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JONES, THOMAS 1 England, 1775-1852, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums, including KEN, OXF, Longleat House, Pannett Park Museum, Whitby, RSM, MAN, STT, NMM, USNM, Kelton Coll., etc. son of David Jones; apprenticed to Ramsden in 1789; patented a dividing engine in 1811; T.C.; F.R.S. in 1835; instrument maker to H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence. 120 Mount Street, Berkeley Square (1806); 21 Oxenden Street, Piccadilly (Hay Market) (1811-14); 62 Charing Cross (1816-50); 4 Rupert Street, Coventry Street; Cockspur Street (c.1819); 13 Ponton Street, Haymarket; all in London. Taylor 2(998); J.A. Bennett 2; Middleton 1 and 4; Wynter 1; G.L'E. Turner 24; Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; USNM; Garcia 1; Coffeen 14; RSW; DNB; Pipping 1; NMM 2; Goodison 1; Multhauf and Good.

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