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ENGELBRECHT, JOHANN 2 Czechoslovakia, fl.1776-1804, MIM made many brass horizontal, inclinable sundials dating from 1776 to 1804; examples may be seen at DEU, TGM, NUR, DRE, ADL, NYC, ZAG, PRA, MUN, STU, KEN, WHI, OXF, POTS, RSM, LIE, Huelsmann Coll., etc. many of the instruments listed above have a notch in the gnomon to show the time of year; he is thought to have invented this type. Brünn. Zinner 1; Basserman-Jordan 1; Fischer 2; Horsky and Skopova; Price 3 and 12; Ward 3 and 4; Whipple 1; KEN; Chenekal 1; Coffeen G; Bryden 16; Syndram; ADL; RSW.

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