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GRUBB, THOMAS Ireland, 1800-1878, MIM OIM Equatorial Refracting Telescopes = Makree, Dunsink, Vienna; Reflecting Telescope = Melbourne, Australia; Telescope Mounting = NMM; etc. optician; mechanic; constructed the Armagh 15-inch reflector in 1835; assisted by his son, Howard; F.R.S. 1 Upper Charlemont Street (1838-54), Dublin; 14 Leinster Terrace (1855-58); 15 Leinster Square (1856-63); 14 Leinster Road (1864-78); last three in Rathmines. DNB; DSB; NMM 2; Taylor 2(1143); USNM; Morrison-Low and Burnett.

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