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ARSENIUS, REGNERUS Belgium, fl.1565-74, MIM Astrolabes = OXF (1565), SGS (1565), CNAM-3.907 (1569). Roussel-197 is dated 1565; ICA 229, 230, X; Oxf also marked "Nepos G.F."; nephew of Gemma Frisius; Evans thought him uncle of Gualterus Arsenius; Maddison feels he was Gualterus Arsenius and became director of the workshop in 1552 when Mercator went to Duisberg; sometimes seen as Rennerus. Antwerp; Louvain. Zinner 1; Gunther 1; Van Ortroy 2; Michel 1 and 2; Price 1; ICA 2; USNM; Maddison; RSW.

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