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GEMINI, THOMAS Belgium; England, fl.1542-62, MIM Astrolabes = BMR (1552, ICA-450), OXF (1559, ICA-575), FLO (ICA-489), P.C. (ICA-3111), BMR (ICA-3112). family name was"Thomas Lambrit"; member of the Stationers' Company; may have worked in Gemma Frisius' workshop; ICA-450 may be one that is now in the Brussals Observatory in Uccle (1988). Lixhe; Flanders; London. Zinner 1; Taylor 1(2); Michel 1, 2, 6, 8, and 10; Gunther 1 and 5; Rooseboom 1; Maddison 1; DNB; DSB; Price 1; ICA 2; J. Brown 3; A.J. Turner 10; Darius 4; RSW.

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