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KEULEN, JOHANNES VAN 3 Holland, fl.1725-56, MIM NIM Cross-staves = HAM (1733), P.C. (1736), P.C. (1740), P.C. (1751), Municipal Museum, Westterschelling (1755); Azimuth Compasses = RIJ (2); Bearing Compass = RIJ; Pleinschaal = RIJ. two cross-staves signed "I.v.K." and three signed "J.v.K."; compass brass plate signed "Johannes van Keulen * Wed. G. Hulst van Keulen"; Weduwe Gerard van Keulen was partner, 1726-31; Weduwe Johannes van Keulen 1 was partner, 1755-56; pleinschaal is a form of Gunter rule. Amsterdam. Mörzer Bruyns 1, 2 and 4; Rooseboom 1; Daumas 1; Cowan; Engelsman.

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