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LEKEUX, RICHARD England, fl.1777-1838, MIM NIM OIM Octants = MAN (1784), GEP (1787), X, DNM, PEA, PMS, OMM, Glasgow Museums and Art Gallery/ Larvik Marine Museum, Norway/ Museo Navale, Madrid, D.(1997), etc.; Sextant = AVI; Telescope = Christie 7/28/70; Hadley's Quadrant = P.C. (1987). apprenticed to Thomas Ripley 1 of the Grocers' Company, 1770; turned over to Walton Willcox, member of the Joiners' Company, 1775; free of the Grocers' 1777 and Fishmongers' Companies; took apprentices; octant at X is signed "R.L." No.137 near Execution Dock, Wapping (1787-88); 137 Hermitage Bridge, Wapping; 138 Wapping High Street; 103 Wapping near Execution Dock; No. 168 near King Edward Stairs, Wapping; 13 High Street (1826); all in London. Taylor 2(862); Garcia 1; Bryden 9; Brewington 1; USNM; Moskowitz 107; Crawforth 7; Coffeen 58; RSW.

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