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DRAPER, EDMUND USA, 1805-82, MIM OIM SIM Surveyor's Compasses = Talbot County Historical Society, Md., P.C., USNM, William Penn Memorial Museum, Ohio Historical Society, Transit = P.C. first was partner with Benjamin Stancliffe as Stancliffe and Draper, 1830-33; worked alone 1833-38; thn he took Joseph Knox as a partner, see Draper and Knox; the Gurley Co. has repaired over thirty of his instruments; made his own dividing engine; T.C.; some of his small compasses were signed "E.A. Draper." 80 South Third Street (1833-37); 25 Pear Street, near Third below Walnut Street (1839-50); 22 Pear Street (1850-82); all in Philadelphia, Pa. Smart 1; USNM; Bedini 8; Miller; RSW.

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