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CULPEPER, EDMUND 1 England, 1660-1738 fl.1713-38, MIM NIM OIM SIM wide range of instruments that may be seen in many museums, including microscopes, various types of sundials, grapho- meters, circumferentors, sectors, etc; (see Coffeen 46.) apprenticed to Walter Hayes in the Grocers' Company, Sept. 6, 1684; free of the Company on Mar. 4, 1713; took over Hayes' shop before 1700; took one apprentice; sometimes spelled `Culpepper"; gave his name to a type of microscope but it is not certain that he was the inventor; T.C. also lists telescopes; some instruments signed "E.C" which see. Cross Daggers, Moorfields (the Old Mathematical Shop); Black and White Horse, Middle Moorfields; under the Piazza at the Royal Exchange; all in London. Taylor 1(422), 2(31); Bryden 11 & 16; J. Brown 1; Crawforth 1; Calvert 2; Moskowitz; Coffeen 46; Price 3; Ward 4; ADL; RSW.

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