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FERAT France, c.1750-1802, MIM PHIM SIM Levels with sights = La Rochelle 7/16/83, P.C.(1987); Graphometers = P.C., Christie 3/21/91 (with case); Horizontal Sundial in watch case = O-F; Circumferentor, telescopic sights = D.(1965); Protractor for prisms = D.(1969); Goniometers = P.C., STT; Miner's Compass = P.C. (1987); Folding Rule, ebony and silver = D.(1989); Stick Barometer, 1802 = Leeds Castle = Christie 12/12/96. Férat; Ferrat? level signed "Ecole imperial de Chalons"; rule is in "decimètres" and has silver numerals set into the ebony; barometer is signed "Chalons-sur-Marne." opposite the Palais Marchand, Paris. Monreal; Nachet; Brieux 3; Pipping 2; MAD march, 1997; RSW.

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