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HOLM, PIETER Sweden; Holland, fl.1696-1776, MIM NIM Tide Table, Perpetual Calendar and log-timer table on tobacco boxes = RSM, PEA, Rotterdam Maritime Museum, Reykjavik Museum (1729), Middleburg Zeeuwsch Genootschap der Wetenschappen; Backstaff, 1753 = BRP-64; Octants = AMST (1752), NMM (1753); Logs, 1729, 1754, 1765, 1774 = AMST. 20 of these tobacco boxes were known to Dr. Crone pre-1953; the backstaff and the octants are signed "P. Holm" they were sold by Holm as he ran a navigation school; he may have been a dealer only. Amsterdam. Crone; Brewington 1; Price 2; NMM 2; Daumas 1; Wynter and Turner; Mörzer Bruyns 1 & 2.

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