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HAMLIN, WILLIAM 1 USA, 1772-1869, MIM NIM OIM Magnetic Compasses = MYS, P.C. apprenticed to Samuel Canfield, Middleton, Conn.; came to Providence by 1795; listed as MIM and engineer by 1824; T.C.; see Richard Ely Hamlin who succeeded him. North Main Street, next north of St. John's Church (pre-1806); 11 Cheapside, next door north of Messrs. Blodget and Powers (1806); opposite the Baptist Meeting House (1809); Sign of the Quadrant, 131 South Water Street, in the store of Benjamin Clifford (pre-1819); at the sign of the Quadrant, 135 South Main Street (1823); all in Providence, R.I. Bedini 1 & 8; Price 2; USNM; Lane; Evans 1; Smart 1; Coffeen C; Eldred 10/11/75; Preuss 1; D.J. Warner 10; RSW.

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