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HAGGER, WILLIAM GUYSE USA, 1748-1832, NIM Backstaffs = Rhode Island Historical Soc., Providence, R.I. (1768), PEA (1775), MAR (1775), VNN (1775), R.I. Historical Society = USNM (1776), D.(1777); Surveyor's Compass = Hist. Soc. of St. Marys and Benzinger Township, Pa. the father of Benjamin King Hagger; there is a listing of an address at Cranston, R.I. in 1774; Joseph Callender made the compass cards. Newport, R.I. (1766-88); near the Draw-Bridge, Ann Street, Boston, Mass. (1789). Bedini 1 & 8; Smart 1; Brewington 1; USNM; Price 2; D.J. Warner 8 and 12; RSW.

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