 1; RSW.
EMANUEL, H.M. England, OIM Refracting Telescope = FRK. Frank.
EMANUEL, M. AND E. England, fl.1820-25, MIM 1 Bevis Marks, St. Mary Axe (1820). Taylor 2(1550).
EMANUEL, M., AND CO. England, c.1825, MIM 9-10 Bevis Marks, St. Mary Axe. Taylor 2(1550).
EMBERSON, THOMAS England, PHIM Wheel Barometer signed "T. Emberson" = X. made and sold barometers and thermometers; T.C. Long Sutton, Lincs. Goodison 1.
EMBREY, WM. England, c.1700, MIM Artillery Quadrant, wood and brass = P.C. repaired crudely; scales run 0°-90° and 0-12. Moskowitz 6.
EMDEN, ABRAHAM VAN Holland, 1794-1860, MIM OIM PHIM Thunder House = LEY; Air Pump = LEY; Microscopes =LEY; Thermometers = TEY; Compass Rose = AMST; Barometer = AMST; etc. T.C. in de Kalverstraat No. 55, Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1; Crommelin; Belgian Inv.; Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2; G.L'E. Turner 7; P.R. de Clerq 1.
EMDEN, JOHANN VAN c.1590, collaborator of Tycho Brahe; architect. Michel 3.
EMERSON, WILLIAM England, d.1782, MIM made sundials; mathematician; author. Hurworth, County Durham. Gatty.
EMERY, SAMUEL USA, 1787-1882, NIM Mariner's Compasses = PEA, BMM, Hart Nautical Museum, Cambridge, Mass.; Compass Card = PEA; Sextant = Old Gaol Museum, Maine. T.C. in the case of a quadrant by Spencer and Co. (sold by H. Duren), ADL-A257; Joseph Callender engraved compass cards. 12 Water Street (1809-); 162 Derby Street (1864); both in Salem Mass. Bedini 1 & 8; Smart 1; Brewington 1; Huber; Moskowitz 104; D.J. Warner 10 and 12; ADL; RSW.
EMMANUEL, EMMANUEL England, 1851, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. also "Emanuel." Upper Hill Street, Wisbech. Goodison 1.
EMMER, JOHN H. USA, c.1847, awarded a Diploma for "an ingenious galvanometer" at the Fair of the American Institute, Oct. 1847. 61 Nassau Street, Albany, N.Y. USNM.
EMMERICH Holland, OIM Microscope = UTR. Delft. Van Cittert 3.
EMMOSER, GERHARD Germany; Austria, fl.1562-83, MIM Astrolabe Clock, 1566 = BUD; Vertical Sundial and Nocturnal, 1571 = NUR; Celestial Globe, 1579 = NYM. Gebhardt Von Baeinen is a misreading for Gerhard (Emmosser) Von Raeinen. Augsburg; Vienna. Zinner 1; Neumann 1 & 2; Council of Europe 2; Chandler and Vincent 3; RSW.
EMOTT, BENJAMIN England, fl.1667-69, MIM apprenticed to Henry Sutton in the Joiners' Company on Feb. 6, 1659; turned over to John Marke in the Joiners' Company in Feb. 1667; free in the Company Dec. 2, 1667; took apprentices. London. Crawforth 7.
ENBEECO England, OIM Refracting Telescope = FRK. N.B. Co.? London. Frank.
ENDERLEIN, GEORG Switzerland, 17th Century, MIM Equatorial Sundial, octagonal = BASH. Basle. Zinner 1; RSW.
ENDERS Enderesch. Evans 1; Globus, Dec. 1956.
ENDERSBEE, WILLIAM England, fl.1810-38, MIM may be William Endersby, which see. 1 Little Tower Street, Tower, London. Taylor 2(1328).
ENDERSBEE, WM., AND SON England, fl.1810-38, MIM NIM PHIM Octant, ebony and ivory = D.(1970); Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 7/16/76. London dealers for J.M. Kleman en Zoon; see William Endersbee. 335 High Street, Wapping, London. Taylor 2(1328); Goodison 1; USNM; RSW.
ENDERSBY, WILLIAM England, c.1781, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Garrard 1 in the Grocers' Company on Dec.6,1781. London. J. Brown 1.
ENDERSCH, JOHANN FRIEDRICH Germany, 1705-69, MIM Pillar Dial, wood = ELB; Equatorial Sundial = HAK; Celestial Globes, 1740 = ELB, DEU, DAN; Celestial Globe = Konigsberg Wallenrodt Bibliothek; Terrestrial Globes = AOV. engraved portrait. Elbing. Zinner 1; Rohde; Evans 1; Schück 1; Chenakal 3; Globus, June 1962, Dec. 1956, June 1963; RSW.
ENDICOTT, JOHN England, fl.1832-50, PHIM made barometers and thermometers. 10 Norwich Court, Fetter Lane (1832-33); 23 Little Saffron Hill (1844-50); both in London. Goodison 1.
ENEFER, ROBERT England, c.1778, apprenticed to Thomas Ripley 1 of the Grocers' Company on June 4, 1778. J. Brown 1.
ENGELBERT Czechoslovakia, MIM Sundial, square = Hammer. probably Engelbrecht. Braune. RSW.
ENGELBRECHT, ANTON Czechoslovakia, fl.1825-29, MIM Analemmatic Sundials = D.(1825), CZJ (1829); Inclinable Sundial, 1825 = PRA. Melnik. Horsky and Skopova; Zinner 1; Fischer 2; RSW.
ENGELBRECHT, JOHANN 1 Czechoslovakia, fl.1680-1702, MIM Nocturnals = SPI (1684), HAK; Analemmatic Sundials = LIE (1680), Weimar Schloss Museum (1680); Azimuth Sundials = SPI (1681) = PRN, SPI (1684) = PRN; Table Sundials = ROU (1683) = VIE, LIN; Horizontal Sundials = P.C., SPI, MIL; Astronomical Clock = HAM. Price thought there might be only one Johann Engelbrecht. Brünn. Zinner 1; Price 2; Fischer 2; Michel 1 and 3; Horsky and Skopova; Nachet; Ernst.
ENGELBRECHT, JOHANN 2 Czechoslovakia, fl.1776-1804, MIM made many brass horizontal, inclinable sundials dating from 1776 to 1804; examples may be seen at DEU, TGM, NUR, DRE, ADL, NYC, ZAG, PRA, MUN, STU, KEN, WHI, OXF, POTS, RSM, LIE, Huelsmann Coll., etc. many of the instruments listed above have a notch in the gnomon to show the time of year; he is thought to have invented this type. Brünn. Zinner 1; Basserman-Jordan 1; Fischer 2; Horsky and Skopova; Price 3 and 12; Ward 3 and 4; Whipple 1; KEN; Chenekal 1; Coffeen G; Bryden 16; Syndram; ADL; RSW.
ENGELBRECHT, P. Czechoslovakia, 1791, MIM Armillary Sphere Clock, 1791 = PRA. Seige. Czech. Inv.
ENGELHARDT, JOHANN Germany, MIM Sundial, portable = FIT. Zinner 1; Gunther 3.
ENGELL, LEONHART CHRISTIAN VON Germany, 1688, MIM Squadra Mobile = FRA. RSW.
ENGELMANN, G. Germany, 1696, MIM Celestial Globe = ZIT. Meffersdorf. Zinner 1.
ENGELS Holland, MIM Rule = MLL. Amsterdam. RSW.
ENGELSE, VAN Holland, MIM Horizontal Sundial = UTR; Magnetic Azimuth Sundial = UTR. de Rijk.
ENGILL MIM Horizontal Sundial, equation of time = Kolding Castle Museum, Denmark. RSW.
ENGLAND, J. England, c.1835, OIM Optical Instrument = WHI. probably the son of Moses England. Walsall, Lancs. Taylor 2(1840).
ENGLAND, JOHN England, fl.1698-1730, MIM NIM Garden Sundial, 1703 = Trinity College, Cambridge; Sector, 1703 = Trinity College, Cambridge = WHI; Universal Ring Sundials = OXF, Trinity College, Cambridge = WHI; Analemmatic Sundial = WHI. apprenticed to Robert Jole of the Stationers' Company on Aug. 4, 1690; made free in the Company; took apprentices; had a contract with the Navy to make compasses, from 1704 on. Charing Cross, London. Taylor 1(475); Gunther 2 and 3; Michel 3; Dewhirst; Price 12; Tyacke 1; Crawforth 6 & 7; Bryden 16.
ENGLAND, MOSES, AND SONS England, fl.1830-34, OIM Lower Russell Street, London. Taylor 2(1840).
ENGLEFIELD, HENRY C. England, fl.1778-1818, PHIM Sir Henry Englefield; devised a mountain barometer in 1808. Taylor 2(710); McConnell 1.
ENGLISH AND SONS England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Brighton and Lewes. Goodison 1.
ENGLISH, NATHAN FREDERICK USA, 1828-c.1904, OIM made microscopes and telescopes, worked with his sons. Hartland, Vermont. USNM.
ENGLISH, W., AND SON England, OIM Telescope = D.(1973). Exchange, Brighton. RSW.
ENOCK AND SON England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 7/16/76. Norwich. Goodison 1; RSW.
ENTWISTLE, JAMES England, c.1801, apprenticed to Thomas Bourne 1 or 2 in the Joiners' Company, Mar. 17, 1801. Crawforth 7.
EPISCHOFER, JOHANNES Germany, 1580, MIM Artillery Level, 1580 = VIG. Nürnberg. RSW.
EPRY, CHARLES ET JACQUELIN France, post-1855, OIM made telescopes; successors to the "Ancienne Maison Lerebours et Secretan, Fondée en 1789." 18 Place de Pont-Neuf; 20 Blvd. St.Jacques; both in Paris. USNM; Bulletin Soc. Astronomique de France, vol. 28, 1914.
EPSWORTH, R. misreading for Richard Ebsworth. Taylor 2(1552).
ERBEN, JOSEF Czechoslovakia, 1830-1910, MIM globe maker. Prague. Globus, June 1963; Tooley.
ERFINDER, STREBIN UND FERCHEL Erfinder means inventor; see Strebin und Ferchel. RSW.
ERHARD, JOSEFO Germany, MIM Proportional Compass = DEU. RSW.
ERHARD, MATTHIAS Germany, 17th Century, MIM Astrolabe Clock = P.C. Augsburg. Polish Inv.
ERICSON, HAROLD USA, 20th Century, MIM Cross-staff = X. reproduction. Noank, Conn. RSW.
ERICSSON, JOHN USA, fl.1835-51, Rangefinder of sextant design = D. (1994). Signed"Inventor"; patented a type of sounding device; showed in the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. J.A. Bennett 2; Coffeen X (1994).
ERIGNON, MAJ. Belgium, 1822, MIM Rule, folding, 1822 = P.C. (1988). hollow square tubes. Louvegné. RSW.
ERKSTROM c.1774, MIM Quadrant = Greiswalde Observatory. "Erkström." Daumas 1.
ERNLE, THOMAS England, 17th Century, MIM Azimuth Compass = MAN-I52. Garcia Franco 1.
ERNST France, fl.1830-50, NIM PHIM Sextants = MOS, Ecole d'application de Fontainebleau; Stick Barometer = USNM; Marine Barometer = Meteorological Office,Bracknell. rue de Lille 11, Paris. Novokshanova-Soklovskaja; Paris 1900; Middleton 1 and 4.
ERNST, HANS Germany, c.1570, MIM globe maker. Globus, June 1963.
ERNST, PETER Sweden, 1714-84, MIM Astronomical Clock = Ventenskap Observatory; Pedometer = GOT. Väuxjö and Stockholm. Britten; Baillie 1.
EROKHIN Russia, c.1850, PHIM Barometer = MOS. St.Petersburg. Maistrov 4.
ERSKINE, THOMAS England, 1764, MIM Octant, wood, 1764 = EMA. may be owner. RSW.
ERST, HANS Germany, 1546, MIM Celestial Globe, painted, 1546 = STR. Bertele 1.
ERTEL Germany, c.1850, MIM OIM SIM Meridian Telescope = MLL; Theodolite = DRE; Rule = P.C.(1987). probably Georg or Gustav. Munich. RSW.
ERTEL SOHN Germany, MIM Theodolite = MOS. either Georg or Gustave Ertel. Munich. Novokshanova-Soklovskaja.
ERTEL UND SOHN Germany, fl.1834-58, MIM OIM Transit Instrument and Mural Circle of the U.S. Naval Observatory, 1845; Naval Theodolite = ADL-L28; Plotting Scale = ADL-M133; Sextant = DEU; Computing Rule, 1843 = P.C.; Altazimuth Instrument = WHI; Level = WHI; Theodolites = KEN, P.C.(1987). T.L. and Georg Ertel; sometimes spelled "Ertell"; trade catalogue, 1847. Munich. Engelmann 1; USNM; Italian Inv.; Chaldecott 3; RGO; RSW; J.A. Bennett 2; ADL.
ERTEL, GEORG Germany, 1813-63, MIM worked with his father, T.L. Ertel, 1834-58. Munich. USNM; J.A. Bennett 2.
ERTEL, GUSTAV Germany, b.1829, MIM son of T.L. Ertel. Munich. USNM.
ERTEL, TRAUGOTT LEBRECHT Germany, 1778-1858, MIM OIM Repeating circles, 12" and 6" (1836) for Chas. Wilkes, for use on U.S. Exploring Expedition; Level = FLM; Theodolite, 1835 = Observatory of Kazan worked with Reichenbach 1814-26; father of Georg and Gustav Ertel. Munich. Novokshanova-Soklovskaja and Horsky; Italian Inv.; Pipping 1; J.A. Bennett 2.
ERTLING, L. England, c.1850, PHIM Hydrometer = Phillips 10/26/83. may be L. Oertling. London. RSW.
ERVEN VAN HENDRICK MOOY see Mooy. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
ESCHSOUX France, c.1840, MIM Surveyors' Y-Level = DPW. Paris. RSW.
ESLING, JOHAN ERNST Germany, MIM see Johan Ernst Essling. Berlin. RSW.
ESPERANCE, A L' France, MIM Sectors = ADL-M89i, ADL-W124. this is not a name but is an address, "à L'esperance." Paris. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
ESPLIN, E. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = Christie 4/28/89. Wigan. Goodison 1; RSW.
ESSEN, CHRISTIAAN PAULUS VAN Holland, 1771-1840, MIM Delft. Rooseboom 1.
ESSEN, HUGO Holland, b.1798, MIM Delft. Rooseboom 1.
ESSER, HERMAN USA, 1845-1908, see Keuffel and Esser. New York, N.Y. Smart 1.
ESSER, L. Switzerland, MIM Protractor = FLO. see Hommel and Esser. Aarau.
ESSEX, CHARLES, AND CO. England, fl.1824-28, MIM Floating Sundials = D.(1824); Christie 4/3/85 (1826) = Kelton Coll. (1990) (wood), Soth. 11/13/61 (1828), EGE, WHI, ADL-W191, etc. patented this type of sundial, 1824; in round ivory or wooden boxes; Kelton has logo of "S" superimposed on "X" on label in lid of box which is also marked "Pantochronometer 1826." London. Whipple 1; Bryden 16; RSW; Price 12; Egestorff.
ESSLING, JOHANN ERNST Germany, 1716, MIM Sectors = P. and S. 4/3/94, 6/18/1894; Compass Sundial, 1716 = Soth. 2/5/53; Sundial = GOL; Augsburg-type Sundial, 1716 = Soth. 5/9/60; Universal Equatorial Sundial = GEL. Berlin. Chenekal 1; RSW.
ESSLING, T.E. Germany, misreading for J.E. Essling. Soth. 5/19/60.
ESTEVENIOT France, 1768, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1976). Paris. RSW.
ESTEVERY France, 18th Century, MIM Sector = D.(1970). Merzbach.
ESTON, EDWARD see Edward Easton. J. Brown 3.
ETANG, CHARLES FRANCOIS, GOUVERNEUR L' France, fl.1739-87, OIM Gouverneur Charles François L'Etang; an amateur constructer; made achromatic lenses. rue du Colombier, No. 1341, Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
ETHERET France, c.1792, MIM Daumas 1.
ETSLAUB, JOHAN Germany, 1599?, MIM Mining Compass = FLO. RSW.
ETTRICK England, fl.1836, MIM NIM proposed improvements to the astronomical clock and the mariner's compass. Taylor 2(2122).
ETZ, HY USA, c.1840, OIM made telescope mirrors and cameras. Baltimore. USNM.
ETZLAUB, ERHARD Germany, fl.1484-1532, MIM Diptych Sundial, wood, 1511 = NUR-WI28; Dyptych Sundial, wood, 1513 = Drecker = ADL-DPW22. the dials are not signed but are ascribed to Etzlaub on the basis of the map and the early date; cartographer; sundials were much sought after. Erfurt; Am Laufer Schlagturm, Nürnberg (1484). Zinner 1; Michel 1 & 3; M. Behaim Cat. Nür. 1957; Willebois; Evans 1; A.J. Turner 10; Gouk 1; Schnelbögl; ADL; RSW.
EUDRISCH, NIKOLAUS Germany, fl.pre-1528, MIM compass maker Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
EULER, JOHANN ALBRECHT Germany, c.1775, MIM designed sundials. Chenakal 1.
EULER, LEONARD France, 1707-83, OIM worked on developing the achromatic lens. Daumas 1; Nachet .
EUPORUS, M. ANTISTIUS Italy, 1st Century A.D., MIM Pelikinon Sundial, monumental = Archaeological Museum, Aquileia. horizontal sundial with a wind rose. Aquileia. Kenner; Gibbs 1; Price 2; Portaluppi.
EUSTACHI, BARTOLOMEO Italy, c.1510-74, MIM Oddi mentions a "Geometricus Gnomon" designed by Eustachi. Urbino. Belloni.
EUSTACHIO Italy, OIM reputed to have made an eye-piece for a telescope. Naples. Dewhirst.
EVA, RICHARD England, fl.1755-80, MIM Planetarium on a clock = X. Falmouth. Britten.
EVAIN, A. France, c.1850, MIM OIM T.C.; advertsed telescopes, compasses and chronomerers. Rule Ville-ez-Martin, St. Nazaire. Christie_SK 11/19/87.
EVANS 1 England, c.1790, MIM Inclinable Sundial = Soth. 4/18/88. London. RSW.
EVANS 2 England, MIM Compass Sundial = Christie-SK 6/2/83. London. RSW.
EVANS, A.G., AND CO. see Goy Evans and Co. RSW.
EVANS, BENJAMIN USA, 1776-1836, MIM nephew, apprentice and partner of Benjamin Rittenhouse; see Rittenhouse and Evans. Norriton, Pa. (1791); Worcester Township, Pa. (1798-1800). Bedini 1 and 8; B.R. Forman.
EVANS, FREDERICK England, fl.1830-38, MIM OIM PHIM 12 Denzell Street, London. Taylor 2(1841).
EVANS, GEORGE England; USA, fl.1796-98, MIM PHIM London; 33 North Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa. (1796). Bedini 1; Smart 1.
EVANS, GOY, AND CO. England, c.1825, NIM Octant, ebony, ivory and brass = Soth.-B 3/2/79. catalogue says A.G. Evans and Co. London. RSW.
EVANS, J. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. probably John Evans 1 or 2. London. Goodison 1; RSW.
EVANS, JAMES England, c.1749, MIM apprenticed to John Wilson 1 of the Clockmakers' Company on Jan. 5, 1736; free of the Company, May 1, 1749. J. Brown 1.
EVANS, JOHN 1 England, c.1809, MIM apprenticed to John Urings 2 in the Joiners' Company on June 3, 1759; free in the Company, June 12, 1768; "Rule Maker." Sharrat Street, Golden Square (-1801); 8 Dean Street, Fetter Lane, (1809); both in London. Crawforth 6.
EVANS, JOHN 2 England, c.1809, OIM "Optician". 88 Bishopsgate Within, London. Taylor 2(1118); Crawforth 6.
EVANS, REV. LEWIS England, c.1824, MIM Geometrical Curves = OXF; Mathematician's Tobacco Box, 1824 = OXF. F.R.S.; ancestor of Lewis Evans who gave his collection of scientific instruments to OXF. Gunther 2; USNM; RSW.
EVANS, THOMAS 1 Ireland, c.1825, PHIM Barometer = X. also a clockmaker. Usk. Peate.
EVANS, THOMAS 2 England, c.1825, MIM Sundial inside lid of box = OXF. London. RSW.
EVANS, WILLIAM 1 England, fl.1792-1805, MIM apprenticed to Charles Fairbone 1 of the Grocers' Company in 1765; free of the Company in 1792; took one apprentice. Hand Court, Holborn (1792); 58 Rosomon Row, Clerkenwell (1795); 48 Rosomon Street, Clerkenwell (1805); all in London. J. Brown 1; Crawforth 6; Baillie 1; Taylor 2(1842).
EVANS, WILLIAM 2 England, c.1805, MIM 10 Dean Street, Fetter Lane, London. Crawforth 6.
EVE, CLOVIS England, c.1630, OIM made astronomical telescopes. Engelmann 1; Daumas 1.
EVE, GEORGE FREDERICK England, fl.1851-60, PHIM made barometers, etc. 4 Charles Street, Hatton Garden (1851-53); 90 1/2 Holborn Hill (1854-60); both in London. Goodison 1.
EVERARD, H.A. England, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundial = Soth. 10/18/71. replica. London. RSW
EVERARD, P. AEGID. Austria?, MIM Horizontal Sundial = KRM. RSW.
EVERARD, THOMAS England, fl.1683-84, MIM designed a new pattern of slide rule for the excise in 1683-4; duty was first charged on alcohol in 1643. The Excise (London). Taylor 1(429a); Whipple 1; Gunther 2; Evans 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Delehar 2 and 9; A.J. Turner 10.
EVEREST, GEORGE England, 1790-1866, Surveyor-General of India; designed and gave his name to a type of plain theodolite. G.L'E. Turner 24.
EVERINGHAM, RICHARD England, c.1784, MIM apprenticed to Charles Fairbone 1 in the Grocers' Company in 1773; free of the Company in 1784. London. J.Brown 1.
EVESHAM, EPIPHANIUS England, 1589, MIM Sundial, 1589 = X. Taylor 1(80); Michel 3; USNM.
EVIN AND H. RAILLE misreading for Ewin and H. Raille, which see. USNM; RSW.
EWART, HENRY England, 1828, OIM Refracting Telescope, 1828 = Soth.-Chester 6/26/85. Tweedsmouth. RSW.
EWART, J. England, c.1850, designed "The Cattle Gauge and Key to weighing machine arranged by J. Ewart"; made by James Tree of London. Newcastle-on-Tyne. Coffeen h.
EWESTASCE, RICHARD England, c.1688, MIM apprenticed to Withers Cheney of the Clockmakers' Company on Jan. 18, 1688. J. Brown 3.
EWIN AND H. RAILLE USA, c.1840?, MIM PHIM Surveyor's Compass = Illinois State Museum, Springfield. Baltimore, Md. USNM; RSW.
EWIN, JOHN USA, fl.1840, MIM 23 Thames Street (1840-41); 71 Thomas Street (1845-48); both in Baltimore, Md. Smart 1.
EWIN, WILLIAM USA, fl.1833-42, MIM NIM OIM Surveyor's Compass = D.(1982). Ewin and Heartte, 1833-36; in business by himself, 1836-42; may have had access to a dividing engine. 3 Commerce Street (1833); at the sign of the Quadrant, 53 South Street (1836-42); both in Baltimore, Md. Smart 1; Coffeen B; USNM; D.J. Warner 10.
EWIN, WILLIAM, AND ISAAC HEARTTE USA, 1833-36, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Hadley's Quadrant = P.C.; Surveyor's Compass = P.C. at the Sign of the Quadrant, 53 South Street, Baltimore Md. (1833-35). Smart 1; USNM; D.J. Warner 10.
EWING, JOHN USA, 1732-1802, NIM described and illustrated an improvement of Godfrey's quadrant; provost of the College of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pa. Cajori; USNM; D.J. Warner 10.
EWINGTON, HENRY England, c.1812, invented and patented a navigational charting device, made by Still, Old, and Co. of Bristol. Bath. Coffeen 55.
EYK, ISAAC VAN Holland, c.1821, MIM Amsterdam? Rooseboom 1.
EYN DE PUESS, FRANS VAN DEN Holland?, MIM Sundial = WHI. not listed by Bryden. Whipple 1; Bryden 16.
EYRE, R., AND R. RUST England, c.1785, NIM Azimuth Compass = NMM-Gabb Coll. Ye Minories, London. NMM 2; RSW.
EYRE, THOMAS England, fl.1723-25, MIM made hodometers. Kettering, Northamptonshire. Taylor 2(170).
EYRE, W. England, 1680-81, NIM Compass Plate, brass, 1680 = D.(1994). reverse side is a mirror image, including the signature with the date of 1681; this side could have been used to print compass cards. Coffeen 46.
EYSENBROEK see Isenbroek. RSW.
EZEKIEL England, c.1780, PHIM Barometer = D.; Stick Barometers = X(2), Christie 4/19/78, Winterton's, 7/13/94. probably Abraham Ezekiel or Cath and America Ezekiel. Exeter. Goodison 1; RSW.
EZEKIEL, ABRAHAM England, c.1791, PHIM made or sold barometers. Fore Street, Exeter. Goodison 1.
EZEKIEL, AMERICA England, see Cath and America Ezekiel. Goodison 1.
EZEKIEL, CATH AND AMERICA England, fl.1809-30, PHIM made or sold barometers? Fore Street (1809-30); 179 Fore Street (1828); both in Exeter. Goodison 1.

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