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GREUTER, MATTHIAS France; Italy1556-1638, MIM Celestial Globes, 1636 = IPA (2), D.(1982), D.(1989); Terrestrial Globe, 1632 = IPA. made fine terrestrial and celestial globes, dated from 1632 to 1638; examples may be seen at VAA, CCT, VAT, NMM, KEN, FLO, ROM, GEP, Biblioteca Comunale, Ancona, Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Ky., IPA, etc.; the IPA and D.(1989) globes are the original 1636 issue; the D.(1982) globe is a much later reissue of the 1636 state by Dominico de Rossi. Strasbourg; Lyon; Avignon; Rome (1632-36). Zinner 1; Price 2; Michel 3; Grimaldi (730); Bonelli 4; NMM 2; USNM; Stevenson; Yonge; Coffeen A; Arkway; Schmidt 1.

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