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CHEVALLIER, JEAN-GABRIEL-AUGUSTIN France, 1778-1848 fl.1796-1840, MIM OIM PHIM SIM Theodolite = Versailles 4/17/83; Barometer = D.(1969); Sundials = CLO, Soth. 5/10/54; Microscopes = OXF, BIL, MIM; Surveying Compass = Drouot 4/26/67; Hygrometer = Drouot 3/9/70; Cannon Sundials = ADL-W104, VNN; Sandglass = NAWCC Museum, Pa.; Sundial = Capt. Hallett House, Mass.; etc. theodolite is signed "l'Ingénieur Chevallier Place de Pont Neuf 15, Paris"; its telescope is signed "Réparée par l'ingénieur Chevallier opticien du Roi à Paris"; author; last four instruments signed "L'Ing. Chevallier Place de Pont Neuf 15, Paris." coin de Quai de l'Horloge (1796); Place de Pont Neuf 15; both in Paris. Daumas 1; Purtle; Nachet; Brieux 3(1967); Moskowitz 105; RSW; Kosobutsky; G.L'E. Turner 24; Coffeen 11; ADL.

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