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HAMLIN, WILLIAM 2 England, fl.1792-1814, MIM SIM Instrument = WHI; Surveyor's Compasses = NMM, DeLuca 8/1/87; Magnetic Compass = Soth. 2/7/72; Surveyor's Level = Weschler 5/22/76; Compass, pocket = D.(1997). there is some thought that William Hamlin 1 and 2 were the same man, but the American apprenticeship and addresses of Hamlin 1 would appear to preclude this idea; the last two instruments are signed "Hamlin, London", which see. 111 Leadenhall Street, London. Taylor 2(983); NMM 2; Preuss 1; D.J. Warner 10; MAD June, 1997; RSW.

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