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FUSORIS, JOHANNE France, c.1365-1436, MIM Astrolabes = OXF (ICA-192, 194, 196), CNAM-19544, NOR, BAR, GIL, DPW (ICA-193b), RSM-1947/27, ADL-M27 (ICA-199), FIN (ICA-193) = Landau = ADL-W264, ANM (ICA-460), BRS (ICA-568), NMM (ICA-337), University of Wroclaw, D.(1993); Mars plate for Equatorium, 1400, = P.C. Fusoris astrolabes, though not signed, are so well documented by Poulle that identification is certain. Giraumont; Paris. Poulle 1 & 6; Michel 2; Price 1; Gunther 1; Simoni; Polish Inv.; A.J. Turner 10; DSB; Engelmann 1; ADL; RSW.

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