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JONES, THOMAS 2 England, c.1800-22, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Octants, ebony = PEA, D.(1989), Pugsley Sale; Sextants = PEA, Soth. 10/24/60; Ring Sundial = OXF; Hadley's Quadrant = PEA; Marine Barometer = VNN; Telescope = Bruce Museum, Greenwich, Conn. T.C.; "Maker of Sextants, Quadrants, Compasses and Telescopes"; partner with Joseph Rust 4 in Jones and Rust, fl.1811-13, which see. 4 Harrington Street; 5 Harrington Street; Castle Street, near the Exchange; all in Liverpool. Taylor 2(1608); Gunther 2; Michel 3; Brewington 1; Dewhirst; Evans 1; NMM 2; Rinaldi 23; RSW.

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