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DEANE, WILLIAM England, fl.1718-48, MIM SIM Hodometer = WHI; Horizontal Sundials = KEN (1718),(stone), OXF, NMM, P.C., WHI; Universal Ring Sundials = VCW, NUR, KENNEY-140, BM, DEU, ROU-73; Sectors = ADL-M90, OXF; Gunners' Calipers = P.C. (1982), EGE, Christie-SK 4/17/86; Gunner's Scale = NMM; Gunter Quadrant with Sundial = WHI; etc. apprenticed to John Rowley of the Broderers' Company, July 28, 1710; free in the Company Feb. 4, 1718; Master of the Company, 1747; took an apprentice; MIM to the Office of Ordnance. Garden House, Crane Court, Fleet Street (1712); Golden Sphere in three Crane Court, Fleet Street; both in London. Taylor 1(464) and 2(34); Bryden 16; Price 3 and 12; Ward 3 and 4; Michel 3; Dewhirst; Engelmann 1; Gunther 2 and 6; Nachet; Egestorff; KEN; Crawforth 6 & 7; ADL; RSW.

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