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LILLEY AND SON England, fl.1835-75+, MIM NIM PHIM Patent Course Indicator = LIM; Octant = D.(1974); Sextants = WHI, Soth. 4/26/71, D.(1982); Navigating Instrument = Soth. 4/27/72; Anemometer = WHI; Marine Barometer = X; Folding Square = Musée Lombard, Geneva. John Lilley and son; T.C. of John Lilley in one box where the insrument is signed Lilley and Son; the folding square is signed "Lilley et Fils." 7 Jamaica Terrace, Limehouse, London. G.L'E. Turner 24; Goodison 1; Coffeen B; Bennett 1; RSW.

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