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DOLLOND, GEORGE (HUGGINS) 1 England, 1774-1856, MIM OIM PHIM Telescope, case = D.(1983); Microscope = Soth. 7/29/69; Instruments = OXF, WHI, NMM; Stick Barometers = City of Gloucester Museum, Erddig Park, Wrexham; etc. born George Huggins 1, son of John Huggins 1; changed name 1805-06; nephew of Peter Dollond; apprenticed to him in the Spectaclemakers' Company, 1788; turned over to Charles Fairbone 1 of the Grocers' Company in 1788; turned over to Charles Fairbone 2 in the Company in 1802; admitted to the Spectaclemakers' Company by redemption in 1807; optician to William IV, Queen Victoria and the Honble. Board of Customs; F.R.S., 1819; author; succeeded Peter Dollond in 1820. see Dollond, George (Huggins) 1 (continued).

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