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BARDIN, W. AND T.M. England, c.1780-1819, MIM Pairs of Globes = Soth., Wilkinson and Hodge 3/23/23, P-B 10/28/44-936, USNM, APS, Adams Nat'l Historic Site, Mass, (1800, 1807); Terrestrial Globes = Hispanic Society, New York, Essex Institute, Mass. (1798), Schuyler Mansion, (1798), Dartmouth College, New Hamp. (1814), Boston Athenaem, Mass. (1817), P.C. (1819); Celestial Globes = Christie 12/8/76, Essex Institute, USNM, Boston Athenaeum. William and Thomas Marriot Bardin. 16 Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London. Taylor 2(796a, 1077); Multhauf 1; Bedini 1; RSW; USNM; Moskowitz 102; Crawforth 11; Yonge.

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