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GREGORY, HENRY England, fl.1750-92, MIM NIM OIM PHIM Telescopes = RSM, P.C.; Sextant = STT; Divider-Sextant = ADL-DPW37; Compass Card = NMM; Backstaves = HAM, HAA, FRK, PYM; Hadley's Quadrants = COR, Soth. 6/1/88; Stick Barometers = Hist. Soc. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Soth. 7/19/88; Gunner's Calipers = KEN; Reduction Compass = AMST; Mathematical Instrument Set = NOR; Pelorus = USNM; etc. T.C.; later became Gregory and Son; the backstaff in the FRK was made for Jean Gremon; the ADL divider-sextant was made by G. F. Brander and sold by Gregory. The Azimuth Compass, near ye East India House, Leadenhall Street (1761); Francis Court, Clerkenwell; both in London. Calvert 2; Taylor 2(484); Macintyre; Brachner 1; O'Mara; BEK Exhibit, Nov.1979; Jürgen Meyer; Moskowitz 112; Mörzer Bruyns 1; Brachner; Crawforth 1; USNM; Courtenvaux; ADL; RSW.

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