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MANN, JAMES 2 England, fl.1707-51?, OIM PHIM Telescopes = Christie 4/9/75 (wood), WHI (3-refracting); Astroscope = Caleb Smith (1734); Stick Barometer = D.(1989). son of James Mann 1; apprenticed to Matthew Cooberow of the Spectaclemakers' Company on April 4, 1699; free of the Company, June 28, 1707; Master of the Company 1725 and 1737; took apprentices; in partnership with James Ayscough as Mann and Ayscough, 1743-47; Ayscough had been his apprentice, 1732-40; T.C.; author; made thermometers and barometers. Archimedes and Two Pairs of Golden Spectacles near the Castle Tavern, Fleet Street (1735); Sir Isaac Newton's Head and Two Pairs of Golden Spectacles, 23 Ludgate Street (1743, 1751); all in London. Taylor 1(480) & 2(90); Court and von Rohr 3(73)(129); Daumas; Bennett 1; Crawforth 1; Calvert 2; Goodison 1; Coffeen 27.

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