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FRAUENHOFER, JOSEPH VON Germany, 1787-1826, OIM Telescopes = STT, VIT, DRE; Spectroscope = DRE; Transit = STT. made the most important telescopes of his era; joined Reichenbach and Liebherr in 1807; firm was Reichenbach, Utzschneider und Liebherr, 1807-14; was Utzschneider und Liebherr 1814-24; was Utzschneider und Frauenhofer, 1824-26; Frauenhofer built his own optical glass factory in Benedictbeuren Stift; his greatest contributions were in the field of spectroscopy. Munich; Benedictbeiren. Daumas 1; Nachet; Drechsler 2; Pipping 1 & 2; G.L'E. Turner 24; Repsold; RSW; J.A. Bennett 2.

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