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DUPEE, JOHN USA, 1729-1773, MIM NIM SIM Backstaves 1764 = X (1753), Kelton Coll. (1764)(1990); Octants = PEA (1755), X (1760); Surveyor's Compasses, wood = Bostonian Society, South Natick Historical Society, P.C., Andover Historical Society, Mass., etc. father was a French Huguenot; PEA quadrant made for Patrick Montgomerie; made nautical compasses. North Side of Swing Bridge, Boston, New Eng. Bedini 1; Smart 1; Taylor 2(472); USNM; Brewington 1; Price 2; American Neptune, Jan. 1975; D.J. Warner 8, 10 and 12; RSW.

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