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DAVIS, G. 1 England, c.1790, MIM NIM OIM PHIM SIM Telescopic Level = Phillips 2/2/84; Hadley Quadrant = NMM; Pantograph = American Art Galleries 3/18/75; Wheel Barometers = Bolling Hall, Bradford, Soth. 1/10/90; Etui of Drawing Instruments = Christie-SK 2/9/84; Garden Sundial = NYM; Drafting Instrument = Burndy Library; Surveying Instrument = Soth. 10/27/69; Stick Barometer = Phillips-Leeds 6/24/87. some sources thought he might be Gabriel Davies but this is improbable. Leeds. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(1527); USNM; RSW.

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