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GAMBEY, HENRI-PRUDENCE France, 1787-1847, MIM NIM PHIM SIM Sextants = SPI-2774, USNM, CNAM, Dipping Circle = Magnetic Observatory, Dublin; Borda Circles = USNM, Maritime Museum, Horten, Norway (No.123); Heliostat = USNM; Magnetometer = USNM; Dividing Engines = CNAM; Theodolites = CNAM, BRO; Artificial Horizon = CNAM; Rules = CNAM; Balance, small = Gersaint 7/20/96. Georges Oberhauser worked with him, 1815; Académie des Sciences, 1837. St. Denis, Paris. Daumas 1; Cons. Nat'l 1; Destombes 4; USNM; Taylor 2(2133); DSB; J.A. Bennett 2; Darius 4; RSW.

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