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GLYNNE, RICHARD England, 1681-1755 fl.1705-25, MIM Universal Ring Sundials over Compasses, silver = TIM, Chatsworth; Universal Ring Sundials = OXF, KEN, WHI, CZJ; Inclinable Sundials, silver = TIM, Chatsworth; Armillary Sphere = WHI; Drawing Instrument Sets = WHI, OXF, Halls 11/15/95; Orreries = OXF, NMM-P.13, Nat'l Museum, Beiping. apprenticed to Henry Wynne in the Clockmakers' Company, 1696; free of the Company, 1705; son-in-law of Philip Lea; in partnership with Anne Lea, his mother-in-law, c. 1712-25; published globes; T.C.; sometimes signed "Glyn." Cheapside (1712-16); Sign of the Hercules and Atlas, Salisbury Court, Fleet Street (1720-25); both in London. Taylor 1(500) and 2(45); Price 3; Ward 4; Chaldecott 1; RSW; Calvert 2; Michel 3; ATG 12/9/95; Gingerich 1; Tyacke 1; J. Brown 3; Bryden 16; Daumas 1; NMM 2; Sivin 1; A.J. Turner 10.

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