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MANN, JAMES 1 England, fl.1660-1730, OIM Microscope = KEN; Telescope = WHI; Pillar Sundial on handle of cane, 1679 = P.C. apprenticed to Thomas King 1 of the Spectaclemakers' Company on Nov. 5, 1674; turned over to John Hicketts of the Company, March 20, 1682; Master of the Company, 1716-17. St. Martins (1693); Angel Street (1695); Sign of the Archimedes and Pair of Golden Spectacles, Butcher Hall Lane, a little nearer St. Paul's, Fleet Street; all in London. Court and von Rohr 3(46); Taylor 1(480) and 2(89); Dewhirst; Clay and Court; Daumas 1; Robischon; A.J. Turner 10..

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