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Signature Maker Info Instruments Comments Location References
C. 1 France, 16th Century, MIM Astronomical Compendium = Koller 11/17/75. punchmark is "C." RSW.
C. 2 c.1550, MIM Dividers = P.C.(1987). RSW.
C. DES P. France?, MIM Sector = Drouot 4/26/67-71. RSW.
C. KO. see C.K.F. RSW.
C.A.B. Germany, 1600, marked on an astronomical ring, dated 1600, at OXF signed "Succa"; also marked "I.A.D." and "A." (2). Zinner 1; Hamilton 1 and 2; RSW.
C.A.D. 18th Century, MIM Table Sundial, circular = Koller 11/17/75. RSW.
C.B. England, c.1650, MIM probably Christopher Brookes; author. Wadham College, Oxford. Dewhirst; Clay and Court.
C.B.A. 1 see C.A.B. Hamilton 2.
C.B.A. 2 Germany, MIM Rule with Level = TIM. may be scale markings. RSW.
C.C. 1 MIM Compass Sundials, brass in round ivory boxes = NOR, OXF. punchmark on hour scale. Evans 1; RSW.
C.C. 2 c.1850, PHIM Electrical Apparatus = D. Brieux 2.
C.C., SIR England, 1667, see Sir Charles Cotterel. RSW.
C.D. 1 16th Century, MIM Artillery Level = LOS. RSW.
C.D. 2 MIM Compass, three legs = ADL-M72. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
C.D. 3 c.1830, MIM Cannon Sundial = Versailles 2/28/82. RSW.
C.D.P. France, c.1800, not an instrument maker; abbreviation for "Calibre Des Pieces." Christie 4/3/85.
C.F.Z.K. Germany, 1570, MIM Diptych Sundial, 1570 = Rosenheim Sale. may be owner; sundial also marked "V.S." RSW.
C.G. 1 Germany, fl.1572-76, MIM Polyhedral Sundial, wood, 1572 = VIE; Horary Quadrant, 1574 = BASH. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Evans 1; Price 2
C.G. 2 Holland?, 17th Century, MIM Compass Sundial, ivory box = OXFB. Maddison 5; Evans 1.
C.G. 3 England, c.1700, MIM Vertical Sundial, east declining = OXF. Cornwall. RSW.
C.H. 1677, MIM Compass Sundial in bone sphere, 1677 = WRAY-85; Capuchin Sundial, wood = SLM. Zinner 1; RSW; Haupolter.
C.H.B. Germany, MIM Vertical Sundials = P.C., Soth. 12/17/62-112. the Soth. instrument is like Roman "Ham" sundial. Zinner 1; RSW.
C.H.M.A.D. Germany, 1601, MIM Horizontal - Vertical Sundial, 1601 = Drecker Coll. misreading for C.T.M.F.D.? RSW.
C.H.R.S.S. Germany?, 1596, MIM Sundial, 1596 = FLO-2511. Bonelli 1 called it a sundial but Bonelli 5 picture is of artillery level. Bonelli 1 and 5.
C.I. Germany, 16th Century, MIM Artillery Instrument = VIE-AR3102. Zinner 4.
C.I.K./A.M. MIM Ring Sundial, cast pewter = NOR. "C.I.K." over "A.M." (6). RSW.
C.I.R.S.T. 1701, see C.T.P.M.A. Czech. Inventory.
C.K. see C.K.F. RSW.
C.K.F. Germany, fl.1631-48, MIM Diptych Sundial, 1631 = MERC-105 = Soth. 12/12/55 = 3/27/72; Artillery Level, 1648 = KES; Instrument = Koller, Nov. 1967; Astronomical Compendium = Drouot 6/16/65. Koller signed "C. Ko."; Drouot signed "C.K."; probably Christoph Köhler. Dresden. Zinner 1; Hamilton 1 and 2; RSW.
C.L. 1 16th Century, MIM Artillery Level = VIE-742. Zinner 4.
C.L. 2 17th Century, MIM Dividers = Soth.-P-B 6/14/76. fleur-de-lys under monogram. RSW.
C.M. England, c.1780, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth.-West Sussex 10/18/83. Portsmouth. RSW.
C.M. DE W. Holland, 1797, MIM Horizontal Sundial, marble, 1797 = UTR. "C.M. de W. fec. et exc." Amsterdam. de Rijk; RSW.
C.N.A.L. owner? on astrolabe at CLU, also signed "Nepos Gemmae Frisii fecit Lovani 1661"; re-engraved from 1561; ICA-234. Price 1; ICA 2; Nachet; Cluny Cat.
C.P. 1 Germany, 16th Century, MIM Astronomical Compendium, box = P. and S. 3/20/1896. probably the owner. RSW.
C.P. 2 England, c.1800, "C.P." is marked on the dial plate of a horizontal sundial, WHI-1191; the wind rose is marked "H." (4) and the compass card is marked "R.G." (1), perhaps Ralph Greatorex? Bryden 16.
C.R. 1 c.1663, MIM Sundial, silver = Soth. 11/5/28-424. epact tables for 1663-1700; tide table. RSW.
C.R. 2 France, MIM Horizontal Sundial = P.C. signed "C. deposé R." RSW.
C.R. 3 Germany, c.1750, OIM Microscope = BIL. Nürnberg. Purtle.
C.R.W. c.1575, MIM Astrolabe = BRN. Louvain-type. Czech. Inventory.
C.S. 1 Germany, fl.1546-1602, MIM probably Christopher Schissler; many instruments signed this way; Zinner thought initials might also stand for Christopher Senft. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Evans 1; Bobinger 1; Drechsler 2; RSW.
C.S. 2 Germany, this mark is inside the lid of a table clock signed "B.S." there is a sundial on the bottom plate of the clock. Pippa.
C.S. 3 Germany, 1646, MIM Artillery Level, 1646 = AUG-3547. dolphin on front; Christopher Schissler der Junger? Price 2; RSW.
C.S. 4 Germany, Astronomical Compendium, wood and silver, 1565 = Physics Institute, Padua. modern work; see Georg Hartmann for similar sundial by same maker. Augsburg. RSW.
C.S. CO. USA, distributor or dealer for Stanley and Co. Pine Meadow, Conn. DATM.
C.S.A.P. 1633, MIM Artillery Level, 1633 = HAK. also marked "Elias Innsel." RSW.
C.S.L. MIM Full Protractor = D.1968). RSW.
C.S.S. Germany, fl.1578-87, MIM Dividers with altimeter scale, 1578 = ZUS; Dividers with Sundials = VIG (1584), VIE (1587). may be Christopher Schissler Senior. Zinner 1; Egger; RSW.
C.T. 1 Germany, 1534, MIM Rule, 1534 = DRE. Drechsler 2.
C.T. 2 the initials are marked on a nocturnal with sundial; the months have Italian initials; the owner was Caesar Sambara, Bishop of Tortona; WHI-734, 1548. Hamilton 1; Whipple 1; Bryden 16.
C.T. 3 England, 1581, MIM Polyhedral Sundial, stone, 1581 = Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Charles Turnbull, which see; author. Lincolnshire. Gatty.
C.T.C.F. Germany, 1609, MIM Micrometer, 1609 = DRE. Christoph Trechsler or his son? Dresden. Zinner 1.
C.T.D. Germany, 1598, MIM Astronomical Compendium, 1598 = BEK. "Christoph Trechsler, Dresden." Dresden. Zinner 1; RSW.
C.T.D.E.M. Germany, fl.1611-24, MIM NIM SIM many instruments signed this way within this period; "Christoph Trechsler Der Elder Mechanicus." Zinner 1; Michel 15; Maddison 5; Josten; Drechsler 2; Société Belge; Czech. and Polish Inventories; Trois Siècles; Price 3; Ward 4; Engelmann 1; ADL; Syndram; RSW.
C.T.D.E.M.F. Germany, 1614, MIM Artillery Level, 1614 = DRE. "Christoph Trechsler Der Elder Mechanicus Fecit." Zinner 1.
C.T.F. Germany, 1589, MIM SIM Surveying Instrument, 1589 = DRE. "Christoph Trechsler Fecit"; signed "C.T.F. Anno 1589 M.S."; it is "M.S." (5); also marked "A.B. Riesen." Zinner 1 and 4; Josten; Gunther 2; Kirnbauer 2; Dreschler 2; Bonelli 1; RSW.
C.T.M. Germany, fl.1604-20, MIM Rule, 1604 = DRE; Pairs of Dividers, 1604 = OXFB, Soth, 2/15/53; Artillery Levels = HAK (1605), DRE (1609); Range Finder, wood, 1605 = DRE; Circles = P.C. (1605), DAR (1620); Level, 1608 = Soth. 12/8/69; Dividers, 1623 = HAK. "Christoph Trechsler Mechanicus." Zinner 1; Maddison 5; Drechsler 2; RSW.
C.T.M.D. Germany, fl.1607-09, MIM Quadrant, 1607 = DRE; Artillery Level, 1609 = ADL-M200; Sundial = DRE. "Christoph Trechsler Mechanicus Dresden." Dresden. Zinner 1; Körber 1; Drechsler 2; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
C.T.M.F. Germany, fl.1603-15, MIM SIM Circle, 1603 = DEU; Nocturnal, 1603 = P.C.; Surveying Instrument, 1608 = OXF; Sector, 1615 = DRE. "Christoph Trechsler Mechanicus Fecit." Dresden. Zinner 1; Dewhirst; Gunther 2 and 6; Drechsler 2.
C.T.M.F.D. Germany, 1609, MIM Micrometer, 1609 = DRE. "Christoph Trechsler Mechanicus Fecit Dresden." Dresden. Zinner 1.
C.T.P.M.A. 1701, MIM Analemmatic Sundial, 1701 = Museum of Arts and Sciences, Brno. also marked "C.I.R.S.T." and "Bene Sociantur." Czech. Inventory.
C.T.S.M. Germany, 1624, MIM Diptych Sundial, 1624 = Goteborg Museum. "Christoph Trechsler Sohn Mechanicus." Dresden. Zinner 1.
C.T.S.M.F. Germany, 1623, MIM SIM Graphometer, 1623 = DRE-521. "Christoph Trechsler Sohn Mechanicus Fecit." Zinner 1; Drechsler 2.
C.V. MIM Horizontal Sundial = USNM. may be "G.V." USNM.
C.W. 1 England?, 1610, MIM Astronomical Compendium = Christie 7/16/68 = P.C.; Case of Drawing Instruments = KEN. both may be by Charles Whitwell. Taylor 1(88); Wynter and Turner; RSW.
C.W. 2 Germany, 1694, MIM Perpetual Calendar, 1694 = Koller 11/17/75. Gotha. RSW.
C.W. 3 c.1900, Horary Quadrant = ADL-T27. the work of D.B. Sheahan but in the style of Christopher Wren. Fox 2; Tomlinson 1; ADL; RSW.
CABASSON Germany, c.1850, MIM OIM SIM Telescopic Levels = La Rochelle 7/16/83, Versailles 11/20/83; Mining Dial = P.C.(1987). the telescopic levels may be one instrument. Paris. RSW.
CABEO, NICOLO Italy, 1585-1650, S.J.; developed a compass with a dipping needle; author; recognized and described electrical repulsion; professor of mathematics at Padua when Galileo was there. Ferrara; Padua. Zeitlin and Ver Brugge Cat.; DSB.
CABER, CHARLES, AND CO. USA, OIM Telescope = MYS. "Wanderer Telescope." New Bedford, Mass. RSW.
CABINET DU ROY France, c.1650, Armillary Sphere = ADL-M7. an address, not a name. Versailles. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
CABOGA, C. MARII see G. Maru. USNM; Thielmann; RSW.
CABRIER Holland, c.1704, PHIM made barometers and gave them English makers' names. Amsterdam. J. Brown 3.
CABRIER, CHARLES England, fl.1697-1724, MIM Astronomical Clock = Feill Coll. Lombard Street, London. Baillie 1.
CADDEI, GIOVANI Italy, MIM Garden Sundial, round = Delft Sundial Exhib. (1984). RSW.
CADE, SIMON England, fl.1688-1730, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, D.(1976), K. and C. 4/7/76. apprenticed to Henry Wynne of the Clockmakers' Company on April 12, 1680; free of the Company, April 12, 1688; took apprentices; D. barometer is in olivewood. Charing Cross, London. Goodison 1; Taylor 1(456); J. Brown 3; Baillie 1; Dewhirst; Evans 1; RSW.
CADENAZZI England, see Dangelo and Cadenazzi. Winchester. Goodison 1.
CADGELL, THOMAS England, c.1682, MIM apprenticed for eight years to William Elmes of the Clockmakers' Company on June 3, 1682. J. Brown 3.
CADOL France, 18th Century, MIM Artillery Instrument = Stuker (1961). Cadot? RSW.
CADOT France, fl.1747-53, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial, 1751 = Versailles 4/17/83; Sector, 1747 = OXF; Sundial, 1748 = McVitty Coll. = P-B 1/22/54; Graphometer, 1753 = KEN. does not appear to be Michel Cadot. Lyon. Gunther 2; Hamilton 2; RSW.
CADOT, MICHEL France, fl.1730-53, MIM SIM made many Butterfield-type sundials (including one dated 1742 in the Huelsmann Coll and another, 1740, in Soth. 12/12/55) and mathematical instruments, including sectors, theodolites and rules; examples may be seen in many museums including the ADL, BM, OXF, etc.; Sector, 1733 and Folding Square, 1733 = HAR apprenticed to Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas Delure in the "Corporation des fondeurs, 1718; Master n the Corporation; son-in-law of Henry Macquart, 1720; see Macquart and Cadot. Quay de l'Horloge, Ile de la Cité (1730); à l'Astrolabe (1734); both in Paris. Daumas 1; Hamilton 1 and 2; Michel 1 and 3; Nachet; Dewhirst; Gunther 2; Körber 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Engelmann 1; Syndram; Augarde; Giordano X; ADL; RSW.
CAELLINS, MARCUS ANTONIUS Italy, 1684, MIM Astronomical Instrument, 1684 = MIM-312. Caellius? Rome. Chenakal 4.
CAESIUS see Blaeu. Zinner 1.
CAETANI see Joseph-Maria Cavaliero, Baron of San Caetani. Gunther 2; Evans 1.
CAFFIERI Italy; France, c.1750, OIM made the decorated brass tubes for Magny's microscopes; either Giacomo or Filipo. Daumas 1; Morpurgo 1.
CAFFIERI, J. France, c.1710, MIM J. Caffiéri; signed on base of astronomical clock by Fardoil; also marked "A. Coypel." Trois Siècles.
CAFSERA England, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1979). Cassera? Stourbridge. Antique Collector, Oct. 1979.
CAGNI, I. Italy, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Middleton 1.
CAGNOLI Italy, MIM Quadrant = Bologna University Observatory. Bonelli 4.
CAHUET France, fl.1770-72, OIM Quai de l'Horloge, Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
CAIETANUS, P., CAPUC. see P. David a San Cajetanus, Capuc. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
CAIL England, MIM NIM SIM Protractor = Phillips 10/5/76; Surveying Level = Phillips 10/26/83; Level = Soth. 10/28/86; Sextants, pocket = Christie 7/29/76, Soth.-C. 6/26/85; Mining Dial = Soth. 6/23/87; Parallel Rules = ADL-W163; Rule = ADL-W160; etc. either John or Septimus Anthony Cail. Newcastle-on-Tyne. ADL; RSW.
CAIL AND SONS England, MIM NIM Sextant, incomplete = Christie-SK 1/31/85. Newcastle. RSW.
CAIL, JOHN England, fl.1825-65, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Stick Barometer = Soth-S 1/25/89; Theodolite = RSM; Quintant, 1825 = NMM; Octants, ebony = Rye Museum, Soth. 4/28/69; Telescope = Soth. 1/22/73; Circular Slide Rule = Cooke's Shop, CMY; Sextant, copper and wood = NMM; Circumferentor = Dean and Chapter, Durham Cathedral; Sector, ivory = ADL-W117; Protractor = ADL-W115; Parallel Rule = ADL-W163; etc. worked for Troughton in London; partner with his brother, Septimus Anthony Cail, 1851-53; T.C.; Rye octant is marked "improved." 2 New Bridge Street (1823-37); 44 Northumberland Street (1838-39); 61 Pilgrim Street (1841-53) and 45 Quay Street (1841-53); 8 Grey Street(1853-55) ; 21 Grey Street (1855-58); all in Newcastle-on-Tyne. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1500); Calvert 2; KEN; Moskowitz 115; Crawforth 1; Delehar 2; Coffeen 11; ADL; RSW.
CAIL, JOHN AND SEPTIMUS ANTHONY England, fl.1851-53, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM brothers. 45 Quay Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1095 and 1500); Moskowitz 115.
CAIL, SEPTIMUS ANTHONY England, fl.1857-84, MIM NIM PHIM Hadley Quadrants = NMM, OMM; Sextant, ebony and ivory = ADL-W217; Octant = Glasgow Art Museum; T.C.; usually signed "S.A. Cail." Newcastle-on-Tyne. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1095); Price 2; Moskowitz 115; Crawforth 6; ADL; RSW.
CAIRNS England, c.1850, OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Barometer = AMST; Telescope = D.(1974). probably Alexander Cairns. which see. 12 Waterloo Road, Liverpool. Goodison 1; Mörzer Bruyns 1; RSW.
CAIRNS, ALEXANDER England, pre-1842-c.1869, NIM OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Sextant = San Francisco Maritime Museum; Octant = D.(1974); Quadrant = Mystic Seaport, Conn. T.C.; optician; chronometer and watchmaker; sold nautical instruments. 12 Waterloo Road; 13 Waterloo Road (1869); both in Liverpool. Goodison 1; Moskowitz 108; RSW.
CAJETANUS, P. DAVID A SAN, CAPUC. Austria, 1726-82, MIM Horizontal Sundials, stone = Koller 11/17/75, BEK; Sundial, 1750 = Soth. 12/12/55 = Ader Picard 3/16/81; Horizontal Sundial, brass and marble, 1742 = ADL-M282. the ADL instrument is signed "P. Caietanus Capuc." and probably was not made by David as he would have been only 16. Vienna. Zinner 1; Moreau; Price 2; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
CAL, DIRCK VAN Holland, 1650, MIM made a celestial globe in 1650. Steenwijk. Rooseboom 1.
CALANI AND CO. PHIM Thermometer = Soth. 10/17/60. RSW.
CALDERA, SERAPHANO see Serafino Antonio Maria Calderara. Taylor 2(2091); Dewhirst.
CALDERARA, S. AND A. England, PHIM Angle Barometer = Soth. 7/21/83. probably Serafino Calderara. London, Goodison 1; RSW.
CALDERARA, SERAFINO ANTONIO MARIA England, fl.1831-60, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = Soth. 12/14/95. X is signed "S. Calderara London"; Soth. signed with address "Leather Lane, Holb., London." 16 Kirby Street (1831-33); 78 Leather Lane, Hatton Garden (1834-51); 42 Baldwins Gardens (1852-60); 2 Kings Terrace, Bagnippe Wells Road (1854-55); all in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(2091); Dewhirst; RSW.
CALDERON ES TARSA Hungary, c.1850, MIM PHIM Aneroid Barometer = Christie 5/5/70; Compass = P.C.(1987). Budapest. RSW.
CALDINI, GIUSEPPE Italy, c.1780, PHIM Electrostatic Machine = FLO. "Mecanico." Florence. Bonelli 1; RSW.
CALE, WILLIAM England, Water Clock, 1700 = CAS. modern work from Birmingham. London. RSW.
CALEHOF see Kalthoff. Dewhirst.
CALL 1 England, MIM Set of Drawing Instruments = Phillips 10/5/76. surely misreading for "Cail." Newcastle-on-Tyne. RSW.
CALL 2 see Bemis and Call Co.
CALL, JAN BACHER VAN Holland, fl.1644-67, MIM PHIM Nocturnal, 1647 = OXF. made sundials, clocks, pumps, etc; Zinner listed him as "Johan Bacher Van Call." Batenburg; Nijmegen. Rooseboom 1; Zinner 1; Gunther 2; Michel 3.
CALL, JAN BECKER see Jan Bacher van Call. Rooseboom 1.
CALL, JAN VAN Holland, MIM PHIM see Jan Bacher van Call. Batenburg; Nijmegen. Rooseboom 1; Gunther 2; Zinner 1.
CALLAGHAN 1 England, c.1840, NIM OIM Hadley Quadrant = PEA; Telescope, refracting = Soth.-S 7/23/87. 45 Great Russell Street, London. Brewington 1; RSW.
CALLAGHAN 2 England, c.1860, OIM PHIM Barometer = X; Barograph = Christie-SK 2/9/79; Telescopes = FRK-T42, Phillips 2/14/79; Spyglass = Christie 2/12/72. barometer signed "Callaghan." 23a New Bond Street, corner of Conduit Street, London. Goodison 1; Frank; RSW.
CALLAGHAN AND CO. England, c.1850, PHIM Aneroid Barometer = Christie-SK 4/17/86. RSW.
CALLAGHAN, W. England, c.1850, MIM may be the same as Callaghan 1. 45 Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London. G.L'E. Turner 24.
CALLCOTT, JOHN England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Cotton. Goodison 1.
CALLENDER, J. England, c.1820, OIM made a sea-telescope and stand. 19 Plough Court, Fetter Lane, London. Taylor 2(1501).
CALLENDER, JOSEPH USA, 1751-1821, Compass Cards = D, Eldred 10/11/75. apprentice of Paul Revere; engraved compass cards for T.S. Bowles, Gedney King, Samuel Emery, D. Pearson, Newell and Son, etc. Boston, Mass. Brewington 1; Moskowitz 103; Bedini 8; Rudd; Warner 12; RSW.
CALLICUM, W. England, 1598, NIM Quadrant, 1598 = D.(1965?) = Soth. 6/8/70. RSW.
CALLOW, JOHN England, fl.1797-1808, MIM NIM also made compasses and dog collars. Ashted Row (1797); 31 Ashted Row (1801-08); both in Birmingham. Bryden 9.
CALLOW, MARY ANN England, c.1818, MIM NIM also made compasses and dog collars; probably the widow of John Callow. Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
CALLOW, R. England, c.1750, MIM Ring Sundial = WHI. Bryden 16.
CALOMBO, LEONIDE USA, c.1867, PHIM New York, N.Y. D.J. Warner 5.
CALONNE France, c.1750, MIM Architect's Etui with Instruments = Versailles 5/6/79. Paris. RSW.
CALTENBACK, FULLER AND CO. England, c.1850?, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 1/22/87. 77 Blackman Street, Borough, London. Bell 2; RSW.
CALTHOFF see Kalthoff. Rooseboom 1.
CALTIN, B. 1728, MIM Astronomical Clock and Sundial, 1728 = MADEX-16A = Strauss Coll. = NMM. MADEX; NMM 2.
CALVI, DR. CARMELUS Italy, 1755, MIM SIM Circumferentor, 1755 = Stucker, 1958. maker. RSW.
CAM France, 19th Century, MIM Equatorial Sundial = Christie-SK 9/11/86. Rue de la Paix, 24, Paris. RSW.
CAM, J. England, OIM Telescope = FRK-T133. London. Frank.
CAMBON, BALTZER 1642, MIM Astrolabe, cardboard, 1642 = LUN. ICA-613. Price 1; Zinner 1; ICA 2.
CAMDEN, WILLIAM England, c.1710, MIM Sundial inside lid of watch = OXF. Weldon Coll. London. RSW.
CAMENADE, CAREL ANTHONIJ Italy; Holland, 1761-1809, MIM PHIM made barometers and calipers. Milan; Delft. Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1.
CAMERON AND BLAKENEY Scotland, fl.1853-60, MIM NIM PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 10/22/87; Sympiesometer = Soth 12/5/72; Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 1/12/83; Octant = NMM; Telescope = FRK = RSM; Azimuth Dial = FRK = RSM. Paul Cameron and John Blakeney. Glasgow. Clarke et al; RSW.
CAMERON, ALEXANDER Scotland, fl.1818-48, NIM Octant, with case = Christie 2/8/66-2 = FRK = RSM. watch and clockmaker; probably only a dealer. High Street (1818-24); Overgate (1829-48); both in Dundee. Frank; Bryden 3; Clarke et al.
CAMERON, J.R. England, fl.1840-52, NIM PHIM Marine Barometer = Jared Coffin House, Nantucket, Mass.; Tell-Tale Compass = PEA; Sextants = PEA, Koller June, 1967, Soth. 12/19/66-10. T.C. in case for Chrichton octant (1852) in Kelton Coll. (1990); octant was made for A. Dobbie. 54 South Castle Street; 14 South Castle Street near the Customs House (1852); both in Liverpool. Brewington 1; Calvert 2; USNM; Clarke et al; RSW.
CAMERON, PAUL Scotland, 1814-70, MIM OIM PHIM Compass Card = NMM. author, 1848; took John Blakeney as his partner, 1853-60; firm became Paul Cameron and Co., 1861-64, 1866-69; firm was Houston and Cameron in 1865; exhibited at the London Exhibition of 1851. 87 London Street, Glasgow (1851-54). Bryden 3; Clarke et al.
CAMERON, PAUL, AND CO. Scotland, fl.1861-69, MIM NIM PHIM interrupted in 1865 when firm's name was Houston and Cameron. 11 and 19 Howard Street (1861-64); 25 Howard Street (1866-67); 2 York Place (1868); 178 Broomielaw (1869); all in Glasgow. Clarke et al.
CAMILLUS Italy, 1554, MIM Armillary Sphere = VAA. could be Camillus Vulparia? Florence. Grimaldi (706).
CAMINADA Italy; Holland, c.1790, PHIM made barometers; glass blower. Daumas 1.
CAMINADA GEBR. Holland, c.1850, MIM Linear Dividing Machine = P.C. (1973); Dividing Circle = P.C. (1973). Rotterdam. RSW.
CAMINADA, J. Holland, fl.1820-61, MIM PHIM made barometers and calipers. Delft. Rooseboom 1.
CAMINADA, L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Manchester. Goodison 1.
CAMINADA, P. England, c.1820, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(4), Soth.-S 1/10/90; Barometer = Soth. 7/3/70. Taunton. Goodison 1; RSW.
CAMMACK see Foster and Cammack. RSW.
CAMMENADE, CAEL ANTHONY see Carel Anthonij Camenade.
CAMOTTA, MRS. ANN England, c.1860, PHIM made barometers; probably widow of Richard Camotta. 14 Bull Green, Halifax. Goodison 1.
CAMOTTA, RICHARD England, fl.1830-41, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. signed "Camotta Halifax." 14 Bull Close (1830); 12 Bull Green (1841); both in Halifax. Goodison 1.
CAMOZZI, CHARLES England, fl.1830-52, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(3). all signed "C. Camozzi Bicester"; succeeded by his widow, Eleanor Camozzi, in 1852. Market End (1830); Market Place (1832-50); both in Bicester. Goodison 1.
CAMOZZI, ELEANOR England, 1852, PHIM succeeded her husband, Charles Camozzi, in 1852; barometer maker or dealer. Bicester. Goodison 1.
CAMP, ALB. U.D. Holland, c.1742, NIM Alb. u.d. Camp; compass maker. Buitenkant, Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
CAMPANI, GIOVANNI Italy, see Giuseppe Campani. Baillie 1.
CAMPANI, GIUSEPPE Italy, 1620-96, OIM a renowned maker of telescopes and microscopes; his work is found in many museums, including KEN, KAS, NAC, POB (2)(1673), FLO, Zeiss Jena (1696) etc.; dated examples range from 1669-1696; brother of Matteo Campani; author; clockmaker. Spoleto; Rome. Bonelli 1 and 4; Morpurgo 1; Daumas 1; Nachet; Paris 1900; Gunther 2; Italian Inventory; Purtle; Trois Siècles; Bryden 11; Drechsler 2; Bedini 11; DSB; Clay and Court; A.J. Turner 10.
CAMPANI, MATTEO Italy, fl.1660-80, MIM brother of Giuseppe Campani; made clocks and watches; author; devised instruments for his brother. Rome. Daumas 1; Nachet; Morpurgo 1; Baillie 1; Britten; Zeitlin No. 214; Michel 3; Bedini 11 and 14.
CAMPBELL 1 England, PHIM Marine Barometer = D.(1989), Cardoza Auction 8/26/89. see John Campbell 2. Liverpool. RSW.
CAMPBELL 2 Germany, NIM Compass Rose = HAM. Hamburg. Schück 2.
CAMPBELL, CHARLES USA?, 1798, MIM Astronomical Clock, 1798 = X. USNM.
CAMPBELL, J. 1 England, c.1850, NIM Octant = LIM. Liverpool. RSW.
CAMPBELL, J. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Gatehouse (York?). Goodison 1.
CAMPBELL, JOHN 1 England, 1720-90, improved Hadley' quadrant; devised a sextant; Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy. Taylor 2(335); Brewington 1.
CAMPBELL, JOHN 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see Campbell 1 and J. Campbell 1. 6 South Castle Street, Liverpool. Goodison 1; RSW.
CAMPBELL, W., AND CO. Germany, NIM Sextant = X. see Campbell 2. Hamburg. Dewhirst; RSW.
CAMPI, GIO. BATTA Italy, c.1750, OIM T.C.; optician. Genoa. Calvert 2; KEN.
CAMPI, JOHN England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Wolverhampton. Goodison 1.
CAMPINI, JEAN-JUSTIN Italy, 1639-98, OIM lens maker; designed microscopes; author; nom de plume was Carlo di Napoli. Naples. Nachet; RSW.
CAMPIONE 1 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Oxford. Goodison 1.
CAMPIONE 2 Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Christie 12/17/75. Christie signed "Campioni Edinburgh." Edinburgh. Goodison 1; RSW.
CAMPIONI Scotland, see Campione 2. RSW.
CAMPIONI AND CO. Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Edinburgh. Goodison 1.
CAMPONOVO, ANGELO England, c.1846, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2), Christie-SK 6/24/88. one X signed "Camponovo Summers Town, Oxon."; the other X and Christie-SK signed "Camponovo Oxford." St. Thomas's Parish, Oxford. Goodison 1; RSW.
CANBY, J., AND SON England, 19th Century, OIM Telescope = Christie-SK 11/27/86. South Castle Street, Liverpool. RSW.
CANISIUS, DANIEL Holland, 18th Century, NIM Reflecting Circle = AMST. Daniél Canisius; owner? Rotterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 1 and 2; RSW.
CANIVET, JACQUES France, fl.1743-74, MIM OIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums, including ADL; dated ones range from 1750-72. nephew, pupil of, and successor to Claude Langlois; "Ingénieur du Roi" and "Ingénieur en Instruments de Mathématique de Messieurs de l'Académie Royale des Sciences" (1756-74); Master of the "Corporation des fondeurs, 1743; took over Jean-Baptiste Lordelle's shop sign; took apprentices; made many instruments for Courtanvaux; succeeded by Lennel. Place de la Marché Neuf (1743); à la Sphère, Quai de l'Horloge (1747); both on the Ile de la Cité, Paris. Daumas 1; Brieux 3; Courtanvaux; Trois Siècles; Wynter and Turner; Coffeen 14; Michel 3; J.A. Bennett 2; Bryden 16; ADL; Augarde; RSW.
CANNON, F.W. England, see W.F. Cannon. RSW.
CANNON, W. England, c.1820-40, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1980). surely W.F. Cannon. Shadwell. RSW.
CANNON, W.F. England, c.1850, NIM Sextants = Christie-SK 4/17/86, Soth. 10/28/86, MYS, Seamans Institute, New York; Marine Compass = OMM; Octants, ebony = Pugsley Sale, Christie-SK 2/9/84. compass and octant signed "W.F. Canon"; Institute sextant signed "W.K. Cannon"; surely the same man. 177 Shadwell; 175 High Street, Shadwell; both in London. USNM; RSW.
CANOVA, PETER England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Halesworth. Goodison 1.
CANTI, C.A. 1 England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Phillips 10/26/83, Soth. 4/28/88. X has first address; Phillips has the other and may be for C.A. Canti 2. Malling, Kent; 16 Brooke Street, Holborn (London). Goodison 1; RSW.
CANTI, C.A. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 2/4/77. X signed "C.A. Canti, Jr." 59 Shoe Lane, Holborn, London. Goodison 1; RSW.
CANTI, C.A., AND SON England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 16 Brooke Street, Holborn (London). Goodison 1.
CANTI, E. England, c.1775, PHIM Barometer = Christie 2/19/70. Town Malling, Kent. RSW.
CANTLEY England, c.1726, MIM sundial maker; taught James Ferguson the art. Earle.
CANTON, J. England, 1753, PHIM Electroscope, 1753 = DEU. London. Wheatland 2.
CANTONI, B. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 2/19/87. "Warranted." Horsham. RSW.
CANTY, C.A. see C.A. Canti 2. London. RSW.
CANTZLER Germany, c.1790, MIM Kantzler? Daumas 1.
CANVA, FRANCISCO ANTON Spain, NIM Marine Compass = ROM. Barcelona. Price 2.
CANZ, GIOVANNI Italy, MIM Sandglass = TRE; Marine Compass = TRE. Trieste. RSW.
CANZIUS, JACOB HENDRIK ONDERDEWYNGAART see Onderdewyngaart Canzius. Mörzer Bruyns 2; Rooseboom 1; Brieux 2; Crommelin 1; Multhauf 1; KEN; Daumas 1; Clay and Court; Nachet.
CAPADORA, D. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer with Thermometer = Soth. 6/6/75. may be variant spelling for "Capoduro." Cirencester. RSW.
CAPADURO England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Deal. Goodison 1.
CAPADURO, DOMENICO England, c.1830, OIM Lombard Street, Margate. Taylor 2(1793).
CAPELLA, J. England, c.1780, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1975). Coventry. RSW.
CAPELLA, L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. could be L. Casella. Goodison 1; RSW.
CAPELLA, MICHAEL England, c.1854, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. signed "M. Capella" with address. 53 Edgbaston Street, Birmingham. Goodison 1.
CAPELLI England, PHIM made barometers; see Stringa and Capelli. Newport. Goodison 1.
CAPI France, pre-1782, PHIM Barometer = COR. Paris. Courtanvaux.
CAPILUPI, GIULIO Italy, 1609, MIM Astronomical Compendium, 1609 = P.C. designed a universal sundial; author. Mantua. Morpurgo 1; RSW.
CAPO, ANTHONY Ireland, fl.1819-54, OIM PHIM Barometer, 1819 = X. spelled "Cappo" from 1839 on; optician. 154 Millfield (1819-20); 164 Millfield 1839-40); 168 Millfield (1843-46); 160 Millfield (1850-54); all in Belfast. G. Fennell; Morrison-Low and Burnett.
CAPPI, WILLIAM England, fl.1844-50, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 11 Bakers Row, Clerkenwell, London. Goodison 1; Dewhirst.
CAPPO, JOSEPH 1 Ireland, fl.1835-80, PHIM weather-glass maker; philosophical and chemical instrument maker; may be related to and successor to Anthony Cappo. 168 Millfield (1835); 202 North Street (1839); 164 Millfield (1840); 147 Millfield (1856); 24 Portland Street (1858); 14 Portland Street (1860-61); 5 Portland Place (1863-80); all in Belfast. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
CAPPO, JOSEPH 2 Scotland, fl.1847-53, PHIM made hydrometers. Buchanan Court, 75 Argyll Street (1847-52); 404 Parliamentary Road (1853); both in Glasgow. Bryden 3.
CAPPO, JOSHUA Ireland, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Belfast. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
CAPPY France, 1767-80, PHIM Thermometers = CNAM; Barometers = CNAM. Rue et Place Royale, Paris. Daumas 1.
CAPPY ET MOSSY France, fl.1768-80, PHIM Aerometer = CNAM; Thermometer = CNAM; Barometer = D.(1970); Weather Instrument = D.(1970). Rue et Place Royale, Paris. Daumas 1.
CAPPY ET NEVEU France, 1776, PHIM Thermometer, 1776 = CNAM. Rue et Place Royale, Paris. Daumas 1.
CAPRA, ALLESSANDRO Italy, c.1678, invented a hodometer. Bologna. Morpurgo 1; Weil 2.
CAPRA, BALDASSAR Italy, c.1580-1626, claimed to have been making sectors for six years in 1607. Milan. Daumas 1; DSB; Gunther 2.
CAPRANI, G., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Norwich. Goodison 1.
CAPRANI, L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Leicester. Goodison 1.
CAPUCCINI, NETO Italy, 1812, MIM Sundial, 1812 = P.C. USNM; RSW.
CAR. PL. see Carolus Platus. Michel 3.
CARACIA, C. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Edenbridge. Goodison 1.
CARACIA, JOSEPH England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Christie 1/26/90. Edenbridge, Kent. Goodison 1; RSW.
CARAFA, GIOVANNI Italy, c.1550, MIM globe maker. Rome? Globus, Dec., 1956.
CARCANI variant spelling for "Carcany", which see. RSW.
CARCANO France, Carcanô; see Carcany.
CARCANY France, c.1775, PHIM Wheel Barometers = D.(1973), BEK; Barometers = P-B 3/18/39, Koller Nov. 1968; Stick Barometer = Soth. 6/4/92. P-B signed "Carcanô"; Koller signed "Carcani"; Soth signed "Carcano." Place Dauphine No. 2, Paris. RSW.
CARD, CHARLES England, fl.1785-1820, MIM apprenticed to Robert Tangate 1 in the Joiners' Company on Sept. 3, 1776; free in the Company, Nov. 1, 1785; took apprentices. Martlett Court, Bow Street, Covent Gardens (1786); 10 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane (1788-20); both in London. Crawforth 7.
CARDAN England, c.1600, MIM Gunther 2.
CARE Italy, 1778, MIM Quadrant, 1778 = X. Venice. Daumas 1; Nachet; Hamilton 2.
CAREY misreading for Cary.
CAREY, J. AND W. England, misreadimg for J. and W. Cary. Soth.-Wilkinson and Hodge 11/28/24.
CARGRAVE England, 1778, MIM Wall Sundial, 1778 = Leyburn, Yorks. also signed "J.B."; full name may be "J.B. Cargrave." RSW.
CARINALLI, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Gloucester. Goodison 1.
CARIOLI, A. England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Christie-SK 4/17/86, 10/20/89. Whitby. Goodison 1; RSW.
CARITAT, H. USA, c.1799, MIM astronomical instrument maker? 153 Broadway, New York. Bedini 1.
CARK, PAUL MIM SIM Graphometer = ZUR. Zinner 1.
CARLAW, DAVID Scotland, 1832-1907, MIM Drafting Protractor = Soth. 12/19/66-38 = FRK = RSM. apprenticed to Thomas Rankine Gardner in 1846; made instruments for Lord Kelvin. South Portland Street (1860); Sydney Court, 62 Argyle Street (1865-71); Havelock Buildings, 75 East Howard Street (1872-74); Ropewalk Lane (1875-97); Finnieston Street (1897-1907); all in Glasgow. Frank; House; Clarke et al; RSW.
CARLILL, JOHN England, c.1837, MIM NIM OIM Northside, Old Dock, Hull. Taylor 2(2093).
CARLL, JOHANN Germany, 1587-1665, MIM Bow Compass = NUR WI-1532. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Lunardi; RSW.
CARLO DI NAPOLI see Jean-Justin Ciampini. Nachet.
CARLO, CRINDEL misreading for Carlo Grindel. Czech. Inventory.
CARMAN England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
CARNIVET see Canivet. Evans 1; RSW.
CARNOVA, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Charlesworth. Goodison 1.
CAROANI France, c.1780, PHIM Barometer = Koller Oct. 1969. Rue et Faubourg St. Antoine, Paris. RSW.
CAROCHE, C. France, c.1792, OIM made a twenty-two-foot telescope; may be "Carochez." USNM.
CAROCHET France, see Carochez. Nachet.
CAROCHEZ, NOEL-SIMON France, fl.1767-1813, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Folding Square = P.C.; Graphometer = Chayette 6/28/86; Telescope = Prin Coll; Angle Barometer = D.(1988). Noël-Simon Carochez; apprenticed to P. Vallée, 1759; turned over to Berin de la Croix, 1761; Master in the "Corporation des fondeurs"; "Ingénieur du Roi"; "Opticien de Monsieur"; inventoried Passsement's estate, 1769; made achromatic lenses and physical instruments, etc. Le Pont Nôtre Dame, côte de Saint-Denys-de-la-Chartre (1769); Rue de la Pelleterie (1774); Quai de l'Horloge (1789);last two on the Ile de la Cité; Place de Cambrai (1792); Place de Grève, près l'Hôtel de Ville (no date); all in Paris. Augarde; Daumas 1; Nachet.
CAROCHEZ, VEUVE France, MIM Sector = Drouot 4/26/67-71. Paris. RSW.
CARON, VEUVE France, c.1770-72, OIM Quai de l'Horloge, Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
CARONCHEZ France, 18th Century, MIM Square = P. and S. 3/8/1895. probably Carochez. Paris. RSW.
CARONNI France, PHIM made wheel barometers. Rue de Faubourg St. Antoine, à côte de la fontaine de la rue Charone, Paris. ?
CAROUCHER France, MIM Square = Evans Coll. probably Carochez. Paris. Evans 1.
CARPANTIER, J. France, 19th Century, MIM Level = A-P 3/15/76. possibly a misreading of J. Carpentier. Paris. RSW.
CARPENTER England, OIM Microscopes = Christie-SK 5/10/77; Soth.-S 7/23/87. made an improved compound folding microscope; surely Philip Carpenter. 24 Regent [Street], London. RSW.
CARPENTER AND WESTLEY England, fl.1835-1900+, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Barometers = X, KEN, OXF, D.(1972); Octant with telescopic sights = P.C.; Opera Glasses = WHI; Microscopes = BIL, Soth. 12/8/69, 2/8/83 and 10/3/88; Telescope = Soth. 12/13/65; Level = P. and S. 4/21/1898; Sector, Rule with Protractor, Parallel Rule, ivory = D.(1984). Philip Carpenter; dealt also in globes; T.C. 111 New Street, Birmingham (1835); 24 Regent Street (1838); 21 Regent Street; both in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1795); Calvert 2; Dewhirst; Whipple 1; Purtle; Moskowitz 108; Coffeen B; G.L'E. Turner 24; Crawforth 1 & 6; Middleton 1; RSW.
CARPENTER, PHILIP England, fl.1817-38, MIM OIM Compass = WHI; Spy Glass = Susquehanna County Historical Society, Pa.; Microscopes = KEN, P.C.(3), WHI, Christie 12/17/75, Soth. 3/25/86, D.(1995); Telescope, 7-draw = D. (1997). optician; made Brewster's kaleidoscope; T.C.; see Carpenter and Westley; the London shop was called "Microcosm"; D. signed "Carpenter's Improved Microscope for Opake and transparent Objects, 24 Regent Street, London." Bath Row (1817); 111 New Street (1824); 33 Navigation Street (1829); all in Birmingham; 24 Regent Street, London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1794); KEN; Calvert 2; USNM; Gunther 2; Whipple 1; Moskowitz 108; Bryden 9; Crawforth 1; Coffeen 58; RSW.
CARPENTER, THOMAS England, c.1830, NIM compass maker. New Canal Street, Birmingham. Taylor 2(1794).
CARPENTER, WILLIAM England, c.1808, OIM optician. Inge Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
CARPENTIER, J. France, c.1877, PHIM Galvanometer = D. succeeded Ruhmkorff at his death. Paris. G.L'E. Turner 24; Brieux 1.
CARPENTIERE, ANDRIES France, c.1750, MIM garden sundial at Dunham Massey attributed to him. RSW.
CARR, GRIFFITH England, c.1718, apprenticed to Thomas Cooke 2 in the Joiners' Company in 1718. Crawforth 7.
CARR, H. England, MIM Horary Quadrant, wood = Newcastle Science and Engineering Museum. RSW.
CARR, JOHN England, c.1823, devised way to increase field of view of telescopes. Bristol. Taylor 2(1503).
CARRARESI, GIOVANNI Italy, fl.1851-54, PHIM made electrical apparatus. Florence. Brenni 1.
CARRE, E. Germany, c.1840, PHIM Electrostatic Apparatus = D. E. Carré. Brieux 3.
CARRE, PAUL France, 1652, NIM Holland Circle, 1652 = OXF. Paul Carré; punchmark is a heart pierced by an arrow. Paris. Maison Française.
CARREW, JOHN WILLIAM England, fl.1836-58, MIM PHIM Taylor thought he was John Carrew. 18 Wapping Lane (1836-40); 13 Wapping Lane (1842-58); both in London. O'Mara; Taylor 2(2094).
CARRIEU France, c.1840, MIM SIM Surveying Circle = D.(1986). "Ecole de chalons." Coffeen 13.
CARROCHEZ see Carochez. Daumas 1.
CARROLL, NICHOLAS England, 1842, MIM Sundial, slate, 1842 = P.C. Rattoo. RSW.
CARRON, JEAN FRANCOIS France, 1787, MIM Mathematical Instrument Set, 1787 = MADEX-473. Jean François Carron. MADEX.
CARRY see Cary. Daumas 1; Brieux 3.
CARSARTELLY England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. probably variant of "Casartelli." Goodison 1.
CARSATELLI England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. probably a variant of "Casartelli." Goodison 1.
CARTA, GEORGE England, fl.1839=52, OIM PHIM optician; barometer maker. 252 High Street, Exeter. Goodison 1.
CARTAILIER France, MIM SIM Graphometers = PSH, Soth. 11/13/61 = D.(1965), Ineichen 6/7/75, 10/20/75. some may be same instrument. Avignon. Paris 1900; RSW.
CARTARIUS see Mario Cartaro.
CARTARO, MARIO Italy, fl.1560-91, MIM Celestial Globes, 1577 = ROM(2), FLO; Terrestrial Globe, 1577 = ROM. also signed as "Cartarius." Viterbo; Rome; Naples. Bonelli 4; Michel 3; Italian Inventory; Globus, Dec. 1956; Tooley 1; Bedini 12.
CARTE, JOHN England, fl.1695-1703, MIM Altitude Sundials with perpetual calendars = OXF; KEN. member of the Clockmakers' Company; author; advertised a "Great Geographical Clock." Coventry; Dial and Crown near Essex Street, Strand; Lombard Street (1696); Garden Court, Middle Temple; all in London. Taylor 1(495); Dewhirst; Britten; Gunther 2 and 6; Michel 3.
CARTER Englandc.1740, PHIM Barometer = D.(1968). Ripon. RSW.
CARTER, FREDK. England, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 12/15/72. Hart Street, Bloomsbury, London. RSW.
CARTER, G. England, c.1830, OIM Refracting Telescope = Bearne's 2/17/92. with stand and case. Exeter. RSW.
CARTER, HENRY England, fl.pre-1717 to post-1724, MIM took Anthony Lamb, his nephew?, as an apprentice, 1717-24. near St. Clement's Church, Strand, London. Taylor 2(154a); Baber; Smart 1; Bedini 7.
CARTER, J. England, 19th Century, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 5/14/87. 61 Cornhill (London). RSW.
CARTER, N. England, c.1830, PHIM Stick Barometer = Christie-SK 4/7/86. Salisbury. RSW.
CARTER, THOMAS England, fl.1784-1811, made instrument cases. Crawforth 1.
CARTILLA, CARMELO Italy, 1720, MIM Armillary Sphere, 1720 = ROM. Turin. Michel 3; Tooley; Globus, Dec. 1956.
CARTLAND, GEORGE Ireland, 1824, OIM optician. 8 Rosemary Street, Dublin. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
CARTON, WILLIAM England, c.1721, free in the Joiners' Company in 1721; took apprentices. London. Crawforth 7.
CARTWRIGHT AND SON England, c.1840, OIM PHIM Stick Barometer with Thermometer = Soth.-Bearne 4/4/78. see C. Cartwright and Son. Preston. RSW.
CARTWRIGHT, C., AND SON England, c.1840, OIM PHIM Student's Microscope = Soth. 6/8/70. Preston. RSW.
CARUGHI England, see Gugeri and Carughi.
CARUGHI, PAUL England, fl.1839-60, PHIM Wheel Barometers = D.(1976), Phillips-Leeds 12/16/87. also made thermometers; see Gugeri and Carughi; see Paul Carughi and Co.; Phillips-Leeds signed "P. Carughi, High Holborn." 15 Brook Street (1839); 128 Holborn (1841-43); 16 Charles Street, Hatton Garden (1844-45); 38 Brook Street (1846-47); 139 High Holborn (1852-60); all in London. Goodison 1; RSW.
CARUGHI, PAUL, AND CO. England, pre-1846, PHIM barometer and thermometer makers. London. Dewhirst.
CARVALHO DA COSTA, ANTONIO Portugal, 1650-1714, designed a mariner's astrolabe. Lisbon. Weil 2(25).
CARVER see Baker, Carver and Morrell. RSW.
CARVER, ISAAC England, fl.1667-1728, MIM Sectors, ivory = KEN (1683), P.C. (1704); Everard-type Slide Rules = P.C. (1686), OXF (1688), KEN (1689); Level, 1696 = GEL; Goniometer, 1696 = GEL; Slide Rules = KEN (1700, 1713), OXF, Soth. 7/15/63; Triangular Sector, 1704 = D.(1975); Globe Sundial, 1708 = X; Log Slide Rule, wood, 1710 = P.C.; Drawing Instrument = GEL. author, 1687; T.C.; watchmaker; admitted as a Brother to the Clockmakers' Company in 1668; took apprentices. Sign of the Globe Dial, Horseley Down, Southwark, London, (1696-1728). Taylor 1(313); Wynter 1; Wynter and Turner; Dewhirst; Calvert 2; Gunther 2; Clay and Court; Evans 1; Baillie 1; Maistrov 3; Novokshanova-Soklovskaja; KEN; Crawforth 1; J. Brown 1 & 3; A.J. Turner 10; Delehar 9; RSW
CARVER, JACOB England, c.1715, MIM son of Isaac Carver; T.C.; made slide rules and gauges. Globe Dial, Horseleydown, Southwark; Atlas and Quadrant, near Cherry-Garden Stairs on Rotherhith Wall; both in London. Taylor 2(33); Calvert 2; Clay and Court; KEN; Daumas 1.
CARVER, SAMUEL misprint for Jacob Carver in Index. Daumas 1.
CARWARDINE, PHILIP England, c.1674, OIM member of the Spectaclemakers' Company. London. Crawforth 6.
CARY 1 England, 1783-1859, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums, including barometers, globes, sextants, microscopes, theodolites, etc. family of instrument makers; it is difficult to distinguish between the work of John (1), John (2), William, George (1), or George (2) Cary. 181 Strand; 272 Strand (1786-91); both in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(810, 935, 1290); Wynter 1; Coffeen C; Gunther 2 and 6; Moskowitz 103; Whipple 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Pipping 2; Yonge; RSW.
CARY 2 England, c.1810, PHIM Marine Barometer = VNN. Andrew Cary. London. RSW.
CARY AND CO. England, fl.1856-1900+, MIM OIM T.C.; established in 1765; last owned by Henry Porter; "late of 181 Strand, London, W.C." 7 Pall Mall, two doors east from Waterloo Place, London, S.W. Calvert 2; Moskowitz 132.
CARY'S England, 1811, MIM Terrestrial Globe, miniature, 1811 = ADL-W56. made by one of the Carys. RSW.
CARY, ANDREW see Cary 2. RSW.
CARY, FRANCIS England, 1756-1836, MIM brother of John (1), George (1), and William Cary; globemaker. London. Yonge.
CARY, G. AND L. England, misreading for George (20) and John (2) Cary. Chenekal 3.
CARY, GEORGE (2) AND JOHN (2) England, fl.1821-53, MIM SIM Pairs of Globes = MLL, Soth. 2/25/86; Terrestrial Globes = Soth. 9/20/83 (1821), USNM(2) (1828), USNM(2) (1838). brothers; George Cary 2 and John Cary 2; succeeded their uncle William Cary, in 1825 and their father, John Cary 1, in 1831; usually signed "G. and J. Cary." 86 St. James's ; 181 Strand (1825-56); both in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(695, 810, 1290); Chenekal 3; KEN; USNM; Moskowitz 103; Yonge; RSW.
CARY, GEORGE 1 England, d.1830, MIM brother of John (1), Francis and William Cary; globemaker. London. Yonge.
CARY, GEORGE 2 England, fl.1821-59, MIM NIM OIM son of John Cary 1; brother of John Cary 2; see George (2) and John (2) Cary; globe maker; succeeded by George Frederick Cruchley. 86 St. James's; 181 Strand; both in London. Taylor 2(1290); KEN; Yonge.
CARY, J. AND C. misreading for J. and W. Cary. USNM.
CARY, J. AND W. England, fl.1780-1828, MIM NIM makers of globes and nautical instruments, their work is found in many museums. John (1) and William Cary; brothers, and father and uncle, respectively, to John (2) and George (2) Cary. 181 Strand (1780); 272 Strand (to 1820); both in London. Taylor 2(695 and 810); USNM; Chenekal 1; KEN; Catalogus der Bibliotheek; Goodison 1; RSW.
CARY, JOHN 1 England, 1754-1835 fl.1783-1831, MIM NIM globe and map maker; worked with his brothers, William Cary and George Cary 1; retired in 1831; father of George (2) and John (2) Cary; see J. and W. Cary. 181 Arundel Street, Strand (1783); 181 Strand (1792); 85/6 St. James's Street (1821); all in London. Taylor 2(695); KEN; Price 3; Ward 4; Yonge.
CARY, JOHN 2 England, fl.1791-1853, MIM globe maker; worked with his brother, George (2), as G. and J. Cary; son of John Cary 1. 86 St. James's; 181 Strand; both in London. Taylor 2(1290); Moskowitz 103; KEN; Yonge.
CARY, W. AND J. England, c.1822, MIM Terrestrial (1815) and Celestial (1822) Globes on clock = Town Museum, Oslo. William and John (1) Cary; clock by James Shearer. 272 The Strand, London (1786). RSW.
CARY, WILLIAM England, 1759-1825, MIM NIM OIM Terrestrial Globe = Custis-Lee Mansion, Arlington, Va.; Slide Rule for currency conversion, wood and paper, 1815 = OXF; Stand for Astronomical Sextant = CMY; Microscope = CMY; Meridian Telescope = DRE; Slide Rule, chemical = P.C. apprenticed to Jesse Ramsden; worked with older brother, John Cary 1, 1786; T.C.; worked alone from 1789; the name of the shop continued as William Cary until 1891; also brother of George (1) and Francis Cary. 272 Strand (1786); No.182 Strand near Norfolk Street (1794); 181 Strand (1794-1825); all in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(810); Maddison 1; Dewhirst; Gunther 2; Clay and Court; Wheatland 1; Daumas 1; USNM; Moskowitz 103; Pipping 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Crawforth 1 & 6; J.A. Bennett 2; Delehar 9; RSW; Yonge.
CARZATELLI France, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Longleat House, Wilts. à la Tour d'Argent, rue et Faubourg St. Antoine, Paris. RSW.
CAS. BU. see Caspar Buschmann 1. Michel 2; Bobinger 2; Engelmann 1; RSW.
CASA, C. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
CASARETELLI England, probaly the same as Casartelli. Goodison 1.
CASARTELLI 1 England, MIM PHIM Anemometer = P.C.; Level = Phillips 10/5/76. mining instrument maker; could be Joseph or Lewis (2) Casartelli. Manchester. RSW.
CASARTELLI 2 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. similar to one by Charles Molliner. Goodison 1.
CASARTELLI 3 England, c.1847, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. could be Anthony or Joseph Casartelli. Liverpool. Goodison 1.
CASARTELLI 4 England, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, Soth. 5/1/86. London. Goodison 1; RSW.
CASARTELLI, A. 1 England, c.1850, PHIM Stick Barometer = VNN; Wheel Barometer = X. may be Anthony Casartelli 1 or 2. Duke Street, Liverpool. Goodison 1; RSW.
CASARTELLI, A. 2 Ireland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 2 Fade Street, Dublin. Goodison 1.
CASARTELLI, ANTHONY (1) AND JOSEPH England, fl.1845-49, OIM PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth.-West Sussex 12/13/83; Marine Barometers = X(2), Soth. 6/6/75; Telescope = Christie-SK 4/17/86; Stick Barometer = Soth. 7/19/88. instruments signed "A. and J. Casartelli"; opticians. 20 Duke Street, Liverpool. Goodison 1; RSW.
CASARTELLI, ANTHONY 1 England, 1802-59, PHIM optician; made barometers and thermometers; Antonio Giovanni Casartelli; worked from 1845-59. 20 Duke Street, Liverpool. Goodison 1; Moskowitz 105.
CASARTELLI, ANTHONY 2 England, 1830-81, PHIM Giovanni Antonio Santino Casartelli; worked with Anthony (1) and Joseph Casartelli; made barometers. 11 Castle Street, Liverpool. Goodison 1.
CASARTELLI, J., AND SON 1 England, MIM SIM Miner's Surveying Compasses = D.(1970), Christie-SK 4/17/86. surely Joseph L. Casartelli and Son. Manchester. RSW.
CASARTELLI, J., AND SON 2 England, OIM Microscope, simple = FRK-M331. Salford. Frank.
CASARTELLI, JOSEPH L. England, 1822-1900, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 7/21/83; Rolling Parallel Rule = D.(1972); Bubble Level = D.(1973); Surveying Instruments = Soth.-NY 2/23/79, RSM; Dickinson's Anemometer = Christie-SK 5/10/77; Miner's Surveying Compass = Phillips 2/2/84; Theodolite = Christie-SK 4/17/86; Mining Dial = P.C. (1987); Soho-type Slide Rule = P.C. barometer signed "J.L. Casartelli"; the rest signed "J. Casartelli"; Giuseppe Luigi Casartelli, great-nephew of Lewis Casartelli 1; worked with Anthony Casartelli 1, 1845-49, in Liverpool; succeeded to the business of his brothers-in-law, John B. and Joshua Ronchetti (2), in Manchester in 1851; T.C. 20 Duke Street, Liverpool (1845-49); 42 Market Street, Manchester (1851-on). Goodison 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Moskowitz 105; Delehar 9; RSW.
CASARTELLI, LEWIS 1 England; Italy, 1784-1860 fl.1810-45, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Octant = GEP; Stick Barometer = Soth.-C 10/31/90. Luigi Antonio Casartelli; succeeded by his nephew and great-nephew, Anthony Casartelli 1 and Joseph L. Casartelli; retired to Italy in 1845; also made thermometers. 37 King Street (1820-32); 39 King Street (1821, 1824, 1826); 37/8 King Street (1823); 36 King Street (1827, 1829); 30 King Street (1832); 132 King Street (1834-43); 134 Duke Street (1834); 133 King Street (1834-37); 20 Duke Street (1835-43); all in Liverpool. Taylor 2(1505); Goodison 1; Moskowitz 105; Crawforth 6; RSW.
CASARTELLI, LEWIS 2 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Market Street, Manchester. Goodison 1.
CASATI Italy, c.1800, PHIM made thermometers. Daumas 1.
CASATI, FRERES France, NIM Octant = LAS. Casati Frères. Marseilles. RSW.
CASATI, PIERRE France, c.1750, PHIM Thermometer of Lyons = KEN. Lyon. KEN.
CASBOIS, DOM France, c.1793, PHIM designed a new type of barometer tube. Metz. Middleton 1.
CASE Holland, c.1685, OIM made telescopes; optician. Amsterdam. Daumas 1; Huygens.
CASE, WILLIAM England, c.1827, MIM 22 Crown Street, Finsbury Square, London. Taylor 2(1506).
CASELLA England, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums. a firm that still exists today; originated with Louis Paschel Casella. London. Price 12; Whipple 1; Gunther 2; Moskowitz 105; RSW.
CASELLA AND CO. 1 England, post-1840, PHIM Lewis Casella; specialized in thermometers. Taylor 2(1796).
CASELLA AND CO. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. probably Louis Casella and Co. London. Goodison 1; Moskowitz 105.
CASELLA AND TAGLIABUE England, fl.1846-48, PHIM Louis Casella and Caesar Tagliabue; barometer makers; succeeded Tagliabue and Casella; succeeded by Louis Casella and Co. 23 Hatton Garden, London. Goodison 1.
CASELLA, C.F., AND CO. LTD. England, c.1875, MIM Alidade = ADL-W165. London. ADL; RSW.
CASELLA, LEWIS Scotland; England, fl.1833-38, MIM PHIM Diptych Sundial, boxwood = WHI. marked "Sundial and Compass"; specialized in thermometers; later became Casella and Co. 1. London. Taylor 2(1796); Bryden 16; Morrison-Low.
CASELLA, LOUIS PASCHEL England, fl.1844-97, MIM NIM OIM PHIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums, including barometers, sextants, sundials, microscopes, etc. "Maker to the Admiralty"; "Maker to the Admiralty and Ordnance"; most instruments signed "Casella London" or "L. Casella London"; worked with Tagliabue from 1846-48. 23 Hatton Garden, London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1796); Brewington 1; Moskowitz 108; Middleton 4; Coffeen D; Pipping 1; Price 12; Whipple 1; Gunther 2; G.L'E. Turner 24; J.A. Bennett 2; Bryden 16; RSW.
CASELLA, LOUIS, AND CO. England, fl.1848-60, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1983). barometer makers; succeeded Casella and Tagliabue; "Instruments Makers to the Admiralty and Government of America", 1856; "Instrument makers to the East India Co.and Board of Trade", 1860. 23 Hatton Garden, London. Goodison 1; RSW.
CASELLI, ANTONIUS Italy, c.1692, MIM Sectors = D.(1965), Musée Lombard, Geneva. the dealer's sector is signed "Antonius Caselli faciabat Luiz." Luiz. Brophy; RSW.
CASERTELLI England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. surely one of the Casartellis. Liverpool. Goodison 1.
CASHEE, R. misreading for Richard Cushee. Christie 10/31/67; Yonge.
CASS, DANIEL England, c.1798, MIM apprenticed to William Moris of the Grocers' Company on Oct. 2, 1794; turned over to John Fentiman, member of the Tiler and Bricklayers' Company on June 23, 1798. London. J. Brown 1.
CASSARD, ANDRE France, 1423, MIM Astrolabe Clock, 1423 = Saint-Etienne Church, Bourges. André Cassard; worked under the direction of Johanne Fusoris. Bourges. Gunther 1.
CASSAROTI England, PHIM see Bordoli and Cassaroti. Stampford. Goodison 1.
CASSEGRAIN, GUILLAUME France, c.1672, Sieur Guillaume Cassegrain; developed the type of reflecting telescope which carries his name. Chartres; Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet; H.C. King 1; L. Bell; DSB.
CASSELI Italy, MIM Military Compass = P.C. RSW.
CASSELLIS MIM Universal Ring Sun Dial = SWE. mathematics and optics professor. RSW.
CASSEVA, GENERA England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Phillips 10/26/83. Stourbridge. Taylor 2(1797); RSW.
CASSINI, GIAN DOMENICO Italy; France, 1625-1712, OIM Cassini I; first Director of the Paris Observatory, 1669-c.1710; repaired the meridian of Bologna in 1655; designed telescopes; author; made a 136-foot telescope; made an improvement to the barometer in 1673. Bologna; Paris. Nachet; Morpurgo 1; Daumas 1; Dewhirst; Middleton 1; DSB.
CASSINI, JACQUES France, 1677-1756, OIM Cassini II; directed the Paris Observatory from c.1710 to 1740; helped his father, Gian Domenico Cassini, in the restoration of the meridian of the Church of San Petronio in Bologna, in 1695. Paris. DSB.
CASSINI, JACQUES DOMINIQUE France1748-1845, OIM Cassini IV; director of the Paris Observatory from 1784 to 1793; attempted to have a seven-foot quadrant cast in one piece; The DSB says that his name was Jean Dominique Cassini. Daumas 1; DSB.
CASSINI, P. GIOVANNI MARIA, C.R.S. Italy, fl.1790-92, MIM Set of Celestial Gores, 1792 = ADL-A302; Pair of Globes = D.(1976); Celestial Globes, 1792 = ROM, etc.; Terrestrial Globes, 1790 = ROM, NMM, P.C., Bib. Mun., Ancona. ADL gores are for an 8.5 cm. globe. Rome. Bonelli 4; Daumas 1; Italian Inventory; NMM 2; Globus, Nov. 1954; ADL; RSW.
CASSON, GEORGE England, fl.1814-22, OIM George Terrace, Commercial Road, London. Taylor 2(1291).
CASSON, RUSSELL England, 1727, MIM Sundial, 1727 = X. Evans 1.
CASTEL, JACQUES THOMAS France, 1710-72, MIM Orrery Clock, 1763 = Christie 6/22/89; Analemmatic Sundial, 1769 = PMM; Sundial, 1769 = Lab. de Physique du Collège de France; Meridian Sundials = MADEX-176, 178 = PSH. secretary to the King, 1758-74; designed window sundial at Oxford, made by Baradelle; invented and made sundials giving true time. Rue Neuve Saint Roch (1758-71); Rue Neuve des Bons Enfants; both in Paris. Michel 1 and 3; Nachet; Paris 1900; MADEX; Gunther 6; RSW.
CASTELLA, L. England, MIM Compass, ivory = Christie 11/8/66-11. probably misreading for L. Casella. London. RSW.
CASTELLETTI, JOHN England, c.1841, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. barometer signed "John Casteleti." High Street, Leicester. Goodison 1.
CASTELLI, CARLO Italy, c.1800, devised philosophical instruments. Milan. Offenbacher 22, 1970.
CASTIGONE France, c.1831, OIM Opera Glass = WHI. Paris. Whipple 1.
CASTLEMAINE, EARL OF England, see Roger Palmer, Earl of Castlemaine. Bryden 11; Gunther 3; Taylor 1(402, 406).
CASWELL England, c.1690, devised a nocturnal, made by Prujean. Gunther 2.
CATAILIER France, see Cartailier. Ineichen, 1975.
CATALINI, SIMONE Italy, 1720, NIM Marine Compass, 1720 = GEP. Livorno. RSW.
CATELLI AND CO. 1 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. may be C. Catelli and Co. or Catelli and Co. 2. Goodison 1.
CATELLI AND CO. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Worcester. Goodison 1.
CATELLI, C., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, D.(1976). D. is signed "Catelli and Co. Hereford." Hereford. Goodison 1; RSW.
CATELLI, G. England, c.1820, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 11/21/95. see C. Catelli and Co. Hereford. RSW.
CATMUR, BENJAMIN England, fl.1838-40, MIM OIM PHIM 28 Chamber Street, Goodman's Field, London. Taylor 2(2096).
CATON, W. England, c.1825, OIM Microscope = Clay Coll. Taylor 2(1507); Clay and Court.
CATTANEO England, fl.1830-60, PHIM family of barometer makers including Austin, Henry, John, Joseph and Philip in various partnerships. 12 Castlegate, York. Goodison 1.
CATTANEO AND CO. England, c.1840, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie's 2/19/97. Leeds. RSW.
CATTANEO AND CO. 1 England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Reigate. Goodison 1; Baillie 1.
CATTANEO AND CO. 2 England, c.1848, PHIM made barometers, watches and clocks; partnership of Henry and Philip Cattaneo and Joseph Fattorini. 12 Castlegate, York. Goodison 1.
CATTANEO, AUSTIN England, pre-1838, OIM PHIM optician; made barometers; in partnership with Henry and John Cattaneo, Peter Ballarini and Joseph Fattorini. Kings Staith, York. Goodison 1.
CATTANEO, H., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Henry Cattaneo and Co. York. Goodison 1.
CATTANEO, HENRY England, 1806-60, PHIM in partnership with Joseph Cattaneo, 1838-48; see Austin Cattaneo; see Cattaneo and Co. 2. Kings Staith (pre-1838); 12 Castlegate (1838-48); 2 St. Martins Lane (1851); all in York. Goodison 1.
CATTANEO, JOHN England, pre-1838, PHIM see Austin Cattaneo. Kings Staith, York. Goodison 1.
CATTANEO, JOSEPH England, fl.1838-51, PHIM see Joseph and Henry Cattaneo; bankrupt, 1849; in business on his own, 1851. 12 Castlegate (1838); Minster Gates (1849); 1 South Entrance (1851); all in York. Goodison 1.
CATTANEO, JOSEPH AND HENRY England, fl.1838-48, OIM PHIM opticians; made barometers. 12 Castlegate, York. Goodison 1.
CATTANEO, PHILIP England, c.1848, PHIM made barometers, clocks and watches; see Cattaneo and Co. 2. 12 Castlegate, York. Goodison 1.
CATTANIO, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 9/23/88. Worcester. RSW.
CATTANIO, A. AND L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. may be Austin Cattaneo; `L' may be `H'. York. Goodison 1.
CATTANIO, ANTHONY 1 England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X(2). also made thermometers. Blackhall Street, Kidderminster. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1801).
CATTANIO, ANTHONY 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Phillips-Leeds 12/16/87, Phillips 8/12/87, Christie 4/28/89. Market Place, Malton. Goodison 1; RSW.
CATTANIO, C., AND DOTTI England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Braintree. Goodison 1.
CATTANIO, P. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X (2). Croyden. Goodison 1.
CATTANIO, P. 2 England, 18th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-Chester 10/6/86. Chester. RSW.
CATTANIO, V. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Worcester. Goodison 1.
CATTANO, ANTHONY England, c.1830, see Anthony Cattanio 1. Taylor 2(1801).
CATTELY AND CO. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X; Wheel Barometer = X. stick has address. 81 Holborn, London. Goodison 1.
CATTELY, G., AND CO. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X; Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
CATTENCO, A. misreading for A. Cattanio 2. Phillips 12/16/87.
CATTIN, JEAN-BAPTISTE France, 1726, MIM Planetarium, 1727 = P.C.; Celestial Globes with clockwork = NMM-G.136 (1727), NMM-G.137 (1728), CNAM (1727), Nouveau Drouot 6/3/83 (1727), D.(1995) (1726). "Mécanicien Horloger"; the clockwork globes were invented by Abbé D.Reginald Outhier of Besançon; the D.(1995) globe was presented to the French Royal Academy of Sciences in 1727. Fort de Plasne en Franche-Comté, Jura; Paris. MADEX; NMM 2; Cons. Nat'l 1; RSW.
CAUCHOIS France, c.1830, MIM Garden Sundial, marble = Gersaint, La Rochelle 7/23/94. Paris. RSW.
CAUCHOIX, ROBERT AGLAE France, 1776-1845, OIM Lunette Murals, 1818 = USNM; Prism = USNM; Telescopes = NAC, D.; Achromatic Lens = NAC; Microscope = P.C.; Prospect Glass, with double eyepiece = D.(1976). Robert Aglaé Cauchoix; instruments signed "Cauchoix à Paris"; made telescopes for Cambridge Observatory in 1835. rue de la Loi (1803); rue des Amandiers-Sainte-Geneviève; 27 Quai Voltaire (1819); Quai Voltaire No. 17; all in Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet; USNM; Gunther 3; Moskowitz 113; RSW.
CAUCIGH, R.P. MICHAEL Austria, 1726, invented a type of celestial globe, 1726, made by J. Beckher. Linz. Zinner 1; Globus Dec., 1956.
CAUMONT, M. France, c.1820, MIM Sundial, large = Dijon. laid out on the ground. Gatty; Earle.
CAUS, SALOMAN DE France, 1644, MIM author; made sundials. Moreux.
CAVAGNOLI, GIUSEPPE Italy, 1665, MIM SIM Alidade with altimeter scale, 1665 = BRP; Cicumferentor, 1665 = BRP. Piace. RSW.
CAVALIERI Italy, c.1660, developed a type of telescope. Daumas 1.
CAVALIERO, JOSEPH-MARIA Italy, 1770, MIM Polyhedral Sundials in shape of casket = OXF (1770), U. of Naples (1769). Baron of San Caetano; owner; U. of Naples is silver. Naples. Michel 3; Gunther 2; Regozzino and Schettino; RSW.
CAVALLERI Italy, c.1845, OIM made reflecting microscopes. Clay and Court.
CAVALLI, ATANAGIO Italy, PHIM made meteorological instruments. Asti; Rome. Morpurgo 1.
CAVALLO, TIBERIUS Italy; England, 1749-1809, invented an electrometer in 1777; modified the air pump; lived most of his life in England; F.R.S.; author. Naples; London. Wolf; G.L'E. Turner 24; DSB; DND; Middleton 1.
CAVE, THOMAS Ireland, fl.1750-80, MIM SIM Compasses = X, P.C.; Butterfield-type Sundial, 1780 = WHI; Horizontal Sundial, oval = WHI; Mathematical Instrument = WHI; Circumferentors = Soth. 3/11/63-115, Soth.-PB pre-1980; Surveying Compass = D.(1982). WHI horizontal sundial probably instrument mentioned by Clay and Court. Dublin. Taylor 2(811); Dewhirst; Clay and Court; Price 12; Egestorff; Moskowitz 123; Bryden 16; RSW.
CAVELLATI Italy, MIM Table Sundial = POR. RSW.
CAVENDISH, SIR CHARLES England, 1591-1652, physicist; designed lenses. London. Taylor 1(124).
CAVENS England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Carlisle. Goodison 1.
CAVERHILL AND CO. Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Berwick-on-Tweed. Goodison 1.
CAVINET France, c.1771, MIM Micrometer = X. probably Canivet; instrument maker of the Royal Academy of Sciences. Paris. Dewhirst; USNM.
CAVOT France, 1747, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1747 = Soth. 5/10/54. surely "Cadot." Paris. RSW.
CAWDLE, W. England, c.1850, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth.S 1/27/88. Torquay. RSW.
CAWOOD, FRANCIS England, fl.1709-12, MIM made mathematical instruments; author. Bartholomew Lane, near the Royal Exchange, London. Taylor 1(555); Dewhirst; Evans 1.
CAYGILL, CHRISTOPHER England, 1747-1803, MIM made sundials; clockmaker. Askrigg. Loomes.
CAYTHORP England, 17th Century, PHIM Bell Weight = Soth. 10/3/88. weighs twenty-eight pounds. RSW.
CECH see Czech. Czech. Inventory.
CEDEBORG, ANDREW England, c.1798, MIM St. John's Lane, Clerkenwell, London. Taylor 2(936).
CEDERSTEN, NILS GABRIEL Sweden, c.1770, OIM optician; apprenticed to Carl Lehnberg. Stockholm. Pipping 1.
CELEBRINI, P. Italy, c.1680, OIM Microscope = D. also made telescopes. Weil 2(19, 23).
CELI, MARCUS ANTONIUS see Marcantonio Cellio. Clay and Court.
CELLA, AUGUSTINUS Sweden, PHIM Stick Barometer = NOR. RSW.
CELLA, PHILIPP Germany, 1831, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1831 = VNL. Munich. Globus, Dec. 1956, June 1962.
CELLIO, MARCANTONIO Italy, 1685, OIM Objective Lens, 1685 = Bologna University Observatory; Microscope = D. Bologna. Bonelli 4; Nachet; Weil 2(19); Price 2; Clay and Court.
CELLIS, M.A. see Marcantonio Cellio. Weil 2(23).
CELSIUS, ANDERS Sweden, 1701-44, designed the centigrade scale for thermometers. G.L'E. Turner 24; Middleton 4; DSB.
CELVI, DOMENICO misreading for Domenico Selva. KRE; RSW.
CERF, H. Belgium, MIM PHIM Compass and Barometer, each in shape of watch = Soth.-NY 2/23/79. 59 Rue de la Madeleine, Brussels. RSW.
CERI AND PINI Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. probably Ciceri and Pini. Edinburgh. Goodison 1.
CERMANATI AND BERNARDA USA, c.1807, OIM PHIM T.C.; made and sold telescopes and thermometers. Essex Street, Salem; No. 2 State Street Boston (1807); both in Mass. RSW.
CERMENATI AND MONFRINO USA, c.1810, OIM PHIM Bernard Cermenati and Monfrino; made telescopes, barometers and thermometers. No. 2 State Street, Boston, Mass. Comstock; USNM.
CERUELLATI, LUIGI misreading for Luigi Cervellati. RSW.
CERUTTY, JOHN England, PHIM Barometer with Thermometer = Longleat House, Wilts. At the Tuns Lodging House, Bath. RSW.
CERVALATI, LUIGI Italy, 1572, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1572 = Stuker (1958). Jesuit. RSW.
CERVELLARI, GUIDO Italy, 1805, MIM Armillary Sphere, 1805 = ROM. Bonelli 4.
CERVELLATI, LUIGI Italy, c.1824, MIM Magnetic Compass, gilt, 1824 = Soth. 2/1/79; Armillary Sphere = D.(1975); Sundial, pin-gnomon, in wooden box = OXF; Table Sundial = POR. table sundial is for 44°30'; armillary sphere is marked "forma" and is of wood and paper, manuscript, Copernican. Bologna. Evans 1; Gunther 2; RSW.
CESARINO, CESARE Italy, 1483-1543, claimed to have invented a hodometer. Milan; Ferrara. Weil 2(15).
CESPEDES, DR. ANDRES GARCIA DE 1560-1611, MIM made reflection sundials; author. Michel 14; Zeitlin 224.
CETTA AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. probably J. and J. Cetta. Stroud. Goodison 1.
CETTA, G., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Dursley. Goodison 1.
CETTA, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 4/17/86. Stroudwater. RSW.
CETTA, J. AND J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Stroud. Goodison 1.
CETTA, J., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
CETTA, JOHN England, fl.1838-60, PHIM made barometers and thermometers; took over Paul Carughi's shop at 15 Brook Street in 1839; was succeeded by Wheelhouse and Bercini at 40 Hatton Garden. 7 Union Court, Black Hill, Holborn (1838); 15 Brook Street (1839-44); 14-15 Brook Street (1845-46); 40 Hatton Garden (1847-60); all in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(2097).
CETTEA England, see Gobbi and Cettea. Nottingham. Bell 2.
CETTI 1 Italy; England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Henley. Goodison 1; Morpurgo 1; NAWCC Bull.
CETTI 2 England, c.1853, PHIM see Pastorelli and Cetti. 11 Brook Street, London. Goodison 1.
CETTI AND CO. 1 England, c.1810, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Sotheby 12/15/94. may be same as Cetti and Co. 2, before they moved to London. Leeds. RSW.
CETTI AND CO. 2 England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2), Phillips 4/10/83; Soth-S 7/23/87; Stick Barometers = X, Soth. 7/21/83. probably John or Joseph Cetti. 54 Red Lion Street; 25 Red Lion Street; both in Holborn, London. Goodison 1; NAWCC, April 1969; RSW.
CETTI, A. 1 Denmark, c.1770-80, OIM PHIM Barometer = Den Gamle By, Aarhus. T.C. in Danish and French. corner of Gothersgade and Storekongensgade No. 29, Copenhagen. Price 2; RSW.
CETTI, A. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Reading. Goodison 1.
CETTI, DUDLEY England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 6/6/75. RSW.
CETTI, E. England, c.1740, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(3). London. USNM; Goodison 1; "Antiques" Nov. 1942.
CETTI, FRA Italy; Sweden, 1803-79, PHIM Stick Barometer, No. 353, 1818 = NOR; Stick Barometer = NOR; Thermometers = STM(2). Francesco Cetti; meteorological instrument maker to the Swedish Royal Academy, 1830; partner with C.E. Collin. Stockholm (1821 on). Pipping 1; RSW.
CETTI, J. 1 England, PHIM physical instrument maker. Buckingham. Morpurgo 1.
CETTI, J. 2 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. 81 High Holborn, London. Goodison 1.
CETTI, J., AND CO. 1 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. either Joseph or John Cetti. Goodison 1.
CETTI, J., AND CO. 2 England, fl.1816-39, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2). probably Joseph Cetti. 25 Red Lion Street, Holborn, London. Goodison 1.
CETTI, J., AND CO. 3 England, fl.1840-48, PHIM John Cetti and Co.; succeeded Joseph Cetti and Co. 25 Red Lion Street, London. Goodison 1.
CETTI, J., AND CO. 4 England, c.1810, PHIM Marine Barometer = D.(1977). 24 Bullion Street, Holborn, London. Wynter 1.
CETTI, JOHN England, PHIM see J. Cetti and Co. 1 and 3. RSW.
CETTI, JOHN, AND CO. England, fl.1840-48, PHIM barometer makers; succeeded Joseph Cetti. 25 Red Lion Street, London. Goodison 1.
CETTI, JOS England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. surely Joseph Cetti. Goodison 1.
CETTI, JOSEPH England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
CETTI, JOSEPH, AND CO. England, fl.1802-39, PHIM barometer and thermometer makers; succeeded by John Cetti and Co. 3 Long Lane, Smithfield (1802); 54 Red Lion Street (1803-15); 25 Red Lion Street (1816-39); all in London. Goodison 1.
CETTI, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
CEULEN, JAN VAN, THE ELDER Holland, fl.1682-1715, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1682 = Soth. 3/5/59; Planetarium = LEY; Clock = LEY. The Hague. Michel 3.
CEULEN, JEAN VAN, LE JEUNE Holland, MIM Astronomical Table Clock = ADL-M390; Repetition Watch = Pierpont Morgan Coll. The Hague. Engelmann 1; Rooseboom 1; Michel 3; ADL; RSW.
CEULEN, JOHANNES VAN see Johannes van Keulen. Mörzer Bruyns 1 and 2.
CEULL, JOHANN c.1630, MIM Proportional Compass = NUR. Price 2.
CEVIN misreading for Sevin. Soth. 7/31/58.
CEVIN, P. misreading for "P. Sevin." Soth. 6/23/87; Christie-G 5/13/86.
CHACOT France, c.1775, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = P.C. Paris. RSW.
CHADBURN 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = P.C. probably A. Chadburn, which see; see Chadburn and Co.; see Chadburn and Wright; see Chadburn Brothers. Sheffield. G.L'E. Turner 24; RSW.
CHADBURN 2 England, c.1840, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Surveying Compass = D.(1971); Microscope = Soth. 3/22/76; Telescope = Phillips 10/5/76; Proportional Dividers and Sector, ivory = Soth. 10/27/69; Stick Barometer = Christie-SK 5/20/88; Wheel Barometer = New House 9/10/93. optician; "Instrument Maker to H.R.H. Prince Albert"; branch of the Sheffield business. 71 Lord Street, Liverpool. Bryden 9; ATG 8/28/93; RSW.
CHADBURN AND CO. England, fl.1830-33, MIM OIM PHIM succeeded William Chadburn. 40 Ladys Bridge, Nursery Street (1830); 23 Nursery Street (1833); both in Sheffield. Goodison 1.
CHADBURN AND SON England, c.1830, MIM OIM PHIM Level = Phillips 4/20/83; Stick Barometer = Bearnes 11/12/86; Telescope = Soth. 2/8/83. "Opticians." 71 Lord Street, Liverpool. RSW.
CHADBURN AND WRIGHT England, c.1830, OIM Achromatic Telescope = D. 40 Nursery Street; The Wicker; both in Sheffield. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1509); RSW.
CHADBURN BROTHERS England, fl.1837-84, MIM OIM PHIM Stick Barometers = X(3), Soth.-C 10/9/86; Martin-type Microscope = Soth. 6/23/69; Telescopes = MIM, MLL; etc. "opticians to H.R.H., the Late Prince Consort"; T.C.; see Chadburn 1. 26 Nursery Street (1842); Albion Works, Nursery Street; both in Sheffield; 71 Lord Street; 7 Lord Street; both in Liverpool. G.L'E. Turner 24; Goodison 1; Calvert 2; Chenekal 4; KEN; Crawforth 1; RSW.
CHADBURN, A. England, c.1830, PHIM Model of a Beam Engine = Levens Hall, Kendal, Cumbria. Sheffield. RSW.
CHADBURN, CHARLES HENRY England, fl.1845-57, MIM OIM PHIM Stick Barometer = Phillips 1/30/84. optician and instrument maker to Prince Albert; factory at Sheffield is now Chadburns Ltd; T.C.; barometer is signed "C.H. Chadburn Liverpool." 71 Lord Street, Liverpool; Albion Works, Nursery Street, Sheffield. Goodison 1; Calvert 2; RSW.
CHADBURN, JOHN England, fl.1830, OIM 3 Mulberry Street, Sheffield. Taylor 2(1802).
CHADBURN, WILLIAM England, fl.1816-30, PHIM made barometers; succeeded by Chadburn and Co. 81 The Wicker (1816-17); Albion Works, 27 Nursery Street, Ladys Bridge (1830); both in Sheffield. Goodison 1.
CHADBURN, WILLIAM, AND CO. England, c.1830, MIM NIM OIM PHIM sold telescopes,barometers,sextants, compasses, etc.; wholesalers. Albion Works, 27 Nursery Street, Ladys Bridge, Sheffield. Taylor 2(1803).
CHAFFAT, ANT. DU France, Germany, fl.1720-52, MIM Graphometer, 1720 = ULM; Instrument, 1721 = P.C.; Protractors, with arms, 1732 = ULM(2); Drawing Set in etui = AUG; Sector, 1723 = Soth. 7/15/82-11; Sector and Level = HAK. various signatures, "Lieutenant", "Ingénieur Lieutenant de la Ville d'Ulm", "Capitaine", "Capitaine et ingénieur de la ville d'Ulm." Ulm; Nürnberg. Maurice 1; Zinner 1; Baillie 1; RSW.
CHAIZY misreading for Choizy. Holbrook 1.
CHALAMONT Francec.1646, OIM made telescopes. Aix. Nachet.
CHALKHILL, JOHN England, c.1729, MIM apprenticed to Lawrence Miles in the Joiners' Company, Feb. 7, 1720; insolvent in 1729. St. Giles in the Fields, London. Crawforth 7.
CHALLAND, WILLIAM England, 1749, MIM (Shalland); apprenticed to Henry Burdett in the Clockmakers's Company, 1737/38-1749. Green Arbour Court, London, 1749. Clifton 1.
CHALLEN, WM. England?, 1777, NIM Hadley Quadrant, 1777 = Larvik Marine Museum, Norway. RSW.
CHALLICUM, W. England, 1598, MIM Quadrant, 1598 = D.(1965?) = Soth. 6/8/70. RSW.
CHALLONERE, WYLLYAM England, c.1700, MIM Horary Quadrant, ivory, for 52° = P.C. London? RSW.
CHALMEL France, 18th Century, OIM Telescope = P. and S. 5/19/1896. RSW.
CHALMERS, JAMES S. Scotland, fl.1843-44, NIM also made clocks and atches; successor to Brown and Chalmers. 48 Bridge Street, Leith. Bryden 3.
CHALONS, JEAN DE France, d.1414, MIM there is a circumflex over the "a" in Chalons; an associate of Johanne Fusoris. Paris. Poulle 1.
CHAMBERLAIN AND RITCHIE USA, fl.1850-54, MIM PHIM SIM Surveying Compass = HAR. Nathan B. Chamberlain and Edward Samuel Ritchie. 313 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. Smart 1; USNM; Moskowitz, 1976.
CHAMBERLAIN AND SON England, fl.1852-60, PHIM James Bradley Chamberlain and Son. 203 High Holborn, London. Goodison 1.
CHAMBERLAIN, D.H. USA, c.1850, patented a type of dividers. Boston, Mass. USNM.
CHAMBERLAIN, JAMES BRADLEY England, fl.1830-60, MIM OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometers = X(2); Wheel Barometer, with clock = Soth. 5/14/87. one of the stick barometers is signed "Chamberlain"; T.C. 37 Broad Street, Bloomsbury, opposite the London and Manchester Hat Warehouse; 203 High Holborn; both in London. Goodison 1; Crawforth 1; RSW.
CHAMBERLAIN, N. AND N.B. USA, fl.1841-58, MIM NIM PHIM Hygrometer, 1855 = PEA. Boston, Mass. USNM.
CHAMBERLAIN, N.B. AND D. USA, fl.1844-45, MIM Mechanical Orrery = USNM. Boston, Mass. USNM.
CHAMBERLAIN, N.B., AND SONS USA, fl.1860-84, MIM Boston, Mass. Moskowitz, 1976.
CHAMBERLAIN, NATHAN B. USA, 1810-78, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Vacuum Pump = D.(1976). listed as a machinist in 1832; partner of Edward Samuel Ritchie, 1850-54. 9 School Street,(1832-50); 313 Washington Street (1850-54); both in Boston, Mass. Smart 1; Brewington 1; USNM; Moskowitz, 1976.
CHAMBERLAND, CH. France, invented a universal equatorial sundial. Guyot.
CHAMBERLIN, HENRY W. USA, 1849, SIM Chamberlin's Improved Draughting Table = D.(1996). patent model. Pittsfield, Mass. Coffeen 55.
CHAMBERY France, 1750, MIM SIM Circumferentor, 1750 = P. and S. 6/18/1894. Chambéry. Paris. Evans 1.
CHAMPAGNE France, c.1725, MIM Amplitude Compass = NMM. NMM 2; RSW.
CHAMPIO, ANDA variant spelling for Andrea Championi. Goodison 1.
CHAMPION AND CO. Ireland, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometer = Bearnes 9/17/86. Belfast. RSW.
CHAMPIONI, ANDREA England, c.1780, PHIM Stick Barometers = X (2), Soth. 7/16/76. Goodison 1; RSW.
CHAMPLIN, JOHN R. USA, 1878-93, OIM made telescopes. Lanconia, NH. DATM.
CHAMPNESS, JAMES England, misreading for James Champneys. Clay and Court; Daumas 1.
CHAMPNEYS see Cuthbertson and Champneys. RSW.
CHAMPNEYS, JAMES England; Holland, fl.1764-70, MIM OIM Telescopes = Soth. 10/17/60, D.; Telescope, reflecting = Soth. 6/23/87. T.C.; member of the Stationers' Company; took John Cuthbertson as his apprentice in 1761; became his father-in-law in 1768 and his partner by 1770; opposed Dollond patent in 1764; was successfully sued for infringing it in 1766 and went bankrupt. near the Royal Exchange, Cornhill, London; Amsterdam (1770). Taylor 2(583); Rooseboom 1; Dewhirst; Daumas 1; Hackmann 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Crawforth 1; RSW.
CHAMPNEYS, JOSEPH misreading for James Champneys. Court and von Rohr 2.
CHANCELLOR, RICHARD England, fl.1520-56, MIM Quadrant, 5-foot = Dr. John Dee. also designed instruments. Bristol. Taylor 1(13); USNM; Dewhirst; Daumas 1; Clay and Court.
CHANDLEE AND BROTHERS USA, fl.1790-91, MIM SIM sons of Benjamin Chandlee 2. Nottingham, Md. Bedini 1.
CHANDLEE AND HOLLOWAY USA, fl.1819-22, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = P.C.(1993). Benjamin Chandlee 3 and Robert Holloway. Baltimore, Md. Smart 1; USNM; Coffeen 1.
CHANDLEE AND SONS USA, fl.1788-90, MIM SIM Benjamin Chandlee 2 and his sons. Nottingham, Md. Bedini 1.
CHANDLEE, BENJAMIN 1 USA, c.1680, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = P.C. apprenticed to Abel Cottie, 1680; clockmaker. RSW.
CHANDLEE, BENJAMIN 2 USA, 1723-91, MIM SIM Surveying Compasses = P.C., Chester County Historical Society, Pa., Kentucky Historical Society; Circumferentor = P.C. father of Goldsmith, Isaac, and John Chandlee; clockmaker. Nottingham, Md. Bedini 1, 8 and 17; Smart 1; RSW.
CHANDLEE, BENJAMIN 3 USA, 1780-1822 fl.1814-22, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = Witte Memorial Museum. son of Goldsmith Chandlee; partner in Chandlee and Holloway, 1819-22; clockmaker. Winchester, Va.; Baltimore, Md. Smart 1; USNM; Bedini 17.
CHANDLEE, E. AND I. USA, fl.1797-1804, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = Chester County Historical Society, Pa. Ellis and Isaac Chandlee. Nottingham, Md. Bedini 1; Smart 1.
CHANDLEE, ELLIS USA, 1755-1816, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = P.C. son of Benjamin Chandlee 2; made Churchman's perpetual motion machine. Nottingham, Md. Bedini 1 & 8; Smart 1.
CHANDLEE, ELLIS, AND BROTHERS USA, 1791-97, MIM SIM sons of Benjamin Chandlee 2. Nottingham, Md. Bedini 1.
CHANDLEE, GOLDSMITH USA, 1751-1821, MIM PHIM SIM Surveying Compasses = P.C. (3), Mount Vernon, Ohio State Museum (2), GUR, Logan County Archaeological and Historical Society, USNM, ADL-W279. apprenticed to his father, Benjamin Chandlee 2; developed an improved type of surveying compass; ADL appears to be an early model, with needle lift, and without the later scales. Nottinghan, Md; Winchester, Va. Bedini 1 & 8; Smart 1; USNM; ADL; RSW.
CHANDLEE, ISAAC USA, 1760-1813, MIM SIM Surveying Compasses = Ohio State Museum, P.C.(1978), P.C.(1982), George Wilson and Son, Auctioners, Chester Heights, Pa. (1984), Adena, Chillicothe, Ohio. son of Benjamin Chandlee 2. Nottingham, Chester County, Md. Bedini 1; Smart 1; RSW.
CHANDLEE, JOHN USA, fl.1790-97, MIM SIM son of Benjamin Chandlee 2. Nottingham, Md. Bedini 1.
CHANDLER, ABIEL USA, 1807-81, MIM SIM Surveying Compasses = D.(1984), New Hampshire Historical Society Museum, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Mich.; Transit = Old Sturbridge Village. instruments signed "A. Chandler"; son of Timothy Chandler, clockmaker; DATM says he flourished 1844-50. Main Street; South Street; both in Concord, New Hampshire. Smart 1; USNM; Coffeen H; DATM; RSW.
CHANDLER, TIMOTHY USA, 1762-1848, MIM SIM father of Abiel Chandler; clockmaker; silversmith; made Merrill's quadrant, surveying compasses and mathematical instruments. Concord, New Hampshire. Smart 1; DATM.
CHANGEUX, P.N. France, 1740-1800, designed a barometer and a barometrograph; author. Paris. Daumas 1; Middleton 1.
CHANIERE, LT. France, 1767, Lt. Chanière; invented a magnetometer, 1767. Paris. NMM 1.
CHANTREY, ROBERT England, c.1716, MIM apprenticed to John Johnson 3, of the Grocers' Company on April 11, 1704; free of the Company Nov. 10, 1716; took one apprentice. Tower Hill, London. J. Brown 1.
CHAPETOT misreading for Chapotot. Drechsler 2; RSW.
CHAPIN'S SON AND CO., H. USA, 1897-1901, MIM partners were Hermon M. Chapin 2 and Frank Chapin, sons of Edward M. Chapin; Rufus E Holmes was also a partner; merged with L.C. Stephens and Co., 1901. New Hartford, Conn. DATM.
CHAPIN, EDWARD M. USA, fl.1853-1897, MIM joined his father Hermon M. Chapin, a rule maker, c.1853; the firm changed its line of rules and its numbering system at that time; the company merged with Stephens and Co. in 1901 to become Chapin-Stephens; see H. Chapin's Son and Co. New Hartford, Conn. Philip E. Stanley; DATM.
CHAPIN, FRANK USA, see H. Chapin's Son and Co. New Hartford, Conn. DATM.
CHAPIN, H., AND SONS USA, fl.1860-65, MIM made rulers, planes, etc.; sons of Hermon M. Chapin 1 were Edward M., George W., and Philip E. New Hartford, Conn. DATM.
CHAPIN, HERMON M. 1 USA, 1799-1866; fl.1835-53, MIM Folding Rule, ivory and brass, 1839 = The Hermitage, Nashville, Tenn.; Folding Rule, wood = D.(1976). the 1839 rule has an inscription about Andrew Jackson; Hermon M. Chapin's son, Edward M., joined the firm c.1853; the line of rules and the numbering system were changed at that time; see H. Chapin and Sons. Union Factory, New Hartford, Conn. Philip E. Stanley; DATM; RSW.
CHAPIN, HERMON M. 2 USA, see H. Chapin's Son and Co. New Hartford, Conn. DATM.
CHAPIN, HERMON. M., 2 USA, see H. Chapin's Son and Co. New Hartford, Conn. DATM.
CHAPIN-STEPHENS USA, fl.1901-29, MIM a merger of H. Chapin's Son and Co. with Stephens and Co.; makers of wood and ivory rules. Conn. Philip E. Stanley; DATM.
CHAPITOL misreading for Chapotot; Vienna Museum Sale-839. Christie 3/12/1860.
CHAPITOT misreading for Chapotot. Soth.-Wilkinson and Hodge 11/28/23.
CHAPLAIN England, c.1736, OIM made reflecting telescopes. Dewhirst; Court and Von Rohr 3(xvi).
CHAPMAN 1 England, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-West Sussex 10/18/83. possibly W. Chapman 2, which see. Alresford. RSW.
CHAPMAN 2 England, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = D.(1986). James Chapman 1 or 2? London. Coffeen 13.
CHAPMAN, EDWARD England, c.1805, MIM also iron-monger. Bridge Street, Westminster, London. Taylor 2(1097).
CHAPMAN, G. England?, OIM Telescope = ROM. may be James Chapman 2. Bonelli 4.
CHAPMAN, GEORGE A. USA, 1768, OIM Lens, 1768 = Charleston Museum, South Carolina. New York, N.Y.. USNM.
CHAPMAN, JACQUES England, c.1750, NIM Octant = Cranbrook Institute of Science, Mich. may be James Chapman 1; made for French market? London. USNM.
CHAPMAN, JAMES 1 England, c.1760, NIM T.C.; father of James Chapman 2? Sign of the Hadley's Quadrant, opposite the King's Storehouse, St. Catherine's Street, London. Taylor 2(812).
CHAPMAN, JAMES 2 England, fl.1775-1804, MIM NIM OIM Octants, ebony and ivory = PEA (1775), RSM (1788); Sextant, 1788 = X; Telescope, one draw = X; Telescopes = La Rochelle 7/16/83, CMY, ROM, D.(1988); Telescope, decahedral, wood = D.(1988). son of James Chapman 1? they may be one person; T.C. in English, French and Dutch; member of the Stationers' Company? D. telescope has a decahedral wooden tube. The Hadley Quadrant, opposite the King's Storehouse in St. Catherine's (1776); 5 St. Catherine's Street; 41 St. Catherine's Street; St. Catherines Street near the Tower; all in London. Taylor 2(812); Brewington 1; Dewhirst; Clay and Court; Daumas 1; J. Brown 1; Crawforth 1; RSW; Nautical Brass, Vol. VIII, No. 3.
CHAPMAN, JOHN England, c.1714, MIM apprenticed to John Dobson of the Clockmakers' Company on Nov. 25, 1714. J. Brown 3.
CHAPMAN, SIMON England, fl.1675-87, MIM apprenticed by turnover to John Nash of the Clockmakers' Company on March 5, 1668; free of the Company, March 29, 1675; took apprentices. J. Brown 3.
CHAPMAN, THOMAS England, fl.1659-89, MIM Sector, wood, 1689 = P.C. apprenticed to Withers Cheney of the Clockmakers' Company on June 6, 1659. J. Brown 3; Loomes 2; Waterman 1; RSW.
CHAPMAN, W. 1 England, c.1869, OIM Microscope = Soth. 10/27/69. 21 Featherstone Buildings, Holborn, London. O'Mara; RSW.
CHAPMAN, W. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see Chapman 1. Goodison 1; RSW.
CHAPOTEAU misreading for Chapotot. Gersaint.
CHAPOTOT FILS France, fl.1690-1721, MIM OIM Butterfield-type Sundial = LOS; Microscope = NAC. son of Louis Chapotot; may be Jean Chapotot; continued his father's practice of making astronomical quadrants etc. Paris. Daumas 1; Thielmann; RSW.
CHAPOTOT, I. France, MIM SIM Universal Ring Sundial, variant = GEL; Plane Table = GEL; Sundial = Christie 5/8/79; Butterfield-type Sundial, silver = ADL-W45. surely Jean Chapotot. Paris. ADL; RSW.
CHAPOTOT, JEAN France, fl. 1690-1721, MIM Butterfield-type Sundials, silver = NOR, WHI; Table Sundial, oval, silver = Rosenheim Sale; Telescopic Quadrant = Chevalier de Louville. may be Chapotot fils, son of Louis Chapotot; see I. Chapotot; Master in the "Corporation des fondeurs"; juryman, 1701-03; the quadrant was invented by de Louville and the lenses were made by Jean Lebas. à la Sphère, Quai de l'Horloge, Ile de la Cité, Paris (1690). Augarde; Daumas 1; Bryden 16; RSW.
CHAPOTOT, LOUIS France, fl.1670-1700, MIM OIM instruments mainly signed "Chapotot"; both he and his son were prolific makers and it is difficult to tell the difference; he worked for Chérubin in 1670 and there is a signed instrument dated 1688; Master in the "Corporation des fondeurs"; author. Sur le quay de l'Horloge, Ile e la Cité, à la Sphère, Paris. Daumas 1; Hamilton 1; Bonelli 1 and 4; Maistrov 2 and 3; Horsky and Skopova; Novokshanova-Soklovskaja; Michel 1, 3 and 4; Engelmann 1; Coffen 15; J.A. Bennett 2; Con. Nat'l 1.; Bryden 16; Augarde; ADL; RSW.
CHAPUZET, JEAN-CHARLES Germany, 1694-1767, MIM parents were French émigrés. Nachet.
CHARBONNIER, PH. France, c.1630, MIM SIM Surveyor's Compass, with case = P.C.(1987). Paris. RSW.
CHARDIN misreading by Engelmann of the ivory compendium, ADL-M257; it should have been read as "du Jardin." Engelmann 1; Michel 3; ADL; RSW.
CHARINETTI, D. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Gloucester. Goodison 1.
CHARITE France, fl.1770-90, MIM OIM Charité; made astronomical instruments. à l'Observatoire, Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet; A.J. Turner 10.
CHARLA, JEH France, c.1450, MIM Astrolabe = OXF (ICA-162). owner? may be fake. Gunther 1; Price 1; Poulle 6; ICA 2.
CHARLAMONIOUS France, pre-1690, OIM mentioned by Bonani in 1690 as an instrument maker. Aix-la-Chapelle. Clay and Court.
CHARLES, ANTHONY D. Italy, pre-1690, MIM Tortona. Bonani; Dewhirst; Price 2.
CHARLES, JACQUES-ALEXANDRE-CESAR France, 1746-1823, OIM Jacques-Alexandre-César Charles; made achromatic lenses; physician. Paris. Nachet.
CHARLES, MR. France, OIM Microscope = NAC. No. 15; owner? Nachet.
CHARLES, NEPHEW AND CO. misreading for Charles Nephew and Co. RSW.
CHARLET France, c.1840, NIM T.C. Le Havre. Moskowitz 126.
CHARLET AINE France, c.1850, NIM Octant = MYS. Charlet aîné; "Opticien." Le Havre. Preuss and Treworgy.
CHARLTON, JOHN England, c.1771, MIM apprenticed to John Troughton 1 of the Grocers` Company on July 2, 1771. London. J. Brown 1.
CHARNIERES, M. DE France, pre-1782, invented a megameter. Courtanvaux.
CHAROST France, 18th C., MIM not a member of any corporation; lived in a privileged enclave. Paris. Augarde.
CHAROT France, c.1775, MIM SIM Magnetic Compass, wood = Soth. 3/21/73; Rules = P.C., Libert et Castor 4/28/82; Circumferentor = Christie-NY 10/24/83; Alidade = Observatory of Marseilles; Trough Compass = D.(1993). en la Cité à Paris. Daumas 1; Brieux 2; Coffeen 41; RSW.
CHARPENTIER France, fl.1770-92, MIM Paris. Daumas 1.
CHARPENTIER, G. France, c.1850, MIM Calculator = WHI; Slide Rule = Stuker (1958); Circular Slide Rule = D.(1971). circular slide rule is called a "Calculimeter"; "Breveté S.G.D.G." Whipple 1; Moskowitz 102; RSW.
CHARPENTIER, PERE, FILS ET CIE. France, 1750, NIM Marine Compasses = GEP (1750), D.(1968). Charpentier, Père, Fils et Cie. Rareursa, Nantes RSW.
CHARRETONII, ANT. France, owner of astrolabe by Michel Piquer, 1542. Lyon. RSW.
CHASE, JAMES USA, 1737-1812, MIM made rules, etc. Gilmanton (later Gilford), N.H. DATM.
CHASPAR, MICHAEL Germany, 1530-82, MIM Lunar Volvelle and Calendar, 1570 = VIE-762. also marked "M.C." Augsburg. Zinner 1 and 4; Evans 1; Michel 3; Bobinger 2.
CHASSIGNET, DANIEL Italy, 1617, MIM Celestial Globe, 1617 = Vatican. Rome. Price 2; Globus, Dec., 1956.
CHASSIGNET, DAVID France, 1617, misreading for Daniel Chassignet? Tooley.
CHASSIGNET, FRANCISCUS Italy, 1622, MIM Astrolabe, 1622 = PBN. ICA-521. Rome. Price 1; ICA 2.
CHATEAUNEUF France, 18th Century, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundial = La Rochelle 7/25/87. probably an address rather than a maker. Gazette 9/11/87.
CHATFIELD, JOHN England, 1630, MIM Quadrant with Volvelle, 1630 = Soth. 7/4/66. wrote on the "Trigonal Sector" which was made by Anthony Thompson. London. Taylor 1(236); RSW.
CHATTERTON, T. England, PHIM made barometers. 14 King's Terrace, Bagnigge Wells Road, London. USNM.
CHAUCER, GEOFFREY England, c. 1343-1400, none author not known to have made instruments; wrote on the astrolabe and the equatorium. London. Skeat; DSB.
CHAULNES, DUC DE France, 1714-69, Michel Ferdinand d'Albert d'Ailly, Duc de Chaulnes; designed a Cuff-type microscope; invented a dividing engine; author. Paris. American Philosophical Society Library; Clay and Court; Poggendorff.
CHAUVET, JACQUES France, 1585, designed a "Cosmomètre", a surveying quadrant, published, 1585. Paris. Daumas 1 and 6; Dawson 207.
CHAUVIN France, c.1600, MIM Sundial in lid of watch = NYM (Morgan Coll.). watch works by F. Benard; see Ch. Chavyn. Paris. Britten.
CHAVE, S. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth.-S 10/19/89. High Street, Taunton. RSW.
CHAVES, ALONZO DE Spain, c.1528, MIM successor to Diego Riveiro as instrument maker to the Casa de la Contratacion in Seville. Seville. Michel 3; Price 2.
CHAVOT mis-reading for Charot. Coffeen 41.
CHAVYN, CH. France, 1600, MIM Astronomical Compendium, 1600 = LOS. Chauvin? Fountainbleau. USNM; Thielmann.
CHEARSLEE, JOHN England, 1679, MIM Computing Rule = P.C. owner? RSW.
CHEBICHOF Russia, MIM Leningrad. Maistrov 5.
CHEKE, SIR JOHN England, 1514-57, designed an astronomical quadrant at the BM (1858 8/21 1). Cambridge. Taylor 1(9); Ward 4.
CHEMIN France, c.1825, PHIM Balance = Soth.-NY 2/23/79. made pans for Fortin's balances. Paris. A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
CHENEVIE France?, MIM Rule, fruitwood = A-P 3/15/76. RSW.
CHENEY, WITHERS England, fl.1657-95, MIM apprenticed by turnover to Elias Allen of the Clockmakers' Company on April 13, 1646; free of the Company, April 20, 1657; took apprentices; also was a wax-chandler. Fleet Street, London (1662). J. Brown 3; Loomes 2; Robischon.
CHERUB, F. Italy, c.1597, see Franciscus Cherubini-Sandolini. RSW.
CHERUBIN, PERE France, 1613-97, OIM Telescopes, 1681 = CNAM(2); Binocular Telescope = FLO. Père Chérubin; Michel Lasséré; author; also made microscopes and lens-grinding machines; designed a universal telescope. Orléans; Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet; Paris 1900; Weil 2(23).
CHERUBINI-SANDOLINI, FRANCISCO Italy, 1597, MIM Skaphe, oval box, 1597 = CLU. designed sundials; author. Venice. Morpurgo 1; RSW.
CHESIO, CHARLOS Spain, 19th Century, PHIM Barometer = MAN-1178. Cadiz. Garcia Franco 1.
CHESNEAU, J. DE France, c.1610, MIM Sundial inside cover of verge alarm clock = O'Byrne Coll. = Christie 11/21/61; Horizontal Sundial in watch lid = D.(1964). Orléans. RSW.
CHESNON, PIERRE France, c.1672, MIM son of Salomon Chesnon 2; became a Master in 1672; left France. Blois. Michel 3.
CHESNON, SALOMON 1 France, 1572-1630, MIM Sundial in lid of watch = Blot-Garnier Coll.; Sundial, octagonal = Norwich; Sundial, small, silver = NMM. Norwich is either Castle or Bridewell Museum. Blois. Stevens and Akens; Michel 3; Nachet; Britten; MADEX; Baillie 1; NMM 2; RSW.
CHESNON, SALOMON 2 France, 1639-84, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial, silver = Drecker Coll. = P.C.; Horizontal Sundial = WHI. son of Salomon Chesnon 1; made especially small sundials; the sundial at the WHI is signed "S. Chesnon." Blois. Michel 3; Bryden 16; Price 12; RSW.
CHESSE, J. CHARLES France, 1778, NIM Marine Compass, 1788 = PMM-439. La Rochelle. RSW.
CHESTER, EDWARD England, post-1751, MIM apprenticed to Benjamin Cole 2 in the Merchant Taylors' Company; free in the Company. London. Crawforth 7 and 8.
CHESTERMAN, J. England, c.1800, SIM Chains = D.(1994); Tape = D.(1994). Sheffield. Taylor 2 (1510); Garcelon 33.
CHEVALIER 1 France, c.1750, MIM OIM PHIM Telescope = Maritime Museum of British Columbia, Vancouver; Microscopes = WHI (2); Augsburg Sundial = MAR; Hygrometer = D. Paris. USNM; Price 12; Brieux 3; RSW.
CHEVALIER 2 England, fl.1770-91, NIM OIM Hadley's Quadrant = NMM-S174. Guernsey, Channel Islands. Taylor 2(598); NMM 2.
CHEVALIER 3 France, MIM Sundial, round, ivory = POR. adjustable gnomon. Portaluppi; RSW.
CHEVALIER 4 France, 1838, OIM PHIM Stick Barometer, 1838 = D.(1982); Colorimeter = STM. "Opticien du Roi"; possibly Charles-Louis Chevalier. Paris. Moskowitz 110; Antique Collector, April, 1982; RSW.
CHEVALIER 5 England, c.1700, MIM Universal Horizontal Sundial = D.(1986). 3 latitudes, 40°, 45°, 51°30'; 11 English towns for latitude 51°, and Shrewsbury for 52°; surely the work of one of the French Chevaliers, for the English market; date is too early. Coffeen 12; RSW.
CHEVALIER AINE France, c.1830, PHIM Dark Mirror = Nouveau Drouot 5/20/88. Chevalier aîné; "Ingénieur Opticien"; Vincent-Jacques-Louis Chevalier, which see; see also "Vt. Chevalier l'aîné." No. 69 Quai de l'Horloge au miscroscope achromatique, Paris. RSW.
CHEVALIER L'AINE PERE ET FILS, VINCENT France, c.1830, MIM Drawing Set = D.(1997). Vincent Chevalier l'aîné père et fils; son was Charles-Louis Chevalier; T.C. Au Microscope Achromatique, No. 69 Quai de l'Horloge à Paris. Coffeen 56.
CHEVALIER L'AINE, VINCENT France, 1770-1841, Beam Compass Set = D.(1997). Vincent Chevalier l'aîné; see Vincent-Jacques-Louis Chevalier; sometimes signed "Vt. Chevalier l'aîné" or "Vinc't Chevalier l'aîné." Paris. Moskowitz 119; Coffeen 58.
CHEVALIER MAISON France, 19th Century, OIM PHIM Thermometer = Versailles 4/17/83; Telescope = D.(1982). "Ingénieur Opticien." 4 Place de la Bourse, Paris. Moskowitz 105; RSW.
CHEVALIER, ARTHUR France, fl.1859, OIM Telescope, with stand = D.(1978); Microscopes = AMH, D.(1989). Dr. Arthur Chevalier; son of Charles-Louis Chevalier; author; T.C.; "Ancienne Maison Chevalier Ingénieur de pere et fils depuit plus d'un siècle, seul successeur"; "opticien"; "Officier de l'Académie"; see A. Chevallier. Palais Royal 158, Paris. Belgian Inventory; Richardson Cat.; Calvert 2; Moskowitz 132; RSW.
CHEVALIER, CHARLES France, c.1750, father of Louis-Vincent Chevalier. Paris. Daumas.
CHEVALIER, CHARLES-LOUIS France, 1804-59, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Microscopes = NAC, UTR(2), AMH, KEN(6), BIL, Yale U., Cranbrook Institute of Sciences, Mich., etc.; Surveying Level = D.(1975); Solar Microscope = X; Objective Lens = KEN; Cannon Sundial = O-F; Opera Glass = WHI; Camera Lucida = P.C.; etc. son of Vincent-Jacques-Louis Chevalier; succeeded him in 1841; T.C.; "Ingénieur"; Transylvania College has several philosophical instruments. Palais Royal 163 (1845); factory at Cour des Fontaines No.1 bis; Palais Royal 158; all in Paris. Daumas 1; USNM; Dewhirst; Whipple 1; Calvert 2; KEN; Monreal; Nachet; Brieux 3; Moskowitz 110; Purtle; G.L'E. Turner 24; Clay and Court; RSW.
CHEVALIER, L'INGR. France, MIM Cannon Sundial = Soth.-LA 6/7/76. "Opticien du Roi"; possibly Vincent-Jacques-Louis Chevalier, who patented this type, which see. Paris. RSW.
CHEVALIER, LOUIS France, c.1780, OIM oldest son of Louis-Vincent Chevalier; brother of Vincent- Jacques-Louis Chevalier; optician. Quai de l'Horloge 31, Paris. Nachet; Moskowitz 119.
CHEVALIER, LOUIS-VINCENT France, 1734-1804, OIM father of Louis, Vincent-Jacques-Louis and Nicolas-Marie Chevalier; T.C.; mirror maker; son of Charles Chevalier, which see. Quai de l'Horloge 31, Paris (1765). Nachet; Moskowitz 119; Daumas 1; Warner 13.
CHEVALIER, NICOLAS-MARIE France, d.1807, OIM youngest son of Louis-Vincent Chevalier. Paris. Nachet.
CHEVALIER, VICTOR England, MIM Cannon Sundial = Maidstone Museum; Time Clock Sundial = NMM-D.375. cannon sundial signed "Ingr. Brevt. Quai de l'Horloge 77 à Paris"; probably misreading for Vincent Chevalier. Quai de l'Horloge 77, Paris. Strand Magazine, 1893, pp. 308-18.
CHEVALIER, VINCENT ET CHARLES France, c.1828, OIM Microscopes = CRI, UTR, KEN; Camera Lucida = USMA. Louis-Vincent and Charles-Louis Chevalier. Quai de l'Horloge, Paris. Gunther 2; Van Cittert 3; KEN; Warner 13.
CHEVALIER, VINCENT-JACQUES-LOUIS France, 1770-1841, MIM OIM SIM Compass = D.(1979); Microscopes = Faculté des Sciences, Paris (1820, 1823), KEN(2), NAC, BIL, etc.; Graphometer = P.C.; Surveyor's Compass with telescope = P.C.(1987). middle son of Louis-Vincent Chevalier; brother of Louis Chevalier; father of Charles-Louis Chevalier; did research on the achromatic microscope; called himself Chevalier l'aîné after death of Louis Chevalier; compass is signed that way; title was "Ingénieur Opticien Breveté"; patented cannon sundial. 21, 67 and 69 (1830) Quai de l'Horloge, at the Sign of the Achromatic Microscope, Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet; USNM; Purtle; KEN; Moskowitz 119; Paris 1900; G.L'E. Turner 24; RSW.
CHEVALLIER 1 France, c.1800, MIM Sector = D.(1985). "Ingr. Opticien de S.M le Roi de Westphalie"; probably Jean-Gabriel-Augustin Chevallier. Paris. Coffeen 11.
CHEVALLIER 2 France, c.1830, MIM OIM Butterfield-type Sundial = ADL-A97; Opera Glass= Soth. 3/25/86; Graphometer with two telescopes = Gersaint, La Rochelle 7/23/94. "L'Ingr. Chevallier Breveté du Roi"; "Opticien du Roi"; probably J.-G.-A. Chevallier but the address is unique to these instruments. vis-a-vis le Marché aux Fleurs No. 1 à Paris. Rinaldi 23; ADL; RSW.
CHEVALLIER, A. France, c.1830, MIM Sundial = CLO. probably misreading for Arthur Chevalier, which see. Paris. Baillie 1; RSW.
CHEVALLIER, JEAN-GABRIEL-AUGUSTIN France, 1778-1848 fl.1796-1840, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Theodolite = Versailles 4/17/83; Barometer = D.(1969); Sundials = CLO, Soth. 5/10/54; Microscopes = OXF, BIL, MIM; Surveying Compass = Drouot 4/26/67; Hygrometer = Drouot 3/9/70; Cannon Sundials = ADL-W104, VNN; Sandglass = NAWCC Museum, Pa.; Sundial = Capt. Hallett House, Mass.; etc. theodolite is signed "l'Ingénieur Chevallier Place de Pont Neuf 15, Paris"; its telescope is signed "Réparée par l'ingénieur Chevallier opticien du Roi à Paris"; author; last four instruments signed "L'Ing. Chevallier Place de Pont Neuf 15, Paris." coin de Quai de l'Horloge (1796); Place de Pont Neuf 15; both in Paris. Daumas 1; Purtle; Nachet; Brieux 3(1967); Moskowitz 105; RSW; Kosobutsky; G.L'E. Turner 24; Coffeen 11; ADL.
CHEVALLIER, MAISON DE France, 1900, OIM Telescope, with stand = D.(1989). "Maison de l'Ingr. Chevallier Optn"; succeeded by Avizard Frères. Place de Pont Neuf 15; 21 Rue Royal; both in Paris. Moskowitz 132; RSW.
CHEVILLE France, c.1796, PHIM Money Balance = Versailles 11/19/78, 4/17/83. 1978 instrument signed "Cheville Père marchand balancier ajusteur poids des espèces d'or et d'argent"; 1983 signed "Cheville Marchand balancier, ajusteur" plus address. à l'I courronné, rue St. Denis, vis à vis la rue des Lombards No. 341, Paris. RSW.
CHEZY, ANTOINE DE France, 1718-98, MIM Instruments, 1751 = Trudaine (1751); Level = CNAM. perfected levels by smoothing the inside of the tube. Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
CHIARANDA, J.P. Italy, c.1701, Father J.P. Chiaranda; designed sundials; author. Morpurgo 1.
CHICKERING, NATHANIEL USA, 1750-1837, MIM records at the South Natick, Mass. Historical Society Museum show that he made "a compass" in 1780. Dover, Mass. Smart 1.
CHICKIE, FRANCIS Scotlandfl.1827-29, PHIM barometer maker. 127 Broad Street (1827); 127 Gallowgate (1828); 48 Broad Street (1829); all in Aberdeen. Bryden 3.
CHIDGOR Russia, MIM Sundial = GEL. instrument maker to the Chamber of Instruments. RSW.
CHIESA see Greener and Chiesa.
CHIESA, JOS. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Macclesfield. Goodison 1.
CHIESA, JOSH England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2). one signed "J. Chiesa Manchester"; the other "Josh Chiesa Manchester." Manchester. Goodison 1.
CHILD, HENRY England, fl.1832-68, MIM OIM PHIM apprenticed to James Gardner of the Grocers' Company, March 5, 1807 for 7 years. 3 Barnet Street, Lambeth; 66 Vauxhall Walk; both in London. J. Brown 2; Taylor 2(1804); Crawforth 6.
CHILD, JOHN USA, MIM Astronomical Clock = Library Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. RSW.
CHILDREY, JOSHUA England, 1623-70, claimed to have designed three telescopes; Faversham, Kent. Taylor 1(209); Dewhirst; Evans 1.
CHILMEAD, JOHN England, c.1695, MIM globe maker. London. Globus, June, 1963.
CHILTON, GEORGE England USA, fl.1800-36, MIM PHIM invented a rain-gauge, barometer, hygrometer, etc.; made astronomical instruments. New York, N.Y. (1800). USNM; D.J. Warner 6.
CHIPLEY, S.E. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
CHIQUET, JEAN-BAPTISTE NOEL France, 1722-c.1794, OIM Microscope, rosewood, 1788 = D.(1968). Jean-Baptist Noël Chiquet; "Breveté Ingénieur du Roi" in 1791; succeeded by Jacquet 1. rue du Haut Moulin près le Pont Nôtre-Dame, Paris. Daumas 1; Brieux 2; Nachet.
CHIRIGI, RAFAELLO Italy, 1812, MIM Celestial Globe, 1812 = ROM. Naples. RSW.
CHISHOLM, W.F. USA, NIM T.C. 101 Main Street, Gloucester, Mass. Moskowitz; RSW.
CHISLETT, A. England, fl.1850-56, MIM NIM OIM SIM Dumpy Level = D.(1984); Marine Compass, 1854 = NMM. T.C. see A. Chislett and M'Call. 27 Greenfield Street, Commercial Road (East), London. Moskowitz 127; NMM 2; RSW.
CHISLETT, A., AND M'CALL England, c.1850, NIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 10/20/89. "late Gilkerson"; John M'Call shared Gilkerson address. 8 Postern Row, Tower Hill, London. RSW.
CHIZHER, D. NICHOLAS Russia, c.1750, MIM Sundials = MLL(2), GEL. also designed sundials. Chenekal 1.
CHLASNER, O. Austria, 1567, MIM Astronomical Clock, 1567 = Capodimonte Observatory, Naples. Innsbruck. RSW.
CHOARET France, 18th Century, see Brulat et Choaret. Merzbach.
CHOATE AND ALDER USA, c.1857, NIM Tell-Tale Compass = MYS; Marine Compass = MYS. see Choate, Alder and Topham. New Bedford, Mass. D.J. Warner 10; RSW.
CHOATE, ALDER AND TOPHAM USA, c.1859, NIM George Choate and William D. Alder. New Bedford, Mass. D.J. Warner 10.
CHOATE, GEORGE W. USA, fl.1845-56, NIM T.C.; in instrument case at Mystic Seaport, Conn.; repaired instruments for Charles Taber and Co., 1856; see Choate, Alder and Topham. New Bedford, Mass. D.J. Warner 10; RSW.
CHOISY see Choizy.
CHOIX, SAUTOUT France, see Sautout-Choizy. Evans 1.
CHOIXEGUE France, c.1830, engraved an astronomical and perpetual calendar made by Mlle. Ginot Desrois. RSW.
CHOIZI France, c.1740, MIM Sundial, oval, silver = D. Choizy? Paris. Weil 2(25).
CHOIZY 1 France, 1667, MIM SIM Graphometer, 1667 = Landau = NMM; Sundials, silver = Bernard = NMM, AND-SPI; Sundials = OXF, P.C., D.(1976); Butterfield-type Sundials = OXF, P.C.; Circumferentor = Huelsmann Coll. may appear to be signed "Choisy." Paris. Daumas 1; MADEX; Nachet; USNM; Gunther 2; Brieux 3; Syndram; RSW.
CHOIZY 2 France, see Sautout-Choizy.
CHOIZY, F.V. France, c.1750, MIM Universal Ring Sundials = FIN-156, OXF; Sundial = AND-SPI-19; Compass and Quadrant = Soth. 6/9/39. Paris. Michel 3; RSW.
CHOIZY, J. France, 18th Century, MIM Horizontal Sundial, oval, case = Phillips 10/26/83. Evans and Nachet list him as "J. Choisy." Paris. Nachet; Evans 1; RSW.
CHOPPIN France, 18th Century, OIM Microscope = X. may be Ch. Oppin. Nachet.
CHOQUART France, c.1770, OIM microscope maker. Quai de l'Horloge, Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
CHOREZ, DANIEL France, fl.1616-25, MIM OIM Henrion-type Sectors = X (1616), Royal Institute of British Architects. also designed a binocular telescope; made telescopes and microscopes; "Opticien." rue de Périgueux de Marais; l'isle Nôtre Dame at the Sign "Au Compas"; both in Paris. Daumas 1; Boffito; Nachet; A.J. Turner 10.
CHORLEY, T. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
CHOULE, ROBERT see Robert Jole. Taylor 1(334); Dewhirst; Evans 1.
CHOUR, FERRER ARVERNA France, pre-1690, OIM mentioned by Bonani in 1690 as an instrument maker. Paris. Clay and Court.
CHOVIN MIM Rule, meter, walnut = Christie-SK 2/9/84. emblem of clasped hands. RSW.
CHRICHTON 1 England, c.1795, NIM Quadrant, ebony = MYS. London. RSW.
CHRICHTON 2 England, c.1820, MIM NIM OIM Microscopes = Soth. 9/20/83, Christie-SK 11/15/79; Protractor = East India Company; Protractor and Rule = Soth. 11/1/65; Sextant = McKee Museum, Florida; Artillery Calipers = Snowshill Manor; Octants = SPI-2776, RJK, D.(1985); Gunter Rule = D.(1985). calipers also signed "E.I.C.; could be John Crichton 2 or Joseph Crichton. London. Dewhirst; Coffeen 11; RSW.
CHRICHTON 3 see Crichton.
CHRICHTON, JAMES Scotland, fl.1785-1835, PHIM Grammer School Wynd (1785); 129 allowgate (1789); Charlotte Street (1790-1811); 5 Charlotte Street (1812) (1826-35); 2 Charlotte Street (1813-18) (1820-25); 9 Charlotte Street (1819); all in Glasgow. Bryden 3.
CHRICHTON, JOHN see John Crichton 2. Coffeen 10; RSW.
CHRISTENSEN, H.P. Denmark, PHIM Stick Barometer = Den Gamle By, Aarhus; Marine Barometer = Heathcote, Ball and Co. 2/1/90. Randers. RSW.
CHRISTIAENSEN, CHRISTIAEN MIM Compass, ivory box = BMR; Compass Sundial, ivory box = P.C. BMR compass card is pivoted. Price 2.
CHRISTIAENSON, GERRIT MIM Compass Sundial, ivory box = TIM. round. RSW.
CHRISTIAN, GEORGE England, NIM Sextant = MYS; Octant = FRK-OC2. Liverpool. Frank; RSW.
CHRISTIAN, JOHN England, c.1772, MIM apprenticed to John Gilbert 2 of the Grocers' Company on July 7, 1772. London. J. Brown 1.
CHRISTIAN, THOMAS England, fl.1790-1820, MIM NIM Octant = NMM. 102 Strand, London. Taylor 2(939); NMM 2.
CHRISTIE, ELIZABETH England, c.1838, MIM OIM PHIM 32 Warner Street, New Kent Road, London. Taylor 2(2099).
CHRISTIE, GEORGE England, fl.1794-1837, MIM OIM Leigh on Mendip, near Frome; 11 Strand, Liverpool. Taylor 2(940).
CHRISTMANN, JAKOB Germany, 1554-1613, NIM OIM made telescopes, Jacob's staves, sextant; said to be first to apply telescopes to instruments. Heidelberg. Zinner 1; Goldschmidt 66.
CHRISTON France, 1743, proposed inverted Celsius scale for thermometer. Lyon. RSW.
CHRISTOPH, ANTHON 1772, MIM Instrument, 1772 = GIM. Maistrov 4.
CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM England, owner; marked on a Hadley's quadrant signed "William Scatcliff 1759." RSW.
CHRYSOLGUE, NOEL ANDRE France, 1778, MIM Pair of Celestial Planispheres, 1778 = D.(1978). "par le R.R. (Noël André) Chrysolgue deGry en Franche-Comté, Capuchin 1778." Franche-Comté. Moskowitz 116.
CHURCHILL, GARDNER ASAPH USA, 1839-96, MIM SIM see Loring and Churchill. Boston, Mass. Smart 1.
CHURCHMAN, JOHN USA, 1753-1805, MIM the third John Churchman in his family; surveyor; produced a perpetual motion machine operated by magnetic power; made for him by Ellis Chandlee c.1785. Nottingham, Md. Bedini 8.
CIATTI, PIETRO Italy, 1798, MIM Rule, wood, 1798 = FLO-529. invented and made it. Bonelli 1; Michel 3.
CICERI AND PINI Scotland, fl.1850?-58, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(4), RSM, D.(1997). all the recorded barometers except the D. one, show the Calton Street address; the firm was succeeded by P.D. Torre and Co. 8-9 Calton Street; 81 Leith Street (1852-58); both in Edinburgh. Goodison 1; Clarke et al; ATG 3/29/97.
CICERI, C., ET CIE. France, c.1800, PHIM Pyrometer = CNAM. sold instruments by English makers. rue Saint-Honoré; rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin; both in Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
CICERI, J. AND J., MANTICA AND TORRE Scotland, c.1840, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 5/18/89. succeeded by P.D. Torre and Co. which also succeeded Ciceri and Pini. Edinburgh. Clarke et al; RSW.
CICERI, P. AND A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
CICERINI AMD PINI misreading for Ciceri and Pini. ATG 3/20/97.
CIMBERLINUS see Cimerlinus.
CIMERLINUS, ALBERTUS Austria?, fl.1560-70, instrument drawings in BM Print Room. Vienna? Evans 1.
CIMERLINUS, JOANNES PAULUS Italy, fl.1560-66, MIM Nocturnals, paper, 1565 = P.C., Munich State Library; Quadrants, printed = BM Print Room; Astrolabe, printed = NUR. engraved world map, 1566; J.P. Zimmerlin? Verona. Michel 14; Evans 1; Weil 2(25).
CIMOLIN, P. GASPAR Italy, c.1700, MIM Pillar Sundial, wood = VEN. for 45°. Venice. Price 2; Evans 1; RSW.
CINDEN, G. see P. Gaspar Cimolin. Evans 1.
CINGELING, HK. VAN Holland, c.1805, MIM Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1.
CINGELING, WEDUWE HK. VAN Holland, c.1809, MIM succeeded her husband, HK. van Cingeling. Achterburgwal, vis-à-vis le Bloemmarktsteeg, Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1.
CINISELLI, LUIGI Italy, 1803-78, PHIM made electrical apparatus. Pavia (1803); Cremona. Brenni 1.
CIOVINO, ANT. Holland, c.1750, PHIM made very large mercury thermometers. Amsterdam. USNM.
CIQUINO, ANTHONIO Holland; England, c.1750, OIM PHIM T.C.; made barometers and thermometers; sold lenses. Le Nes, allée Lombaert, Drie Veerglazen, Amsterdam; London. Daumas 1; USNM; Taylor 2(457); Van Cittert 3.
CIRILLO, JOSEPH Italy, 1789, MIM Alidade with Rule, 1789 = D.(1997). "Joseph Cirillo fecit"; rule signed "Due palmi Napolitani." Naples? Coffeen 56.
CITTELI, PASQUALE Italy, fl.1832-42, MIM PHIM SIM Cannon Sundial, 1832 = PRA; Plane Table Alidade = P.C.; Rule = Soth. 10/17/60-132. instruments signed "Citteli Milan." lungo il Naviglio, alla sinistra del Ponte di Porta Tosa, Terza Porta, No. 300, Milan. Horsky and Skopova; Brenni 1; RSW.
CIZL, MARTIN see Martin Gizl. Zinner 1.
CLAGGETT, WILLIAM USA, 1684-1749, NIM made marine compasses; devised electrical machines. Boston, Mass. Champlin.
CLAP, THOMAS USA, 1703-67, president of Yale University; constructed an orrery in 1743. New Haven, Conn. Bedini 8.
CLARCKSON England, MIM SIM Theodolite, case = Drouot 6/15/65. London. RSW.
CLARE, PETER 1 England, fl.1764-1811, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. may be by Peter Clare 2, his son; Taylor thought that they were the same person. Manchester. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(699); Baillie 1.
CLARE, PETER 2 England, 1781-1851, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. may be by Peter Clare 1, his father; Taylor thought that 1 and 2 were the same person. Manchester. Goodison 1; Baillie 1; Taylor 2(699).
CLARK 1 Ireland, c.1820, PHIM made sets of solids; probably Edward Clark. Sackville Street, Dublin. Bryden 9.
CLARK 2 USA, pre-1870, see Wolfe and Clark's.
CLARK 3 England, PHIM Aneroid Barometer = Christie-SK 11/27/86. 20 Old Bond Street, London. RSW.
CLARK AND SON Scotland, c.1850, PHIM Barometer = Soth.-S 7/23/87. Greenock. RSW.
CLARK, ALVAN USA, 1804-87, OIM the most notable American telescope maker of the nineteenth century; many of his lenses are still in use in modern mountings; tube and mounting 18.5" (1863) = ADL-G33 & L35. Prospect Street (pre-1860); Henry Street (1860); both in Cambridge , Mass. D.J. Warner 1; DSB; ADL; RSW.
CLARK, ALVAN GRAHAM USA, 1832-97, OIM son of Alvan Clark; worked with his father and brother, George Bassett Clark; did the optical work. Cambridge, Mass. D.J. Warner 1: DSB.
CLARK, ALVAN, AND SONS USA, c.1850-97, OIM Telescope, 1896 = ADL-A206. Alvan Clark and his sons, George Bassett and Alvan Graham Clark. Cambridge, Mass. D.J. Warner 1; DSB; ADL; RSW.
CLARK, E.M. England, c.1835, see E.M. Clarke. London. KEN.
CLARK, FREDERICK HARVEY USA, 1811-66, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = P.C. New York, N.Y.(1829-34); Memphis, Tenn. (1849-66). Smart 1.
CLARK, GEORGE BASSETT USA, 1827-91, OIM son of Alvan Clark; worked with his father and brother, Alvan Graham Clark; did the mechanical work; see Alvan Clark and Sons. Cambridge, Mass. D.J. Warner 1; DSB.
CLARK, HORATIO USA, 1772-1833, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio. clockmaker. Bennington, Vermont. Smart 1; USNM; Bedini 17.
CLARK, J. Scotland, fl.1751-76, OIM Magnifying Instrument Set = LAW; Microscopes,= WHI (1751), KEN (1776). James 1 or John 3 Clark. Edinburgh. Whipple 1; Clay and Court; Morrison-Low.
CLARK, JACOB 1 Scotland, 18th Century, MIM Double Horizontal Sundials = Phillips 12/2/87, RSM. Phillips also marked "TH MD" and a Scottish thistle; see Jacob Clark 2. Edinburgh. Somerville; RSW.
CLARK, JACOB 2 Scotland, c.1800, MIM OIM Microscope = CRI. Dundee. Gunther 2; Bryden 3.
CLARK, JAMES 1 Scotland, fl. 1756-74, OIM Microscope, 1774 = WHI. may have been apprenticed to John Yeoman. Edinburgh. Taylor 2(458) & 2(675a); Daumas 1; Whipple 1; Clarke et al.
CLARK, JAMES 2 England, c.1822, OIM 13 Smith Street, Sheffield. Taylor 2(1511).
CLARK, JOHN 1 England, fl.1667-72, OIM free of the Spectaclemakers' Company, c.1667; took apprentices. Leadenhall Street, London. Dewhirst; Court and von Rohr 3(19).
CLARK, JOHN 2 England, 1742, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1742 = ex-Salford Priory; Perpetual Calendar = Cranbrook Institute of Science, Mich. Petworth. Gatty; Evans 1; USNM.
CLARK, JOHN 3 Scotland, fl.1749-96, OIM Microscopes = P.C., KEN(3), EMA, CRI, WHI, OXF, KEN (1776), OXF (1773, 1774, 1776), RSM (1749, 1751, 1775, 1776), P.C. (1774), etc. goldsmith; designed a simple microscope in 1754. at James Gilliland's, Jeweller, upper-end of the Luckenbooths (1749); Parliament Close (1751-55); Sir Isaac Newton's Head, a little above the Guard, north side of the High Street (1773-82); all in Edinburgh. Bryden 3 & 4; Taylor 2(700); Nachet; Clay and Court; KEN; Morrison-Low 1; A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
CLARK, JOHN 4 USA, c.1839, MIM son of William Clark. 122 South Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1.
CLARK, JOHN 5 England; USA, 1815-90, MIM Washington, D.C. Smart 1.
CLARK, JOHN 6 England, PHIM Angle Barometer = X. Chester. Goodison 1.
CLARK, LATIMER England, c.1845, PHIM Galvanometer = P.C. also marked "Muirhead and Co. Ltd." Westminster, London. RSW.
CLARK, MATHEW England, c.1752, OIM apprenticed to George Bass, OIM, in the Spectaclemakers' Company on Sept. 30, 1742; free of the Company on Oct. 5, 1752. Court and von Rohr 3(148).
CLARK, PETER England, c.1693, MIM apprenticed to John Worgan of the Grocers' Company on Dec. 4, 1693. London. J. Brown 1.
CLARK, ROBERT 1 England; USA, c.1785, MIM OIM PHIM also made clocks. London; 5 1/2 Church Street, Tradd and Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina (1785). Bedini 1; Smart 1; Britten; USNM; Baillie 1.
CLARK, ROBERT 2 England, fl.1836-45, PHIM made barometers and thermometers. 2 Whartons Place, High Holborn (1836); 27 Brook Street, Holborn Bars (1838-45); both in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(2100).
CLARK, THOMAS 1 England, c.1697, MIM apprenticed to Charles Crick 1 of the Grocers' Company on Aug. 1, 1692; turned over to John Nash 2, a member of the Clockmakers' Company, on July 16, 1697. London. J. Brown 1.
CLARK, THOMAS 2 England, fl.1846-57, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 20 Kirby Street, London. Goodison 1.
CLARK, WILLIAM USA, fl.1837-60, MIM OIM PHIM SIM see William Clark and Son. 122 South Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1; USNM.
CLARK, WILLIAM, AND SON USA, fl.1837-46, MIM NIM OIM SIM Surveying Compasses = P.C.(2). son was John Clark 4, which see; may have dealt in those instruments labeled "Warranted." 122 South Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1; USNM; Warner 14; RSW.
CLARKE 1 England, c.1830, OIM Microscope = ESS; Electrical Apparatuses = D., Dr. Pearson sale, c.1848. London. USNM; Brieux 3; Chaldecott 3; RGO.
CLARKE 2 England, see Husbands and Clarke. Bristol.
CLARKE 3 England, pre-1825, designed "Clarkes Improved Hydrometer" before 1825, they were made by Dring and Fage. London. Moskowitz 103; Coffeen 27.
CLARKE AND SON England, fl.1822-34, NIM William Clarke 2 and Son. 13 Wapping Wall, London. Taylor 2(942).
CLARKE, C.F. England, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Phillips 2/2/84. St. Ives. RSW.
CLARKE, E., AND CO. Ireland, fl.1823-33, MIM PHIM see Edward Clarke. 83 Dame Street, Dublin. Bryden 9.
CLARKE, EDWARD 1 Ireland, fl.1810-32, MIM OIM PHIM Compass Sundial = P.C.(1982); Sundial, portable = EGE; Inclinable Sundial = Soth. 7/26/65 = D.(1965); Microscopes = EGE, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland; Theodolite = P.C. see Spear and Clarke; see E. Clarke and Co. 18 Lower Sackville Street (1810-12); 10 Lower Sackville Street (1819-21); 84 Dame Street (1830); 83 Dame Street (1832); all in Dublin. Bryden 9; Moskowitz 106; Egestorff; Morrison-Low and Burnett; RSW.
CLARKE, EDWARD 2 England, c.1833, PHIM Magnetic Induction Machines = D.(1971), KEN. worked for Watkins and Hill, 1833. Moskowitz 102.
CLARKE, EDWARD MARMADUKE England, fl.1804-50, OIM PHIM Hydrometers = U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., Auction (1804), Soth.(1960); Electro-magnetic Apparatus = KEN; Air Pump = Soth.-B 4/7/82. most writers refer to him as "Edward Montague Clarke"; made polariscopes, microscopes; T.C.; "Optician and Magnetician"; "Philosophical Instrument Maker by appointment to the Royal University of Christiana, Sweden and to the Zoological Society of London." 11 Lowther Arcade, Strand; 9 Agar Street, West Strand; 428 Strand and Rodney Iron Works, Battersea, Surrey (1847); all, except Surrey are in London. G.L'E. Turner 24; Taylor 2(1099); Calvert 2; USNM; Crawforth 1; Chaldecott 3; Ragozzino and Schetino; RSW.
CLARKE, EDWARD MONTAGUE see Edward Marmaduke Clarke. Chaldecott 3.
CLARKE, J. England, Water Clock = D.(1969). modern copy. Devonport. RSW.
CLARKE, JAMES 1 England, fl.1792-1808, MIM apprenticed to Richard Rust of the Grocers' Company on June 4, 1779; free of the Company, Dec. 6, 1792; took apprentices; sometimes spelled "Clerk." No. 28 Ratcliffe Highway (1792); No. 7 Jealous Row, New Road (1802); Goodman's Fields (1808); all in London. J. Brown 1.
CLARKE, JAMES 2 England, c.1836, MIM 103 York Street, Commercial Road, London. O'Mara.
CLARKE, JOHN 1 Scotland, 1776, OIM Microscope, 1776 = RSM. Edinburgh. RSW.
CLARKE, JOHN 2 see the John Clarks. Dewhirst.
CLARKE, MARK England, c.1720, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Feilder of the Clockmakers' Company on March 7, 1720. J. Brown 3.
CLARKE, ROBERT England, c.1662, apprenticed to William Howe in the Grocers' Company in 1662. J. Brown 1.
CLARKE, STEPHEN England, c.1653, apprenticed to John Brown 6 in the Joiners' Company in 1646; free in the Company in 1653. Crawforth 7.
CLARKE, THOMAS USA, engraved compass cards for William Davenport. Philadelphia, Pa. Bedini 8.
CLARKE, W. England, c.1850, NIM Octant, ivory scale and vernier = D.(1972). Lowestoft. Moskowitz 104.
CLARKE, WILLIAM 1 England, 1743, NIM Backstaves = P.C. (1743), U.S. Naval Academy Museum, Annapolis, Md. Union Stairs in Wapping, London. RSW.
CLARKE, WILLIAM 2 England, fl.1797-1822, NIM made quadrants and compasses. 13 Wapping Wall, London. Taylor 2(942).
CLARKSON England, OIM Telescopes = D.(1969), D.(1970), Christie 7/28/70. made refracting telescopes; see Broadhurst, Clarkson and Co. 63 Farringdon Road, London. RSW.
CLARKSON, A. England, OIM Microscope = Soth. 10/22/76. London. RSW.
CLATHOUT USA, see Meneely and Clathout. West Troy, N.Y. RSW.
CLAUDET, ANTOINE FRANCOIS JEAN England, 1797-1867, OIM Reflecting Stereoscope = KEN. Antoine François Jean Claudet. 18 King William Street; 107 Regent Street (1851); both in London. KEN.
CLAUDIUS, RICHARD c.1646, MIM Astrolabe, wood = MAS; Celestial and Terrestrial Planispheres = MAS. ICA-571; brass rule on astrolabe. Price 1; ICA 2; Garcia Franco 2; RSW.
CLAVIUS, CHRISTOPHER Germany, 1537-1612, worked on dividing an arc; designed sundials and astrolabes; author. Bamberg. Zinner 1; Daumas 1; Boursier; DSB.
CLAXTON AND MORTON England, c.1842, MIM 27 Harrington Street, Hatton Garden, London (1842). O'Mara.
CLAXTON AND PROTHERO England, c.1847, MIM 27 Harrington Street, Hatton Garden, London (1847). O'Mara.
CLAXTON AND WIGHTMAN USA, c.1835, PHIM Timothy Claxton and Joseph M. Wightman; made philosophical apparatus for schools. Boston, Mass. (1835). USNM; D.J. Warner 6.
CLAXTON, TIMOTHY England; USAfl.c.1825-50, PHIM founded the Mechanical Institution in London; invented an air pump and produced many of them; took Joseph Milner Wightman as a partner in Claxton and Wightman; made philosophical apparatus for schools. Boston, Mass. D.J. Warner 6.
CLAY England, c.1675, MIM Sundial once owned by Robert Hooke. Taylor 1(382); Evans 1.
CLAY, C. England, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Pickford, Hertford 4/10/97. Messingham. ATG 4/5/97.
CLAY, JAMES England, c.1772, apprenticed to Joseph Hill of the Grocers' Company on Feb. 4, 1772. J. Brown 1.
CLEARS, J. England, c.1753, OIM apprenticed to John Cuff in the Spectaclemakers' Company; free of the Company in 1753. Fleet Street, London. Robischon.
CLEAVER, SAMUEL England, fl.1845-49, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. signed "Cleaver London"; also made thermometers. 30 Theobalds Road, London. Goodison 1.
CLEAVES, NATHANIEL USA, c.1839, MIM PHIM Hydrometer, silver = Salem Maritime Nat'l Historic Site, Mass.; Slide Rule = MYS. invented a silver hydrometer; successor to J.W. Harris, Boston, Mass. Boston, Mass. RSW.
CLEEVE, JOH. England, d.1813, MIM Globe, Celestial, wood = VAA; Globe, Celestial and Planisphere = WHI. wooden globe signed "Cleeve." Price 12; Grimaldi.
CLEMENS, FR. Italy, fl.1638-40, MIM Pillar Sundial, ivory, 1638 = VEN; Nocturnal, with shadow square, 1640 = VNM. pillar sundial is for 45°. Venice. RSW.
CLEMENT, JOSEPH England, pre-1819, invented an ellipsograph. Gunther 8; G.L'E. Turner 24; RSW.
CLEMENT, WILLIAM England, fl.1677-99, MIM admitted as Brother in the Clockmakers' Company in 1677; Master of the Company, 1693. Evans 1; Robischon.
CLEMENTS see Joseph Clement.
CLENCH, J. England, c.1810, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 9/28/95. London. RSW.
CLEPHIN, JOHN England, c.1790, apprenticed to John Blake in the Joiners' Company, Sept. 24, 1776; free in the Company on Jan. 12, 1790. Crawforth 7.
CLERET France, c.1720, PHIM Barometer and Thermometer = Bonnier de la Mosson Coll. Sometimes C. Leret a Rouen Nachet; Gersaint. WEBDB.
CLERGET France, c.1750, MIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums, including a graphometer at Musée Loraine, Nancy marked "L'Appartien à Jean de St. Loire Architect du Feu, Roy de Pologne." some appear to be signed "C. Lerget" [?]. au Butterfield, Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet; Michel 3; Price 12; Gunther 3; Bryden 9; Moskowitz 103; Coffeen B; Trois Siècles; Paris 1900; RSW.
CLERGUET misreading for "Clerget." Nachet; Coffeen B.
CLERK, JAMES see James Clarke 1. J. Brown 1.
CLERKE, GILBERT England, 1626-97?, MIM made sundials to order; author. Cambridge; Luffenham. Taylor 1(220).
CLERTY England, c.1760, succeeded by John Goater, c.1760. RSW.
CLIFFORD, ED. England, c.1840, MIM PHIM 42 Old Bond Street, London. O'Mara.
CLIFFORD, WHYNOT WILLIAM England, c.1741, apprenticed to Henry Craford in the Grocers' Company in 1741. J. Brown 1.
CLIFT, C. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 3 New Inn Yard, Shoreditch. Goodison 1.
CLINNICK, WILLIAM England, c.1840, MIM PHIM 34 York Street, City Road, London. O'Mara.
CLOCHE, A LA France, 17th Century, Sundial with Italian hours = MADEX-97. this is surely an address, "à la Cloche." MADEX.
CLOESE, BERNARD VAN DER Holland, fl.1688-1712, MIM Sphere = LEY. clockmaker; father of Jacob van der Cloese; member of the Clockmakers' Guild. The Hague. Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1; Price 2.
CLOESE, JACOB VAN DER Holland, 1690-1766, MIM PHIM Pedometer = LEY; Heliostats = LEY, The Hague. also made clocks and pyrometers; son of Bernard van der Cloese; made a garden sundial, designed by P. de Laraux, in 1711. The Hague; Leiden (1718-66). Rooseboom 1; Crommelin; USNM; Daumas 1.
CLOESEN see Cloese. Rooseboom 1.
CLOOTE Holland, MIM globe maker. Globus, June, 1963.
CLOUGH, JERE USA, 18th Century, MIM SIM Surveying Compass, wood = Streeter Coll., Yale University. Boston, Mass.? RSW.
CLUSKEY, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Boston. Goodison 1.
COAD England?, c.1850, patented a graduated galvanic battery. Antique Show, Boston, 1969.
COAKE England, c.1671, MIM Evans 1.
COALLY AND CO. England, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometer with Thermometer = K. and C. 10/8/75. London. RSW.
COATSFIELD, JOHN England, c.1682, MIM apprenticed by turnover to Robert Starr of the Clockmakers' Company on May 18, 1682. J. Brown 3.
COBHAM, JOHN England, c.1737, MIM apprenticed to Richard Bennett 2 of the Clockmakers' Company on Oct. 29, 1729; turned over to John Bennett 6 of the Clockmakers'Company on May 16, 1732; free of the Company, Oct. 10, 1737; took apprentices. Scroop's Court, Holborn, London. J. Brown 3.
COBHAM, STOCKLEY England, fl.1737-87, MIM apprenticed to James Wilson of the Clockmakers' Company on July 4, 1723; free of the Company, Oct 10, 1737; took apprentices. Scroop's Court, Holborn, London. J. Brown 3.
COBURN, J. England, 1756, MIM Sundial, 1756 = Christie-SK 2/2/77. London. RSW.
COCART, JUANIN Spain; Belgiumfl.1596-1600, MIM Universal Equatorial Sundials = KEN (1596), OXF (1596), VIE (1598), MAN (1599), Christie 4/3/85 (1599), POB (1600), P.C. (1600); Diptych Sundial, 1600 = D.(1986). clockmaker to Charles V; Christie and D.(1986) sundials made in Madrid. Madrid (1599); Brussels. Guye et Michel; Michel 3 and 14; Garcia Franco 1; Garcia Diego; Trois Siècles; Ward 3; Baillie 1; Zinner 4; KEN; Queries, SIS Bull. No. 12; RSW.
COCER Austria, MIM Horizontal Sundial = P. and S. 3/8/1895. Vienna. Evans 1.
COCHRAN, JOHN England, c.1773, apprenticed to Charles Fairbone 1 in the Grocers' Company on Jan. 7, 1773. J. Brown 1.
COCK England, c.1800, MIM Gauger's Slide Rule and Rod = KEN; Measuring Rod, boxwood and brass = Soth.-Chester 6/26/85. "Cock, maker London." London. KEN; RSW.
COCK AND HUGHES England, c.1790, MIM Dipping Measure, wood = D. "Makers to the Excise." London. RSW.
COCK AND REEVES England, post-1650, OIM Daumas 1.
COCK, CHRISTOPHER angland, fl.1660-97, OIM Objective Glass, 1668 = WHI; Telescope, 1673 = KEN; Microscope = WHI. apprenticed to Richard Reeves 1 in the Spectaclemakers' Company; admitted as Brother to the Company in 1680; free of the Turners' Company in 1697; had worked with Reeves 1; employed by Hooke, Newton, Flamsteed and Gregory. Long Acre, London (1673). Taylor 1(285); Daumas 1; G.L'E. Turner 17; KEN; Evans 1; USNM; Dewhirst; Price 12; Clay and Court; Court and Von Rohr 3 & 4; Robischon; RSW.
COCK, JOHN England, fl.1710-11, OIM glass grinder; son of Chistopher Cock?; free of the Turners' Company before 1710; not a member of the Spectaclemakers' Company; made perspective glasses.. Coach and Garter, Long Acre, London. Taylor 1(452); Dewhirst; Evans 1; Court and Von Rohr 3(VII); Robischon.
COCK, THOMAS England, c.1750, MIM Instrument = WHI. mathematical teacher. Cirencester. Taylor 2(459).
COCKE see Cock.
COCKER England, c.1664, MIM arithmetician; writing master; engraved a silvered small rule, made by John Brown 1, for Samuel Pepys. London. Rabone 1.
COCKEY, EDWARD England, c.1790, MIM Astronomical Clock = Longleat House, Wilts. Warminster. Britten; RSW.
COCKNEY, EDWARD Edward Cockey? Britten.
COCKS see Cox; see Cock. Taylor 1(285).
COCQUART, JENNIN see Juan Cocart. Michel 14.
COCQUER, JUAN see Juan Cocart. A.J. Turner 10.
CODART France, c.1580, MIM globe maker. Globus, Dec., 1958.
CODDINGTON, H. England, c.1830, Rev. H. Coddington; designed a thick single lens microscope which was made by William Cary. Nachet; Chaldecott 3; RGO.
COE, GEORGE England, c.1786, apprenticed to John Karmock in the Grocers' Company on Dec. 7, 1786. J. Brown 1.
COECIUS Italy?, 1622, MIM Globe, Celestial, 1622 = Doge's Palace, Venice. Caecius = Blaeu. Grimaldi(727); Price 2.
COENRAEDT, JAN Holland, c.1742, MIM Amstelstraat, Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
COFFEY, J., AND J. SMITH England, c.1850, MIM 4 Providence Row, Finsbury, London. G.L'E. Turner 24.
COFFIN England, fl.1672-74, OIM made telescope and microscope tubes; carpenter or joiner; worked for Robert Hooke. Taylor 1(355).
COFFIN, JAMES H. USA, c.1837, PHIM Wind Vane = USNM. made meteorological instruments. Ogdensburg, N.Y. USNM; Middleton 4.
COFFIN, R. England, 18th Century, MIM Vertical Declining Sundial = D.(1980) = ADL-W95. for 50°31'. Oxon. Moskowitz 121; ADL; RSW.
COFFIN, T. USA, c.1825, MIM SIM Wine Gauging Rod, wood = D.(1981); Surveying Compass, wood = D.(1980). Newburyport, Mass. Moskowitz 117.
COFSA probably misreading for Cossa. RSW.
COGGER England, 18th Century, MIM Garden Sundial = D.(1969). Maidstone. RSW.
COGGESHALL, HENRY England, 1623-90, MIM Coggeshall Rule = KEN. invented a slide rule with a Gunter-type logarithmic scale, 1677; author; developed a hinged slide rule with girt line for calculating timber in 1682. Suffolk. G.L'E. Turner 24; Taylor 1(210); KEN; Delehar 2 and 9.; A.J. Turner 10.
COGGS, I. England, MIM NIM PHIM Universal Ring Sundials = Snowshill Manor, D.(1969); Compass Sundials = VCW, P.C.; Holland Circle = Libert et Castor 4/28/82; Compass = D.(1985); Circumferentor = P.C.. may be John Coggs 1 or 2. Fleet Street, London. Coffeen 9; A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
COGGS, I., AND N. HILL England, post-1730, MIM Terrestrial Globe, stand = Christie 5/5/83. may be later label? John Coggs 1 or 2 with Nathaniel Hill. The Globe and Sun near St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street, London. Taylor 2(25 and 242); RSW.
COGGS, JOHN 1 England, fl.1715-40, MIM PHIM Universal Ring Sundials = FIN, Kenny, Soth. 7/15/63, and 11/16/87; Sundial, circular = Soth. 6/9/77; Compass Sundials = OXF(2); Table Sundial = FIN;; Ellipsograph = Soth. 10/17/60; Butterfield-type Sundial, silver = Soth. 3/27/72. freeman of the Pewterers' Company 1712; barometer maker; had worked with John Rowley; T.C.; some of these instruments may have been made by John Coggs 2; took William Wyeth, a former apprentice as a partner. Globe and Sun, near St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street; 136 Fleet Street; both in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 1(463), 2(25); Michel 3; USNM; Gunther 2 and 6; Dewhirst; Coffeen 9; Crawforth 1, 6 & 7; RSW.
COGGS, JOHN 2 England, c.1757, MIM PHIM apprenticed in 1757 to Benjamin Cole 2 in the Merchant Taylors' Company; may have been free by patrimony in another Company; it is hard to distinguish the instruments made by John Coggs 1 from those of John Coggs 2. Globe and Sun, between St. Dunstan's Church and Chancery Lane, Fleet Street; 136 Fleet Street; both in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(242); Clay and Court; Coffeen 9; RSW; Crawforth 6, 7 and 8.
COGGS, JOHN 3 England, c.1759, MIM apprenticed to Benjamin Cole 2, 1759; may be son of John Coggs 2. opposite Water Lane, London. Taylor 2(463).
COGGS, JOHN, AND WILLIAM WYETH England, c.1740, MIM made rules based on Shirtcliffe's design. St Dunstan's Church in Fleet Street, London. Gunther 2.
COGWELL, H.S. Canada, OIM Telescope = D.(1989). Halifax, N.S. RSW.
COHEN England, c.1830, NIM Octant, ebony = Melun 4/24/83. probably David Cohen. Newcastle. RSW.
COHEN, DAVID England, fl.1821-58, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2). see Cohen; optician; T.C. 5 Collingwood Street (1821-37); 1 Grey Street (1838-44); 76 Grey Street (1847-51); 30 Mosley Street (1853); 9 Mosley Street (1855-58); all in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1807); Crawforth 1.
COHEN, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 7/21/87. Louth. Goodison 1; RSW.
COHEN, S.B. misreading of Simon Phineas Cohen. Bryden 3; RSW.
COHEN, S.C. misreading of Simon Phineas Cohen. Bryden 3; RSW.
COHEN, SIMON PHINEAS Scotland, fl.1838-53, MIM OIM PHIM Telescope, refracting = Phillips 10/26/83; Hydrometer = Christie-SK 4/17/86; Protractor = Christie 10/31/67; Protractor, Simson-type = FRK. managed the Glasgow branch of A. Abraham and Co. of Liverpool, 1838-43; took over the firm in 1844 and changed the name to his own; some of his instruments seem to be signed "S.B. Cohen" or "S.C. Cohen." 8 Exchange Square (1838-40); 82 Queen Street (1841-44); 105 Buchanan Street (1845-49); 121 Buchanan Street (1850-51); 51 St. Vincent Street (1852); 136 Buchanan Street (1853); all in Glasgow. Bryden 3; Clarke et al; RSW.
COIFFIER, A. France, c.1830, OIM Telescope = Soth. 7/26/65-105; Telescopes, refracting = Soth-PB pre-1980-Phillips 12/12/89. "Ingénieur Opticien." Paris. RSW.
COIGNIET, GILLES Belgium, 1557, MIM Astrolabe, 1557 = Ecouen (Cl.9149). made spheres; was he Aegidius Coigniet? Anvers (Antwerp). Rooseboom 1; Michel 12; RSW.
COIGNIET, MICHAEL Belgium, fl.1572-1618, MIM SIM Astrolabes = BEK (1572), MAN (1598), LEY (1601), MNN (1618); Armillary Sphere, 1591 = ADL-M5; Circumferentors = Drouot 4/7/87, Ecouen-Cl.12016 (1600), P.C. (1602), ADL-M149 (1606), CNAM (1606), BMR; Graphometer, 1606 = CNAM; Nocturnal = OXF; Table Sundial, 1604 = POTS; Compass = P.C.; Polyhedral Sundial = Christie-SK 1986. MAN astrolabe is ICA-467, LEY is ICA-533, MNN is ICA-464, BEK is ICA-564; author and instrument designer; improved the cross-staff. Anvers (Antwerp). Price 1; ICA 2; Gunther 1; Garcia Franco 2; Michel 3; Daumas 6; Engelmann 1; Veltman; A.J. Turner 10; ADL; RSW.
COL. R.I. MIM Sundial = NMM-Caird. RSW.
COLBY, HALL USA, fl.1847-70, MIM NIM SIM Altimeter = P.C. Rochester, N.Y. USNM.
COLE 1 England, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM it is very difficult to distinguish between the work of Benjamin Cole 1 and 2 except for the few dated pieces; usually signed "B. Cole London" or "Cole Maker London." London. Taylor 1(492) and 2(336); etc.
COLE 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Borough Museum, Newbury, Bucks. Newbury. RSW.
COLE AND SON England, T.C.; Benjamin Cole 1 and his son, Benjamin Cole 2. Calvert 2.
COLE, B., AND SON England, fl.1751-66, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Telescope, reflecting = D.(1979); Grand Orrery, 1763 = Queen's College, Oxford; Camera Obscura, book-form, 1757 = Burton Constable. Benjamin Cole 1 and his son, Benjamin Cole 2; T.C.; succeeded by Edward Troughton. at the Orrery next the Globe Tavern, in Fleet Street, London. Oxford 1; Gunther 2; Taylor and Wilson; Moskowitz 119; Crawforth 1; E. Hall.
COLE, BENJAMIN 1 England, 1695-1766, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Sundial, 1721 = Wadham College, Oxford; Davis Quadrant, 1746 = ADL-A137; Compass Sundial = ADL-W62; Octant = D.(1995); also a wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums. apprenticed to Thomas Wright 1; free in the Merchant Taylors' Company; succeeded Wright about 1748; see Wright and Cole; see B. Cole and Son. author; T.C.; invented a "Seamans' Quadrant". Royal Exchange; Poppins Court, Fleet Street (c. 1735); Ball Alley going out of George-Yard into Lombard Street (-1748); at the Sign of the Orrery, next the Globe Tavern, Fleet Street 1748-66), this became 136 Fleet Street c.1760; 200 Fleet Street; all in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 1(492); Price 3; Ward 4; ADL; RSW; Taylor and Wilson; KEN; Moskowitz 106; E. Hall; Coffeen 11 and 51; Calvert 2; H.C. King 2; Crawforth 1, 6 & 7; J.A. Bennett 2.
COLE, BENJAMIN 2 England, 1725-1813, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Hadley Quadrants,= NMM (1760), OMM (1779); Telescope = USNM; Lodestone = D.; Drawing Instrument Set = Phillips 12/12/89. apprenticed to his father, Benjamin Cole 1 in 1739 in the Merchant Taylors' Company; made free in the Company; took apprentices; became a partner in 1751; see B. Cole and Son; the difference in the two men's work is very hard to distinguish ; they made many examples of a wide range of instruments; the OMM quadrant is also marked "Ole Jensen"; T.C.; John Troughton 2 took over the firm in 1782. Fleet Street, London. Taylor 1(492) and 2(336); Bedini 1; Calvert 2; Moskowitz 106; Brieux 3; Goodison 1; Taylor and Wilson; Eden; Crawforth 6 & 7; J.A. Bennett 2; E. Hall; RSW.
COLE, BENJAMIN 3 England, pre-1813, MIM son of Benjamin Cole 2; trained as a MIM in the Merchant Taylors' Company; free in the Company. Crawforth 6 & 7.
COLE, BENJAMIN 4 England, 17th Century, MIM Universal Equatorial Sundial = D. engraved on this sundial was a notice to return it to the owner who was also the maker; this Cole does not seem to be connected with the London family. Oxford. Moskowitz 6.
COLE, HUMPHREY England, b.1530?-d.1591MIM NIM SIM one of England's earliest and most skillful instrument makers; he is noted for his beautiful astrolabes, astronomical compendia, sundials, armillary sphere, etc. sometimes spelled "Humfray Coolle" or "Coole"; member of the Goldsmiths' Company; made a map of the Holy Land in 1572; two instruments that had been attributed to Humphrey Cole, have been found to be by an earlier maker, "V.C.", who has not as yet been identified, which see. Great North Door of St. Paul's, London. Taylor 1(21); Belgian Inventory; Gunther 1, 2, 4, and 8; Italian Inventory; Michel 1 and 3; Jane Turner; Dewhirst; Clay and Court; Daumas 1; Perry; Société Belge; Maddison 1; Price 3 & 11; Ward 4; Engelmann 1; Daumas 1; J.A. Bennett 2; J. Brown 3; A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
COLE, ISAAC England, c.1753, apprenticed to John Urings 2 in the Joiners' Company on Feb. 3, 1753. Crawforth 7.
COLE, JOHN, JUNIOR England, 1691, MIM Triangular Quadrant, 1691, boxwood, 36" = D.(1994). John Brown's (1) triangular quadrant made for the latitude of London; signed "John Cole Junior of Kingston, June ye 26, 1691." Kingston. Coffeen 46.
COLE, M., CO. MIM NIM Protractor = MYS; Course Plotter = MYS. RSW.
COLE, NIC., ESQ. England, 1705, MIM Garden Sundial, 1705 = OMM. probably the owner. RSW.
COLE, RICHARD England, c.1815, MIM Sundial in watch back cover = OXF. Cornhill, Ipswich. RSW.
COLE, ROBERT 1 England, c.1737, MIM free in the Stationers' Company c.1737; took apprentices. London. Crawforth 7.
COLE, ROBERT 2 England, c.1835, apprenticed to William Elliott 1 in the Joiners' Company on July 7, 1835. Crawforth 7.
COLE, THOMAS 1 England, fl.1725-40, MIM Perpetual Calendars = BM (1725),(1735), WRAY (1735). leatherseller; took apprentices including William Baker from Edmund Blow c.1738. London. Price 3; Ward 4; Crawforth 7; RSW.
COLE, THOMAS 2 England, fl.1840-69, MIM NIM Compass Corrector = Soth. 6/23/87; Plotting Compass = Soth. 2/25/86. 21 Hannibal Road, Mile End, Stepney, London. O'Mara; RSW.
COLE, UMFREDUS England, MIM father of Humphrey Cole? Latinization of Humphrey Cole? Gunther 2.
COLE, WILLIAM England, fl.1780-1805, MIM OIM Reflecting Telescope = Ineichen 10/20/75; Pedometer = BM; Ring Sundial = X. last two instruments signed "W. Cole"; clockmaker. Gutter Lane, London. Taylor 2(815); Clay and Court; Britten; RSW.
COLEMAN England, PHIM Barometer = P.C.; Marine Barometer = D.(1972). Newbury. RSW.
COLEMAN, ANN England, fl.1832-33, PHIM made barometers and thermometers; succeeded Charles Coleman. 11 Vineyard Walk, Clerkenwell, London. Goodison 1.
COLEMAN, CHARLES England, fl.1823-29, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 7 Dorrington Street, Clerkenwell; 11 Vineyard Walk, Clerkenwell; both in London. Goodison 1.
COLEMAN, EBEN USA, c.1855, MIM made compasses. Wolfeboro, N.H. DATM.
COLEMAN, JOHN England, c.1803, MIM apprenticed to William Morris of the Grocers' Company, May 3, 1796; free of the Company May 5, 1803. J. Brown 1.
COLEMAN, STEPHEN England, c.1704, MIM apprenticed to John Bellinger 1 of the Clockmakers' Company on July 3, 1704. J. Brown 3.
COLEMARE, J. England, 1737, student; "J. Colemare, 1737 Soph. at St. John's Cambridge" is marked on a universal ring sundial, WHI-1091. Price 12; Gunther 3; Bryden 16; RSW.
COLES, CHRISTOPHER England, c.1664, MIM Slide Rule = KEN. Taylor 1(302); Evans 1.
COLESON, JOHN England, c.1699, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Tuttell of the Clockmakers' Company on Aug. 28, 1699. J. Brown 3.
COLL England, c.1730, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth.-S 5/19/88. "Coll Fecit." RSW.
COLLADO, LUDOVICUS Spain, 1584, MIM Bow Compass, gilt-brass, 1584 = VIE. Michel 3; Price 2.
COLLE, HUMFRAY see Humphrey Cole. Gunther 4; NMM 2.
COLLEIE, THOMAS Belgium, fl.1721-22, MIM Horizontal Sundial in snuff box, 1722 = OXFB; Horizontal Sundials = X (1721), (1722). may be Colley. Liège. Michel 3; Taylor 2(156).
COLLES, CHRISTOPHER USA, fl.1774-89, MIM PHIM Hydrometer = Winterthur Museum, Delaware; Sundial, octagonal = NYS. invented an hodometer for carriages; author. 42 Pearl Street, New York, N.Y. N.Y. Historical Society, 1945; USNM; Hindle.
COLLET France, 1760, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1760 = OXF. Paris. Evans 1; Gunther 2.
COLLET, TIMOTHEE France, 1652-59+, MIM Butterfield-type Sundials = NMM, D.(1994); Sundials, 1659 = Michel Coll., LIE and P.C. (1663). Timothée Collet; D. signed "Orlogeur à Paris" and has a lunar volvelle on the back; watchmaker. Nantes; Rouen (1652-59); Paris. Michel 1, 3, and 9; Nachet; MADEX; Tardy; Coffeen 46.
COLLEY, THOMAS England, fl.1765-80, MIM George Graham's successor. Fleet Street, London. Josten; Britten.
COLLIBER, THOMAS England, c.1736, MIM Abraham Lorkin turned over to him as an apprentice on Feb. 20, 1736 by James Wilson 2; may have been a member of the Clockmakers' Company. J. Brown 3.
COLLIER England, c.1720, MIM Protractors = PYM, D., D.(1987). Coffeen 17; RSW.
COLLIER, BENJAMIN England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
COLLIER, WILLIAM 1 England, fl.1712-45, MIM SIM Sector, 1730 = OXF, Sector,ivory = D.(1986); Compass = OXF; Universal Ring Sundial = NYM; Circumferentors = PYM, Soth. 10/22/76; Sundial = P.B. 9/24/38. apprenticed to Thomas Tuttell of the Clockmakers' Company on April 3, 1699; may be same as William Collier 2; some instruments signed "W. Collier"; T.C.(1731). the end of Wood Street, facing Cripple Gate,(1731); at ye Atlas next the Fountain Tavern without New Gate; both in London. Bryden 9; Taylor 1(564); Chandler and Vincent; Lubke; Dewhirst; Evans 1; Baillie 1; Gunther 2 and 6; Crawforth 1; J. Brown 3; Coffeen 12; RSW.
COLLIER, WILLIAM 2 England, c.1744, MIM member of the Goldsmiths' Company; had apprentice turned over to him from the Grocers' Company; may be same man as William Collier 1. J. Brown 1.
COLLIN France, 1809, NIM Compass Rose, 1809 = PMM. Paris. RSW.
COLLIN, AXEL H. Sweden, c.1830, OIM younger son of Gabriel Collin. Stockholm. Pipping 1.
COLLIN, CARL ERIC Sweden, 1791-1852, OIM older son of Gabriel Collin; took over the shop in 1825. Stockholm. Pipping 1.
COLLIN, CARL GUSTAF Sweden, 1830-1900, OIM Telescope = Hammer Sale. son of Carl Eric Collin; worked in his father's shop until 1852, when he succeeded him; the telescope is signed "Collin Stockholm." Stockholm. Pipping 1; RSW.
COLLIN, GABRIEL Sweden, 1761-1825, OIM PHIM Balance = Berzelius Museum (SWE). head of optical shop at Swedish Royal Academy from 1793. Uppsala; Stockholm. Pipping 1; RSW.
COLLINGS, C.W. England, fl.1845-58, PHIM made barometers and philosophical instruments. 16 Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square (1845-46); Royal Polytechnic Institute (1847); both in London. Goodison 1; O'Mara.
COLLINGS, JAMES England, c.1830, MIM OIM PHIM Instrument = WHI. Skinner Street, Clerkenwell, London. Taylor 2(1808).
COLLINS 1 England, c.1710, MIM globe maker. London. Globus, June, 1963.
COLLINS 2 England, OIM probably Charles Collins, which see. London. RSW.
COLLINS, CHARLES England, fl.1850-80, OIM Webster Condenser = WHI; Binocular Microscopes = Soth. 6/23/87 (2); Microscopes = BIL, P.C., Christie-SK 4/17/86, various auctions; Binocular Microscope = Versailles = 11/19/78; etc. optician; some instruments are signed "Collins" or "C. Collins"; retailer of R. & J. Beck microscopes. 157 Great Portland Place; 77 Great Titchfield Street, Portland Place; Polytechnic Institute; all in London. Price 12; Moskowitz 104; O'Mara; RSW.
COLLINS, J. England, c.1750, MIM designed or made quadrants. London. Weil 2(2).
COLLINS, JAMES England, c.1827, PHIM balance maker. Birmingham. Christie-SK 4/17/86.
COLLINS, JOHN 1 England, 1625-83, MIM maker of the Royal sundials; designed a quadrant made by Prujean; author; possibly J. Collins with a wrong date; F.R.S., 1667. Oxford; near the Three Crowns, Bloomsbury; next the Adam and Eve in Petty France; Garlick Hill; the last three in London. Taylor 1(215); Gunther 2.
COLLINS, JOHN 2 England, c.1726, MIM apprenticed to his father on Jan. 14, 1716; turned over to John Wilson of the Clockmakers' Company on Sept. 1, 1718; free of the Company, April 4, 1726. J. Brown 3.
COLLINS, PETER England, fl.1687-99, MIM apprenticed by turnover to James Atkinson 1 of the Clockmakers' Company on Jan. 19, 1680; free of the Company, Sept. 29, 1687; took apprentices. J. Brown 3.
COLLINS, ROBERT Scotland, PHIM Barometers = D.(1972), Christie-G 4/30/1986-40. Paisley. J. Bell; Morrison-Low.
COLLIS, W.H. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Bury St. Edmunds. Goodison 1.
COLLISON, JOHN England, c.1793, apprenticed to Rowland Tidder in the Grocers' Company on July 6, 1793. J. Brown 1.
COLLOT FRERES France, c.1851, MIM PHIM Standard Meter, folding = D.(1997). Collot Frères; T.C.; successors to M. Hirbict; scale makers; surely E. et A. Collot, one of whom was listed as a glassmaker and thermometer maker in Paris in the 1820's. 41 Rue de l'Ecole de Médicine; (formerly the rue des mauvais Garçons), Paris. Calvert 2; G.L'E. Turner 24; Coffeen 58.
COLLOT, A. France, 1827-1900, PHIM Paris 1900.
COLLOT, E. ET A. France, c.1848, PHIM made precision balances. G.L'E. Turner 24.
COLLYER, W. England, c.1850, NIM Sextant = ADL-A167. used by Comdre. Robert E. Peary in 1893, on an Arctic expedition; carries Lloyd's Indent 0005 over 39. Commercial Docks, London. ADL; RSW.
COLMAR see Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar. G.L'E. Turner 24.
COLOM, JACOB ARNOLD Holland, fl.1628-42, MIM Terrestrial Globes = NMM-G.170,- G.171. also signed "Colum"; possibly Columb, which see; Price reported them as a "Pair of Globes." NMM 2; Globus, Dec., 1957; Price 2.
COLOMBA AND HARE England, fl.1844-46, PHIM Andrew Colomba and Hare; made barometers and thermometers. 37 Charles Street, Hatton Garden (1844-46); 89 Chancery Lane (1846); both in London. Goodison 1.
COLOMBA, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Salisbury. Goodison 1.
COLOMBA, ANDREW England, fl.1842-60, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 1/27/88. made barometers and thermometers; worked with Hare, 1844-46. 37 Charles Street, Hatton Garden (1842-59); 89 Chancery Lane (1846); 16 Charles Street, Hatton Garden (1860); all in London. Goodison 1; RSW.
COLOMBI France, c.1850, MIM OIM SIM succeeded by Schiavetti-Bellini; breveté; see Colombi Fils; may be son or firm of Cles. Colombi; T.C.; "Opticien de la Marine de S.A. Mgr. le Prince de Joinville." Brest, St.Malo and Paris. Calvert 2; RSW.
COLOMBI FILS France, c.1848, MIM SIM Colombi (C.) Fils; probably son of Cles. Colombi. Quai Conti, Paris. USNM.
COLOMBI, CLES. France, fl.pre-1844-50, MIM NIM OIM Telescope = P.C.(1958); Marine Compass in wooden box = Drouot 4/26/67-56; Spyglass = D.(1985). T.C.; "Breveté Opticien de la Marine." Brest et St. Malo. G.L'E. Turner 24; Calvert 2; Coffeen 10; RSW.
COLTI, DI GIO. BARTOL. Italy, 1788, MIM Bow Compass Sector, 1788 = OXF. RSW.
COLTON, LEVI USA, 1803-85, MIM SIM Surveying Compasses = Connecticut Historical Society, P.C.(2), D.(1984), Soth. N.Y. 3/16/83, D.(1977), USNM (2). worked for Richard Patten; fl.1846-54; three compasses repaired by Gurley Co., 1885-1921; probably imported some of the instruments he sold. New York, N.Y.; New Haven, Conn.; Boston, MA.; Utica, N.Y.; Hartford, Conn. (1854). Smart 1; USNM; Moskowitz 127; Coffeen D; Rudd; Giordano (1977); Warner 14.
COLUM see Colom.
COLUMB Holland, MIM Floating Sundial = Snowshill Manor. possibly Coulomb. RSW.
COMBES, FISHER England, fl.1728-37, MIM NIM SIM Circumferentor = Snowshill Manor. apprenticed to Simon Cade of the Clockmakers' Company on June 5, 1721; free of the Company Oct. 7, 1728; T.C.; the name sometimes is spelled Coombs or Combs. at ye Mariner and Globe in Broad Street, near ye Angel and Crown Tavern, behind ye Royal Exchange, London. Bryden 9; Calvert 2; Clay and Court; Crawforth 1; RSW.
COMBRET, PIERRE France, fl.1592-1622, MIM Sundial inside bottom lid of watch = Soltykoff Coll. = Garnier Coll. = LOU; Astronomical Watch = NYM. Lyon. Baillie 1.
COMBS, OLIVER England, fl.1693-1747, OIM T.C.; optician; journeyman to Mr. Scarlett; admitted to the Spectaclemakers' Company as a foreign brother on Jan.11, 1728. Leadenhall Street (1693); at the Spectacles, ye second house from Essex Street; at the Spectacles, St. Martin's Court, Lincoln Fields (1740); at the Spectacles, the Strand, near Temple Bar (1747); all in London. Dewhirst; Calvert 2; Evans 1; KEN; Crawforth 1; Court and Von Rohr 3(66).
COMETTI England, 1722, MIM Garden Sundial, 1722 = Soth.-Chester 9/8/83. RSW.
COMILLI England, Wheel Barometers = D.(1975); Soth.-Chester 5/16/85. modern reproductions. London. RSW.
COMITTI England, PHIM Barometer = D.; Stick Barometer = Soth.-S 1/25/89. Holborn, London. RSW.
COMITTI, JOS. Scotland, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Banff. Goodison 1.
COMMANDINO, FEDERICO Italy, c.1600, MIM also made clocks. Urbino. Morpurgo 1.
COMMESSARI, EGIDIO Italy, 18th Century, MIM Astrolabe = FLG. ICA-495; owner? Bonelli 4; Price 1; ICA 2; Italian Inventory; Righini 1; RSW.
COMOLI AND CO. Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
COMOLI AND NOZZI Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. probably J. Comoli 2. 82 St. Mary's Wynd, Edinburgh. Goodison 1.
COMOLI, ANDREW England, c.1830, see Peter Comoli. Dudley. Taylor 2(1809).
COMOLI, J. 1 Scotland, fl.1825-26, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 82 St. Mary's Wynd, Edinburgh. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1513).
COMOLI, J. 2 Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Aberdeen. Goodison 1.
COMOLI, J. AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
COMOLI, J., NOLLI AND CO. Scotland, c.1820, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth., 6/6/96. see S. Nolli, Comoli and Co. 82 St. Mary Wynd, Edinburgh. RSW.
COMOLI, JOHN England, c.1830, PHIM see Peter Comoli. Dudley. Taylor 2(1809).
COMOLI, PETER England, c.1830, PHIM made and/or sold barometers; Andrew and John Comoli in shop too. High Street, Dudley. Taylor 2(1809).
COMOLI, PETER, AND CO. England, fl.1817-30, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. barometer signed "P. Comoli and Co"; spelled "Curmoli" in Directory. High Street, Dudley. Goodison 1.
COMOZZI, C. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X. Aylesbury. Goodison 1.
COMOZZI, C. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. probably C. Comozzi 1. Buckingham. Goodison 1.
COMPANIE DES INDIES China., c.1800, Horizontal Sundials = CNAM, P.C. surely the firm that commisioned the sundials. Canton. Cons. Nat'l 2; Société Belge.
COMYNS, HENRY England, fl.1830-45, MIM PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth.-S 9/18/86. 15 Asylum Terrace (1836); 14 Asylum Terrace (1838); 7 King's Road; 5 Hereford Terrace, King's Road (1845); all in Chelsea, London. O'Mara; Taylor 2(1810); RSW.
CONDOLE, VULLY DE France, 1831, MIM Planetarium, 1831 = POB. RSW.
CONDY, BENJAMIN USA, fl.1756-98, MIM NIM Backstaff, 1761 = P.C.; Octants = Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia (1763), Franklin Institute, Philadelphia (1765) = X. 81 South Front Street (1791); Fromberger's Court (1798); both in Philadelphia, Pa. Bedini 1 & 8; Smart 1; USNM; Gillingham 1; Price 2; D.J. Warner 8 and 10.
CONDY, BENJAMIN, AND SONS USA, c.1785, MIM NIM Front Street between Chestnut and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1.
CONEY, AMBROSE England, c.1676, OIM free in the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1676. London. rawforth 6.
CONGERS England, c.1674, probably John Conyers. Evans 1.
CONICHON France, c.1750, OIM Gregorian Telescope = Peron et Corsy, Melun 6/10/79. rue des Postes, Paris. RSW.
CONNELL England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Cheapside, London. Goodison 1.
CONNER see Potter and Conner. American Philosophical Society.
CONNETTE, MICHEL France, c.1626, invented a pantometer; author. Paris. Wheatland 2.
CONNOLLY, GEORGE Ireland, fl.1835-45, OIM optician. 45 Grangegorman Lane, Dublin (1835-45). Bryden 9; Morrison-Low and Burnett.
CONRAD, ANDREAS Germany, fl.1734-39, MIM SIM Graphometers = DEU (1734), BRE, DEU; Sectors = ANM, BM (1739) Huelsmann Coll. (1739); Table Sundial = LAW = Soth. 5/10/54; Universal Ring Sundial, 1738 = WHI; Square = STU; Equatorial Sundials = GRE, Koller 11/17/75; Armillary Sphere = D.(1965); Rule = ULM. Ulm. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Price 3; Ward 4; Daumas 1; Evans 1; Whipple 1; Belgian Inventory; Wheatland 2; Bryden 16; RSW; Syndram.
CONRADI c.1710, OIM microscope maker. Clay and Court.
CONRADIAT, ANDREAS misreading for Andreas Conrad.
CONSTANTIN AND HUYGENS Italy, c.1685, OIM Objective Lenses = BMR(3). surely Constantine Huygens. The Hague. Belgian Inventory.
CONTARINI, SAC. PAOLO Italy, fl.1820-44, MIM Horizontal Sundial, cardboard, 1820 = P.C.; Pillar Sundial, 1844 = FLO; Horizontal Pin Gnomon Sundial = NYM. Netini. Bonelli 1; RSW.
CONTI, THOMAS Germany, 1711, MIM Cannon Sundial, 1711 = P.C. Mulhausen. Rohr 2.
CONTURIES France, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1978). rue de Bercy No. 6, Faubourg St. Antoine, Paris. RSW.
CONYERS, JOHN England, fl.1673-79, MIM amateur instrument maker; author. Holborn Bridge, London. Taylor 1(371).
CONYERS, RICHARD England, fl.1689-1708, MIM apprenticed to John Cooke 2 of the Clockmakers' Company on Sept. 30, 1672; free of the Company, Nov. 4, 1689; took apprentices. J. Brown 3.
COOBEROW, MATTHEW England, fl.1690-1716, OIM apprenticed in the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1683; free of the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1690; took James Mann 2 and Thomas Lincoln as apprentices. Angel Street, London. Robischon; Court and von Rohr 3(58).
COOCKE mis-spelling for Cooke.
COOK 1 England, 18th Century, NIM Octants = BAR, POR, New Hampshire Historical Society, TRE, GEP, Whaling Museum, Nantucket, Mass.; Sextants = WHI, GEP; Hadley Quadrant = OMM. London. USNM; Price 12; Italian Inventory; RSW.
COOK 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
COOK 3 England, see Laban Cooke. RSW.
COOK 4 see Cooke.
COOK AND SON England, c.1820, NIM Octant = D.(1972). surely William and George Cook. 178 Shadwell High Street, London. Taylor 2(1104); RSW.
COOK, BENJAMIN E. USA, fl. 1827-34+, MIM SIM partner with Nathan Storrs as Storrs and Cook, 1827-34; he succeeded Storrs in 1834. Shop Row, Northampton, Mass. Smart 1.
COOK, FRANCIS see Francis Cooke. Daumas 1; Clay and Court.
COOK, GEORGE England, c.1822, NIM Octants = FRK, D.(1982), D.(1984). D.(1984) has anchor on scale; all signed "G. Cook"; also made compasses; probably son of William Cook. 178 Shadwell High Street, London. Taylor 2(1104); Frank; Coffeen; RSW.
COOK, J. England, PHIM made spring balances. G.L'E. Turner 24.
COOK, THOMAS England, fl.1693-1709, MIM Slide Rules = D.(1693), Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (1709). took apprentices; "Gauging Instrument Maker to the Excise Office for more than 40 years"; 1709 instrument signed "Thomas Cooke"; T.C. by the Excise Office in the Old Jury, London. Calvert 2; KEN; Evans 1; Britten; Darius 2..
COOK, W.C. England, 19th Century, MIM Sector = Peron et Corsy, Melun 6/10/79. Devonport. RSW.
COOK, WILLIAM England, fl.1806-20, NIM quadrant and compass maker; probably father of George Cook. 178 Shadwell High Street, London. Taylor 2(1104).
COOK, WILLIAM GEORGE England, c.1814, MIM may have been a member of the Masons' Company; took apprentices. London. Crawforth 7.
COOKE 1 England, 19th Century, MIM OIM Magnetic Compass = Versailles 11/20/83; Telescopic Level = Versailles 4/17/83. London. RSW.
COOKE 2 England, OIM Equatorial Telescope = Teramo Observatory. Bonelli 4.
COOKE AND KELVEY India and England, 19th Century, OIM Telescope, case = Soth. 2/28/80. Calcutta and Liverpool. RSW.
COOKE AND SON England, c.1910, OIM Telescope, refracting = Soth. 6/23/87. RSW.
COOKE AND SONS England, pre-1837-60, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Telescope, refracting, stand = Soth. 6/23/87. probably Thomas Cooke 3. Micklegate; 50 Stonegate (1837-38); 12 Coney Street (1843-51); 26 Coney Street (1860); all in York. Goodison 1; RSW.
COOKE, B., AND SON England, NIM Binnacle = Tower of Gold, Seville. Hull. RSW.
COOKE, FRANCIS England, fl.1590-96, NIM made backstaves; author. Mark Lane, London (1596). Taylor 1(81); Daumas 1; Clay and Court.
COOKE, FREDERICK England, 1835-98, MIM son of Thomas Cooke 3; brother of Thomas Cooke 4; firm of T. Cooke and Sons. York. Taylor and Wilson.
COOKE, GEORGE 1 England, c.1635, apprenticed to Elias Allen in the Grocers' Company in Aug. 1635. J. Brown 1.
COOKE, GEORGE 2 England, c.1694, MIM apprenticed to William Sellars of the Clockmakers' Company on Sept. 29, 1694. J. Brown 3.
COOKE, JOHN 1 England, c.1649, MIM apprenticed by turnover to Isaac Lowe of the Clockmakers' Company on Feb. 18, 1640; free of the Company on April 2, 1649. J. Brown 3.
COOKE, JOHN 2 England, c.1662, MIM apprenticed by turnover to William Dobb of the Clockmakers' Company on Nov. 16, 1655; free of the Company, Dec. 1, 1662; took an apprentice. J. Brown 3.
COOKE, LABAN England, fl.1825-33, MIM Slide Rules = OXF, D.(1976). also made gauges; "Maker to the Honble Board of Excise"; "late Wellington", D. signed "Cook, ----." 21 Crown Court, Soho, London. Taylor 2(1514); O'Mara; Moskowitz 118.
COOKE, ROBERT England, fl.1668-79, MIM citizen; free of the Weavers' Company; admitted as a Brother in the Clockmakers' Company in 1668; took apprentices in the Clockmakers' Company, including Johnson Weekes. London. Taylor 1(493); Clay and Court; Baillie 1; J. Brown 1 & 3.
COOKE, T., AND SON England, MIM T.C.; surely misreading for T. Cooke (3) and Sons. York? Soth. 10/27/69-31.
COOKE, T., AND SONS England, fl.1856-1922, MIM OIM SIM Thomas Cooke 3 and his sons, Frederick and Thomas Cooke 4 became partners, c.1856; from 1868-94, Frederick and Thomas Cooke 4 carried on the firm; in 1894 Frederick Cooke retired in favor of Alfred Taylor and his brother Dennis Taylor who continued the firm; Dennis Taylor had headed the optical shop; the name was changed to T. Cooke and Sons Ltd. in 1897; Vickers Ltd. acquired the firm in 1916 and merged it with Troughton and Simms Ltd, to form Cooke, Troughton and Simms Ltd. in 1922. York. Taylor and Wilson; Goodison 1.
COOKE, THOMAS 1 England, fl.1690-1742, MIM apprenticed to John Toogood in the Joiners' Company on April 4, 1682; free in the Company on June 3, 1690; took apprentices. Old Jewry; Threadneedle Street; both in London. Taylor 1(493); Crawforth 7.
COOKE, THOMAS 2 England, fl.1690-1718, free in the Joiners' Company; took apprentices. London. Crawforth 7.
COOKE, THOMAS 3 England, 1807-68 fl.1837-68, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Telescope = Soth. 10/27/69; Striding Level = KFR 12/3/64. mechanical engineer and builder of steam engines; also an instrument maker; worked alone from 1837 to c.1856; took his sons Frederick and Thomas Cooke 4 as partners to form T. Cooke and Sons; the sons continued the firm after his death. Allerthrope (1807-29); Micklegate (1832); 50 Stonegate (1837); Coney Street (c.1838); all in York. Taylor 2(1515); Taylor and Wilson.
COOKE, THOMAS 4 England, 1839-1919, MIM OIM brother of Frederick Cooke; son of Thomas Cooke 3; about 1856 he and his brother joined their father to found the firm of T. Cooke and Sons. York. Taylor and Wilson.
COOKE, THOMAS 5 England, see Thomas Cook.
COOKE, TROUGHTON AND SIMMS LTD. England, 1922-, MIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums. in 1922 the firms of Troughton and Simms Ltd. and T. Cooke and Sons Ltd. merged into Cooke, Troughton and Simms Ltd.; Vickers Ltd. acquired control of T. Cooke and Sons Ltd. in 1916 and that of Troughton and Simms Ltd. a few years later; the company is now known as Vickers Instruments Ltd. York and London. Taylor and Wilson.
COOKE, WILLIAM D. USA, c.1850, MIM Terrestrial Globe, for the blind = New York Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations, 1853. USNM.
COOLE, HUMFRAY England, 1568, MIM Astronomical Compendium, 1568 = OXF. Humphrey Cole. Gunther 4.
COOLLE, HUMFRAY England, c.1580, MIM Gunner's Combination Dividers, 1580 = BM-1878/11-1 114. see Humphrey Cole. Price 3; Ward 4; Gunther 2 and 4.
COOMBE, OLIVER see Oliver Combs. Dewhirst.
COOMBES 1 see Cox and Coombes. RSW.
COOMBES 2 England, MIM NIM OIM see J. Coombes. Devonport. RSW.
COOMBES, D. England, 19th Century, NIM Borda Circle = Saint-Brieuc 8/4/79. Devonport. RSW.
COOMBES, J. England, c.1850, MIM NIM OIM Sextants = FRK (2), Soth. 10/31/66-83, 10/27/69, Soth. N.Y. 2/23/79, D.(1976), etc.; Telescope = D.(1971); Rolling Rule = Phillips 2/14/79; Rule, ivory = X. "Optician and Admiralty Agent, Devonport"; some may be too late for this Index; some instruments signed "Coombes Devonport." 87 Fore Street, Devonport. Frank; Bryden 9; DATM; RSW.
COOMBS 1 see King and Coombs. Moskowitz; Coffeen C.
COOMBS 2 see Combs. J. Brown 3.
COOMBS 3 see Combs. J. Brown 3.
COOMBS, FISHER England, c.1728, see Fisher Combs. Clay and Court.
COOPER 1 USA, c.1839, PHIM made a baroscope in 1839. USNM.
COOPER 2 1830, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1830 = Cromarty. may have made dial. Somerville.
COOPER, C.T. England, c.1850, MIM Ham's Ullaging and Proof Rules = NMM, KEN. London. NMM; KEN.
COOPER, C.T., AND SONS England, MIM Gunnery Scales, boxwood = Soth. 7/27/64-200. London. RSW.
COOPER, JAMES C. England, 18th Century, MIM Manchester. Moskowitz 102.
COOPER, S. England, 1836, MIM Engineer's Rule, 1836 = D.(1971) = P.C. Miller Street, Shidehill, Manchester. Moskowitz 102; RSW.
COOPER, THOMAS England, 1701, NIM Nocturnal, wood, 1701 = X. J.A. Bennett 2.
COOPER, W. Scotland, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometer with clock = Christie-SK 4/17/86. the combined clock and barometer dial is signed "W. Cooper Hamilton"; the thermometer is signed "Wm. Ticadell? Glasgow", which see. Hamilton. RSW.
COOPER, W.C. England, 1842, PHIM Electrometer = Christie-SK 8/20/87. RSW.
COOPER, W.G. England, c.1830, MIM Berzelius-type Slide Rule = Berzelius Museum (Swedish Academy of Sciences). 44 Union Street, Plymouth. RSW.
COPE see Molyneux and Cope. RSW.
COPERNICUS, NICHOLAS Poland; Italy; Poland, 1473-1543, MIM Wall Sundial, pre-1512 = Olsztyn Castle. author; noted astronomer who proposed a heliocentric theory; he also made an armillary sphere and a quadrant. Torun. Zinner 1; Polish Inventory; DSB; etc.
COPINI, GATINI England, fl.1832-49, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 11/21/95. barometer and thermometer maker; barometer signed "Copini London." 217 High Street, Shoreditch (1832-41); 280 High Holborn (1839-41); Norton Folgate (1842-49); all in London. Goodison 1; RSW.
COPLAND, PATRICK Scotland, fl.1775-1822, MIM Rule, 12-inch, silvered brass = Natural Philosophical Museum, Dept. of Physics, U. of Aberdeen. professor of natural philosophy; the rule used Troughton's five-foot standard-rule as a model. Aberdeen. J.S. Reid; Clarke et al.
COPLEY, CHARLES USA, c.1852, MIM Globe, 1852 = D.(1966). made terrestrial and celestial globes. New York, N.Y. USNM; Vietor.
COPODURO, D. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Gloucester Museum. address spelled "Cerincester." Cirencester. Goodison 1.
COPP, JOHANN Poland, fl.1524-84, Dr. Johann Copp; designed an astrolabe; author. Breslau. Price 2; Zinner 1; Weil 2(25).
COPP, PHILIP 1703, MIM Astronomical Instrument, 1703 = GEL-TX898. Chenekal 4.
COPPIN, EDOUARD France, post-1827, MIM NIM OIM SIM made surveying instruments, sextants and microscopes; succeeded his father, M. Coppin in the firm Maison Hue-Coppin. 56, rue de Turbigo, Paris, 3e. RSW.
COPPIN, M. France, post-1827, MIM NIM OIM SIM made surveying instruments, sextants and microscopes; succeeded Hue to form the firm Hue-Coppin; he was succeeded by his son Edouard Coppin; the "M" in M. Coppin is probably Monsieur Coppin. Paris. RSW.
COPPLE, RICHARD England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Sankey. Goodison 1.
CORBETTA, I. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 11 Brook Street, Holborn, London. Goodison 1.
CORBINO, VINCENZO Italy, 18th Century, NIM Plate for Compass Rose = P.C. Bonelli 4.
CORBY, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
CORDERO, T. Italy, OIM Telescope = Technical Museum, Milan. RSW.
CORDEROY, WILLIAM England, c.1650, MIM worked with Caspas Kalthoff and Johannes Digges. London. Rooseboom 1.
CORDETT, RICHARD England, c.1765, apprenticed to Charles Lincoln, an OIM in the Spectaclemakers' Company, Oct. 3, 1765. Court and von Rohr 3(193).
CORELAND, J. USA, MIM made compasses. DATM.
CORLESS, JOHN England, fl.1806-38, MIM PHIM Balance = Chemical Laboratory Inventory, 1823, Oxford. apprenticed to Robert Tangate in the Joiners' Company, May 4, 1773; listed as a MIM in the directories; took apprentices; the balance was signed "Corless." 19 Newcastle Street, Strand, London (1828). Baillie 1; O'Mara; Gunther 2; Crawforth 7.
CORNEL, ANTONIO F. MIM Rule, ivory = LOS. "Antonio F. Cornel" over "H." RSW.
CORNELISZ, JAN Germany, fl.1760-84, NIM Octants = HAA (1777), DRE, BRE, FLE, AMST; Sextant = LUB. sometimes spelled Corneliss. Föhr Island, Schleswig-Holstein. Zinner 1; Basserman-Jordan 1; Mörzer Bruyns 1 and 2.
CORNELIUS, VON Germany, 19th Century, MIM Artillery Level = BRE. Bremerhaven. RSW.
CORNELL England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. c.1820? Royston. Goodison 1.
CORNELL, SILAS USA, c.1845, MIM made an "improved terrestrial globe." New York, N.Y. USNM.
CORNELLI, GEMMAE Spain, 1630, MIM see Cornelius Gemma 2. Garcia Franco 2; Price 1; ICA 2; RSW.
CORNIQUET, PHILIPPE JACQUES France, fl.1785-1813, MIM Astronomical Clock = X. Paris. Baillie 1.
CORNISH, W.H. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Okehampton. Goodison 1.
CORNITTI, O., AND SON England, 19th Century, PHIM Stick Barometer = Phillips 9/10/86. London. RSW.
CORONELLI, P. MARCO VINCENZO MARIA Italy, 1650-1718, MIM Celestial Globe Gores, 1693 = ADL-A159 & -W258; Celestial Globe Gores = New York Public Library (2); Pair of Globe Gores, 1697 = ADL-A303; Terrestrial Globe Gores = Library of Congress (1688), New York Public Library (1697). the Louvre owns the plates for the 1693 gores and occasionally restrikes them; ADL-W258 is one of those restrikes; the 1693 gores make a globe of 108 cm. in diameter; ADL-A303 would have a diameter of 8.5 cm. Ravenna; Venice. Bonelli 1, 4 and 8; Michel 1 and 3; Nachet; Italian and Belgian Inventories; Société Belge; Stevenson; Globus Nov. 1954; Grimaldi (732); DSB; Yonge; ADL; RSW.
CORONTE, A. France, 1787, PHIM Stick Barometer, 1787 = D.(1958). Metz. RSW.
CORPA Holland, c.1795, OIM made a microscope with W. Eisland. The Hague. Rooseboom 1.
CORRALL, WILLIAM England, fl.1822-41, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Church Street, Lutterworth (1835-41). Goodison 1.
CORRAZINI, F. Italy, 1747, MIM SIM Circumferentor, 1747 = P. and S. 4/3/1894. Evans 1; Gunther 2.
CORSAN, ROBERT see Robert Corson. Bryden 9.
CORSAN, THOMAS England, c.1770, MIM rule maker. Queen Street, Wolverhampton. Bryden 9.
CORSON, L.H., M.A. USA, c.1840, invented a type of perpetual calendar, engraved by Doty and Bergen. Christie 4/3/85.
CORSON, ROBERT England, fl.1767-70, MIM Rule, wood = P.C. rule maker; sometimes spelled "Corsan." Berry Street, Wolverhampton. Bryden 9; Crawforth 10.
CORSS, JAMES Scotlandc.1650, MIM maker and seller of scientific instruments; publisher of the "Edinburgh Almanack." Edinburgh. Bryden 15.
CORT AND CO. England, pre-1846, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Leicester. Goodison 1.
CORT, L.E. VAN England, OIM Telescope = D.(1989). RSW.
CORTE, JAS. Scotland, c.1790, PHIM Stick Barometer, yew = Soth. 2/4/77; Hydrostatic Bubbles = Christie-SK 4/17/86. Glasgow. RSW.
CORTI AND SON England, c.1790, PHIM Wheel Barometer, satinwood = D.(1989). London. RSW.
CORTI, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = X. 7 Greville Street, London. Goodison 1.
CORTI, ANTONI Scotland, fl.1833-45, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometers = Soth. 2/28/80, Christie-SK 1/22/87. the wheel barometer is signed "A. Corti, Glasgow"; the stick barometer from Christie is signed "A. Cortie" plus the address. 97 Nelson Street, Glasgow. Goodison 1; RSW.
CORTI, B. Scotland, PHIM Barometer = D.(1972). Glasgow. J. Bell.
CORTI, ENRICO Italy, 19th Century, PHIM Balance = A-P 3/15/76. "successore a Orlandi." RSW.
CORTI, F. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Newcastle. Goodison 1.
CORTI, G.A. Scotland, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 12/17/87. Inverness. RSW.
CORTI, J. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Colchester. Goodison 1.
CORTI, J. 2 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
CORTI, J. NO. England, c.1775, PHIM Stick Barometer = Chelsea Fair Cat., 1973. probably Jno. Corti. RSW.
CORTI, J.B. Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Glasgow. Goodison 1.
CORTI, JNO. England, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometers = X(2), Soth. 12/14/95; Wheel Barometers = X(2). one wheel barometer signed "J. Corti" but shows the same address; Soth. signed "Jno. Corti Fecit." 94 Holborn Hill, London. Goodison 1; RSW.
CORTI, JOHN England, fl.1815-34, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, Phillips 2/15/89; Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 10/19/89. supplied the trade; instruments signed "J. Corti, London" except Phillips which is signed "John Corti Fecit"; may be by Jno. Corti. 27 Leather Lane (1815-25); 35 Eyre Street, Hatton Garden (1826-34); Union Court, Hatton; all in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1516); RSW.
CORTI, JOS. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Ipswich. Goodison 1.
CORTI, PAUL England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(5). may be father of Paul Courti. 5 Market Street, Exeter. Goodison 1.
CORTI, PETER England, fl.1845-50, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 30 Eyre Street Hill, London. Goodison 1.
CORTILO, CARMELO AND FRANCALANCIO Italy, 1720, MIM Armillary Sphere, 1720 = ROM-7780. Turin. Bonelli 4.
CORTS, J. PHIM Spring Balance = DRE. RSW.
CORTY, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see John Corti. London. Goodison 1.
COSENS, NICHOLAS England, fl.1638-54, MIM hour glass maker; also spelled "Cussans." York. Loomes; Baillie 1; Britten.
COSIMO, BERNARDINUS Italy, 18th Century, MIM Table Sundial = Stuker (1958). "di casa Bernardini Cosimo." RSW.
COSLE France, invented a horizontal sundial made by Menant. Wheatland 2.
COSSA England, 18th Century, PHIM Barometer = D.(1971). Birmingham. RSW.
COSSA, P. Scotland, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometer = Phillips 7/20/83. Glasgow. RSW.
COSSINET, FRANCIS England, c.1659, sold navigational instruments and globes; maker? at the Sign of the Anchor and Mariner, Tower Street, Mincing Lane, London. Taylor 1(281).
COSTA, ANTONIO CARVALHO DA see Carvalho. Weil 2(25).
COSTA, ANTONIUS Italy, fl. 1670-76, MIM Sectors = ROM (1675), FLO; Armillary Spheres = NMM-Sp.11 (1676), D. (1670). Italian Inventory says the sectors are 1679; the NMM armillary sphere is signed "Antonius Costa Mirandulanus fecit in Fere 1676"; armillary sphere, 1670, is 15 inches high. Mirandolana; Fera. Price 2; Italian Inventory; NMM 2; RSW.
COSTA, CESAR Italy, fl.1690-1715, MIM Squadra Mobile, 1712 = D.; Sliding Gauge, 1690 = ADL-M114; Graphometers = BM (1692) (1715), P.C.(1965); Sectors, 1699 = VEN, NYC. ADL was stolen, 1964, while on loan; the BM graphometer of 1692 is lost. Mirandolana. Bonelli 4; Price 2 and 3; Michel 3; Daumas 1; Engelmann 1; Brieux 2; Ward 4; ADL; RSW.
COSTA, GIOVANNI FRANCESCO Italy, d.1773, MIM Celestial Globe, 1754 = ROM. Venice. Bonelli 4; Italian Inventory; Globus, Dec. 1956.
COSTA, JOSEPH DE MIRANDA Portugal, 1711, NIM Mariner's Compass, 1711 = WHI. RSW.
COSTENBADR, GEORG Germany, c.1583, MIM Astrolabe Clock = Soth. 5/21/53-103. see Kostenbader. RSW.
COSTER, D. Italy, 1715, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1715 = LIE. The Hague. Michel 3 and 9.
COSTER, SALOMON Holland, d.1659, MIM with Steven Thrasi built a "magnificent planetarium known as the `Leidse sphera'"; clockmaker. Rotterdam. Daumas 1; Rooseboom 1; Price 2.
COSTERE, JACOBUS DE Holland, 1618, MIM Astrolabe, 1618 = MAA. ICA 464; designed by Michael Coignet and engraved by Ferdinand Arsenius. Rooseboom 1; Price 1; ICA 2; Michel 3 & 16; RSW.
COSTIGAN USA, post-1836, NIM T.C. 74 South Street, New York, N.Y. Moskowitz 102.
COTES, ROGER USA, c.1716, invented a meridian telescope which was made by Voight. Boston Mass. Bedini 1.
COTTA Germany, PHIM Electrical Instrument = X. Leipzig. Hackmann.
COTTAM AND HALLEN England, c.1820, MIM Level = D.; Hodometer = Soth. 7/15/63-148. Winsley Street, London. Wynter and Turner; RSW.
COTTE, LOUIS France, 1740-1815, invented or perfected meteorological instruments; author. Paris. Goldschmidt and Co. Cat.
COTTEL, TIMOTHEE France, c.1620, MIM Timothée Cottel or possibly Timothée Collet, which see. Paris. Hamilton 2.
COTTEREL, CHARLES England, c.1667, Sir Charles Cotterel invented a form of Napier's Rods. Taylor 1(314); Dewhirst; Evans 1; RSW.
COTTIE, ABEL USA, 1680, MIM had Benjamin Chandlee 1 as an apprentice, 1680; clockmaker? RSW.
COTTON, EDWARD England, fl.1818-23, MIM made dividers, protractors, etc. Boston. USNM.
COTTON, L. USA, c.1850, MIM SIM Surveying Compasses = P.C., D.(1969), USNM. New York, N.Y. USNM; RSW.
COTY France, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial = Christie 7/5/71. Paris. RSW.
COUCHMAN, PETER England, c.1682, apprenticed to Nathaniel Anderton in the Grocers' Company on Dec. 6, 1682. J. Brown 1.
COUDRAY, JULIEN France, fl.1504-30, MIM Astrolabe, 1507 = Blois Chateau; Astronomical Clock = Tours. also made armillary spheres; he may have repaired the astrolabe. Blois. Michel 3; Baillie 1; Price 2.
COULDRY, JOSEPH England, fl.1819-51, MIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. also made thermometers and saccharometers. Church Passage, Tooley Street (1819-29); 4 Churchyard Passage (1828); 26 St. Thomas Street, East Borough (1838-51); all in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1297); O'Mara.
COULOMB France, 17th Century, MIM Floating Sundial, round, ivory = MERC-87. Columb? Hamilton 1 and 2.
COULOMB, CHARLES AUGUSTIN France, 1736-1806, PHIM devised a torsion balance electrometer in 1785. G.L'E. Turner 24.
COULSELL, ELIZABETH England, c.1838, MIM OIM PHIM probably widow of Thomas Coulsell. 153 Union Street, Borough, London. Taylor 2(2104).
COULSELL, ELIZABETH AND MATHILDA England, c.1836, MIM OIM PHIM widow and daughter? 153 Union Street, Borough, London. O'Mara.
COULSELL, JOHN England, c.1830, MIM 7 Wooten Street, Cornwall Road, London. Taylor 2(1813).
COULSELL, THOMAS England, fl.1810-29, MIM made ivory and box rules; Elizabeth Coulsell his widow? 29 Union Street; 41 Union Street (1822); 153 Union Street (1828-29); all in Southwark, London. Taylor 2(1299); O'Mara.
COULSELL, WILLIAM England, 1815-58, MIM 9 Castle Street, Southwark, London. Taylor 2(1300); O'Mara.
COULSELL, WILLIAM, AND SON England, MIM 4 Salmon Lane, Limehouse, London. Taylor 2(1300).
COULSON, DANIEL England, c.1838, MIM PHIM 58 Charles Street, City Road, London. Taylor 2(2105).
COULSON, S. England, c.1825, engineer; devised a type of slide rule. Redcar. Delehar 2.
COUNSEL England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 10/19/87. Farringdon. RSW.
COUPPEY, JEAN ANDRE France; Austria, fl.1764-73, MIM Jean André Couppey; made several astronomical clocks. Paris; Vienna. Baillie 1; Britten.
COUR, DE LA see Delacour.
COURT, WILLIAM, AND MARMADUKE HODGESON England, c.1690, T.C.; sellers of books and mathematical instruments. at the Mariner and Anchor on little Tower Hill, London. Calvert 2.
COURTANVAUX, MARQUIS DE France, pre-1782, invented the gnomograph to calculate sundials; one of the great eighteenth century collectors. Paris. Courtanvaux.
COURTI, PAUL England, 1856-57, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Soth. 10/19/87, Bearne's 2/12/92. probably son of Paul Corti; Soth. barometer signed "Courti Exeter"; Bearne's signed P. Courti, Exeter." 38 1/2 South Street (1856); 7 High Street (1856-57); both in Exeter. Goodison 1; RSW.
COURTI, PH. France, 19th Century, MIM Cannon Sundial = Drouot 4/26/67-36. Mulhouse. RSW.
COURVOISIER ET HOURIET France, fl.1775-1804, MIM David Courvoisier et Jacques Frédéric Houriet; made astronomical clocks. Le Locle. Britten.
COUSENS AND CO. England, NIM T.C. 20 Wind Street, Swansea. RSW.
COUT surely Gout. Koller, May 1966.
COUTTS, I.P. misreading for "I.P. Cutts." RSW.
COVAGNOLI, GIUSEPPE Italy, 1665, MIM SIM Circumferentor, 1665 = Brescia Museum-56. Price 2.
COVELL, THOMAS England, c.1787, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Ripley 1 of the Grocers' Company on July 5, 1787. London. J. Brown 1.
COVENS, CORNELIS Holland, fl.1792-1803, MIM Terrestrial Globe = AMST(2), BOM 3/28/06 (1803); Celestial Globe, 1803 = AMST; Armillary Sphere = AMST. succeeded the Valk Brothers. Amsterdam. Cat. der Bibliotheek, AMST; Krogt 2; Mörzer Bruyns 2.
COVENTRY, JOHN England, fl.1790-1816, MIM made glass micrometer scales and designed a hygrometer. Southwark, London. Taylor 2(1107); Chaldecott.
COVERI, STEFANO Italy, fl.1660-80, OIM made telescopes. Livorno. Daumas 1.
COWAN, HENRY England?, c.1850, PHIM Gold Balance = D.(1970). Boston. Moskowitz 101.
COWIE, A. England, NIM Sextant, case = Eldred 10/11/75. Grangemouth. RSW.
COWLAND, W. England, MIM Gunter Quadrant = Libert et Castor 4/28/82-89. RSW.
COWLEY, J. England, fl.1739-46, MIM Celestial Globe, glass, 1739 = KEN. engraved the glass globe of the "Powderham sphere", c.1740; appointed Geographer in ordinary to his Majesty (George II) in 1741. KEN; Millburn 9.
COWLEY, MISS Englandc.1787, invented a cardboard pocket armillary sphere, c.1787, "Miss Cowley's Pocket Sphere"; published by Jno. Marshall and Co., which see; example is ADL-W246. London? ADL; RSW.
COWLEY, W.H. England, NIM Sextant with platina scale = Soth. 5/21/71. Milford Haven. RSW.
COX 1 see Cock. Taylor 1(285); Daumas 1.
COX 2 England, c.1750, OIM Telescope = PEA. London. Taylor 2(701); Brewington 1.
COX 3 England, 18th Century, MIM NIM Sextant = D.(1972); Protractor = WHI; Pantograph = OXF; Sundials = NMM(2); Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 4/17/86. may be more than one person; barometer signed "Cox" on the level. London. Taylor 2(816); Whipple 1; Gunther 2; RSW.
COX 4 England, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Marine Barometers = NMM-B.12, Soth.-S 7/23/87; Stick Barometer =X; Protractor = Phillips 4/20/83; Theodolite = Soth. 2/2/70; Garden Sundial = D.(1973). either William Charles Cox or William Cox 3; "Optician." Devonport and Plymouth. Goodison 1; Wynter 1; RSW.
COX 5 England, 1838, MIM Pocket Globe, 1838 = Soth. 12/19/66-19; Compass Sundial = NMM-Caird. globe signed "Cox's Second Edition of 1838." RSW.
COX 6 England, NIM Nautical Sextant = Exhibition-Maps. probably William Charles Cox; see entry for instruments. Exhibition-Maps.
COX AND COOMBES England, NIM Sextants, ebony and ivory, cases = Chicheley Hall, Newport-Pagnell, Christie-SK 4/17/86. the name is in an ivory circle on the Chicheley Hall sextant. Devonport and Plymouth. RSW.
COX AND FARQUAHSON England, fl.1775-91, glass workers. Glasshouse, near Falcon Stairs, Southwark, London. Taylor 2(701).
COX AND SON England, MIM Protractor = NYM. probably William Cox 2 and Son. London. RSW.
COX, ANNE AND ROGER England, c.1808, MIM rule makers. Suffolk Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
COX, ARTHUR England, c.1754, apprenticed to Edward Roberts 1 in the Joiners' Company on Aug. 6, 1754. Crawforth 7.
COX, BENJAMIN England, c.1733, MIM apprenticed to John Bennett 2 of the Clockmakers' Company on Dec. 5, 1726; free of the Company, March 4, 1733. Green Arbour Court, Little Old Bailey, London. J. Brown 3.
COX, DANIEL England, post-1780, OIM Glasshouse, Falcon Stairs, Southwark, London. Taylor 2(701).
COX, E. England, 19th Century, MIM Rule, folding, fruitwood = A-P 3/15/76. 15 Great Queens, London. RSW.
COX, F. England, MIM OIM Tablet Sundial, wood = Soth. 12/16/63; Microscope = Phillips 9/10/86. 100 Newgate Street, London. RSW.
COX, FRANCIS B. England, c.1860, MIM Slide Rule, carpenter, boxwood = OXF. "late Thomas Cox and Co"; also worked in ivory. 50 Camden Street, Birmingham. G.L'E. Turner 24; USNM; Evans 1; RSW.
COX, G. England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie 5/5/83. George Cox 2? see James Cook 2. 5 Barbican, London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1815); RSW.
COX, GEORGE 1 England, c.1818, MIM maker of boxwood and ivory rules. Navigation Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
COX, GEORGE 2 England, fl.1830-36, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Surveying Beam Level = D.(1972); Instrument = WHI; Sector, ivory = P.C. P.C. has a small rosette at beginning of Numbers line; D. marked "Webster's Improved Beam Level, G. Cox." 128 Holborn Hill, London (1830-36). Moskowitz 104; Taylor 2(1815); Clay and Court; RSW.
COX, I.S. England, 1833, MIM Pair of Globes, miniature = Phillips 11/16/88. terrestrial globe is dated 1833; 2nd edition; see James Cox 2. RSW.
COX, J. England, c.1840, NIM Octant, ebony, brass and ivory = D. London. Wynter and Turner.
COX, JAMES 1 England, c.1780, OIM Telescope with watch on hinged lens cover = Wilsdorf Coll. (1976) = UTO 11/2/76 = TIM. photogragh caption says "William Cox"; see William Cox 2. London. Country Life, June 3, 1976, pp. 1486, 1488.
COX, JAMES 2 England, fl.1811-57, MIM OIM PHIM Terrestrial Globes, miniature, with cases = H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Coll. (1835), Phillips 12/2/87 (1835), Soth. 12/19/66-19 (1838); Wheel Barometer = X. the globe from Phillips is signed "Cox Barbican, London, 1835" on a label pasted over the original signature which was "Lane's Improved Globe, London"?; Soth. globe is signed "Cox's Second Edition of 1838"; succeeded Joseph Cox; T.C; "Working Optician"; see I.S. Cox. 51 Banner Street, St. Luke's; 5 Barbican, Aldersgate Street (1830-51); 85 Lombard Street (1839); all in London. Wynter and Turner; Wynter 1; Goodison 1; Brewington 1; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; RSW.
COX, JOHN 1 England, c.1664, see Reeves and Cox.
COX, JOHN 2 England, fl.1732-64, OIM apprenticed to Thomas Lincoln of the Spectaclemakers' Company on Sept. 30, 1724; free of the Company on June 29, 1732; John Margas turned over to him, after 1735; T.C. at the Cock and Garter in Long Acre, London. Court and von Rohr 3(112); Crawforth 1; Robischon.
COX, JOHN 3 England, c.1759, MIM apprenticed to Joseph Hill of the Grocers' Company on July 19, 1759. London. J. Brown 1.
COX, JOSEPH England, fl.1790-1835, NIM OIM Borda Circle = KEN. succeeded William Cox 2. 3 Barbican (1798-1817); 5 Barbican (1820-35); both in London. Taylor 2(816); Brewington 1; KEN.
COX, ROGER England, see Anne and Roger Cox. Bryden 9.
COX, S.W. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Market Harborough. Goodison 1.
COX, SAMUEL England, c.1820, MIM Hour Circle, pewter = Soth. 10/21/74. RSW.
COX, THOMAS England, c.1797, MIM rule maker; continued as Thomas Cox and Co? Hill Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9; RSW.
COX, THOMAS, AND CO. England, pre-1860, MIM rule makers; succeeded by Francis B. Cox. Birmingham. G.L'E. Turner; RSW.
COX, W. England, OIM PHIM Telescope = Christie 12/17/75; Stick Barometer and Sympiesometer = X. William Cox 3 or William Charles Cox? Devonport. RSW.
COX, WILLIAM 1 England, fl.1727-44, OIM apprenticed to William Johnson in the Spectaclemakers' Company; turned over to Jane Sterrop, widow of Thomas Sterrop 1, of the Spectaclemakers' Company; free of the Company, 1727; took his son as an apprentice in 1744. London. Robischon; Crawforth 7.
COX, WILLIAM 2 England, c.1774, OIM Telescope, two-draw = Bearnes 3/30/88. apprenticed to Charles Lincoln in the Spectaclemakers' Company; free of the Company, 1774; see James Cox 1 re: telescope with watch. 3 Barbican, London. Taylor 2(816); Brewington 1; Robischon; RSW.
COX, WILLIAM 3 England, c.1806, MIM NIM PHIM Marine Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = X. supplied nautical instruments to the Naval College. Plymouth Dock, Devon. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1108); Moskowitz 102.
COX, WILLIAM CHARLES England, fl.1822-57, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Barometer = NMM; Stick Barometer = X; Marine Barometer = X; Protractors = WRAY, USNM, Soth. 3/21/73 (silver); Sextants = Soth. 11/9/59 and 7/15/63; Electrometer = KEN; Theodolite = Soth. 2/2/70; Beam Compass = NMM; Surveying Compass = D.(1975); Watch Counter = D.(1982); Telescope = D.(1992). T.C.; some instruments signed "Wm. Cox" and could be by William Cox 3. 86 Fore Street, Plymouth Dock (1822-39); 89 Fore Street (1852-56); 24 Southside Street (1856); 83 Fore Street (1857); all in Devonport; in Plymouth also. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1517); USNM; Moskowitz 107; Bryden 9; Coffeen B and 39; RSW.
COX, WILLIAM, AND SON England, fl.1786-1838, OIM William Cox 2 and Son. 3 (later 5) Barbican, London. Taylor 2(816).
COYPEL, A. France, c.1710, signature on case of astronomical clock by Fardoil; also signed "J. Caffieri." Trois Siècles.
COYSGARNE England, see Wilcox and Coysgarne. RSW.
CR. R.B.F. Germany, c.1700, MIM Horizontal Sundial = STU. Zinner 1.
CRABBE, GEORGE England, c. 1850, Rev. George Crabbe; made a cheap meridian instrument that showed time at noon to within one second. Merton Rectory, Thetford. USNM; London Internat'l Exhibition of 1862.
CRAFORD, HENRY England, fl.1737-61, MIM apprenticed to John Gilbert 1, Grocers' Company, Dec. 15, 1724; free of the Company Jan. 19, 1737 (OS); took apprentices; sometimes spelled "Crawford." Denmark Street, Ratcliffe Highway (1737); Ratcliffe Highway (1741); both in London. J. Brown 1.
CRAIG, JAMES Scotland, c.1760, MIM made an astronomical clock. Glasgow. Baillie 1.
CRAMER, GERNARD Holland?, 1714, MIM Polar Sundial, 1714 = P-B 10/28/63. "sculpsit"; Gerrit Cramer? RSW.
CRAMER, GERRIT Holland, fl.1729-55, MIM OIM Equatorial Sundial = LIE; Microscopes = CRI, UTR, BM, GRO; Telescope = LEY; Sundial = P.C.; Parallactic Machine = LEY. Groningen. Rooseboom 1; Zinner 1; Nachet; Daumas 1; Gunther 2.
CRANE, AARON D. USA?, c.1850, MIM made astronomical clock. USNM; N.Y. Exhib. of the Industry of all Nations, 1853.
CRANENDONCK, I. DE, M.F.A. 1607, MIM Radio Latino, 1607 = Christie-SK 4/17/86. RSW.
CRANEVELT, JOHN England?, c.1730, NIM Backstaff = Soth. 6/25/68-19 = D.(1982). could be Middelburg, Holland; Moskowitz thinks he is owner, and that instrument was made in England. Middelbur-; Middelburg? Moskowitz 123; RSW.
CRASSIER, G. DE Germany, MIM Quadrant, folding, wood and paper = ADL-W129. probably owner. ADL; RSW.
CRAWFORD, HENRY see Henry Craford. J. Brown 1.
CRAWHAL, T.W. England, c.1850, MIM Drawing Instrument Set, case = Ineichen 5/10/76. RSW.
CRAWLEY, THOMAS England, fl.1676-1702, OIM instrument maker for Robert Hooke. Gresham House, London. Taylor 1(391); Evans 1.
CRAWLEY, WILLIAM England, fl.1828-46, OIM may have been partner with or successor to Thomas Jones. 6 Castle Street, Leicester Square (1828-29); 21 Oxenden Street, Piccadilly (1836-38); both in London. O'Mara; Taylor 2(2107).
CRAYLE, WILLIAM England, c.1595, MIM Evans 1.
CREED, ROBERT England, c.1700, apprenticed to Thomas Tompion in the Clockmakers' Company. Robischon.
CREEK see Crick. J. Brown 1.
CREMENSIS, FRANCISCUS see Franciscus of Cremona.
CREMER, GERHARD 1 see Gerardus Mercator. Osley; Rooseboom 1.
CREMER, GERHARD 2 Germany, 1714, MIM Equatorial Sundial, 1714 = D. "Gerhard Kloppenburgh Invenit et Delineavit Gerhard Cremer Sculpsit 1714." Wynter and Turner.
CREMER, J.D. Holland, c.1750, MIM Sundial = P.C.(1798). Rooseboom 1.
CREMON, JOSEPH, AND CO. c.1780, PHIM Barometer = D.(1969). RSW.
CREMONINI England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Bilston. Goodison 1.
CREMONINI, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
CREMONINI, F. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
CREMSDORFF France, c.1720, MIM Butterfield-type Sundials, silver = OXFB, NMM, FIN-172, MERC-41 (oval), Soth. 7/31/58 and 6/25/68 (ex-Chester Beatty Coll.), MADEX, P-B 2/22/54, LIE. Paris. Michel 1, 3, 9 and 15; Nachet; Zinner 1; Josten 1; MADEX; Hamilton 1 and 2; RSW.
CREMSTORFF see Cremsdorff. Soth. 6/25/68.
CRENTZIN, CHRISTIAN Germany, 18th Century, MIM SIM Table Sundials = DEU, NUR; Graphometers = DEU-10499, DEU; Equatorial Sundial = SPI-166; Instrument = MUN-33/283. some instruments listed as `C. Creutzin', and of the 17th century. Munich. Zinner 1; Price 2; Evans 1; Michel 3; Ernst.
CRENY, ANTHOINE DE France, c.1660, MIM Sundial, silver and ivory = Soth.-N.Y. 2/23/79. may be Bloud-type. Dieppe. RSW.
CRESCENZIO, BARTOLOMEO Italy, c.1607, MIM made magnetic compasses; designed a mariner's astrolabe; author; Price said that he was not an instrument maker. Rome. Boffito; Michel 3; Price 2.
CREUTZIN, C. Germany, see Christian Crentzin. RSW.
CRICHTON England, c.1830, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Octants = PMS, RSM, GEP, Kelton Coll. (1990), Soth. 4/29/77; Sextants = ADL-A178, Whaling Museum, Nantucket, Mass., Soth. 5/12/75, K. and C. 7/14/76; Gunter Rule = Christie 11/22/78; Artificial Horizon = D.(1981); Parallel Rules, ivory = NMM; Thermometers = CNAM (Lavoisier Coll.); Quadrant = SUN; Microscope = Christie-SK 8/20/87; etc. PMS octant made for Alder and Duren, New York; surely John 2 or Joseph Crichton; Kelton octant made for A. Dobbie, surely James Crichton 2. 112 Leadenhall Street, London. Taylor 2(1518), (2108); Michel 3; Daumas 1; Clay and Court; Frank; Moskowitz 122; ADL; RSW.
CRICHTON BROS. England, fl.1820?-1872, MIM NIM PHIM Rule, ivory = Soth. 10/17/60; Octant = Christie-SK 4/17/86; Sextant = Phillips 11/16/76; Sympiesometer = Christie 12/8/76; Rule with Protractor = D.; Stick Barometer, 1872 = D.(1976). most instruments may be very late. 11 Billiter Street, London. Taylor 2(2108); Moskowitz 122; RSW.
CRICHTON, J. England, c.1825, OIM Microscopes = P.C., Soth. 11/9/59, 6/8/70; Monocular Microscope = Soth.-B 9/15/76. either John 2 or Joseph Crichton. 112 Leadenhall Street, London. RSW.
CRICHTON, JAMES 1 Scotlandc.1817, MIM PHIM Barometer = RSM; Magnetometer, Air Pump, Compass Variation Needle = University of Strathclyde. also a balance maker. Glasgow. Taylor 2(1301); Fiona Wilson.
CRICHTON, JAMES 2 England, c.1845, NIM Octants, ebony = Soth. 4/29/71 and 10/28/86. made instruments for A. Dobbie. London. Clarke et al.
CRICHTON, JOHN 1 England, c.1826-32, MIM 32 Fore Street, Limehouse, London. Taylor 2(1518).
CRICHTON, JOHN 2 England, fl.1846-51, MIM NIM Octant, ebony = Soth. 3/10/87. showed in the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London; T.C. reads "Manufacturer of Mathematical, Optical and Nautical Instruments to the Honorable East India Company and to the Honorable Corporation of the Trinity House." 112 Leadenhall Street, London. Taylor 2(2108); Nachet; G.L'E. Turner 24; Coffeen 10; RSW.
CRICHTON, JOSEPH England, f.1838-51, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Marine Barometer = X. 112 Leadenhall Street, London. Taylor 2(2108); Goodison 1.
CRICK, CHARLES 1 England, fl.1689-97, MIM apprenticed to William How, of the Grocers' Company, on Nov. 7, 1679; free of the Company Dec. 2, 1689; took apprentices; also spelled "Creek." London. J. Brown 1.
CRICK, CHARLES 2 England, fl.1722-38, MIM admitted to the Grocers' Company by Patrimony on Aug. 29, 1722; "Rulemaker"; son of Charles Crick 1; took an apprentice; also spelled "Creek." East Smithfield, London. J. Brown 1; Crawforth 7.
CRICK, JAMES England, fl.1733-54, MIM son of Charles Crick 1; admitted to the Grocers' Company by Patrimony on Oct. 10, 1733; took an apprentice; also may be spelled "Creek." near the Maypole, in East Smithfield, London. J. Brown 1.
CRICK, THOMAS England, c.1737, MIM son of Charles Crick 1; admitted to the Grocers' Company by Patrimony on Jan. 19, 1737 (OS). J. Brown 1.
CRICKMORE, T. England, c.1825, OIM Compound Microscope = Wellcome Institute, London. Ipswich. Bryden 9.
CRIGHTON, J. see J. Crichton.
CRINDEL see Carlo Grindel. Czech. Inventory.
CRISTEL, CONRAD Germany, 1484, MIM "compastmacher" in 1484. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
CRISTIN, JEAN PIERRE France, 1683-1755 tuv, redesigned the Celsius scale to the modern centigrade scale for thermometers. G.L'E. Turner 24.
CRITCHLEY AND MATHER England, fl.1822-24, MIM Critchley and John Mather; opticians. 3 North Side, Old Dock, Liverpool. Taylor 2(1520); Crawforth 6.
CROCE USA, PHIM Barometer = VCW. New York, N.Y. RSW.
CROCE, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Lewis. Goodison 1.
CROCE, G. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. York. Goodison 1.
CROCE, J. England, 1789, PHIM Stick Barometers = X (3); Wheel Barometers = X. probably Joshua Croce 1 or Joseph Croce; see William Peacock 2, who was probably his dealer; one of the stick barometers is dated "1789." York. Goodison 1; RSW.
CROCE, JOSEPH England, c.1847, PHIM barometer maker; son of Joshua Croce 1? York. Goodison 1.
CROCE, JOSHUA 1 England, fl.1823-41, PHIM barometer maker; father of Joseph Croce? 15 Grape Lane, York (1823-30). Goodison 1.
CROCE, JOSHUA 2 England, c.1850, PHIM Stick Barometers = Christie-SK 2/26/88, Soth.-S 1/25/89. the barometers are signed "Josh. Croce 212 Holborn." 212 Holborn, London. RSW.
CROFLER, CRISTOFO Germany, MIM may be a ghost. Bonelli 1.
CROGER, J. England, fl.1830-50, NIM Sextant, ebony, miniature = Soth. 11/9/70. London. RSW.
CROIX, BERIN DE LA England, 1761, MIM Noël-Simon Carochez turned over to him by P Vallée in 1761; member of the "Corporation des fondeurs"; possibly Lacroix, which see. Paris. Augarde.
CROLIUS, JOHANN Denmark, fl.1575-91, MIM collaborator of Tycho Brahe; goldsmith; instrument maker. Hven. Michel 3; Price 2.
CROLL, L. c.1650, MIM Equatorial Sundial = BUR. L. Cröll. USNM.
CROMER, GERRIT see Gerrit Cramer.
CRONMIRE, J.M. AND H. England, c.1850, MIM Drawing Instruments = Soth. 11/9/70. Soth. says 18th century. 10 Bromehead Street, Commercial Road East, London. London Intern'l Exhib., 1862; USNM; RSW.
CROOKE, JOHN 1 England, fl.1693-1758, MIM apprenticed to John Toogood in the Joiners' Company; freed in the Company by Elizabeth Toogood, July 4, 1693; took apprentices. Without Newgate, London. Crawforth 7.
CROOKE, JOHN 2 England, c.1722, apprenticed to his father, John Crooke 1, in the Joiners' Company on Sept. 1, 1713; free in the Company, April 3, 1722. Crawforth 7.
CROOKE, RICHARD England, c.1715, son of John Crooke 1; apprenticed to his father in the Joiners' Company, April 12, 1715. Crawforth 7.
CROOKES, JOHN England, MIM Quadrant, surveying = Musée Lombard, Geneva; Surveying Instrument= D.(1994). D. signed "Jno. Crookes Fecit Leeds". Leeds. Coffeen X (1994); RSW.
CROOKES, WILLIAM England, 1832-1919, PHIM invented and made a wide range of philosophical instruments, including Crooke's radiometer; F.R.S. London. DSB; DNB; Zeitlin Cat.
CROOME, ROBERT England, c.1764, free in the Joiners' Company; testified for Francis Morgan, July 3, 1764. London. Crawforth 7.
CROSA, ANTONIUS Italy, 1573, MIM Astrolabe, 1573 = D. "Antonius Crosa De Castronovo Genve Elaborabat Anno Salatis Domini MDLXXIII." Genoa. Brieux 2.
CROSBY AND ROBINSON England, pre-1743, T.C.; Thomas Crosby and John Robinson 1; sold all sorts of instruments; split up in 1743. at the lower end of Fair-street, "upon Horse-ly-down", in Southwark, London. Crawforth 1.
CROSBY, DANIEL Ireland, fl.1783-1804, PHIM Balances = D., WHI. 36 Pill Lane, Dublin. Coffeen III; Morrison-Low and Burnett.
CROSBY, JOHN England, c.1675, OIM member of the Spectaclemakers' Company, c.1675. London. Crawforth 6.
CROSMAN, CHARLES USA, 1830-1907, MIM worked for Burt and Bailey, 1853-56; worked with Burt and Watson, 1857-58; partner with William Cicero Grant as Grant and Crosman, 1858-61. Jefferson Avenue, between Bates and Randolph, Detroit, Mich. Smart 1.
CROSSE, JAMES England, c.1688, MIM apprenticed to John Brown 1 with effect from March 25, 1688. J. Brown 3.
CROSTA AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Nottingham. Goodison 1.
CROSTHWAITE, JOHN Ireland, fl.1787-95, MIM also made watches. Dublin. Taylor 2(818).
CROTCHIE, CHAS. Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Inverness. Goodison 1.
CROUCH, HENRY England, c.1850+, OIM PHIM Stick Barometer = Christie-SK 1/27/89; Microscope, binocular = D.(1997). London. Coffeen 56; RSW.
CROUCHER, JOSEPH England, c.1800, MIM also made a marine time-keeper. 27 Cornhill, London. Taylor 2(1111).
CROUCHLEY, G.F. misreading for George Frederick Cruchley.
CROW, FRANCIS England, 1780-1832 fl.1813-32, NIM PHIM Octant, 1832 = NMM; Compass, liquid filled = RSM; Wheel Barometer = X; Box of Magnetic Recreations = Museum, Wallington, Northumberland. patented liquid compass and Crow's seaman's octant in 1813. Faversham, Kent (1780-95); Gravesend; 37 Windsor Terrace, City Road, London. Taylor 2(1302); Goodison 1; NMM 2; USNM; J.A. Bennett 2; Hill and Padget-Tomlinson; McConnell (1984); Bedini 8.
CROW, GEORGE USA, fl.1725-71, MIM SIM Surveying Compass, 1754 = P.C. several other instruments survive; clockmaker. Wilmington, Del. Bedini 1 and 17; Smart 1.
CROW, T. England, 1801, MIM Garden Sundial, 1801 = NMM. Wateringbury. RSW.
CROWDER, JOHN England, c.1836, MIM Providence Place, Tash Street, London. O'Mara.
CROWDER, JOHN PETER England, c.1795, apprenticed to William Spencer 1 of the Grocers' Company on Nov. 5, 1795; he may be the same as John Crowder. J. Brown 1.
CRUCHLEY, GEORGE FREDERICK England, fl.1822-75, MIM Terrestrial Globes = Stuker (1958), P.C., Larvik Marine Museum, Norway (1853).; Pair of Globes = P-B 4/28/39, etc. apprenticed to Aaron Arrowsmith, c.1840; "Map-Seller, Globe Maker and Publisher"; took over Cary firm and plates in 1850 and added his own name. 64 and 81 Fleet Street, London. Lister; Moskowitz 123; Yonge; RSW.
CRUCIFIX, NICOLAS France, MIM Bloud-type Sundials, ivory and silver = D.(1976) & D.(1986). probably the same sundial. Dieppe. Coffeen Z; RSW.
CRUISE, JOHN Ireland, 1843, MIM Garden Sundial, slate, 1843 = D.(1989). gnomon stamped "Yeates/Dublin." Castletown, Kilpatrick. Moskowitz 132.
CRUNDWELL England, c.1820, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. High Street, Tunbridge Wells. Goodison 1; Baillie 1.
CRUNKLES, JAN AND FERDINAND NABOTH Czechoslovakia?, fl.1695-97, MIM Pair of Globes = Museum, Olomuc, Czech. Naboth was painter; Crünkles was the constructer. Czech. Inventory.
CRUQUIUS, NICOLAUS SAMUEL Holland, 1678-1754, MIM Astronomical Quadrant = LEY. surveyor;, expert on water-works. Delft; Spaarndam. Michel 3; Rooseboom 1.
CRUS, JOZE DA Portugal, c.1808, MIM NIM Compass = LIM. compass signed "Joze da Crus, a Fez." Lisbon. RSW.
CRYER, THOMAS England, fl.1754-1801, MIM apprenticed to John Farmer 2 in the Joiners' Company on June 7, 1748; listed as a Householder from 1754 to 1801. London. Crawforth 7.
CUBITT, WILLIAM England, 1817, devised an "Ellipsifex" in 1817. Ipswich. Delehar 7.
CUCCO, AUGUSTINUS Italy, 1596, MIM Artillery Instrument, 1696 = ADL-M100. "Bombarda er aris cent°." Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
CUFF, JOHN England, 1708-72, OIM PHIM Microscopes = CRI (No. 1), EGE, OXF, FLO, BIL, KEN (6), UTR, WHI, MAS, AMH, RSM, etc.; Telescopes = NMM, OXF, MLL, etc.; Stick Barometer = D.(1977); Angle Barometer = X; etc. apprenticed to James Mann 2 of the Spectaclemakers' Company on April 13, 1722; free of the Company on Jan. 8, 1730; Master of the Company, 1748-49; took apprentices; T.C.; author. at the Sign of the Reflecting Microscope and Spectacles, opposite Serjeant's Inn Gate, Fleet Street (1742-54); Salisbury Court, Fleet Street (1758); from opposite Shoe Lane (1759); of the Parish of St. Dunstan's in the West (1760); all in London. Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; Taylor 2(158); Goodison 1; Whipple 1; Bonelli 1; Chaldecott 1; Belgian Inv.; Egestorff; Gunther 2 & 6; Chenakal 4; KEN; Daumas 1; Nachet; Purtle; Coffeen 58; RSW.
CUFF, WILLIAM England, c.1720, MIM Sundial = Bishop's Palace, Wells. Shepton Mallet. Britten.
CUINET, AEGIDIUS variant spelling of Coignet, which see. RSW.
CUINIET, GILLES variant spelling for Coignet, which see. Michel 12; Rooseboom 1; RSW.
CULLOCK, M. England, c.1787, invented a new azimuth compass. 38 Minories, London. NMM.
CULLS, J.P., TOMS AND SUTTON misreading for J.P. Cutts, Sons and Sutton. Soth.-B 9/15/76.
CULMER, C. England, 18th Century, NIM Hadley Quadrant = D.(1993). mispelling of J. Culmer? London. MAD, Aug. 1993.
CULMER, J. England, c.1700?, NIM Octant = Marine Historical Assoc., Conn.; Hadley's Quadrant = Mystic Seaport, Conn. Josiah Culmer? Wapping New Stairs, London. USNM; RSW.
CULMER, JOSIAH England, fl.1770-1810, NIM Sextant, 1786 = Robert Watt (1786); Octants = Liverpool Museum (1786), Marine Historical Association, Conn.; Hadley's Quadrant = Mystic Seaport, Conn. apprenticed to John Urings 2 in the Joiners' Company on Oct. 2, 1770; listed as a MIM in the directories. 130 (later 126) Wapping Stairs, London. Taylor 2(820); Dewhirst; Clay and Court; NMM 1; Crawforth 7; RSW.
CULPEPER AND SCARLETT England, OIM Microscope = CRI. London. Gunther 2.
CULPEPER, EDMUND 1 England, 1660-1738 fl.1713-38, MIM NIM OIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums, including microscopes, various types of sundials, grapho- meters, circumferentors, sectors, etc; (see Coffeen 46.) apprenticed to Walter Hayes in the Grocers' Company, Sept. 6, 1684; free of the Company on Mar. 4, 1713; took over Hayes' shop before 1700; took one apprentice; sometimes spelled `Culpepper"; gave his name to a type of microscope but it is not certain that he was the inventor; T.C. also lists telescopes; some instruments signed "E.C" which see. Cross Daggers, Moorfields (the Old Mathematical Shop); Black and White Horse, Middle Moorfields; under the Piazza at the Royal Exchange; all in London. Taylor 1(422), 2(31); Bryden 11 & 16; J. Brown 1; Crawforth 1; Calvert 2; Moskowitz; Coffeen 46; Price 3; Ward 4; ADL; RSW.
CULPEPER, EDMUND 2 England, fl.1758-59, MIM admitted to the Grocers' Company by Patrimony, Oct. 3, 1758; son of Edmund Culpeper 1; took his son as as apprentice. Mile End in Stepney Parish; Mare Street, Hackney (1759); both in London. J. Brown 1.
CULPEPER, EDWARD clergyman; not an instrument maker; father of Edmund Culpeper 1. Court and von Rohr 3(IV); Taylor 1(307 and 422); J. Brown 1; Crawforth 6.
CULPEPER, JOHN CHANDLER England, c.1759, apprenticed to his father, Edmund Culpeper 2, in the Grocers' Company on Sept. 6, 1759. J. Brown 1.
CULPEPPER see Culpeper. J. Brown 1.
CULPER, E. England, MIM Ring Sundial, large = MERC-23. probably E. Culpeper. Hamilton 1.
CUMBERLAND, RICHARD England, 1631-1718, MIM Dr. Richard Cumberland; constructed an orrery, pre-1700. Stamford; Peterborough. Milburn 5; Gunther; Taylor and Wlson; USNM.
CUMMING, ALEXANDER Scotland; England, fl.1773-1814, MIM PHIM Clock Barographs = Buckingham Palace (1765), Cumming (1766); Luke Howard (1814) = KEN, Lowther Castle = P.C. = VAA (loan); Microtome = KEN. clockmaker; author; F.R.S.; Philosophical Society of Edinburgh; sometimes spelled ~Cummings"; in 1781 he was made an Honorary Freeman of the Clockmakers' Company. Edinburgh; 12 Clifford Street, Bond Street (1785); 75 Fleet Street; Pentonville; all in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(462); Britten; Boffito; Baillie 1; Chaldecott 1; Cosh 2; Middleton 1.
CUMMINS, ALEXANDER England, c.1840, clock and chronometer maker; held patents for improvements in barometers and sympiesometers. Leadenhall Street, London. Goodison 1.
CUNAEUS, ANDREAS Holland, c.1755, devised, independently, the Leyden jar. A.J. Turner 10.
CUNIGHAM, JACOB England, 1661, OIM Telescope, 1661 = NMM. maker or owner? Cuningham? earliest dated telescope known. NMM 2; Daumas 1; Taylor 1(289); London Illustrated News, 4/10/37.
CUNINGHAM, WILLIAM England, 1531-86, designed mathematical instruments including a new quadrant and an astronomer's ring. Norwich; Cambridge; Colman Street, London. Taylor 1(22); Gunther 2; Evans 1.
CUNLY, ETHAN USA?, 1804, MIM Horizontal Sundial, slate, 1804 = Mercer Museum, Pa. RSW.
CUNN, SAMUEL England, fl.1714-22, designed a new sector. Litchfield Street, London. Taylor 1(572).
CUNO, COSMUS CONRADUS Germany, 1652-1745, OIM Microscope, simple, wood and ivory, case, 1692 / Christie-SK June/1996. optician; made fine microscopes. Augsburg. Nachet; Daumas 1; Price 2; Zahn; Clay and Court; ATG June, 1966.
CUNO, JAKOB Germany, fl.1561-79, MIM made astronomical clock for Strasbourg Cathedral. Frankfort. Zinner 1.
CUPER France, MIM Sundial in lid of watch = Ineichen 5/3/74. Blois. RSW.
CURMOLI England, mis-spelling in directory for Comoli. Dudley. Goodison 1.
CURSOR, PAPIRIUS Italy, MIM Sundial = Rome. Rome. Randall 1.
CURTAIN, WILL. Ireland, 1748, watchmaker; perhaps the same as Curtin in Tipperary. Cork. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
CURTIN Ireland, MIM Garden Sundial, slate = P.C. Tipperary. RSW.
CURTIS, JOHN England, c.1715, MIM apprenticed to William Sellars of the Clockmakers' Company on May 24, 1715. J. Brown 3.
CURTIS, SAMUEL England, c.1695, apprenticed to John Patrick 1 in the Joiners' Company on Aug. 6, 1695. Crawforth 7.
CURTIS, WILLIAM 1795, NIM Hadley's Quadrant, 1795 = DeLuca Auction 3-21-81; Sextant, ebony, ivory and brass, 1795 = Soth.-PB pre-1980. RSW.
CURTIUS, JACOB Germany, c.1580-90, invented a geographical-astronomical disc. Senstenar. Zinner 4.
CURTIUS, MARCUS Germany, 1601, MIM Sundial, honestone, 1601 = BM; Astrolabe Clock = Ilbert. sundial also marked "A.P. 1601"; Britten thought clock was c. 1665 and from Bohemia. Price 2 & 3; Ward 4; Daumas 1; Britten.
CUSA, NICOLAUS DE see Nicolaus de Cusa Zinner 1; Weil 2(6); Hartmann; DSB.
CUSHEE England, MIM made orreries according to J. Harris.; probably E. Cushee. RSW.
CUSHEE, E. England, fl.1729-68, MIM globe maker; probably Elizabeth, wife/widow of and successor to Richard Cushee; associated with Thomas Wright; associated with Benjamin Cole from 1757 on. Globe and Sun, between St. Dunstan's Church and Chancery Lane, Fleet Street (after 1741); The Orrery, Water Lane, Fleet Street (pre-1768); both in London. Goodison 1; Wynter and Turner; Taylor 2(247); Globus, Dec. 1957; Wynter 1; Yonge. WEBDB.
CUSHEE, LEONARD England, MIM Terrestrial Globes, miniature, with cases = Soth. 2/28/80, 6/25/68; Pannett Park Museum, Whitby; Globe, 12-inch = X. brother of E. Cushee; son of Richard Cushee. Wynter 1; Krogt 2; Yonge; RSW.
CUSHEE, RICHARD England, fl.1708-34, MIM Terrestrial Globes, miniature, with cases = Soth. 11/6/87 (1731), OXF, P.C., KEN, D.(1983), Soth. 3/9/64, 10/31/67, 7/29/69, etc.; Celestial Globe = Soth. 3/13/67; Pairs of Globes = Physics Academy, Sor°, Denmark (1720), D.(1977) (1730); Terrestrial Globes = Burton Constable, OXF (on Wright"s orrery). worked with Thomas Wright (1731-34); father of Leonard and E. Cushee, the latter succeded him; T.C; surveyor; the celestial gores in the cases use a geocentric projection. Globe and Sun, between St. Dunstan's Church and Chancery Lane, Fleet Street, London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(33); Calvert 2; Gunther 2; Globus, Dec. 1957 and 1968; KEN; Wynter and Turner; Wynter 1; E. Hall; Crawforth 1; Krogt 2; Yonge; RSW.
CUSHIN, JEDIDIA England, c.1672, apprenticed to Walter Hayes of the Grocers' Company on April 26, 1672. London. J. Brown 1.
CUSHING, ABBY C. USA, 1822-1907, succeeded her husband, Samuel Thaxter Cushing, in 1892, as head of S. Thaxter and Son; sold company to Herbert Risteen Starret in 1905; he had been with the company since 1884. 125 State Street, Boston, Mass. Smart 1.
CUSHING, SAMUEL THAXTER USA, fl.1843-99, NIM owner of Samuel Thaxter and Son, 1843-99; "Grandson of Samuel Thaxter"; on T.C. of Samuel Thaxter and Son; succeeded by Abby C. Cushing, his widow, in 1882. 125 State Street, Boston, Mass. Bedini 1; Brewington 1; Smart 1.
CUSIN, NOEL France, c.1675, MIM Sundial in lid of watch = LOU. Noël Cusin. Autun. RSW.
CUSSANS see Cosens. Loomes.
CUTBUSH, ROBERT England, 1656, MIM Quadrant on lid of tobacco box, 1656 = OXF. Clay Coll. RSW.
CUTHBERT 1 England, c.1800, MIM SIM Theodolite = Chayette 6/28/86. either John Cuthbert 2 or T. Cuthbert. St. Martin's Lane, London. RSW.
CUTHBERT 2 England, OIM made catoptric microscopes; could be any of the Cuthberts. London. Nachet.
CUTHBERT, CHARLES England, fl.1830-47, MIM OIM PHIM 88 1/2 Gernault Place, Spitalfields, Clerkenwell (1836-40); 9 Clerkenwell Green (1842-47); both in London. O'Mara; Taylor 2(1820).
CUTHBERT, J. England, fl.1829-35, OIM Gregorian Telescope = Wellesley College Observatory, Mass.; Microscope, 1829 = CRI. probably James Cuthbert or John 2. London. USNM; Gunther 2.
CUTHBERT, JAMES England, fl.1820-35, OIM Reflecting Microscope = KEN. also made Gregorian telescopes. 445 Strand, London. Taylor 2(1523); Dewhirst; Clay and Court.
CUTHBERT, JOHN 1 England, fl.1783-1810, OIM Microscope = WHI; Instrument = KEN; Telescope, reflecting = WHI. T.C. Taylor 2(822); Whipple 1; Price 12; Gunther 3; Purtle; G.L'E. Turner 24.
CUTHBERT, JOHN 2 England, fl.1817-52, OIM PHIM Microscope, reflecting, 1829 = KEN; Telescopes. Gregorian = Soth. 3/10/87, BIR (1840), KEN (1852); Microscope, 1828 = Christie-SK 12/1/83. T.C. (c.1839). 113 St. Martin's Lane (1817); Westminster Road (1821); 16 Paradise Street, Lambeth (1822); 58 (inked out and 84 inserted) Brook Street, West Square, Lambeth; all in London. O'Mara; KEN; RSW.
CUTHBERT, JOHN 3 England, OIM Magic Mirror = Soth. 10/31/66-78. could be John Cuthbert 1 or 2. London. RSW.
CUTHBERT, T. England, fl.1815-22, MIM OIM 113 St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross, London. Taylor 2(1303); USNM; RSW.
CUTHBERTSON AND CHAMPNEYS England; Holland, c.1770, MIM OIM PHIM Universal Ring Sundial = Drecker Coll. = P.C.; Air Pumps = UTR, LEY; Telescopes, reflecting = FRK, Christie-SK 11/19.87. John Cuthbertson and his father-in-law, James Champneys. London; Amsterdam. Hackmann 1; Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1; Frank; RSW.
CUTHBERTSON, I., AND CO. Holland, post-1768, PHIM Air Pump, double-barrelled = LEY. see John Cuthbertson and Co. Amsterdam. Hackmann 1.
CUTHBERTSON, JOHN England; Holland; England, 1743-1821, MIM OIM PHIM Air Pumps = LEY (1789, 1790), GRO, KEN, TEY; Electrical Machines = TEY (1784), LEY (1788), UTP, KEN; Microscope = UTP; Twin-Plate Electrical Machines, 1799 = RIL, Inverness Museum; etc. apprenticed to James Champneys of the Stationers' Company in 1761; later married his daughter; invented new form of air pump; did a lot of work in Amsterdam for Van Marum; see Cuthbertson and Champneys; see I. Cuthbertson and Co. Amsterdam (1768- post-1793); Poland Street West (1796); 53 Poland Street (1798-99); 54 Poland Street (1800-); all three in London. Hackmann 1; Rooseboom 1; G.L'E. Turner 7 & 24; Taylor 2(340); Crommelin; Dewhirst; Daumas 1; USNM; Clay and Court; KEN; A.J. Turner 10.
CUTHBERTSON, JOHN, AND CO. England, MIM OIM PHIM later than Cuthbertson and Champneys; see I. Cuthbertson and Co. London. Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1; Hackmann 1.
CUTHBERTSON, JONATHAN England; Holland, 1744-1806, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Circumferentor = Auction, 1906; Thunder House = LEY. brother of John Cuthbertson; made an instrument, a `distance measurer', similar to Hadley's quadrant; designed and made air pumps and solar microscopes; made instruments for Teyler Museum. Rotterdam (1773-1806). Mörzer Bruyns 2; Hackmann 1; G.L'E. Turner 7; Rooseboom 1; Taylor 2(340a); Daumas 1.
CUTHBERTSON, MR. England, c.1777, see Walter Field. Price 3.
CUTLER, EDWARD England, c.1821, apprenticed to George (Huggins) Dollond 1 in the Grocers' Company, Sept. 6, 1821; no further record available to date. J. Brown 2.
CUTLER, J. USA, 1777, MIM Sundial, pewter, 1777 = D.(1982). Salem, Mass. Coffeen A.
CUTLER, JAMES England, c.1796, apprenticed to Charles Fairbone 1 of the Grocers' Company on April 7, 1796. J. Brown 1.
CUTLER, NATHANIEL England, c.1631, T.C; teacher of mathematics; seller of mathematical and nautical instruments. near Wapping Dock, London. KEN; Calvert 2.
CUTS, J.P. England, OIM Microscope = K. and C. 4/7/76. misreading for Cutts. Sheffield.
CUTTS England, OIM Telescope = DRE. surely J.P. Cutts. London. RSW.
CUTTS, E.A. USA, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = D.(1969). New York, N.Y. RSW.
CUTTS, I.P. England, 1825-60, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Octant = VNN; Spyglass = D.(1980); Microscopes = Christie 4/3/85, Soth. 3/23/70 and 7/21/75. see J.P. Cutts. Sheffield. Moskowitz 121; RSW.
CUTTS, I.P., SUTTON AND SON see J.P. Cutts, Sutton and Son.
CUTTS, I.P., SUTTON AND SONS see J.P. Cutts, Sutton and Sons.
CUTTS, J.P. see John Priston Cutts.
CUTTS, J.P., AND SONS England, c.1830, OIM PHIM Telescope = Christie 7/28/70; Microscope = D.(1975). "Opticians to Her Majesty"; microscope signed "J.P. Cutts and Son." Sheffield. RSW.
CUTTS, J.P., SONS AND SUTTON England, fl.1845-60, OIM PHIM Telescopes = PEA, D.1978). "Opticians to Her Majesty." 43 Division Street, Sheffield. Goodison 1; Brewington; RSW.
CUTTS, J.P., SUTTON AND SON England, fl.1835-60, NIM OIM Telescopes = D.(1972), Soth. NY 2/23/79, Soth. 1/22/73; Octant = Detroit Historical Society; Microscope = D.(1989). "Opticians to Her Majesty" (which Queen?); trademark is an anchor and "Try Me"; Soth. telescope and the octant are signed "I.P. Cutts, Sutton and Son." Sheffield and London. Coffeen 27; RSW.
CUTTS, J.P., SUTTON AND SONS England, fl.1845-82, NIM OIM Ship's Log = D.; Harpoon Logs = D.(1975), D.(1976). harpoon logs also signed "J.P. Cutts' Patent Dolphin Log No. 2"; one of the harpoon logs is called a taffrail log in catalogue and is signed "I.P.Cutts, Sutton and Sons." London. Moskowitz 111; Rinaldi; RSW.
CUTTS, JOHN P., SUTTON AND SON England, 1845-, OIM PHIM sometimes seen as J.P. Cutts, Sutton and Sons. 43 Division Street, Sheffield. Taylor 2(1821); USNM.
CUTTS, JOHN PRISTON England, fl.1825-60, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Telescope = USNM; Microscopes = Soth. 12/8/69 and 3/23/70; Marine Barometer = X; Wheel Barometer = X; etc. instruments signed "J.P. Cutts" or "John P. Cutts"; see T.P. Cutts; see I.P. Cutts; see J.P. Cutts Sons and Sutton; see J.P. Cutts, Sutton and Son; T.C.; "Optician to Her Majesty." 58 Norfolk Street (1825); 43 Division Street, near the National School (1826-60); both in Sheffield; London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1821); Calvert 2; USNM; Nachet; KEN; Moskowitz 111; Crawforth 1; RSW.
CUTTS, T.P. England, c.1822, OIM Telescope = K. and C. 12/15/72. misreading for J.P. Cutts. 58 Norfolk Street, Sheffield. Taylor 2(1524); RSW.
CUVIERE France, c.1850, MIM Equatorial Sundial = Drecker. Cuvière. RSW.
CUZZETTI, FABIANI Italy, 1699, MIM Table Sundial, soapstone, 1699 = WHI. from the bell tower of Waltham Abbey Church; signed "Ex Operib, Presbyt: Fabiani Cuzzetti." Whipple 1; Bryden 16.
CZADECKY, FERDINAND Czechoslovakia, fl.1690-1710, OIM Telescope = Museum, Komarov. Zabrdovice. Czech. Inv.
CZECH, JOSEF Czech; Italy; Austria, fl.1710-30+, MIM NIM OIM SIM Table Sundial = P.C.; Universal Ring Sundials = P. and S. 11/21/1894 and Phillips 2/2/70; Clock = X; Graphometers = P.C. (1965), Gottingen Heimatmuseum-119; Compass in gimbals = P.C. one graphometer also marked "W.D. Scheefer"; came into power as co-assistant to Antonius Braun, court optician; succeeded him at the court of Bohemia. Prague; Milan; Vienna. Zinner 1; Michel 1 and 3; Brieux 3; Habacher; RSW.
CZERNY, JOSEF Austria, fl.1825-38, MIM Celestial Globes = Mechitharistenkloster, Vienna. Globus, Nov. 1954, Dec. 1956.

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