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DORN, HANS Austria, c.1430-1509, MIM Astrolabes = BM (1491) (ICA-250), FLO (1483), KRA (1486) (ICA-642); Diptych Sundials = STU (1476), ADL-M288 (1476), OXF (1481), HAK; Celestial Globe, 1480 = KRA; Torquetum, 1486 = KRA. Dominican friar; studied with Peurbach in Vienna; BM astro- labe has nocturnal, compass on the back, it is the only signed instrument; the others are identified because of the delicate, intricate strap-work decoration; BM & FLO astro- labes were divided by transversal lines; KRA instruments were left to the University by Martin Bylica, an alumnus. Vienna. Zinner 1; Amiesenowa; Przypkowski 2; Price 1 and 3; Ward 4; Maddison 1; Gunther 1; Michel 3; Engelmann 1; Fox 1 and 2; A.J. Turner 10; ADL; RSW.

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