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GRAHAM, GEORGE England, 1673-1751, MIM PHIM Mural Quadrant = NMM; Equatorial Sector = NMM; Tellurium = ADL-A156; Wheel Barometers = KEN, VCW, Christie 7/4/1843, Macclesfield Library Sale, 1765; Standard Yard = KEN; etc. clockmaker; apprenticed to Henry Aske of the Clockmakers' Company on July 2, 1688; free of the Company in Sept.1695; Master of the Company in 1722; partner of Thomas Tompion c. 1696-1713; married Tompion's niece in 1704; credited with the invention of the orrery; see Tompion and Graham; F.R.S. Dial and Three Crowns, Water Lane, Fleet Street; Dial and one Crown, Fleet Street, opposite the Bolt and Tun (after 1720); both in London. Taylor 1(483); DNB; DSB; Bryden 2; Baillie 1; Goodison 1; NMM 2; Hellman; Symonds; Michel 3; Maddison 1; Britten; USNM; Bedini 8; J. Brown 3; F. S. Taylor; J.A. Bennett 2; ADL; RSW.

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