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CUSHEE, RICHARD England, fl.1708-34, MIM Terrestrial Globes, miniature, with cases = Soth. 11/6/87 (1731), OXF, P.C., KEN, D.(1983), Soth. 3/9/64, 10/31/67, 7/29/69, etc.; Celestial Globe = Soth. 3/13/67; Pairs of Globes = Physics Academy, Sor°, Denmark (1720), D.(1977) (1730); Terrestrial Globes = Burton Constable, OXF (on Wright"s orrery). worked with Thomas Wright (1731-34); father of Leonard and E. Cushee, the latter succeded him; T.C; surveyor; the celestial gores in the cases use a geocentric projection. Globe and Sun, between St. Dunstan's Church and Chancery Lane, Fleet Street, London. Goodison 1; Taylor 2(33); Calvert 2; Gunther 2; Globus, Dec. 1957 and 1968; KEN; Wynter and Turner; Wynter 1; E. Hall; Crawforth 1; Krogt 2; Yonge; RSW.

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