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HEARNE, GEORGE England, fl.1705-55, MIM OIM Telescope, 1690 = DRE; Telescopes = DRE, LEY, MLL, P.C.; Micrometer = DRE; Instrument Etui = RSM. apprenticed to Edward Barber of the Joiners' Company, Feb 1, 1697; free of the Company, Sept. 4, 1705; took an apprentice; sometimes spelled "Hearn"; he made a zenith sector with George Graham; made early, large reflecting telescopes; rectangular protractor in RSM etui is signed. Dogwell Court, White Friars, Fleet Street (1737-41); Sign of the Sphere, Sergeant's Inn, Chancery Lane; both in London. Taylor 2(185a); Daumas 1; Clay and Court; Grötzsch 2; Drechsler 2; Crawforth 7; A.J. Turner 10; RSW.

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