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BARKER, FRANCIS, AND SON England, 1848-to present, MIM NIM PHIM Sextant, box = Christie-SK 10/6/83; Augsburg-type Sundial = P.C.; Equatorial Sundials = Soth. 3/14/57-140, 11/9/59-174. also made aneroid barometers; firm continues to produce instruments to this day; most are signed "F. Barker and Son"; T.C. marked "Late Grove and Barker"; "17 years with and successors to J. and G. Simms." "Sundial House", 12 Clerkenwell Road; 23 Great Sutton Street, E.C. (post-1858); both in London. Moskowitz 107; RSW; USNM; Chaldecott 3; RGO.

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