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Signature Maker Info Instruments Comments Location References
B. 1 1673, MIM Folding Rule, wood, 1673 = OXF. RSW.
B. 2 1770, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1770 = Evans Coll.? Evans 1.
B. 3 MIM Diptych Sundials = D.(1965), ADL-W195. they have fleur-de-lys marks. ADL; RSW.
B. 4 Germany, c.1780, MIM Compass Sundials = D.(1980), OXF, ADL-W182, Christie-G. 5/13/86, Peron et Corsy in Melun, 6/10/79, etc. the "B" is punched on the hour-scale; we agree with Moskowitz who suggests that these sundials were made by David Beringer on the basis of the sundial in WHI, which is identical except that it is signed "David Beringer"; see also "D.B." Nürnberg. Evans 1; Moskowitz 132; ADL; RSW.
B. 5 Germany, 18th Century, MIM Diptych Sundial, wood and ivory = D.(1978). decorated with three-leaf clovers; "B" stamped in compass box. Moskowitz 116.
B. 6 c.1740, MIM Sandglass = AMST. signed on top. Mörzer Bruyns 1.
B.A. 1 Germany, 1561, MIM Astrolabe, 1561 = BASH (lost). ICA-3013. Zinner 1; ICA 2; RSW.
B.A. 2 Germany, c.1550, MIM SIM Surveying Quadrant = BM-97/1/12-1. see Bartholomew, Abbot; see P. Ildephonsus Mahrer. Price 3; Ward 4.
B.A.D. see D.H.S. RSW.
B.A.M. Germany, 1719, MIM Ring Sundial, 1719 = Evans Coll. Evans 1.
B.B. 1 France, 1655, MIM made portable sundials. Blois. Gunther 2; Hamilton 1.
B.B. 2 Germany, c.1750, MIM made sundials. Pipping 1.
B.B.C. Holland, c.1700, MIM Perpetual Calendar = Soth. 12/12/55. RSW.
B.B.G. Holland, c.1590, MIM Sundial with Quadrant = Hamilton Coll. Hamilton 2.
B.C. MIM Sandglass, double = NMM-H.12. NMM 2.
B.D.G. France, 1595, MIM SIM Radio Latino, 1595 = Roussel-9 = NMM; Rule, gilt-brass = MADEX-457. rule is ex-Strauss Coll. Michel 3; Price 2.
B.E. Germany, Zinner said to see "C. Fredensburg", but there is no such entry. Zinner 1.
B.F. Germany, 1600, MIM Celestial Globe, 1600 = DRE. Zinner 1; RSW.
B.H. 1 Austria, fl.1583-84, MIM Astrolabe, 1583 = POB; Nocturnal with Vertical Sundial, 1584 = POB. nocturnal is MADEX-222; astrolabe is ICA-3019. Vienna. Zinner 1; Michel 1; MADEX; Price 2; M.J. Hagen; ICA 2.
B.H. 2 England, c.1750, MIM Universal Ring Sundial = Soth. 11/27/72 = D.(1974). owner?; initials in flowing script. Wynter and Turner; Wynter 1.
B.H. 3 punchmark on Barent Hendricke compass dial at NOR. RSW.
B.K. Germany, 1569, MIM Artillery Level, 1569 = ADL-M203. the initials are punched in a shield with crossed swords between, one of the sword points ends in a cross. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
B.M. 1772?, OIM Martin-type Barrel Microscope = Soth. 4/28/69. RSW.
B.P. 1 1601, MIM Horizontal Sundial, stone, 1601 = X. Brieux 2.
B.P. 2 Germany, late 18th Century, MIM Diptych Sundials, wood and paper = EMA, PTA, REG, STS, WAI, and ZIT. Zinner 1.
B.R.H. "B." over "R.H."; marked on a silver quadrant by Richard Blaxam at the BM. Price 3; Ward 4.
B.S. Germany, 1562, MIM Sundial inside bottom plate of round table clock, 1562 = PIC. also marked "C.S." (2) inside lid. Pippa.
B.T. MIM Astrological Instrument = NAC. Nachet; RSW.
B.V. Italy, MIM Dividers, in the shape of a stiletto = FLO-2515. also marked "Volentieri"; Benvenuto della Vulparia? Bonelli 1; Maccagni 1.
BA. H.F. C. Germany, 18th Century, MIM Horizontal Sundial = WUR. Würzburg. Zinner 1.
BAADEN, FR. LIBE RATUS CARL. AUG. misreading for Fr. Karl Liberatus of Augsburg and Baden. Soth. 5/12/75.
BAAK, TOBIAS Scotland, 1695, MIM Wall Dial, 1695 = Kirkgate, Alloa. also Bachup; master mason; architect. Gatty.
BAARDA, JOHANNES VAN Holland, b.1742-c.1810, MIM also made clocks. The Hague. Rooseboom 1.
BAARDA, PETRUS JOHANNES VAN Holland, 1744-1800?, ivory turner; pupil at "Fundatie van de Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude." The Hague. Rooseboom 1; Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BABBAGE, CHARLES England, 1792-1871, MIM Calculating Machine = Dudley Observatory, Albany, N.Y. invented a calculator; F.R.S. in 1816. 5 Devonshire Place, Portland Place (1815-27); 1 Dorset Street, Manchester Square (1828-71); both in London. Taylor 2(1265); DNB; DSB; RSW; etc.
BABBITT, H.M. USA, 1846, MIM Micrometer, 1846 = Fair of American Institute. Providence, R.I. USNM.
BABINEN, GEBHART see Baeinen. Price 2.
BABKOV AND ARCHIPOV Russia, fl.1770-80, OIM Telescope, large = GEL. worked in instrument shop attached to the Academy of Arts. RSW.
BACCI, GIACOMO Italy, 17th Century, OIM made lorgnettes. Venice. Nachet.
BACELLI, ABBE L. Italy, c.1780, invented a vacuum pump made by Arleri; Abbé L. Bacelli. Italian Inventory.
BACH, L. Germany, 19th Century, OIM Telescope, three-inch = Wellesley College Observatory, Mass. "Optiker." Munich. USNM.
BACHARD DE SARON, J.B. GASPARD France, 1730-94, MIM copied Ramsden's dividing engine, 1775. A.J. Turner 10.
BACHELER France, c.1625, MIM Sundial in lid of watch = Soth. 3/18/74. RSW.
BACHELIER, DANIEL Germany, 1700, MIM Astronomical Clock, 1700 = DRE-C80. Berlin. Zinner 1.
BACHMAYER, JOAN GEORG Germany, 18th Century, MIM Horizontal Sundial, stone = ING. Zinner 1.
BACHMAYR, GEORG JOSEF Germany, 1750, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1750 = WUR. Zinner 1.
BACHUP see Tobias Baak.
BACKER, JAN Johan Bacher van Call?
BACKER, MORTIMER DE Holland, 1657, PHIM Money Scales and Weights, 1657 = FIT-135. Amsterdam. Price 2.
BACKWELL England, c.1780, PHIM Stick Barometer = K. and C. 7/9/75. London. RSW.
BACKWELL, WILLIAM 1 England, fl.1780-1818, MIM compass and drawing instrument maker. 6 Tash Street, Grays Inn Lane, London. Taylor 2(794); Dewhirst; Crawforth 11.
BACKWELL, WILLIAM 2 England, fl.1818-20, OIM son of William Backwell 1. 6 Long Lane, Smithfield, London. Taylor 2(1266).
BADDELY, J. England, c.1800, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Surveying Level = OXF; Telescope, stand = D.; Stick Barometer = Soth.-Chester 9/8/81. possibly Bradderley, which see. Albrighton. Taylor 2(1075a); Daumas 1; Coffeen II; RSW.
BADDELY, JOHN England, c.1800, OIM PHIM Telescope = Soth. 2/28/80; Stick Barometer = Soth.-C 9/8/81. Albrighton. RSW.
BADGER, JOSEPH USA, 1784, MIM Orrery, 1784 = X. New Haven, Conn. USNM.
BADOLLET, J.J. Switzerland?, c.1815, MIM Sundial in pocket watch = MERC-9 = WHI. Hamilton thought he was G.G. Badollet and French. Geneva? Bryden 16; Hamilton 1.
BADSEY, JOHN England, c.1738, apprenticed to John Urings 1 or 2 in the Joiners' Company on July 4, 1738. Crawforth 7.
BAEINEN, GEBHART VON Germany, 1558, MIM Horary Quadrant, 1558 = VIE-F1346. Zinner 1; Michel 3.
BAGATELLE France, c.1750, inventor or maker. Paris. Hamilton 2.
BAHARIE, A. England, c.1840, NIM Sextants = NMM, Soth. 11/9/59-176. may be one instrument. Sunderland. Taylor 2(2067); NMM 2; RSW.
BAIJENS see Bayens. Daumas 1; Rooseboom 1.
BAIJER, JOSEPHUS see Josephus Bayer.
BAILEY 1 England, c.1791, MIM NMM 1.
BAILEY 2 England, 19th Century, MIM Magnetic Compass = Melun 4/24/83. Birmingham. RSW.
BAILEY, CHARLES England, c.1778, apprenticed to Charles Lincoln, an OIM in the Spectaclemakers' Company, on June 11, 1778. Court and von Rohr 3(211).
BAILEY, J.W. England, fl.1850-62, MIM NIM SIM Sextant, case = P.C. sextant signed "Bailey Fenchurch Street, London"; exhibited at the 1862 Exhibition. 162 Fenchurch Street, London. USNM; RSW.
BAILEY, JOHN 1 England?; USA, fl.1775-78+, MIM SIM made surveying instruments; Crawforth questioned his English origin. New York, N.Y.; Fishkill, N. Y. (1778). Bedini 1 and 8; Crawforth 11.
BAILEY, JOHN 2 USA, 1731-1823, MIM SIM Surveying Compass, 1804 = NYS. signed "J. Bailey, Hanover, Mass."; mechanic; clockmaker. Hanover (1804); Lynn; both in Mass. Bedini 1; Smart 1.
BAILEY, JOHN ALYESWORTH USA?, f.1850-84, MIM Burt's Solar Compass and Level = N.Y. Exhib. of the Industry of All Nations, 1853. advertised as manufacturer of Burt's Solar Compass, etc.; partner with William Burt as Burt and Bailey, 1853-56; brass founder. Detroit, Mich. Smart 1; USNM; Elgin.
BAILEY, R. England, OIM Reflecting Telescope = Soth. 3/21/73. Bristol. RSW.
BAILEY, S. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Goodison 1.
BAILEY, T. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Stanion. Goodison 1.
BAILI 1 France, 1663, OIM made telescopes. Paris. Daumas 1; Clay and Court.
BAILI 2 see Bayley 1. Dewhirst; Michel 3.
BAILLE see Bayley 2. Michel 3.
BAILLE AINE ET NEVEU France, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Bretaudiere et Raynaud, Chalon-sur-Saône 6/23/79. Baille Aîné et Neveu. RSW.
BAILLIE, WILLIAM Scotland, 1833, PHIM spirit hyrometer maker. 19 Saltmarket, Glasgow (1833). Bryden 3.
BAILLON, FRANCISCUS see Francus Baillou. Engelmann 1; RSW.
BAILLON, PIERRE Italy, see Pierre Baillou. NMM 2.
BAILLOU, FRANCUS DE Italy, fl.1738-64, OIM Telescope, 1738 = ADL-M431; Objective Lens, 1764 = FLO-3340; Microscope, 1755 = NAC. "Francus de Baillou S.C.R. Majestatis Opticus fecit Mediolani anno 1755" on microscope. Milan. Evans 1; Bonelli 1; Nachet; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
BAILLOU, PIERRE Italy, c.1721, MIM NIM SIM Plane Table Compass = X; Octant = NMM; Mining Compass, 1721 = P.C. Milan. Bryden 9; NMM 2; RSW.
BAILLY, ROBERTUS DE France, fl.1525-30, MIM Terrestrial Globes, = X (1530), Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. Bailly was an engraver and metal worker; the two globes listed may be the same one. Tooley; Yonge.
BAILY, JOEL USA, 1732-97, MIM SIM Levels = Mason and Dixon (1767); Surveyor's Compass, 1765 = X. worked as a surveyor and instrument maker for Mason and Dixon, 1764-68. West Bradford, Chester County, Pa. Bedini 8.
BAIN AND AINSLEY England, NIM Course Correcter = ADL-A120. ADL; RSW.
BAIN, ALEXANDER Scotland; England, 1810-77, MIM apprenticed to a clockmaker in Wick; in 1827 he went to London where he was a journeyman. Wick; London (1827). Taylor 2(1769).
BAINBRIDGE, WILLIAM OIM Telescope = Philadelphia Maritime Museum, Pa. RSW.
BAINS, ROBERT RAINS England, fl.1816-19, NIM invented a perpetual log. Myton, Kingston-on-Hull. Taylor 2(1269).
BAIRD AND TATLOCK England, PHIM Balances = Christie 2/13/68, K. and C. 10/8/75, 7/14/76. London. RSW.
BAIRD AND TAYLOR misreading for Baird and Tatlock.
BAKER 1 England, c.1830, MIM NIM OIM SIM Folding Rule = DRE; Dumpy Level = AUI; Theodolite = Soth. 10/22/76; Sextant, pocket = Melun 4/24/83; Set of Drawing Instruments, rosewood case = Bearnes 12/6/71; Microscope = FLO-2651. other microscopes appear at auction; surely Charles Baker, which see. 244 High Holborn, London. Moskowitz 108; Bonelli 1; RSW.
BAKER 2 England, c.1835?, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Shrewsbury. Goodison 1.
BAKER 3 England, fl.1809-11, PHIM partner with John Frodsham. London. Goodison 1; Baillie 1.
BAKER 4 England, c.1880, MIM Horizontal Sundial, mahogany case = WHI. Bryden 16.
BAKER AND HOOPER USA, fl.1822-40, MIM NIM Tell-Tale Compass, 1840 = D.(1976); Plotting Graphometer = D.(1993). David Baker and Hooper; Thomas Wightman engraved the compass cards. No. 54 Ann-Street, (on the Draw-Bridgw), Boston, Mass. D.J. Warner 10 and 12; Moskowitz; Coffeen 41.
BAKER, CARVER AND MORRELL USA, c.1900, NIM Marine Compass = PMS. Portland, Maine. RSW.
BAKER, CHARLES England, c.1850, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Microscopes = Christie 12/18/74, Christie-SK 12/1/83, Phillips 5/20/75, 2/14/79, 4/20/83; Stick Barometer = D.(1975); Odometers = Phillips 2/2/84, Christie-SK 12/1/83; Meridian Transit = Keighley Art Gallery and Museum. most instruments signed "C. Baker." 244 High Holborn, London. Stevens and Aked; USNM; Moskowitz 108; RSW; Coffeen A.
BAKER, D. England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-Bill. 4/21/93. Billingshurst. RSW.
BAKER, DAVID USA, b.c.1792-1856, NIM the Whaleman's List showed he was a dealer in nautical instruments; see Baker and Hooper. New Bedford, Mass. Moskowitz, 1976; D.J. Warner 10.
BAKER, EDWARD England, c.1779, MIM grand-nephew of Benjamin Cole 2 and brother-in-law of John Newton; drawing instrument maker; ensign in the Militia, 1779. London. Millburn 11.
BAKER, HENRY England, fl.1848-58, OIM PHIM optician; made barometers and thermometers; had a display in the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. 90 Hatton Garden, London. Goodison 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Bonelli 1; Moskowitz 109.
BAKER, RICHARD England, c.1806, MIM apprenticed to Joseph Fairey of the Grocers' Company on March 6, 1806. J. Brown 2.
BAKER, ROBERT 1 England, fl.1685-1712, MIM diallist; author; probably the designer of the "Celestial Hemisphere." The Windmill, without Temple Bar (pre-1706); the Union Coffee House, over against the Royal Exchange; both in London. Taylor 1(439); Dawson 216, 1971.
BAKER, ROBERT 2 England, OIM Nachet thought that he might have been the first maker of a reflecting microscope; doctor. Nachet.
BAKER, WILLIAM 1 England, c.1680, MIM Burford or Oxford. Dewhirst; Taylor 1(416); Evans 1; Gunther 2.
BAKER, WILLIAM 2 England, c.1748, MIM apprenticed to Edmund Blow in the Joiners' Company on July 4, 1738; turned over to Thomas Cole, leatherseller, March 6,1738; turned over to Richard Hut in the Clothworkers' Company on Oct. 20, 1740; free in the Joiners' Company, Aug. 2, 1748. Crawforth 7.
BAKER, WILLIAM 3 USA, fl.1850-54, MIM NIM OIM New York, N.Y. USNM.
BAKEWELL, R. England, 18th Century, MIM Sectors = UTR (wood), DEU (ivory). London. Daumas 1; RSW.
BAKEWELL, RICHARD England, fl.1797-1826, MIM SIM made mining compasses, rules of ivory and boxwood, surveying tapes; succeeded by Isaac Trow. Loveday Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9; Taylor 2(1477); RSW.
BAKKER, CLAES Holland, c.1650, MIM Astrolabe and Sundial on watch case = Michel Coll. Groningen. Michel 1.
BALBRECK France, MIM SIM Wye Level = Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pa. Paris. USNM.
BALBRECK FILS AINE France, MIM PHIM Orographe Schrader = CNAM. Balbreck fils aîné; surveying instrument to draw elevation and location of mountains. Paris. Delehar 8.
BALCH, JOHN USA, c.1800, MIM Almanac, rotating, 1800-1900 = D.(1995). Mass. Coffeen 51.
BALCH, THOMAS H. USA, fl.1771-1817, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = Essex Institute, Salem, Mass.; Surveying Compasses, wood = PEA, P.C., D.(1978). Essex Institute and PEA instruments may be only one. at the Sign of the Mariner's Compass, State Street, Newburyport, Mass. Smart 1; Brewington 1; USNM; Warner 12; RSW.
BALDANTONI, A. Italy, c.1700, MIM NIM SIM Cross-staff = KEN; Alidade = X. Ancona. Daumas 1; Holbrook; Price 2; Evans 1; Hamilton 2; USNM.
BALDANTONI, GIUSEPPE Italy, 1784-1873, MIM Ancona; Firenze (1861). Brenni 1.
BALDANTONI, GIUSEPPE, E FIGLIO Italy, c.1861, MIM Magnetic Compass = X. Ancona. Brenni 1.
BALDEN, JOSEPH England, -1817, PHIM see Beach and Balden. Birmingham. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BALDOCK, RICHARD England, c.1721, MIM apprenticed to William Roberts 1 in the Broderers' Company on Nov. 8, 1705; free in the Company, Dec. 6, 1721. Next the Three Tuns in Shoe Lane, London. Crawforth 7.
BALDWEIN AND BUCHER Germany, fl.1561-68, MIM Orrery Clocks = DRE, KAS. Eberhard Baldwein and Hans Bucher. Marburg. Zinner 1; Gunther 1; Baillie 1; RSW.
BALDWEIN AND DIEPEL Germany, fl.1561-63, MIM Astrolabe Clock, 1561-63 = KAS. Eberhard Baldwein and Hermann Diepel. Marburg; Giessen. Lübke.
BALDWEIN, EBERHARD Germany, fl.1558-81, MIM Quadrant, wood = lost; Armillary Sphere = KAS; Azimuth Quadrants = KAS, lost (1569); Celestial Globe = P.C. "mechanicus." Kassel; Marburg. Zinner 1.
BALDWIN, JEDEDIAH USA, fl.1790-1811, MIM SIM Surveying Compass, wood = P.C. (1960). Hanover, New Hampshire. Bedini 1; Smart 1; A.L. King; Price 2; DATM.
BALDWIN, THOMAS England, post-1713, MIM George Dennis was turned over to Thomas Baldwin as an apprentice, after 1713; Baldwin may have been a member of the Clockmakers' Company. J. Brown 3.
BALDWIN, WILLIAM England, c.1655, apprenticed to John Brown 6 in the Joiners' Company, 1655. Crawforth 7.
BALE 1 England, fl.1814-15, MIM see Mitchell and Bale. Taylor 2(1389).
BALE 2 England, c.1845, MIM Celestial Globes = X (1845), Phillips 12/2/87 (1845), Soth. 5/21/73 (1846); Terrestrial Globe, miniature = D.(1971). Soth. globe is five-inch diameter; see Bale and Woodward. Tooley; Moskowitz 102; RSW.
BALE AND WOODWARD England, c.1845, MIM Celestial Globe = Melun 4/24/83. see Bale 2. RSW.
BALE, THOMAS 1 England, c.1704, MIM apprenticed to William Bennett of the Clockmakers' Company; free of the Company on Oct. 2, 1704. J. Brown 3.
BALE, THOMAS 2 England, PHIM Marine Barometer = X. Bristol. Goodison 1.
BALEATO Spain, NIM Azimuth Compasses = MAN-I78 and -I90; Sextant = MAN-I123. Ferrol. Garcia 1.
BALERNA Scotland, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 2/28/80. probably Domenico Balerno. Dundee. RSW.
BALERNA, D. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2). Goodison 1.
BALERNA, L. England, fl.1841-53?, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Phillips 11/26/83, Soth.-Chester 6/20/85. Halifax. Goodison 1; RSW.
BALERNO, DOMENICO Scotland, fl.1846-53, PHIM barometer maker. 14 Yeaman Shore, Dundee. Bryden 3; Goodison 1.
BALES see Bale
BALIE see Bayley 2. Dewhirst.
BALL, JONATHAN USA, 1835, NIM patent for mariner's compass, 1835; example at D. with glass bowl and compass card signed "Hooker New York", surely William Hooker. Buffalo, N.Y.; Newry, Me. USNM; Bedini 8; Coffeen Comm.; Warner 12; RSW.
BALL, THOMAS England, c.1724, MIM apprenticed to Nathaniel Smith of the Clockmakers' Company on Dec. 31, 1711; free of the Company, July 6, 1724. J. Brown 3.
BALLARA misreading for Ballard 1. RSW.
BALLARD 1 England, c.1820, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth.-S 10/19/89. Cranbrook. Goodison 1; Baillie 1; RSW.
BALLARD 2 England, fl.1826-28?, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Lamberhurst. Goodison 1.
BALLARD, SAMUEL USA, 1718-93, MIM Boston, Mass. Smart 1.
BALLARD, T. England, c.1805?, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. London? Goodison 1.
BALLARINI, PETER England, 1801-58, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. in partnership with Austin Cattaneo and others, pre-1838; barometer signed "P. Ballarini York." Kings Staith, York. Goodison 1.
BALLESTEROS, MANUEL DE Spain, MIM Universal Ring Sundial = KEN-1938-369. RSW.
BALLESTEROS, PEDRO Spain, 1829, Sundial, 1829 = Man-I149. invented by the Marques de Feria. Madrid. Garcia 1; RSW.
BALLESTRE Spain, PHIM Balance, steel = Soth. 4/22/65-41. Madrid. RSW.
BALLOCK, PHIL. England, MIM Sundial, portable = Col. Baldwin (1890). Gatty.
BALSARY, G., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Soth.-C 10/9/86, New House 9/10/93. New House barometer signed "Balsary and Co.". London. ATG 8/28/93; RSW.
BALTHASER, JOHANN Germany, 18th Century, OIM Microscope = WHI. Daumas 1.
BALTUS, MARQUART see Marquart, Baltus. Michel 3.
BALTZER see Baltzer Cambon. Zinner 1.
BALY see Bayley 2. Dewhirst.
BAMASCONI, FRANCIS misreading for Francis Barnasconi, which see. Taylor 2(1771).
BAMBER NIM Rolling Rule = Versailles 4/17/83. RSW.
BAMBER, JAMES Ireland, c.1820, NIM OIM invented an improved ship's log; may be Bamber, which see. Ballymoney. Taylor 2(1479).
BAMBLER, P. MAURUS Germany, MIM Reichenbach. Evans 1.
BAMMAN, JOHANNES Germany, fl.1484-91, MIM Astrolabes = Schweinfurt Museum (1484), KRE (1487). KRE is ICA-604, other is ICA-633; also see "H.B. 1." Smalkaldens. Zinner 1; Price 1; ICA 2.
BANCE England, c.1797?, PHIM Wheel Barometer in bookcase = J. McGarva Coll. = Soth. 11/15/63. Hungerford. Goodison 1.
BANCE AINE France, MIM Diptych Sundial, wood = Soth. 10/21/74. Bance Aîné. Paris. RSW.
BANCKS 1 see Robert Bancks 2.
BANCKS 2 England, fl.1820-27, MIM OIM PHIM son of Robert Bancks 2; referred to as Banks, Jr.; made instruments for Dr. Brewster; see Bancks and Son. 119 New Bond Street (1820-27), London. Taylor 2(921).
BANCKS AND SON England, fl.1810-34, MIM OIM PHIM Rule, ivory = BM-1918/7/12-19; Wheel Barometers = X(2); Spyglass = Soth. 12/15/78. Robert Bancks 2 and a son; "Instrument makers and Opticians to His Majesty." 119 New Bond Street, London (1820-27). Taylor 2(921); Goodison 1; Price 3; Ward 4; RSW.
BANCKS, ANTHONY OLDISS England, fl.1792-96, MIM OIM older brother of Robert Bancks 2; apprenticed to John Kitchingman in the Turners' Company, Aug. 3, 1780; free by patrimony in the Joiners' Company on Aug. 7, 1792; took apprentices; optician. 25 Piccadilly, Strand (1794); 440 Strand (1796); both in London. Crawforth 7; Clifton 1.
BANCKS, ROBERT 1 England, fl.1765-pre-1792, apprenticed to William Murry in the Joiners' Company, 1755; turned over to Philip Jones, member of Framework Knitters' Company in 1757; free in the Joiners' Company, 1765; may have been the father of Anthony Oldiss Bancks and Robert Bancks 2. Crawforth 7.
BANCKS, ROBERT 2 England, fl.1803-38, MIM NIM OIM PHIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums, including ADL; barometers, microscopes, telescopes, sextants, pantographs, sundials, etc. freed by Patrimony in the Joiners' Company, Nov. 5, 1803; instruments are signed "Bancks" or "Banks", all with same address; some may be by his son; T.C.; "Optical and Mathematical Instrument Maker to His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales"; "Instrument Maker to His Majesty"; Royal appointment to George IV (1820) and to William IV later. 440 Strand ; 441 Strand; 440-1 Strand; New Bond Street (1820); all in London. Taylor 2(921); Goodison 1; Moskowitz 110; Wynter and Turner; Wynter 1; ADL; Clay and Court; Evans 1; Bonelli 1; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1 & 7; Coffeen 12; RSW.
BANDERMAN, W. Germany, MIM Inclinometer = Soth. 11/9/59-179. Berlin. RSW.
BANFIELD England, PHIM Balance = K. and C. 12/3/75. Brighton. RSW.
BANG, T.A. Denmark, c.1812, NIM Marine Compass = Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Conn. Kiopenhavn; enlarged copy of compass card used as table top. Copenhagen. RSW.
BANGS, NIELS ROHR Denmark, c.1830, NIM Azimuth Compass = OMM. Copenhagen. RSW.
BANIDE France, c.1775, OIM made optical instruments for Rochon. Paris. Daumas 1.
BANKEL Germany, c.1780, PHIM Money Balance = DRE. may be misreading for James Bankes, which see. RSW.
BANKES 1 England, MIM SIM Theodolite = Phillips 2/2/84. surely misreading for Robert Bancks 2, which see. 441 Strand, London. RSW.
BANKES 2 see Banks. J. Brown 3.
BANKES, JAMES England, PHIM made folding balances. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BANKS see Bancks. Engelmann 1; RSW.
BANKS AND HATCH USA, fl.1841-44, MIM NIM mathematical instrument makers, 1841; dealers in mathematical and nautical instruments, 1844; see Edward Prince Banks. Sign of the Quadrant and Watch, No. 6 Exchange Street (1841); 72 Exchange Street (1844)' both in Portland, Me.. Portland, Me. Business Directories; RSW.
BANKS, EDWARD PRINCE USA, 1811-92 fl.1834-37, MIM NIM T.C.; see Banks and Hatch. two doors below Merchants Bank, Exchange Street (1834); No. 6 Exchange Street (1837); both in Portland, Me. Smart 1; Moskowitz 102; Portland, Me, Business Directories; RSW.
BANKS, JOHN c.1900, Water Clock, 1682 = X, made by Pearson-Page Co. of Birmingham in the 20th Century. Britten 1; Darius 1.
BANKS, JOSEPH England, c.1830, MIM Terrestrial Globe = Maritime Museum, Horten, Norway. Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society. Fleet Street, London. RSW.
BANKS, JR. England, son of Robert Bancks; mentioned as maker by Brewster; see Bancks 2 and Bancks and Son. Clay and Court.
BANKS, ROBERT England, see Robert Bancks. Taylor 2(921); Clay and Court; Moskowitz 110.
BANKS, WILLIAM England, c.1734, MIM apprenticed to Fisher Combs of the Clockmakers' Company on Oct. 7, 1734. J. Brown 3.
BANNISTER, H. England, c.1790, PHIM Angle Barometer = P.C. stolen. Lichfield. ATG 5/8/93.
BANNISTER, JAMES England, c.1751, apprenticed to John Sudlow of the Grocers' Company on Aug. 1, 1751. J. Brown 1.
BANYARD, THOMAS England, c.1683, apprenticed to Joseph Wells in the Joiners' Company, Nov. 6, 1683. Crawforth 7.
BARABAN France, c.1850, MIM SIM succeeded by C. Dupressoir, which see; also succeeded by L. Thomas Paris. RSW.
BARADELLE 1 France, 1702, MIM Sundial, octagonal, gilt-brass, 1702 = Soth. 5/10/54. may be misreading of date. Paris. RSW.
BARADELLE 2 France, fl.1752-1814, MIM NIM SIM made sundials including Butterfield-type, inclining and other horizontal types; made circumferentors, globes, sectors and other drawing instruments, etc.; examples may be seen in many museums including ADL; ADL-N6, ADL-W41, ADL-W67; and octant, 1752 at PMM. could be either Jean-Louis-Jacques Baradelle or his son, Nicolas-Eloi Baradelle; see entries for them; Daumas thought that most of the undated sundials were by Jean-Louis-Jacques Baradelle. Paris. Daumas 1; Hamilton 1 and 2; Weil (2)29; NMM 2; USNM; ADL; Price 3; Ward 4; Wynter 1; Nachet; RSW.
BARADELLE FILS France, 1749-1808, Sundial = Prince de Conti Coll. (18th Century). catalogue of instruments, 1778; see Nicolas-Eloi Baradelle. Quai de l'Horloge du Palais, au Quartier Anglais, Paris. Brieux 2; Nachet; Augarde; RSW.
BARADELLE JUNIOR France, MIM SIM Rule, ebony and ivory = MADEX-504; Graphometer = X; Set of Drawing Instruments = P.C. Baradelle Fils. Paris. MADEX; RSW; Bryden 9.
BARADELLE L'AINE France, 1752-94, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Graphometer, 1782 = Versailles 5/6/79; Cam-type Sundial in gold watch case = D.(1985); Spherical Level = Libert et Castor 4/28/82; Equatorial Sundial, gold = NMM; Pair of Globes, wood = Schuhmann Sale-96; Surveying Cross = ADL-W193; Mining Instrument Set = P.C.; Instument Set (1788) = P.C. Baradelle L'aîné; Jean-Louis-Jacques Baradelle, fl.1774-94; Augarde thought him Nicolas-Alexandre Baradelle, c.1761; made nine nautical and mathematical instruments for Courtanvaux. Rue Dauphine, Paris. Courtanvaux; Daumas 1; NMM 2; Philips; A.J. Turner 10; ADL; Augarde; RSW.
BARADELLE LAINE France, MIM Astronomical Ring = Drouot 4/7/87; Sundial = TIM (1987). misinscribed; should read "Baradelle L'aîné." Paris. RSW.
BARADELLE S. OZ. France, MIM Pedometer in watch case = P.C. Paris. RSW.
BARADELLE, CHEZ France, MIM Capuchin-type Sundial = ADL-A---. probably by Jacques or Nicholas Baradelle. Quay del'horloge du Palais à l'Enseigne de l'Observatoire, Paris. RSW.
BARADELLE, J.L.J. France, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial = Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia, Pa. Jean Louis Jacques Baradelle, which see. Paris. RSW.
BARADELLE, JEAN-LOUIS-JACQUES France, 1752-94, MIM PHIM SIM he made many instruments including sundials, sectors, globes, lodestones, artillery levels, graphometers, etc. member of Guild of "fondeurs ciseleurs"; invented a type of crescent sundial and an artillery level; most instruments signed "Jacques Baradelle"; father of Nicholas-Eloi Baradelle; see Baradelle L'aîné. Paris. Daumas 1; Michel 1; Hamilton 1 and 2; NMM 2; Augarde; Wynter 1; RSW.
BARADELLE, NICOLAS-ELOI France, fl.pre-1774-1814, MIM Universal Ring Sundials = Cardinal de Luynes (pre-1774), NMM (1774; Analemmatic Sundial = NMM; Meridian for a globe, 1774 = CNAM-1449; Ellipse Compass = CNAM-2774; Set of Geometric Figures, wood = CNAM-3824; Sundial = NAC; etc. worked for Abbé Rochon in 1805; see Baradelle Fils; son of Jean-Louis-Jacques Baradelle. Quay de l'Horloge, Paris. Daumas 1; Maddison 1; Michel 3; Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; Wynter 1; Nachet; NMM 2; Augarde; RSW.
BARADELLEN, JACQUES see Jean Louis Jacques Baradelle.
BARANCA, JOSEPH Italy, 1687, MIM worked with Franc. Ruvolo in producing globes; a terrestrial globe is signed "Franc. Ruvolo fecit. Joseph Baranca Sculpsit Octob. 1687" is at the Chicago Historical Society. Yonge.
BARANDELLE FILS misreading for Baradelle Fils. Lempertz 6/14/76.
BARBA, GIOVANNI DELLA Germany, c.1525, MIM made excellent instruments, spheres, globes, astrolabes, etc. Michel 3.
BARBA, JOSEPH FRANCOIS France, 1760, MIM Astronomical Clock, 1760 = Museum, Nancy. Joseph François Barba. Michel 14.
BARBANTI, CARLO Italy, fl.1829-37, MIM PHIM SIM Drawing Instrument = ROM; Polariscope = FLO; Barometer, De Luc-type = FLM. machinist to the Royal Observatory in 1829 and to the Royal Academy of Sciences in 1837, both in Turin. Turin. USNM; G.L'E. Turner 24; Middleton 1; RSW.
BARBARET, JACQUES France, MIM Sundial and Compass inside lower lid of watch = LOU. ex-Garnier Coll. Paris. Garnier Cat.
BARBER, EDWARD England, c.1674-97, MIM apprenticed in the Joiners' Company in 1667; free of the Company in 1674; took apprentices. Crawforth 7.
BARBER, ISAAC England, c.1676, free of the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1676. Crawforth 6.
BARBER, J. England, c.1850, OIM Telescopes = PMS, Christie-SK 4/17/86. the Christie-SK telescope is signed "Barber London." London. RSW.
BARBERIOS, FELICE Italy, 1680, MIM Astronomical Clock, 1680 = Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, Milan. Milan. Baillie 1.
BARBIER, JEAN France, c.1720, MIM apprenticed to Jean Lefebvre 2 in the "Corporation des fondeurs" on June 27, 1720. Augarde 1.
BARBON 1 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. 21 Panton Street, Haymarket, London. Goodison 1.
BARBON 2 England, c.1825, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Soth. 5/14/87 & 10/22/87; Stick Barometer = Christie-SK 10/20/89. see Barbon and Co. Fullwood Rents, Holborn, London; 281 Holborn, London. RSW.
BARBON AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Fullwood Rents, Holborn, London. Goodison 1.
BARBON, PETER Scotland, fl.1808-12, OIM Microscope, 1810 = RSM. microscope has 77 Princes Street, Edinburgh as the address. 4 Lothian Street; 18 Nicholson Street (1809); 77 Princes Street (1810); all in Edinburgh. Taylor 2(1076); Goodison 1; Clay and Court; Bryden 3; Morrison-Low 1.
BARBON, S., AND CO. Scotland, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Edinburgh. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1076).
BARCLAY, ADAM Scotland, d.1753, MIM OIM Edinburgh. Bryden 3.
BARCLAY, ANDREW Scotland, c.1870, OIM Telescope = D.(1976); Telescope, Gregorian = Auction, Atlanta, Ga., May, 1987 = D.(1988); Telescope with micrometer eyepiece = FRK = RSM. "engineer." Kilmarnock. Brieux 3; Clarke et al; RSW.
BARCLAY, HUGH Scotland, fl.1727-d.1749, OIM also made watches. Edinburg. Bryden 3.
BARCLAY, W. Scotland, fl.1825-26, MIM invented instrument to measure elevations. Auldeare, near Nairn. Taylor 2(1480).
BARCLAY, WILL. PHIM Stick Barometer, Num. 132 = Christie 12/8/76. RSW.
BARCLAY, WILLIAM Scotland, fl.1731-d.1758, OIM Edinburgh. Bryden 3 and 4.
BARDE France, c.1850, MIM Equatorial Sundial = NYM. Bardé. Paris. Lübke.
BARDIN 1 England, MIM Orrery = Auction, 1915. see H. Bardin. Dewhirst.
BARDIN 2 England, MIM globe maker; either Thomas Marriot or William Bardin, which see. USNM; Yonge..
BARDIN 3 England?, NIM Sextant = D.(1968). RSW.
BARDIN, G.A. England, MIM Celestial Globe = NMM-G.166. London. NMM 2.
BARDIN, H. England, c.1780-85, MIM Tellurium = NMM. see Bardin 1. London. NMM 2.
BARDIN, THOMAS MARRIOT England, fl.1806-27, MIM Terrestrial Globes on sta = P-B 1946 (on stand), Boston Athenaeum, Mass., Wilson Museum, Castine, Me.; Celestial Globes = Wilson Museum (1800), P.C. worked with William Bardin, his father or uncle; member of Girdlers' Company. 16 Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London. Taylor 2(1077); Crawforth 11; Yonge.
BARDIN, W. AND T.M. England, c.1780-1819, MIM Pairs of Globes = Soth., Wilkinson and Hodge 3/23/23, P-B 10/28/44-936, USNM, APS, Adams Nat'l Historic Site, Mass, (1800, 1807); Terrestrial Globes = Hispanic Society, New York, Essex Institute, Mass. (1798), Schuyler Mansion, (1798), Dartmouth College, New Hamp. (1814), Boston Athenaem, Mass. (1817), P.C. (1819); Celestial Globes = Christie 12/8/76, Essex Institute, USNM, Boston Athenaeum. William and Thomas Marriot Bardin. 16 Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London. Taylor 2(796a, 1077); Multhauf 1; Bedini 1; RSW; USNM; Moskowitz 102; Crawforth 11; Yonge.
BARDIN, W., AND SON England, MIM Pair of Globes = University Observatory, Coimbra. RSW.
BARDIN, WILLIAM England, fl.pre-1780-1803, MIM Pairs of Globes = NMM-168 and -169, VCW, Longleat House; Terrestrial Globes = Archaeological Museum, Nivelles, Belgium, VCW (1782-2), Phillips 12/12/89 (1783); Celestial Globes = PEA (1782), VCW (1785). in Leathersellers' Company; in Girdlers' Company, 1776; most work signed "W. Bardin"; worked with Thomas Marriot Bardin, which see; collaborated with James Ferguson; Longleat globes are ten-inch, celestial dated "April, 1785", the other dated "1783"; PEA signed "Wright's New Improved Celestial Globe----Made and Sold by William Bardin---Jany. 1, 1782." 16 Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London. Taylor 2(796a); Belgian Inventory; Moskowitz 102; NMM 2; Crawforth 11; Yonge; RSW.
BARDON misreading for Bardou.
BARDOU France, fl.1819-50, OIM Telescope, enameled = Soth. 122/13/65-106; Telescope = PEA. probably P.G. Bardou; he and A. Bardou shared the same address; firm established in 1819. 55, rue de Chabrol, Paris. USNM; Moskowitz 118; Brewington 1; RSW.
BARDOU AND SON France, post-1850, OIM Telescope, 3-inch = P.C.; Telescopes = P.C.(1987), D.(1976). first P.C. (3-inch) is 38" long; second P.C. is also marked "G B" with a type of ampersand in between. Paris. RSW.
BARDOU AND SONS France, post-1850, OIM Telescope = D.(1977). may be misreading for Bardou and Son. Paris. RSW.
BARDOU ET FILS France, post-1850, OIM Telescopes = MYS. one marked "Charles Hutchinson and Son, Boston." Paris. RSW.
BARDOU, A. France, c.1850, OIM Telescopes = Christie-SK 11/19/87 (2), 8/20/87. 55, rue de Chabrol, Paris. Moskowitz; RSW.
BARDOU, P.G. France, c.1850, OIM made telescopes. 55 rue de Chabrol, Paris. Moskowitz; RSW.
BAREKHAN, J.R. Germany, NIM Sextant = OMM. Bremerhaven. RSW.
BARELLA AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Newcastle. Goodison 1.
BARELLA, A. Holland, PHIM Barometer, double = Christie 12/8/76. Amsterdam. RSW.
BARELLA, D. Holland, PHIM Barometer = Soth.-Mak van Waay April, 1978. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BARELLI England, c.1790, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-Pulborough 3/1/83. see Josh Barelli and Co. Reading. Goodison 1; RSW.
BARELLI, JNO., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = X. Bath. Goodison 1.
BARELLI, JOHN England, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, D.(1975); Barometer = D.(1971). may be Barelli in Della Torre and Barelli, which see; X is signed "J. Barelli"; 1971 D. signed "Jon" with little bar under the "n". London. Goodison 1; RSW.
BARELLI, JOSH, AND CO. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. see Barelli. Reading. Goodison 1; RSW.
BARELLI, JUNO England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Abridge Antique and Auction 2/21/90. may be misreading for Jno. Barelli. Bath. RSW.
BARETTA USA, c.1850?, see McAllister and Baretta. Smart 1.
BARINE, P. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. York. Goodison 1.
BARKER 1 England, c.1736, OIM microscope maker. Nachet.
BARKER 2 England, c.1780, MIM SIM Theodolite = D. Wynter and Turner.
BARKER 3 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer in door of clock = Connoisseur, July, 1911. attributed to William Barker, clockmaker, fl.1747-86. Wigan. Goodison 1; A.J. Hawkes.
BARKER 4 England, NIM Magnetic Compass = Christie 3/9/65-3. signed "Barker's Patents 181/15"; probably Francis Barker, which see. RSW.
BARKER AND SON England, 19th Century, NIM Compass = Peron et Corsy, Melun 6/10/79. probably Francis Barker and Son. London. RSW.
BARKER, FRANCIS England, c.1850, MIM NIM PHIM Sundials, round, slate = Christie 12/18/74 = 4/9/75, P.C. compass designer; see Barker 4. 12 Clerkenwell Road, London. NMM 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; RSW.
BARKER, FRANCIS, AND SON England, 1848-to present, MIM NIM PHIM Sextant, box = Christie-SK 10/6/83; Augsburg-type Sundial = P.C.; Equatorial Sundials = Soth. 3/14/57-140, 11/9/59-174. also made aneroid barometers; firm continues to produce instruments to this day; most are signed "F. Barker and Son"; T.C. marked "Late Grove and Barker"; "17 years with and successors to J. and G. Simms." "Sundial House", 12 Clerkenwell Road; 23 Great Sutton Street, E.C. (post-1858); both in London. Moskowitz 107; RSW; USNM; Chaldecott 3; RGO.
BARKER, WILLIAM England, c.1711, MIM apprenticed to John Worgan of the Grocers' Company on Oct. 8, 1700; was turned over to William Haddon, Stationer, on Mar. 12, 1700 (os). London. Taylor 1(560); Evans 1; J. Brown 1.
BARLACE England, c.1780, MIM Sectors = Soth. 6/23/87, Nouveau Drouot 5/20/88. both sectors have twelve-inch radii. London. RSW.
BARLING England, post-1740, MIM Soho Rule, boxwood and ivory = P.C. a type of slide rule designed by James Watt, c.1739. Limehouse Hole, London. Delehar 2 and 9.
BARLOW, PETER England, 1776-1862, devised Barlow's Wheel, a machine which demonstrated Faraday's discovery of electro-mechanical rotation. Greenslade, Jr. 1; G.L'E. Turner 24.
BARLOW, THOMAS H. USA, 1789-1865, MIM Planetaria = Washington and Lee University, Lexington Va., Sayre School, Lexington Ky., University of Mississippi, University, Miss. the planetaria were very large, 13 feet in diameter; at least 11 more were made, now all lost; inventor; machinist; published a brochure for the instrument. Lexington Ky.; Cincinnati, Ohio. Langemann.
BARLOW, WILLIAM England, 1544-1625 fl.1580-1618, MIM NIM designed instruments, including a compass with an alidade to determine variation. Winchester (1581); Salisbury (1615). Taylor 1(37); Evans 1; A.J. Turner 10.
BARNABITI Italy, c.1847, OIM made reflecting microscopes. Clay and Court.
BARNARD, I. England, 1784, MIM Gauge, folding, for wine = X; Slide Rule, 1784 = P.C. Queries, S.I.S. Bull. 1, 1983; Delehar 9.
BARNARDA, P. England, fl.1803-11, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. in directories as maker. 22 West Street, West Smithfield, London. Goodison 1.
BARNARDA, P. AND CO. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. see P. Barnarda. Goodison 1.
BARNASCHINA 1 England, OIM Telescope = D.(1973). variant spelling of Barnasconi? London. RSW; Wynter 1.
BARNASCHINA 2 England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. probably Francis Barnasconi. Newcastle-on-Tyne. Goodison 1.
BARNASCHINA, ANTHONY England, fl.1826-28, OIM PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2), Soth. 7/6/73. one X is signed "A. Barnaschina." New Road, Gravesend. Goodison 1; RSW.
BARNASCHINA, L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Gravesend. Goodison 1.
BARNASCHONE England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Devizes. Goodison 1.
BARNASCHONE, CHAS. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Boston. Goodison 1.
BARNASCHONI AND MONTHI see Bernaschoni and Monthi. Goodison 1; RSW.
BARNASCHONI, B. England, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometer = P-B 10/24/42. RSW.
BARNASCONE 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2), Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. possibly M. Barnascone. Leeds. Goodison 1; RSW; USNM.
BARNASCONE 2 England, c.1825, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1997). Merthyr. ATG 6/14/97.
BARNASCONE, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. could be Andrew Barnascone of Boston or A. Bernasconi of Leeds. Goodison 1; RSW.
BARNASCONE, ANDREW England, c.1822, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 7/19/88. signed "A. Barnascone". High Street, Boston. Goodison 1; RSW.
BARNASCONE, G.B. England, c.1780, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, P.C. (1972). 13 St. Michaels Square; 14 St. Michaels Square; both in Southampton. Goodison 1; RSW.
BARNASCONE, J., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
BARNASCONE, M. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(4). also spelled Bernasconi. Leeds. Goodison 1.
BARNASCONI, A. England, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-Chester 2/2/84. Leeds. RSW.
BARNASCONI, F., AND SON England, c.1860, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 10/19/87. Francis Barnasconi renamed the firm to be "F. Barnasconi and Son" by 1860. Newcastle. Goodison 1; RSW.
BARNASCONI, FRANCIS England, fl.1827-58, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = Christie-SK 2/26/88. signed "F. Barnasconi, Newcastle"; also spelled Barnesconi. 34 The Side (1827-34); 16 Groat Market (1838); 28 Groat Market (1841); 29 Groat Market (1844); 20 High Bridge (1847-53); 35 High Bridge (1855-58); all in Newcastle. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1771); RSW.
BARNASCONI, L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer with Thermometer = Soth. 12/15/83. signed "L. Barnasconi Trowbridge Warranted." Trowbridge. RSW.
BARNASCONI, LEWIS England, fl.1833-41, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2). may have made barometers. 42 Burgess Street (1833-37); 233 Waingate (1834-41); 19 Waingate (1841); all in Sheffield. Goodison 1.
BARNASCONI, M. England, c.1840, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Soth.-Chester 5/16/85, 7/25/85. Leeds. RSW.
BARNES AND ASPINALL England, PHIM scale makers. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BARNES, WILLIAM England, c.1706, MIM apprenticed to John Johnson 3 of the Grocers' Company on Aug. 24, 1706. J. Brown 1.
BARNESCONI see Barnascone, Barnasconi and Bernasconi. Goodison 1.
BARNETT, ASHER England, fl.1770-77, OIM spectacle grinder and optician. 25 Coleman Street (1770); 25 Froggery (1777); both in Birmingham. Bryden 9.
BARNETT, MORRIS England, PHIM Marine Barometer = MYS. Ramsgate. RSW.
BARNETT, THOMAS England, 1768-1816 fl.1789-1816, MIM OIM PHIM Stick Barometer = X. signed "T. Barnett"; T.C.; apprenticed in the Spectaclemakers' Company, 1782; free of the Company on Dec. 17, 1789; patented a method of aerating fluids, 1802; instrument maker to H.M. Board of Customs and Excise; advertised all kinds of barometers; made telescopes and other instruments. 21 East Street, Lambeth (1789); 61 Great Tower Street; No. 4 Mores Yard, Old Fish Street near Dockers Commons; all in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(797); Dewhirst; Clay and Court; Calvert 2; Court and von Rohr 3(216); Crawforth 1.
BARNI France, c.1825, PHIM Wheel Barometer, diamond-shaped = Doyle 1/24/90. Amiens. RSW.
BARNS, DANIEL England, c.1753, apprenticed to Richard Rust of the Grocers' Company on March 16, 1753. J. Brown 1.
BARNUKA England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Bury. Goodison 1.
BAROCCIO, AMBROGIO Italy, c.1600, MIM Morpurgo 1.
BAROCCIO, GIAMBATTISTA Italy, may be Giovanni Battista Baroccio. Urbino. Price 2.
BAROCCIO, GIOVANNI BATTISTA Italy, 1570, MIM Armillary Sphere, 1570 = ROB. see Giovanni Maria Baroccio; Price thought he was Giambattista Baroccio. Venice; Urbino. Morpurgo 1; Michel 2; Price 2.
BAROCCIO, GIOVANNI MARIA Italy, 1570, MIM Armillary Sphere, 1570 = ROB; Planetary Clock = Bernard Coll., Paris. must be same as Giovanni Battista Baroccio, which see; clock was for the Pope; globe maker. Urbino. Morpurgo 1; Michel 2; Baillie 1.
BAROCCIO, SIMONE Italy, fl.1568-70, MIM son of Giovanni Maria Baroccio; clockmaker; made Commandino- and Guidobaldi-type proportional compasses. Urbino. Morpurgo 1; A.J. Turner 10.
BARON, EDMOND England, c.1693, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Feilder of the Clockmakers' Company on Oct. 7, 1693. J. Brown 3.
BARON, PATRICK Ireland, 1794, OIM optician. 83 Dame Street, Dublin (1794). Morrison-Low and Burnett.
BARR Scotland see White and Barr. Glasgow. USNM.
BARRAND, ROGER France, Aneroid Barometer = D.(1972). "horloger"; reproduction. rue Despiches, Orléans. RSW.
BARRAUD England, fl.1823-45, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D. also made chronometers. 41 Cornhill, London. Wynter and Turner; USNM.
BARRELL, JOHN England?, c.1828, NIM Sextant = Old Gaol Museum, Me. USNM.
BARRERE France, see Girard et Barrère. Christie-SK 4/17/86.
BARRETA, D. England, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, D.(1996). may be Dom Barret. 67 Holborn, London. Goodison 1; ATG 7/6/96.
BARRETT England, NIM see Spencer, Barrett and Co.
BARRETT, DOM England, 1783?, PHIM Angle Barometer = X. dated in pencil; may be D. Barreta. Goodison 1.
BARRETT, ROBERT M. England, c.1850, MIM in Great Exhibition of 1851 in London; D. Primavesi was his agent in Cardiff. 4 Jamaica Terrace, Limehouse, London. G.L'E. Turner 24; RSW.
BARRETT, SIMON England, c.1678, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Claxton in the Clockmakers' Company; turned over to Joseph Wells of the Joiners' Company on July 3, 1668, until 1675; free of the Clockmakers' Company, April 8, 1678; took apprentices. London. J. Brown 3; Loomes 2.
BARRINGTON, THOMAS England, c.1828, MIM 32 Wytch Street, Strand, London. O'Mara.
BARROLL, JOHN England, c.1701, MIM apprenticed to John Wood 1 of the Clockmakers' Company for eight years on June 1, 1701. J. Brown 3.
BARROW AND OWEN England, MIM NIM OIM T.C. in marine compass box; Henry Barrow. 26 Oxenden Street, London. RSW.
BARROW, HENRY England, 1790-1870, MIM NIM PHIM Theodolite = KEN; Telescope = KEN; Mariner's Compass = NMM; Gunner's Level = NMM; Dip Needles = USNM, Royal Greenwich Observatory, Hurstmonceaux Castle; Actinometer = KEN; Barometer, Thermometers (2) = P. & S. 2/4/1876. might have been apprenticed to either George Dollond 1 or Edward Troughton 2 as he did work for both of them before 1829; appointed MIM under the Surveyor General of India (1830-39); succeeded to the business of Thomas Charles Robinson in 1842; became "Robinson and Barrow" (1842-50); also made balances; invented a new dip needle. London (pre 1830); Calcutta (1830-39); 38 Devonshire Street, London (1842-43); 26 Oxenden Street, London (1845-64). Pipping 1; RSW; Bryden 8; Taylor 2(2069); McConnell; USNM; NMM 2; Stock 1 & 2.
BARROW, HENRY, AND CO. England, fl.1850-69, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Thermometer = Soth. 3/11/77; Telescope, three-draw = Phillips 1/30/84; Sextant, box = Phillips 10/26/83; Protractor, full, with sights = Drouot 4/7/87. some signed "H. Barrow and Co.; one carries the East India Co. trademark; also made theodolites, magnetic compasses, etc.; see Henry Barrow. 26 Oxenden Street, London. O'Mara; RSW; USNM; Stock 1 & 2.
BARROW, JOHN England, 1792, MIM author. London. Dawson 216, 1971.
BARROW, W., AND W. LOVELACE England, pre-1756, PHIM T.C.; made artificial magnets; partnership broke up in 1756. at the Golden Lion in St. Martins Le-Grand, London. Calvert 2; Crawforth 1.
BARROW, WILLIAM England, c.1756, NIM PHIM Compass, 1756 = NMM. T.C.; see W. Barrow and W. Lovelace; made artificial magnets; left London in 1756. London; Woolton near Prescott, Lancs. (1756). NMM 2; Calvert 2.
BARRY England, c.1800, MIM NIM Telescope, pocket = Soth.-N.Y. 2/23/79; Octant = Seamans Institute, New York; Sextants = MYS, LIM, Soth. 10/17/60-157; Circular Protractor = D.(1976). probably Richard Barry, which see. London. Moskowitz, 1976; RSW; USNM.
BARRY, JOSEPH Ireland, fl.1780-1824, MIM SIM Circumferentor = X. also a watchmaker. Cork. Mollan 1 and 2; SIS Bulletin #1, 1983; Morrison-Low and Burnett.
BARRY, M. England, fl.1815-25, MIM continued Richard Barry's business. Navigation Warehouse, Minories, London. Moskowitz 112; USNM; Brewington 1.
BARRY, RICHARD England, fl.1799-1820, MIM NIM OIM Telescopes = PEA, P.C.(1969); Protractor, full, with arm = D. (1976); Sextant, ebony = D.(1993). sextant scale is signed "I.R." (8); T.C. 290 Wapping Street (1799-); 106 Minories; Navigation Warehouse, Minories (1810-15); all in London. Moskowitz 112; Taylor 2(925); Brewington 1; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; Coffeen 43.
BARSTON, JOHN England, fl.1738-40, patented a quadrant, 1738; Joseph Turner worked with him on the quadrant. Hatton Garden, London. Taylor 2(228); Dewhirst; Evans 1; Millburn 8.
BART, JOHANN Germany, c.1525, MIM see Giovanni della Barba. Michel 3.
BARTENSCHLAGER, J.C. Germany, 1713-99, MIM SIM Universal Ring Sundial = SCH-5269; Table Sundials = SCH-5268, ZUS-LM2639, and ZUR(2); Graphometer = ZUR; Surveying Instruments = SCH and ZUS; Sector = Soth. 10/17/60-132. Schaffhausen. Zinner 1; RSW.
BARTHELEMY France, c.1790, PHIM Hydrometer, silver, case = Drouot 11/7/75. "Md Orfèvre et Joailler de Lunel"; Barthélémy. dans la Grand'rue, vis-à-vis le Bureau de la Colerie, No. 346, Paris. RSW.
BARTHELMES Germany, c.1830, PHIM Barometer = DRE. Gotha. RSW.
BARTHOLOMAEUS, S. Germany, 1736, MIM Sundial, stone and brass, 1736 = FRA. Zinner 1.
BARTHOLOMEW, ABBOT Germany, 1550, MIM Chalice Dial, 1550 = BM-1896/12/14-1. see B.A. 2. Aldersbach. Price 3; Ward 4; Evans 1; Gatty.
BARTLETT, JOHN 1 England, c.1754, MIM apprenticed to John Gilbert 1 of the Grocers' Company on Dec. 18, 1746; turned over to John Urings 2 in the Joiners' Company by Barbara Gilbert, administrator, on March 18, 1752; free in the Grocers' Company, Feb. 5, 1754. J. Brown 1; Crawforth 7.
BARTLETT, JOHN 2 England, c.1900, Roman Sundials, copies = Wray Sale-78 = OXF (falsely dated 1640), ADL-T46 (falsely dated 1642). by D.B. Sheahan of New York City; address marked on sundials is "Chester." Michel 1; Dyer; Fox 2; Tomlinson 1; RSW.
BARTLETT, MOSES England, d.1709, MIM sundial recorded. Exeter. Loomes 2.
BARTLETT, WILLIAM England, c.1700, apprenticed to Elizabeth Toogood in the Joiners' Company, July 16, 1700. Crawforth 7.
BARTOLLA, G. England, c.1775, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 12/15/72. Barford. RSW.
BARTON 1 England, 18th Century, MIM Ramsden worked under him. Nachet .
BARTON 2 England, 19th Century, OIM Telescope, three-draw = Christie-SK 4/14/89. Strand, London. RSW.
BARTON, JOHN England, fl.1791-1815, NIM invented a type of floating compass. 36 Old Bond Street; upper Belgrave Square, Pimlico; both in London. Taylor 2(926).
BARTON, PETER misreading for Peter Barbon. Morrison-Low; RSW.
BARTRAM, ABRAHAM England, c.1602, apprenticed to Charles Whitwell of the Grocers' Company on June 24, 1602. J. Brown 1.
BARTS England, MIM Sundial, portable, case = Central Museum and Art Gallery, Northampton. London. Stevens and Aked.
BARTSCH, JACOB Holland, 1600-33, MIM Instrument, 1624 = LEY. also marked "Jac. ab Leiden." Leiden. Price 2; RSW.
BARTSCHERER, HANS Sweden, fl.1563-82, MIM Cube Dial, 1580 = STH-12580. Stockholm. Zinner 1.
BARUCKER Germany, 18th Century, OIM made Cuff-type microscopes; optician; possibly W. Burucker, which see. Nürnberg. Nachet; RSW.
BASERGA France, c.1805, MIM succeeded by his son, A. Baserga. 54 Quai des Orfevres et 15 Place Dauphines, Paris. USNM.
BASERGA, A. France, c.1830, MIM succeeded his father, Baserga. Paris. USNM; RSW.
BASERGA, F., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Ipswich. Goodison 1.
BASNETT early spelling for Bassnett. Moskowitz 101.
BASS England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Northampton. Goodison 1.
BASS, GEORGE England, fl.1706-69, OIM apprenticed in 1706 to Ralph Sterrop of the Spectaclemakers' Company; free of the Company on March 28, 1716; Master of the Company in 1747; took apprentices; made early achromatic lenses in 1733 which had been invented by Chester Moor Hall. Bridewell Precinct (1733); Fleet Ditch (1764); both in London. Taylor 2(6); Daumas 1; Dewhirst; Court and von Rohr 3(82); A.J. Turner 10.
BASSANO, CHRISTOPHER Italy, fl.1700-50, MIM Sundial = E.C. Middleton Coll. Evans 1.
BASSETT USA, MIM Bassett Adder = D.(1984). Chicago, Ill. Moskowitz 127.
BASSETT, N. USA, 1836, patented a surveying compass, 1836. Wilmington, Del. USNM.
BASSETT, THOMAS England, c.1669, MIM apprenticed by turnover to Isaac Webb of the Clockmakers' Company on Jan. 18, 1669. J. Brown 3.
BASSNET, JAMES see James Bassnett.
BASSNETT England, c.1840, NIM Quadrant = PMS; Hadley's Quadrant = PEA-M3274; Octants = PMS (2), BMM, NMM, Dukes County Historical Society, Edgartown, Mass. one PMS marked "G.W." on ivory scale, the other "SBR"; surely James Bassnett. Liverpool. NMM 2; Brewington 1; RSW; Moskowitz 101; USNM.
BASSNETT, J., AND H. DUREN England; USA, c.1850, NIM Octant = PMS. James Bassnett and his New York dealer, Henry Duren. Liverpool and New York, N.Y. RSW.
BASSNETT, JAMES England, fl.1829-57, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Barometer = PEA-751; Stick Barometers = PMS, VNN, MYS; Telescope = Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Ill.; Marine Barometer = MYS; Sextant = SFM; Quadrant = D.(1972). changed name from Basnet to Bassnett in 1841; spelling variants are Bassnet and Basnett; optician; watch and clockmaker; T.C.; in partnership with son, Thomas?, 1857-60. 4 Barnes Court, Shaws Brow (1829); 13 Roberts Street North (1834-37); 1 Roberts Street (1841-51); 58 Roberts Street (1857); 8 Roberts Street (1857-60); all in Liverpool. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(2070); Brewington 1; Moskowitz 101; Bryden 9; USNM; Crawforth 6; RSW.
BASSNETT, JAMES, AND SON England, fl.1855-65, MIM OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = Soth. 7/16/76; Marine Compass = Soth.-PB pre-1980; Telescope = Christie-SK 4/14/89. opticians; probably the son was Thomas Bassnett; both barometers and telescope signed "Bassnett and Son"; compass signed "J. Bassnet and Son, Liverpool". 8 Roberts Street, Liverpool. Bryden 9; Moskowitz 104; Brewington 1; Goodison 1; RSW.
BASSO, FRANCESCO Italy, fl.1560-70, MIM also a cartographer. Milan. Tooley.
BASTARD, WILLIAM England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
BASTICK AND DRIVER England, PHIM T.C.; scale makers; "late forman and apprentice to Mr. Vandome." No.2 Holywell Row, Worship Street, near Finsbury Square, London. Calvert 2.
BASTIEN L'AINE France, 1842, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1842 = BOM 3/28/06-556. Bastien L'aîné. Rue St André des Arts, 60, Paris. RSW.
BAT. LUGD. 1640, MIM Diagonal Scale, 1640 = SKO. may be Lugdini for London. Price 2; Bedini 5; RSW.
BATCH, J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Chichester. Goodison 1.
BATE England, fl.1807-49, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums including a terrestrial globe on tellurian, ADL-L34, garden sundial at Washington Old Hall, Washington Village, County Durham; a wooden protractor, 1846, at BM; mountain barometer in a cane; Bate's Ready Reckoner; Thomson's Lunar Corrector (No. 209), etc. could be Robert Brettell Bate or his son; ADL tellurian is reputed to be by Sauter and Gyldenstolke. 17 Poultry, Cheapside; 20/21 Poultry, Cheapside; both in London. Taylor 2(1079); Goodison 1; Dewhirst; Brewington 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Moskowitz 107; Mörzer Bruyns 1; Delehar 9; ADL; Yonge; Coffeen 35; RSW.
BATE AND POULTRY misreading for Bate in Poultry. RSW.
BATE AND SON England, pre-1840-49, Robert Bretsell Bate and son. London. Taylor 2(1079); Moskowitz 105.
BATE, BARTHOLOMEW England, 1806-95, OIM apprenticed to Robert Brettell Bate, his father, of the Spectaclemakers' Company on Jan. 24, 1822, free of the Company on Jan. 27, 1829; see Bartlett Bate. Clay and Court; Taylor 2(1079); Court and von Rohr 3(249).
BATE, BARTLETT England, c.1822, OIM PHIM optician; took out a patent for improvements in hydrometers and saccharometers; called Junior; may be Brettell or Bretsell Bate or may be confused with Bartholomew Bate; may be the son of Robert Bretsell Bate or may be a ghost except for the "Jr." of the Poultry, London. Taylor 2(1079); Clay and Court; Court and von Rohr 3(249).
BATE, HENRY France, c.1274, wrote a treatise on the astrolabe. Malines. Gunther 1; A.J. Turner 10.
BATE, JOHN England, 1809-40, PHIM worked with his father, Robert Brettell Bate. London. McConnell 4.
BATE, JOHN 1 England, c.1626, MIM made gunner's scales; may be John Bates. London. Taylor 1(52); Evans.
BATE, JOHN 2 Ireland, 1750, MIM Sundials = X (1750), Soth.-PB pre-1980. Dublin. Morrison-Low and Burnett; RSW.
BATE, JOHN 3 England, c.1832, OIM London. Taylor 2(1773).
BATE, P. England, 18th Century, MIM Sundial = Christie-SK 11/27/86. RSW.
BATE, PHILIP Ireland, fl.1761-62, MIM Nicholas Street, Dublin. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
BATE, ROBERT BRETTELL England, 1782-1847, MIM NIM OIM PHIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums; they include orreries, microscopes, dials, telescopes, globes, octants, barometers, etc.; Meridian Transit = ADL-A138. T.C.;made free of the Spectaclemakers' Companyby redemption in 1814; Master of the Company, 1828-30; took his son, Bartholomew, as apprentice in 1822 and as partner before 1840; Brettell also appears as Brettel and Bretsell; some instruments are signed "R.B. Bate"; "Optician in Ordinary" to George IV in 1818, to William IV in 1830 and to Queen Victoria in 1837; also acted as dealer; T.C. 17 Poultry; 20/21 Poultry (1830); both in Cheapside, London. Taylor 2(1079); Goodison 1; Moskowitz 105; Brewington 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Price 3; Ward 4; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1 & 7; Court and von Rohr 3(238); McConnell 4; ADL; RSW.
BATECIN, S. LAUR. Italy, NIM Compass in gimbals = FLO-3176. Venice. Bonelli 1.
BATEMAN, JOSEPH England, fl.1823-40, MIM made an eight-foot slide rule. Middlesex. Taylor 2(2071).
BATEMAN, T. England, MIM globe maker; succeeded by John Newton. at the Globe and Sun in Chancery Lane, Fleet Street, London. Crawforth 1.
BATENBURG AND CO. Holland, c.1790, NIM Octants, ebony and ivory = ADL-A192, Christie 12/18/74. Rotterdam. ADL; RSW.
BATENBURGH, JAN VAN see Jan van Call. Rooseboom 1.
BATERNA 1780, PHIM made barometer, c.1780; Baserga? Halifax. USNM.
BATES England, c.1760, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2), Phillips 4/20/83. Kettering. Goodison 1; RSW.
BATES, JOHN see John Bate 1. Taylor 1(52); Evans 1.
BATES, RICHARD England, MIM T.C. at the Quadrant without Newgate facing the Old Bailey, London. Crawforth 1.
BATES, THOMAS England, c.1686, apprenticed to John Worgan of the Grocers' Company on June 3, 1686. J. Brown 1.
BATH, ABRAHAM Abraham, Bath; misreading of name on globe in the Chicago Historical Society; see Abraham 1 and Jacob Abraham. Yonge; RSW.
BATHER England, PHIM Chondrometer = Christie-SK 10/6/83. Haymarket. RSW.
BATIS, IOANNES Italy, c.1575, MIM Horary Quadrant = FLO-2525. for latitude 42°. Bonelli 1; Michel 3.
BATKA, WENZD Czechoslovakia, c.1850, MIM in the 1851 Great Exhibition in London. Prague (Austria). G.L'E. Turner 24.
BATTELL, AFFABELL England, fl.1737-48, MIM apprenticed to John Potten in the Broderers' Company, Jan. 15, 1707; free in the Company, June 8, 1737; assistant compass maker at Deptford Yard, 1741-48. Beaufort Buildings in the Strand, London (1737). Crawforth 7.
BATTEN, EDWARD England, c.1671, MIM apprenticed by turnover to John Marke of the Clockmakers' Company on Jan. 16, 1671. J. Brown 3.
BATTENBURG AND CO. misreading for Batenburg and Co. RSW.
BATTENBURGH see Jan Bacher van Call. Michel 3.
BATTI see Moretti and Batti.
BATTINI, B. Italy, 1721, MIM Horizontal Sundial, silver and ivory, 1721 = Michel Sale-7. the bottom has an engraved cruciform motif. RSW.
BATTISTA, B.D. England, c.1860, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 1/27/88. Downham. RSW.
BATTISTESSA see Zerbonie, Battistessa and Co. RSW.
BATTISTESSA AND CO. 1 Scotland, c.1825, PHIM Wheel Barometers = P.C. (1974); Soth.-S 1/27/88. 8 and 9 Calton Street, Edinburgh. RSW.
BATTISTESSA AND CO. 2 England, fl.1830-43, PHIM made barometers and thermometers; see Battistessa, Molteni and Guanziroli; see Zerboni, Battistessa, Molteni and Guanziroli. 13 Baldwins Gardens (1830-33); 106 Hatton Garden (1840-43); both in London. Goodison 1.
BATTISTESSA, MOLTENI AND GUANZIROLI England, c.1834, PHIM made barometers. 13 Baldwins Gardens, London. Goodison 1.
BAUDEN Belgium, c.1800, MIM Alidade = DOR. Mons. RSW.
BAUDOU France, c.1788, PHIM made a balance barometer in 1788. Grenoble. Middleton 1.
BAUER, CARL Germany, c.1820, MIM Terrestrial Globe, miniature, box = Soth. 6/23/87. globe marked "P.B. 5"; published a pocket globe with the celestial gores on the outside of the case. Nürnberg. Edell 1; RSW.
BAUER, JOH. BERNARD Germany, fl.1790-1801, MIM Celestial Globe, 1792 = BAM; Terrestrial Globes = Markisches Museum, Berlin (1801), Soth. 6/9/25; Globe, 1800 = X; Planetarium, 1791 = BAM. "mechanicus"; see Klinger and Bauer. Nürnberg. RSW; Tooley.
BAUER, JOHANN Germany, 1639, MIM Celestial Globe, 1639 = Berlin-Babelsberg University Observatory. see Jan van Call; may be same man. Callens. Zinner 1; Price 2.
BAUER, KILIAN Germany, fl.1725-26, MIM Pillar Sundials, 1725, 1726 = WUR. Würzburg. Zinner 1.
BAUER, P. Germany, 1683, MIM Equatorial Sundial, 1683 = OXF. Zinner 1.
BAUGH, JOHN England, c.1672, apprenticed to Walter Hayes of the Grocers' Company on June 24, 1672. J. Brown 1.
BAUM, J., AND CO. England, c.1875, MIM Horizontal Sundial, folding = WHI. marked "Birmingham Patent", but no patent found. Birmingham. Bryden 16.
BAUMANN Germany, fl.1760-1830, MIM NIM SIM Circumferentor = STL; Repeating Circle = AMST. Stuttgart. Daumas 1; Evans 1; Mörzer Bruyns 1.
BAUMGARTINGER, JEAN ERASME Germany, 18th Century, MIM Table Sundial, octagonal = Rosenheim Sale-374; Equatorial Sundial, copper-gilt and silvered = MADEX-152 = P.C.. Mergentheim. Michel 3; MADEX.
BAUMGARTNER, FRIEDRICH Germany, 1759-1843, Baumgärtner; wrote on new mechanical instruments. Leipzig. Michel 3.
BAUSCH, J.J. Germany?, PHIM Microscope, pocket, wood = HAR. "Excelsior Microscope." RSW.
BAUSSARD France?, 1790, MIM Water Clock, 1790 = CNAM. Cons. Nat'l 2.
BAUSSE, JOHANN GEORG Germany, fl.1750-84, MIM made Copernican and Tychonic planetaria, now lost. Gotha. Zinner 1; USNM.
BAXTER USA, NIM see Nickerson and Baxter. Boston, Mass. RSW.
BAXTER, JOHN England, fl.1825-26, MIM 32 John Street, Birmingham. Taylor 2(1481).
BAXTER, ROBERT England, c.1830, OIM Livery Street, Birmingham. Taylor 2(1774).
BAXTER, WILLIAM England, c.1752, apprenticed to John Gilbert 2 of the Grocers' Company on Mar. 19, 1752. J. Brown 1.
BAYENS GEBROEDERS Holland, fl.1798-1850, MIM OIM SIM Microscopes = LEY (1798), LEY; Circumferentor = Christie-SK 9/11/86. Pieter and Adrianus Bayens; see Dellebarre and Bayens Gebroeders. Delft. Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
BAYENS, ADRIANUS Holland, fl.1790-post-1842, MIM OIM see Bayens Brothers; see Dellebarre and Bayens Brothers. Delft. Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1.
BAYENS, PIETER Holland, 1744-1846, MIM OIM Plane Table Alidade = Christie-SK 11/19/87. see Bayens Brothers; see Dellebarre and Bayens Brothers. Delft. Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1; RSW.
BAYER, JOSEPH Germany, c.1771, MIM Augsburg-type Sundial = Soth. May, 1903 = Evans Coll. = OXF-G.434. marked "Soc. Jesu fecit." Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 2; Evans 1; Michel 3; Maddison 1; RSW; Gatty.
BAYER, MARTIN Germany, c.1559, MIM clockmaker; see M.B. 3. Annaberg. Bobinger 2.
BAYLEY 1 England, fl.1663-70, OIM Monconys called him Baili (1666); member of the Spectaclemakers' Company, 1663; optician. in St. Paul's Churchyard, London. Taylor 1(295); Daumas 1; Michel 3; Dewhirst; Court and von Rohr 3(III).
BAYLEY 2 sometimes Baili, Bailie, Baly, Baylie, Baille. Michel 3.
BAYNHAM, CHARLES England, c.1744, apprenticed to George Adams 1 of the Grocers' Company on Mar. 8, 1742; turned over to William Collier, Goldsmith, on Oct. 27, 1744. J. Brown 1.
BAYSER Germany, MIM Inclinable Sundial, case = MADEX-133 = P.C. may be Beyser. MADEX.
BAYSER, BOE Denmark, 1735, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1735 = Drecker Coll. Price 2.
BAZERGA, GEBROEDEN Holland, c.1830, PHIM Stick Barometer = Phillips 4/20/83. "Gebroeden Bazerga tot Rotterdam." Rotterdam. RSW.
BAZZANTI, ISIDORUS GASPAR Italy, 1760, OIM Solar Microscope, 1760 = FLO-3229. Bonelli 1.
BEACH AND BALDEN England, -1817, PHIM Thomas Beach and Joseph Balden; balance makers; succeeded by W. and T. Avery 1 in 1817. Birmingham. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BEACH, LEWIS USA, fl.1830-46, MIM made rules and squares. Mass.(1830-46); Bennington, Vermont (1859). DATM.
BEACH, THOMAS England, c.1800, PHIM made balances; T.C.; was partner with Joseph Balden; succeeded by W. and T. Avery. No. 11 in Digbeth, Birmingham. Giordano 1; Calvert 2; G.L'E. Turner 24.
BEAL, JOHN England, c.1826, MIM had James Prentice as an apprentice, c.1826; was he possibly John Beale 1 or 2? London. Smart 1; RSW.
BEALE, JOHN 1 England, c.1812, MIM Middlesex. Taylor 2(1273).
BEALE, JOHN 2 England, 19th Century, MIM OIM PHIM T.C. No. 76 Maid Lane near the Borough, London. Calvert 2; Crawforth 1.
BEAN, FOWLER England, fl.1781-91, apprenticed to George Adams 2 of the Grocers' Company on June 18, 1773; free of the Company on March 1, 1781; described himself as "surgeon" and took his two sons as apprentices. J. Brown 1.
BEARD, CORNELIUS England, c.1670, MIM apprenticed by turnover to Edward Thorogood of the Clockmakers' Company on Oct. 7, 1670; turned over to James Atkinson 1 of the Clockmakers' Company. J. Brown 3.
BEARELLI see Riva and Bearelli. RSW.
BEARETTI, PETER England, c.1833, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 26 Great Bath Street, Clerkenwell, London. Goodison 1.
BEASARDO, P. Germany, 1553, MIM Equatorial Sundial, 1553 = Drecker Coll. Price 2.
BEATTIE see Proctor and Beattie. London. RSW.
BEAUJEU, FRANQUE A. France, MIM Garden Sundials = Peron et Corsy, Melun 6/10/79. Rhône. RSW.
BEAUJEU, LIENARD DE Canada, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial = X. "Nouvelle France." "Antiques", 1965, 87:336-7.
BEAULIEU, A. Belgium, c.1790, OIM made optical squares; showed in the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. Brussels. USNM; J.A. Bennett 2.
BEAUME France, pre-1782, PHIM Beaumé; invented an areometer. Courtanvaux.
BEAUMONT, PHILIP England, c.1689, MIM apprenticed to Withers Cheney of the Clockmakers' Company on Aug. 15, 1689. J. Brown 3.
BEAUTEMPS DE ST.-POURCIN, P. France, c.1575, MIM Polyhedral Sundial, mounted on an atlas figure = D.(1976). signed also "Inventeur." Avergne. Brieux 3; A.J. Turner 10.
BEAUTIN France, c.1820, MIM Window Dial, glass, with noon cannon = Satterlee Coll. "Opticien de la Reine." Rue de Castiglione No. 8, Paris. Hamilton 2.
BEAUVAL, FIRMIN DE France, c.1485, designed an astronomical clock. Amiens. Weil 2(23).
BEAVER, SAMUEL England, c.1828, apprenticed to William Green 2 in the Joiners' Company on Dec. 4, 1828. Crawforth 7.
BEAVES England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Trowbridge. Goodison 1.
BEAVISS, EDWARD England, 1760, MIM Orrery, 1760 = Soth. 12/16/63-112. RSW.
BECHADERGUE, P. France?, 18th Century, MIM Dividers, wood = D.(1982). Coffeen A.
BECHER, A.B. England, fl. 1836-44, invented an artificial horizon c.1843. London. McConnell 4.
BECHLIN pre-1798, PHIM made magnets. Pipping 1.
BECHTLER USA, MIM SIM Surveying Level, hand-held = North Carolina State Archives. Rutherford County, North Carolina. USNM.
BECK see R.and J. Beck; see Smith and Beck.
BECK, G. England, fl.1780-1840, NIM Quadrant = Auction, August, 1807. invented a quadrant, theodolite and protractor patented in 1780. Taylor 2(1080); KEN.
BECK, GEORGE W. USA, c.1834, PHIM manufactured and sold electrical machinery of various kinds. Boston, Mass. USNM.
BECK, JOSEPH England, c.1847, OIM microscope maker; worked with his brother, Richard Beck 2, as R. and J. Beck. London. Moskowitz 132.
BECK, R. AND J. England, fl.1847-94, OIM Microscope = D.(1989). Richard and Joseph Beck. 31 Cornhill, London. Moskowitz 132.
BECK, RICHARD 1 England, 1637, apprenticed to Daniel Quare 1 of the Clockmakers' Company in 1673. J. Brown 3.
BECK, RICHARD 2 England, fl.1847-, OIM worked first with James Smith 3 as Smith and Beck; later with his brother, Joseph Beck and James Smith 3; after 1866 worked alone with Joseph Beck. London. Moskowitz 111.
BECKER England, PHIM Balance, case = Peron et Corsy, Melun 6/10/79. probably Jecker. London. RSW.
BECKER AND SONS USA, post-1836, MIM NIM SIM founded by Christopher Becker 2, which see. Brooklyn, N.Y. RSW.
BECKER'S SONS Holland?; USA, c.1860, PHIM Specific Gravity Balance = D.(1972). New York, N.Y. Moskowitz 104.
BECKER, A. Germany, c.1850, PHIM Barometer = DRE. Gotha. RSW.
BECKER, ANDREAS Germany, 1607, MIM Astrolabe, 1607 = Elblag Museum, Poland. ICA-594; offered to the Boerhave Museum, June, 1988. Zinner 1; Price 1; ICA 2; RSW.
BECKER, C. England, c.1850, PHIM Galvanometer = Royal Institution, London; Heliochronometer = D.(1987). London. Coffeen 16; RSW.
BECKER, CHRISTOPHER 1 Holland, 1806-90, PHIM Physical Instruments = LEY, GRO. Groningen. Rooseboom 1.
BECKER, CHRISTOPHER 2 Holland; USA, 1806-90, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Theodolites = P.C., Christie-Amst 10/22/81-623. made astronomical and nautical instruments; made first analytical balance in the U.S; see Becker's Sons; founded Becker and Sons in Brooklyn, N.Y. post-1836; Christie theodolite is signed "Becker Arnhem"; had display in Great Exhibition of 1851 in London as from Arnhem. Arnhem (1851); New York, N.Y. USNM; G.L'E. Turner 24; RSW.
BECKET, JOHN England, c.1698, MIM apprenticed to Richard Conyers of the Clockmakers' Company on Dec. 15, 1698. J. Brown 3.
BECKETT, BENJAMIN England, c.1767, apprenticed to John Urings 2 in the Joiners' Company on March 3, 1767. Crawforth 7.
BECKHER, JOHANN Austria, 1726, MIM Celestial Globe, 1726 = NUR-WI1212. invented by R.P. Michael Caucigh. Linz. Zinner 1; Globus Dec., 1956.
BECKIT, ROBERTUS England, 1597, MIM Sector with bow, 1597 = P.C. = OXF. steel points. Calvert 3; A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
BECKMAN, L. USA, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = Gurley Museum, Troy, N.Y. Toledo, Ohio. USNM.
BEDFORD, HILKIAH England, 1634-89, MIM Universal Ring Sundials = NMM, OXF, FLO, LAW, PAK, Foster's Sales Rooms, May, 1916, London Museum, Soth. 6/23/69; Quadrant = Soth. 10/22/76; Gunter Quadrant and Nocturnal = TIM; Dialing Rule = KEN. apprenticed to John Thompson 1 of the Stationers' Company in 1646; free of the Company in 1654; admitted to Clockmakers' Company in 1667; took apprentices. Hosier Lane (-1666); at the Sign of the Globe, near Holborn Conduit; in Fleet Street, near end of Fetter Lane (1666-89); all in London. Taylor 1(284); Maddison 1; Clay and Court; Dewhirst; Michel 3; J. Brown 1 and 3; A.J. Turner 8, 9 & 10; RSW.
BEDINGTON, JOHN England, fl.1845-52, T.C. No. 40 Digbeth, Birmingham. Crawforth 1.
BEDOS DE CELLES France, author; designed sundials.
BEDWELL, THOMAS 1 England, 1546-95, designed a carpenter's rule. London. Taylor 1(41).
BEDWELL, THOMAS 2 England, fl.1825-49, MIM PHIM made barometers and thermometers. Leman Street, Goodmans Field (1825); 53 Great Alie Street (1834-45); 3-4 Little Alie Street (1846-49; all in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1483).
BEEFE, NICOLAS DE Holland, fl.1761-67, MIM The Hague. Rooseboom 1.
BEELDSNIJDER, FRANCOIS Holland, 1755-1808, OIM Microscope objective, achromatic, 1791 = UTR-Physics Lab. François Beeldsnijder. Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1.
BEELING, Z. see Boyling 2. Zinner 1.
BEER, JOOST DE Holland, fl.1620-30, MIM Sundial, 1625 = ROM; Astronomical Compendium = LEY-A74; Dutch Box Sundial, silver and ivory = Wray Sale-38. delivered instruments for Jacob van Neck's expedition; surely the maker of a pocket sundial signed "I.B." (10) at AMST, which see; perhaps the same as Joost Peer. Amsterdam. Zinner 1; Rooseboom 1; Price 2; Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BEERS, JAMES M. USA, c.1810?, MIM Wheelbarrow Hodometer = USNM. New Haven, Conn. USNM.
BEERS, SMITH USA, 1839, MIM held a patent on a hodometer, 1839. Waterbury, Conn. USNM.
BEETS, CORNELLIS Germany, c.1787, NIM Compass Roses = HAM, Focke. Hamburg. RSW.
BEHAIM, CASPAR see Chasparus Bohémus. Vincent 2.
BEHAIM, HANS 1740, PHIM Weather Forecaster, 1740, #37 = MUN. RSW.
BEHAIM, MARTIN Germany, 1459-1507, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1492 = NUR. the globe is of cardboard covered with vellum. Nürnberg. Behaim Cat., 1957; Crone; Winter; Culver; Candee; Stevenson; DSB; A.J. Turner 10; Yonge.
BEHAIM, MORITZ Austria, 1559, MIM Quadrant with Sundial = FRA; Astronomical Clock, 1559 = Spitzer = Paul Garnier Coll. Vienna. Neumann 1 & 3.
BEHAMB, MAURICUS Germany, 1558, MIM Evans thought that Behaim and Behamb were the same person; he said the town was Frankfort. Frankfort. Evans 1.
BEHRINGER see Beringer.
BEIGHTON, HENRY England, 1687-1743, designed and made an improved plane table; constructed an hodometer; F.R.S., 1720; engineer and land-surveyor; author. Griff, Warwickshire; Chilversloton, near Nuneaton. Taylor 1(550) and 2(9); DNB; Middleton 1.
BEILBY 1 England, c.1810, MIM PHIM Universal Equatorial Sundial = Soth. 1/22/73; Universal Ring Sundial = WHI-1661; Sundial, circular, with lid = Soth. 4/29/77; Stick Barometer = D.(1973), Soth. 5/18/89 = Soth.-S 10/19/89. see Richard Beilby; see Charles Beilby. Bristol. Bryden 9 and 16; Wynter 2; RSW.
BEILBY 2 England, see Proctor and Beilby. Birmingham. Bryden 9; RSW.
BEILBY, CHARLES England, fl.1809-19, MIM OIM PHIM Telescope, three-draw = Christie-SK 10/6/83. T.C. 2 Clare Street, Bristol (1814-19). Bryden 9; RSW; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1.
BEILBY, R. AND C. England, fl.1809-13, MIM OIM PHIM Richard and Charles Beilby. 2 Clare Street, Bristol. Bryden 9.
BEILBY, RICHARD England, fl.1809-20, MIM OIM PHIM see R. and C. Beilby. 2 Clare Street, Bristol. Bryden 9.
BEILLY misreading for Beilby.
BEIPOLTH, JOHANN see Johann Deilpolth.
BEITELROCK, JOHANN Germany, 1736, MIM Astrolabe Clock, 1736 = Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague. Augsburg. Bruton.
BEITENMAN, JOHN USA, c.1775, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = D.(1986). Coffeen 12.
BEKA AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = K. and C. 3/28/73. Norwich. RSW.
BELCHER AND BROTHERS USA, c.1830, MIM Gunter's Scales = MYS (2). misreading for Belcher Brothers. New York, N.Y. DATM; RSW.
BELCHER BROS. USA, fl.1829-37, MIM Gunter's Scales, wood = USNM, X. New York, N.Y. Bryden 9; USNM; Philip E. Stanley.
BELCHER BROS. AND CO. USA, c.1835, MIM Gunter's Scale, wood = D.(1972). New York, N.Y. Moskowitz 104; DATM.
BELCHER BROTHERS USA, fl.1822-77, MIM Gunter's Scales = PEA, D.(1979); Slide Rule, folding = D. (1972); Square, wood = Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. Thomas, William and Charles Belcher. New York, N.Y. Moskowitz 103; Brewington 1; Philip E. Stanley; RSW; Bedini 8.
BELCHER, CHARLES, THOMAS AND WILLIAM USA, fl.1837-43, MIM rule makers; T. and W. Belcher and Co. may really be Thomas and William and Charles Belcher. 17 Platt, New York, N.Y. (1837-43). USNM.
BELCHER, T. AND J. USA, misreading, see T. and W. Belcher. DATM.
BELCHER, T. AND W. AND C. USA, fl.1824-26, MIM Gunter Scale, wood = Maine Historical Society, Portland. Thomas and William and Charles (or is the "C" for Co.?) Belcher. New York, N.Y. RSW.
BELCHER, T. AND W., AND CO. USA, fl.1825-26, MIM rule makers; see T. and W. and C. Belcher. 146 Division (1824); 141 Mulberry (1825-26); both in New York, N.Y. USNM; Bedini 8.
BELCHER, THOMAS USA, fl.1823-29+, MIM rule maker. New York, N.Y. Bedini 8.
BELCHER, ZACHARIAH England, c.1822, MIM made wood and ivory rules. 4 Knight Street, Sheffield. Taylor 2(1485).
BELKMEER, PETRUS Holland, 1732, OIM Microscope, 1732 = Optical Convention Cat., Leyden? Enkhuisen. Rooseboom 1.
BELL, EDMOND England, c.1704, MIM apprenticed to John Wood 1 of the Clockmakers' Company on June 5, 1704. J. Brown 3.
BELL, H., AND CO. England, PHIM balance makers. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BELL, HENRY Scotland, fl.1856-81, NIM OIM worked with Isaac Bell, 1860-62. 48 Maxwell Street (1856-57); 50 Maxwell Street (1858-59); both in Glasgow. Bryden 3.
BELL, I. AND H. Scotland, fl.1860-62, NIM Isaac and Henry Bell. 54 St. Enoch Square (1860-61); 70 1/2 Great Clyde Street (1862); both in Glasgow. Bryden 3.
BELL, ISAAC Scotland, fl.1838-59, NIM compass maker; see I. and H. Bell. Delftfield Lane (1839-44); 16 York Street (1847-48); 50 Maxwell Street (1849-57); 52 Maxwell Street (1858-59); all in Glasgow. Bryden 3.à
BELL, JAMES Scotland, fl.1836-61, OIM PHIM after 1839 he is listed as a clock and machine maker. 54 South Bridge Street, Edinburgh (1836-38). Taylor 2(2073); Bryden 3; Clarke et al.
BELL, JOHN 1 England, c.1667, MIM admitted to the Clockmakers' Company in 1667. London. Taylor 1(310); Clay and Court; J. Brown 3.
BELL, JOHN 2 England, c.1699, MIM apprenticed to Nathaniel Smith of the Clockmakers' Company on March 20, 1699. J. Brown 3.
BELL, JOHN 3 England, 1710, MIM may be John Bell 1. London. Evans 1.
BELLA, DELLA England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2). Preston. Goodison 1.
BELLANGER, P. France, 1658, MIM Instrument, 1658 = X. Blois. Evans 1.
BELLANI, ANGELO Italy, c.1835, PHIM Thermographs = FLO-1794 (1835), FLO-2025. Bonelli 1.
BELLANI, ANGIOLO MARIA Italy, 1786-52, PHIM made barometers, thermometers and meteorological instruments. Monza; Milan. Brenni 1.
BELLARMATUS, HIERONYMUS France, 1541, MIM Sundial, ivory, 1541 = Prince de Conti Coll, 1771. 7° east magnetic deviation. Blois. Evans 1; Hellman; Hamilton 2; Le Monnier; Vivielle 2.
BELLATTI AND SON England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Newark. Goodison 1.
BELLATTI, C. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Burton. Goodison 1.
BELLATTI, L. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. may be Louis S. Bellatti, which see. Lincoln. Goodison 1.
BELLATTI, L. 2 England, c.1825, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2); Angle Barometers = D.(1982), D.(1973). probably Lewis Bellatti; D.(1973) is signed "Bellatti of Grantham." Grantham. Goodison 1; Antiquarian Horology, Vol. 13, No. 3, March 1982; RSW.
BELLATTI, LEWIS England, c.1822, OIM optician; jeweler; may have sold or made barometers; see L. Bellatti 2. High Street, Grantham. Goodison 1.
BELLATTI, LOUIS S. England, c.1856, PHIM may be barometer maker; may be L. Bellatti 1. 34 Steep Hill, Lincoln (1856). Goodison 1.
BELLEJEAN France, MIM Neuveville. Evans 1.
BELLET France, fl.1790-1825, NIM Repeating Circle, 1805 = CNAM; Borda Circle = FGM; Surveying Compass = Melun 4/24/83. principal worker for Etienne Lenoir. Paris. Daumas 1; Italian Inventory; RSW.
BELLETTI, PAOLO Italy, fl.1680-89, OIM Telescope, 1680 = D.(1973); Telescopes, refracting = Waddesden Manor (1682), P.C. (1689). Bologna. Rizzo/Garisenda Antiquariato; G.L'E. Turner 30; RSW.
BELLHOUSE, E.T., AND CO. England, PHIM Force Pump = College of Technology, Manchester. Eagle Foundry. Manchester. Lowery.
BELLI, GIUSEPPE Italy, PHIM invented and made hygrometers, electric machines, electric magnetic models; invented an improvement in the pneumatic pump. Pavia. Brenni.
BELLIENI France, c.1812, MIM SIM Theodolite = Christie 6/7/72; Inclinometer, pocket = D.(1986); Telescopic Compass = P.C. Nancy. Coffeen 13; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
BELLIENI, SCHIOVETTI France, NIM OIM Rhumb Line Finder = P.C. optician; Belliéni. Brest. RSW.
BELLING, J. England, 18th Century, MIM Ring Sundial = Soth. 2/28/80. Fore Street, Bodmin. RSW.
BELLINGAM, JOHN R. England, c.1675, OIM member of the Spectaclemakers' Company; took apprentices. Crawforth 6.
BELLINGER, CHARLES England, c.1687, MIM apprenticed to John Bellinger 1 of the Clockmakers' Company from date of indenture, Sept. 29, 1686, taken with a non-member of the Company. J. Brown 3.
BELLINGER, JOHN 1 England, fl.1686-1720, MIM NIM Rule, 1699 = P.C; Nocturnal, boxwood = Bonhams 3/11/77; Davis Quadrants = Whaling Museum, Nantucket, Mass., Christie-SK 11/27/86. apprenticed by turnover to Robert Starr of the Clockmakers' Company on Aug. 14, 1677; free of the Company, July 5, 1686; took apprentices; rule made for Thomas Scalinger; nocturnal and quadrant signed "J. Bellinger". Taylor 1(510); J. Brown 3; RSW.
BELLINGER, JOHN 2 England, fl.1726-32, MIM apprenticed to his father, John Bellinger 1, of the Clockmakers' Company on March 3, 1706; free of the Company, Jan. 17, 1726. J. Brown 3.
BELLINGER, JOHN 3 England, c.1730, MIM apprenticed to his father, John Bellinger 2, of the Clockmakers' Company on April 6, 1730. J. Brown 3.
BELLINGER, WILLIAM England, c.1732, MIM apprenticed to his father, John Bellinger 2, of the Clockmakers' Company on Oct. 9, 1732. J. Brown 3.
BELLISA, FRANCESCO Italy, MIM Calendar in clock case = TIM. Aquila. RSW.
BELLONI, F. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
BELLOTTI variant spelling for Belotti. Goodison 1.
BELLOTTI AND GUGERI see Belotti and Gugeri. Goodison 1.
BELLWORTH England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Phillips 11/16/76. London. RSW.
BELNET France, c.1861, MIM see Thuret et Belnet Dijon. RSW.
BELOTTI England, see Gugeri and Belotti. Taylor 2(2142); Goodison 1.
BELOTTI AND GUGERI England, fl.1829-36, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, Soth. 12/14/89; Wheel Barometer = X. Andrew Gugeri; changed to Gugeri and Belotti after 1838; the stick barometer has only London as an address; the wheel barometer shows the Holborn, London address; made thermometers and looking glasses 15 Upper Union Court, Holborn (1829); 16 Charles Street, Hatton Garden (1830-36); both in London. Goodison 1; RSW.
BELOTTI, THOMAS England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 2/28/80. St. Ives. RSW.
BELTRAMI, LUIGI Italy, c.1800, MIM made instruments devised by Carlo Castelli. Milan. Emil Offenbacher 22, 1970.
BELTRAMI, MARTINI Holland, c.1790, PHIM Barometers = LEY; Thermometers = LEY. Leeuwarden. Daumas 1.
BELTRAMI, MARTINI, EN COMP. Holland, c.1800, PHIM made a mercury barometer, c.1800. Leeuwarden. USNM.
BEMBO, PIETRO Italy?, 1547, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1547 = X. Tooley.
BEMBRIDGE, THOMAS England, c.1683, MIM apprenticed by turnover to Robert Starr of the Clockmakers' Company on Aug. 16, 1669; free of the Company on May 23, 1683. J. Brown 3.
BEMELMANS, NICOLAS Austria?, c.1738, MIM maker or dealer; supplied a large collection of instruments to Charles, Duke of Lorraine, Regent-Prince of Belgium. Vienna? Michel 14.
BEMIS AND CALL CO. England, c.1850, MIM Bow Dividers, = D.(1971). "Cast Steel." Moskowitz 103.
BEMIS, SAMUEL AMERICANUS USA, 1790-1881, MIM SIM Graphometer, 1810 and 1860 = Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn Mich. Professor of History, Yale University; made clocks and watches; dentist. Keene, New Hampshire (1806); Boston, Mass. (1817). Smart 1; Price 2.
BENARD, F. France, c.1600, see Chauvin. Paris. Baillie 1; Britten.
BENARD, JEHAN France, 1611, MIM Sundial in watch lid = BM. Paris. Baillie 1.
BENBRICKE, JAMES England, c.1671, MIM apprenticed by turnover to Hilkiah Bedford of the Clockmakers' Company on June 5, 1671. J. Brown 3.
BENBRIDGE see Bembridge. J. Brown 3.
BENCI, CARLO Italy, 1616-76, MIM Pair of Globes, 1671 = X. Tooley.
BENDON England, PHIM see Keyzor and Bendon. Bell 2; Goodison 1; Moskowitz 114.
BENEDETTI, GIOVANNI BATTISTA Italy, c.1574, MIM invented an instrument, presumably to construct sundials; author. Turin. Schatzki, 1970.
BENEEDEN Denmark?, 1763, NIM Octant, 1763 = Roussel Sale-81. signed on front "Beneeden het Lohat" below cupid; marked "Jens Nickelsen" on mirror support; also marked "Capt. Cornelis Strop 1763." Lohat. RSW.
BENELLI, F. Italy, 1813, PHIM Measure, 1813 = FLO-1429. Bonelli 1.
BENER see Benner. RSW.
BENER, PHILIPP JAKOB Germany, fl.1582-1633, MIM goldsmith; father of Johannes Benner; made pillar sundial signed "P.I.B.", 1629, at University Art Museum, Uppsala, Sweden. Augsburg. Bobinger 2.
BENETJINK AND CO. England, c.1840, PHIM Stick Barometer = K. and C. 9/29/76. London. RSW.
BENEVOLO France, PHIM Machine à Vapeur = D.(1966). Bénévolo. Passage de l'Hôtel Dieu 22, Lyon; Paris. RSW; Brieux 3.
BENHAM, JOHN England, 18th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Collumpton. Goodison 1; Baillie 1.
BENNECKE Germany, 1792, MIM OIM SIM Graphometer, 1792 = P.C. optician; variant spelling is Benecke. Berlin. Daumas 1; Brieux 3.
BENNER see Bener. RSW.
BENNER, JOHANNES Germany, 1620-59+, MIM Astrolabe Clock = Christie 6/20/74. son of Philipp Jakob Bener, which see. Augsburg. Bobinger 2; RSW.
BENNET 1 England, fl.1785-1814, MIM SIM Theodolite = Auction, 1803. London. Taylor 2(799).
BENNET 2 variant spelling for Bennett.
BENNET, JOHN England, c.1710, MIM SIM Protractor = KEN; Compass = OXF; Circumferentor = NMM-T.22; Rule, ivory = Soth. 10/17/60-130. sometimes spelt "Bennett"; T.C. at BM; member of the Spectaclemakers' Company. London. Taylor 1(556); Maddison 1; Dewhirst; Evans 1; Clay and Court; RSW.
BENNET, NEHEMIAH USA, 1775, MIM SIM Surveying Quadrant, 1775 = D.(1992); Alidade for plane-table, 1777 = USNM - 319076. both instruments signed "N. Bennet"; see Noah Bennet. Middleboro, Mass. USNM; Bedini 1 and 8; Coffeen 36.
BENNET, NOAH USA, 1777, MIM SIM possibly Nehemiah Bennet. Middleboro, Mass. USNM; Bedini 1 and 8; RSW.
BENNET, THOMAS England, fl.1775-94, MIM made sandglasses. 49 Wade Street (1775); Bridewell Lane (1793-94); both in Bristol. Bryden 9.
BENNETT 1 Ireland, fl.1780-1800, MIM Compass Sundial = OXF. Cork. Taylor 2(1082); Michel 3; Britten; Gunther 2; Dewhirst; Evans 1.
BENNETT 2 Ireland, PHIM Marine Barometer = GMM. see F. Bennett; see J. Bennett 2. Cork. RSW.
BENNETT, ANTHONY England, c.1841, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. barometer signed "Bennett" plus address. High Street, Kettering. Goodison 1.
BENNETT, F. Ireland, c.1815, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 7/21/83. see Bennett 2. Cork. RSW.
BENNETT, J. 1 England, 1775, MIM Sundial, round, 1775 = Soth. 2/28/80. London. RSW.
BENNETT, J. 2 Ireland, c.1800, PHIM Stick Barometer = D.(1987). see Bennett 2. Cork. RSW.
BENNETT, JOHN 1 England, fl.1712-50?, MIM SIM Theodolite = KEN. apprenticed to his father, William Bennett, of the Clockmakers' Company; free of the Company on Sept. 29, 1712; took apprentices. High Holborn, London. Taylor 2(10); J. Brown 3; Clay and Court.
BENNETT, JOHN 2 England, fl.1743-68, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Circumferentors = ADL-M156, NMM-T.22, KEN, Christie-SK 3/31/83; Pantograph, 1767 = Burton Constable; Pair of Globes = Temple Newsham, Leeds; Telescope, double prism eyepiece = VCW; Theodolite = Soth. 12/19/66-67; Stick Barometer = WHI. most instruments signed "J. Bennett"; made "Fowler's Sliding Rule and Halfpenny's Tangent Rule"; "Instrument maker to their Royal Highnesses William, Duke of Gloucester, Prince Henry and Prince Frederick"; T.C.; opposed Peter Dollond's patent in 1754; not a member of the Spectaclemakers' Company. The Globe, Crown Court, between St. Ann's, Soho and Golden Square, London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(332); Crawforth 1; Michel 3; Engelmann 1; E. Hall; Calvert 2; Maddison 1; C.N. Robinson; ADL; RSW.
BENNETT, JOHN 3 England, c.1715, MIM apprenticed to Richard Bennett 2 of the Clockmakers' Company on Oct. 10, 1715. J. Brown 3.
BENNETT, JOHN 4 England, c.1733, MIM apprenticed to William Bennett of the Clockmakers' Company; turned over to Richard Bennett 2 of the Clockmakers' Company; free of the Company on April 2, 1733. Hatton Wall, St. Andrews Holborn, London. J. Brown 3.
BENNETT, JOHN 5 England, c.1850, MIM Stick Barometers = WHI, D.(1976), Soth. 10/19/87. in the 1851 Great Exhibition, London. 65 Cheapside, London. G.L'E. Turner 24; Goodison 1; RSW.
BENNETT, JOHN 6 England, fl.1731-59, MIM John Cobham turned over to him, in the Clockmakers' Company on May 6, 1732; took eleven apprentices. J. Brown 3.
BENNETT, JOSEPH England, c.1828, MIM 133 Goswell Street and 10 E. Harding Street, London. O'Mara.
BENNETT, L. England, fl.1799-1826, MIM 26 Charles Street, Hatton Garden, London. Taylor 2(1277); Dewhirst; Crawforth 6.
BENNETT, RICHARD 1 England, c.1663, apprenticed to John Blighton 1 or 2 of the Grocers' Company on March 2, 1663. J. Brown 1.
BENNETT, RICHARD 2 England, fl.1715-29, MIM apprenticed to his father, William Bennett, of the Clockmakers' Company on Sept. 29, 1707; free of the Company, July 4, 1715; took apprentices. J. Brown 3.
BENNETT, THOMAS 1 Ireland, fl.1809-67, MIM NIM OIM Stick Barometer = D.(1996). T.C.; taken over by Reynolds and Wiggins, 1867. Patrick Street (1809-12); 2 Patrick Street (1820); 65 Patrick (1824); 124 Patrick Street (1844-67); all in Cork. Soth. 9/20/83-98; RSW; Morrison-Low and Burnett; AH Summer, 1996.
BENNETT, THOMAS 2 England, fl.1832-40, MIM PHIM T.C. 162 Goswell Street, London. O'Mara; Taylor 2(1777).
BENNETT, WILLIAM England, fl.1687-1733, MIM apprenticed by turnover to John Brown 1 of the Clockmakers' Company on April 2, 1677; free of the Company, Sept. 29, 1687; took apprentices. J. Brown 3.
BENOIT FILS, JEAN France, c.1800, MIM constructor, technician, clockmaker; firm founded in 1791. Besançon. USNM.
BENSON, FREDERICK England, c.1796, apprenticed to Anthony Oldiss Bancks in the Joiners' Company on Aug. 16, 1796. Crawforth 7.
BENSON, J.W. England, PHIM Barometer, pocket = K. and C. 12/12/73. Ludgate Hill, London. RSW.
BENSON, JOHN USA, fl.1793-98, OIM made lenses; imported telescopes. Birmingham, N.Y.; 12 Princess Street; 106 Pearl Street; 147 Pearl Street, at the Sign of the Green Spectacles; all in New York, N.Y. Bedini 1 and 8.
BENTLEY, G. England, c.1850, MIM Engineer's Set Square = D.(1975). RSW.
BENTLEY, THOMAS England, c.1766, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Darlington. Goodison 1; Baillie 1.
BENTWICKE, JAMES England, c.1671, Bentwicke's apprentice was turned over to Hilkiah Bedford of the Clockmakers' Company on June 2, 1671. J. Brown 3.
BENZONI, A. England, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1976). Sheraton style. RSW.
BERANGER, ANE. MAISON France, c.1850, PHIM Countertop Balance = Phillips 2/15/89. (Ancienne Maison Beranger); "Usines de la Mulatière"; see Joseph Beranger et Cie. Lyon. RSW.
BERANGER, DAVID Germany, 1806, MIM Astronomical Sundial, 1806 = MERC-115; Cube Sundial = MERC-163. surely misreading for David Beringer. Hamilton 1; RSW.
BERANGER, JOSEPH France, 1847, PHIM Béranger; invented a sensitive balance in 1847. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BERANGER, JOSEPH, ET CIE. France, c.1850, PHIM in 1851 Great Exhibition, London. 97 Rue Centrale, Lyons. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BERCINI England, PHIM see Wheelhouse and Bercini. Goodison 1.
BERENDT Holland, c.1777, MIM Perpetual Calendar = X. Groningen. Michel 3.
BERENGER Germany, MIM Cube Sundial = Drouot 4/26/67-42. surely David Beringer. RSW.
BERG, F.L. Germany, MIM Augsburg. Evans 1.
BERG, FRANS JOHAN Sweden, 1825-98, MIM OIM SIM Telescopic Level, 1850 = NOR; Alidade = STM; Dumpy Level = P.C. (1987). business founded in 1850; made surveying, mining, and drawing instruments; T.C. Kammakaregaten 19 (hörnet af Drottinggaten), Stockholm. Pipping 1; Calvert 2; RSW.
BERG, JOHANN DANIEL VOM Germany?; Belgium?, c.1795, PHIM Money Balances = Koller 11/17/75, Soth. 10/3/88; Balance = DRE. is Daniel the surname? in der Bergischen Haupstadt, Lennep, 179. RSW.
BERGANER, MICHAEL Austria, misreading for Michael Bergauer. MADEX-64.
BERGAUER Germany, MIM Quadrant = P.C.(1976). modern English forgery. signed Bergauer of Augsburg but was made in London. Brieux 4.
BERGAUER, JOHANN MICHAEL Austria, fl.1716-35, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundials = BM-OA/384, NUR, INN, Beyer Coll., Diözesan Museum, Brixen, etc. Ward thinks c.1690. Innsbruck; Vienna. Zinner 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Baillie 1; W. Eckhardt 3.
BERGAUER, MICHAEL Austria; Germany, c.1671, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundials = BMR, NMM, BM, OXF, INN (1671), NUR, HEI, USNM, PRA, etc. some made in Innsbruck, others in Augsburg; probably invented this type of sundial. Innsbruck; Augsburg. Josten; Zinner 1; Michel 1; Dewhirst; Price 3; Ward 4; Bobinger 2; Chandler and Vincent.
BERGE England, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Sextant = D.(1986). many instruments are signed "Berge"; some are marked "Berge London late Ramsden" it is difficult to determine whether John or Matthew Berge made them. London. Goodison 1; Bedini 5; Wynter 1; Serrio; Moskowitz 105; Coffeen 14; RSW.
BERGE, JOHN England, 1742-1808, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Octant = D.(c.1976); Telescope = P.C.; Mirometer = WHI-399; Sextant, box = X; etc. apprenticed to Peter Dollond of the Spectaclemakers' Company, 1756; free of the Company in 1773; worked for Dollond until 1790; Taylor and Wynter think John Berge was responsible for the instruments signed "late Ramsden"; Crawforth and Goodison think that Matthew Berge was the maker. 59 St. Paul's Churchyard (1756); Johnson Court, Fleet Street (1791); 3 Crane Court, Fleet Street (1797-1803); 26 Lower Eaton Street, Pimlico (1805-07); all in London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(571); Dewhirst; USNM; Court and von Rohr 3(193); Crawforth 6; RSW.
BERGE, MATTHEW England, fl.1802-51, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums, including sextants, surveying compasses, gunner's calipers, stick barometers, Gunter's scales, telescopes, etc. above instruments all signed "M. Berge late Ramsden"; son or nephew to John Berge, which see; also see Berge; worked for Ramsden and succeeded him; may have been apprenticed to him; T.C. 119 Piccadilly, London (c.1819). Taylor 2(1083); Goodison 1; Dewhirst; Evans 1; Moskowitz 105; USNM; Crawforth 1 & 6; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
BERGEN USA, see Doty and Bergen. RSW.
BERGER England, c.1800, "late Ramsden"; misreading for Berge. Daumas 1.
BERGER, C.L., AND SONS USA, MIM SIM Plane Table = Mystic Seaport, Conn.; Theodolite = P.C. No. 37 Williams Street, Boston, Mass. USNM; RSW.
BERGER, L., AND SON USA, MIM SIM Field Theodolite = Christie 12/21/71. Boston, Mass. RSW.
BERGER, MATTHIAS Germany, MIM Astronomical Instrument = NOR. Nürnberg. RSW.
BERGERE, VAN DER Holland, fl.1800-21, OIM microscopes in 1800 and 1821 catalogues. Rooseboom 1.
BERGERON France, 1796, MIM Ornamental Lathe, 1796 = P.C. (1988); Set of Turning Tools = Christie-SK 5/24/90. à la Flotte d'Angleterre, Paris. RSW.
BERGNA, J. BAPTIST England, fl.1830-40, PHIM barometer maker; some barometers signed "J.B. Bergna", others "Baptist Bergna"; see Grassi, Bergna and Origoni. St. Nicholas Churchyard, Newcastle. Taylor 2(2074); Goodison 1.
BERHAIM, MARTIN see Martin Behaim. Candee.
BERI AND PATERA England?, c.1780, PHIM Barometer = X. Leek. USNM.
BERI, G. England, c.1770?, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
BERIDGE England, c.1748, PHIM made a certain type of thermometer; watchmaker. Boston. Chaldecott 2.
BERIGER see Beringer. Bonelli 1.
BERINGER, A. France, MIM Sundial (dated 1708) = P.C. Bedini thinks it is by D.B. Sheahan. Dieppe. Price 2; Bedini 6.
BERINGER, D. Germany, MIM SIM Surveying Instrument = OXF. "D. Beringer fecit"; possibly David Beringer, which see. RSW.
BERINGER, D., AND G.P. SEYFRIED Germany, c.1800, MIM Cube Sundials , wood and paper = BRS, FLO, MUN, WUR, LIE, KAS, UTR, Soth. 2/28/75; etc; Cube Sundial, silver = ADL-M327; etc. David Beringer; the ADL sundial is mounted on a later base. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Engelmann 1; Michel 1; Chandler and Vincent 2; Price 2; de Rijk; ADL; RSW.
BERINGER, DAVID Germany, 1756-1821, MIM many wood and paper cube and diptych sundials exist; some of the latter have two volvelles on the lid and sometimes are in French; compass sundials are at OXF, WHI and ADL, etc.; brass horizontal sundial is at OXF; a pair of globes, signed "David Beringer", are in a P.C.; we agree with Moskowitz that compass sundials signed "B." or "D.B." were made by Beringer; an artillery level is at NYC. some of the sundials are signed "D. Beringer"; wooden diptychs often signed "Verfertigt von David Beringer." Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Price 3; Ward 4; Michel 1; Bonelli 1; Moskowitz 109; Monreal; Garcia 1; Engelmann 1; Hamilton; Wynter 1 and 2; USNM; Nachet; Chandler and Vincent 2; Bryden 16; ADL; Syndram; RSW.
BERINGERUS, P. Germany, 1750, MIM Universal Ring Sundial, 1750 = NMM-D.1. signed "P. Beringerus Herzog Can:Soreth"; may be owner. NMM 2.
BERKETTS see Becket. J. Brown 3.
BERLE, JEAN DE France, c.1400, MIM pupil of Johannes Fusoris. Paris. Poulle 1; A.J. Turner 10.
BERLINGER Austria, post-1769, MIM Astronomical Clock = P.C. Vienna. Tardy.
BERNARD DE VERDUN France, c.1250, may have devised the torquetum. Verdun. A.J. Turner 10.
BERNARD, DESIRE F. France, c.1850, MIM Desiré F. Bernard; in the 1851 Great Exhibition, London. 30 rue des Maroursets, Paris. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BERNARDA see Cermanati and Bernarda.
BERNARDI, DANIEL Italy, 1629, MIM Cruciform Dial, 1629 = MADEX-80 = Prin Coll. = NMM-D.44. Michel 1; Dewhirst; MADEX; NMM 2.
BERNARDI, N. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
BERNARDINUS Italy, 1565, MIM Astrolabe, 1565 = Museo Civico Malatestiano, Fano. "Aurifex." Italian Inventory.
BERNARDUS France, c.1680, MIM Astronomical Compendia = OXF-B, Evans Coll. = D.(1988). first name. Maddison 1; D. Brieux 1.
BERNASCHONI AND MONTHI England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X (2); Stick Barometers = X, Soth. 2/28/80. one of the wheel barometers is signed "Barnaschoni and Monthi"; one of the stick barometers is signed "Bernaschoni and Monti." Leicester. Goodison 1; RSW.
BERNASCHONI AND MONTI Barometer=P.C. see Bernaschoni and Monthi. RSW; WEBDB.
BERNASCONE England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Merthyr. Goodison 1.
BERNASCONE, L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie 4/19/78. Sheffield. RSW.
BERNASCONI England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 10/19/89. see M. Bernasconi. Leeds. RSW.
BERNASCONI, A. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Newcastle. Goodison 1.
BERNASCONI, A. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-West Sussex 10/18/83. "Warranted." Boston. RSW.
BERNASCONI, M. England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth.-S 1/27/88, Soth.-S 7/17/96. variant of M. Barnasconi? Leeds. Goodison 1; RSW.
BERNHARDUS France, c.1600, MIM Sundial = Evans Coll. = OXF? Dewhirst; Price 2.
BERNIE France, MIM Sundial, octagonal, small = Wray Sale-62. probably Bernier. Paris. RSW.
BERNIER France, fl.1783-1820, MIM OIM SIM Pantograph = Spitzer Sale-2870; Rules = MADEX-499, WHI, Roussel Sale; Sector = Soth. 10/17/60-134; Butterfield-type Sundials = P.C., D., Drouot 4/26/67-45, Libert et Castor 4/28/82, Drouot 4/7/87; Telescopic Quadrant = NAC; Folding Square = BIR; Protractor = VCW; Graphometers = Chayette 6/28/86, P.C. probably successor to Langlois; WHI has 30 inches on one side, 80 cm. on the other. au Niveau à la Sphère; en la Cité; both in Paris. Daumas 1; Michel 1; Dewhirst; Nachet; RSW.
BERNIERES, M. France, c.1774, OIM constructed a burning glass for M. Trulaine de Montigny of the Académie des Sciences, Paris. Paris. Spargo 1.
BEROSSUS c.300 B.C., MIM invented an early sundial, the hemicycle. Cousins.
BERQUEZ England, c.1820, PHIM Wheel Barometer and clock = Soth.-Chester 3/9/83. Vere Street, Cavendish Square, London. RSW.
BERQUIN, JEAN France, 18th Century, MIM Ring Sundials = WHI-733, McVitty Coll. WHI is silver, 1650?, and with leather case. Bordeaux. Bryden 16; Hamilton 2; RSW.
BERRICK, RALPH England, c.1770, MIM rule maker. Queen Street, Wolverhampton. Bryden 9.
BERRINGER England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
BERRINGTON, JOHN England, c.1822, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. signed "J. Berrington, Leicester." High Street, Leicester. Goodison 1.
BERRY 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Great Windmill Street, Hay Market, London. Goodison 1.
BERRY 2 see Newton and Berry; see Newton Son and Berry. London. RSW.
BERRY 3 England, c.1777, OIM PHIM optician; succeeded by Matthew Wisker, a barometer maker. Spurriergate, York. Goodison 1.
BERRY AND BERRY England, post-1700, MIM globe makers; William and E. Berry. Holborn Court, London. Taylor 1(331).
BERRY AND MACKAY Scotland, fl.1879-1975, NIM Octants = Christie 3/31/83, FRK = RSM. made clocks and watches; started out as James Berry and Alexander Spence Mackay, 1879-90; Mackay worked alone until his death in 1914; firm taken over in the 1940's by Walter Murray, who may have already been working for the firm; the firm closed in 1975 when Murray died. Aberdeen. Clarke et al; RSW.
BERRY, A. England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Bearne's 3/11/97. Hertford. RSW.
BERRY, D. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Huntingdon. Goodison 1.
BERRY, D. 2 England, c.1780, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Phillips 1/13/76. Nottingham. RSW.
BERRY, E. see William Berry.
BERRY, G., AND SON England, NIM Sextant = Soth. 12/15/78. West Hartlepool. RSW.
BERRY, GEORGE ALLAN Scotland, fl.1857-86, NIM son of James Berry; see James Berry and Son, 1857-64; was made a member of the Hammermen Incorporation in 1866. Aberdeen. Clarke et al.
BERRY, J. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Soth. 5/18/89. Soth. signed "J. Berry Berwick St. John"; maybe J. Berry 2, 3 or 4 at different addresses. 16 Berwick Street, Soho, London. Goodison 1; RSW.
BERRY, J. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. may be J. Berry 1, 3 or 4 at different addresses. 12 Little Chapple Street, Soho, London. Goodison 1; RSW.
BERRY, J. 3 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. may be same as J. Berry 1, 2 or 4 at different addresses. 78 Wardover Street, Soho, London. Goodison 1; RSW.
BERRY, J. 4 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie 1/26/90. may be J. Berry 1, 2 or 3 at different addresses. 17 Noel Street, Soho, London. RSW.
BERRY, JAMES Scotland, 1808-90, NIM OIM Sextant = Christie-SK 5/17/78. apprenticed to William Spark; admitted to the Hammermen, 1837; made clocks, watches and chronometers; took his son, George Allan Berry, as a partner in James Berry and Son, 1856-64; took Alexander Spence Mackay as partner in Berry and Mackay, 1879-1890; firm lasted until 1975. 52 Castle Street (1835-52); 53 Marischal Street (1852); 88 Union Street (1853-56); all in Aberdeen. Bryden 3; Clarke et al; RSW.
BERRY, JAMES, AND SON Scotland, fl.1857-65, NIM OIM Sextant = Soth. 10/28/86. James Berry and George Allan Berry, 1857-64; son worked alone, 1866-78. 88 Union Street (1857-60); 29 Union Street (1861); 29 St. Nicholas Street (1862-64); 59 1/2 Marischal Street (1865); all in Aberdeen. Bryden 3; Clarke et al; RSW.
BERRY, JOH. England, c.1836, MIM 14 Jamaica Terrace, Limehouse, London. O'Mara.
BERRY, JOHN England, fl.1738-65, PHIM Angle Barometer = X. The Dial near the Cross, Manchester. Goodison 1.
BERRY, T. Scotland, PHIM Stick Barometer = Christie-Glasgow 5/19/82 lot #36. Aberdeen. Clarke et al.
BERRY, WILLIAM England, 1639-1718, MIM apprenticed to Joseph Moxon of the Weavers' Company in 1656; free of the Company, 1664; globe maker; publisher; his grandson was William Watkins 1; some of the addresses probably the same place; partner with Robert Morden as Morden and Berry, (1669-70). The Blue Anchor, Middle Row, Holborn, just outside Holborn Bars (1669); The Globe near the New Exchange on the north side of the Strand (1674); at the Globe between Charing Cross and Whitehall (1680); The Globe, Craggs Court near Charing Cross (1681-1700); Holborn Court, between Holborn and Gray's Inn; Sign of the Globe, between Charing Cross and Whitehall; all in London. Taylor 1(331); Evans 1; Tooley; Tyacke 1.
BERSELIUS, HADRIAN AMEROCCIO Italy, 1522, MIM Astrolabe, 1522 = Fry Coll. Price thought the astrolabe was c.1380; ICA-202; owner? Michel 2; Price 1; ICA 2; Gunther 1.
BERT, PAUL France, 1767, MIM Globe Sundials, stone, 1767 = MADEX-173 & -174 = NMM-Caird; Globe Sundials, ivory, 1767 = Drouot Richelieu 4/28/88. Michel 1; Dewhirst; NMM 2; RSW.
BERTHAUD, L'ABBE France, MIM SIM Circumferentor = P.C.(1965). l'Abbé Berthaud. RSW.
BERTHAUX France, MIM Celestial Globe = CNAM-7432; Armillary Sphere = CNAM-7444. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
BERTHELEMY, A. France, 19th Century, MIM OIM Telescopic Level = La Rochelle 7/16/83. Berthélémy; succeeded by A. Lepetit. Paris. Christie 12/18/74; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
BERTHERAN, M. France, c.1560, MIM Sundial in base of clock = Soth.-NY 6/22/88. needle in compass box probably is a replacement. RSW.
BERTHET France, c.1750, NIM mounted a micrometer on a quadrant. Paris. Daumas 1.
BERTHET, ANDRE France; Portugal, 1774, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundial, 1774 = Ineichen 10/18/74; Heliochronometer, case = LIM. "Horloger"; see Berthet; André Berthet. Lisbon. RSW.
BERTHOUD, FERDINAND Switzerland; France, 1729-1807, MIM NIM Tide Timer, 1788 = AMST; Celestial Globe on clock = Hertford House, London. Paris. USNM; Mörzer Bruyns 1; Grimaldi (975); Cajori; J.A, Bennett 2.
BERTHOUD, PIERRE-FREDERIC France, c.1750, MIM Sundial = Musée de la Chaux-des-Fonds. Pierre-Frédéric Berthoud. Couvet. RSW.
BERTHROUD France, misreading for Berthoud. Grimaldi (975).
BERTIE, GEORGE USA, fl.1807-08, MIM Georges Street, Baltimore, Md. Smart 1.
BERTIN, JEAN France, c.1830, PHIM Steam Apparatus = ADL-M412. "Bertin inv. No. 175." Engelmann 1; Michel 1; ADL; RSW.
BERTINI, D. Italy, 1796, PHIM Electric Machine, 1796 = Lycée, Lucca. Italian Inventory.
BERTINI, MICHELE Italy, c.1780, MIM Universal Equatorial Sundial, 1780 = WHI. Bryden 16; Price 2.
BERTOLA, ANTONIO BARTOLOMEO Italy, c.1763, MIM OIM made astronomical instruments. Morpurgo 1.
BERTONI, ANGIOLO Italy, fl.1850-61, OIM Florence. Brenni 1.
BERUCKER Germany, c.1768, OIM made solar microscopes. Nürnberg. Clay and Court.
BERVILLE, MATTHIEU France, c.1690, MIM Bloud-type Sundials = Wray Sale-138, D.(1964). Dieppe. Michel 1; Dewhirst; RSW.
BERZELIUS, JONS JACOB Sweden, 1779-1848, MIM Baron Jöns Jacob Berzelius; chemist; secretary to the Academy of Sciences; invented a slide rule for atomic weights, c.1830. Stockholm. Pipping 1; RSW.
BESANCENOT France, 1759, MIM Sundial, oval, 1759 = NAC. Besançenot. Is-sur-Tille. Michel 3; Nachet.
BESERGA England, see Monti and Beserga. Bell 2.
BESNOS England, c.1849, MIM Armillary Sphere = CNAM. misreading for Desnos. Paris. Grimaldi(991).
BESOZZI, B. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Christie-SK 10/20/89. the barometer at Christie was marked "Shaftsbury." Weymouth; Shaftsbury. Goodison 1; RSW.
BESSARD, TOUSSAINCTS DE France, c.1574, MIM invented a canometer to find the meridian and a micrometer for directional measurements; author. Rouen. RSW.
BESSLER, JOHANN ERNEST ELIAS Germany, 1680-1745, PHIM made a "perpetuum mobile"; called himself "Orffyrius." Kassel? USNM.
BESSON, JACQUES France, c.1567, author; designed instruments for astronomy, surveying and navigation including the "cosmolabe." Paris. O'Neal; Poggendorf; Dawson 216, 1971.
BEST, ROBERT USA, fl.1811-31, MIM PHIM repaired philosophical and mathematical instruments; watchmaker. Cincinnatti, Ohio. "Antiques", July, 1974.
BESTER, OWEN HIBBARD USA, 1809-57, MIM OIM PHIM Washington, D.C. Smart 1; USNM.
BETALLI France, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometer = CNAM. same as Christophe Bettally. Paris. Daumas 1.
BETTALLY, CHRISTOPHE France; England, fl.1770?-88, PHIM Wheel Barometer and Thermometer = Bute Coll. (1787) = D. (1967); Stick Barometer = X; Vacuum Pump = FLO-1537. surely same as Betalli; stick barometer is signed "Bettally London"; other signed "C. Bettally fecit London 1787"; T.C.; made physical instruments in glass. Paris; 1 Charlotte Street, Pimlico (1787); 292 Oxford Street, opposite Stratford Place (1788); both in London. Goodison 1 and 5; Bonelli 1.
BETTALLY, JOSEPHE France, fl.1768-71, PHIM Wheel Barometer, 1771 with a Thermometer, 1768 = Christie 6/22/89. Paris. RSW.
BETTESWORTH, J. England, c.1800, MIM succeeded by William Garrard. The Naval Academy, Ormond House, Paridise Row, Chelsea, London. Taylor 2(838); NMM 2.
BETTINI, MARIO Italy, 1582-1657, MIM invented instrument for tracing the meridian. Bologna. Boffito; Michel 3.
BETTS, JOHN England, fl.1839-63, MIM Globe, portable, 1850 = X. publisher. 115 Strand; 7 Compton Street Brunswick Square; both in London. Taylor 2(2075); Tooley.
BETTS, THOMAS England, c.1818, MIM rule maker. Inge Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
BEUCKEL 1763, MIM Diptych Sundial, wood, 1763 = P.C. date could be 1768. RSW.
BEUERLEIN, JOACHIM misreading for Joachim Deuerlin. Zinner 1.
BEVAN, BENJAMIN England, fl.1804-38, MIM engineer; modified the Dunn-type accounting slide rule in 1822; invented a self-registering rain-gauge. Leighton Buzzard, Bushey Heath. Taylor 2(1084); Delehar 2 and 9.
BEVAN, E. England, PHIM Marine Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
BEVAN, SYLVANUS England, c.1817, invented an improved slide rule. Taylor 2(1279); G.L'E. Turner 24.
BEWTON, ARNOLD England?, 1865, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1865, on stand = Lesieur et Le Bars, Le Havre 7/9/90. RSW.
BEYER, JOHANN Germany, 1673-1751, MIM Celestial Globe, 1718 = KAS. Hamburg. Zinner 1; Tooley.
BEYERINCK Holland, fl.1829-45, OIM Telescope = LEY. Leiden. RSW.
BEYSER, JEAN-DAVID Germany, 18th Century, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundials = OXF, MEM; Augsburg-type Sundials = Spaulding Coll., P.B. 1/22/54-55, OXF; Sundials, horizontal = OXF, CLU, USNM, MERC-49 (silver), Schuhmann Sale-134, Lempertz 6/14/76; Perpetual Calendars = D.(1972), Soth. 3/27/72. D. calendar is in lid of case of L.T.M. sundial. Mannheim. Maddison 5; Zinner 1; Michel 1 and 3; Daumas 1; Hamilton 1 & 2; Wynter and Turner; USNM; Dewhirst; RSW.
BEZARD France, c.1769, OIM optician; lens maker. Quai de l'Horloge, Paris (1769). Daumas 1; Nachet.
BIANCHETTI, I. France, c.1850, NIM Hadley Quadrant = NMM-S.189; Octant = Christie-SK 10/23/87. T.C. 1 rue Beauvais, Marseilles. NMM 2; RSW.
BIANCHI 1 Holland, fl.1740-78, PHIM made barometers and thermometers. Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1.
BIANCHI 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = X. probably George Bianchi. Ipswich. Goodison 1.
BIANCHI 3 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Manchester. Goodison 1.
BIANCHI 4 France, 18th Century, MIM SIM Graphometer = D.(1980). rue de Coq, St. Honoré 11, Paris. Coffeen I; Moskowitz 120.
BIANCHI AND CO. Holland, pre-1793, MIM OIM PHIM made solar microscopes, pumps, etc.; by 1793 owners of a fancy-goods shop. Kalverstraat over de Gapensteeg, Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2; Rooseboom 1.
BIANCHI AND PRIMAVESI Holland, PHIM Barometer = LEY. Amsterdam. RSW.
BIANCHI AND SONS France, 1831, MIM worked in 1831. Paris. USNM.
BIANCHI, A., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 10/19/89. RSW.
BIANCHI, B. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Portsmouth. Goodison 1.
BIANCHI, B. 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Tunbridge Wells. Goodison 1.
BIANCHI, B. 3 France; Italy?, c.1820, PHIM see Fioruzzi e Bianchi. Paris; Piacenza? Brenni 1.
BIANCHI, BARTHELEMY NIM Sextant = CNAM-6692. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4.
BIANCHI, CAMPORINO Belgium, NIM Spyglass, ivory = Soth. 12/13/65-95. Brussels. RSW.
BIANCHI, F., AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Leicester. Goodison 1.
BIANCHI, G. 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = X. could be either G. Bianchi 2 or 3 or George Bianchi. Goodison 1.
BIANCHI, G. 2 Scotland, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Edinburgh. Goodison 1.
BIANCHI, G. 3 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 7/16/76. Windsor. RSW.
BIANCHI, GEORGE England, fl.1805-16, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, Christie-SK 5/8/86; Stick Barometer = X. all signed "G. Bianchi Ipswich." St. Clements Street (1805-08); Westgate Street (1809-16); both in Ipswich. Goodison 1; RSW.
BIANCHI, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Barometer = Soth. 2/4/77. wheel marked "Lane End"; other marked "Blandford." Lane End, Blandford. Goodison 1; RSW.
BIANCHI, PRIMAVESI AND CO. Holland, c.1771, OIM made optical instruments. Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1.
BIANCHI, V. Ireland, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, D.(1976), Christie-SK 10/20/89. the barometer at Christie's is marked "Belfast." Dublin; Belfast. Goodison 1; RSW.
BIANCHII, FILIPPO E XAVIER DI Italy, fl.1764-66, MIM PHIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundials = DEU, KEN-1923/404; Equatorial Sundials = VEN (1764), Soth. 5/19/96-46 (1754); Universal Equatorial Sundial, No. 3, 1764 = P. and S. 3/20/96; Air Pump, No. 93, 1766 = PRA. "Filippo and Xavier Fratelli di Bianchii"; also spelled "Bianchy." Venice. Evans 1; Michel 3; Czech. Inventory; D. Bachman (1983); Earle; RSW.
BIANCHINI, ANTONIO Italy, 1564, MIM SIM Surveying Sector, with dials, 1564 = FLO-2511. see A.B. 1; clockmaker. Venice. Bonelli 1; Michel 2; Price 2.
BIANCHINI, FRANCESCO Italy, 1662-1729, MIM inventor or maker. Verona. Hamilton 2.
BIANCHINI, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1972). RSW.
BIANCHY 1 Austria, 1767, PHIM Thermometer, 1767 = X. Vienna. Daumas 1.
BIANCHY 2 France, 1785, PHIM made physical apparatus. Paris. Daumas 1.
BIANCHY 3 Holland, c.1790, PHIM made barometers. Daumas 1.
BIANCHY 4 see Bianchi.
BIANCHY, DI MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundial = P.C. probably Filippo e Xavier Fratelli di Bianchii, which see. RSW.
BIANCHY, R. France, c.1785, PHIM Barometer = CNAM. Rue St. Honoré No. 252, Paris. Middleton 1.
BIANELI England, 19th Century, PHIM Stick Barometer = Phillips 9/10/86. Ipswich. RSW.
BICKERTON, JOHN England, c.1735, MIM Samuel How turned over to him as an apprentice; may have been a member of the Clockmakers' Company. J. Brown 3.
BIDAULT, C. France, 1650, MIM Equatorial Sundial, case, 1650 = Evans Coll. = OXF; Table of Latitudes = Evans Coll. au Palais des Galleries, quai de l'Horloge, Paris. Evans 1; Dewhirst; Nachet; Price 2; Britten; RSW.
BIDAULT, JACQUES France, post-1762, MIM Garden Sundial = Picard, Drouot Richelieu, Dec. 11, 1991. perhaps related to C. Bidault, which see; apprenticed to Clerget. Quay de l'Horloge, Paris. RSW.
BIDDELL, JONAS England, c.1756, apprenticed to John Farmer 2 in the Grocers' Company on Nov. 2, 1756. Crawforth 7.
BIDDLE USA, pre-1776, OIM repaired telescope now at Library Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. RSW.
BIDDLE, OWEN USA, 1737-1799, MIM clockmaker; made a planetarium. North Ward, Philadelphia; Chester County; both in Pa. Bedini 1 and 8;; USNM.
BIDER, FRANCIS England, 1716, MIM Universal Ring Sundial, 1716 = OXF-Evans. Evans 1.
BIDLAKE, JAMES 1 England, 1767-1805, MIM also made clocks and watches. 31 Minories, (until 1782); 16 Sun Street, Bishopsgate Without (1799-1805); both in London. Taylor 2(572).
BIDLAKE, JAMES 2 England, fl.1820-27, MIM watch and clockmaker; son of James Bidlake 1. 48 (or 8) Chiswell Street, London. Taylor 2(1489).
BIDSTRUP, JESPER Denmark; England; Denmark, fl.1762-1802, MIM OIM PHIM Telescopes = ROS, Soth. 4/27/64-140, D., AUI, Videnskabs- historisk Museum, Aarhus; Mechanical Powers Apparatus = Sor° Akademi, Sor°. worked first with Nairne and Blunt, 1788; by 1793 was working by himself; had a catalogue; appointed "Royal City Mechanicus" upon his return to Copenhagen. Copenhagen; 36 St. Martin's Street, Leicester Square, London (1793); Copenhagen. Brieux 3; Chaldecott 3; Taylor 2(438); Dewhirst; RSW.
BIE, C. DE Holland, c.1689, NIM Magnetic Compass = D.(1986). compass maker. The Hague. Schück; Coffeen Z.
BIEHELER, LANDELINUS Germany, fl.1781-84, MIM Celestial Globe, 1781 = FRE; Terrestrial Globe, 1784 = FRE. Freiburg. Zinner 1.
BIENNAIS, MARTIN GUILLAUME France, 1764-1843, MIM Instrument Set in travel case = Musée Carnavalet; Rule, folding, mother-of-pearl = D. "orfèvre de Leurs Majestés Imperiales et Royales"; "Me. Tabletier ébeniste"; travel case belonged to Napoleon; rule from travel case of the Duchess d'Otrante; made magnificent traveling cases. au Singe violet, rue St.-Honoré, No. 283, Paris (1809-19). "Connaissance des Arts", Oct., 1980; Versailles 11/19/78; RSW.
BIENVENU France, c.1775, PHIM made physical apparatus. 18, rue de Rohan, Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
BIETTE France, c.1820, OIM PHIM Telescope = P.C. (1973); Marine Barometer = Drouot Richelieu 4/28/88. Lyon. Troadec; RSW.
BIFEZZI, G. Italy, 1835, MIM Telemeter, 1835 = FGM. Naples. Italian Inventory.
BIGAS England, PHIM Hydrometer = A-P 3/15/76. "Patented". Liverpool. RSW.
BIGG, BENJAMIN England, c.1679, MIM apprenticed by turnover to Robert Cooke of the Clockmakers' Company on Feb. 3, 1679. J. Brown 3.
BIGGS, B. England, c.1800, NIM Octant = P.C.; Sextant = ADL-A249. Swansea; Cardiff. Taylor 2(1085); ADL; RSW.
BIGGS, EDMUND England, c.1695, MIM apprenticed to John Bellinger 1 of the Clockmakers' Company on Dec. 12, 1695. J. Brown 3.
BIGGS, SAMUEL England, c.1752, apprenticed to John Urings 2 in the Grocers' Company on March 9, 1752. Crawforth 7.
BIGGS, THOMAS England; USA, fl.1785-1822, MIM NIM OIM SIM Hadley Quadrant, 1785 = Virgina Historical Society, Richmond, Va.; Octant, 1792 = P.C. T.C. in Adams' quadrant; apprenticed to Benjamin Condy, up to 1776; soldier, 1776-1781; worked in New York for eight years; returned to Philadelphia; succeeded Benjamin Condy in 1792; made and dealt in instruments. 32 Well-Fleet Street, London; Philadelphia, Pa.; No. 8 Water Street; 60, facing Beekman's Slip (1786); 32 Wall Street, near the Coffee House; both in New York, N.Y.; 81 South Front Street (1792); 85 South Front Street (1801-06): at the Sign of the Sextant (1815), 66 South Front Street (1807-21); all in Philadelphia, Pa. Bedini 1 and 8; Smart 1; Gillingham; USNM; D.J. Warner 8; DATM; RSW.
BIGNELL England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
BIGOT, E. French Guiana, MIM Cruciform Sundials = MERC-14 (176)= WHI, ADL-DPW47. may be one sundial, Bryden 16 does not show it, although Hamilton stated that it was sold to Whipple. Cayenne. Hamilton 1 and 2; ADL; RSW.
BIHLER, JOHANN PHILIP Germany, c.1750, MIM Equatorial Sundial = Huelsmann Coll. hour-plate is star-shaped; fitted case. Augsburg. Syndram.
BILD, VEIT Germany, 1484-1529, MIM astronomer; sundial maker. Augsburg. Bobinger 2.
BILDT, BAUKE EISMA VAN DER Holland, 1753-1831, OIM Telescopes = LEY, LOS, UTR, Eisinga's House, Franeker, Bom Auctions 1906 & 1910. succeeded his great-uncle, Jan van der Bildt 1, c.1791. Franeker. Rooseboom 1; Mörzer Bruyns 2; Daumas 1. USNM; RSW.
BILDT, JOHANNES VAN DER 1 Holland, 1709-91, OIM Telescopes = ZUR, UTR; LEY, Eisinga's House, Franeker, Dr. Coopman's House, Franeker (No. 368), LOS, TEY, P.C., Frisian Maritime Museum, etc. worked with his two sons; his great-nephew, Bauke Eisma van der Bildt succeeded to the business c.1791; full name was Jan Pytters van der Bildt; taught in high school in Franeker. Franeker. Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1; Zinner 1; G.L'E. Turner 28; Mörzer Bruyns 2; RSW.
BILDT, JOHANNES VAN DER 2 Holland, 1736-1779, OIM Telescopes = LEY, AMST, Eisinga's House, Franeker. son of Jan van der Bildt 1. Franeker. Rooseboom 1; Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2; RSW.
BILDT, LUBBERTUS VAN DER Holland, 1738-80, OIM PHIM Instruments = LEY, UTR (Physics Dept), Eisinga"s House, Franeker. Franeker. Rooseboom 1; RSW.
BILLAUX L'AINE France, c.1787, PHIM made physical apparatus; also spelled Billeau and Billiaux; Billaux l'Aîné. Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
BILLIAUX France, c.1782, PHIM see Greppin et Billiaux. Paris. A.J. Turner 10.
BILLING, JOSEPH England, c.1830, OIM 14 Maryland Street, Birmingham. Taylor 2(1778).
BILLING, R. England, c.1703, MIM bookseller with G. Briant, may have been instrument makers. at the King's Head, Cornhill, London. Taylor 1(536).
BILLINGHURST, ANTHONY England, c.1672, MIM apprenticed by turnover to Hilkiah Bedford of the Clockmakers' Company on July 1, 1672. J. Brown 3; A.J. Turner 9.
BILLON France, 1787, MIM made instrument to draw ellipses. Paris. Daumas 1.
BINDA 1 France, MIM Cannon Sundials = NOR (2). Marseilles. RSW.
BINDA 2 France, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Versailles 4/17/83. "Opticien". RSW.
BINDA, GIOVANNI England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1973). York. RSW.
BINGHAM England, c.1825, Captain, R.N.; invented a perpetual log. 22 Arundel Street, Strand, London. Taylor 2(1779).
BINGHAM, CHARLES England, fl.1808-18, MIM Table of Equation of Time, silver = BM-1897/3/15-2. signed "C. Bingham"; Price thought London and 18th Century; made sundials. Ann Street, Birmingham. Taylor 2(1779a); Bryden 9; Price 3; Ward 4.
BINGLEY, WILLIAM, AND SON England, 1808-18, PHIM made plates for batteries and piles. Bishopgate Street, Islington, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
BIOLA, B. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Cambridge. Goodison 1.
BIOLO, B. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Norwich. Goodison 1.
BION FILS France, son of Nicholas Bion. Paris. Daumas 1.
BION, L. MIM Universal Ring Sundial, case = Soth. 5/19/86-64. possibly Nicholas Bion. RSW.
BION, NICHOLAS France, 1652-1733, MIM his wide range of very well made instruments is illustrated in his book of 1709 on the construction and use of mathematical instruments; his production was very large and examples can be seen in numerous museums. his book was translated into English in 1723 by Stone, and into German in 1717 by Doppelmayer; "Ingénieur du Roi pour les Instruments de Mathématique"; T.C.; Lordelle was successor. quay de l'Horloge du Palais à l'enseigne du Soleil d'or (1699-1702 and 1708); au Quart de Cercle Géométrique sur le quay de l'orloge du Palais (1704); both in Paris. Daumas 1; Michel 1 and 2; Maddison 1 and 5; Josten; Bonelli 1; Price 3; Ward 4; NMM 2; USNM; Wynter 1; Hamilton 2; Tooley; Dewhirst; Moskowitz 109; Calvert 2; Engelmann 1; DSB; J.A. Bennett 2; Bryden 16; ADL; Syndram; Nachet; RSW.
BIRCH, WYRLEY England, MIM Vertical Plate Dial = Evans Coll.= OXF. Evans 1; Dewhirst.
BIRD, JOHN England, 1709-76, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums including miniature sextant, ADL-A288, mural quadrants at Technical Museum, Milan and NMM (1750), theodolite at Palermo Observatory, meridian telescope at MLL, stick barometer and thermometer at Herschel Home Museum, Bath; etc. apprenticed to Jonathan Sisson 2 in 1740; worked for him and George Graham; author; last great instrument maker to divide his scales by hand; T.C.; opposed Peter Dollond`s patent. Durham (1709-40); Sea Quadrant, Court Gardens; Sea Quadrant near the New Exchange Buildings (1748-63); both in Strand, London. Taylor 2(232); Goodison 1; Middleton 1; Maddison 1; Mörzer Bruyns 1; Stimson 2; Moskowitz 4 & 7; USNM; King 1; ADL; RSW; Daniel; Pipping 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Garcia 1; DNB; DSB; J.A. Bennett 2; Crawforth 1; de Rijk; Coffeen 11; A.J. Turner 10.
BIRD, THOMAS England, c.1822, OIM High Street, Sheffield. Taylor 2(1490); Dewhirst.
BIRDSTRUP, J. misreading for Jesper Bidstrup. Taylor 2(438); Dewhirst; Chaldecott 3; RSW.
BIRKHEAD, JOHN England, c.1722, MIM apprenticed to Joseph Smith 1 of the Clockmakers' Company on July 2, 1722. J. Brown 3.
BIRNIE, JOHN Ireland, fl.1775-85, MIM Universal Ring Sundial = Bigger Coll. clockmaker. Templepatrick, Co. Antrim. Bigger; Baillie 1.
BISCHOFF, J.P. Germany, fl.1780-90, MIM Heliochronometer = Huelsmann Coll.; Instrument = DEU. Ansbach. Syndram; RSW.
BISHOP 1 England?, PHIM Wheel Barometer = APS. London? Multhauf 1.
BISHOP 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see John Bishop. Sherborne. Goodison 1; Baillie 1.
BISHOP, JAMES Scotland, c.1794?, PHIM Stick Barometers = X, Christie-SK 5/15/96. clockmaker; X instrument signed "Jas. Bishop Edinburgh"; Christies signed "Jas. Bishop Musselburgh." Edinburgh. Goodison 1; Baillie 1; RSW.
BISHOP, JOAQUIM USA, fl.1845-57, MIM NIM PHIM made philosophical and chemical instruments. Philadelphia, Pa. USNM.
BISS, JOHN England, c.1746, apprenticed to John Farmer 2 in the Grocers' Company on Oct. 14, 1746. Crawforth 7.
BISSAKER, ROBERT England, fl.1642-54, MIM Slide Rule, wood, 1654 = KEN. made shipbuilder's rule. Ratcliff over against the Red Lyon Tavern, London. Bryden 9; Taylor 1(200); Dewhirst; Daumas 1; Clay and Court; A.J. Turner 10.
BISSEKER see Bissaker.
BITHRAY, STEPHEN England, fl.1827-60, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 1/22/88; Stick Barometers = X, Heathcote Ball 12/14/90, Phillips 10/5/76; Telescopes = D.(1982), Soth.-West Sussex 6/21/83; Compass Sundial = KEN-1947-280; Sextant with Telescope = Soth. 11/13/61-70; Universal Equatorial Sundial, case = Soth. 3/25/86. also made microscopes; "Bithray successor to J. Smith, Royal Exchange, London." North Piazza (or North Gate), 29 Royal Exchange, London. Taylor 2(1491); Goodison 1; Dewhirst; Clay and Court; Lake Forest, Ill. Antique Show, June 1982; RSW.
BITTERLIN Germany, MIM Compass = Strasbourg. Colmar. Evans 1.
BIZOT, J.L. France, 1702-81, MIM Vertical Dial = House, Faubourg Tarragnoz, Besançon, 1757; Floor Dial = Madeleine Church, Besançon. Bizot was counselor to the Presidial of Besançon; vertical dial was destroyed in 1880. Besançon. Gatty; COMP Vol. 1, No. 2.
BLACHFORD AND CO. England, NIM probably Robert and William Blachford. Minories, London. Taylor 2(1086).
BLACHFORD AND IMRAY England, fl.1836-42, NIM OIM PHIM Gunter Rule, sliding = D.(1980); Wheel Barometer= Christie-SK 5/15/96. Robert Blachford and James Imray were partners, 1836-42. 116 Minories; Navigation Warehouse; both in London. Taylor 2(1086); Brewington 1; O'Mara; Moskowitz 120; RSW.
BLACHFORD, ROBERT England, fl.1804-42, NIM OIM Telescope = PEA; Sextant = D.(1989). signed "Blachford"; worked with William Blachford at the Warehouse in the Minories; it was Blachford and Co. at Leadenhall Street; James Imray joined him in 1836. Navigation Warehouse, Little Tower Hill (1804-20); 137 Minories 1805; 114 Minories (1810-17); 79 Leadenhall Street (1821-25); 116 Minories (1836-40); all in London. Taylor 2(1086); Brewington 1; Moskowitz 120; O'Mara; RSW.
BLACHFORD, WILLIAM England, c.1830, OIM worked with Robert Blachford in the Minories; perhaps Blachford and Co. Minories, London. Taylor 2(1086).
BLACKBURN England, see Moffett and Blackburn; T.C. Calvert 2.
BLACKBURN, CUTHBERT England, fl.1847-48, PHIM see Johnson and Blackburn; barometer and thermometer maker. 34 Hatton Garden (1847-48); 7 Alfred Street, City Road (1848); both in London. Goodison 1; Bell 2.
BLACKBURNE, R. England, c.1850, NIM Mariner's Journalets = P.C.(1986), D.(1986). plotting device; D. also marked "aBn.", letters being in reverse. London. Multhauf 3; Coffeen 12.
BLACKIE England, c.1825, OIM microscope maker. Clay and Court.
BLACKIE, WILLIAM Scotland, fl.1834-38, OIM made jewel lenses for microscopes. Edinburgh. Bryden 3.
BLACKWELL, J. England, c.1820, OIM Telescope = Frau Dr. Gustav Bloch Coll., Vienna. watchmaker. 43 Plumben Street, City Road, London. Britten; RSW.
BLACKWOOD, W. AND J.T. England, NIM Octant = Christie 3/29/60-9. North Shields. Morrison-Low 1; RSW.
BLADEL, JOSEPH Germany?, 18th Century, MIM Crescent Sundial = ZAG. Zinner 1.
BLADO- England, c.1800, NIM name appears on a Hadley's quadrant shown on Thomas Swann's T.C.; may be owner or maker. Crawforth 1.
BLADON see Bleyghton. Taylor 1.
BLAEU, WILLEM JANSZOON Holland; Italy, 1571-1638, MIM he made many celestial and terrestrial globes of different sizes including a 67.7 cm. celestial globe, 1640 = ADL-M440, a printed astrolabe, telluriums to be found at LEY, BAU, WOL, KAS and AMST, etc.; a mural quadrant at LEY. pupil of Tyche Brahe on Hven; designed a Copernican armillary sphere; dated globes range from 1602-40. Alkmaar; Amsterdam; Venice. Koman; Rooseboom 1; Zinner 1; Stevenson; Gunther 1; Bonelli 1; Michel 2; Daumas 1; Belgian and Italian Inventories; Millburn 5; Wynter 1; Mörzer Bruyns 1 and 2; NMM 2; DSB; ADL; T. Campbell; Yonge; RSW.
BLAGRAVE, JOHN England, b.1558? d.1612, designed many fine astronomical and surveying instruments, including his Mathematical Jewel, Uranical Astrolabe, three-legged compass, running staff, armillary sphere, etc; author. Reading. Taylor 1(52); Dewhirst; Gunther 1 and 4; Michel 1, 2 and 3; Engelmann 1; D. King; DNB; ADL; John Collins; Blundeville; John Palmer; RSW.
BLAIR USA, see Booth, Garrett and Blair. USNM.
BLAIR, ARCHIBALD Scotland, c.1827, OIM 16 Broughton Place, Edinburgh (1827). Bryden 3.
BLAIR, H.G., AND CO. England, fl.1829-60, NIM T.C. in OOM Hadley octant case; compass adjusters; made chronometers; opticians. Bristol (1829); 95 Bute Street, Cardiff (1860). Bryden 9; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; RSW.
BLAIR, ROBERT Scotland, fl.1783-1828, invented the aplanatic telescope. Edinburgh. Taylor 2(802).
BLAKE, JOHN England, fl.1766-1820, MIM apprenticed to John Urings 2 in the Joiners' Company, July 23,1752; free in the Company, May 6, 1766; took apprentices. near Hermitage Bridge, near Broad Street, Ratcliff (1766-73); New Ratcliff (1774-76); near Ratcliff Cross (1801); near Brewers Meeting, Stepney (1820); all in London. Crawforth 7.
BLAKELEY, BENJAMIN England, fl.1832-36, MIM PHIM 11 High Street, Lambeth, London. Taylor 2(1780); O'Mara.
BLAKELY England, c.1780, MIM Drawing Instrument Set = NMM. London. NMM 2.
BLAKENE England, 1342, MIM Astrolabe, 1342 = BM-1853/11/4-1. ICA-292. Gunther 1; Price 1 and 3; Ward 4; ICA 2; Michel 3; Dewhirst.
BLAKENEY see Cameron and Blakeney. RSW.
BLAKENEY AND CO. England, NIM Octant, brass with ivory scale = Christie-SK 10/6/83. Sunderland and Howe. Morrison-Low 1; RSW.
BLAKENEY, J.B., AND CO. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = OMM. see J.W. Blakeney and Co. South Shields. RSW.
BLAKENEY, J.W., AND CO. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = VNN. see J.B. Blakeney and Co. Hull and Sutherland. RSW.
BLAKEY, G.H. England, Master, R.N.; invented a stadiometer, c.1850; instrument made by W. Heath, Devonport. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BLAKSLEE, ZIBA USA, 1768-1834, MIM SIM made surveying instruments, clocks and bells. Newtown, Conn. Bedini 1; Smart 1.
BLANC, JACQUES Switzerland, PHIM Money Balances = Stadtmuseum, Meissen. Geneva. RSW.
BLANCHINI, ANTONIUS see Antonio Bianchini. Bonelli 1.
BLANCKE BZ., HENDRIK Holland, fl.1816-26, NIM compass maker. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BLAND, EDWARD England, c.1668, apprenticed to Walter Hayes of the Grocers' Company on Aug. 19, 1668. J. Brown 1.
BLAND, JOSEPH England, c.1700?, MIM diallist. Beeston, Nottinghamshire. Taylor 1(516).
BLASER, JACOB Switzerland, MIM Hohenmesscheibe = Stuker 11/22/66. Berne. RSW.
BLASET France, fl.1769-72, OIM optician. Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
BLATCHFORD AND IMRAY see Blachford and Imray. O'Mara.
BLATON see Bleyghton. Taylor 1(163).
BLATT, I. England, 20th Century?, PHIM Stick Barometers = D.(1975), K. & C. 12/12/73. Brighton. RSW.
BLATTNER, JACOB Switzerland; USA, 1812-88, MIM SIM Surveying Compasses = P.C.; Clark County Historical Museum, Vancouver, B.C., Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, D.(1990), D.(1987). Berne; St. Louis, Mo. USNM; Smart 1; Coffeen 16; RSW.
BLAUWE, P.D. Belgium, 1777, MIM Perpetual Calendar, disc, 1777 = BM-1901/11/15-16. Gend. Price 3; Ward 4.
BLAVET France, 1769, OIM made lenses and mirrors. Quai de l'Horloge, Paris. Nachet.
BLAXAM, RICHARD England, 1651, MIM Quadrant, silver, 1651 = BM-1855/5/9-1 (destroyed). also has monogram of "B." over "RH."; usually listed erroneously as "Bloxham." Price 3; Ward 4; Taylor 1(250); Clay and Court; Dewhirst.
BLAYTON, EDWARD England, c.1612, apprenticed to Elias Allen of the Grocers' Company on July 7, 1612. J. Brown 1.
BLENAERTS, I. France, 1770, MIM Sundial, 1770 = OXF. Malines. Michel 3.
BLENKINSOP, JOHN England, c.1793, apprenticed to Dudley Adams of the Grocers' Company on July 4, 1793. J. Brown 1.
BLENLER misreading for Bleuler. K. and C. 3/28/73.
BLEUBER misreading for Bleuler. Christie 2/8/79.
BLEULER, JOCK Globe, miniature = D.(1997). misreadimg for John Bleuler. ATG 10/14/97.
BLEULER, JOHN England, c.1757-1829, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums , including a microscope, 1788, sextants, an orrery, sundials, an ivory thermometer, a barometer, Miniature Terrestrial Globe, etc. apprenticed to Henry Raines Shuttleworth of the Spectacle- makers' Company in 1771; free of the Company, Oct. 7, 1779; Master of the Company 1792, 1795, 1811; worked with Shuttleworth until 1791; succeeded to Thomas Whitford's business, 1791; T.C., optician. Mr. Shuttleworth's, 23 Ludgate Street; 27 Ludgate Street, (1791); both in London. Taylor 2(687); Daumas 1; Brewington 1; Dewhirst; Crawforth 1; Moskowitz 105; Calvert 2; Court and von Rohr 3(200); USNM; J.A. Bennett 2; Sotheby's 5/11/94; RSW.
BLEWLER misreading for Bleuler. Brewington 1.
BLEYGHTON, JOHN England, fl.1630-34, MIM may be the same as John Blighton 1. near Bull Head Tavern in Tower Street, London. Taylor 1(163); Dewhirst; Evans 1; J. Brown 1.
BLIGHTON, JOHN 1 England, fl.1620-54?, MIM apprenticed to Elias Allen of the Grocers' Company; free of the Company on Aug. 16, 1620; may be John Bleyghton. J. Brown 1.
BLIGHTON, JOHN 2 England, fl.1654-, MIM free of the Grocers' Company by Patrimony on Aug. 9, 1654; might mean that his father, John Blighton 1, had died and thus the last three apprentices in his father's list would have been his. J. Brown 1.
BLIGNY, AUGUST 18th Century, MIM SIM Carpenter's Square with pivoted index = LOS. USNM; RSW.
BLISS AND CO. USA, c.1845, NIM Bearing Sight Instrument = MYS. New York, N.Y. RSW.
BLISS AND CREIGHTON USA, c.1845, MIM NIM SIM John Bliss 1 and Creighton. New York City. USNM.
BLISS, JOHN (1), AND CO. USA, fl.1845-78, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Marine Compasses = PMS, Nat'l Museum of Canada, D.(1978); Surveying Compass = USNM; Bliss Taffrail Log = D.(1971). log patented 1864 and 1878.; started as Bliss and Creighton; T.C. 2 Burling Slip; 128 Front Street, between Wall and Pine; all in New York, N.Y. USNM; Brewington 1; Moskowitz 132; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
BLISS, JOHN 1 USA, 1795-1857, MIM NIM SIM Surveying Compasses = D.(1960); Marine Compass = Glenbow Museum, Canada; Alidade = D.(1997). became John Bliss and Co. in 1845. 42 Fulton Street, New York, N.Y. USNM; Moskowitz 103; Brewington 1; Bedini 6; J.A. Bennett 2; MAD June 1997.
BLISS, JOHN 2 USA, fl.1840-78, NIM New York, N.Y. J.A. Bennett 2.
BLISS, MOSES BRIDGMAN USA, 1798-1885, MIM Garden Sundial with compass and analemma = D.(1980). sundial registered in Maine. Mass.; Maine; Wis. Moskowitz 120.
BLOCH, ABRAHAM Germany, 1583, MIM Calendar Plate, 1583 = MUN-1294. Bayreuth. Zinner 1.
BLOCK, FRANCIS England, c.1689, MIM apprenticed to John Bellinger 1 of the Clockmakers' Company on July 18, 1689. J. Brown 3.
BLOCKER, SYMEN DIRCKXSEN Holland, c.1626, MIM marked on mariner's astrolabe at SKO, (NMM-13); thought to be owner; copy of it is at STK. Waters 1; A. Stimson 3; Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BLOK, TJEPKE see Keimpe Zeilmaker en Tjepke Blok. Rooseboom 1.
BLOMBERG, MARTINUS Sweden, c.1575, MIM Horizontal Sundial, silver = NOR-81.147. Stockholm. Swedish Exhib. Cat., 1952; RSW.
BLOND, C. misreading for C. Bloud. Pugsley Sale.
BLOND, C.H. misreading for C. Bloud. Stewart, et al.
BLONDEAU France, 18th Century, MIM Square = Spitzer-2869; Level = Spitzer-2824 = And.-Spitzer Sale-5; Universal Ring Sundial = MADEX-218 = CNAM; Sector = ADL-M89. universal ring sundial had five sundials added at a later time and is signed "Blondeaux"; could be B., or Nicholas or Roch Blondeau. Paris. Daumas 1; Cons. Nat'1 1; Destombes 4; Hamilton 2; ADL; RSW.
BLONDEAU, B. France, 18th Century, MIM sundial maker. Paris. Daumas 1.
BLONDEAU, NICOLAUS France; Italy, fl.1694-1706, MIM SIM Universal Ring Sundials = CNAM, Nouveau Drouot 5/20/88, D.(1986), OXF-B112, TIM, Drecker Coll.= P.C., etc.; Military Protractor = ADL-M125; Sector, 1694 = OXF; Pair of Dividers, = NMM (1694); Compass = P.C.(1965); Surveying Quadrant, 1695 = P.C.; Ellipsometer Track = HAK; Gunnery Calipers = MAA. calipers signed "N. Blondo"; OXF sector signed "Nicolaus Blondo fecit" (the final "o" has an acute accent over it); the Nouveau Drouot and D.(1986) universal ring sundials all have an inner rotating ring divided into 15-minute intervals, to give Italian or Babylonian hours as well as local suntime. Paris (1694-95); Naples (1706). Daumas 1; Engelmann 1; Michel 3; Gunther 2; Josten; NMM 2; Coffeen 12; ADL; RSW.
BLONDEAU, PETRUS see Petrus Blondeus. Daumas 1; Michel 3.
BLONDEAU, ROCH France, fl.1664-90, MIM SIM Sector, 1670 = Soth. 12/19/66-53; Rule, 1668 = CNAM; Butterfield-type Sundials = OXF-B71 and B72, WHI (silver) (1673), MADEX-91 = NMM (1670), Christie 2/13/68-38, LEY, ADL-M89; Rule, folding, silver, 1670 = A-P 3/15/76; Horizontal String-gnomon Sundial, 1667 = WHI; Pocket Sundial, 1664 = D.(1994); etc. "ingénieur du roi en instruments des mathématiques." à l'enseigne de la Boussole, Quai du Grandcours-d'Eau, Ile de la Cité, Paris (1665). Daumas 1; Michel 1; Dewhirst; Engelmann 1; Evans 1; Josten; Bryden 11 and 16; Coffeen 46; ADL; RSW.
BLONDEAUX see Blondeau. MADEX.
BLONDEL ET MELLY Switzerland, 1840, MIM Zakhorloge, 1840 = AMST. Geneva. Mörzer Bruyns 1.
BLONDEL, HENRY 1707, MIM Sundial, copper, 1707 = P.C. for 48°. RSW.
BLONDEUS, PETRUS France; Italy, c.1700, MIM Recipiangle = ADL-M107. the instrument is signed "Petrus Blondeus Gall. fecit Romae"; he was a Frenchman working in Rome; the invention of the recipiangle is credited to Silvius Maggirius. Rome. Engelmann 1; Daumas 1; Michel 3; ADL; RSW.
BLONDO, NICOLAUS see Nicolaus Blondeau. RSW.
BLONO, NICOLO Italy, MIM Instrument = NMM. probably Nicolaus Blondeau. Naples. NMM 2; RSW.
BLOUD many Bloud-type sundials are signed "Bloud"; could be by Charles, Charles le Jeune, Gabriel, Jacques or Jean Bloud.
BLOUD, CHARLES France, fl.1653-80, MIM Bloud-type Sundial, large, 1653 = HAR; a great number of his portable sundials are found in numerous collections, including ADL, WHI, OXF, etc. Huguenot; he invented a magnetic azimuth sundial now known as the Bloud-type; they were usually of ivory but a few tortoise- shell ones exist; a sliding hour scale within the compass box is adjusted to the time of year by turning the volvelle on the back; when the sundial is aligned with the sun, the compass needle points to the proper hour; usually signed "Fait et Invent par Charles Bloud à Dieppe" on back plate. Dieppe. Michel 1 and 3; ADL; Syndram; Bryden 16; Daumas 1; Maddison 1 and 5; Josten; Vivielle 1; Monreal; Price 2 and 3; Ward 4; USNM; NMM 2; Tardy; Nachet; Hamilton 1; T. Murdock; RSW.
BLOUD, CHARLES, LE JEUNE France, c.1700, MIM Diptych Sundials, ivory = WUP, Lempertz 4/28/61, Christie 11/24/83; Bloud-type Sundial, ivory = Soth. 11/13/61-81. Dieppe. RSW.
BLOUD, GABRIEL France, c.1666, MIM Bloud-type Sundials, ivory = ADL-N20, MADEX-168 = Musée, Dieppe, MERC-88, PMM, etc.; Diptych Sundial, ivory = P.C. probably son or brother of Charles Bloud. Dieppe. Michel 3; Hamilton 1 and 2; ADL; RSW.
BLOUD, I. France, c.1670, MIM Horizontal Sundials = BM, Soth. 12/12/55/ (ivory). BM gnomon is for 50° latitude; maybe Jacques or, less likely, Jean Bloud. Ward 4; RSW.
BLOUD, JACQUES France, c.1666, MIM Bloud-type Sundial, ivory = MERC-60. possibly son or brother of Charles Bloud. Dieppe. Hamilton 1 and 2; RSW.
BLOUD, JEAN France, c.1690, MIM Horizontal Sundial, ivory and silver = OXFB-201. Dieppe. Maddison 5.
BLOUD, KAREL France, MIM Montfoort. Evans 1.
BLOW, EDMUND England, fl.1704-38, MIM NIM Napier's Bones, 1715 = OXF; Backstaff, 1736 = WHI. apprenticed to Grace Wells in the Joiners' Company, Aug. 6, 1695; free in the Company, June 13, 1704; took apprentices; the bones were made for Mr. Julius Deeds; the backstaff was made for James M'Culloch. Golden Quadrant, Plow Alley, Union Stairs, Wapping; Virginia Street; both in London. Taylor 1(570) and 2(14); Dewhirst; Crawforth 7; RSW; J.A. Bennett 2.
BLOW, F. see Edmund Blow.
BLOXAM, JAMES MACKENZIE England, 1843, invented depleidoscope in 1843, made and sold by E.J. Dent who named the instrument. Coffeen; G.L'E. Turner 24.
BLOXHAM, RICHARD misreading for Richard Blaxam. Taylor 1(250); Price 3; Dewhirst; Clay and Court.
BLOYD, C. misreading for C. Bloud. Bernal Sale.
BLUNDY, CHARLES England; USA, fl.1753-60, PHIM made or sold thermometers. London; Church Street, Charleston, S.C. Bedini 1.
BLUNT 1 see Nairne and Blunt.
BLUNT 2 England, OIM Spyglass = USNM. could be Edward or Thomas Blunt. London. USNM.
BLUNT AND CO. USA, fl.1868-78, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM George William Blunt; succeeded Blunt and Nichols. New York, N.Y. Moskowitz 103; Brewington 1.
BLUNT AND NICHOLS USA, fl.1866-68, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Edmund Blunt 2, F.M. Nash and John H Nichols were partners in Blunt and Nichols; succeeded by Blunt and Co., in 1868; Nichols was the Blunts' uncle. New York, N.Y. Smart 1.
BLUNT AND SON 1 England, 1802 and 1814, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Thomas Blunt 1 and possibly William Blunt or Thomas Blunt 2. London. Wess 1.
BLUNT AND SON 2 England, fl.1822-24, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Thomas Blunt 1 and Edward Blunt. London. Wess 1.
BLUNT, CHARLES 1 England, fl.1811-18, MIM NIM OIM SIM Surveying Compass = Soth. 4/22/65-53; Instrument = NMM; Alt-azimuth Quadrant = WHI; Telescope, single draw = Christie-SK 4/14/89. T.C.; made sextants, alt-azimuth circles and pocket theodolites; compass is signed "C. Blunt." Cornhill; 38 Tavistock Street (1817); both in London. Taylor 2(1281); Wess 1; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
BLUNT, CHARLES 2 Sir Charles Blunt; marked on a sundial, ADL-T22, which is signed "H.C. 1591"; it is the work of D.B. Sheahan of New York, N.Y. c.1900. ADL; RSW.
BLUNT, E. England or USA, OIM Telescope = MYS. could be Edmund or Edward Blunt. RSW.
BLUNT, E. AND G.W. USA, fl.1826-66, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums. Edmund (1) and George William Blunt, sons of Edmund March Blunt; manufactory at Elizabeth, N.J., listed as being formerly Hermann Wendt (1859). 149 Fly Market Street (1826); Maiden Lane; 179 Water Street, corner of Burling Slip and West Hooker Street; all in New York, N.Y. Moskowitz 103; Smart 1; Brewington 1; USNM; Bedini 8; RSW; J.A. Bennett 2; D.J. Warner 10; DATM.
BLUNT, EDMUND 1 USA, 1799-1866, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM son of Edmund March Blunt; older brother and partner of George William Blunt; see E. and G.W. Blunt. New York, N.Y. Smart 1; Moskowitz 103; J.A. Bennett 2; D.J. Warner 10.
BLUNT, EDMUND 2 USA, 1842-94, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM son of Edmund Blunt 1; partner in Blunt and Nichols with F.M. Nash and John H. Nichols, 1866-68; this firm became Blunt and Co. in 1868, and Edmund was succeeded by his brother, William Sinclair Blunt at that time; he established the New York Optical Works that same year. 16 Burling Slip, New York, N.Y. (1868-94). Smart 1
BLUNT, EDMUND MARCH USA, 1770-1862, MIM NIM Nautical Compass = USNM. publisher; set up chart and quadrant shop, 1812; his sons, Edmund (1) and George William Blunt, carried on the firm; Warner 12 says that son-in-law, William Hooker, took over 202 Water Street in 1819. Newburyport, Mass. (1793-1811); at the Sign of the Quadrant, 202 Water Street, corner of Beekman Slip, New York, N.Y. (1811-62). USNM; Brewington 1; Bedini 8; D.J. Warner 10 and 12.
BLUNT, EDWARD England, c.1828, MIM PHIM Barometer = Christie 8/2/72. son of Thomas Blunt 1; could be Blunt and Son, 1822-24; free by Patrimony in 1825; took over the business; barometer is signed "E. Blunt"; spirit level signed "Pool-London." 22 Cornhill, London. O'Mara; Wess 1; RSW.
BLUNT, GEORGE WILLIAM USA, 1802-78, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM younger son of Edmund March Blunt and younger brother of Edmund Blunt 1; see E. and G.W. Blunt. New York, N.Y. Smart 1; Brewington 1; Moskowitz 103; Bedini 8; J.A. Bennett 2; D.J. Warner 10.
BLUNT, JOHN England, c.1767, NIM Sextants = Soth. 3/21/73, Christie 12/17/75. compass maker; catalogues think he is 1800 or later; may be two men. Wapping Dock, London. Taylor 2(576); RSW.
BLUNT, ROBERT England, c.1789, MIM apprenticed to George Adams 2 of the Grocers' Company on Sept. 5, 1782; free of the Company on Dec. 3, 1789. J. Brown 1.
BLUNT, T. AND T. England, c. 1822, MIM OIM PHIM Sets of Drawing Instruments = P.C., Decatur House, Washington, D.C.; Microscope = Phillips 11/16/76; Rule, ivory = P.C.; Hydrometers = X (de Luc-type), Phillips 5/20/75; Garden Sundial = D.(1975); Telescope, Gregorian = Moose Factory Museum, Ontario; Barometer = P.C. perhaps Thomas Blunt 1 and 2. 22 Cornhill, London. USNM; Delehar 3; Wess 1; RSW.
BLUNT, T., AND SON England, c.1822, OIM Microscope = P.C.; Telescope = Christie 4/9/75. Thomas Blunt and Son; telescope signed "Blunt and Son." 22 Cornhill, London. O'Mara; RSW.
BLUNT, T.T. misreading for T. and T. Blunt? Soth. 2/8/83.
BLUNT, THOMAS 1 England, fl.1760-1822, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums, including barometers, microscopes, telescopes, sundials, levels, dipping needles, orreries, etc. apprenticed to Edward Nairne of the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1760; free of the Company in 1771; Master of the Company 1782-94; partner of Nairne, 1774-93; worked alone, 1793-1805; had son in business in 1805; "Mathematical Instrument Maker to His Majesty"; T.C.; see Nairne and Blunt; see T. and T. Blunt; see T. Blunt and Son; succeeded by Thomas Harris.. 22 Cornhill; 136 Minories (1814-20); both in London. Taylor 2(577); Goodison 1; Clay and Court; Symonds; Moskowitz 112; Wynter and Turner; Dewhirst; Multhauf 1; USNM; Pipping 1; Court and von Rohr 3(180); Calvert 2; Crawforth 1 & 6; Wynter 1; Wess 1; Bryden 16; RSW.
BLUNT, THOMAS 2 England, c.1811., MIM OIM free of the Spectaclemakers' Company on March 2, 1811; may have been son in Blunt and Son 1. 18 Ivy Lane, London. Dewhirst; Court and von Rohr 3(241); Wess 1.
BLUNT, WILLIAM England, c.1825, MIM Rev. William Blunt, son of and apprenticed to Thomas Blunt 1 of the Spectaclemakers' Company, June 1, 1816; free of the Company on Oct. 11, 1825. Court and von Rohr 3(244); Wess 1.
BLUNT, WILLIAM SINCLAIR USA, 1837-1903, MIM SIM in 1868 he replaced his brother, Edmund Blunt 2 in Blunt and Co. with F.M. Nash as a partner. New York, N.Y. Smart 1.
BLYDENBURGH AND GILES USA, fl.1838-42, MIM SIM Transit = D.(1983). Samuel Blydenburgh and Edward Giles; also sold nautical, optical and philosophical instruments. Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1; USNM; Coffeen E.
BLYDENBURGH AND HYDE USA, c.1847, MIM Samuel Blydenburgh and Joseph Hyde; machinists. 1 Fetter Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1.
BLYDENBURGH, SAMUEL USA, 1802-52, MIM see Blydenburgh and Giles; see Blydenburgh and Hyde. Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1; USNM.
BLYTON see Blighton. J. Brown 1.
BOARDMAN England, 1709, MIM Perpetual Calendar, 1709 = D.(1975). Wynter 1.
BOBY see Schulen and Boby.
BOCHSEN, JOHANN CARL France, 1616, Bochsen designed an artillery level in 1616; author; in a mms. in Ulm he takes the title "Meisterey." Strasbourg. RSW.
BOCKELTS, JAN Holland; Germany, fl.1607-40, MIM Sundials in watch lids = Mallett Coll., NYM (Morgan Coll.) the sundial in the NYM is signed "Jan Bockelts Aachen." Aachen. Vincent 2; Baillie 1.
BOCKSTAEL, VAN France, d.1740, MIM Equatorial Sundials = Musée, Nancy (2). "Machiniste du Roy." Nancy. Michel 3 and 14.
BODDINGTON, JOHN England, c.1734, MIM Perpetual Calendar = BM-1930/1/6-1 apprenticed to Simon Cade of the Clockmakers' Company on April 5, 1725; free of the Company, Oct. 7, 1734. Threadneedle Street, London. Price 3; Ward 4.
BODEUR France, 1819, PHIM Barometer, 1819 = CNAM. Quai de l'Horloge, Paris. USNM; Middleton 1.
BODIN, FRIEDRICH Germany?, 1788, MIM Lippspring. Evans 1.
BODSON France, c.1800, OIM optician; made lenses and mirrors. Quai de l'Horloge, Paris. Nachet.
BODUMONT, J.B.F. Belgium, 1796, MIM Sundial, slate, large = X; Tellurium = X. rue de l'Intendant, Brussels. Michel 3.
BOEHM, ANDREAS Germany, 1720-90, OIM PHIM Geissen. Daumas 1.
BOEKENES, P. Holland, 1707, NIM Cross-staff, three vanes, 1707 = HAK. Mörzer Bruyns 2; RSW.
BOEKMER, TOBIAS misreading for Tobias Volkmer. "Engineering", post-1944.
BOELAU, G. Ireland?, c.1850, MIM Clinometer = D.(1972). Moskowitz 104.
BOERNAVE, JEHAN France, 1354, MIM Astrolabe Clock = Strasbourg Cathedral. destroyed c.1550. Strasbourg. Gunther 1.
BOETHIUS, A.M.S. fl.480-525, MIM was commissioned by Theodoric to construct a water clock and sundial for Gundibald, King of the Burgundians. Cousins.
BOFFAT see Buffat.
BOFFI, A. AND P. England, c.1840, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth., 6/6/96. see P. and A. Boffi. Hastings. RSW.
BOFFI, L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Hastings. Goodison 1.
BOFFI, P. AND A. England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Soth. 7/21/87, D.(1990). D.(1990) is signed "P.A. Boffi." RSW.
BOFFY, L. England, c.1850, PHIM Stick Barometer = Christie 4/25/91. Hastings. RSW.
BOGGAIA, D. England, c.1839, PHIM barometer and thermometer maker. 29 1/2 Great Warner Street, London. Goodison 1.
BOHAIM see Behaim.
BOHEIM, MORITZ see Moritz Behaim. Neumann 1.
BOHEMUS, CHASPARUS Austria, 1568, MIM Astrolabe Clocks = Spitzer Sale = Chauteau d'Anet (1568), Morgan Coll. = NYM (1568). Chasparus Bohémus; alternative spelling is "Caspar Böheim." Vienna. Tardy 1; Vincent 2; Van Cittert; Neumann 1.
BOHINI DE PORTARIS Italy, 17th Century, MIM Astrolabe = Castello Sforzesco, Milan. might be ICA-2059 or -2061. Italian Inventory; ICA 2.
BOHLING, CHRISTIAN see Christian Boyling. Michel 3.
BOHM, MARCUS Germany, c.1660, MIM Astrolabe Table Clock = UTR. Gunther 333; Van Cittert thought c.1600. Augsburg. Gunther 1; Michel 3; Britten; Van Cittert; de Rijk.
BOHME, PROF., AND M. REITER Austria, MIM Starfinder, celestial globe with two telescopes = AUI. "Pat. des Prof. Bohme, etc." Innsbruck. RSW.
BOIG, JOHN Scotland, fl.1649-d.1663, MIM Edinburgh. Bryden 3.
BOIJLING see Boyling.
BOISSIER Germany, MIM Equatorial Sundial = HEI. Berlin. RSW.
BOITTE France, MIM see Girard and Boitte. RSW.
BOJSI, PAUL England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Rayleigh. Goodison 1.
BOKMA, ALLE JANS Holland, 1801-80, MIM Planetarium, 1841 = Eisinga's House, Franeker; Tellurium = FRI. mill maker. Workum. Rooseboom 1; RSW.
BOLING, Z. Z. Böling; see Z. Boyling. Zinner 1.
BOLLAND, WILLIAM PHIM Beam Balance, pocket = Christie-SK 2/9/84. RSW.
BOLLEN, E.R. Germany, 1697, MIM Instrument, 1697 = X. Hertogenbosch. Evans 1.
BOLLES, WILLIAM USA, 1800-67, designed a trigonometer, 1824. New London, Conn. Brewington 1; Bedini 8.
BOLLETTI, L. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
BOLLING Germany, 1709, Bölling; possibly Z. Boyling. Kassel. Evans 1.
BOLLON see Thomas Bolton. Bryden 9.
BOLLORE, LOUIS France, NIM Marine Compass, small = Versailles 4/17/83. Concarneau. RSW.
BOLONGARO AND SON England, fl.1848-60, PHIM made barometers and thermometers; "Printers and Publishers to the Queen"; Dominic and Peter Bolongaro. 32 Market Street (1845-54); 30-32 Market Street (1855-60); both in Manchester. Goodison 1.
BOLONGARO, DOMINIC Italy; England, 1817?-60, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. making barometers by 1843; his son, Peter, was partner, 1848-60; worked with Vittore Zanetti up to 1817. 2 Old Millgate (1817-30); 14 Market Street (1832-33); 32 Market Street (1834-54); 30-32 Market Street (1855-60); all in Manchester. Goodison 1.
BOLONGARO, PETER England, fl.1848-60, PHIM son of Dominic Bolongaro; see Bolongaro and Son. Manchester. Goodison 1.
BOLTER, HUGH England, fl.pre-1638-72, OIM apprenticed into the Woodmongers' Company; free of the Company in 1666; transferred to the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1666; worked for Robert Hooke. Little Minories, London (1670-72). Taylor 1(275); Court and von Rohr 3(18); Crawforth 6.
BOLTON 1 England, fl. c.1837-50, MIM Rule, ivory = Soth.-Chester 9/22/83; Sectors, ivory = Phillips 2/2/84, D.(1984); Routledge-type Slide Rule, ivory = Christie-SK 11/15/79. the rule from the Soth. Cat. is from a set of drawing instruments. RSW.
BOLTON 2 MIM Bolton's Cypher Wheel = D.(1973). Wynter 1.
BOLTON, D. England, c.1815, MIM Garden Sundial = BM-1926/10/16-10. made for Queen Caroline. London. Price 3; Ward 4.
BOLTON, FREDERICK AND HENRY England, c.1837, MIM successors of Thomas Bolton. 62 Loveday Street, Birmingham. Taylor 2(2018).
BOLTON, JOHN England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Durham. Goodison 1; Baillie 1.
BOLTON, THOMAS England, fl.1808-45, MIM Set of Mathematical Instruments, case = X; Garden Dial = X. Bryden says (Bollon?), 1808-18 and rule maker; Clay and Court thought instrument set c.1780; may be two makers. 6 Colmore Row (1808; Colmore Row (1818); 61 and 62 Loveday Street; all in Birmingham. Bryden 9; Taylor 2(1782); Clay and Court; Dewhirst; Crawforth 6.
BOMBARDA see Augustinus Cucco, bombarda. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
BOMBELLI, BALDASSARO England, c.1830, PHIM made barometers. 6 King Street, Whitehaven. Taylor 2(1783).
BOMBERG, CARL Germany, OIM Refracting Telescope = P.C. four-inch. Fredinau Strasse, Berlin. RSW.
BON, JEAN France, c.1820, Jambon? Coffeen Note.
BON, JOHN Scotland, fl.1840-46, NIM Octant = D.(1976); Marine Barometer = Soth. 4/28/88. also made chronometers and watches; succeeded by Mrs. John Bon by 1850; signature on back of compass card in azimuth cmpass by Thomas Smith. 17 Dock Street (1840); 25 Dock Street (1845); 26 Dock Street (1846); all in Dundee. Taylor 2(2082); Bryden 3; Moskowitz; Clarke et al; RSW.
BON, MRS. JOHN Scotland, fl.1850-53, NIM succeeded her husband after 1846; by 1853 she was no longer listed as a NIM. 24 Dock Street East, Dundee (1850). Bryden 3; Clarke et al.
BONALDO, MARCO Italy, 1677-99, MIM Pair of Globes = Widener Library, Harvard U., Cambridge, Mass. the celestial globe is dated 1677, the terrestrial, 1699. Venice. Yonge.
BONANNI, P. PHILIPPE Italy, c.1689, OIM made microscopes; author. Daumas 1; Nachet; Price 2.
BONAR, JOHN Scotland, fl.1623-34, MIM Equatorial Sundial, Dec. 11, 1623, slate = Dumfries Burgh Museum; Sundials, slate = Kirkcudbright (1623), Loudoun Castle (1634), Soth. 10/15/73 (1634) = Soth. 6/24/74 = D, RSM, Bangor Heritage Center. Johanne? Aerae = Ayr. Gatty; Wynter and Turner; USNM; Rohr and Somerville; RSW; Clarke et al; Somerville.
BOND, A. England, c.1850, OIM Microscope, double pillar = D.(1981). London. Moskowitz 122.
BOND, HENRY England, c.1600-78, developed a ship-builder's scale; may be the Henry Bond who observed variations in the compass in 1662. London. Bryden 9; Bedini 8.
BOND, JOHN England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X. one barometer is signed "Bond Okehampton", the other "John Bond." Okehampton. Goodison 1.
BOND, THOMAS England, c.1685, MIM apprenticed to Withers Cheney of the Clockmakers' Company on April 30, 1685. J. Brown 3.
BOND, W. England, 1795, MIM Garden Dial, 1795 = D.(1975). RSW.
BOND, WILLIAM USA, fl.1781-1823, MIM NIM Horizontal Sundial, 1781 = X; Octant, ebony, 1823 = UTR. apprenticed in 1769; naturalized in 1785; father of William Cranch Bond. 152 State Street, Boston, Mass. Price 2; Evans 1; Carlaw.
BOND, WILLIAM CRANCH USA, 1789-1859, MIM PHIM astronomical and meteorological instruments, 1819; son of William Bond; showed in the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London; Director of Harvard College Observatory, Cambridge (1839-). Dorchester, Mass. USNM; Bedini 8; J.A. Bennett 2; Carlaw.
BOND, WILLIAM, AND SON USA, c.1850, MIM NIM in the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. Boston, Mass. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BONET see Bonetus de Latis.
BONETUS DE LATIS France, c.1490, MIM Astrolabe on a finger ring = X. made for Pope Alexander; Gunther 172. Gunther 1; Michel 3; Bonelli 1.
BONFA, R.P., S.J. France, fl.1672-73, MIM Wall Dial, 1672-73 = facade of the Jesuit College (now a girls' high school, Grenoble. Grenoble. Boursier.
BONIUS, JOANNES Germany, fl.1573-91, MIM Astronomical Compendia = ADL-M366, KEN, FRA, VAA; Diptych Sun- dial, gilt-brass = LIE; Perpetual Calendar, 1591 = Rein Stift. Boone? Bamberg? Zinner 1; Michel 1 and 2; Engelmann 1; Evans 1; Rooseboom 1; ADL; RSW.
BONNE France, 1727-94, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1783 = CNAM-768; Celestial Globe = Dépôt de la Marine, Paris. "Ingénieur-hydrographie de la Marine." Paris. Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; Michel 3; Brieux 2; Howse 2.
BONNEAU, VINCENT France, 1574, MIM Nocturnal with Quadrant, 1574 = WHI. "Faict à Sens par Vincent Bonneau." Sens. Bryden 16; Hamilton 2; RSW.
BONNEMAIN 1626, MIM SIM Surveying Cross, 1626 = BMR. Michel 7; A.J. Turner 10.
BONNES France, 18th Century, MIM Analemmatic Sundial = OXFB-237. Maddison 5.
BONNET France, c.1850, MIM in Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. 5, Chemin de Ronde de la Barriere, Ménilmontant. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BONNEVIE, CLAUDE France, fl. 1654-87, MIM Horizontal Sundials, silver, oval = NMM-D.125 (Caird), D.(1997); Watch, enameled = Musée Paul Dupuy. NMM is ex-Bernard Coll.; watch is signed "Claude Bonnevye." Paris. Hamilton 2; Nachet; Tardy 1.
BONONIE, PEREGRINA SPANIOLUS 1637, MIM Square, 1637 = ROM-4080. Price 2.
BONSIGNORI, DOM STEFANO Italy, fl.1570-87, made polyhedral sundials of wood and leather; for instruments see D.S.B.F.F., D.S.F.F., D. Steph. B.F.F.; possibly D. Stephanus; sometimes spelled "Buonsignori." Florence. Bonelli 1; Michel 3.
BOOK see Boig. Bryden 3.
BOOKER, FRANCIS AND JOHN Ireland, fl.1761-73, OIM T.C. shows microscope and telescope. Essex Bridge, Dublin. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
BOOKER, JOHN Ireland, fl.1774-89, sold looking glasses; see Francis and John Booker. 6 Essex Bridge; 4 Jervis Street; both in Dublin. Morrison-Low and Burnett.
BOONE see Joannes Bonius. Engelmann 1; Michel 1 and 2; Rooseboom 1; RSW..
BOONEN, J. STAATS Holland, fl.1823-40, NIM succeeded Johannes Gerard Hulst van Keulen van de Velde in 1823; succeeded by Jacob Swart although the firm continued under the name of "Gerard Hulst van Keulen." Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BOONIUS see Bonius. Rooseboom 1.
BOOSMAN, W. Holland, 19th Century, NIM Compass Rose = AMST. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 1.
BOOSMAN, WILLEM, EN CO. Holland, 1836-1926, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Horseshoe Magnet = LEY; Compass = KRO; Instruments = ROT; Compasses = AMST (19); Sextant = AMST. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2.
BOOTH, GARRETT AND BLAIR USA, 1836-99, PHIM made chemical and physical instruments. 404 and 406 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa. USNM.
BOOZ Germany, 18th Century, MIM SIM Protractor and Compass = BAM. made geodetic instruments. Aschaffenburg. Michel 3.
BORBIGE, CHARLES England, c.1830, MIM Wheel Barometer = X. 1 King Street, Whitehaven. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1784).
BORCH, HANS MIM Horizontal Sundial, lead = Den Gamle By, Aarhus. RSW.
BORDA, JEAN CHARLES, CHEVALIER DE France, 1733-99, NIM Reflecting Circles = PMM, PEA-M4082. improved the reflecting circle in 1787; author. Paris. Daumas 1; Brewington 1; Italian Inventory; G.L'E. Turner 24.
BORDER, G. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Sleaford. Goodison 1.
BORDES, LOUIS France, fl.1700-47, MIM inventor or maker. Lyon. Hamilton 2.
BORDESSA AND EATON England, c.1855, PHIM barometer and thermometer makers; see Novati, Bordessa and Eaton. London. Goodison 1.
BORDESSA, PIETRO England, fl.1834-60, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. signed "P. Bordessa Chester"; sometimes found as Peter Bordesa. 33 Bridge Street Row, Chester. Goodison 1.
BORDOGNA Italy, 1780, MIM Instrument, 1780 = X. Milan. Evans 1.
BORDOGNA, ANTONIO Italy, c.1810, MIM made meteorological and magnetic instruments; compasses and astronomical instruments. Milan. Brenni 1.
BORDOLI AND CASSAROTI England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Stamford. Goodison 1.
BORDOLI, BERNARD England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Marlborough. Goodison 1.
BORDOLI, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 22 Charles Street, Hatton Garden, London. Goodison 1.
BOREL, PIERRE France, 1620-89, OIM made a telescope for l'observatoire de Paris in 1673; member of l'Académie Royal des Sciences, 1674. Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet.
BORELLI 1 Italy, 1608-79, OIM pupil of Galileo; made 40' and 60' telescopes. Dewhirst.
BORELLI 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 5/18/89. RSW.
BORELLI, D. England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 11/21/95; Thermometers = Christie-SK 11/21/95. thermometers signed "Borelli Farnham." Farnham. RSW.
BORELLI, G. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
BORG, ERIC fl.1737-67, MIM globe maker. RSW.
BORGER France, 1753, NIM compass maker. Paris. Schück.
BORGER, IVER JENSEN Denmark, fl.1755-99, MIM NIM Compasses = P.C., PEA, ADL-N50; Hanging Compasses = CRT, Soth. 11/16/87; Compass Sundial = Ineichen 10/20/75; Compass Rose, paper = GMM. compass card is one of four in a crown compass at PEA, see also Benjamin Brown. Copenhagen. Brewington 1; RSW.
BORINI England, c.1810, PHIM Wheel Barometer = D.(1965). Birmingham. RSW.
BORINI, P. 1 England, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Soth. 7/16/76, X(3); Stick Barometer = X. the stick and two wheels signed "P.Borini." Bull Street, Birmingham. Goodison 1; RSW.
BORINI, P. 2 England, c.1818, PHIM made barometers and thermometers; see Peter Borini and Co. Snowhill, Birmingham. Goodison 1; Bryden 9.
BORINI, PETER, AND CO. England, c.1808, OIM PHIM opticians. 14 Edgbaston Street, Birmingham. Goodison 1; Bryden 9.
BORIUS Holland?, pre-1794, OIM telescope mentioned in catalogue of 1794. Rooseboom 1.
BORLACE, J. 1724, MIM Universal Ring Sundial, silver, 1724 = P.C.(1983). RSW.
BORNER, JOHAN HENRICH Germany, 1693, MIM Vertical Disc Sundial, 1693 = KEN-1938/337. Johan Henrich Börner; has perpetual calendar. Zinner 1; RSW.
BORNIER misreading for Bernier. RSW.
BORRELLI, J. England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 10/16/86. Basingstoke. RSW.
BORRIUS see Borius. Rooseboom 1.
BORROMEI, JULES 1775, MIM Plotting Protractor, 1775 = ADL-M98. instrument invented by Robequi. Daumas 1; Michel 3; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
BORSARI, BONIFACIO Italy, 1760, MIM Armillary Sphere, 1760 = Modena Museum? Modena. Michel 3.
BOS, JOHANNES Belgium, fl.1591-1623, MIM Astrolabe, 1597 = ADL-M33A; Calculating Device, 1623 = Soth. 3/11/52. son of Jacob Bos, cartographer; he made several astrolabes dated between 1591-97; some are dated "Marti 24 1597"; these last seem to be copies, in a smaller size, of ADL-M33A, including HAR, WHI, etc. Antwerp; Rome. Engelmann 1; Maddison; Price 1 and 5; Zinner 1; Michel 3; Rooseboom 1; Gunther 1; Hollands Glorie; ADL; RSW.
BOS, SALOMON EN JAN Holland, c.1799, NIM Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2; Rooseboom 1.
BOSCH, ANDREAS see Andreas Busch. Zinner 1; Baillie 1.
BOSCH, D. VAN DER Holland, fl.1821-50, MIM Rule = AMST; Parallel Rules, 1821 = RIJ. Rotterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 1 and 2.
BOSCH, S. see P. Odenkirchen.
BOSE, GEORG MATTHIAS Germany, c.1743, improved the electrical machine. A.J. Turner 10.
BOSIUS, IOANNES see Johannes Bos. Michel 3.
BOSSAGE, NICOLAS France?, c.1790, PHIM Thermometers, mercury = GEM (2). de Saussure Coll. A.J. Turner 10.
BOSSI, L. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Hastings. Goodison 1.
BOSSI, P. England, PHIM WQheel Barometer = X. Rayleigh. Goodison 1.
BOSTOCK, J. England, c.1765, OIM Microscope = D.(1983); Microscope, Watkins-type = D.(1986). London. Coffeen.
BOSWELL, SAMUEL England, fl.1709-57, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Cooke 1 of the Joiners' Company Sept. 9, 1701; free in the Company on May 5, 1709. Spittalfields, London. Crawforth 7.
BOTJES, WILDRIK Holland, 1814-74, MIM Planetariums = X(2), Eisiga's House, Franeker, (1857-58). Nieuwe Pekela. Baillie 1; RSW.
BOTTA, LOUIS England, c.1780, PHIM Wheel Barometers = Soth. 6/6/75, 1975 Sales Cat., X. sometimes Luigi Botta. Evesham and Worcester. Goodison 1; RSW.
BOTTI, GIOVANBATTISTA AND MATTEO Italy, pre-1776, MIM SIM Sundial = FLO-2506; Graphometer = FLO-187. Bonelli 1; Michel 3.
BOTTOMLEY England, c.1850, NIM Sextant = Christie 12/12/72. 11 Billiter Street, London. RSW.
BOTTOMLY, J. USA, MIM Protractor = X. DATM.
BOUCART France, MIM PHIM Cameras Lucida = Soth. 12/2/74, Christie 11/22 78; Horizontal Sundial = Chez Boucart; Cannon Sundial = Cranbrook Institute of Science, Michigan. sundial maker; "Constructeur." Quai de l'horloge 35, Paris. Boursier; USNM; RSW.
BOUCART, MAISON France, MIM Sundial = Maison Boucart. 35 Quai de l'horloge, Paris. Boursier.
BOUCHER ET LESNE France, c.1810, OIM Boucher et Lesné; opticians and lens makers. au Soleil et à la Gerbe d'or, 3 Quai de l'horloge, Paris. Nachet.
BOUDHUINE France?, 19th Century, NIM Reflecting Circle = PMM. RSW.
BOUDRY see François Ducommun-dit-Boudry. RSW.
BOUFFLER, R. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. 17 Leather Lane, Holborn, London. Goodison 1.
BOUFFLER, ROBERT England, c.1839, PHIM made barometers and thermometers. 7 Bell Court, Grays Inn Lane, London. Goodison 1.
BOUGLOUX France, c.1830, PHIM Thermometer = Nouveau Drout 5/20/88. "élève et succ. de Mr. Vincent." Quai Pelletier No. 30, Paris. RSW.
BOUGUER, PIERRE France, 1698-1758, PHIM barometer maker; constructed the first effective photometer. Poggendorff; DSB; Wolf; Middleton 1; A.J. Turner 10.
BOUILLY France, MIM SIM Graphometer, copper = And.-Spitzer-32. Paris. RSW.
BOUJUS see Bovius.
BOULANGER, LOUIS France, fl.1500-50, MIM Globe, 1514 = X. sometimes spelt Boulenger; astronomer and geographer. Albi. Tooley; Hamilton 2; Price 2; Gunther 2.
BOULBY, GEORGE England?, 1813, MIM Polyhedral Sundial, 1813 = X. RSW.
BOULTER, BENJAMIN England, c.1776, apprenticed to Michael Dancer in the Joiners' Company on Oct. 1, 1776. Crawforth 7.
BOULTER, JAMES USA?, c.1850, MIM made mathematical drawing instruments. USNM.
BOULTON, THOMAS England, c.1645, apprenticed to John Brown 6 in the Joiners' Company, 1645. Crawforth 7.
BOUQUET ET GEORGES OBERHAUSER France, c.1830, OIM Microscope = NAC. Trécourt was also involved with this microscope. Paris. Nachet.
BOUR France, post-1817, MIM Orrery = VNN. invented by Ch. Rouy, 1817, Paris. Paris. RSW.
BOURBON ET ASSIER-PERRICAT France, c.1771, PHIM Thermometer = CNAM; Barometer = CNAM. André Bourbon and Antoine Assier-Perricat. Paris. Daumas 1.
BOURBON, ANDRE France, fl.1751-71, PHIM Barometers = Lehmann Sale-31, Academy of Sciences, Paris, 1751; Thermometers = COR, Academy of Sciences, Paris, 1752. André Bourbon; took Antoine Assier-Perricat as partner, c. 1771. Paris. Daumas 1; RSW.
BOURBON, M. LANGE DE see Lange de Bourbon, M. Hamilton 2.
BOURBON, MICHAEL France, fl.1735-53, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial, 1735 = MERC-45 = OXFB-209; Sundial, silver, 1753 = Soth. 5/10/54-134. 1753 dial may be Butterfield-type. Paris. Maddison 5; Michel 3; Hamilton 1; F.J.B. Watson; RSW.
BOURDIN see Bourdon. Weschler 5/22/76.
BOURDON, EUGENE France, 1808-84, PHIM Aneroid Barometer in clock base = Weschler 5/22/76. Eugène Bourdon; invented the aneroid barometer, 1849. 74 Faubourg du Temple, Paris. G.L'E. Turner 24; Middleton 1; DSB; RSW.
BOURET, VDA DE CH. France, c.1850, MIM label on Spanish terrestrial globe. Paris. Moskowitz 104.
BOURETTE, E.H. France, fl.1841-62, PHIM made thermometers. rue Saint-Maur, 131, Paris. USNM.
BOURGAUD France, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial = USNM (1964). Nantes. USNM.
BOURGEOIS, JACQUES France, c.1645, OIM made mirrors and lenses. rue Saint-Denis, près Saint-Jacques, Paris. Nachet.
BOURGOIS France, PHIM Altimeter Barometer = Phillips 2/2/84. 27 Rue des Pyramides, Paris. RSW.
BOURIOT, L'ABBE, DE L'ETANG France, fl.1765-70, OIM L'Abbé Bouriot de l'Etang; amateur; made achromatic lens. Daumas 1.
BOURN England, c.1839, PHIM made barometers. 40 Bull Street, Birmingham. Goodison 1.
BOURNE AND SON England, fl.1799-1802, MIM Thomas Bourne 1 and 2. London. Crawforth 7.
BOURNE, JOSHUA England, fl.1744-67, MIM apprenticed to John Urings 1 in the Joiners' Company on April 4, 1731; free in the Company, Oct. 2, 1744; took apprentices. Goodmans' Fields, London. Crawforth 7.
BOURNE, THOMAS 1 England, fl.1767-1821, MIM apprenticed to Joshua Bourne in the Joiners' Company on June 3, 1755; free in the Company, May 5, 1767; listed as Bourne and Son, 1799-1802; may have taken apprentices. Bethnal Green Road (1803-09); Hog Row, Bethnal Green Road (1821-38); both in London. Crawforth 7.
BOURNE, THOMAS 2 England, fl.1801-03, MIM younger son of Thomas Bourne 1; free in the Joiners' Company by Patrimony on March 3, 1801, on the report of William Williams 3 and Michael Dancer; the apprentices listed to him might have been his father's. Crawforth 7.
BOURNE, WILLIAM England, fl.1565-88, designed nautical instruments; wrote in 1574 a description of the log line. Gravesend. Taylor 1(38); Bedini 8; A.J. Turner 10.
BOUTORDO France, 18th Century, PHIM Coin Balance = Soth. 10/3/88. also marked "D.O.R." with anchor. RSW.
BOUTY, EDOUARD France, NIM Borda Circles = D.(1967), Soth. 2/25/86. Paris. USNM; RSW.
BOUVERI England, also spelled Bouverie; see Francis Boveri. Goodison 1.
BOVERI, FRANCIS England, fl.1830-41, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. also made thermometers. 9 Eyre Street Hill, London. Goodison 1.
BOVIUS, FRANC. XAVER JOSEF Germanyfl.1711-19, MIM SIM Sundials, stone = AUG (1711), KEN-1880-33 (1712), GRA-7655 (1715), EIS (1716), SOL (1716), MUN (1718), FRA (1718), ADL-M286 (1719); Surveying Instrument = MOS. "Franc. Xaveri Josephus Bovius SS can. exam. et approb. Presbyter Eystettensis invent fecit"; see F.B.P. Eichstatt. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Evans 1; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
BOVOLENTA, ANTO FABRIS Italy, MIM SIM Quadrant = Christie 2/8/66-6; Alidade for plane table = ADL-M134; Rule = P.C. Fabris probably means maker; ADL is signed "Fabris Bovolenta." Engelmann 1; Michel 3; ADL; RSW.
BOWDITCH, NATHANIEL USA, 1773-1838, MIM Horary Quadrant, Aug. 20, 1792 = PEA-M9819. author of "American Navigator." Boston, Mass. Bowditch; Brewington 1; Loring; Taylor 2(689); Burstyn; Bedini 8; DSB.
BOWE, JOHN England, c.1699, apprenticed to Thomas Cooke 2 of the Joiners' Company in 1699. Crawforth 7.
BOWEN, EMANUEL England, fl.1720-67, MIM Planisphere = Soth. 10/17/60-148. geographer to George II, 1748-60. Taylor 2(153).
BOWEN, RICHARD England, c.1678, MIM apprenticed to Joseph Wells of the Clockmakers' Company; free of the Company on Dec. 2, 1678. J. Brown 3.
BOWEN, THOMAS England, c.1830, OIM 27 Market Place, Manchester. Taylor 2(1785).
BOWER England, PHIM Stick Barometer = D.(1976). "Model Barometer". St. Neats. RSW.
BOWERMAN, R. England?, c.1770, MIM Gunter's Rule. signature stamped, may be owner, though another name is carved on the rule. Coffeen 55.
BOWERS, JOHN England, c.1761, apprenticed to John Farmer 2 in the Joiners' Company on June 30, 1761. Crawforth 7.
BOWLES, DANIEL England, c.1767, apprenticed to John Atkinson 2 of the Grocers' Company on March 6, 1764; turned over to Richard Rust of the Company on March 26, 1767. J. Brown 1.
BOWLES, J.S. England, c.1830, MIM Quadrant Sundial, slate. 1830 = South Wilts. and Blackmore Museum, Salisbury. Stevens and Aked.
BOWLES, THOMAS SALTER USA, b.c.1765-1821, MIM NIM SIM Surveyor's Compasses, wood = Bedini Coll., D.(pre-1967), P.C., Streeter Coll., Yale University / Bennington Museum, Vermont; Compass Card from surveying compass = Dartmouth College Museum, Hanover, New Hamp. some compass cards engraved by Joseph Callender. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Bedini 1 and 8; Smart 1; Price 2; USNM; D.J. Warner 10 and 12; DATM; RSW.
BOWLEY, WILLIAM England, fl.1809-16, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X. barometers signed "Bowley Salop"; also made thermometers; T.C. in FIT (WHI). Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury. Goodison 1.
BOWMAN, EDMUND USA?, 1785, MIM Sundial, 1785 = Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. USNM.
BOWMAN, ROBERT Scotland, c.1802, OIM Calton Hill Observatory, Edinburgh. Bryden 3.
BOWSKILL England, NIM Marine Compass = Versailles 11/20/83. London. RSW.
BOWYER, WILLIAM England, 1630, MIM Garden Sundial, copper, 1630 = Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. clockmaker. London. RSW.
BOXER, J. England, 19th Century, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Phillips 2/2/84. "warranted." Folkestone. RSW.
BOY DE MORNAS, CLAUDE France, fl.1761-68 d.1783, MIM Celestial Globe = HAY. Paris; Lyon. Yonge.
BOYER France, c.1800, MIM Mechanical Equatorial Sundial = Appay, Cannes 5/14/88. Amiens. RSW.
BOYER, J.H. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
BOYLE, ROBERT England, 1627-91, scientist; invented the hydrometer and named it; developed an air pump at Oxford with Robert Hooke. Oxford; London. G.L'E. Turner 20; Middleton 1; USNM; DNB; DSB.
BOYLING, CHRISTIAN Germany, fl.1669-77, MIM SIM Circumferentor, 1669 = GRA-7678; Artillery Levels = ROU-217 = Rosenheim-319 = ADL-M206 (1675), OXF (1677), Auction Sale, 1903 (1671); Augsburg-type Sundial, 1676 = NOR; Perpetual Calendars = Marouf III 3/27/71 (on base of sand-box), TIM = Christie 4/14/88 (on top of silver pill box, 1677). the "y" in Boyling has an umlaut over it; "Mechanicus"; silver pill box has hall-mark for 1677. Dresden. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Engelmann 1; ADL; Evans 1; A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
BOYNTON, G.W. England?, OIM Telescope = D.(1978). RSW.
BR---- England, NIM Octant = Pannett Park Museum, Whitby. ivory scale signed "SBR", for Spencer, Browning and Rust. Bristol. RSW.
BRABY England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Tunbridge Wells. Goodison 1.
BRACEGIRDLE England, PHIM Barometer with feet = X. London. Goodison 1.
BRACHER, GEORGE England, fl.1826-38, MIM OIM PHIM Telescopes = PEA, D.(1976), Dukes County Historical Society, Edgartown, Mass., Whalers' Village Museum, Lahine, Maui. made telescopes for E.A. Kutz (1), New York, City; Taylor dated him a century earlier; telescopes signed "G. Bracher." 19 King Street, Commercial Road, London. Taylor 2(1496); O'Mara; Brewington 1; RSW.
BRACHER, H. England, c.1820, OIM Telescope, refracting = Soth. 10/19/87. London. RSW.
BRACHET Germany, MIM Universal Sundial, folding gnomon = P.B. 1/22/54-28. Hannover. RSW.
BRADBURN England, c.1840, MIM Gunter Rule, boxwood = D.(1975). Birmingham. Moskowitz 110.
BRADBURY, A. England, c.1822, MIM 28 Hollis Street, Cavendish Square, London. O'Mara.
BRADDERLEY England, 1760, MIM SIM Theodolite, 1760 = X. Taylor thinks may be same as J. Baddely. Daumas 1; Taylor 2(578).
BRADEL, JOSEPH Germany, see Joseph Bradl. RSW.
BRADFIELD, WILLIAM HENRY England, fl.1838-46, OIM 30 Royal Street, Lambeth, London. Taylor 2(2085).
BRADFORD England, c.1820, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Octant = Bowes Museum; Hadley Quadrant = OMM; Inclinable Sundials = Soth. 3/10/87, Gilbert 8/27/76, NOR; Telescopes = Soth. 3/12/62, D.(1982); Sextants = PEA, D.(1972), Historical Society of Delaware; Circumferentor = D.(1975); Marine Barometer = Phillips 10/26/83. could be George, Isaac or John Bradford 2; all worked at same address; octant was given as a prize in 1863. 99 Minories; 136 Minories; both in London. Taylor 2(929 and 929a); Brewington 1; Moskowitz 108; Coffeen B; USNM; RSW.
BRADFORD AND SON England, c.1825, NIM Octant = D.(1987). 136 Minories, London. Coffeen 15.
BRADFORD, GEORGE England, fl.1817-46, MIM NIM OIM Hadley Quadrants, ebony = NMM, PEA; Sextants = PEA, Victory Museum, Portsmouth; Telescopes = PEA, P.C., HAM, Honfleur 6/17/79; Compass = AMST; Circumferentor = WHI. uncle of John Omer; T.C. 99 Minories (1817-36); near Tower Hill (1843); both in London. Taylor 2(1284); Brewington 1; Soth. 7/7/78; Mörzer Bruyns 1; Moskowitz 108; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
BRADFORD, I., AND SON England, OIM Telescope = DeLuca 8/1/87. London. RSW.
BRADFORD, ISAAC England, fl.1795-1822, MIM NIM Mariner's Compass = Christie-SK 10 23/87. T.C.; worked with his brother, John Bradford 2; see Isaac Bradford and Co.; see Isaac and John Bradford (2). Wapping Old Stairs; 136 Minories; both in London. Taylor 2(929); Collins 1; RSW.
BRADFORD, ISAAC AND JOHN England, fl.1795-1822, MIM NIM Isaac Bradford and his brother, John Bradford 2. 87 Bell Dock, Wapping (1795-1800); 69 Bell Dock, Wapping (1805-15); 136 Minories; all in London. Taylor 2(929, 929a).
BRADFORD, ISAAC, AND CO. England, NIM Octant, ebony = TIM (1987). 136 Minories, London. RSW.
BRADFORD, JOHN 1 England, fl.1654-56, MIM Taylor 1(261); Dewhirst; Evans 1; Clay and Court; Daumas 1.
BRADFORD, JOHN 2 England, fl.1795-1822, MIM NIM worked with his brother, Isaac Bradford, 1817-22. London. Taylor 2(929a); Coffeen B.
BRADL, JOSEPH Germany, fl.1756-70, MIM Augsburg-type Sundial = AUG. Oberhausen. RSW .
BRADLEE, J. see John Bradley. RSW.
BRADLEY, JAMES 1 England, 1693-1762, Astronomer Royal, 1742-62; F.R.S.in 1719; made a clock-driven telescope with his uncle, James Pound in 1719; discovered the aberration of light, 1728, etc. London. Taylor 1(470)and 2(16); DNB; DSB; Dewhirst; Bedini 8.
BRADLEY, JAMES 2 England, c.1786, MIM member of the Feltmakers' Company; took over Rowland Tiddler as an apprentice from William Morris of the Grocers' Company on Sept. 12, 1786; Tiddler became a MIM in the Grocers' Company. J. Brown 1.
BRADLEY, JOHN England; Russia, fl.1710-16, MIM Analemmatic Sundial = MLL; Universal Ring Sundial = GEL. apprenticed to John Worgan of the Grocers' Company in 1697; turned over to Jonathan Roberts, Embroiderer; free of the Grocers' Company in 1704. Navigation School, Moscow; Naval Academy, St. Petersburg (1715). Taylor 2(17); Chenekal; J. Brown 1.
BRADSHAW, J. England, Water Clock, 1690 = Neumarkt 10/8/71. surely a modern object. RSW.
BRAGAZZI, A. AND J. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see Bregazzi. Ashburn. Goodison 1.
BRAGONZI, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
BRAHAM BROS. England, MIM Protractor and Parallel Rule = Christie-SK 3/31/83. Bath. RSW.
BRAHAM, JAMES England, c.1850, MIM PHIM Compass and Thermometer on column = Soth.-Chester 6/9/83; Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = D.(1973). thermometer gives full name and address; wheel barometer signed "Braham Torquay"; "Clockmaker to the Duchess of Clarence." 8 The Strand, Torquay. Goodison 1; RSW.
BRAHAM, JOHN England, 1797-1856, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Microscope = Wellcome Institute; Plotting Rule = OXF; Instrument = KEN; Telescope with stand = P.C.; Stick Barometers = X(2); Wheel Barometers = X(2), Christie-SK 10/20/89; Theodolite = D.(1979); Telescope, refracting = Soth. 3/10/87. P.C. telescope, rule and one wheel barometer signed "Braham Bristol"; other telescope signed "Braham Bath"; one stick barometer signed "Braham Bath and Bristol." 42 College Green, Bristol (1830); 8 Pulteney Bridge, Bath (1833); 10 St. Augustines Parade, Bristol (1833-42); 5 York Buildings, Bath (1837); 17 St. Augustines Parade, Bristol (1851-56). Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1788); O'Mara; Bryden 9; RSW; Moskowitz 119; G.L'E. Turner 24.
BRAHE, TYCHO Denmark; Czechoslovakia, 1546-1601, Pin Gnomon Sundial, 1578 = DEU. astronomer; author; teacher; designer of many important large instruments that he used in his observatories on Hven and in Prague. Hven; Prague. Brahe; Dreyer; Michel 3; Repsold; Raeder and Strömgren; Maddison; Grimaldi; Tooley; Price 2; DSB; A.J. Turner 10.
BRAMAN, J. England, pre-1867, MIM Instrument = Royal Institution. invented and made by J. Braman; belonged to Faraday. London. RSW.
BRAMBANA AND CO. England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 3/7/75. see P. Brambano. RSW.
BRAMBANO, P. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see Brambana and Co. Evesham. Goodison 1.
BRAMEN, THOMAS Holland, c.1675, MIM planetarium mentioned in 1765 collection catalogue. Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1.
BRAMER, BENJAMIN Holland; Germany; Czech., 1588-1652, brother-in-law and student of Jost Bürgi; author; architect to the Prince Elector in Marburg; may have been the father of Willem Bramer, according to Rooseboom; made improvements to some surveying instruments. Kassel (1591-1604); Prague (1604-09); Kassel (1609-12); Marburg (1612-30); Kassel (1630-34); Ziegenhain (1635-52). Zinner 1; Michel 3; DSB; Rooseboom 1.
BRAMER, PAULUS Holland, 18th Century, MIM Cube Sundials = Spitzer-2852, Ken-93. may be one sundial. Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1; Zinner 1; Michel 3.
BRAMER, WILLEM Holland, fl.1686-1734, MIM clockmaker; Rooseboom thought that he might be son of Benjamin Bramer. Zwolle. Rooseboom 1.
BRANCHLE, T. Germany, I. Brauchle?. Munich. Evans 1.
BRAND FRERES Belgium, c.1800, MIM SIM Augsburg-type Sundial, case = D.(1972); Graphometer = Soth. 3/10/87. Brand Frères; "Opticiens du Roi." Brussels. Moskowitz 104; RSW.
BRAND, G. 1 see Gerardus Brand.
BRAND, G. 2 see Georg Brand.
BRAND, GEORG Germany, 18th Century, MIM Ring Sundial = OXFB-34; Equatorial Sundial = OXFB-101. Zinner thought he might be Gerardus Brand. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Josten.
BRAND, GERARDUS Holland, 1594-1659, MIM Diptych Sundials = NOR, LIN, MOS (1653); Sundial, pocket = Maritime Museum, Groningen; Equatorial Sundial = OXF; Hour Scale from Compass Sundial = NOR; Sundial, oval, in ivory box = MERC = McVitty Coll. = P.B. 1/22/54-53. Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1; Zinner 1; Hamilton 1 & 2; RSW.
BRAND, J. Holland, see Gerardus Brand. Hamilton 1 and 2.
BRANDEGGER Germany, c.1800, MIM NIM Measuring Instrument = Stuker 11/22/66; Sextants = BAM, Soth. 6/23/87. Ellwangen. Evans 1; RSW.
BRANDER AND CO. England, c.1760, NIM Compass in gimbals = D.(1971). signed on compass card. 82 Minories, London. Moskowitz 102.
BRANDER UND HOSCHEL Germany, 1774-83, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Alidade, large = AUG; Reflecting Quadrant = ADL-M184; Sextants = OXF, Christie-SK 4/17/86; Theodolite = Soth. 4/22/65-49; Microscope = KEN; Meridian Compasses = D., P.C.; Instrument Set, silver = OXF; Artillery Level = BAM; Meridian Sundial = AMST; Equatorial Sundials = ADL-W228, Harburg Museum, DEU, ZUR; Protractors, full = Christie-SK 4/17/86, Huelsmann Coll. (with vernier); Compass = P.C. (1987). Georg Friedrich Brander and his son-in-law, Christof Kaspar Höschel. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 2; Brachner; Wissner; Mörzer Bruyns 1; Engelmann 1; J.A. Bennett 2; Syndram; ADL; RSW.
BRANDER, C.G., AND SON England, PHIM Stick Barometer = Soth. 6/1/88. includes an "Improved Sympiesometer." London. RSW.
BRANDER, GEORG FRIEDRICH Germany, 1713-83, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM noted prolific instrument maker; his instruments are found in many museums,the principal collection being at DEU; the quality ranges from magnificent to mediocre. pupil of J.G. Doppelmayer in Nürnberg; invented quite a few new types of instruments, star-finder and mirror dividers, etc.; took his son-in-law, Christof Kasper Höschel, as a partner, 1744-83; one of the microsopes at the DEU is signed "G. F. Brander Ratisb." (Regensburg); most of the instruments however have Augsburg as an address. Regensburg; Augsburg (1734). Zinner 1; Brachner; Wissner; Daumas 1; Maddison 5; Bobinger 2; Michel 3; Price 3; Ward 4; Bonelli 1; Pipping 1; USNM; Nachet; Clay and Court; J.A. Bennett 2; A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
BRANDER, J.F. Germany, misreading for G.F. Brander. NAC.
BRANDIS AND SONS USA, fl.1916-20, NIM Sextants = USNM, ADL-L46b, D.(1990). ADL is on loan from Navy; D. marked "No. 3227", its frame marked "Navy 845." Brooklyn, N.Y. ADL; USNM; RSW.
BRANDIS, F.E., SONS AND CO. USA, fl.1890-1916, NIM Mechanical Navigator = USNM; Wye Level = Gurley Museum, Troy, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. USNM; Smart 1.
BRANDRETH AND WILLDEY England, fl.1711-13, MIM OIM Timothy Brandreth and George Willdey; "late servants to Mr. Yarwell and Mr. Sterrop"; produced maps; T.C. Sign of Archimedes and Globe, Ludgate Street (1711); in Exchange Alley running out of Cornhill (1712); both in London. Taylor 1(498 and 517); Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; Tyacke 1.
BRANDRETH, TIMOTHY England, 1677-1714, MIM OIM apprenticed to John Yarwell and Ralph Sterrop of the Spectaclemakers' Company in 1693; free of the Company, 1701; took apprentices; made instruments, as journeyman, for John Marshall; partner to George Willdey, 1707-13; made maps. Sign of the Archimedes and Globe, near Ludgate (1711); in Exchange Alley running out of Cornhill (1712); both in London. Taylor 1(517); Clay and Court; Evans 1; Tyacke 1; Court and von Rohr 3(69).
BRANDT, G. see Gerardus or Georg Brand. Zinner 1.
BRANHAM, JAMES England, misreading for James Braham. RSW.
BRASELMANN, JOHANN PET. Germany, fl.1776-79, PHIM Money Scales = HAK (1779), DRE, Phillips 4/20/83; Balances = Pharmacy Museum, Cracow, Phillips 2/2/84. Wichlinghausen in Oberbarman. RSW.
BRASHER, G. England, OIM Telescope = MYS. London. RSW.
BRASSI, F. HIERONOMI Italy1591, MIM Azimuth Quadrant, 1591 = POB. also signed "Graecius." Destombes 1.
BRAUCHLE, I. Germany, 18th Century, MIM Universal Ring Sundials = SLM, OXF. OXF is on stand with compass. Munich. Zinner 1; Michel 3; Evans 1.
BRAUCHLER, I. surely I. Brauchle. Evans 1.
BRAUER Germany, 19th Century, MIM Transit = KEN. J.A. Bennett 2.
BRAUN, ANTONIUS Czechoslovakia; Austria, 1685-1728, MIM NIM OIM Sundial, silver and brass, 1716 = OXF; Astrolabe with compass, 1716 = Lanna Coll-1220; Universal Ring Sundial on stand, 1719 = ADL-M313; Ring Sundial, 1720 = Miller Coll.; Parallel Rule, 1722 = Warren Coll. = P.B. 10/9/43-120; Telescope, parchment = DEU-34362; Astronomical Instrument = Auction Sale, 1943; Linear Rule, 1722 = D.(1987). linear rule signed "Invenit et Fecit"; Price and Daumas say the telescope was marked "de Löwenfeld"; developed a multiplying machine. Prague (1720); Vienna (1724). Zinner 1; Culver 1; Habacher; Daumas 1; Engelmann 1; Price 2; A.J. Turner 10; ADL; cOFFEEN 17; RSW.
BRAUND, J. England, c.1690, PHIM Barometer with Thermometer = Soth., Wilkinson and Hodge 2/9/23. London. RSW.
BRAUNHOFFER, MATHIAS Germany, 1759, MIM Circle Measuring Instrument, 1759 = Pressburg Museum. Augsburg. Fischer.
BRAUNMULLER, JOSEF ANTON Germany, 1763-1800, MIM Augsburg-type Sundials = AUG, ZUR. signed "Anton Braunmüller." Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 2; RSW.
BRAUNSHARDT Germany, OIM Telescope, ivory and brass = DRE (lost). RSW.
BRAY, JOHN England?, c.1820, MIM SIM Surveying Compasses = P.C., D.(1978). Moskowitz 116; RSW.
BREAKS, THOMAS England, 1771, improved the theodolite; author. Moskowitz 104.
BRECAZZI England, misreading for Bregazzi. RSW.
BRECHTE, ROGER France?, 1537, MIM Vertical Sundial with Quadrant and Calendar, 1537 = OXF. Gunther 2; Michel 3.
BRECKNEEL England, c.1850, PHIM Balance = K. and C. 7/13/73. Birmingham. RSW.
BREE, CORNELIS JANSZ. DE Holland, c.1672, NIM marine compass maker; head of the compass makers guild in 1672. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BREE, WEDUWE CORN. DE Holland, c.1744, NIM compass maker; widow of Corn. de Bree. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2 & 5.
BREED, AARON USA, 1791-1861; fl.1810-60, MIM NIM OIM SIM Surveying Compass, wood = Old Sturbridge Village Museum, Mass.; Surveying Compass, brass = Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Mich.; Marine Compass, dry = DeLuca Auction 3/21/81. T.C. at the Sign of the Quadrant, No. 2 Rowe's Wharf, opposite Purchase Street; No. 166 Broad, corner of Purchase Street; No. 143 Broad Street, head of India Wharf; all in Boston, Mass. Bedini 1 and 8; Smart 1; USNM; D.J. Warner; Chaldecott; DATM.
BREEM BURGH, JAN Holland, c.1740?, NIM Compass Card = AMST. marked on the back "Iacob de Iong in Amsterdam"; Jong may be the maker. Edam. Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2.
BREESE, JAS. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 10/19/89. Wisbech. RSW.
BREGAZZI 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. probably Samuel Bregazzi, which see. Derby. Goodison 1.
BREGAZZI 2 England, c.1790, PHIM Wheel Barometers = D.(1970), X(2), Phillips, Son and Neall Jan. 1971. probably Innocent or Peter Bregazzi; D. and Phillips barometers signed "Breggazzi". Nottingham. Goodison 1; RSW.
BREGAZZI, INNOCENT England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Dursley. Goodison 1.
BREGAZZI, IT. AND PR. England, fl.1825-34, PHIM made barometers and thermometers; Innocent and Peter Bregazzi, brothers; T.C. High Pavement, Nottingham. Goodison 1.
BREGAZZI, J.P. England, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie-SK 10/20/89. Nottingham. RSW.
BREGAZZI, J.P. AND T. England, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2). probably Innocent and Peter Bregazzi. High Pavement, Nottingham. Goodison 1.
BREGAZZI, PETER England, fl.1825-42, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2). barometers signed "P. Bregazzi"; worked with his brother, Innocent, 1825-34. Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham (1840-42). Goodison 1.
BREGAZZI, S., AND CO. England, c.1809, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X(2), Soth. 12/17/87. Willow Row, Derby. Goodison 1; RSW.
BREGAZZI, SAMUEL England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X (2); Barometer, Thermometer and timepiece in Gothic tower = John Harrison, 1830 = Bagshaws of Ashbourne Auction House, July, 1946; Angle Barometer = Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pa. wheel barometers signed "S. Bregazzi"; one says "Darby." Queen Street, Derby. Goodison 1.
BREGENS, BENEDICT Germany, 1690, OIM Burning Glass, 1690 = FLO-2545. Dresden. Bonelli 1.
BREGNA see Grassi, Bregna and Origoni. Taylor 2(1869).
BREGUET, ABRAHAM-LOUIS France, 1747-1823, PHIM Thermometers = Christie 7/16/68-173, BM; Pedometer = BM. watchmaker; invented bi-metallic thermometer, 1820. Paris. G.L'E. Turner 24; C. Breguet; Ward 4.
BREGUET, ANTOINE LOUIS France, c.1770, MIM Paris. C. Breguet.
BREGUET, LOUIS-FRANCOIS-CLEMENT France, 1804-83, PHIM Thermometer = FLO-367; Resistor = FLO-494. Louis-François-Clement Breguet; grandson of Abraham-Louis Breguet. Paris. Bonelli 1; C. Breguet; DSB.
BREHMER, E.F. Sweden, c.1855, MIM Kammakargatan 62; Normalmsgaten 20; both in Stockholm. Pipping 1.
BREITHAUPT, CARL WILHELM Germany, c.1790, MIM son of Johann Christian Breithaupt; brother of Friedrich Wilhelm Breithaupt; made astronomical instruments. Kassel. J.A. Bennett 2; von Mackenson 3.
BREITHAUPT, F.W., UND SOHNE Germany, c.1850, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Theodolites = DRE, Clock Museum, Warsaw, Christie 12/12/72; Meter = P.C.(1973); Compass = DRE. also made balances; they were in the 1851 Great Exhibition in London. Kassel, Hesse, Prussia. G.L'E. Turner 24; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW; von Mackenson 3.
BREITHAUPT, FREDRICK WILLIAM Germany, 1780-1855, MIM Artillery Level = Christie 4/9/75; Mining Compass = P.C.; Sundial, watch-type = USNM. succeeded his father, J.C. Breithaupt. Kassel. Zinner 1; Daumas 1; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW; von Mackenson.
BREITHAUPT, JOHAN CHRISTIAN Germany, 1736-99, MIM OIM Ruling Engine = KAS; Mural Quadrant = KAS; Semi-Circles = KAS (2). succeeded by his son, Fredrick William Breithaupt. Kassel. Zinner 1; Kirchvogel; Daumas 1; J.A. Bennett 2; von Mackenson 3.
BREITINGER Switzerland, PHIM Stick Barometer = DEU. Zurich. Middleton 1.
BREMER, GABRIEL Sweden, fl.1770-90, OIM apprenticed to Henrik Holmbom. Stockholm. Pipping 1.
BRENNER see Bener. Zinner 1.
BRENNER AND SIBE Denmark, fl.1556-1600, MIM Astronomical Clock = ROS. Copenhagen. Baillie 1.
BRENNER, STEFFEN Denmark, fl.1556-1602, MIM Astrolabe Clock, 1588 = Tihloror Museum, Lubeck. see Brenner and Sibe. Copenhagen. Baillie 1; Maurice 1.
BRENTA, DOMINICUS Italy; Holland, fl.1760-85, PHIM Barometer = P.C. also made mirrors. Varenna (-1760); Holland. USNM.
BRENTA, JOSEPH Holland, PHIM Stick Barometer = Christie 4/28/82. Amsterdam. RSW.
BRENTEL, GEORG Germany, fl.1573-1619, MIM Chalice Sundial, paper, 1608 = CRT. also designed various types of sundials; Price thought Brentel was from Nürnberg. Lauingen. Zinner 1; Price 2.
BRESTBARTA, C. England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth., 6/6/96. Northampton. RSW.
BRETON France, c.1850, PHIM Thermometer = Versailles 11/20/83. RSW.
BRETON FRERES France, c.1840, MIM OIM PHIM Model of Rack and Pinion = Soth. 11/21/74; Solar Microscope = A-P 3/15/76; Model Jack = OXF; Equatorial Sundial = Gersaint 7/20/96. Breton Frères. Rue Dauphine 23 (25), Paris. G.L'E. Turner 24; USNM; RSW.
BREWING misreading for Browning. Peron et Corsy, Melun 6/10/79.
BREWSTER, DAVID Scotland1781-1868, scientist; invented the kaleidoscope; held various patents including a micrometer telescope with William Harris 1, c.1809; F.R.S. in 1815; author. Edinburgh. Taylor 2(1088); Dewhirst; G.L'E. Turner 24; DNB; DSB; Wynter 1; Morrison-Low 4; RSW.
BREZI see Brzezi.
BRIANT, G. England, c.1703, bookseller with R. Billing; may have been instrument makers. King's Head, Cornhill, London. Taylor 1(536).
BRICKHEAD see Birkhead. J. Brown 3.
BRICKHILL, JAMES England, c.1688, MIM apprenticed, by turnover, to Robert Jole of the Clockmakers' Company, for eight years, on Oct. 5, 1668. J. Brown 3.
BRIDGER, RICHARD England, fl.1707-17, MIM PHIM apprenticed to Francis Hauksbee 1; carried on the business for Hauksbee's widow; see Vream and Bridger. Upper end of Hind Court, Fleet Street, London. Goodison 1; Taylor 1(551) and 2(18); Evans 1.
BRIDGES, HENRY England, fl.1730-41, MIM Astronomical Clock, monumental = X. Waltham Abbey. Baillie 1.
BRIDGES, THOMAS Englandc.1761, MIM apprenticed to Christopher Jacobs; ran away before 7/20/1761. Wolverhampton. Bryden 9.
BRIEF, FRANCIS England?, 1575?, MIM Polyhedral Sundial = ADL-M318. Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.
BRIERE France, 1789, MIM Sectors = Wray Sale, VCW, NYC-156-27-349; Square = D.(1964); Set of Drafting Instruments, silver, 1789 = P.C.; Graphometer = KEN. Brière; the drafting set is signed on the protractor. Paris. Industrial Museum of New York Cat.; Bedini 8; RSW.
BRIGGS see Lewis and Briggs. Taylor 2(623).
BRIGGS, FRANCIS England, c.1718, MIM apprenticed to William Bennett of the Clockmakers' Company on May 5, 1718. J. Brown 3.
BRIGGS, JAMES England, c.1804, apprenticed to Ebenezer Hoppé in the Joiners' Company on Jan. 10, 1804. Crawforth 7.
BRIGGS, MATTHEW England, c.1785, MIM apprenticed to Edward Roberts 1 in the Joiners' Company on June 7, 1785; made excise insruments. London. Crawforth 7.
BRIGGS, WILLIAM England, c.1819, MIM globe maker; worked for Thomas Marriott Bardin in 1819. London. Millburn 11.
BRIGHTLY, CHARLES H. USA, 1816-97, MIM SIM Wye Level = Gurley Museum, Troy, N.Y. partner with Charles S. Heller in Heller and Brightly, 1870-89; initial is H. or S. Philadelphia, Pa. USNM; Smart 1.
BRIGUET Germany, c.1800, MIM Quadrant with equation of time, silver = Evans Coll. Paris. Evans 1.
BRIN, N. Germany, 17th Century, MIM Universal Ring Sundial = O-P-6. Nürnberg. Monreal.
BRIND, WILLIAM England, PHIM T.C.; "from Mr, Reed's." at the Hand and Scales in Carey Lane in Foster Lane, Cheapside, London. Calvert 2.
BRINK, VAN DEN Holland, c.1830, see Krap and van den Brink. Rotterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 1.
BRINKMAN, C., AND D.B. SELTER Holland, c.1860, MIM NIM makers and repairers of instruments; T.C. in octant box at BRE. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2; RSW.
BRINKMAN, J.G. Germany, 18th Century, OIM Microscope = UTR. Bremen. Daumas 1.
BRIOT, I.F. France, 19th Century, MIM Floating Sundial, paper = ADL-N10. manuscript. ADL; RSW.
BRIOYS, JEAN 1644, MIM SIM Circumferentor, 1644 = DOR. RSW.
BRISCALL England, PHIM Barometer = D.(1972). Birmingham. John Bell.
BRISSYEUS, STEPHEN France, pre-1690, MIM OIM mentioned by Bonanni in 1690 as an instrument maker. Grenoble. Dewhirst; Clay and Court.
BRISTOW, JOHN England, fl.1775-95, MIM engine-maker (instruments). 47 Ratcliff Highway; 12 Mansion House Street; both in London. Taylor 2(691).
BRISTOW, MARGARET AND JAMES England, c.1820, MIM probably daughter and son of John Bristow; T.C. Taylor 2(691).
BRISTOW, MARY England, fl.1796-1805, MIM widow of John Bristow; presumably mother of Margaret and James Bristow. London.. Taylor 2(691).
BRISTOW, MARY, AND SONS England, c.1805, MIM widow and sons of John Bristow. London. Taylor 2(691).
BRIT, WALTER England, 1395, MIM Horary Quadrant, 1395 = OXF? Gunther 2.
BRITTON, W. England, c.1840, OIM Goring Aplanatic Engiscope = Crisp Coll. Taylor 2(2087); Clay and Court.
BROADBELT, MICHAEL England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Knaresborough. Goodison 1.
BROADHURST, CLARKSON AND CO. England, c.1850, OIM Telescope, refracting = Soth. 6/23/87. 63 Farringdon Road, London. RSW.
BROCI England, c.1850, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 10/19/87. RSW.
BROCK, B. England, c.1753, OIM Solar Microscope = X. see G. Brock. London. Taylor 2(443).
BROCK, G. England, c.1775, OIM Solar Microscope = X. may be same as B. Brock. London. Clay and Court.
BROCOT Germany?, PHIM Barometer on clock = Keglemann Auctionhaus 6/8/74. RSW.
BRODARD France, c.1800, PHIM made barometers. Paris. Daumas 1.
BRODERICK, WILLIAM Ireland, c.1824, PHIM Barometer and Thermometer on clock = Armagh County Museum, The Mall. Dublin. Stevens and Aked; G. Fennel; Morrison-Low and Burnett.
BRODSORG, S. see S.B. 1. Gunther 1.
BROEDE, H. Holland, c.1742, NIM compass maker. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BROEN, JOANNES DE c.1650, MIM Celestial and Terrestrial Globes = Lehmann Sale-307. only one is signed. RSW.
BROGGI, GILLANDO England, fl.1826-28, PHIM Wheel Barometers = P.B. 5/31/39, X(6), Soth. 5/14/87 = 10/22/87; Stick Barometer = X. stick barometer signed "Broggi Chelmsford"; some wheel barometers are signed "G. Broggi", two are signed "G. Broggi Chelmsford", one is "G. Brogi", others, "G. Broggio." Maulsham, Chelmsford. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1789); RSW.
BROGGIO, G. see Gillando Broggi. RSW.
BROGI, G. see Gillando Broggi. RSW.
BROKAW, ISAAC USA, c.1771, MIM may have been instrument maker; son-in-law of Aaron Miller. Philadelphia Pa.; New Jersey? Bedini 1; USNM.
BROMAN, ANDERS Sweden, c.1816, PHIM Electrical Machine = SWE. Pipping 1.
BROME see Broom. Taylor 1(368).
BRONLUND, R.J. Sweden?, c.1850, NIM Marine Compass = OMM. Porsgrunn. RSW.
BRONNE, JOHN T.C.; misreading for John Browne (3). Pearsall.
BROOK, ABRAHAM England, c.1789, PHIM Barometer with Thermometer - USNM. devised an electrometer; barometer and thermometer signed "Brook Norwich." Norwich. USNM; Schuman Cat. XXIII, 1970.
BROOKE England, MIM Dividers, iron = Soth. 10/15/73. Sheffield. RSW.
BROOKE, CHRISTOPHER see Christopher Brookes. Taylor 1(230); J. Brown 1.
BROOKE, JACOBUS England, 1698, MIM Sundial, rectangular, 1698 = Soth. 2/5/53 = P.C. (1990). RSW.
BROOKES AND HAWKES England, NIM Binnacle Compass = Christie-SK 2/9/79. Birmingham. RSW.
BROOKES, CHRISTOPHER England, fl.1649-51, MIM apprenticed to Elias Allen of the Grocers' Company in 1629; free of the Company, 1639; married to the daughter of William Oughtred; worked in metal; designed and made quadrants and planispheres; the name sometimes appears as Brooks. Oxford. Taylor 1(230); J. Brown 1.
BROOKES, THOMAS England, 1695, MIM Gunner's Calipers = D.(1994). might be owner? Coffeen X (1994).
BROOKS England, c.1850, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Microscope = Christie 5/26/76; Wheel Barometer = Soth. 7/21/83; Augsburg-type Sundial = Soth. 3/10/87; Drum Sextant = Kelton Coll. (1990). Ludgate Street, London. RSW.
BROOKSBY, THOMAS England, PHIM free of the Blacksmiths' Company 24 years after he was apprenticed; scalemaker. Crawforth 7.
BROOM England, c.1674, OIM glass grinder for Robert Hooke. St. Paul's Churchyard, London. Taylor 1(368).
BROSONI, M. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Brighton. Goodison 1.
BROSSET FRERES France, c.1855, MIM OIM SIM Surveying Compass = Peron et Corsy, Melun 6/10/79; Telescopic Level = D.(1975). "Brosset Frères." 22 Puedes Fianes-Bourgeois, Paris. J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
BROUGHTON, WILLIAM England, 1679, MIM Nocturnal, fruitwood, 1679 = Soth. 2/2/76. "for both Bears." RSW.
BROURBER, ALEXANDER see Alexander Brourbrer. Michel 3.
BROURBRER, ALEXANDER MIM Universal Ring Sundial, small = Roussel Sale-234. Michel 3; RSW.
BROUSSON, MARC HENR Germany, MIM Pedometer = Evans Coll. = OXF? accent mark over `n' in Henr. Neirwied. Evans 1.
BROUWER, REINIER Holland, c.1708, NIM Marine Compass = WMH. Hoorn. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BROWGI, GILLANDO see Gillando Broggi. Goodison 1.
BROWN 1 England, 1792-96, NIM OIM Octant, 1792 = RSM; Hadley Quadrant, 1796 = MYS. Bristol. Bryden 9; RSW.
BROWN 2 England, c.1799, OIM made telescopes. Taylor 2(930); Daumas 1.
BROWN 3 England, c.1850, OIM Microscope = D.(1980). signed "Brown London", but might be of French origin. London. Moskowitz 121.
BROWN 4 see Browne.
BROWN AND CHALMERS Scotland, fl.1838-42, NIM George B. Brown or H. Brown and James S. Chalmers. 37 Bridge Street (1838-40); 48 Bridge Street (1841-42); both in Leith. Bryden 3.
BROWN AND HEARTTE USA, fl.1830-31, MIM NIM OIM SIM Surveying Compass = GUR. John G. Brown and Isaac T. Heartte; T.C. at the Sign of the Quadrant, Baltimore, Md. (1830). Smart 1; USNM.
BROWN AND HUNT USA, fl.1834-37, MIM NIM OIM Sextants = Peabody Museum, Yale University. Edmund Brown and Harvey W. Hunt; T.C. Sign of the Compass Card, 190 Water Street (1834-35); Sign of the Compass, 27 Fulton, one door from Water Street, near Holt's Hotel (1835-37); both in New York, N.Y. Smart 1; USNM.
BROWN, ANDREW Scotland, fl.1817-21, MIM 100 High Street, Glasgow. Bryden 3.
BROWN, B. Scotland, PHIM Double Barometer = P.C. Edinburgh. Goodison 1.
BROWN, BENJAMIN England, fl.1797-1831, MIM NIM OIM Octant = MYS; Telescope = WHI; Crown Compass = PEA. may be Brown 1 or 2; sometimes spelled Browne; T.C.; foul anchor on scale of octant; telescope signed "Browne Bristol"; the crown compass at PEA is signed "B. Browne Bristol" but has three other cards on top; see I.I. Borger, James Gale, and Gray and Lisset. the Quay (1813); Quay and 14 Wilson Street (1814-24); 2 Old Park Hill and opposite Crane No. 7 (1829-31); all in Bristol. Taylor 2(930a and 1497); Bryden 9; Brewington 1.
BROWN, BUSH G. USA, 1820-63, MIM see E. Brown and Son. New York, N.Y. Smart 1.
BROWN, D., AND SON USA, c.1833, MIM NIM owned their own dividing engine. Providence, R.I. Bedini 8.
BROWN, DAVID STEPHENS England, PHIM made self-acting sympiesometer and barometer. Eton Lodge, Ashby Road, Islington, London. USNM.
BROWN, E., AND SON USA, fl.1841-63, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Surveying Compass = P.C.; Transit = WHI; Octant = USNM; Theodolite = D.(1981). T.C. at PEA; T.C. in box of Gennert and Holzke Wye Level; Edmund Brown and Son; octant signed "E.W. Brown and Son." New York, N.Y. Brewington 1; USNM; Smart 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Coffeen H; Moskowitz 122; Garcelon 33.
BROWN, E.W., AND SON see E. Brown and Son.
BROWN, GEORGE Scotland, 1650-1730, MIM Rotulas Arithmetica = RSM (1699,incomplete), (1699), (1700), (1701). Rev. George Brown; patented his Rotula Arithmetica, a simple calculator, in 1698. Edinburgh. Bryden 15; Morrison-Low 1; RSW.
BROWN, GEORGE B. Scotland, fl.1836-37, NIM H. Brown probably was his brother. 38 Shore, Leith. Taylor 2(2088); Bryden 3.
BROWN, GEORGE G. England, c.1850, NIM Binnacle = MAN-I65. compass rose signed "Imray, Son and Co. London." London. Garcia 1.
BROWN, H. Scotland, c.1837, NIM George B. Brown was probably his brother. 38 Shore, Leith. Taylor 2(2088a); Bryden 3.
BROWN, H.L., AND SON England, PHIM Aneroid Barometer = D.(1976). Sheffield. RSW.
BROWN, J., AND C.S. FRANCIS USA, c.1836, MIM OIM astronomical instrument makers. New York, N.Y. USNM.
BROWN, JAMES Scotland, fl.1773-89, PHIM Hydrostatic Glass Bubbles = RSM (4). T.C.; made hydrostatical bubbles invented by Alexander Wilson; the business was continued by William Twadell from 1789 to 1792. Irongate, Glasgow. Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; Bryden 3; Clarke et al; RSW.
BROWN, JOHN 1 England, fl.1654-97, MIM OIM PHIM Nocturnal, boxwood = Gabb Coll. = NMM-N.20; Triangular Quadrant, fragment = OXF; Quadrant, ivory = BM-1923/2/6-2; White's Rule, 1663 = Pepys; Timber Rule, small, 1663 = Pepys; Spiral Calculator, 1664 = Pepys; Telescope, 1666 = Pepys; Perspective Instrument (Wren's design), 1669 = Pepys; Vertical Sundial, boxwood = NMM-D.341. son of Thomas Brown 1; father of Thomas Brown 2; apprenticed in the Joiners' Company; free in the Company sometime between 1627 and 1654; see J.B. 2; admitted to the Clockmakers' Company in 1667 as a Brother; took apprentices; Master of the Company in 1681; T.C.; invented a triangular quadrant; see Crawforth 7 for further information. see Brown, John 1 (cont.). see Brown, John 1 (cont.).
BROWN, JOHN 1 (CONT.) Dukes Place (1661); Sign of the Sun Dyal (later Sphere and Sun Dial or Sphere and Dial), Minories; both near Aldgate, London. Taylor 1(224); Goodison 1; Dewhirst; Latham and Matthews, vols. 4,5,7,9; Price 3; Ward 4; Wynter and Turner; Daumas 1; Calvert 2; J. Brown 1 and 3; NMM 2; Clay and Court; Crawforth 7; Robischon; Rabone 1; RSW.
BROWN, JOHN 10 Scotland, 1708, MIM Polyhedral Sundial, 1708 = Bowland, Galashiels. Edinburgh. Somerville.
BROWN, JOHN 2 England, c.1654, MIM apprenticed to John Johnson 1 in the Joiners' Company, Jan. 8, 1627; free of the Company on Aug. 7, 1654; may be John Brown 1. Crawforth 7.
BROWN, JOHN 3 Englandc.1627, MIM apprenticed to William Hammond of the Joiners' Company in 1627; may be John Brown 1. Crawforth 7.
BROWN, JOHN 4 England, c.1629, MIM apprenticed to Henry Wylan in the Joiners" Company, 1629; may be John Brown 1. Crawforth 7.
BROWN, JOHN 5 England, c.1635, MIM apprenticed to Christopher Turner in the Joiners' Company, 1635; may be John Brown 1. Crawforth 7.
BROWN, JOHN 6 England, fl.1642-99, MIM had fourteen apprentices in the Joiners' Company; could have been John Brown 1-5 or another man. London. Crawforth 7.
BROWN, JOHN 7 England, c.1703, MIM apprenticed to Walter Henshaw of the Clockmakers' Company on Feb. 13, 1703. J. Brown 3.
BROWN, JOHN 8 England, c.1808, apprenticed to John Corless in the Joiners' Company on May 3, 1808. Crawforth 7.
BROWN, JOHN 9 England, c.1830, OIM 51 Dean Street, Newcastle. Taylor 2(1790).
BROWN, JOHN G. USA, 1805-post-48, MIM worked for Richard Patten for many years in New York, N.Y.; partner with Isaac T. Heartte as Brown and Heartte, 1830. New York, N.Y.; Baltimore, Md. (1830-39); Washington, D.C. Smart 1; USNM.
BROWN, JOHN ROGERS USA, 1810-76, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = X. invented first automatic machine for graduating rules, 1850. Providence, R.I. Smart 1; USNM.
BROWN, JOSEPH R. USA, c.1852, MIM made rules, standards. Providence, R.I. DATM.
BROWN, M. England, c.1802, OIM made a special type of telescope. London. USNM.
BROWN, R., AND SONS England, c.1850, PHIM balance makers. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BROWN, S.G. USA, NIM Marine Compass in binnacle = K. and C. 3/19/75. may be S.B. Brown. Watfford. RSW.
BROWN, T. England, Water Clock, variant, 1631 = D.(1973). modern work. York. RSW.
BROWN, THOMAS 1 England, fl.1627-53, MIM Gunter's Quadrant, circular, ivory = P.C.(1987). sometimes spelled `Browne'; father of John Brown 1; apprenticed to Launcelot Smith in the Joiners' Company; free of the Company in 1623; took apprentices; made a circular, wooden slide rule in 1631; made Napier's bones, etc. The Globe, Fenchurch Street, near Northumberland Alley, Aldgate, Minories, London. Taylor 1(154); Dewhirst; Evans 1; Clay and Court; Daumas 1; RSW.
BROWN, THOMAS 2 England, fl.1676-79, MIM apprenticed by turnover to his father, John Brown 1, of the Clockmakers' Company, on April 5, 1669; free of the Company, July 3, 1676; took an apprentice; "Thomas Browne" was an alternative spelling. J. Brown 3.
BROWN, W.H., AND CO. England, 19th Century, MIM Slide Rule, boxwood, with index = D.(1986). Birmingham. Coffeen 13.
BROWN, WILLIAM England, c.1797, apprenticed to John Browning 1 of the Grocers' Company on Jan. 5, 1797. J. Brown 1.
BROWNE, B. England, fl.1797-1831, MIM T.C. at PEA; see Benjamin Brown. The Quay, Bristol. Taylor 2(930a); Brewington 1.
BROWNE, DANIEL England, fl.1614-34, MIM made brass instruments. Cricklade, London. Taylor 1(127); Evans 1.
BROWNE, JOHN 1 England, see John Brown 1. Calvert 2; Robischon; Rabone 1; RSW.
BROWNE, JOHN 2 England, c.1650, apprenticed to John Brown 6 in the Joiners' Company in 1650. Crawforth 7.
BROWNE, JOHN 3 England, fl.1750-75, NIM Backstaff = Soth. 1960. also made compasses; T.C. near Wapping Old Stairs; Southwark; both in London. Taylor 2(450); Calvert 2; Crawforth 1.
BROWNE, JOHN 4 England, c.1750, NIM compass maker. No. 5 Stoney Lane near Pickle Herring Stairs, Southwark, London. Delehar 1.
BROWNE, ROBERT England, fl.1705-30, devised sextants and quadrants. near St Katherine's Dock, London. Taylor 1(548).
BROWNE, WILLIAM England, c.1790, NIM Hadley's Quadrant = Soth. 3/10/87. might possibly be William Brown, which see. Wapping, London. RSW.
BROWNELL, FRANKLIN C. USA, fl.1855-60+, educator; hired by Dwight Holbrook in 1855 as a promoter, wrote manuals; he founded the American School Apparatus Co. of New York, N.Y. in the 1860s. Hartford, Conn.; New York, N.Y. D,J. Warner 4.
BROWNING 1 England, c.1780-1830, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Spectroscopes = OXF. probably John Browning 1; see Spencer, Browning and Rust; see Spencer, Browning and Co; see Browning and Rust. London. Taylor 2(805); Brewington 1.
BROWNING 2 USA, c.1825, MIM NIM SIM Surveying Compasses, wood = Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Mich., P.C.; Octant = De Young Museum, San Francisco. P.C. and octant signed "Baltimore"; other instrument signed "Boston"; probably Samuel Browning 1. Boston, Mass.; Baltimore, Md. Smart 1; USNM; DATM.
BROWNING 3 USA, c.1803, MIM OIM see Newell and Browning. Merchants' Row, Boston, Mass.(1803). Smart 1.
BROWNING AND RUST England, c.1835, NIM Octant = OMM; Sextant = PMS. London. USNM; RSW.
BROWNING AND SON USA, fl.1816-41, MIM SIM Surveying Compasses = GUR, Old Sturbridge Village, Mass. Samuel (1) and Samuel S. Browning, father and son. 67 Broad Street, Boston, Mass. Smart 1; USNM; DATM; RSW.
BROWNING, GEORGE England?, 1782, NIM Octant, mahogany, 1782 = Soth. 12/19/66-16. RSW.
BROWNING, JOHN 1 England, fl.1782-1838, MIM OIM PHIM Microscope = D.(1972); apprenticed to Richard Rust of the Grocers' Company on March 1, 1768; free of the Company, July 4, 1782; brother of Samuel Browning 1; according to the addresses John Browning appears not to have been involved in any firm; Taylor's addresses were different. 49 Virginia Street (1782); Pennington Street, Ratcliffe Highway (1793); Prince's Square, Ratcliffe Highway (1797); 25 Prince's Square (1800); 17 Wellclose Place, New Road, St. George in the East (1803); all in London. Taylor 2(805); Moskowitz 104; Coffeen B; USNM; J. Brown 1; RSW.
BROWNING, JOHN 2 England, fl.1803-, MIM apprenticed to his father, Samuel Browning 1, of the Grocers' Company on Sept.3, 1795; free of the Company, May 5, 1803. J. Brown 1.
BROWNING, JOHN 3 England, fl.1860-72, OIM PHIM Spectroscope, hand = D.(1991). T.C.; "Optical and Physical Instrument Maker to Her Majesty's Goverment, The Royal Observatory, Kew Observatory, etc."; probably was the successor to Spencer, Browning and Co., c.1860. 111 Minories E. (1860-72) and 63 Strand (1872); 6 Vine Street, E.C.(factory); all in London. Calvert 2; Moskowitz 4; Chaldecott 3; RGO; Gemmary III.
BROWNING, RICHARD England, c.1818, MIM admitted to the Grocers' Company by Patrimony on Dec. 3, 1818; son of Samuel Browning 1; partner in the firm of Spencer, Browning and Rust 2 with his brother, William and with Ebenezer Rust 2 from 1819 until 1840 when the name of the firm changed to Spencer, Browning and Co. 66 Wapping (1818-39); 111 Minories (1839); also at 6 Vine Street (1848); all in London. J. Brown 1.
BROWNING, SAMUEL 1 USA, 1778-1864, MIM NIM see Browning 2; clockmaker; partner with Joseph Newell, as Newell and Browning, 1803; T.C. engraved by Thomas Wightman. 4 Dock Square (1805); 35 Broad Street (1809); 77 Broad Street (1816-25); 282 Washington (1829-41); all are in Boston, Mass.; Baltimore, Md. Smart 1; USNM; Warner 12.
BROWNING, SAMUEL 2 England, fl.1782-1819, MIM NIM Octant = VNN. brother of John Browning 1; apprenticed to Richard Rust of the Grocers' Company on Feb. 5, 1767; free of the Company, July 4, 1782; partner in Spencer, Browning and Rust 1 with Ebenezer Rust 1 and William Spencer 2. 327 Wapping Street, London (1782-83); Eaton Socon, Beds. (1786-92); Wapping, London (1795-1819). J. Brown 1; RSW.
BROWNING, SAMUEL 3 England, c.1792, apprenticed to Samuel Browning 2, his father, in the Grocers' Company on June 7, 1792. J. Brown 1.
BROWNING, SAMUEL S. USA, c.1803-35, MIM OIM son of Samuel Browning 1. Boston, Mass. Smart 1.
BROWNING, WILLIAM England, fl.1819-40, MIM brother of Richard Browning; Spencer, Browning and Rust 2 was run by Ebenezer Rust 2 and William and Richard Browning, 1819-40, a continuation of the original firm. London. J. Brown 1.
BRUCE England, see Wilson and Gillie, Bruce and Son. Cardiff.
BRUCE, J., AND SONS England, NIM PHIM Marine Compass = NOR; Marine Barometer = D.(1972). Liverpool. RSW.
BRUCE, JOHN England, fl.1865-96, NIM PHIM Sextant = Melun 4/24/83; Octant, ebony and brass = Soth. 12/8/69; Marine Barometer = DeLuca 10/21/95. octant signed "J. Bruce Liverpool"; T.C. in sextant case; also made chronometers. Wopping?, Liverpool. Bryden 9; Crawforth 1. RSW; Nautical Brass Jan/Feb, 1996.
BRUCE, JOHN, AND SON England, NIM Sextant = Christie-SK 2/8/79; Position Indicator = Soth. 7/15/63-152. Liverpool. RSW.
BRUCE, WILLIAM England, fl.1806-27, brass and optical turner; worked with Charles Robert West on a portable telescope, 1806. 16 King's Head Court, Shoe, Lane, London. Taylor 2(1092).
BRUCKNER, G. 1842, MIM Pair of Globes, 1842 = X. Tooley.
BRUFF, CHARLES OLIVER USA; Canada, 1735-1817, MIM loyalist. New York, N.Y.; Tarrytown, N.Y. (1777); New York, N.Y.; Shelburne, Nova Scotia (1783). Bedini 8.
BRUGGER AND HOFFMEYER England, c.1822, PHIM made barometers and clocks. Norfolk Street, Lynn Regis. Goodison 1.
BRUGGER AND STRAUB England, fl.1845-60, PHIM barometer and thermometer makers? German clock and watchmakers, 1856. 79 High Holborn, London. Goodison 1.
BRUGGER, LORENZ AND A. England, fl.1843-44, PHIM made barometers and thermometers; see Brugger and Straub. 79 High Holborn, London. Goodison 1.
BRULAT ET CHOARET France, 18th Century, MIM Sundial = D.(1970). Lyon. Merzbach.
BRUMELL, G.T. England, post-1839, MIM Slide Rule, Hawthorn-type = P.C. Delehar 2 and 9.
BRUN, J. England, 1772, OIM Microscope, 1772 = KEN. Clay and Court.
BRUNDELL, PHILIP GEORGE England, c.1795, apprenticed to John King 2 of the Grocers' Company on Feb. 5, 1795. J. Brown 1.
BRUNDL, J. Sweden?, MIM Butterfield-type Sundial = NOR. Zinner 1.
BRUNELL, J. MIM Butterfield-type Sundial = NOR. scales for 59° and 63°20'. RSW.
BRUNER France, NIM Meridian Circle = PMM. RSW.
BRUNER AND CO. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
BRUNER, ERASMUS Germany, c.1600, MIM Instrument = DRE. there is a tower clock case at OXF signed Asmus Birin Bruner, 1577 = Mallett Coll.-120. Augsburg. Evans 1; Maddison 7.
BRUNI Italy, 1787, MIM Horary Quadrant, 1787 = Koller 11/17/75. Bologna. RSW.
BRUNI, POMPILIO Italy, d.1668, MIM NIM also made compasses. Urbino. Morpurgo 1.
BRUNI, THEOPHILI Italy, 1640, MIM Astronomical Clock, 1640 = Naval Museum, Venice. Venice. Italian Inventory.
BRUNN, LUKAS Germany, fl.1598-1620, MIM Protractor = DRE; Rules = DRE(2). invented a measuring instrument with screw micrometer, made by Christoph Trechsler. Annaberg. Zinner 1; Evans 1; RSW.
BRUNNER, CASPAR Germany, c.1555, MIM Rule, folding, 1555 = HAK; Artillery Level, 1556 = DRE. Nürnberg. RSW.
BRUNNER, IGNATIUS England, fl.1849-60, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X; Stick Barometer = Christie-SK 4/17/86. wheel signed "I. Brunner Birmingham"; stick signed "Brunner" with full address. 66 Edgbaston Street, Birmingham. Goodison 1; RSW.
BRUNNER, JOHANN Germany; France, 1804-62, MIM OIM SIM succeeded by his sons, Emil and Otto; perhaps worked with them, 1855 on. rue de Vaugirard, 183, Paris. Pipping 1; Poggendorff; USNM.
BRUNTON England, NIM Sextant = MYS. London. RSW.
BRUSH, THOMAS England, fl.1643-56, MIM made garden sundials. Taylor 1(225).
BRUYN, WEDUWE W. Holland, fl.1826-35, MIM NIM the widow of W. Bruyn; instrument and compass maker. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BRUYNEEL, CORNELIS Holland, c.1684, NIM compass maker. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BRYAM, E.M. USA, c.1846, see Ephraim N. Byram. USNM.
BRYAN, EDWARD England, MIM Level = Melun 2/24/83. 24 Cross Street, Manchester. RSW.
BRYAN, THOMAS England, 1656, MIM Garden Sundial, 1656 = MYS. RSW.
BRYANT, J. England, c.1825, MIM Garden Sundial, bronze = D.(1982). (check Pearson Page Pictures)? Coffeen A.
BRYN see Jong and Bryn. Rooseboom 1.
BRYSON Scotland, c.1830, NIM Sextant, pocket = Soth. 2/28/80. Edinburgh. RSW.
BRYSON, ALEXANDER Scotland, 1816-66, MIM NIM PHIM eldest son of Robert Bryson 1; made meteorological instruments including thermometers and barometers; member of the Society for the Promotion of Useful Arts in Scotland; trained in Musselburgh and London. Edinburgh (1844-66). Clarke et al.
BRYSON, JAMES MACKAY Scotland, 1824-94, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Stick Barometer = X; Wheel Barometer = X; Surveying Compass = Soth. 2/8/83; Microscopes = Christie-SK 7/10/80, FRK = RSM (3); Spectroscope = FRK = RSM; Scale, boxwood = RSM; Rain Gauge = RSM; Thermometer, maximum, mercury = RSM; etc. son of Robert Bryson 1; brother of Alexander and Robert (2) Bryson; worked under Repsold in Hamburg,1843, and later under Merz in Munich; set up as an optician in 1850; worked independently; member of the Edinburgh Merchant Company; instruments signed "Bryson Edinburgh." 65 Princes Street (1850-52); 24 Princes Street (1853); 60 Princes Street (1855-66); 60A Princes Street (1867-93); all in Edinburgh. Goodison 1; Bryden 3; Clarke et al; RSW.
BRYSON, ROBERT 1 Scotland, 1778-1852, MIM PHIM a Hammerman, 1815; noted clockmaker; interested in instruments involving time pieces; made self-registering barometers and thermometers; father of Robert Bryson 2 and Alexander Bryson; founding member of the Society for the Promotion of Useful Arts in Scotland; influential member of the scientific community in Edinburgh; see Robert Bryson and Son(s). The Mint, High Street (1810-15); 5 South Bridge opposite to Hunter's Square (1815-40); 66 Princes Street (1840-52). Clarke et al.
BRYSON, ROBERT 2 Scotland, 1819-86, MIM PHIM son of Robert Bryson 1; worked with his father and brother Alexander as Robert Bryson and Son(s). Edinburgh. Clarke et al.
BRYSON, ROBERT, AND SON(S) Scotland, 1844-86, PHIM clockmakers; also made meteorological instruments; Robert Bryson 1 and his sons Robert Bryson 2 and Alexander Bryson. 66 Princes Street, Edinburgh. Clarke et al.
BRZEZI, STEPH A. Czechoslovakia, 1573, MIM Sandglass, four-part, 1573 = Museum Kradec Kralové, Bohemia. Brezi? Czech. Inventory.
BUC, N. DU France, c.1666, NIM compass maker. Dieppe. Schück.
BUCH, D. ZACCARIAS Germany, fl.1593-1633, MIM Armillary Spheres = Hamilton Coll. (1593), AMST (1633). the AMST instrument is signed "D. Zaccarias Buch. Aquensis"; the Hamilton sphere is signed "Zacharias Bucha." Aquensis. Mörzer Bruyns 1; Hamilton 2; Michel 3.
BUCHAN, L. Scotland, c.1835, MIM PHIM Barometer, portable = RSM. Taylor thoght that he was a Scot. Manchester. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(2089); Morrison-Low 1.
BUCHANAN, A. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Goodison 1.
BUCHANAN, JOHN England, fl.1710-11, MIM made sundials. Steeple Bumpstead, Essex. Taylor 1(557).
BUCHART see Bucher. Baillie 1.
BUCHART, JOHAN HEINRICH Germany, 1686, MIM Sundial, composite, 1686 = KAS; Mathematical Instrument Set, 1686 = KAS. Hamburg. Michel 3; RSW.
BUCHER, HANS 1 Germany, fl.1561-79, MIM Orrery Clock = DRE; Celestial Globes, 1575, 1577 = lost. see Baldwein and Bucher. Marburg. Zinner 1; Baillie 1.
BUCHER, HANS 2 Germany, 1570, MIM Diptych Sundial, ivory, 1570 = Soth. 1/27/48-148 = 16/17/75. probably misreading for Hans Ducher. RSW.
BUCHER, HANS 3 Germany, 1750, MIM Diptych Sundial, ivory, 1750 = Koller 11/17/75. Marburg. RSW.
BUCK, J. England, c.1850, MIM PHIM Drawing Compass = Versailles 11/20/83; Balance, folding = DRE. "maker". New Gate Street (London?). RSW.
BUCK, J.W. England, c.1850, PHIM Barometer = Soth. 5/31/89. "Improved Marine." 36 High Street, Wapping (London). RSW.
BUCKHAM, A. USA, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = P.C. Smart 1.
BUCKLEY, AND. England, fl.1716-18, MIM Perpetual Calendars = Wray Coll. (1716), BM-1901/11/15-4, Bodleian Library, Oxford. Price 3; Ward 4; Evans 1; Wray; Gunther 2.
BUCKLEY, JOSEPH Ireland, fl.1832-59, MIM OIM PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth. 2/28/80; Protractor with Rule = D.(1995). optician; the barometer is signed "J. Buckley Dublin." 14 Lower Sackville Street, Dublin. Bryden 9; Morrison-Low and Burnett; offeen 51; RSW.
BUCKLEY, WILLIAM England, 1519-71, MIM Ring Sundial, 1546 = Princess Elizabeth (1546). may be W.B. 1. Lillieshal, Shropshire; London. Taylor 1(14); RSW.
BUCKNALL, WILLIAM England, 1731, received a patent in 1731 for an astronomical instrument. Millburn 8.
BUDD England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Banbury. Goodison 1.
BUEHLER, JAMES A. England, fl.1740-1800, MIM globe maker. Tooley.
BUEL, ABEL USA, 1742-1822, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = Conn. Historical Society, Hartford, Conn. sometimes spelled as "Buell." New Haven, Conn. Smart 1.
BUFFAT France, 1682, invented the sidérostat. Toulouse. Nachet.
BUFFHAM USA, c.1850, OIM Telescope, tin and brass = D.(1988). has three- and six-inch lenses. Milburn, Lake County, Illinois. RSW.
BUFFHAM, WILLIAM England, OIM Microscope = Phillips 6/15/76. Rochdale. RSW.
BUFFON France, MIM Cannon Sundial = Jardin des Plantes (Jardin Royal), Paris. Paris. Boursier.
BUHLE, GEB. Germany, 1853, MIM Terrestrial Globe, 1853 = BOM 3/28/16-557. Berlin. RSW.
BUHLER, J.A. Germany, MIM Terrestrial Globe, miniature = Soth. 2/9/61. Nürnberg. RSW.
BUIRD, EDWARD Scotland, fl.1674-80, a sea captain; imported nautical instruments. Leith. Bryden 3; Clarke et al.
BULBRECK France, c.1850, MIM made Burnier's combined compass and clinometer. Paris. USNM.
BULFORT see Newbord and Bulfort. RSW.
BULKELEY, THOMAS England, c.1715, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Feilder of the Clockmakers' Company on June 11, 1707; free of the Company, Dec.17, 1715; took an apprentice. J. Brown 3.
BULL 1 England, c.1830, NIM Octant, ebony and ivory = Soth. 6/9/77. 113 Upper East Smithfield, London. RSW.
BULL 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Bedford. Goodison 1.
BULL, JOHN England, c.1582, MIM made rules, compasses and geometrical instruments in metal; may have held office at the Mint. Exchange Gate, London. Taylor 1(59); Evans 1; Dewhirst; Michel 3; Gunther 4; A.J. Turner 10.
BULL, WILLIAM England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Stratford, Essex. Goodison 1.
BULLA, A. England, c.1830, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. see Bulla, Grasi and Fontana. Exeter. Goodison 1.
BULLA, GRASI AND FONTANA England, c.1830, PHIM barometer makers; variant is Bulla, Grassi and Fontana; probably A. Bulla and B. Fontana. 134 Fore Street, Exeter. Goodison 1.
BULLANT, JEAN France, fl.1561-72, MIM Armillary Sphere = X. tradition says that he made the sphere for Catherine de Medici, c.1572; wrote book on sundials, 1561. NYM Bulletin, Summer, 1966; Weil 2(19); Nachet; Price 2.
BULLET, PIERRE France, 1639-1716, invented the "pantomètre" about which he wrote. Paris. Daumas 1; Nachet; Price 2.
BULLOCK England, c.1780, PHIM Wheel Barometers = X, K. and C. 3/19/75. K. and C. has thermometer on it; X could be F. Bullock. Melkesham. Goodison 1; RSW.
BULLOCK, F. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Corsham. Goodison 1.
BULLOCK, JAMES England, fl.1776-94, MIM Mathematical Machine = OXF; Calculating Machines = KEN, (see Sotheby 1994 note), Aubert Sale, 1806. the calculating machine was invented by Viscount Mahon (later Lord Stanhope) in 1777; Sotheby's offered, by private treaty, a calculating machine in 1994; clockmaker; his son, Edward, was apprenticed to David Cateay in 1776. Leather Lane; Furnival's Inn; both in London. Taylor 2(807); A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
BULMAIN AND DENNIES USA, c.1799, NIM New York, N.Y. Bedini 1.
BULMAN, HANS see Jakob Pühlmann. Zinner 1.
BULTE, DANIEL England, c.1663, MIM apprenticed to Ralph Greatorex of the Clockmakers' Company; free of the Company on April 6, 1663. J. Brown 3.
BUMA SIBOUT 1747, MIM Ring Sundial, silver, 1747, with case = Soth. 12/12/55. probably not the maker's name. RSW.
BUMEL, MICHAEL Germany, fl.1613-33, MIM SIM Surveying Instrument, 1613 = STU; Plane Table with Alidade and Sundial, 1625 = FLO-150; Pedometer, 1626 = NUR-WI1320; Graphometer, 1633 = STU-12870; Horary Quadrant = SLM. see M.B. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Bonelli 1; Michel 3; Price 2.
BUNDERS, JAN Holland, 1797, MIM grandson and pupil of Jan van Deijl; see Jan van Deijl en Zoon. Rooseboom 1.
BUNDERS, JAN VAN DEIJL Holland, 19th Century, OIM PHIM Barometer = X. probably great grandson of Jan van Deijl 2. made telescopes; see Jan Van Deijl Bunders en Zoon. Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1.
BUNDERS, JAN VAN DEIJL, EN ZOON Holland, c.1850, PHIM Barometer = X. Amsterdam. Rooseboom 1.
BUNDOCK, C. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer, with clock = Soth. 5/14/87. London. RSW.
BUNTEN France, fl.pre-1828-43, NIM PHIM Barometers, Siphon-type = OXF (1840), CNAM (1841); Mountain Barometer = Nisbit 4/4/1860; Marine Compass, small = PMM. made standard thermometers. Quai Pelletier 30, Paris. Dewhirst; USNM; Chaldecott 3; RGO; Middleton 1; RSW.
BUNTING, THOMAS England, c.1724, apprenticed to John Crooke 1 or 2 in the Joiners' Company on May 12, 1724. Crawforth 7.
BUONSIGNORI, DOM STEPHANO see Dom Stephano Bonsignori. Bonelli 1 and 2; Michel 3.
BURACKER MIM Floating Sundial = UTC. probably Burucker.
BURATTINI, TITO LIVIO Italy; Poland, fl.1659=80, MIM OIM Lens = FLO (1690 inventory); Calculating Machine = FLO-3179 (?). made microscopes and telescopes; made telescopes for Hevilius; he gave a calculating machine to one of the Medici and may have been the maker. Warsaw (post-1670). Bonelli 1; Daumas 1.
BURBIDGE England, c.1820, MIM Terrestrial Globe, miniature, case = Soth. 5/21/73. London. RSW.
BURBRIDGES see Burgoyne, Burbridges, and Squire. RSW.
BURCKARDT, JOANN: AD: Germany, 1692, MIM Universal Ring Sundial, 1692 = Habsburg, Feldman S.A. Auction, Geneva 1987. solid center plate with alidade. Munich. Delehar 5.
BURDEN, PETER England, c.1682, apprenticed to John Worgan of the Grocers' Company on Feb. 7, 1682. J. Brown 1.
BURDETT, HENRY England, c.1734, MIM apprenticed to Simon Cade of the Clockmakers' Company on Sept. 2, 1723; free of the Company, Oct. 7, 1734; took an apprentice, Willand Challand (Shalland), 1737/38. Crooked Lane, London. J. Brown 1; Clifton 1.
BURDETT, WILLIAM Holland, MIM Inclinable Sundial, round, case = DRE. Amsterdam. RSW.
BURDON, E., ET RICHARDS misreading for E. Bourdon et Richards. Brewington 1.
BURDY, WILLIAM England, fl.1806-23, MIM Camden Town, Middlesex; Fulham, London. Taylor 2(1094).
BUREAU, THOMAS England, fl.1756-60, OIM Microscope = OXF; Microscope, pocket, 1756 = Crisp Coll. ownership of the OXF microscope is attributed to George III, of England. Taylor 2(452); Nachet; Gunther 2.
BUREL, COL. c.1829, invented a plummet level, 1829. USNM.
BURFORD, EDMUND GOODWIN England, c.1778, apprenticed to John Gilbert 2 of the Grocers' Company on Jan. 9, 1778. J. Brown 1.
BURGE misreading for Berge. Christie 12/18/74.
BURGE, CALEB England, c.1682, MIM apprenticed to Simon Barrett of the Clockmakers' Company on April 13, 1682. J. Brown 3.
BURGE, JUSTE see Jost Burgi. Hamilton 2.
BURGE, M. England, 1851, NIM Sextant, 1851 = NMM. possibly M. Berge. Taylor 2(1083); NMM 2.
BURGER, GEORG MATHAUS Germany, 1750-1825, MIM Heliochronometers = O-F 5, Drecker Coll., Schmitt-Friderich Coll., DEU-1679, Traunstein Heimatmuseum-1344. "Mechaniker"; all signed "Mathäus Burger." Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Monreal; Lunardi.
BURGER, M. GEORG ARNOLD Germany, 1649-1712?, MIM Evans 1; Doppelmayer.
BURGERS UND CO. Germany, MIM Sector = DRE. Cologne. RSW.
BURGES, BARTHOLOMEW USA, 1740-1807, MIM made an orrery; lecturer. Boston, Mass. Hindle 1; Bedini 1 and 8.
BURGESS, GEORGE JAMES England, c.1789, apprenticed to William Morris 1 of the Grocers' Company on April 2, 1789. J. Brown 1.
BURGESS, ROGER England, c.1737, MIM apprenticed to William Dean in the Broderers' Company on March 5, 1728; free in the Company, Oct. 5, 1737. Vere Street, Clare Market, London. Crawforth 7.
BURGH, IAN BREEM Holland, c.1730, NIM Compass Rose = AMST. Edam. Mörzer Bruyns 1.
BURGH, JAN VAN DER Holland, 1690, NIM Parallel Rules, 1690 = AMST. Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2.
BURGH, JUST see Jost Bürgi.
BURGI, JOST Switzerland; Germany, 1552-1632, MIM SIM a notable maker of fine instruments, his work covered a wide range including an astrolabe (KAS), astronomical sextant (PRA), globe clocks (BASH), (GOT), (CNAM), proportional dividers (KAS), etc. Jost Bürgi; thought to have invented the proportional dividers; worked for Wilhelm IV at Kassel; see"I.B." (12). Lichtensteig; Kassel (1584-1623). Zinner 1; Michel 3; Evans 1; Baillie 1; Josten; Horsky; Horsky and Skopova; Maddison 5; Daumas 1; Aked; Von Mackensen (1983); DSB; J.A. Bennett 2; RSW.
BURGOYNE, BURBIDGES, AND SQUIRE England, MIM 16 Coleman Street, London. USNM.
BURI see Burry. Britten.
BURKETT, EDWARD England, c.1700, MIM apprenticed to William Sellars of the Clockmakers' Company on April 16, 1700. J. Brown 3.
BURLEIGH, M. England, MIM Calculating Scale = ADL-N41. also marked "M.B." ADL; RSW.
BURLESTER, E. South Africa, OIM Microscope = Christie-SK 2/9/84. see Burmester, probably the same man. Cape Town. RSW.
BURLINI, BIAGIO see Biasio Burlini. Brieux 2.
BURLINI, BIASIO Italy; England, 1720-60, OIM Telescope = KEN; Microscopes = LEY, NAC, Natural History Museum, Antwerp, Crisp Coll. "Prof. in Venig"; author; Crisp signed "Elaboratum a Blasis Burlini Venitiis Optico", according to Clay and Court. Venice; at Archimedes, London. Brieux 2; Daumas 1; Belgian Inventory; Nachet; Crisp Coll.; Clay and Court; RSW.
BURMEISTER, JOCHAM Germany, 1777, NIM Hanging Compass = NMM-C152. Lubeck. NMM 2.
BURMESTER South Africa, OIM Telescope, single draw = Phillips 2/14/79. see E. Burlester, probably the same man. Cape Town. RSW.
BURNABY, THOMAS England, c.1697, MIM apprenticed to Thomas Tuttell of the Clockmakers' Company on June 7, 1697. J. Brown 3.
BURNAP, DANIEL USA, 1759-1838, MIM SIM Surveying Compass, 1791 = Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio. clockmaker; also made wooden and brass surveying compasses. East Windsor; Coventry; both in Conn. Bedini 1, 8 and 17; Price 2; Smart 1.
BURNCKER see W. Burucker. Daumas 1.
BURNELL, RICHARD England, c.1801, apprenticed to Charles Fairbone 1 of the Grocers' Company on Feb.6, 1794; turned over to Richard Lomas of the Wheelwrights' Company on Feb.12, 1794; free of the Grocers' Company on May 7, 1801. J. Brown 1.
BURNETT 1 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Durham. Goodison 1.
BURNETT 2 Ireland, c.1860, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Soth.-S 7/23/87. Dublin. RSW.
BURNHAM USA, c.1831-42, MIM a partner in the firm of Robinson, Burnham and Co., 1831-42; probably from Essex, Mass. Danvers, Mass. Smart 1.
BURNIER, CAPT. France, c.1850, MIM invented a type of compass and clinometer, 1850. Paris. USNM.
BURNS England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. Epsom. Goodison 1.
BURNTHWAITE, GEORGE England, MIM Protractor, full = P.C. Lamonby. RSW.
BURON France, fl.1830-51, NIM Octant, case = D.(1976). 8, rue des Trois Pavillons, Paris. Brieux 3; G.L'E. Turner 24.
BURROUGHS, ROBERT S. USA, c.1840, NIM made or sold nautical compasses. Warner 12.
BURROW England, 19th Century, PHIM Barometer = Phillips 9/10/86. Malvern. RSW.
BURROW AND THOMS England, c.1847, PHIM 289 Strand, London. O'Mara.
BURROW, W. AND J. England, c.1810, MIM Slide Rule = D.(1983). 62 and 63 Great Tower Street, London. Moskowitz 125.
BURRY, JACOB France, 1667-1722, MIM Cruciform Sundial = Feill Coll. Paris. Baillie 1; Britten.
BURSILL AND CO. England, PHIM Stick Barometer = X. London. Goodison 1.
BURT AND BAILEY USA, fl.1835-56, MIM SIM Surveying Compass = Sacramento County Historical Society, Cal. William Burt and John Aylesworth Bailey. Jefferson Avenue between Bates and Randolph (1853-54); 213 Jefferson Avenue (1855-56); both in Detroit, Mich. Smart 1; Elgin.
BURT AND WATSON 1 USA, fl. 1857-58, MIM SIM Burt's Solar Compasses = Henry Ford Museum; Burt's Equatorial Sextant = Michigan Museum of Surveying, Lansing. William Burt and Thomas Watson. Detroit, Mich. Elgin; Leiserowitz.
BURT AND WATSON 2 USA, 1860, MIM SIM Burt Solar Compass = Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Detroit, Mich. William Austin and John (2) Burt and Thomas Watson. Detroit, Mich. Elgin; RSW.
BURT, J. AND W. USA, fl.1856-57, MIM John Burt 2 and his brother, William Burt; W.H. Fawcett, a MIM, worked for them. 214 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Mich. Smart 1.
BURT, JOHN 1 England, c.1824, apprenticed to William Elliott 1 in the Joiners' Company on March 31, 1824. Crawforth 7.
BURT, JOHN 2 USA, 1814-86, MIM surveyor with his father, William Austin Burt, 1840-50; partner with his brother, William Burt in J. and W. Burt, 1856-57; also a partner in Burt and Watson, 1857-58; invented a type of lock for canals. Detroit, Mich. Smart 1.
BURT, PETER England, fl.1813-27, devised a new binnacle, log and steering compass. 4 Providence Place, Commercial Road, Limehouse, London. Taylor 2(1286); Bedini 8.
BURT, WILLIAM USA, 1825=98, MIM SIM son of William Austin Burt; partner with John A. Bailey, 1853-56; partner with his brother, John Burt 2 as J. and W. Burt, 1856-57; partner with John Burt 2 and Thomas Watson in Burt and Watson, 1857-58. Detroit, Mich. (1814-66); Marquette, Mich. Smart 1.
BURT, WILLIAM AUSTIN USA, 1792-1858, MIM Equatorial Sextants = D.(1993, U.S Naval Obs., USNA. invented the solar compass in 1836, a typewriter in 1829, and the equatorial sextant c.1855; see William Burt and Watson. Petersham, Mass.; Wales Township, Erie County, N.Y. (pre-1824); Mount Vernon, Mich. (1824); Detroit, Mich. Smart 1; Bedini 8; Coffeen 43; RSW.
BURTON England, c.1750, MIM NIM Sextant = Leigh and Soth. 4/10/1794. Ramsden started as an engraver to a Burton in 1751, perhaps Mark Burton, which see. London. Goodison 1; Daumas 1; RSW.
BURTON, EDWARD England, MIM OIM 47 Church Street, Minories, London. USNM.
BURTON, GEORGE 1 England, fl.1772-1815, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Stick Barometers = Gloucester Museum, Christie-SK 9/11/86, X. "X" is signed "G. Burton"; the others signed "Burton London"; he was probably the Burton whose instruments were carried on Cook's second voyage by William Wales and another set was given to Mr. W. Gooch when he went to join Vancouver in the Pacific in 1791; it is unlikely that John Burton was the maker involved. 136 High Street Borough, Southwark, London. Taylor 2(694); Goodison 1; RSW.
BURTON, GEORGE 2 England, c.1830, MIM NIM PHIM 3 Devonshire Buildings, Great Dover Street, London. Taylor 2(1791).
BURTON, JAMES England, fl.1828-46, OIM PHIM 10 Great Bell Alley (1828-29); 10 Western Street, Pentonville; 25 Pleasant Row, Pentonville; all in London. Taylor 2(1792); O'Mara.
BURTON, JOHN England, fl.1758-75, OIM might have been the Burton who furnished instruments for Cook's second voyage but more likely it was George Burton 1; opposed Peter Dollond's patent in 1764. Johnson Court, Fleet Street, London. Taylor 2(453); Court and von Rohr 3(XXVI).
BURTON, JON. Ireland, c.1780, MIM Garden Sundial, "made for Henry Percy" = D.(1973). Dublin. RSW.
BURTON, JOSEPH England, c.1822, OIM 15 Blackfriars Bridge, near the Magdalen, London. Taylor 2(1499); Dewhirst.
BURTON, MARK England, fl.1730-69, d,1786, MIM OIM PHIM barometer and thermometer maker; divided scales; T.C.; possibly successor to G. Lyford; took apprentices, including Jesse Ramsden; Clay and Court thought him 20 years later. Euclid's Head, near New Church, Strand; Denmark Court, Strand (1755); Strand (1763-69); all in London. Taylor 2(454); Goodison 1; Clay and Court; Clifton 1.
BURTON, W. England, c.1750, MIM Sector = Soth. 2/20/85 = D.(1991). Coffeen 35; Clifton 1; RSW.
BURUCKER, W. Germany, 1728-80, MIM Pillar Sundials, wood = CNAM-13.591, Luipold Museum, Würzburg, LID-M43, Drecker Coll., STS, NUR-WI1300, BASH-1917/856, D.(1984); Sundials = AMST, Koller 11/17/75; Magnetic Compass = P.C.; Calendar, pendant = OXF; Equatorial Sundial = OXF; Horizontal Sundials = Drecker Coll.(3); Artillery Level = P. and S. 3/20/1896 = OXF. Koller sundial is polychrome paper dial in brass sphere; the OXF instrument is also marked "W.B." (1), which see. Nürnberg. Zinner 1; Esdaille; Lunardi; Coffeen F; Cons. Nat'l 2; Mörzer Bruyns 1; Daumas 1; RSW.
BURY see Burry. Britten.
BUSBY, SAMUEL England, c.1811, invented a compass to show the time of longitude. Taylor 2(1287).
BUSCH AND OEHLSCHLAGER Germany, fl.1654-64, MIM Copernican Planetaria = MLL, Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark, Andreas Busch and Adam Oehlschläger. Limburg; Gottorp. Zinner 1; Michel 3; H.C. King 2.
BUSCH, ANDREAS Germany, fl.1654-64, MIM worked for Duke Ferdinand IV; see Busch and Oehlschläger. Limburg; Gottorp. Zinner 1; Michel 3; King 2.
BUSCH, C.C., AND CO. USA?, PHIM Kalaidoscope = Maria Mitchell House, Nantucket, Mass. RSW.
BUSCH, E. Germany, c.1850, OIM in the 1851 Great Exhibition, London. Rathenow, Prussia. USNM; G.L'E. Turner 24.
BUSCH, ELIAS Germany, MIM Augsburg-type Sundial = Soth. 7/23/62-10. RSW.
BUSCHMAN, JNO. Germany, c.1692, MIM Sundial with Compass on table clock = SPI-Anderson 3/25/27. RSW.
BUSCHMANN, CASPAR 1 Germany, c.1536-1613, MIM Calendar Clock = ADL-M378. clockmaker; signed "Cas: Bu." Augsburg. Engelmann 1; Bobinger 2 and 3; ADL; RSW.
BUSCHMANN, CASPAR 2 Germany, c.1563-1629, MIM Astronomical Compendium with Regiomontanus-type Sundial and a Nocturnal, 1611 = BEK; Compass and Calendar, 1628 = CLU; Astronomical Compendium = DEU; Sundial, 1628 = Middelburg Zeeuwsch Genootschap der Wetenschappen. signature on the 1611 sundial is "Caspar Buschman automatarius in Augusta Anno 1611." Augsburg. Bobinger 2 & 3; Zinner 1.
BUSCHMANN, DAVID Germany, 1626-1701, MIM Vertical Sundial on a table clock = MUN; Equatorial Sundials on clocks = VIE, Feill Coll., P.C.(1918-Frankfort). VIE has a sundial and an armillary sphere on a clock. Augsburg. Zinner 1; Bobinger 2 and 3; Michel 3.
BUSCHMANN, HANNS see Johann Buschmann 1. Bobinger 2 and 3.
BUSCHMANN, JOHANN 1 Germany, c.1600-62, MIM Diptych Sundial, round = MUN-33/234; Sundial in pocket watch = SPI-2731; Planispheric Sundial = Prin Coll. = NMM; Proportional Compasses, = NUR (1635), THO. member of the Clockmakers' Guild; SPI signed "Hanns Buschmann." Augsburg. Bobinger 2 and 3; Zinner 1; NMM 2; A.J. Turner 10; RSW.
BUSCHMANN, JOHANN 2 Germany, c.1632-76, MIM Magnetic Azimuth Sundial = MADEX-105 = NMM-D.60; Ring Sundial = Stuker 2/7/58-3442 = Weil = P.C.; Pin-gnomon Horizontal Sundials = MUN-33/234, Prin. clockmaker. Augsburg. Bobinger 2 and 3; Zinner 1; NMM 2.
BUSH, JOSEPH England, c.1700, MIM free of the Stationers' Company after 1664 and before 1747. Crawforth 7.
BUSH, MARGARET England, c.1763, MIM member of the Stationers' Company for at least 15 years after William Bush's death; took apprentices. Crawforth 7.
BUSH, R., AND CO. England, c.1816, PHIM made a brass and copper still, in use for many years; seized by the I.R.S. in 1951. Bristol. USNM.
BUSH, WILLIAM England, pre-1763, MIM free of the Stationers' Company; succeeded by his widow, Margaret Bush. Crawforth 7.
BUSHELL, EDWARD England, c.1687, MIM apprenticed to William Bennett of the Clockmakers' Company on Oct.3, 1687. J. Brown 3.
BUSHELL, SAMUEL England, c.1690, MIM apprenticed to Withers Cheney of the Clockmakers' Company on July 12, 1690. J. Brown 3.
BUSNELL, WALTER India, 19th Century, MIM Equatorial Sundial = Phillips 10/26/83. Calcutta. RSW.
BUSS England, MIM Slide Rule, Proof, ivory = D.(1981). 48 Hatton Garden, London. RSW.
BUSS, THOMAS O'DEMPSEY England, 1847- 83, PHIM Saccharometer = D.(1972); Sikes' Hydrometer = Christie 5/15/73; Hydrometer Sets = Longleat House, Wilts.(2); etc. successor to R.B. Bate. 33 Hatton Garden; 3 Upper East Smithfield, Tower Hill; both in London. G.L'E. Turner 24; Moskowitz 104; RSW; Coffeen A; USNM.
BUSS, THOMAS ODEMCY see Thomas O'Dempsey. G.L'E. Turner 24.
BUSSY, WILLIAM England, c.1714, MIM apprenticed to William Bennett of the Clockmakers' Company on Oct.26, 1714. J. Brown 3.
BUSUCKER see W. Burucker. Zinner 1; RSW.
BUTCHER, CHAR. England, MIM Garden Sundial = Chicheley Hall, Newport Pagnell. for 52°10' latitude. Bedford. RSW.
BUTCHER, JOHN England, c.1786, apprenticed to John Parminter 1 of the Grocers' Company on Dec.3, 1778; free of the Company on Feb.2, 1786. J. Brown 1.
BUTERFIEL Butterfield-type Sundial = Christie-N.Y. 4/3/85 = D. naive copy of a Butterfield-type sundial. Moskowitz ; RSW.
BUTERFIELD instruments signed this way are sometimes contemporary copies of the very popular sundials made by Michael Butterfield. Moskowitz 102; RSW.
BUTLER England, 1630, MIM Horizontal Sundial, 1630 = Christie-SK 11/15/79. London. RSW.
BUTLER AND POWELL England, c.1818, MIM rule makers. Lionel Street, Birmingham. Bryden 9.
BUTLER, JAMES England, c.1765, MIM apprenticed to Francis Morgan in the Joiners' Company on November 19, 1765; listed as a MIM in the directories. London. Crawforth 7.
BUTT, MR. England, c.1815, OIM made a short Cassegrain telescope. The Paragon, Kent Road, London. USNM.
BUTTERFIELD, HORACE S. USA, c.1815, MIM made an astronomical calculator with Olof Ohlson. Portland, Oregon. A.H. Brown.
BUTTERFIELD, MICHAEL England; France, 1635-1724, MIM OIM SIM Butterfield made a wide range of well made instruments. an Englishman who spent his working life in Paris, from before 1665 to his death in 1724; master and juror (1702-04) in the "Corporation des fondeurs"; "Ingénieur du Roi"; best known as the developer of the Butterfield-type sundial; many copies and forgeries of his work exist. England (1635-pre-1665); Aux Armes d'Angleterre, Faubourg Saint-Germain, rue Neuve-des-Fossés (1678); Quai des Morfundus, Ile de la Cité (1691); both in Paris. Daumas 1; Taylor 1(369) and 2(22); Coffeen A; Mörzer Bruyns 1; USNM; Michel 1; Dewhirst; Price 3; Ward 4; Belgian Inventory; Hamilton 2; Wynter 1; Stewart; Moskowitz 110; Lister; Engelmann 1; J.A. Bennett 2; Bryden 16; Bonelli; A.J. Turner 10; Rinaldi 23; Syndram; Augarde; ADL; RSW.
BUTTERWORTH, JOHN England, c.1759, MIM clockmaker; engraver; may have made sundials. Bull and Bear Yard, Leeds. Loomes.
BUTTI 1 Holland, PHIM Barometer = LEY. Amsterdam. RSW.
BUTTI 2 England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Taunton. Goodison 1.
BUTTI GEBROEDERS EN STOPANNI Holland, fl.1794-1817, PHIM Barometer = WMH. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BUTTI, BARNASCHINA AND CO. England, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. Francis Barnaschina? Newcastle-on-Tyne. Goodison 1.
BUTTI, DONATI Italy; Holland, c.1794, PHIM made barometers and thermometers; see the Gebroeders Butti en Stopanni as well as D. Butti and Sons; partner with Solaro in 1817. Milan; Amsterdam (1794-1817). Mörzer Bruyns 2; Crommelin; Daumas 1.
BUTTI, DTO, EN ZONEN Holland, c.1800, PHIM Wheel Barometer = Christie April, 1978. made thermometers. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 2.
BUTTI, L. Scotland, fl.1825-67, PHIM Wheel Barometer = X. carver and gilder. 232 Cargate (1825-26); 1 and 2 Ronaldson's Buildings (1836); 2 Springfield Buildings (1848-52); all in Leith; 14 Hanover Street, Edinburgh (1853-67). Goodison 1; Morrison-Low.
BUTTI, LOUIS JOSEPH Italy; Scotland, fl.1823-24, OIM PHIM worked with John Zenone as Zenone and Butti; dealt in telescopes and, probably, barometers. 5 Calton Street, Edinburgh. Clarke et al.
BUTTIERI, CARLO ANTONIO Italy, OIM Telescope, cardboard = D.(1986). signed on the objective lens. Rome. Wynter 1.
BUZZOFO, HIERONIMO DE ANTONIO Italy, 1562, MIM NIM SIM Cross-staff, wood and brass, 1562 = BM-1901/7/20-1. Price 3; Ward 4.
BYGRAVE, RICHARD England, c.1742, OIM apprenticed to George Bass, an OIM in the Spectaclemakers' Company, March 27, 1733; free in the Company on Feb. 28, 1742 Court and von Rohr 3(136).
BYNTER, JORG Germany, 1485, MIM "compastmacher" in 1485. Nürnberg. Gouk 1.
BYRAM, EPHRAIM N. USA, fl.1836-46, MIM NIM made a "Universal Planetarium", c.1836; received an award for an improvement in the suspension of the marine compass, c.1846. Sag Harbor, Long Island, N.Y. USNM; Warner 12.
BYRD, JOHN England, c.1760, MIM Garden Sundial = Palacio Réal, Madrid. misreading for John Bird, which see. London. RSW.
BYWATER AND CO. England, c.1840, NIM Quadrant = D.(1976). Liverpool. Rinaldi.
BYWATER, DAWSON AND CO. England, c.1835, MIM NIM Octant = D.(1975); Compass, portable = Soth. 5/25/68; Marine Compass = Soth. 3/25 86. see John Bywater, Dawson and Co. No. 18 Pool Lane , Liverpool. Bryden 9; RSW.
BYWATER, JOHN England, fl.1816-35, MIM NIM OIM PHIM invented a corrected compass for deviation; see John Bywater, Dawson and Co.; see Bywater, Dawson and Co; optician. 49 Gloucester Street (1816); 44 Seymour Street (1832-35); 18 Pool Lane; all in Liverpool. Taylor 2(1288); Goodison 1; Crawforth 6.
BYWATER, JOHN, AND CO. England, MIM PHIM Marine Barometer = P.C.(1976). opticians; agent for Dollond telescopes. 18 Pool Lane, Liverpool. Crawforth 6; RSW.
BYWATER, JOHN, DAWSON AND CO. England, fl.1819-32, MIM NIM OIM agents for Adie, Dicas and Willis; T.C.; see John Bywater; see Bywater, Dawson and Co. 20 Pool Lane, Liverpool. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1288); Moskowitz 101.

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