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CUFF, JOHN England, 1708-72, OIM PHIM Microscopes = CRI (No. 1), EGE, OXF, FLO, BIL, KEN (6), UTR, WHI, MAS, AMH, RSM, etc.; Telescopes = NMM, OXF, MLL, etc.; Stick Barometer = D.(1977); Angle Barometer = X; etc. apprenticed to James Mann 2 of the Spectaclemakers' Company on April 13, 1722; free of the Company on Jan. 8, 1730; Master of the Company, 1748-49; took apprentices; T.C.; author. at the Sign of the Reflecting Microscope and Spectacles, opposite Serjeant's Inn Gate, Fleet Street (1742-54); Salisbury Court, Fleet Street (1758); from opposite Shoe Lane (1759); of the Parish of St. Dunstan's in the West (1760); all in London. Calvert 2; Crawforth 1; Taylor 2(158); Goodison 1; Whipple 1; Bonelli 1; Chaldecott 1; Belgian Inv.; Egestorff; Gunther 2 & 6; Chenakal 4; KEN; Daumas 1; Nachet; Purtle; Coffeen 58; RSW.

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