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GIAMIN, ANTONIUS Italy, fl.1591-99, MIM SIM Astrolabes = WHI (1592)(ICA-542), MERC-5 (1592) = P.C., ZUR (1599)(ICA-570); Radio Latino, 1591 = ADL-M117; Surveying Instrument = MUN; Pillar Sundial =DEU; Nocturnals, 1592 = ADL-M331, ROT, UTR, van Alfen Coll; Nocturnals = NMM (1596), van Alfen Coll. (1595). some of the nocturnals are very dubious; ADL-M331 is identical to a nocturnal by Gigli Mariotti at LOS. Rome. Engelmann 1; Michel 2 and 3; Price 1 and 5; ICA 2; Van Cittert; Morpurgo 1; Nachet; NMM 2; Hollands Glorie; Hamilton 1; ADL; RSW.

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