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COLE, HUMPHREY England, b.1530?-d.1591MIM NIM SIM one of England's earliest and most skillful instrument makers; he is noted for his beautiful astrolabes, astronomical compendia, sundials, armillary sphere, etc. sometimes spelled "Humfray Coolle" or "Coole"; member of the Goldsmiths' Company; made a map of the Holy Land in 1572; two instruments that had been attributed to Humphrey Cole, have been found to be by an earlier maker, "V.C.", who has not as yet been identified, which see. Great North Door of St. Paul's, London. Taylor 1(21); Belgian Inventory; Gunther 1, 2, 4, and 8; Italian Inventory; Michel 1 and 3; Jane Turner; Dewhirst; Clay and Court; Daumas 1; Perry; Société Belge; Maddison 1; Price 3 & 11; Ward 4; Engelmann 1; Daumas 1; J.A. Bennett 2; J. Brown 3; A.J. Turner 10; RSW.

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