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HILL, NATHANIEL England, fl.1708-64, MIM NIM PHIM SIM made miniature terrestrial globes, many of them in shagreen cases with celestial gores as a lining; some are dated 1754; examples may be found at ADL, BM, PBN, KEN, PRM, NMM, Coll. of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, New York Public Library, etc. apprenticed to James Farmer of the Grocers' Company on March 11, 1701; free in the Merchant Taylors' Company in 1708; T.C. showed mathematical and navigating instruments, and barometers. The Globe and Sun, in Chancery Lane, Fleet Street; opposite Serjeants Inn, Chancery Lane; both in London. Taylor 2(363); Goodison 1; Chaldecott 1; Stevenson; NMM 2; Clay and Court; Calvert 2; Wynter and Turner; Yonge; C.N. Robinson; J. Brown 1; Crawforth 1 & 7; Wynter 1 & 2; Krogt 2; ADL; RSW.

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